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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> lisa: now at 6:00, one hour left until the polls close on what could be the most important day yet of the primary season. both frontrunners looking to widen their leads with delegate-rich florida. >> matt: we have team coverage tonight. our crews at the trump, clinton and rubio events all waiting for the returns to start rolling in. this is results 2016. voters in five states are casting their ballots today. good evening to you. i'm matt austin. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. with more than 1,000 delegates at stake, voters could have a dramatic impact on the republican and democratic races. right now with the polls set to close at 7:00, thousands of people are making their voices heard, but it wasn't all smooth sailing at the polls in central florida today. voters in orange county flooded our phone lines, saying some
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as news 6 amanda castro reports, technical issues also plagued many other polling locations. she's live from the orange county supervisor of elections latest. >> reporter: yeah. some voters went to their precincts this morning and were told they had to go away. they were turned away, rather, because they didn't have enough ballots. we're told that was all a computer glitch, that there was the wrong number of republican and democratic ballots printed out. we're told the elections office has since solved the issue but it left many voters upset tha they couldn't vote today. frustrated voters, leaving their voting precincts in apopka turned away and not allowed to vote. >> unacceptable with the fact that we can't do our constitutional rights of voting. that is unacceptable in my opinion. >> reporter: approximately a dozen precincts in cities and towns holding local elections didn't have enough republican and democratic ballots. election officials saying a
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number of party ballots to switch with the number of non-partisan ballots. >> we know we sent the numbers to the printer with them reversed. we got back what we sent to them and we should have done a better job of checking those numbers against our request that we wanted to do. >> reporter: the elections office printed off extra ballots today, hand delivering them to affected precincts in boxes. trying to solve the issue of voters being turned away. also requesting the state extend precincts holding local elections. >> reporter: is there any lessons learned from that? >> there's going to be a lot more proofing and check off and validating things after this that we thought we already had in place. >> reporter: but it's too little too late for some voters who have other commitments and can't come and vote today. >> they come to vote and that
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>> reporter: i heard back from the state. no decision has been made on orange county's request to extend voting to 8:00 tonight in precincts holding local elections. you have until 7:00 right now, the deadline, 7:00 to get to your precincts and vote. you can go to your polling place or come down here to the elections office to vote. >> lisa: amanda castro reporting live in orange county tonight. thank you. >> matt: political pundits calling today the single most important day of the election properties thus far. a lot at stake for the candidates. five states are having contests today. florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and ohio. by tuesday's end, we could have a g.o.p. nomination, but that will largely come down to the will of the voters in two particular states, ohio and, of course, right here in florida. if dump fails to win either of those states, he'll still get enough delegates in other contests to remain in first place, pundits saying if rubio wins florida, he'll almost
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news 6 reporter eric sandoval is with the rubio campaign tonight in miami. so much at stake for them. this is sort of a last stand for rubio. >> reporter: it is. you said it yourself. rubio needs delegates tonight. he said he's going to sweep his home state of florida. we'll wait and see what the voting totals show us. we're at florida international university outside the arena here. people are gathering to go inside the event. the doors were supposed to open at 6:00 and the event is supposed to start at 7:00. marco rubio cast his vote early in early voting but not the same story for his competitor, ohio governor john kasich. we have video of kasich actually casting his vote for himself this morning in his home state. cameras were waiting for him outside his polling place. one reporter asked him if he had today. he replied, "you're not going to ruin this day for me.
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president of the united states. i have nothing to say to him." we're expecting rubio to have a lot to say to him today. we'll be monitoring rubio's statements. we expect him to take the stage, around 9, 9:30. once we get a true sense of what the vote totals are looking like, we'll bring you his comments on air and online and commentary throughout the evening. >> matt: thank you. it's not just the delegate math but campaign momentum that really hangs in the balance tonight. >> lisa: if trump finishes first in the winner take all states of florida and ohio, he has more than halfway of the delegates needed to lock up the g.o.p. nomination. mike deforest continues our results 2016 coverage in the newsroom with a national breakdown, a whole lot on the line tonight. >> reporter: there is. florida and ohio are big players tonight but keep in mind there are three other states also
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tonight republicans have 358 delegates at stake. 99 in florida and 69 in illinois and 52 in missouri and 72 in north carolina and in ohio, 66. as for the democrats, they're battling over 691 delegates, 214 in florida and 156 in illinois, 71 in missouri, 107 in north carolina and 143 in ohio. the polls close here in central florida in just under an hour from now. the florida panhandle and the rest of the states voting today will all be closed by 6:00. we should be getting the results very soon. we'll be standing by waiting for them. >> lisa: yes, we will. thank you. based on recent polls, a trump victory appears to be likely in florida where he leads by high double digits. florida, of course, being a winner take all primary for republicans. news 6 erik von ancken is at the donald trump camp in palm beach. >> reporter: the secret service
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grand ballroom here at mar largo. that's the podium donald trump is going to be standing at come 9:00 tonight. the chairs are going to be filled up with only invited guests. media from all over the world is here to cover this big night, primary night, which donald win. over the next few hours, the chairs will be filled up with invited guests, meaning no protesters expected. at least that's the plan. secret service, though, not taking any chances. that's why they have this place locked down. i'll have another update when i see you again at 7:00 as the seats fill up and people start to fill up the ballroom. >> lisa: thank you. three miles down the road from trump's campaign, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is hoping to win big in the sunshine state. cbs battleground tracker shows clinton with a 62% chance to win in florida over bernie sanders.
