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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: right now at 7:00, the fate of the presidential race could rest with florida.
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make or break marco rubio's chances of stopping donald trump. >> matt: for the democrats, it's bernie sanders versus hillary clinton, but sanders isn't even in the state right now. >> lisa: and breaking news in our largest county. problems at the polls prompts the supervisor of elections asks for extra time and we just learned the request was denied. good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00. i'm lisa bell. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. the polls just closed in most of florida. we should start getting the election results any second now. as results come in, you'll see them almost instantly at the ticker at the bottom of the screen. >> lisa: ginger gadsden is standing by talking with analysts tonight. we also have a live webcast anytime on >> matt: and here's mike deforest, our investigator, tallying results and looking for trends here and statewide. a lot on the line with florida, a winner take all state for the republicans. so we have team coverage all
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louis bolden is at hillary clinton watch party in west palm beach. eric sandoval is with senator marco rubio at florida international university and erik von ancken is live at donald trump's mara largo club in palm beach. >> lisa: we start in orange county where the state just decided it will not extend voting by an hour. >> matt: news 6 reporter amanda castro is live at the orange county supervisor of elections office. there were some problems out there today. >> reporter: yeah, matt. some voters in orange county went to their precincts and were told they couldn't vote, turned away today because they ran out of ballots. turns out it was a computer glitch and they printed the wrong number of democratic and republican ballots. election officials say they didn't realize the problem until this morning. about a dozen precincts were affected. they didn't have enough party ballots at those locations where voters were also voting in a local election.
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new ballots and hand delivering them to the precincts. the problem causing long lines and frustrated voters. many saying they had commitments and may not be able to get back to their polling place to vote today. the supervisor of elections saying this to those upset voters. >> we're extremely disappointed that happened to them, but at this point we believe we had back-ups and procedures in place to rectify it and i think we're now ahead of the game, and ballots are in the polling places. >> reporter: orange county asked the state to extend voting hours to 8:00 tonight because of the ballot problems. we just heard back from election officials. the state deciding not to extend the voting hours. it means all the polls are closed. they even had to open up the elections office on election day to take in voters. now it's just a matter of waiting for the results to start trickling in. >> matt: amanda castro live for us. thank you.
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delegates could make or break the hopes of republicans wanting to be president. right now, donald trump remains the frontrunner. erik von ancken is live at trump's mara largo club in palm beach. >> reporter: right in the ballroom, as you can see, the chairs behind me are reserved for invited guests only. very shortly we're expecting people to start filtering in and taking their seats. donald trump himself is expected to speak here a little over two hours from now. the chairs are empty, but to my are not. media here from all over the place, all over the world. they know how big a night this is, likely could be based on the polling for donald trump and what's going to happen as we start to get the results in here in palm beach. that podium is set up for a speech. donald trump says it will be a victory speech here at 9:00.
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evening, a tweet a while ago, some people telling him his name is not on the ballot in some voting locations. it has not been verified. but we are hearing he is here. we're expecting to see him in the next couple of hours. preliminary results show what he's expecting the polls are going to show. >> lisa: thank you, erik. erik von ancken with the donald trump campaign in palm beach tonight. >> matt: it's not all about us today. five states are voting but florida and ohio are winner take all for the republicans. >> lisa: with more than 1200 delegates needed to win, trump currently has 460. next to ted cruz's 370. senator marco rubio is third with 163 delegates. if rubio does not win florida, it could be all over for him. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is live in miami tonight with the rubio campaign. >> matt: eric, you've been saying this event is much smaller than some of the other ones you've covered, right? >> reporter: absolutely, matt.
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were down here in miami covering rubio's florida kickoff event, here. that was huge, compared to this event tonight. university. we're at the athletic arena. this is the same place that the miss universe pageant was held. we're not in the arena, this is just the lobby of the arena. a university official this afternoon told me the rubio campaign didn't want to spend the extra money to get inside the media. so you can see the media is flanked along the concession stand back there and packed like sardines along the risers. we're expecting marco rubio to take to the stage somewhere around 9, 9:30. once we get a good sense of where the voting numbers are, he's been sending out tweets and e-mails and posting on facebook all day today, urging people to get to the polls to cast their votes for marco rubio.
