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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> ginger: thousands of bikers in central florida. law enforcement working to keep everyone safe. >> matt: a crash with painful burns, calling people to be safe out there. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. we'll get to those stories for you in a moment. but first, this is probably one of the nicest bike weeks weather-wise in a very long time. this is a live look at downtown daytona.
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it's been warm, sunny, breezy, but you know what? it has not been wet all weekend. all week, i should say. that could change for the weekend. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is in for tom with your pinpoint weather first. >> tag me with the bad weather, right? candace fills in and now there's rain on the forecast. as we look at the bike week forecast, for tonight, nice and mild and dry so you'll like tonight as temperatures are cooling down into the low 60's for your saturday out there in daytona beach. a few spotty showers and then on sunday, that's when we'll start to see more of the widespread chance of rain rolling back in the forecast. temperatures at least will be staying nice and warm for all of them who are enjoying the 80-degree weather. as we look at the highs across town today, we're warming into the mid to upper 80's and low 70's in some spots. 77 in new smyrna beach and 83 in sanford and 78 in cocoa beach. how does it compare to a typical day here?
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average. hitting at 84, the record to beat was 91. thankfully we did not hit that. later on this evening, the forecast in daytona beach temperatures in the mid to low 70's, still looking mostly dry. this is not the only thing going on there along the coastline. we're also watching the air show for this weekend. in titusville, your temperatures are looking very nice and mild as well. still the chance for rain for your sunday. i'll have the full timing of when we can expect showers and thunderstorms rolling in, in my full forecast in minutes. >> ginger: candace, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. well, with thousands of motorcycles moving through central florida this past week, drivers and law enforcement have all been on high alert. >> matt: despite the effort, the annual event has been marred by crashes and other incidents. loren korn is joining us from daytona beach.
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some issues, it seems like this year's bike week has been smoother than years past. >> reporter: yes, it has. they tell me luckily no fatalities right now, and local law enforcement want to keep it that way, but there have been some accidents in the area. troopers say the biggest problems they've seen are cars pulling out in front of bikers and bikers taking curves too fast and crashing. just this morning, a biker suffered severe burns after this crash. the biker changed lanes but the car failed to see it. it's something that's all too real for folks during bike week. >> you always have to have your head on a swivel, basically. looking out for everybody else. >> reporter: she knows firsthand. >> we had one scare today. a car cut us off. but we realized real quick we were there. >> reporter: but some say it's not just cars who have to be careful.
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them because it's difficult to see the bikes sometimes. make sure we see them so we're safe on the roads. >> reporter: state troopers posted tips online to help keep everyone safe, including be alert, don't drive distracted, don't tailgate and know traffic laws and rules of the road, rules both drivers on two and four wheels should follow. >> people don't signal, people pull out in front of each other. people texting and driving, drinking and driving. it creates a problem, no matter what you're driving. >> reporter: we don't have the exact number of crashes. we won't have that official number until bike week comes to an end on sunday. safe. back to you. >> matt: loren korn live for us, thank you. hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities are honoring the life of nancy reagan at her funeral today.
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for her fierce devotion to her husband and her country. reporter chris martinez is live outside the ronald reagan presidential library in california where the memorial is happening. >> reporter: a prayer was read for nancy reagan has her casket was carried outside the library for her funeral and her husband's favorite song was performed as a reminder of his influence. the truth is marching on >> reporter: the former first lady's life and legacy seemed inseparable from the former president ronald reagan. the first letter to the first lady was read from the first house. >> i love the whole names for you. >> reporter: nancy reagan was very involved in preparing her memorial service at the reagan
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she chose everything. first lady michelle obama paid her last respects and george w. bush and the reagans' children. >> when my father was shot and my mother rushed to the hospital, they wouldn't let her see him. i have to, she said. you don't know how it is with us. >> reporter: she'll be laid to rest inches from the former president on the library's grounds. >> ginger: the hillside tomb faces west toward the pacific ocean. >> matt: good news here. we've just learned the florida deputy shot during a traffic stop is now awake. we first brought you this story earlier in the week. the undercover narcotics
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on duty when he attempted a traffic stop. when he pulled a car over, we're told a 19-year-old kevin rojas opened fire, hitting the detective. he's improving in the hospital now and sitting up and talk being his family. as for rojas, we're told he was suicidal and shot twice when he was taken in. too. a woman is accused of people. she embezzled almost 100 grand at the savannah court assisted living facility in maitland. after a lengthy investigation, investigators say cheryl williams is accused of stealing checks from vendors, paying her employer, and taking rent checks from tenants and depositing those into her personal account. >> ginger: a polk county man is behind bars and the sheriff says the suspect was taunting him, taunting the sheriff, on facebook.
