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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: breaking at 4:00, a pivotal day on the presidential race, plagued with problems in orange county. florida's primary getting off to a shaky start and it's far from over. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm lisa bell. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. >> ginger: and i'm ginger gadsden. thanks for being with us. there are political futures on the line today as our coverage gets underway.
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there are special attention on ohio and florida for republican where winners take all and for senator marco rubio, it's all he needs to stay in the race. we'll get to the campaign in florida as well as other campaigns in just a minute. but first, we start with amanda castro who is live in orange county. you found out 30 minutes or so ago what caused this problem. supervisor of elections office says there was a computer glitch with the system. so basically the number of party ballots printed was switched with the number of non-partisan ballots, which means they didn't print enough democrat or republican ballots. approximately a dozen polling locations throughout orange county were affected but it only applied to cities that were holding local elections, but it left voters very frustrated they were turned away from the polls.
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to be told there are no ballots. >> i just find it unacceptable with the fact that we can't do voting. that is unacceptable, in my opinion. >> reporter: they tell news 6 they ran out of republican and democrat ballots throughout the day. at world of life church, long lines formed outside the doors where at one point they were only allowing one person at a time to vote on the machine for disabled voters. some are waiting hours just to vote. >> they figured out a way to allow people to vote if even it's just one by one. >> reporter: voters are frustrated by the ballot issues, many saying they could not come back whether the ballots are delivered. >> i don't care whether it's republican or democratic, we
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come back to our job. >> reporter: orange county is asking the state to continue to vote until 8:00 tonight. if you weren't able to vote today, you can go back to your polling place. they set up more machines to help you out to get your vote casted or come down to the supervisor of elections office to cast your vote here or you can call the elections office and they'll send someone with an absentee ballot so you can vote and it will be counted today. >> ginger: that's all anyone wants is their vote to count. thank you for that report, amanda castro. you need to get out and vote, especially for the republican race. >> lisa: rubio is behind in his home state but he's hoping for a
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the big question is whether he and texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich can beat donald trump. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is with the rubio campaign tonight in miami. >> reporter: we're at florida international university this afternoon. this is the place marco rubio hopes he'll be giving a victory speech later on this evening. we're not allowed inside right now, but this is the long line of tripods, camera gear, all waiting to get inside. it's through these doors that we found a little surprise. this is a really small event that's going to be taking place, a lot smaller than the kickoff event that happened about a mile away from here about four weeks ago here in florida. marco rubio's folks knows what's at stake here. this is a make-or-break time here. they sent off a kickoff alert
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supporters, urging them to get out and vote and sent out links to find the polling places to vote in the state today. so who is voting for marco rubio? we found out who the segment of the population is you may not be thinking of. that's going to be tonight at 5:00. >> julie: thank you. ohio governor john kasich is battling for his home turf. >> ginger: the buckeye state one to keep your eye on tonight. >> lisa: here's 2016 coverage in the newsroom with the national break down. a lot after stake tonight. >> reporter: people in florida, north carolina, ohio and illinois and missouri are voting right now. we should get the results into the newsroom in just hours.
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delegates at stake. as for the democrats, they're battling over 619 delegates. unless the polls in some precincts get extended by an hour here in central florida, you can expect the polls to close at 7:00 tonight in the florida panhandle and the other states that are voting right now, will all be closed by 8:00. shortly after that, we'll be getting the results pouring into the news 6 newsroom and we'll be standing by waiting for them. >> lisa: mike deforest, thank you. and now to the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton hoping to win big in the sunshine state. the vermont senator bernie sanders is making a run for missouri, ohio and illinois where he gave a lot of attention to chicago but still trailing behind in the delegate count
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louis bolden is joining us now with more. >> reporter: here at the palm beach county convention center, the set-up has already begun for hillary clinton. doors open to the public for members of the media are set up well in advance. you can see the podium in place. the democratic frontrunner was in north carolina earlier today, greeting voters and talking about her economic plan. most polls show her with a substantial lead over bernie sanders in florida, heading into the primary election. of course, we'll get the real results later on this evening. clinton says tonight when she speaks in west palm beach, she'll discuss why she's the best candidate to raise the incomes and break down barriers. clinton is expected to take the stage around 9:00 tonight. the doors open at 7:00. we'll be here.
