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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> parents warned after a scare at a school. the high powered weapon planned to bring to class. >> breaking overnight, a person dies after getting trapped inside a burning home in lake county. we are live working to get answers about how it happened. it is 6:00 on this thursday, st. patrick's day. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> good morning. once you get heading out door the door, we have some fog. >> rain not so much today but tomorrow we'll talk about that. the timing as we pinpoint it straight ahead. >> we want to go to breaking news from sea world this morning, announcing in the past
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it will be the last generation of whales at sea world. sea world also says it will transition from having whales perform in shows to instead being on display in natural orca encounters. it will start in san diego and then orlando in 2019. sea world cited herbing's changing attitudes about the whale. sea world has been under fie for months now after the controversial documentary film. sea world ending all killer whale breeding programs we'll have an update on this story at >> a big deal in the last 30 minutes finding out about it. something to remember this morning, it is st. patrick's day. remember your green. green.
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so it will make my tie disappear. >> we always have to deal with that on the green wall every st. patrick's day. we have a green map for you, getting excited about st. patrick's day. it is 70 in ocala. 68 in orlando. 70 in cocoa beach. we put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. rain chances at 20%. increasing clouds starting off with patches of fog. we do get up to 87 at 4:00 today. it is going to be a hot one. let's check on those roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. what is happening? >> here's what is going on. first, we don't have any accidents. we are moving along well for the most part. over in st. cloud, we have utility work. that has closed a stretch of road.
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a minimal delay. once you get rolling on the major roads, things won't be an issue. a nice start to the day. you can see headlines kind of grouped out there. nothing to slow you down. >> breaking news overnight in lake county where one person died after getting trapped in a burning home. the fire broke out late last night on miniola street street. live. investigators. what are they saying now? >> i have been speaking with them all morning long about the they said they are not releasing any information about that person. we are getting a closer look at the home involved. you can see here behind me, you can see firefighters remain on the scene. investigators right now are started. scene. they show us how intense the
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flames were shooting through the roof of the two story home as crews arrived around 9:00 last night. firefighters made their way inside and found one person trapped. paramedics attempted cpr after the victim was brought outside. it was too late. that person was announced dead a short time later. in the last hour, we spoke with a neighbor who called 911 after seeing the flames. >> i started praying because that was my thing it could have been my house. the main thing was to make sure he was safe. >> investigators aren't saying if the victim is an adult or a child. we know the family lives here. everyone else was able to escape. we are working to gather more information about what happened as investigators piece things together out here. coming up at 6:30, the city is now issuing a response. they are calling on the community for support after this fire.
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coming up in the next half-hour. >> also breaking overnight, a deadly shooting is under investigation right now in orange county. deputies tell us the 26-year-old victim was found late last night at the chowder bay apartments. that's on south rio grand avenue. that man was rushed to the hospital but his injuries were too severe and he was later pronounced dead. deputies say they have a man detained related to this shooting but aren't giving out any other details. we'll let you know as soon as we get new information. >> also developing this morning, county. police saying a teen was caught headed to school with an assault rifle and ammunition. they say he was planning to harm his classmates. ha 13-year-old is a student at howard middle school in ocala. johnny is live there this morning. johnny, investigators say this could have had a much more tragic outcome. >> that's right. they are crediting the boy's
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could have been a horrific thing at howard middle school. we know the sheriff's office major crimes unit, they are taking over this investigation. investigators, they tell us that the boy was actually trying to leave his house with an ar-15 and ammo yesterday. when the grandfather noticed the gun bulging out of his clothes, he stopped him. the star banner reports the boy told investigators some students at the school were bothering him and that's why he wanted to do something about it. the principal at the school sent a message to parents, telling them about the danger. >> on the way to school this morning, a student was caught with a loaded gun and he intended to harm students at our school according to local law enforcement. fortunately, a relative discovered the situation and contacted authorities.
