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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: polling places ran out of ballots, voters were turned away.
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we're getting answers on how this happened. >> it's a little bit shocking. >> ginger: shocked and confused. an unusual traffic stop left that driver in tears. she feared he might have been a fake cop. but his true identity makes the story much stranger. good evening, everyone. this is news 6 at 7:00 getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. a local business teams up with ucf students to get results for a 10-year-old girl. >> she's so independent. this is something that will help her maintain that independence. >> julie: independence with the help of a special gift, a new robotic arm. her heartwarming gift, a little later. that organization is so amazing. >> ginger: we'll talk about that in a moment. but first, our top story right now, a woman says she was scared and confused and left sobbing, pulled over by a man in an
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investigators thought he might have been a fake cop, but news 6 has learned he was really an off-duty trooper. our reporter is asking why there was no record he pulled anyone over. >> reporter: all day i've been trying to get results and get to the bottom of how an f.h.p. trooper could be mistaken for a fake cop. what i found out is that f.h.p. policy says troopers don't have to call every traffic stop in. so when clermont police came here to console a woman crying after getting pulled over, they had no way of telling if that person was real or fake. >> it's a little bit shocking. >> reporter: though she didn't want to go on camera, jessica jones tells news 6 she was scared when she was pulled over by a person she thought could be a fake cop saturday night. today she's just surprised it was a real trooper the whole time. >> i couldn't remember his name, even if he did say it, i don't remember his name or, you know, basically i couldn't give you a hint what county he was working
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officer. >> reporter: jones said the traffic stop seemed legit until the officer said this. >> "i think i've seen you around the neighborhood. you're probably a few houses down from where you live." that's when i thought, okay, anybody could say that. >> reporter: afterwards, clermont police were called out to calm jones down. the trooper in the unmarked car never called it in. f.h.p. says he didn't have to. troop. there's no way we could call in every traffic stop and be able to conduct enough business throughout that radio. >> i've done stories that are in this case law enforcement says if you feel suspicious of someone pulling you over, call 911 and verify it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but if he never called it in, why didn't she -- how could she have called it in? >> how many stories have you done where an officer was in
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>> reporter: all clermont police had to do was call to see if they were involved. clermont police say they did. the problem is they had no record that a traffic stop ever happened. >> lisa: we have breaking news in orange county over last night's election. news 6 has confirmed 1400 poll workers did not get paid. instead, their checks bounced. the supervisor of elections' office blames a payroll company for the mishap. right now, the supervisor is there hand-signing replacement checks. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is there and he'll have a follow-up report tonight at 11:00. news of the bounced checks comes as we're asking questions about another election mishap. >> lisa: we were there yesterday when polling places ran out of ballots and people were turned away. news 6 reporter troy campbell is getting answers. >> reporter: the supervisor of elections says the wrong number
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how many it affected, it's unknown. he said unknowingly, when ballots were delivered about a dozen polling locations did not receive the right amount. news 6 was there as these voters were turned away in apopka. so we're asking questions. did we know all along the right number, and then when it's an excel spreadsheet, that's where the error happened. it's something we had the wrong number all along? >> no. >> reporter: he says before 10 a.m., several polling locations contacted county officials and said they've run out of ballots, when the county went into overdrive, printing and delivering more forms. the county offered to personally deliver a ballot to any voter turned away. he says no one took them up on the offer. >> about 100 calls, saying is that practical, come to us right now in an election? >> again our goal yesterday was to make sure every voter got a chance to vote and we were going to do everything we could to make sure they cast their ballot.
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to the secretary of state to extend polling times for locations that ran out of ballots. >> there was so much dialogue going on, it was not like the request was made at the last minute. >> reporter: the supervisor of elections also says he hopes to have a solid number on just how many people were turned away from their polling location, within a couple of days. >> ginger: one day after florida picked donald trump as the republican winner in the primary, governor rick scott is handing the billionaire his endorsement. the governor says voters want a washington outsider. scott is also calling on party leaders to end what he calls the republican on republican violence over trump's candidacy. trump thanked the governor over twitter. last thursday at the republican debate in miami, i asked governor rick scott about endorsing a candidate. you can tell he was leaning toward trump by his answer. >> i'm not going to endorse
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i'm going to leave it to the voters. if you remember my race in 2002, i was a businessperson, an outsider, never having run for office. everybody endorsed my opponent and many people called for me to get out of the race. i'm going to trust in the voters. i trusted in them then and i trust in them today. >> ginger: you can look for a county by county breakdown on tuesday's results by going to the election tab on, powered by news 6. >> julie: tonight the fire marshal is on the scene of an iconic beach front mansion that burned to the ground in cocoa beach. erik von ancken is there as investigators try to figure out why it burned. >> reporter: fire investigators were back out here at first light and they've been here all day long. still, though, they say it's going to take weeks to complete their investigation because the property is so huge. pictures from the real estate website zillo show how big the beach front mansion was.