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sanders has done well in states where it's an open primary where you don't have to be registered to vote. missouri, illinois and ohio are the states that fall into that. florida is a closed campaign. and donald trump is already starting super tuesday off with a win. >> julie: he collected all 9 delegates from the northern marietta islands earlier today. >> ginger: his campaign is in south florida where we find erik von ancken. >> reporter: we're in the ballroom at march largo. behind me is the stage set up with a podium, where trump is supposed to speak tonight at 9:00 with what's expected to be a victory message. security service, secret service and security all over the place, very tight. we were lined up just after the
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the satellite truck after satellite truck waiting to get in here. in a few minutes, secret service is going to do a security sweep through here. i'll have another update at 5:00, for now, erik von ancken, news 6. >> ginger: it's already turning out to be interesting, especially with orange county not having enough ballots. one thing you don't want is florida to be in the spotlight when it comes to ballots. >> lisa: it's exciting that after two weeks, it's time for us to get out and vote. it could be a long night, especially if they extend the coverage here in orange county. >> ginger: we'll be here all night long here on air and on, powered by news 6. >> julie: if you voted, we'd love to see a selfie here at news 6. you can make it on air.
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lauren who sent in this picture. you can find updates on the primaries and more links to our coverage on >> ginger: ahead at 4:00, a local daycare investigated and fined. why one mom says it's not enough. >> lisa: and where this last piece of the puzzle was installed. >> tom: i can't remember a march election day this hot. it's kind of crazy. >> ginger: we don't need any issues either. >> lisa: we're talking about the weather. >> tom: look at the radar tonight. we're tracking smoke plumes. that's about it. i'll be back to talk about how long the heat is on and look all the way down the road to your weekend. >> reporter: and i'm live in ocoee. last night, two men were trying to have a good night out on the town. they come back home to bring a
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five masked men already inside. it's a complicated home invasion. i'll break it down for you, after the break. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> julie: results 2016 as the polls stay open for a few more hours in five states. this is video in from durham, north carolina. look at the line for voters. we have live coverage from polling spots coming up at 4:30 and continuing updates by the minute on, powered by news 6. >> lisa: a home invasion leads to a police chase turns crash in ocoee. >> julie: police say they were chasing the suspects when they >> ginger: this all happened after the suspects ransacked a
4:15 pm
people inside. it happened at colonial drive and good holmes road where we find our reporter. police found guns and drugs in the suspects' car? >> reporter: that's what police tell me. we're near the intersection where it all started about 12 hours ago. two men living at this home had had a night out and they just wanted to come home with a girl only to find five masked men, men wearing pig masks, similar to the movie "herd" already inside. it turned into a home invasion which quickly turned into an intense and very complicated investigation. masked, undercover investigators spent time in and out of this home at villas at woods mere in ocoee today, getting a look at a violent home invasion early this morning. a home invasion two men and a into. >> they came into the house and
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house with masks on. >> reporter: the masked men ransacked the home and tied up the men and women with shoelaces and locked them in a bathroom. the other victim was beaten, pistol-whipped and kidnapped. >> they beat on him a little while. he was then abducted. he was kidnapped from his home and they fled in his own bmw. >> reporter: the other three they believe were in the mercedes, the mercedes winter garden police spotted just around the corner. >> when they went to pull over the mercedes, it blew a red light. it t-boned an innocent victim in the intersection. >> reporter: causing the horrific crash. >> they immediately began life-saving efforts to the person who was struck. the three suspects fled the scene. >> reporter: giving the suspects in the mercedes just enough time to get away. so the victim that was kidnapped in the bmw, he was dropped off