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boy is receiving counseling at a meantal health facility. we are supposed to get an update this morning. once i get that information, i'll pass the information along to you on air and online on >> the music world is in mourning after news of the death of frank sinatra jr. sinatra died after suffering a heart attack while on tour right here in central florida. >> >> sinatra yr worked for his father as a music director and conductor. at 19 years old he was kid map napped and held for ransom. the peabody auditorium where he was set to announce that concert
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fell ill. he died at the halifax medical center at the age of 72. his father, frank sinatra also 1998. woman and her dog is recovering after crashing into a pole. the victim said she just dropped her son off at school when a man approached her on east new york avenue in deland and got in the car. >> my dog is in the car. >> your dog is in the car? >> yes. >> police say the suspect took off with the victim's 9-year-old golden retriever in the car. five miles later he crashed into a power pole. that's when a good samaritan rushed in to pull the suspect. >> i grabbed him underneath his arms. as soon as his feet hit the ground, the car went up in flames. where he was laying was on fire
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>> he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. he faces carjacking charges. the dog was missing right after the crash but found not too far away and the dog was taken to the vet to be checked out and is expected to be ok. >> governor rick scott is defending his decision to back presidential candidate donald trump. during an interview last night scott urged republicans to get behind the front runner or risk losing in november. >> we can't let -- think about this. if we sit here and say, we'll let the party leaders take this away from somebody that has the votes or is close to it, they are not going to show up in november,or we can't do that. we have to listen to the voters. >> he says he would not ask ted cruz or john kasich to drop out of the race, saying he didn't like it when people asked him to
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>> march madness will tip off. >> with no front running teams, the odds of getting the perfect bracket are higher than ever this year. the odds of picking the perfect bracket, one in 9.2 quinntilllion. to give you an idea of how unlikely that perfect bracket is, the odds of becoming an astronaut are better and the odds of finding a four leafed clover on st. patrick's day is one in 10,000. the chance of becoming president is one in 10 million. clover. we'll look for those today. if you are feeling lucky, you'll want to tune into the action on news 6, first at noon, four seeded duke takes on nc
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yale will challenge baylor. stonybrook takes on kentucky at 9:40. >> a long day of basketball. >> i'm planning to wear my green to the basketball event tonight. >> we'll pinch you while you are at work. >> i don't want to get in trouble. >> we are excited about giving away our news 6 umbrella. we do it every thursday. tom does it every wednesday at 6:00 6:00. we do it at 6:45. there is the last winner. this is steve the dog. he won the umbrella. he posed with it. we love it. this is judy in titusville. judy thank you for that. we are asking for your theme this time. your theme for st. patrick's day. look at this guy in meritt i island island, wearing his tie. from captain noodle, he has his dog with that st. patrick's day outfit on or maybe it is a
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fog. visibilities are a-ok. kids, don't forget to wear green today. short sleeves and no need for an umbrella because there is a 20% chance for rain. we'll talk about higher rain chances for tomorrow in a bit. capitol hill today. >> don't expect republicans to roll out the welcome wagon. >> a house fire leaves one person dead. we have an update on that story just ahead. >> breaking right now, sea world saying they are ending the killer whale breeding program effective today.
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>> if you are just joining us, we are following breaking news into our news room.