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12 bathrooms and one basketball court and one tennis court. but what the neighbor across the street remembers the most is the man who built it in 1975. >> he would raise a huge american flag which was iconic for not only for him but for the community and also we could find third street, if you went on a walk on the beach. >> reporter: the pumpkin center is what it was named after a south dakota place where he grew up. this is what it is today. they sold it for $4 million and it was the most paid for home in brevard county ever to jeffrey wells who wanted to renovate to make this a wedding spot. >> i saw framed in new structure from the beachside. i could see that. so i was just remarking about that yesterday. >> reporter: investigators say the house was under construction. they found building materials in a dumpster. but neighbors wonder now that
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history and the renovation, what now? >> it makes the future uncertain for those of us who live, of course, right across the street. >> reporter: fire investigators say as part of that investigation, they're talking to the new owner to see exactly what was happening here in the days leading up to last night. in cocoa beach, erik von ancken, news 6. >> julie: firefighters had to shut down atlantic avenue in front of the mansion most of the day because of putting water on the house. the road just reopened in the last few hours. >> lisa: if you like the warm weather, today was the day for you. >> ginger: right there. once again, we flirted with record temperatures. while it looks like a beautiful evening as the sun sets in daytona beach, because it is gorgeous out there, we have to ask if there's any relief as far as rain on the way. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing your forecast for us tonight. >> tom: your wish is my command. we'll get you rain shortly, i promise you. we truly will. >> ginger: okay. >> tom: we're tracking a smoke
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you can see the smoke plume here, starting to diminish a bit now that the sea breeze has blown through. that's good news too. right now, we're still strong at 84. cooler here because of the sea breeze. 75 out at the cape. here's the on-the-town forecast for tonight in orlando. down to 75 by 10:00. come the 11:00 hour, 73. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows for tonight and talk about how much warm days we'll have down the road where we'll be that far above normal and pinpoint the arrival of the rain to change it all. >> julie: thank you, tom. a heads up for drivers along volusia county. you may see smoke from a brushfire. >> lisa: it sparked last night and grew to 30 acres. it's now under control. with our hot, dry and windy weather, firefighters are on alert. >> ginger: it's been so dry,
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we're actually in a drought. >> julie: so we asked meteorologist candace campos. >> candace: although we've had our fair share of brushfires across central florida this year, it's not because of our drought situation. we've had a lot of people calling the newsroom and asking us on facebook how the drought situation is here in central florida? we're not in a drought. most of central, southern and even the panhandle is looking good to go after a not very wet season but still above average when it comes to our rainfall. we've been clocking the numbers here, really giving you the best amount of data we have throughout the winter season, including december, january and even february. you can see that the average rain totals we're above average, both in orlando, deltona and even in melbourne beach. we should be good to go heading into the wet season, including spring and, of course, our summer months.
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central florida will soon get a brush with royalty. >> lisa: how athletes and disney are preparing for prince harry's invictus games. >> ginger: and a surprise that will improve the life of a 10-year-old girl. >> today they're showing her she really can be a part of this and she can be anything she wants. >> ginger: how ucf students and a local ice cream store teamed up to give her a new prosthetic arm. >> i'm a single guy, never been married, have no kids. that was my girl. >> julie: that biker is riding solo for the first time in decades. he says someone stole his best friend, spike the parrot. how he hopes you can bring them back together, next. >> lisa: this is news 6 at 7:00. we're getting results in palm bay, altamonte springs and all of central florida here on news 6 at 7:00 and our free news 6 app.
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>> i'm a single guy, never been married, have no kids. that was my girl. >> ginger: yeah, his girl spike the parrot is missing. after two decades as a duo, the biker is hitting the streets. >> lisa: he says someone stole his best friend saturday morning during bike week. >> julie: he left spike on his bike while he went inside to listen to live music. that's something he does all of the time he says. this time when he came back, she was gone. now he's saturating the town with flyers, thinking someone nearby knows what happened. you see, spike is not just a parrot, but plays a role in his motorcycle magazine and even makes a debate on his bike week t-shirts.