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what we do know is that those two suspects in the bmw, they also got away. police were able to recover the bmw. they were able to recover the mercedes in that crash. now they're searching those two cars, looking for any type of leads back to these suspects. stick with me tonight at 5:00 and i'll tell you why police believe the victims may have set themselves up to be a target in the home invasion. >> ginger: thank you for that live report. >> lisa: a new push to equip local police with more body cameras. >> julie: the port orange sheriff is requesting 70 new devices for his police officers. >> ginger: it's a 500,000 proposal spanning over five years, including data storage and other items for the police officers. it goes before city council tonight at 6:30. two days from now, on thursday, county commissioners in volusia
4:18 pm
adding 180 cameras to the sheriff's office. >> julie: a huge milestone at the theme parks. seaworld orlando -- sorry. there was stuff under here. seaworld installed the last piece of track for the new mako hyper coaster. this is new video of the park of the last puzzle piece come together. it will lift guests 200 feet into the air topping speeds at 70 miles per hour. mako opens this summer. >> lisa: i'm reading the words on the screen and all of a sudden it stopped right now. >> tom: i was out of town last week and i was driving back on sunday and i passed a big old roller coaster piece and i wondered where in the world -- you have to make them and bring them in one at a time. lo and behold, there it is. i think that was it. >> ginger: chief meteorologist
4:19 pm
what is up with the summer-like weather? >> tom: let's take a vote. i'm done with the weather. lisa likes it. >> ginger: it's too much too soon. i like to take it in july. >> tom: we have another cold front coming, i want to start out tonight's weather story with this because it makes for some beautiful pictures. cloud cover is moving in and the sun is low on the lake. gotta love it. sebastian, i love this shot, too, with all the birds flying up there and the water. storm pins available in your app store. absolutely free. we would love for you to download it tonight and start looking at all the photos. there's so many beautiful ones, i can't do them all at one time. i don't have enough time. we're tracking a few smoke plumes on the radar tonight. from the cape, there's a smokestack blowing west of 95 and the winds are taking it out to merritt island and the cape. farther south to osceola county,
4:20 pm
well. if you smell smoke, that's why. there. fires happening right now. one happening right over here. no rain, though, no scattered showers. working our way through the week, closer to the weekend, then we'll talk about rain. daytime highs are up there. 88 in palm coast, 86 in in the villages and 89 in cocoa beach. right now, we'll still right there. we haven't turned the corner just yet to begin the drop into the night. here are the current temperatures right now. 87 at o.i.a. where we are now versus where we were yesterday at the same time, 2 degrees warmer in orlando. 2 degrees warmer in the villages. dead on track in palm coast. about the same in daytona beach. and exactly the same right there in new smyrna beach. melbourne, you're 3 degrees warmer right now than you were yesterday at the same time. wind support is just about the same. that's why it's been a repeat kind of day. a little bit of cloud cover and a whole lot of heat. wind in sanford from the northwest at 12.
4:21 pm
together. you can see there's not much changing coming your way. it's going to be a while before the cold front there makes it all the way down to our state. tonight we're good. water vapor loop showing a lot of dry air in place, though more moisture is starting to show up in the gulf of mexico. what does it mean for the clouds and rain forecast? well, partly cloudy, i guess, during the overnight with maybe patchy fog tomorrow morning. it's going to look a whole lot like it did today. through the day tomorrow, notice the clouds stream in here from the west. by thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon, we finally start to fire up a few stray showers for st. patrick's day. tonight's low will be 66 under a partly cloudy sky. here is tomorrow. first thing in the morning, temperature reading about 65. by noon, 82. the daytime high tomorrow, still smoking hot. up to 88. things do start to change on thursday. rain chances on st. patrick's day are 20%. the high is 85. on friday, the high is 83.
4:22 pm
saturday and sunday. runaway country is the deal. there will be some scattered showers we'll have to dodge and work around on saturday. >> lisa: okay. >> ginger: don't like, don't love. >> julie: don't get a blow-out. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. well, coming up, news 6 takes you inside a mega-expansion coming to a local theme park. >> julie: then what troopers revealed about a deadly wrong-way crash that shut down i-4 traffic for hours. >> reporter: the heat is on across central florida as we end winter. how does the winter season compare to normal? i'll break down all the numbers after the break.
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>> lisa: two big stories developing at 4:00, the near-record heat on primary day in florida, as some voters hit the polls and other people are hitting the beach.