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said it is ending its orca preeding program. that means the current generation of killer whales will be the last for the park. the current generation could not survive in the wild so they will live out their days in the park's habitat where they will be part of a new educational exhibit. we'll have more on this coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> overnight, a deadly fire under information right now in lake county. firefighters say the victim was trapped inside the home on miniola street. the home has now been declared a total loss. the case is under investigation. updates. he'll have a live update at the bottom of the hour. >> president obama's nominee to the supreme court will head to capitol hill. >> garland will not receive a traditional meet and greet. senate republicans say garland will not be invited for
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the late justice the white house said garland has more judicial experience than any supreme court moem ever. mitch mcconnell says the next nominee. >> give the people a voice in filling this vacancy. >> it is a ludicrous position, to my friends on the republican side of the i'll, do your job. >> several republicans admitted for the supreme court but say it is not about the person. it is about the principal. >> a volusia county beach safety officer is recovering this morning after being hurt on the job. according to beach patrol, an officer was attempting to make an alcohol related arrest on daytona beach when there was a scuffle and the officer dislocated their shoulder. they say they are seeing some of the largest spring break crowds they have seen in years. >> a crime alert in brevard
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results and find the man who robbed a straubt restaurant. police released these pictures of the han they say robbed the vietnamese cafe last month. police say he snuck into the restaurant through a rear window and stole cash and a pair of shoes. police are searching a woman. the restaurant surveillance found the women rummaging through the purse and taking it with them. if you recognize either of them, call police. >> we may be a year late. it looks like one of those coveted items from back to the future will soon become a reality. >> not the hover board but it might be the next big thing. i saw this yesterday. nike released this video of what 1.0.
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lacing technology. it will feature a blue lighting system that will let you know when the shoes need charging. they are set to be released just in time for the holidays. later this year, you have to wait awhile. it will only be available to nike plus members. i have a confession, i'm one of those people -- >> how do you become that? >> my uncle worked for nike. >> so you have a hookup. >> we figured it out. >> back in the day when you couldn't tie your shoe. >> we don't have to do a lot of things. we don't have to tie our shoes. >> were excited about the storm pin giveaway. we are getting a ton of great
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this is lucy, the labra doodle all decked out. look at the tiara. this is steve from judy in titusville. there's the umbrella you get. we love it when you pin the photo. >> this is a cutie guy with his tie on. this guy looks happy as well. they are not giving us the names of their pets but lucy was the one we knew. today we are starting off with patchy fog. not a whole bunch. watch out out, i checked on visibilities and things are looking good in most spots. >> notice as we take you through
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82 at noon. 87 at 4:00. a pot of gold at the end because we won't see a lot of rain today, just a few showers possible. a 20% coverage as we head into the afternoon, mainly in northern zones but in northern counties, flagler county, marion county, we are looking pretty good. go ahead with your plans. a 20% chance for rain tonight. starting off with patches of fog. even some high thin clouds. that does burn off as we head into the next couple of hours. there's the afternoon today, 5:00, you see the green mainly north of i-4, north and west of i-4. we'll see a chance for a couple of showers. even there, it won't be widespread. today, mid and upper 80's. low 80's along the coast. tomorrow, notice rain chances up to 50%, a high of 82. 60% rain on saturday. first day of spring on sunday. 76 for the high, a cooldown with
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first part of the dayment let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. >> amy, you have a dog named boo. >> i do. >> he has a couple of green options so i'll come up with something. as far as the roads go, put on your green outfit. once you get rolling, watch for fog. the cameras are dark but you can still see a little bit of fog by 407 this morning. again, drop speeds down, fog lights on. you should be fine. so far, knock on wood, it hasn't caused any accidents. checking in on drive times, the construction, that is a thing of the past. drive times eastbound and westbound sides, we are still completely in the clear. that is your check on traffic. back over to you now. >> still ahead, the former millionaire accused of killing his wife will be back in court today. >> why he says he deserves to be released from jail just ahead. plus it may be st. patrick's day, americans will soon be seeing green for a different reason.
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serious green for st. patrick's day. they are expected to spend a total of 4.4 billion dollars. that is nothing compared to the amount of money families are expected to spend. americans are expected to spend 17.7 billion dollars for easter. it is the highest amount allocated since easter started. according to the survey most of the cash goes to food, easter clothes and gifts and candy. >> and great easter eggs. >> coming up, orange county poll workers are paid with bad checks. >> what the election supervisor is doing to make things right now. we are staying on top of breaking news after a house fire left a person dead. we have a live update from the scene. >> and we are following more breaking news from sea world after the park announces this generation of killer whales will be their last.