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car with another man selling drugs. they were found in the car with meth, pot, digital scales and at least one illegal gun. polk county sheriff grady judd shared this post on facebook late yesterday, showing a post carr had made. the post seems to taunt the sheriff by saying "grady judd, don't you stop my show." judd's response was, quote, "yes, cedric carr, we stopped your show." he ought to know better. an apopka teenager reported missing has been found in a local hospital. the 16-year-old was last seen two days ago on his way to a local fitness center. his family said he was riding a motorized scooter but never got to the center. now, two days later, he was identified by an employee at orlando regional medical center. police say he was involved in a crash on his scooter, which is how he ended up in the hospital. no word on his condition tonight. some good news for drivers in brevard county.
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round abouts has caused plans to get scrapped in vierra. according to our news partners at "florida today," project leaders said today strong opposition to the proposal has made them reconsider. they were going to be installed at bob's bicycle shop and the entrance to the winn-dixie there. but based on how many people were angry at the idea, they'll now be looking for some other solutions. when we come back, a safety pool cover, not so safe. details on the recall, next. >> ginger: plus a big game for orlando city soccer tonight. we're live at the citrus bowl. ping has a game preview, coming up next. >> reporter: and the weather is perfect for orlando city. temperatures throughout the match are going to stay in the mid to low 70's, looking mostly clear and dry. a nice breeze. overall, picture-perfect weather for the soccer game. i'll have more details on what to expect for the weekend, coming up after the break. >> matt: plus it's the most important meal of the day,
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots.
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and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> matt: thousands of us here in central florida have pools and >> >> ginger: that's for sure. a new recall just out tonight for the safety covers used on some pools. anchor industries says four styles of its safety pool covers could fail. they say the snap hooks used to connect the cover to the wall can break, posing a drowning risk. the manufacturer says november, october and december of 2014 are affected. call your pool cover replacement immediately. for details, head to, powered by news 6. taylor's brands known as men's warehouse is permanently closing 250 stores by the end of the year, including several joseph a. banks store, part of an effort to cut costs after years
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the clothing retailer lost $1 billion last year alone. no word on which stores will be affected. taco bell is making breakfast cheaper. >> matt: they launched an all new menu this week, breakfast is now a buck. 10 different breakfast items are now a dollar. mcdonald's phased out the dollar menu two years ago so it's kind of a thumb in the eye to mcdonald's. how much would you pay to catch a movie the day it opens from the comfort of your home? the screening room could soon let you watch movies in your living room the same day it hits the big screen. guess what, it's going cost you some money. it will cost $50 per viewing and the device to stream the movies is going to run you another $150. >> ginger: or you could just see
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less when it opens that day. >> matt: i always thought the $12 at the theater was a lot. >> ginger: now it seems like a bargain, right? >> matt: it's going to be a busy night in orlando. >> ginger: orlando city soccer kicks off again with chicago fire at 7:00. a lot of people are out on the roads tonight all at one time. here's a live look outside from our fdot camera. you can see traffic is moving pretty well right now. so, you know, not too bad. get out there while you can. the traffic heading toward you is heading westbound on the state road 408. aside from extra patrols in the area, drivers have to take normal routes. if you're heading in that direction, avoid the area if you can. otherwise police are asking everyone to be patient and take their time. it's always good advice. >> matt: yeah. >> ginger: one of the people not stuck in traffic right now, our
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>> matt: he joins us live at the citrus bowl. what can we expect from tonight's game? >> ping: why don't we ask the supporters, as they say. what can we expect from the game tonight? they're here. they're all out. we got something going on? >> ping: if you're not on board with major league soccer in orlando, you're missing out. they're chanting. the crowd is gathering for the 7:00 match against chicago. everybody is ready. are you ready for the game tonight? they're all ready. they're all ready. tonight against chicago, the second game of their season. remember this past sunday what happened. they scored two goals in the final minute of stoppage play. it was a tie against real salt lake.
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that contest. 60,000-plus, fifth largest crowd in the world last week when it comes to soccer. we'll see what happens. they're gathering. the gates are not open just yet. they will be. they're all walking around a little bit. put 'em on tv, orlando city fans are out and about on a friday night, guys. very exciting stuff here. obviously a beautiful night for weather. there's still time to come out. there are tickets still available starting at 25 bucks for pure entertainment. still coming in on a friday night. good stuff out here. >> matt: thank you, ping.