4:26 pm
volusia county coastline right now. near-record heat today made it a perfect one to hit the water. >> julie: what a beautiful shot. it really is starting to feel like winter is over. >> ginger: yeah, news 6 meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing why it didn't seem like we had, well, very much of a winter at all. >> reporter: no, some days it was cooler than others but it wasn't a winter type feel. >> ginger: it feels like summer right now. >> reporter: we had record temperatures for december. we had one of the warmest decembers on record, in portions of deltona and here in orlando. it's no surprise when our winter is above average with the temperatures. 2 degrees above average in orlando and 3 degrees in daytona beach. the 64-degree average temperature is basically incorporating the high and the low when finding out about the average.
4:27 pm
freezing, which is not good news. as we head into the spring and summer months, the mosquitos and fleas, none of that died out with the deep freeze. that's the next concern we have as we head into spring. >> ginger: thank you, candace. coming up at 4:30, what a mom wants you to know about her child's daycare and a formal investigation. >> julie: then inside a big expansion for a popular park in central florida. how legoland is building things up. >> lisa: and florida's primary is here. news 6 is your station for results.
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mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew today. hurry in and say - lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba >> lisa: the polls are open, only a few more hours to vote in florida's primary. we're live with the turn-out. >> ginger: but we start with breaking news at 4:30, a brushfire burning near a middle school. >> julie: sky 6 is flying live over the scene. oviedo fire officials tell us this is happening near jackson heights middle school. you can see as we take a live look. really a lot of smoke in the area.
4:31 pm
we'll let you know as soon as we learn more. >> lisa: tonight the sketch deputies want you to see. they say it resembles an attacker who left his victim with brain trauma. this happened outside the tavern at the creek along south john young parkway in the hunters creek area. this happened overnight last wednesday. the suspect is believed to be about 5-8 tall with red hair, suv. if you have any information, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. well, in results 2016, we're talking with voters as they exit the polls. >> ginger: yeah, this is a really big day for florida with a winner take all situation for republicans. >> julie: students at ucf tell us more young people are casting their votes because of the candidates running this year. troy campbell is live on campus and students say they really want to make a difference. saying. person.
4:32 pm
ucf, students going in and out all day. many saying with all the controversy in this election, they want to have their voices heard. >> hopefully it doesn't continue like this in the future for me, but, yeah, it's insane. >> reporter: students voting at the primary election, many saying it's important to exercise your right to vote, especially in an important year. he says most of his friends are voting for bernie sanders citing the education and economy. >> there's a lot of issues i'm passionate about in this particular election. >> my grandparents, great grandparents, they've always told me specifically in cases like this, if you don't vote, you can't complain. with all eyes on florida, ucf students say getting out and seeing the candidates speak is helping them make their decision about who in their party will get their vote to represent them in the general election. students here saying it was exciting to check the box on their ballot, many of them for
4:33 pm
many voters at ucf leaning democrat did. >> i went to the bernie rally in tampa. i wanted to go to the trump one. you want to go and see what they have to say. it's interesting to see it in person. >> i know who i want to vote for and i know that i have to vote for there to be a better chance for them to win, obviously. >> reporter: voters here at ucf also say they were fairly pleased, many of them first time voters. not sure what they were comparing it to. they say this time when they came to vote, quickly in and out and no hassles and a lot of them actually learning how to cast their vote while they were in there. again, a little more than two hours left for them to vote. live at ucf, troy campbell, news 6. >> julie: nice to see so many young folks out there voting. talk to you later. if you go out and vote, send us a selfie. >> ginger: we're already getting tweets and facebook posts of
4:34 pm
here's one right now. >> lisa: this is a dad showing off his daughter who is a future voter. he says he always takes her to vote. keep the pictures coming on 6 or on our twitter page. >> julie: coverage continues on news 6 at 5:00 with problems at some orange county polling centers. where voters say there weren't any ballots left and what some of the candidates are doing in south florida tonight as we get close to 7:00 when the polls are set to close. >> ginger: well, developing right now, near-record heat in central florida. >> lisa: let's go ahead and take another live look outside over downtown orlando. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the high temperatures. how hot are we saying? >> tom: hot, hot, sticky hot, it's a burner. yesterday we hit 87 or 88. 89 was the high yesterday in daytona beach.
