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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ahead? a shooting leaves a teen dead. what the teen's family says may have led to the violence. plus -- >> we won't allow the republicans to go into the hands in november. >> what the candidates are doing to win over voters. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for waking up with us. happy monday. >> happy monday, good morning. >> welcome back. >> it was good. >> that is good. as far as everybody trying to get out the door and get to where you have to get to, we are starting off on the right foot. >> we'll deal with rain. we'll talk about near record high temperatures for today and even for voting. >> we'll see you in a bit. breaking news to get to
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involving two police units left one on its side. it happened on surfside way not far from john young parkway. that's where we find news 6 johnny fernandez at the scene. you got an update from police a while ago. >> that's right, bridgett. i did speak with a lieutenant with orlando police and he tells me that the officers involved in the crash, they were on the way to other officers conducting a traffic stop. both officers are expected to be ok this morning. now, i want to show you video from when we got to the scene moments after the clean-up process started. we know the two officers ended up crashed into each other. the s.u.v. somehow ended up flipped on its side. a lieutenant said one of the officers had minor injuries and
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the whole thing played out. both officers are expected to be ok. i'll reach out to police to try to get more information. once i get new updates i'll pass that information on. >> as you step out, you can feel the heat. >> troy bridges is here with the pinpoint details. >> you can feel it, it is that thick air, we are dealing with rain that will lead to wet roadways. you can see this in lake county, sumter county, moving to volusia county. we'll see lingering showers, back over to eustis. back over to bunnell and even areas of orange county for downtown orlando, bell isle, lake buena vista, the coverage through the afternoon. the big story, the wind kicking
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hour and the heat. the record for today is 90. the record set in 1917. the rain is out of the picture if you are heading to the polls. right now, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> happy monday morning. that does mean construction but it is not causing any delays. take a live look outside. i-4 moving rather smoothly. everything is fairly nice and quiet. these are eastbound and westbound sides of your roadway. plentiful. which means you are traveling on time. that's your check on traffic. for now, back over to you. >> the final push for last way. we are a day and just a little
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ahead of tomorrow's primary vote. with time running out several names set to appear today. >> marco rubio is trailing front runner donald trump by 20 points here in the sunshine state. kirsten, there is a lot riding on tomorrow's vote. >> there is not a lot of time left. for many republican candidates, it is going to be a fight to the finish. >> with 24 hours until the primary, it is the final push for voters. senator marco rubio says he'll fight until the end. as time runs out, we spoke with him yesterday in orlando. >> going forward if you don't win and somebody doesn't take a clear majority. >> nobody is on pace to take a majority of the delegates. we feel good about florida.
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>> the polls show rubio behind donald trump and ted cruz, coming in third. rubio knows winning tuesday would be better if he wasn't running for donald trump and john kasich and ted cruz. >> donald trump holds to a 44% lead defending his supporters actions. >> these people are disrupters. they are not professional disrupters in some cases ch that's all they do, they stand up and they disrupt. if somebody did that at a bernie rally, many of these people come from bernie. >> at a town hall, bernie sanders fired back. >> trump has to get on the tv and tell his supporters that violence in the political process in america is not acceptable, end of discussion. >> hillary clinton tackled
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>> got to be honest with ourselves, we have systemic racism that is at work inside the criminal justice system. >> bill clinton will be in tonight. doors will open an hour before rallying. trump will have help from sarah palin who will be in his corner trying to sway voters and trump himself will be back in tampa at the convention center center where erik will have a report for you. >> a heck ler interrupted a rally for rubio but this was not like we have seen. >> you didn't even win new hampshire. >> a wild scene.
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practical joke when this guy a few feet away stood up and started screaming about rubio stealing his girlfriend. rubio used the opportunity to take a shot at trump saying we don't beat up our heck lers. we'll have live reports as the returns come in. >> sheriff demmings is calling on the community for help after a violent weekend. three separate shootings left three people dead including a 15-year-old. police raced to lakewood avenue after a gunman shot and killed antoine davis. here was the scene as orange county sheriff's office investigators casey ocoee gathered evidence. the family suspected the middle school student got caught up with the crowd and now they are asking for anyone with information to come forward.