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cry was heard or not as the vote numbers come in. we're live at f.i.u. in miami tonight, news 6. >> matt: the lobby of the arena, not the actual arena. thank you for clarifying that up regarding the marco rubio campaign. >> matt: now, ted cruz is not even in the sunshine state. he'll be watching the returns from texas. we'll have a live report there during our second half-hour. >> lisa: and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is also going to be waiting for returns. >> matt: news 6 reporter louis bolden is live with the clinton campaign tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton is not expected to take the stage until 9:00, according to her campaign. but it did not stop her supporters from lining up more than an hour and a half ago waiting to see her. they're anxious to see her. as you can see, we have pretty
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the secret service sweep of the grand ballroom at the palm beach county convention center took longer than expected and resulted in long lines at the security checkpoint, but there were no problems to report. hillary clinton has been busy today. the democratic frontrunner was in north carolina earlier, greeting voters and talking about her economic plan. then she made it to west palm beach where she surprised some voters at a dunkin' donuts, of all places. most places show her with a substantial lead over bernie sanders in florida heading into the primary election. her supporters say it's because they believe she's a straight shooter. >> if the question was asked, she always answers with facts. she doesn't just say, "oh, yeah, well, when i become president, then i'll get everything working." she honestly knows what's going
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be with her. >> reporter: again, she has plenty of supporters here. she's still not expected to take the stage until a little less than two hours from now. i can tell you a little while ago they flashed the numbers on the screen behind me, showing hillary clinton is in the lead and there was quite the roar from the crowd. we'll stay on top of this. back to you. >> matt: louis bolden live from the clinton campaign in west palm beach, just down the road from where donald trump is expected to be tonight. >> lisa: and as for clinton's rival, vermont senator bernie sanders was in illinois this morning and expected to be in phoenix, arizona tonight for a rally there. >> matt: the results are coming in for live states. lots of delegates up for grabs right now. >> lisa: the biggest prize for both parties is florida. breaking down the results county by county, news 6 investigator mike deforest joins us live from the newsroom. the polls just closed nine minutes ago now. have any results come in yet?
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we were a little excited when the board came to light with the very first results coming in from south florida from desoto county. as we zoom in right now, we're looking at the democratic race. right now, hillary clinton edging out bernie sanders 50% to 40%. this is a little more than 500 votes cast. i don't even think a .1 of the precincts are reporting yet. this is extremely early. this is the first little bit of data sent out throughout the state. but nonetheless, you can see hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in desoto county. we'll see how it all shakes out in the sunshine state. >> lisa: still a long way to go tonight. interesting that we have at least 500 votes to look at so far. we'll take it. >> matt: glad to see the software working tonight. >> lisa: yeah, thank you.
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results for you, beyond just the numbers tonight, too. >> lisa: we have a talented team of analysts to put all of the results in perspective. they'll be joining news 6 anchor ginger gadsden, live in the newsroom tonight. >> ginger: i am live with one of our political analysts, jim clark. he's familiar to everyone in central florida because the guy pretty much knows everything. so he's joining us tonight. we're already talking about the anomalies we're already seeing here in florida. the one surprise is the story of marco rubio. >> i think so. here's a giant killer. a man elected speaker of the house in an upset. six years ago, he beat the incumbent governor for united states senate. tonight we're seeing if he could even get a third of the vote in his own party. it's been a spectacular career for this relatively young man. >> ginger: very young, yeah. >> and yet it may be coming to an end tonight, right here.
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pretty lonely candidate right now? >> he has not had the endorsements. the governor is bending over to support donald trump, in fact. he did not get the party leadership endorsement. everybody has been quiet. he got a number of people in south florida that he knows and works with. he got former senator mel martinez, but by and large, his biggest hitter was the governor of south carolina, not the governor of florida. >> ginger: nikki haley, exactly. do you think the governor of florida, do you think we'll see some endorsement coming from governor rick scott? >> i think he's come as close as he wants to. i think he's going to wait. i think governor rick scott sees himself as a viable vice presidential nominee. i think he wants to position himself that way. it's going to be interesting.
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primary, it doesn't help donald trump a lot. i'm not sure how good that will do. >> ginger: you'll be here with us tonight until we have the final tallies, so don't leave us. >> great. >> ginger: social media is huge in this race. our julie broughton is the point person on that this evening. what's going on? >> julie: so much going on. hello to you, i haven't seen you in about 15 years. so nice to see you. of course, facebook, lots of conversation on facebook. one very cool thing we have going on is some exclusive facebook data, tracking conversations over the last month about the elections. we have some graphics to show you. i'll kind of explain what you're looking at as we take a closer look at the graphics. the information has been tracked from about february 12th to march 13th. so what you're looking at there, again, this is data over the last month or so, which facebook has been tracking a couple of different things.
