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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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found. the wild story of a dog rescued after an attack ends in a fiery crash. the poor pup somehow got away after the crook jumped into the car. >> i'm lisa bell. that's scary enough. and as you hear, this could have been a whole lot worse. the carjacking happened this morning. a short time later, the car smashed and caught fire at mcgregor road and done can trace. jennifer ortega is there live tonight. and really a wild story. >> reporter: that carjacker didn't get too far. actually five miles to be exact. they crashed right here in this power poll. tonight we talk to the man that
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burning suv. >> i saw half the top of the telephone pole and it exploded. >> reporter: david said head ed to work when he rolled up on a ford expedition smashed against the power poll. the car was already on fire when he went looking for someone inside. >> the dash board was on top of him. i just grabbed it and pulled it off of him. and grabbed it underneath his arms and as soon as his feet hit the ground, the car went up completely in flames. where he was laying was on fire at that point. >> reporter: that's when he saw police running over with handcuffs. he didn't know he was saving the life of a man suspected of carjacking a woman moments before. >> that's when i knew this was more than just a crash. they were already coming to arrest the guy. >> reporter: police say the victim was at a red light when a man opened her passenger door and got in. >> i just dropped my son off at school and a man is in my car at a red light.
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my purse and my phone, my dog is in the car. >> reporter: still inside, her nine-year-old golden retriever. it wasn't long before the car was crashed on mcgregor road. but no sign of ken psi. >> they went through the woods looking for the dog. >> the first police officer showed up. he asked me did you see a dog. and i said no, but i sure hope he ain't in that truck. >> reporter: he was found by a neighbor and taken to the vet, and returned to the owner. she had damage to her eye and back leg but should be just fine. now police say the suspect was 18-year-old andre palmer. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. and he's facing carjacking charges. live in deland, jennifer ortega news 6. crazy story. thank you. new tonight, a stunning stop in marion county. deties say a 13-year-old boy tried to take a rifle and ammo to howard medical school. tonight the school says he plan
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>> on the way to school this morning, a student was caught with a loaded gun. and he intended to harm students a tea our school. according to local law enforcement. fortunately, a relative discovered this situation and contacted authorities. now you heard the principal say the student plan ed to hurt students. but they did not say why. they stressed no student was ever in harm's way. the teen is now at a mental health facility. they have not said how that 13-year-old manage ed to get his hands on the rival or who it belongs to. some sad news in daytona beach, where the son of frank sanatra died suddenly tonight. he was suppose ed to perform at the pea body auditorium. but cancelled his performance after falling ill. his family tells the press, he suffered from cardiac arrest. he was 72-year-old. 100s of people that worked on election day are finally
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at 7:00, we told you how their checks bounced. tonight, they got them their money. we're talking 1400 people. how does that happen? >> we went inside to get answers, and they tell us they recently switched payroll services. and they didn't deposit the proper money into the proper account. tonight, election workers are still inside. they're cutting brand new checks, checks they say won't bounce. >> i regret this happened, and it was not planned like this. orange county sumps bill spent all evening trying to make up bad checks to his poll workers on election night. he says the payroll company, adp messed up. so he hand signed 1400 new checks this evenings that he says are good. his staff worked over time
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>> tonight's prior to and tomorrow's prior to will be to make sure the hard working poll workers get their pay and they can use their money. one way they were getting those new checks is a drive through set up behind the building. the cars were lineed up at one point. janell said she didn't get a check and had to come here to get it. but she said she's not mad. >> they're so understanding and they work with people and their schedules i'm like it's okay. news 6 found out the checks were supposed to be anywhere from 160 to $325. it's money of their workers were really counting on. >> what are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen next election. >> just like everything that's happened tuesday morning, we will sit down and begin to evaluate each situation. >> reporter: he said he wants adp to pay for any over draft fees they incurred. and over
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these new checks. now i talked to adp tonight a. corporate spokesman said he didn't know about the situation. but he'll get back to me in the morning. erik sandoval news 6. thauveng. new at 11:00, fall out from one of those controversial trump rallies. it all centers on this zunger punch at north carolina. five deputies were suspended for not doing anything after the attack. the sheriff's office said the deputies witnessed the assault on protest era chemojones but didn't take action on the guy who hit him. all five guys were suspended and three demoted. governor scott defended his position to back trump tonight. scott urged republicans to get behind the front runner or risk losing in november. >> we can't let -- think about this, like you were just saying, if we sit here and say, oh we're going to let the party leaders take this away from somebody