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took the life of a 15-year-old kid, a brother, a nephew, a son. you had no right to do this to my nephew. forward. >> he was 15. he turned 15 in november. crowd. >> so far no suspect description or motivation has been released in that case. >> deputies need help finding the person who gunned down a 33-year-old man. tony was found shot near silver star and hiawassee. witnesses reported hearing some gun shots and seeing a silver vehicle driving off after the shooting. if you know anything about the shooting, call the sheriff's office or crime line. the number is on your screen -- 1-800-423-tips. >> in hours, mike chitwood is expected to announce his plans
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chitwood said he would make his announcement at the golden cultural center at 10:30 this morning. chitwood would become the seventh candidate to file paperworks to run. news 6 will, of course, be at today's announcement. >> we know the identity of the woman killed in an early morning crash in volusia county. troopers say 33-year-old jessica was driving east on 472 near kentucky boulevard when a 20-year-old driving a pickup truck slammed into her car. she was killed in the crash. the truck driver was taken to central florida regional and they are listed in critical condition. two other passengers in the same pickup are being treated for serious injuries. troopers say the crash is still being investigated and charges are pending. >> it is time to get brackets ready. we know which teams will be taking part in the march madness. some big name florida schools won't be taking part in this
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the gators and noles are out of it. florida gulf coast and miami are in. the eagles will fight for the 16 seed and the right to eventually take on north carolina. the third seeded hurricanes will face off against buffalo. the favorites to win are north carolina, virginia, oregon and number one seed kansas. >> it has been awhile since i filled this out. >> time to check on troy bridges. troy, what is the weather story today? >> we'll see rain and we'll have heat to deal with. this morning, we are pinpointing showers to moderate rain coming down. kids at the bus stop will need rain to start. the green indicating moderate rain. that's where the heavy stuff is near parts of lake and seminole county, that's lake county, back over into volusia county for deland down into seminole county and sanford, a few areas of light to moderate rain will be moving in.
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orlando, many of our major roadways are wet. this is fairly light rain for the most part. the big story later today, the 20% chance for rain and the heat getting up to 87 at 4:00. the record is 90. we'll be hotter tomorrow. we'll talk more about the week. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you, troy. so far we have mainly construction at this early hour that is working along with us, trying to get to work wherever you need to get to. you can see the construction presence set up on i-4. we have one lane blocked off. it is not impacting the flow of traffic. still doing fine. for now, construction is the only thing we have going on. here as you can see as well. it is not impacting. your average speeds are right on
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back to you, bridgett and david. >> still ahead, a beach left a mess. >> who investigators say is to blame just ahead. plus, the death toll continues to rise after a bombing in the turkish capital. the details are coming up. >> staying on top of breaking news overnight after a crash leaves an s.u.v. turned on its side. we have an update on the story
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snoo. >> if you are just waking up on this monday, thank you for joining. breaking news out of ours. two vehicles were involved in a crash. opd said they were helping out in a traffic stop when the crash happened. the death toll in turkey continues to crime after a car blew up in the square. >> officials say 37 people died in the attack against the capital.
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vehicle used in the crash. so far, no group has claimed responsibility. turkey struggled with the growing migrant crisis. this comes after the united states embassy warned sis of a potential terrorist plot. >> working to find who may have caused a crash. two people died when the plane crashed. no one on the ground was injured. the faa and ntsb crews are invest sgath. right now florida beaches being taken over by spring breakers. over the weekend, one shore was the site of a clean-up. that's because of this mess. look at that, according to our news partners, some area high schoolers were separating being out of school on friday but they didn't bother to clean up after themselves.
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on twitter showing the trash remnants. a local team of national honor society students banded together to make it pristine once again. >> it may not come with the iconic side order of fries but one landmark is making a mack daddy return. the largest entertainer mcdonald's shut its doors. the owners bought a larger fast-food restaurant next door. the golden arches will reopen. the owners have been quiet about these new additions. you can expect the traditional mcmenu, gourmet dishes and the games. >> listen up, mugles, a piece of harry potter can be yours. this is where the author sat when she wrote the first two harry potter books. bidding begins next month in new york. you better be ready to spend some dough.