4:35 pm
degree or two warmer than that. to. there's a little bit of broken cloud cover out there today. overall, it's a sun-filled day after a touch of morning fog and the heat is on. radar, i won't go so far to say it's worthless. we're tracking smoke plumes and that's about it. the daytime high has been bumped to 89 degrees, 89 degrees in daytona beach and 89 didn't do a record but it did a lot of heat. 86 in the villages and 84 in lakeland and 88 did it in melbourne so far, i believe. right now, temperatures down to 87 in orlando and 86 in the villages and a strong 89 in cocoa beach. the evening forecast here in orlando, coming up in the next hour, somewhere around 87, 88. 87 or 86 by 6 p.m. and down to 85 by 7:00. overall, it's just a warm evening. the air conditioner will continue to run right into the night. i'll be back in a few minutes and we'll pinpoint overnight lows and talk about how hot
4:36 pm
when the break and all of this heat will finally arrive. >> lisa: thank you, tom. two people are dead after a wrong-way crash on i-4 involving a minivan and a taxi. i-4 westbound was closed for investigated. it happened near the sand lake road exit, just after 3:00 this morning. news 6 reporter johnny fernandez was there as troopers tried to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: i-4 westbound was closed more than five hours as troopers tried to piece together how the driver of a van ended up driving on the wrong side of i-4. the extent of the damage could be seen for miles after troopers say fernando clementa drove this green honda van into i-4. troopers say he was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of i-4 and sand lake road just around 3:00 this morning. troopers say he slammed head on into the taxi. both men were killed. to the crash.
4:37 pm
he made a u-turn somewhere or actually came on the ramp the wrong way. >> reporter: troopers say they found a bottle of hennessy inside the van and trying to figure out if clementa may have been drunk. >> you obviously want to go out and have a good time. this is the no. 1 reason you don't get behind the wheel if you're drinking. >> reporter: troopers are awaiting toxicology reports on the van's driver. those results could come back in a couple of weeks. >> lisa: tonight there's a big change for thousands of drivers on i-4. >> ginger: yeah, and you'll want to listen up to this one. this has department of transportation workers on alert. >> julie: it sure does. it has nothing to do with the six-year, $2 billion big drive construction project. but, rather, another major widening project in volusia county. workers shifted eastbound traffic to new lanes along a 12-mile stretch of the highway.
4:38 pm
month to widen the highway there from four to six lanes. eastbound drivers had been using part of the westbound side of the highway while the work is going on. with the change, they're now able to use the brand-new eastbound lanes. the d.o.t. is warning drivers to use caution in the areas because of shifts and be on the lookout for signs out reminding you of the changes. >> ginger: good reminder. thank you, julie. only on news 6 tonight in volusia county, a daycare inside a church is now at the center of an abuse investigation. a mom says the director never reported a teacher who she says spanked her child for having an accident in her pants. police say charges of child abuse are now filed against the teacher. news 6 reporter loren korn has more on how this mom is getting results tonight. >> we don't call it being spanked or hit. you get your biscuit stopped. >> reporter: that's what happened to her 3-year-old
4:39 pm
daycare on february 1st. >> she said, "mama, i'm scared." i said why are you scared? she said "one of the teachers pops my biscuits when i have accidents in my pants." she said we would be in trouble if i told the director. i knew she was not old enough to make that correlation. >> reporter: so she spoke with the director, sue underwood, about reporting the abuse. >> she said she self-reported it and i should receive a phone call from d.c.f. and days went by and that never happened. >> reporter: she then called d.c.f. and ormand beach police to investigate. the teacher did spank the child on the buttocks and on march 3rd, they filed charges of child abuse without great harm which is a felony. police tell us d.c.f. fined the daycare a thousand dollars for failure to properly report abuse for this case and a previous one who police say involved the same
4:40 pm
we spoke with sue underwood today. d.c.f. they had all the information that very day and they came out the next day. investigation. we've talked to them, opened our doors to then, opened our parents to them. we have nothing to hide. >> i'm not looking for notoriety or lawsuits. i'm not looking for anything like that. i just want to make sure this doesn't happen to somebody else's child. >> ginger: that was loren korn reporting. clark says her child is now at another daycare. the daycare says the teacher is still employed. police also tell us she was fired from another daycare years ago for not following the rules. >> lisa: tonight the orlando magic want you to help get results in the fight against homelessness. all you have to do is tweet in tonight's game between the magic and the denver nuggets. the website fanduel will donate $1 for every tweet using the
