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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we have a look at how the candidates are reacting on both sides >> all eyes on florida. several campaign stops are right you in central florida. before voters get ready to cast their ballots, the campaign are ramping up . many are talking about trump and his valleys. take a look >> protester versus supporter have canceled the rallies altogether some to rush the stage >> types of people have been arrested and police in kansas city even used pepper spray outside of a weekend from probably >> trump spoke his mind about the disruptions at a rally at boca raton on sunday >> they are talking about what took place. they are talking about us and how well we handle it >> the candidates will have a different response to the violence >> he is offering to pay the
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. he is inciting his behavior. it's ugly and as distasteful. it's a disruptive and it's embarrassing to the country and i think it's hurting the republican party >> there is no place for a national leader to play on the fears of people who live in the great country >> he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he should not be held responsible >> donald trump has a rally this afternoon in tampa. will be there live giving you a report . marco rubio is planning to fight for votes in melbourne today. on the democratic side, bill clinton will be at rollins college tonight at 7:45 pm. sarah palin canceled her visit to the villages. she wishes him the best. his six-month coverage of the election heading to for results as a start to come in >> thank you, kiersten.
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candidate for sheriff. mike chitwood just announced he is throwing his hat into the ring. lauren is live now. already have a name in the community. what he say about the latest effort >> he is excited. he is excited to bring what he has done here at daytona beach from countywide. it's reducing crime and bringing community together. signs of smiling supporters with city leaders gathered around as he announced today that he is running for sheriff resolution for volusia county. he reconsidered after getting community. he says he will use what he has done with the city of daytona beach and share it with the county >> will open the windows of the or organization and allow the cool breeze of change to come in. i'm looking for renovation and people who want to work hard .
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good time. it should be fun to help your community >> part of that is that he wants to hold police meetings attend. he wants to hold that like he does in daytona. it's bringing him the real-time time tracker that helps crimes. if he doesn't happen to him, he is happy and that's exactly what he will go back to doing if he is not elected >> thank you, lauren. parts of central florida. felt it >> that heat is on! troy bridges is pinpointing it. how hot will it get? everyone feels it. we can to continue near 90b0 later on this afternoon. you can see the sky , it's blue and it's mixed in with clouds. if you midair in place making it feel warmer. it's all because of the south west wind. look at augustine near 20 mph sustained. it's 81b0 and it feels like 83.
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and more with warm air. 79 ocala and 82 in the villages. 79 at daytona beach and 80 in cocoa beach. we are going up from here. it's near some records getting up to 87b0 orlando and by 4:00 afternoon, the record is at 90 set back in 1917. we'll get back to 86 in melbourne and 85 in daytona beach. we have seen some in the morning and there is still some shower south of i4. there and pulled county and some of it is trying to move into areas like the attractions with some light sprinkles there. that will be it. 20% chance of rain through the afternoon. coming up , we talk more about the heat and what to expect for the big election day. the weather has a lot to do with whether people come out. we know it will be hot. we'll talk about rain chances b back to you >> get all the latest alerts directly on your phone by
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searching wkmg in the app store. three separate shootings left three people dead. that includes a 15-year-old boy. how his family is pleading with you for help >> mark lehman was at the school where students are returning for the first time their friend >> the school district says grief counselors on hand today adequately middle school for students coping with the loss of the classmate. detectives and family members are still searching for answers >> it's sickening. hurts a lot. it's a life >> george valentin and his wife say it was difficult for their son to return to school this morning. the eighth-grader was friends with antoine davis who was gunned down on saturday night it's tragic b they can cause a lot of people to go to depression and make a lot of students scared . unknown who shot him in the head but investigators say he was involved in ongoing disputes with other teenagers
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at a press conference, the teenagers family issued a plea for the to come forward >> took them from us! he was a child! you had no business taking him from us >> it's alerting. >> loss is difficult and the violence is senseless. they are calling on the kennedy for support and answers >> everyone has to come together. it has to be together as a community >> the man accused of trespassing at a wwe facility will go before a judge to see if he is competent to stand trial. the case surrounding this incident cell phone and surveillance video last september with deputy saying armando pounding on the glass outside the performance center before charging at deputies who shot him. he told investigators he thought he was on a reality
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his family sad he suffers from bipolar and other mental illnesses. we will let you know what happens in court in large stricken areas are able to collect disaster aid. the flooding killed several people . we will see what good samaritans did . we are learning more about a trained mailman sent people to the hospital. two orlando police officers were involved in a crash this morning. you are watching news 6 at noon
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donald trump is getting ready for his rally in tampa. happening later this afternoon. that's refined eric von live out there. tell us about what is going on in the atmosphere two hours
