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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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. >>. >> one person is dead after a fire rips through a home. >> a man gunned down and killed. what deputies are now saying about a possible suspect. >> new developments in the case of baby willow. the missing infant's mother is set to appear before a judge today. what is expected to happen in court. thank you for joining us. happy st. patrick's day to you. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm h for david hall and
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>> i have to address the elephant in the room. the only one wearing green. i'm one of those people who forgot and is going to get pinched. >> there is a pin for me to wear. i'll let you try to wear it. >> i'll redeem myself. >> we are talking about heat. we are talking about fog. that could be an issue on the royce. amy is watching closely for that. let's show you what we are in for. we have a green map for you, wishing you a great day. we are at 68 degrees in orlando. 71 in cocoa beach. 72 in ocala. 70 in leesburg. we are not talking about rain but a little bit of moisture in the form of fog so far so good in visibilities. look at temperatures as we show you this window into the future,
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noon. 87 at 4:00 with a 20% chance for rain. rain chances increase tomorrow. we'll talk about that straight ahead. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. you are seeing fog on i-95. >> we'll get to that in a second. we have construction on the on and off ramp. no accidents for the time being. as troy was saying. i was finding fog on i-95. this is out by 528 by the beach. if you are going to be traveling that stretch, a couple of extra minutes. increase stopping distances. >> we want to get to breaking news in lake county. a person is dead following a house fire.
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you can see how intense those flames were. it happened near u.s. 27. that's where we find mark lehman. is there any word on how it started? >> not right now. i asked them about that. they say they are piecing things together. it is still early on. you can see firefighters remain on the scene. that home is at the end of a long dirt driveway. those firefighters are here after what became a deadly house fire late last night. pictures taken by a neighbor show the large scale of the fie. we are told this happened around 9:00 last night. when firefighters arrived, they ran into the home and found one person trapped inside. the victim was rushed houdz where cpr was performed. those efforts were not enough to save the person. after firefighters got things
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miniola issued a statement calling on the community for support. mark johnson said now is the time for us to come together and pour out our love to this family. we encourage the family to donate what they can to help them this their time of need. investigators say everyone else was able to escape with minor injuries. as we work to gather more information about what happened here, we are also hearing from neighbors as well. i spoke to one neighbor who tells us what she saw and heard when the flames first erupted. we'll hear from her coming up. >> deputies investigate a deadly shooting. it happened at the chowder bay apartments apartments. deputies say when they arrived, they found a man with gunshot wounds. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. a man is being detained but no
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>> happening today, the mother of a missing newborn baby is set to go before a judge. one sign of the infant known as baby willow. investigators say susan richardson gave birth in orlando and then abandoned her baby. searchers have combed the neighborhood but still no sign of the little girl. >> it is another chance for detectives to pick up leads in the search for baby willow. the child will stand before a judge today. the investigation gan last month after police made a disturbing discovery. evidence of a birth in the willow bend apartment complex. investigators have sent cameras through an underground pipeline with no sign of the infant.
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dropping her baby off at a complex but refuses to say which door and won't tell police anything else. richardson has been arrested many orange county several times and has a history of mental illness. >> richardson has been in jail for weeks, being held on $50,000 bond bond. also happening today, the former isleworth millionaire accused of killing his wife will try to convince the judge to let him out of jail while he awaits a new trial. he was serving a 30 year sentence for the 2009 shooting death of his wife diane. a judge ordered a new trial saying ward's original lawyers made mistakes during the case. ward's lawyers are asking him to be released until the trial.
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>> officials in cocoa beach continuing their work to figure out what caused one mansion to go up in flames. the 11 bedroom home burned to the ground late tuesday night. the home was once owned by the founder of florida today and usa today. it was under renovations and investigators confirmed they did find a lot of building materials at site. it is not known if they contributed to the fire. >> workers will be able to continue picking up their paychecks. bill tells news 6 it is because of a problem with a new payroll company. he says adp didn't transfer funds before issuing a check. workers spent hours cutting new
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them. >> like everything that happened tuesday morning, we'll sit down and evaluate every situation. it is safe to say adp will be owing me money. >> news 6 talked to adpment their spokesperson said he didn't know about the situation and would be looking into it for us later this morning. we'll keep you posted. >> now to a crime tracker alert. a family pleading for help after someone stole their two english bulldogs from their home. roberta said her closest companions were taken pr her home on laurel avenue while she left with a handy man she hired to go to a nearby store. when she arrived home about 10 minutes later her two dogs are gone. they aren't sure if the handy man was involved but say they are looking into the possibility possibility. neither of the dogs were microchipped.
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line -- 1-800-423-tips. >> the deland police department will team up with the baptist church to hold a safety seminar. it is after high profile shootings across the country. organizers say those in attendance will learn about how to deal with an active shooter situation and how to enact security measures at church. expanding. we are getting our first look at a brand new attraction. the florida mall store announced it will add wrapping paper to its offerings. these are newly released renderings. the crayola experience opened last july. it featured 26 hands on attractions inspired by crayola products.