4:41 pm
the campaign starts at 5:00 tonight and until 2 hours after the game ends. it's simple and something we can all do to help out the cause. >> lisa: ahead at 4:30, the search for sharks off the florida coast. >> julie: what researchers want to uncover in the coming weeks. >> ginger: and a mom turned internet star says why she's so mad on the viral photo captured on splash mountain. >> lisa: but first, we'll take you inside a huge expansion coming to a central florida attraction. what parkgoers are going to see soon. getting results on bithlo and
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> lisa: new at 4:30, a sneak peek at the future of legoland in central florida. >> ginger: yeah, the theme park will soon be hitting the bricks on some exciting projects. >> julie: news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor takes us inside all the action. >> this is the biggest announcement we've made at legoland florida resorts since we opened the park. >> reporter: five years later the park is celebrating with
4:45 pm
land, a new ride and a new retreat. it all starts today with a water park expansion, featuring a hands-on building center. each one of the kid will get a boat to build on, and then it will be sent down the streams. by may, the 4-d movie will be shown and this summer, the park will glow with legoland night lights. the park will also offer overnight stay at a new beach retreat, coming in 2017. the c.e.o. of the winter haven chamber of commerce tells us it won't be the end to hospitality growth in the area. >> the 166 additional rooms are vital. we need about 400 today. direction. >> reporter: these additions are expected to draw new lego lands to the park and the state.
4:46 pm
taking it to another level where we're still generating grade news for the central florida parks in general. >> reporter: still no word on a second hotel but building is a part of the brand. >> i think it's safe to say that legoland will never be finished. >> reporter: early next year, there will be a lot more of this guy when the new land opens up, featuring all kinds of interactive displays and a brand-new ride. >> julie: lego ninja. >> ginger: that all looks fantastic, doesn't it? news 6 wants to send you and your family to where everything is awesome in legoland. right now we have a contest going on for four tickets to legoland and a one night's stay at the legoland hotel. enter all week long on our news 6 facebook page. the contest is at the top of the home page. >> julie: americans as a whole lost year got stuck in traffic
4:47 pm
here's a live look on i-4 and traffic as you can see is usually crawling this time of day as everyone is heading home during rush hour. all it takes is a tiny little fender-bender and there can be huge delays. the transportation analytics firm found out los angeles came in at no. 1 in time in traffic. in second place, washington, d.c. and san francisco spent 75 hours in traffic in 2015. orlando did not make the top 10 list. in chicago, it was bad for a while as well. >> ginger: i can attest the d.c. traffic is really bad. in orlando, sometimes it feels like sitting in traffic for a billion hours but a lot of places are not very good. we asked if you're contributing
4:48 pm
[reading postings] >> lisa: let us know what you think at 6. i moved closer to work. i hate sitting in traffic. i feel like it's such a waste of time. we have a lot of stories where they compare and rank cities. some say it can be relaxing and you can get work done. but it's a lot of time. >> ginger: if you can learn another language while sitting in traffic, that's too much time. >> julie: i'm at 20 minutes. it's just about perfect. >> lisa: in case you missed it, tonight with quite the look, maybe she's been sitting in traffic, is opening up about her internet fame.
4:49 pm
the viral splash mountain photo by now. jordan alexander from syracuse says she just wanted to go on the popular water ride with her husband but she was he was too tired and she had had enough. >> it was a long day, i had bronchitis and i had a crying baby and my husband informed me that he did not have enough in him to ride my favorite ride. >> when she first showed me the photo, i thought how could you not. did you coordinate this with them because it's so perfect? >> ginger: she did not coordinate it. she practiced all the way down the ride. alexander's husband posted the photo online. now her grumpy look has been photo-shopped all over the place, even giving grumpy cat a little competition online. that photo is perfect. we've all been there. we've all been there.