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close to it, they're not going to show up in november. we can't do that. we have to listen to the voters. the governor said he would not ask ted cruz or john kasich to drop out of the race. he didn't like it when people asked him to drop out of the governor's race. now for a crime tracker alert, to search far family's two english bulldogs. someone stole the dogs right from their home. now the family is demanding results. the home is on laurel avenue in sanford. they told sashell saunders what happened. >> reporter: rah we are tae was getting work done on her home by two neighborhood handy men when they asked them for a quick break. >> heed asked me to take him to the store to get cigarettes. >> the dogs were in their cage. >> reporter: her two english bulldogs were gone. >> i come to let them out sxivenlts rare the dogs. >> reporter: he had not let
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it ising just on the other side of the back door. >> i said there is no way they would come in my home. >> reporter: pan abed, she began searching for them all across the city. >> someone told me they were stolen from our backyard by two people and that's when i went to the police. >> reporter: police posted a facebook message asking for the dog. say they still hasn't ruled out the handy men. he stopped short of blaming the guys, only fearing she'd never see her furry family members again. >> it affects everybody. i have two children, teenagers, it affects us. they're part of our family. >> reporter: ? sanford, sashell saunders news 6. tonight a crash landing. and it will have you asking how could this possibly happen. an suv flipped over on top of another car. the picture and the story is wilder. you heard of a needle in the hay stack. now get ready for the ring and
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how a woman lost her big rock and how it was found. >> it was big. >> sparkly. >> it was that night big. take a look at radar tonight. it has no echoes on it right now. but tomorrow, that is going to start to change. i'll be right back to pinpoint the heat for tomorrow and when the rain finally shows up. first, could gps tracking devices be coming back to one local county? new legislation could make it happen. how these devices could save lives. that's next. you're watching news 6 and the news 6 app. live on a wednesday night. most watched 11 o'clock news is
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gps tracking anklets maybe coming back to a local county. >> the surveillance program was suspended a few years ago, but new legislation may bring the program back. news 6 takes a close look at how the programs can save lives.
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god told him we were to be married. she said she never even date ed this man, but he began to stalk her. >> every time i stepped out my front door, he was there. i would go to work. he was there. i go to the store, he was there. i go to the bookstore, he was there. and it got to the point, when i picked up my children, he was there. and he doesn't have any children. >> reporter: she tried to ignore it, it got worse. >> i started getting flat tires and my car is getting keyed. >> reporter: stalking is likely leading to someone to kill you according to recent assess ment. >> it would have been nice to know -- if i stepped out my door he wasn't going to be there. >> reporter: artiad senator david simmon's bill, removing or tampering with a electronic device is a third-degree felony. >> it was something that should have been done. and now we're taking a step to getting it done.
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this bill to. >> when someone tamperered with the gps or any type of device, oftentimes, you have to get a bench warrant. that could take a up colea day. >> reporter: if an offender is wearing a gps monitor, usually it's because they are considered a danger to their victims. >> a couple of days is too long to wait. we knew we need ed to close this loophole so we could keep survivors, especially safe. >> reporter: under this new bill t victim will carry the device. if the perpetrator comes within a preset exclusion zone, the device will alert the i can have tim. rather than having the law enforcement trying to find the defender, officers would respond directly to the victim to keep them safe. >> if he was wear ing a device, would that have made you feel safer. >>yes. i was always looking over my shoulders. >> reporter: one concern she has with the device is the human factor. >> if they do cut off the monitor or they're out of zone,
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>> reporter: according to the proposal, they would use both humans and technology to over see and monitor the gps tracking. >> reporter: to be clear, not every domestic violence offender would get a monitor, just those considered a high risk. they must also agree to use the device. eryka washington, news 6. an suv landed on top of a parked vehicle. baltimore police said a vehicle ran a red light, hit a car, went airborne, and ended up balancing on top of another car. that car belong today a university of maryland nursing student. she said she got a wake up call from baltimore police telling her what happened. the student said she parked in the same spot all the time since it's near her student housing building and never expecting anything like this top. fire officials say three people in the suv all went to the hospital, but are expect ed to
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now to a story of a 12 caret needle in an eight ton garbage hay stack. the couple lost their diamond ring in this. by some miracle, the wedding ring was found. the ring was left in a napkin, and accidentally thrown away. by the time they realized it was missing, tfrs already on its way to a missouri landfill. after a few phone calls, they were able to get the garbage station. and then they started digging. >> we looked, there was a wadded piece of napkin. there must have been thousands and thousands, it was discouraging. i'm crying. i'm very upset. you know, we have four children. one is a girl. i plan to them them to her. >> and i turn around and said i found it. and nobody heard me at first. so then i screamed like hay i found it. they turned around and their eyes got really big. so the couple says this ring was a replace ment for the original one. [laughing] >> i don't buy this.