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she's my baby. i just want her back. >> julie: he's offering a $1,000 reward. if you want to help get results we've posted the story on our facebook page at 6. it's so sad because pets are part of our family. >> ginger: if someone took spike, i hope they see that and realizes how much she means to him. >> lisa: hopefully they're treating her well. disney is gearing up with a brush with right. >> julie: prince harry is bringing the invictus game to disney. >> ginger: the games will bring 500 or so athletes to the espn wide world of sports complex. disney sent us this video of the handful of local and international athletes that visited the site today. retired chief petty officer javier rodriguez from st. cloud and henry sawyer of jacksonville
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at a spring training game today. >> where i'm at in my recovery, i'm kind of at a stepping stone. now i'm at a point where i'm leaning towards doing this at a paralympic level. >> ginger: sawyer competes in wheelchair rugby. rodriguez is a wheelchair basketball player. the invictus games kick off may 8th through the 12th. >> lisa: they're one of our favorite local charities getting results for kids in need. the organization started in 2014 with ucf students teaming up to build a low-cost, 3-d printed arm for a little boy in need. since then, their efforts have spread worldwide. >> julie: but today, limitless changed the life of a 10-year-old girl here at home with the help of a local business. >> ginger: news 6 reporter amanda castro was there for the
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>> reporter: a ucf business and non-profit are getting results. topper's creamery is partnering with limitless solutions to give a gift of a lifetime, a prosthetic arm for this 10-year-old cheerleader. the 10-year-old cheerleader from texas cartwheeling and doing impressive stunts, all because of a 3-d printed arm, all because of limitless. >> she can do anything she wants today. >> reporter: she's learning the sky is the limit. she was born without her left arm. but now her mother says her new limb will help with simple everyday activities like opening bottles of water. or even playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. >> she's so independent. this is something that will help her maintain the independence
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>> reporter: it's a sweet gift of a lifetime, thanks to ucf business, topper's creamery. in one day, the ice cream shop raised $400 and sponsored the child so she could get her new arm. >> it just means that we're helping somebody that couldn't do it themselves. >> reporter: the ucf community, getting results for a little girl with big dreams. >> all these ucf students went and got ice cream. from that, we're able to have her here and built her arm for her. that's ucf helping out. >> reporter: and giving her a new reason to cheer. in orange county, amanda castro, news 6. >> julie: the ice cream shop hopes to sponsor a child every month. and she's the 15th child to get a bionic arm from limitless. >> ginger: a child got to meet
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>> lisa: he got the ironman arm. it's amazing they can do that for hundreds of dollars and traditionally -- >> tom: it's a brave new world. they're doing great work. >> ginger: they really are. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. we're in a world of hurt. it's been hot. >> lisa: i'm loving it. >> ginger: she's mcdonald's over here. >> tom: the rest of us are begging for the temperatures to chill. i don't want it to be cold. >> ginger: just normal. >> tom: none of us want it to freeze but we'd like to get back to normal times, too, before old florida. here's radar tonight. i've been tracking the east coast sea breeze. it's about right here but running out of steam. i don't think it does much more. i have smoke plumes for a large part of merritt island being blown into the open waters of the atlantic. here's daytona beach with a reading of 84 right now. daytime high in daytona made it all the way to 89. the last couple of days today we maxed-out at 88. we'll check that in a morning.
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melbourne, 77. ocala has dropped to 77 as well. right now, it's 86 in palm coast. 84 in sanford. 79 in the villages. 80 in gainesville and 82 in lakeland and a bunch of 70's all over merritt island and brevard county because the east coast pushed to here. the winds are coming this way from the south-southeast while the wind over here is funneling in from the west, pinning the east coast sea breeze and all that relief over on the east coast. visible satellite tonight showing the increase in moisture on the way. the sun is setting. you'll see me start to lose my imaging here. it's the last time you'll see the visible satellite until tomorrow. water vapor image showing the blue and the white, the moisture pump drawing in the moisture from houston, texas into the panhandle of florida tonight. down south, the dark and the orange, the rust color is the dry air at 30,000 feet. it helped us out the last couple of days but it's trying to move on now. clouds and rain forecast, a chance of maybe some fog early
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ripping through -- i say ripping, rolling maybe -- through the northern parts of the viewing area. it may be a little oversold. our air mass has been so dry. by friday, i think we'll have enough ump -- oomph that we'll have a cold front to help out. patchy fog is going to be developing late. tomorrow goes like this. first thing in the morning, 68 degrees. by noon tomorrow, 80. the daytime high off the mark a bit, not 89, not 88, not 87, but drawing back to 85. i'll go 86 in orlando. by friday, the high is 82. saturday's high is only 80. rain chance is 50%. and then sunday, we're actually below normal on sunday. giddy up. back to work on monday, 72. tuesday's high, 75. >> ginger: we've got four anchors who approve at this
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>> ginger: be sure to tune in for erika's investigation. >> lisa: after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert" >> ginger: tonight he welcomes wonderful actors. don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. >> julie: thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> ginger: "inside edition" is coming your way, next. >> lisa: remember, we break news at
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[ music ] donald trump vs. megyn kelly. again. >> one of the commentators who i'm not particularly fond of. >> he's actually calling her crazy megyn, and broadway donny trump. the untold story of donald trump's first job out of college. >> no, he wasn't singing or dancing, he was a producer. >> and the new supreme court nominee. one daughter is there, but the other is on a hike and out of cell phone range. and did they or didn't they? did o.j. simpson prosecutors hook up?


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