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issues discussed by floridians on facebook and the number of people in florida discussing certain candidates. so also the number of interactions, likes, posts, shares, about a particular candidate. this is what you're looking at again. donald trump, more than 2.6 million people discussing him and the second number is the amount of times articles have been liked and shared. again, this is an interesting graphic as well. the top issues concerning floridians, no. 1, cuba, followed by immigration, security, israel, and government. one thing that's important to stress here is that this is not meant to be predictive. it's meant to show what the conversation is and what people in florida are talking about. as well. we'll continue to track all of this for you as we head through the rest of the evening. we'll be here talking about this all evening. >> ginger: it's really cool to have those numbers from facebook. no one else will have those
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it's really eye-opening when you put it in those perspectives. >> julie: so many interesting perspectives. >> and so many are tracking what donald trump has been talking about. >> ginger: thank you both. back in the studio with lisa and matt. >> lisa: very interesting. a ton of data to go over tonight and a lot of interesting analysis. of course, it will be debated for days, it not weeks, here in florida. >> matt: we're going to continue with our election coverage. but first, a shocking incident at a local daycare. why the girl's mom wants the daycare to be held accountable. >> lisa: and we've seen dry air and very little rain. firefighters worked to put out flames at sites all over central florida today. >> matt: but first, a bizarre
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>> matt: glad to have you back with us here on news 6 at 7:00. >> lisa: we'll bring you more campaign results in just a moment. they're always on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. >> matt: now to a strange story in orange county. a violent home invasion turns kidnapping turns then into a
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>> lisa: it ended with a car crash. it started early this morning at the homes in woods mere subdivision. two men were coming home with a girl and found five masked men inside their house. they led winter garden police on a short chase that ended in a crash. while police were tending to the driver the suspects hit, they got away. two of the five suspects also took off in a bmw. that car was found, but again the suspects got away. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. >> matt: well, tonight child abuse charges filed against a daycare teacher and a local mom says she wants the daycare to be held accountable for not reporting her daughter's abuse. >> she said, you know, mama, i'm scared. i said why are you scared? she said because one of the teachers pops my biscuits when i have accidents in my pants.
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noah's ark daycare spanked the 3-year-old giving her potty training issues. the mother ended up filing the report. >> reported it directly to d.c.f. they had all the information that very day and came out the next day. so they are conducting their investigation. we've talked to them. we've opened our doors to them. we've opened our parents to them. we have nothing to hide. >> matt: police say the teacher, 56-year-old kimberly banta is facing a charge of child abuse. she was fired from another center years ago for not following daycare rules, but she's still employed at the daycare. our warm, dry weather means the danger of brushfires is on the rise. >> lisa: one came close to a publix in brevard county. sky 6 flew over this afternoon. you can see the fire is now out. the fire spread hot embers to nearby areas but fortunately no buildings were damaged.
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another small brushfire popped up near jackson heights middle school. you can see all the smoke there. this one opposed to danger to any of the students and it is out at this point. >> lisa: we've been covering a lot of brushfires now for the past couple of weeks now. we could use some rain. it's not going to happen in at least the next 24 to 48 hours. >> tom: give us 48, maybe by this time thursday. the fires as ugly as they were, it gave me something to track for a while. >> matt: that's all there was on the radar. >> tom: that's all i had to do today. check out what's happening on radar. not much. the story begins with visible satellite. the cloud cover is leaving us in central florida. not a lot happening. we had cloud cover earlier but the visible satellite is fading. there is moisture in the gulf of mexico that will come our way. but not until thursday. radar right now, we were just talking about the fact that we had smoke plumes down here, spreading out towards the cape, merritt island, brevard county
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at least in certain spots there. daytime highs today, this is still a little crazy. a normal daytime high, 10 degrees colder from where we were today, 11, depending on where you are. here are the high temperatures today. 88 from palm coast to daytona beach to 89 beach side in cocoa beach and in melbourne. daytona beach looks great, doesn't it? it's kind of hazy now with the sun setting low. as warm as it's been, beach combers are still out there on the sand having a good time. temperature reading in daytona beach is 85 degrees. other temperatures right now, 81 in leesburg. the villages, 79. 85 in melbourne. water vapor loop showing you that our dry air is saying goodbye to us right now and the bright whites and the blues are creeping this way. that is the moisture that will be returning during the day tomorrow. first thing in the morning, patchy fog is to be expected. as the day wears on, the fog burns off. we get back to 88 degrees again
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rain forecast for thursday, though. you see the thunderstorms erupting, south of orlando on the county line, all the way straight out into brevard county. it could be a wet st. patrick's day for southern brevard. we'll have another model run tonight at 11:00. low tonight in orlando is 66. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 68. by noon tomorrow, up to 82. the daytime high goes all the way back to 88. we go 88 tomorrow. a slight chance of rain for some of you, especially south of orlando on st. patrick's day with a high of 85. come friday, the daytime high is 83. saturday, scattered showers especially in the afternoon. the high is 80. sunday's high is 77 degrees.
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are going to be asking for money for the fire department. >> matt: with election results still coming in, we're going extended coverage of the
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