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years ago so that's 24 carets of diamond that woman lost. >> that's like a million bucks at least. a million dollars. >> we had four kids, hay lady, none of us feel -- i'm sorry. but they had to big through dirty diapers. >> you don't wrap that thing in a napkin. >> and i won't ever find out. >> you are hiring security. they have insurance on it by the way. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells joins us now a. lot of questions about that story. but the heat was here again today. getting dried to leave us though right? >> it is indeed. here come s the cold front and the rain and all that stuff. tonight's weather story. who follows the 12 caret diamond story. look at this beautiful shot. that's a 12 caret diamond. available in your app store for absolutely free. radar tonight, okay, we had smoke on the radar earlier this evening.
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the fires are burning tonight. all good. daytona beach, there's joe's crab shack. thing are -- 74 in daytona beach. in orlando, we have a reading of 75. right there in melbourne. 73. 72 as far north as ocala. gainsvill, 71, and 73 -- excuse me, 73 in palm coast, 74 in daytona beach. and the cocoa beach right now at 75 degrees. wind direction has dominated our weather in the last couple days. with that heavy westerly flow. it pinned the east coast sea breeze into really late in the day. it finally kicked in in southern brevard county. you guys down very quickly in the 6 o'clock hour tonight. for the rest of us, we smoked it. it was burning again, at 88, 87, some of you hit 89. tonight the cloud cover is rolling from the gulf of mexico. what that has done is slowed down the temperature drop. so all of a sudden, we're talking
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some fog. instead of it being really clear and cool and a bunch of fog. the front stalls right on top of us with an enhanced chance of rain. come take a look at what i'm watching. here's water vapor right now. there's your frontal boundary. all this moisture streaming this way. this stuff comes towards florida. first part of the day tomorrow so we don't have a wash out. eventually the front sags in with a better chance of rain on friday. out. some fog in the morning, and then some sunshine beating through the cloud, so most of the day tomorrow is fine. by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, showers. by 6:00 a.m. on friday, a few. friday. by 5 o'clock friday afternoon, heavy rain activity. daint beach to thevill annals and there's our front up north. it sags up closer by friday evening. if you have beach plans and
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you're okay. mm saturday could be a different story. this could sit here and meander around. overnight, 68 , if we can get there with patchy fog late. here's tomorrow. 68 for breakfast. by lunchtime tomorrow 80 with a daytime high of about 86. rain chances ramping up. 20% tomorrow, 40% on friday. come the weekend, saturday's daytime high is 80. rain chances on saturday are 50%. meteorologist troy troy will be here at 5:00 a.m. thank you. well news 6, run away country and kyle's roofing want to send a big congrats to lindsey snyder. she made a charitable donation to a veteran's community. and a grand prize. 4-3 day box seats. four party pit pass twos vip parking spots, congratulations
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and we will see you out there on saturday. >> ping joining us now. keeping a close eye on the forecast especially for this weekend. >> i've got something really cool tonight. game show stuff. >> a carnival and they spin the wheel. i'm going to spin the wheel tonight and predict who will win the arnold palmer invitational. maybe it's adam scott. the little wheel pick. >> i want to put you in a dunk tank. by the way, here's your power ball numbers tonight.
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if there was ever a pga tour event, it would be the arnold palmer invitational, very high up on that list. some of the tour's best old and young players will start at the lodge. i expect the last three days roaming the grounds. ask any player, they will tell you so. adam scott, the hottest player of the tour won the last two games yet. i caught up with him on the first key. >> reporter: the last two
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are at the arnold palmer courts. >> it's a tournament that every player would love to win. it's so pornlt. it'll be freight to keep the form going and have a run this week. also there, justin knocking the put in the put there. taking a break from the spring training. he plays with adam scott. in the last two days they talked about on sam. he played well. when i asked mr. p about sam, his eyes lit up. >> i say void talking too much about sam because people think i'm favoring him, it's not a question of favoring him. he's working hard. but he's your grandson, so why would anyone question that. >> well, he's working very hard and of course a week ago he had a good tournament, and jacked
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he feeds the kids now. he's excited too. i know how excited he is. tommy, you've seen it all now haven't you. in our promotion department, the wheel, mia. come up with a new bit. it's a little wheel. take a look at the little wheel. i've got morgan hoffman. rory mcilroy. adam scott. the mat kutcher. grand mcdowel. mat johnson. david love it is old guy. i'm going to spin the wheel. i kind of chose these people because i think they have the best shot at winning. tommy, you ready? oh no. >> wait a minute. we're doing it again. we have time. hold on.
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ian, you're a winner. >> poor ian. that was ping's little invitational pick. that is a new low there. magic tonight, that i try to 107-109. they could have hit a bucket late. crazy stuff there. >> it's time for the magic la shay of the night. >> got to be able to put your foot down and somebody's got to make a big basket for you. that was kind of a new low there, spinning the wheel. but i what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes?
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we've been using this wheel for quite a while. and no one has broken it. >> there was a malfunction. but we're good. just a little thing right here. the wheel of shame. thank you very much. we're out of time.
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