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that is something my sister would have loved as a kid. how cool. >> troy bridges is tracked our pinpoint forecast for st. patrick's day. >> a lot of people excited to wear green. if you are getting ready to head out the door, wear short sleeves if you can because it is all about the heat. you can see the haze as we show you downtown orlando right now in high definition, it is 68 degrees with a light west wind. the wind is just enough to keep fog at bay. we'll see fog through 8:00 this morning. 68 in orlando. 72 in ocala. 71 in cocoa beach. here is the bus stop forecast, 87 will be the afternoon high. look at that leprechaun jumping up and down, excited about it, telling you mot to forget to wear green today as you head out the door. only a 20% chance for rain. make sure they wear short sleeves because of the heat. we'll talk about rain increasing
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head over f to amy in the traffic center. good morning, amy. >> once you get your green outfit on, be aware on i-95 we have fog. you can see some of it here this morning. this is just a little bit south of st. john road. doesn't look like as much of an issue as yesterday. drive times still looking great. if you are an i-4 traveller, with construction wrapping up, no delays so far. our drive times look just fantastic. the rest of the major roads as well, same thing. for right now, we are still accident free. that is your check on traffic for the time being. back to you at the desk. >> an optional safety feature will soon become standard. >> auto makers set to announce to keep you and your family safe. >> an orange county apartment complex making repairs after a group of children got sick from swimming in the pool.
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kids so ill that one had to go to the hospital. >> a person killed after a fire
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>> if you are just waking up, the state fire marshal office is investigating after a house fire in miniola. one person is dead after fire ripped through the home last night.
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revive that victim at the scene but it was too late. mark lehman is there trying to gather updates. he'll have another update at the top of the hour. also just in, some huge news from sea world. the company says it is ending its killer whale breeding program. the ceo said the whales currently in captivity will be the last for the park and that the parks will transition those whales from performing in shows to being in natural environments. we are working on gather more details on this breaking story. keep it here for more. >> the nation's second biggest commuter rail service is is back open much to the delight of thousands of d.c. workers. within the last 30 minutes officials reopened the metro to riders.
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cables. >> the backups caused thousands to be late. transportation officials say 26 issues were found during the shutdown mainly with frayed and damaged cables. >> it happened at the waterford east apartments earlier this week. firefighters say five children between the ages of 4 and 11 became sick because the chlorine levels were twice what they were supposed to be. workers began making repairs after management told us faulty equipment was to blame. >> new this morning, federal safety officials and auto makers are expected to make a major
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the brakes on a vehicle. automatic braking systems will be standard on most models by 2022. the car uses cameras and other sensors and slows if the driver does not. emergency braking is available on most models but only as an option. >> as brides to be get ready for a wedding, the search for the dress is all about find ago tress that pops. the store has created a wedding dress that is made entirely out of bubble wrap wrap. the gown is on display next to other outfits. outfits. >> if you are walking, it will probably pop a little. they have created things out of
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and scan trons from the university. >> if someone had a bubble dress dress -- >> if you don't want to decide. >> a good way to recycle. we'll give away an umbrella to a storm pinner. make sure you pin your photo with a theme of your pet or your kid in their st. patrick's day clothes. we have a big green wall over there. it turns everything that is that color into our graphic. fog is going to be an issue. so far so good. a little bit of patchy fog along i-95 in southern brevard county
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here along i-4. we'll watch it. so far, visibilities are good. we'll show you the storm pin photos. we gave away the umbrella last week. we got in a photo of the umbrella winner with a dog named steve. 72 is the temperature in ocala. notice as we take you through the day, hour by hour. 82 at noon. rain chances at 20%. rain is not a factor. most will be in our northern zones. most of your day is looking good. looking good for your evening plans, 75 as late as 9:00. at 11:00, only a 20% coverage of
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most areas will be dry. we will be pinpointing fog. high clouds as well. the fog says a mix of sun and clouds. there's 5:00, you see the green dots dots. a couple of showers, the coverage isn't high at 20%. it is mainly after 3:00 today. 83 in ocala. 83 this daytona beach. 83 for the afternoon high in cocoa beach. there are the next three days, increasing rain chances on friday and saturday at 50%. 60% saturday. highs in the low 80's. there's the rest of the weekend, spring arrives on sunday with a 40% chance for rain. not a total washout.
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let's check on the roads. >> thank you very much. here's one thing i want to point out. it looks like we have road work which does have a stretch of road closed. this is on old hickory tree road. both directions by 192 are closed down. no delays getting past. follow the detour. no other accidents working for the time being. taking you outside for a look here. things by the expressway moving along nicely. no major complaints to start the day off with. >> a big boost for a plan to change part of orlando international airport. >> at the top of the hour, the details we are learning about a terminal expansion. >> the check of the big stories of the day including breaking news out of miniola, that's where one person has died in a
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>> a check of the big stories including breaking news in lake county where one person died in a fire there. the flames left the home on miniola street in ruins. we are told the victim was trapped inside. the cause is under investigation. >> a 13-year-old student at howard middle school is getting mental health treatment after a scare involving a gun. deputies say that teen was planning on bring ang assault rifle to school to harm classmates. the boy's grandfather noticed he had the gun and stopped him. >> it is 5:56. we are staying on top of major breaking news from sea world. >> what the park just announced about its killer whale breeding program that will change the park forever.
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carjacking a vehicle. where the suspect is now and how that dog was found. >> a man was shot and killed at an apartment complex.
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>> parents warned after a scare at a school. the high powered weapon planned to bring to class. >> breaking overnight, a person dies after getting trapped inside a burning home in lake county. we are live working to get answers about how it happened. it is 6:00 on this thursday, st. patrick's day. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> good morning. once you get heading out door the door, we have some fog. >> rain not so much today but tomorrow we'll talk about that. the timing as we pinpoint it straight ahead. >> we want to go to breaking news from sea world this morning, announcing in the past


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