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stadium afterwards. >> matt: we look forward to hearing from you later on tonight. candace is in for chief meteorologist tom sorrells this evening. how's the weather playing out for the game? >> reporter: it's a big win for weather as well. we're going to be seeing nice weather for tonight. i can't say the same for later on this weekend. things are going to start changing up a little bit. we know the rain. the pollen is out of control, and fire danger, all that kind of stuff. another live look over daytona beach, a few motorcycles out there, not much. 76 degrees out in daytona beach. it's a beautiful evening. winds are calm, humidity up to about 67%. so as we look at the visible satellite, you can see we're still seeing a mix of sun and clouds. the visible is going out a little bit as the sun goes down. it extends one hour after daylight savings on sunday. mostly clear skies, just a few high-level clouds out there. here's the weather story, as we plan out the weekend. tonight, nice and mild and dry. temperatures back in the
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a carbon copy of what we saw today. mostly sunny and dry with a better chance for rain returning for your sunday. current conditions, we're in the upper 70's to low 80's. >> in the villages. 81 in leesburg. 75 in cocoa beach and 73 in new smyrna beach. the wind speeds have still moving in from the east-southeast, pumping in all that heat around town. wind gusts between 10 and 15 miles per hour, sustained winds and wind gusts up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. let's pinpoint the forecast, hour by hour, so you can plan out your weekend. you can see by saturday morning, the models are showing a little bit of rain. i think it's a little oversold when it comes to the shower activity. a really good indicator we're starting to see more moisture atmosphere. by saturday night, a few inland thunderstorms looks more like a sea breeze shower or thunderstorm, but not producing much in the way of any strong storms. sunday morning, mostly cloudy and dry. if you're heading out to brunch early, we're going to see a
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rain, a few pockets of thunderstorms up there for evening. if you're making your plans, have a plan b. if you have any outdoor plans evening. where you live, the early birds smyrna beach. 61 in daytona. orlando. 61 in sanford. a bit further north, about 58 degrees in ocala. 63 in leesburg. in brevard, 68 in cocoa beach and out in kissimmee, about 60 degrees. let's take you hour by hour, by 8:00, 76 degrees. by 10 p.m., just a few clouds around. let's check out the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow. we'll be warming right back up to 86 degrees for tomorrow. should stay mostly dry, only a slight chance for rain. as we look at the planning forecast, not only will we see a better chance for rain, we'll lose an hour of sleep sunday morning. don't forget about that. if not, you'll be late to all your events on sunday.
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slight chance of 10 to 20% next week but staying above average. we're starting to see the 80's sticking around a little longer so it looks like the end to winter. >> ginger: thank you, candace. still ahead at 5:30, see what happens when a third grade class teacher collapses in the middle of the lesson and why the students are being recognized for it. >> matt: and it takes special machinery to transport dozens of elephants overseas. find out why all the pachyderms are being brought into the u.s. this week despite thousands of protesters. >> ginger: and coming up all new at 6:00, a manatee rescue. a sea cow gets a little confused, taking a wrong turn. the video of his return to the warm waters. we'll be right back. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet.
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longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> ginger: well, dozens of elephants on planes are landing across the southern united states tonight as part of an effort to save their lies. >> matt: the land is under a nasty drought that's killed tens of thousands of animals and several people and despite protests. 17 pachyderms arrived in fort worth, texas early this morning, they were flown in on a specially designed 747. all brought here from an overpopulated wildlife park. they were put on special trucks and taken to the dallas zoo. animal rights activists calling the move from the wild into the zoos inhumane but officials say all the animals could have died in the drought. all the elephants are going to
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i can't imagine the price tag to get them all over here. magical chair is going up for auction. >> ginger: it's expected to sell for some big muzzle bucks, that's dollars, if you're not familiar. people money. starting with an opening bid of $45,000, the chair j.k. rowling sat on to watch the first two harry potter books is going on the auction block. it's been auctioned once by rowling herself to benefit charity in 2002 where it went for 21 grand and then again on ebay in 2009. it's up for auction april 6th in new york. if you're an aspiring writer,
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some level-headed elementary school students are being credited with saving a life. >> matt: the mount dora fire department gave the class some love today. the third grader's substitute teacher collapsed during class. she went into cardiac arrest. instead of panicking, one of the kids activated the classroom's panic button. one went to get the teacher next door and a few others went to get the school nurse. they had a plan. the rest of the class stayed with the teacher until help arrived. the school nurse was able to start c.p.r. and used the aed which saved the teacher's life, thanks to the kids who knew exactly what they needed to do. >> ginger: i know some third graders who are going to fourth grade. >> matt: congratulations. you all passed. >> ginger: lisa bell is here with the stories we're working on in the news coming up at 6:00. >> lisa: in brevard county, a
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we're live from the scene with that.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, smoke and flames in brevard county. crews worked to put out a second brushfire happening there this week. plus, republican ted cruz on the campaign trail in orlando. hear what the g.o.p. candidate had to say about frontrunner donald trump. first, though, we're following breaking news at 6:00. in east orange county, fire/rescue tells us they're on the scene of a snake bite. sky 6 just flew over the scene there along taylor creek road in christmas. a man was bit -- bitten on the thumb by a snake. he's been flown to the hospital right now in a helicopter. we'll bring you more as we get it in.


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