4:50 pm
with henry, just smile. you don't want to be like that. >> ginger: that's great, though. >> tom: just smile. >> lisa: it is. >> ginger: a lot of people going to the theme parks today, they're smiling now but not so much about the record heat. >> tom: i would imagine if you're at seaworld, you're in the mister, trying to stay cool. look at what's going on outside right now. we have no rain on radar. we've got a couple of smoke plumes, that's about it. we've got big heat going on. we made it all the way back to 89 degrees. starting to slide on down now, dropping to 87. we did hit 89 in the city beautiful. 88 in daytona beach. 87 at the cape. check out cocoa beach, all the way down to melbourne. 89 degrees. the reason we were able to do that is because of the wind direction. i'll show you that in just a moment. daytona beach is looking great. a lot of beachgoers out there
4:51 pm
the day. 88 degrees in daytona beach. look how low the humidity is and how blue is that sky? the east coast sea breeze is pinned again today. we're currently down to 87 degrees. 88 for a high in melbourne and 84 in ocala. other temperatures for you, 84 in ocala. 86 the villages. 86 in leesburg and still 89 in cocoa beach. here's what i meant when i said i would show it to you. here's the wind speed and the directions. it's all flying this way from the west-northwest. palm coast has a 17-mile-an-hour wind. there's no east coast sea breeze and no relief from the wind coming from the water on land, what we have a lot of is dry air. you see the orange and the dark? it's dry air at 30,000 feet, gobbled up all the moisture, brought us the blue sky. as long as the dry air is in place, we're good to go. last night i talked about how far to the west it extended. during the last 12 to 24 hours,
4:52 pm
moisture is approaching again. which means we're lining up for scattered showers by the end of the week. not tonight and probably not tomorrow morning either. you will be facing patchy fog tomorrow morning, like we had fog this morning, we'll turn around and have it tomorrow, too. during the day tomorrow, we do okay. by thursday afternoon, st. patrick's day and a lot of folks like to get out on the town. scattered showers are starting to erupt. especially the farther you are to the south. right now, osceola county looks like a bull's-eye for storms on thursday. the low tonight in orlando is 66. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 66 to 65 degrees. by noon, 82. daytime high goes to 88 degrees. 88 tomorrow. thursday, 85. the leprechaun doing the dance. the rain chances come back, no matter how much he dances. come friday, the high is 83. rain chances 40%. for the weekend, i think saturday right now looks like the more active day than sunday.
4:53 pm
chances on both those days. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> julie: coming up, why the men may have targeted the victim in a police chase.
4:54 pm
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> ginger: researchers are hitting the seas off the coast of jacksonville today searching for great white sharks. they'll be out on the water for two weeks, collecting as much data as they can. o. search is a non-profit shark advocacy group leading the great white shark exhibition. this is video of kathryn the great white shark they tagged in 2013. they say the sharks will be brought on to a ship and tagged with a g.p.s. device. when the animal surfaces, its signal will be sent to a satellite. the expedition ends on april 1st. >> julie: i always like to watch
4:57 pm
>> matt: i like to watch the pings before i go to the beach. she may be near new smyrna beach. >> ginger: matt austin is here with the news coming up at 5:00. >> matt: it's the hottest day so far of the year in central florida. the condition caused some brushfires. coming up at 5:00, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the heat that fires like this one spread. and major problems at local voting precincts as people try to vote in the florida primary. the update on the issues that away. that's next. watch wach 5:00, getting results for we'll be right back. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money
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overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 5:00, it's the big day for presidential hopefuls in florida. voters are casting their ballots in the state's primary. but some precincts in orange problems. results. i'm lisa bell. i'm matt austin. in the last couple of hours, we've learned the county has asked the governor to extend voting hours at those precincts because of the issues. news 6 reporter amanda castro coverage. she's live at the orange county


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