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meantime is making a run for missouri, ohio and illinois. news 6's louis bolden is joining us live from the clinton camp. >> reporter: here at the palm beach county convention center, the doors don't open to the public until about 7:00. it has not stopped people from lining up downstairs, ready to get a glimpse and hear from hillary clinton. behind me you can see the stage is already set. the podium is in place, they've been doing last minute mic checks. we have video we shot a little bit earlier. the democratic frontrunner was in north carolina earlier today greeting voters and talking about her economic plan. then she made it to west palm beach where she greeted even more voters at a dunkin' donuts. most polls show her with a substantial lead over bernie sanders in florida heading into the primary election. but, of course, we'll get the real results later on this evening. clinton's campaign says tonight when she speaks here in west palm beach, she'll discuss why she's the best candidate to
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the doors open to the public at about 7:00. hillary clinton is expected to take the stage about 9:00. of course, we'll be here for it and keep you posted. >> lisa: so much going on and a lot of it right here in florida. thank you, louis. we'll be checking in with him throughout the night. our election coverage continues all night long. >> matt: that's right. we've got dinner in the newsroom waiting for us right now. here on air at, powered by news 6, we have you covered, a special webcast starting at 7:00 on and on the air from 7 to 8:00. we'll keep you updated on the latest results online and the news 6 app. moving to other local news right now, a brushfire comes dangerously close to a brevard county publix. sky 6 flew over the scene this afternoon. take a look. this is along state road 524 in cocoa. you can see the smoke in the air, lots of it. we told you about this fire. it is out now. firefighters say the fire spread hot embers to nearby areas but
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are okay. two people are dead tonight after a wrong-way crash on i-4 involving a minivan and a taxi. i-4 westbound was closed more than five hours as troopers investigated this. it happened near the sand lake morning. the extent of the damage could be seen for miles after troopers say fernando clementa drove the van into i-4. troopers say he was driving lanes. not long after he got on the interstate, he slammed head on into a taxi, killing both clementa and another man. troopers found a bottle of hennessey inside the van. they're trying to figure out if the driver could have been drunk. >> lisa: next at 6:00, a crash involving a cop car. >> matt: three home invasion suspects run a red light causing a wreck that includes a police officer. that is not all, though. what troopers say happened before the crash and why they think the victims may have been targeted. >> tom: take a look at the
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much of the cloud cover was thin tonight, which meant more sunshine and that meant more heat. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows and tell you how
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>> lisa: a home invasion leads to a police chase, turned crash in ocoee. >> matt: police say they were chasing the suspects when they ran a red light and crashed. this all happened at the intersection of colonial drive and good homes road. police say the suspects ransacked a home and attacked three people inside. as news 6 reporter nadine yannis reports, police found drugs and guns in their car. >> reporter: two men brought a
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find five men inside. they were wearing masks, the same pig masks as seen in the movie "the purge." luckily i have a husband who will protect his family, but i'm still scared. >> reporter: neighbors in this ocoee subdivision are scared after a home invasion this morning where two men walked into their home and found five men wearing pig masks in their home. >> they beat on him for a little while. he was then abducted. he was kidnapped from his house, taken from his own bmw and they fled the area with him. >> reporter: police are on the lookout for the bmw where they say two of the suspects were in. the other three were in this mercedes, a mercedes winter garden police tried to pull over, but instead it took off
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>> they immediately began life-saving efforts to the person who was struck. the three suspects fled the scene. they took advantage of that. >> reporter: giving the suspects in the mercedes just enough time to get away. the ones in the bmw also got away, dropping the kidnapped victim off in the middle of the street. victims, police say, who owned a tax service company and who may have made themselves a target from the very beginning. >> these guys on social media, flashing their money with their fancy cars, they may have made themselves a target unintentionally. >> reporter: police are searching for clues to find the suspects. they already found a gun and drugs inside the mercedes. now they're hoping to find something more that will lead them back to the guys involved in the violent home invasion. >> matt: thank you. we're just days away from central florida's largest