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>> we keep trying to communicate with your guys but there is so much going on. i mean really b there's a lot happening outside and a lot happening inside . the latest we just got was that donald trump is running 90 minutes late . he is still in north carolina just getting started on a rally there. he is headed here and after tonight b he is going to ohio. his supporters outside the tampa convention center don't seem to know that. they've been lining up for hours. there's got to be thousands now. we also saw protesters with a lot of people starting to wonder b will it turn into another issue like this >> trump and his staff had learned from the instances in
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under control. security is extremely tight. am not kidding about that. we walked in, secret service was here in tampa police was here. everyone got a patdown. everyone was wanted and it looks like that will happen to the line of people. crisscrossing the country today and he is the only other candidate who will be in florida with marco rubio fighting to stay in the presidency spending his entire day in florida. the rally is supposed to start at 2:00. donald trump is running an hour it could be 330 or longer until he speaks. we are here and i know that because we are locked in and told we can't move until after there. we will be here all afternoon
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>> orlando police cars are under investigation this afternoon. >> we just learned both officers are recovering. johnny fernandez tells us what they were doing moments before the crash >> the lieutenant says both officers were on their way to a traffic stop . other >> here at the intersection was a scene of a hectic overnight crash. the intersection blocked off for more than one hour as police clear that the shattered glass on the road after one of the patrol units flip more than once and landed on its side. after police discovered someone driving a stolen car . the driver decided to flee and they called off the stop. that's in the two orlando officers collided >> both are expected to be okay. one of them only suffered minor injuries. police haven't made any arrests
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de derailment but some 20 people to the hospital. officials say the engineer noticed a bend in the rail and he hit the emergency brake. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it derailed after midnight. is 20 miles west of dodge city. the kansas highway patrol says their sides. amtrak says 20 people went to the hospital and all others were taken to a recreation center transported to their final destination >> flooded areas are eligible for federal disaster assistance. obama signed a declaration state. the flooding there has damage thousands of people's homes in louisiana and mississippi. there was reports of tornadoes in arkansas last night. some people got together and formed a citizens rescue unit . the group went home pulling out stranded neighbors and their farm animals. i hate to see that
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lot of heat . near records >> it's all about the heat! you can see the sun with some clouds here and there is a sugar beautiful live view in high definition over downtown orlando. it's a south and southwest near 20 b 25 miles per hour. it is a warming wind for us and that's why the temperatures will be heating up. watch out. tomorrow will be hot as we take you through the election day forecast. the rain we saw this morning b if you are up , he has pushed to the south and we're seeing so some light rain possible south of i4 and a long time for yearly attractions. that region is seen a few wrinkles and we will get to you can see it b tomorrow is looking good and dry. 83b0 by noon and 88b0 by 4:00. get out there and vote! is down to the south of i4 and
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some of this is riding along i for in the form of sprinkles bu but even that has dwindled nearly attractions. likely not see much more than this. there is a 20% chance of showers in the afternoon and because we will heat up , it's approaching 90b0 and we can't rule out the restrooms. certainly nothing severe. here's a look at the pinpoint
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it's only 20% chance of showers and it's mainly south and the southern zone. ba back in 1917. it's not quite there but it's close enough. on into tonight b a 10% chance of rain for southern zones and 73b0 at 10:00. th there is the cloud and rain forecast. at 5:00 this afternoon, the model data is picking up on the moisture trying to paint rain again, the chance of rain is only at 20% tonight. co cocoa beach has 68 and 61 in palm coast. it
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there is st. patrick's day. it's excited about only a minimal chance of rain at 20% on thursday. it's a high of 85 and above the average. ge get out today. the heat will be an issue. health experts are expecting rowing. maybe you should give that a try. that is next at noon. here is a look at stocks. the tao is moving a little bit there up four points. the nasdaq is up two points.
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it's the next big thing in fitness. health officials say giving rowing a try. it's a high cardio workout board. if you sit in an office cubicle most of the day trying to work you know how it is. health experts say rowing
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stronger. listen up. a piece of harry potter history could be yours at the price is right. jk rawlings chair is headed to the auction block. it's where she sat when she wrote the first two harry potter books. the bidding begins next month in new york if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy
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national pie day every march 14. it mimics the first three
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concept, pie . 3.14. cities around the country are getting in on the fun by offering pie day promotions. it's any excuse for some food >> today will be hot. we find a popsicle or some ice cream or some way to keep cool. 87b0 today and tomorrow is even hotter. for election day we get up to 88. no rain and most of the rain is to the south of the orlando me she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference.
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social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. s billy? too. >> natalie: [ sighs ] because i know where he' s not. i tried to catch him at home, but victoria just reamed me. >> jack: yeah, secrets and lies engagement. >> natalie: i feel sorry for i' m just the genius here. >> jack: oh, are you? >> natalie: after that little anti-reverse engineering to tighten pass key? hell yes. the beta rocks. i know you' re not a high-vibe type of dude, but can you give me something?


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