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>> i heard she hand painted that. she did it herself. >> that's a cool piece of memorabilia if you can get your hands on that. that's really cool. >> if you are a fan and you have the money, why not. >> today is going to be a big day for the most part other than the rain and the heat. i'm trying to be positive. a 20% coverage later today. this morning we have moderate rain to deal with. the big story later today, near record highs in most spots. in orlando, getting up to 87 degrees. the record is 90 set way back in 1917. so not quite the record. getting near that. tomorrow, even hotter. melbourne at 86 today. the record is 89 set in 1954. daytona beach, get up to 85. the record is 89. not quite the record. we are edging closer to that
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for the next week or so. today is the day to sweep pollen out. temperatures are going to rise quickly. we have seen rain in the seneca area. in lake county and over into deland, deltona, light to moderate rain and back west of there, we are pinpointing rain that is heavier where you see the yellow. up to leesburg, eustis, areas of downtown orlando, a sprinkle or two. moderate rain, trying to move over to bell isle. temperatures didn't drop much. that's why we are in the 70's in many spots. cooler north and west in ocala, 64. 70 for the villages and leesburg cocoa beach. accurate forecast. >> notice as we step you through
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clouds and sun, expect hoof cloud cover today. the 20% coverage of rain through thunderstorms possible because we are heating up so much, giving us fuel for storms. weather. 82 at noon. the record set in 1917 is 90. into the evening hours, we are at 73. there's the rain. a few showers on and off today. lingering as moisture is streaming in. mainly we'll see it in the fom of cloud cover and a few on and off showers. here is the planning forecast look at that leprechaun. 87 on wednesday with no rain. that's the good news for tomorrow and for wednesday. a slight chance for rain returns with a high of 85 on
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rain chances do increase to 50%. a few thunderstorms that brings a cool down. let's check on the roads and head offense to amy in the traffic center. >> i love that leprechaun this morning. as far as the drive goes, back to monday morning. we look fine for your drive into work. making excellent time over towards colonial. the eastbound ride also nice and steady. we are talking about speed limit travel. live cameras look lovely. it is still dark. a look at 95, this is what you can expect. light volume. this happens to be wickham road. not a lot going on at least for right now. that is your check on traffic. still early. back to you. >> still ahead, we are learning details about a deadly shooting. >> what we learned about the man
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>> give rolling a try. if you sit in an ice cube most of the day, health experts also say a rolling workout strengthens the upper back, counterering all the time spent hunched over the computer. >> i like the rowing machine. >> i can't get in there either. let's just bring one here. we can set it up right here. we'll be rowing on tv. is this how you do it? >> put your back into it. >> we are having fun on a monday, why not? we'll pinpoint some rain. we'll see most of this end after the lunch hour. lingering showers this afternoon. some of this moderate rain coming on top of lake seneca, these areas are seeing moderate rain. we'll see it around.
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at 70 in orlando. 64 in ocala. warming all the way up to 87 for the afternoon high in orlando. very close to the record of 90. coming up, we'll talk about tomorrow's big election day forecast. it is going to be hotter. >> coming up, it is crunch time in election 2016. >> we are following praekdz news out of the heartland after a passenger train goes off of the rails. >> first, staying on top of breaking news in orlando after two police officers are involved in a crash. it left one of the cruisers on its side. you are watching news 6 getting results for casselberry and all of central florida. on the air and on the news 6
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valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] hush my darling... [snoring.] don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> >> breaking news, two police vehicles involved in a crash as officers were on the way to learn about the call.
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after a 15-year-old parkway is gunned down in ocoee. what we are learning about the search for that teen's killer is coming up. plus -- >> on wednesday morning, some pollsters will have to explain why they are so wrong, not just about florida but multiple different places. >> all eyes on florida florida. what candidates are saying about hair chances for taking home the win. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. amy and troy are here. >> it is monday. the weekend is gone. we lost an hour of sleep but we are ok. >> feeling the sleep loss this morning but fortunately, knock on wood, it is just construction. >> we are talking about heat and rain straight ahead. >> we have breaking news to get to first from overnight in orlando. a crash involving two police vehicles happened at the intersection of lb mccloud and


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