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news 6 is giving you another chance to win tickets, all while getting results for local veterans. >> lisa: i like this music. from now through 5 p.m. tomorrow, you'll have a chance to win our grand prize, including four three-day v.i.p. passes, four party pit passes and v.i.p. parking. to enter for your chance to win, go to country and donate to a veterans community, a local organization that helps provide safe, stable housing for our veterans. when you donate, you'll be entered to win. we'll announce the winner tomorrow during news 6 at 11:00. >> matt: chief meteorologist tom sorrells, i can confirm, he was not dancing to the music over here. >> lisa: i thought i saw a little swing. >> matt: maybe a shoulder shake. what are we looking at for this weekend? >> tom: the heat is sticking around. the only thing to cool us off
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on radar this evening, not a whole lot happening. we're watching smoke plumes. those are impressive for a while but they seem to have calmed down, too. maybe the fires are out. you can see the east coast sea breeze trying to develop. i don't think much is going to happen there. daytime highs were out of control. some of them way up there close to 90. we'll talk more about that in a moment. dropped off. we're at 87 from sanford to orlando to 84 in leesburg to the villages to 81 in ocala. as far as gainesville we're at 83 degrees. 87 in daytona beach and 82 right now in cocoa beach. other temperatures across the southeast, it's hot in a large part of the southeast. little rock, 86 right now. nashville, 86. same in jacksonville and 73 in pensacola. wind speed and direction all part of the equation. winds all day long howling from the northwest. they're not 30 miles per hour but they are 5, 15 to 20 miles
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right now the stiffest wind seems to be about 15 in ocala and 12 in kissimmee. that pinned the east coast sea breeze over and there was no cooling down today. water vapor image, shows moisture at the top trying to build in and the rust color is checking out. there goes our dry air moving away. watch the clock. here's tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. all of this is patchy fog. not a fog-out, but kind of like it was this morning. low clouds and patchy fog. as the day wears on, the sun burns through it just like that. we end up getting hot again tomorrow. with daytime highs back to 88. here's thursday at 7 a.m. a lot of cloud cover. by 4:00 thursday afternoon, a major eruption south of orlando to kissimmee and southern brevard county. so about 20, maybe even 30% of the area will end up with a stray shower popping in on top
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friday, saturday and sunday look a little more active. for this night, the overnight low in orlando is 66. here's tomorrow. i want to go 68 degrees at 8 a.m. by lunchtime tomorrow, we're back to 82. continue the heat building to a daytime high of 88 degrees tomorrow. for st. patrick's day, the daytime high goes to 85. come friday, the daytime high is 83. saturday will be 80 with a 50% chance of showers. standing by right now is meteorologist candace campos to talk about the records. it's hot. >> reporter: we were close, yet not close enough. orlando we hit a high of 89 degrees today. it was 2 degrees shy of the record set in 1971 out in melbourne. we got close to 1 degree set in 2008. both orlando and melbourne, it's been over 120 days since we've
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the last time we've seen it this warm was early november. you can put it into perspective how warm it's been. of course, it's the warmest day so far in 2016. >> matt: we've got all the studs here at the desk. speaking of hot, ping is here. >> ping: we'll hear from mr. palmer today. it concerns that tee shot. the honorary ceremonial tee shot
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>> ping: today, mr. palmer said he would not participate in the ceremonial tee shot at the masters. he's scheduled to attend, though. this is him four years ago. palmer has been joined by jack nicklaus and gary player, both
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tradition. the events will begin on april 7th. he and i sat down to talk. the masters is coming up. how much do you enjoy going back and being part of the festivities of augusta? >> well, i think of the excitement of the masters and when i first went there and when i go now and the excitement hasn't died at all. it's as exciting as it ever has been. >> ping: do not forget, you can see the third and final round of golf's masters. as for palmer's grandson, i spent the day yesterday with the pro pga golfer. i saw a very proud grandfather's face light up when i asked him
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>> this is my home. i will always -- this will always be my home golf course, no matter where i live, no matter what i do. to come back and play in a pga touring event, especially with my grandfather's name on it, he made golf what it is, it really has. we're going to pay all the respects to him that he deserves. >> ping: it would be awesome if sam could actually win there. he grew up as a teenage kid and little kid there at the bay hill lodge. >> ping: let's talk about what happened today at ucf. first year head coach of the knights, scott frost, spring practice is underway, april 16th.
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there for ucf. >> i thought it went well. the best thing, our guys are buying in and working really hard. we're introducing them to something they haven't been a part of before with the tempo
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here


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