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>> a change at sea world. why they are ending their breeding program for good and the impact it will have on the park in orlando. >> breaking overnight, one person is dead after a fire rips through a home. now investigators are trying to figure out what wept wrong. >> the case of missing baby willow, we'll look at what is expected to happen in court. >> amy and troy joining us. it has been lucky on the roads. >> that it has. we are watching fog. we have a couple of accidents. i'll have your details in a few. >> be aware of the fog and the leprechaun. >> those leprechauns have been running around.
6:31 am
that will be at 6:45. the big story will be patches of brevard county. now you'll see a little bit out and about in orange county. i think the worst will be in far southern brevard. visibilities reduced down to a quarter of a mile. safely and on time. 68 in orlando. it is 70 in ocala. it is 70 at cocoa beach. a mild start. we will see a lot of those high thin clouds. they'll break up a bit. we'll see sun and rain chances. only at 20%. it won't be a washout. go ahead with your plans. all the way up to 87 at 4:00. the kids heading out at bus stop, aware the short sleeve green outfits today. we'll talk about increasing rain
6:32 am
amy in the napleton traffic center. what are you seeing? >> i am finding a couple of issues. we have a few crashes reported. this first one, it doesn't look like we have anything blocked. i want to bring it to your attention. not a lot of dhas there. this could be more serious. over in kissimmee, it looks like we have reports of a serious accident on john young parkway. both directions being impacted over by columbia avenue. be prepared for possible detouring and then the fog troy was talking about. it carped out over i-95 out by 407. if you will be traveling that stretch, a couple of extra minutes is probably a good idea. that's your check on traffic. i'll send it back over to you. >> now to huge news from sea world. in the last hour, the park announcing it will end all breeding of killer whales forever. we have watched those whales
6:33 am
in orlando and elsewhere across the u.s. for years. sea world now says the whales currently in captivity will be the last at the parks. sea world put out this video take a listen. >> happening now, this will be the last generation of orca at sea world. the company that helped the world fall in love with orcas will end orca breed. >> the park says instead of performing in shows, the remaining whales will be switching to living out the rest of their days in natural habitats. that change is expected to take a few years with orlando parks switching in 2015. the company has been under fire after the controversial documentary black fish. some lawmakers have been considering legislation that would force the parks to stop its whale breeding. sea world ceo out with an editorial in the los angeles times. he said we are proud of contributing to the evolving understanding of one of the largest marine mammals.
6:34 am
we helped to create which is why sea world is announcing several historic changes. some groups like peta have gone further, urging sea world to release the whales back into the wild. the park said that won't happen because the whales would likely die once out of captive ity captivity. that is coming up at 7:00 after the morning news. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news in lake county. one person is dead following a house fire in miniola. this is what it looked like when firefighters got there. you can see how intense the flames were. this happened near u.s. 27. it is where we find mark lehman. is there anyup date on what caused this and what happened? >> i asked investigators about that. they say it is early on in their investigation. they are still piecing hinges
6:35 am
after what became a house fire last night. show you. these pictures were taken by a neighbor. they show the large scale of the fire. that orange glow is the home engulfed in flames. inside. the efforts were not enough to save the victim. the person was pronounced dead ot scene. officials are calling on the community for support. in a statement, the city manager said now is the time to come together and pour out our love to the community. donate what we can to help them in their need. the donation is going to be set up later in the day for anyone who wants to make donations after this tragedy last night. everyone else inside the home we are told was able to escape with minor injuries.
6:36 am
revealed about the victim. investigators aren't saying if the person was an adult or a child. right now, we are working to get answers to that and how this fire start. of course, anything new we learn we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> also breaking overnight, deputies investigate a deadly shooting in orange county. it happened around 10:00 last night at the chowder bay apartments. deputies tell news 6 when they arrived at the scene, they found a 26-year-old man with gunshot wounds. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. a 40 kreerld man is being detained by investigators but no other details have been released. >> in a few hours, the mother of a missing newborn is set to appear before a judge. >> it has been over a month and no sign of the infant known as baby willow. investigators say 30-year-old susan richardson gave birth last month at the willow bend apartments in orlando. then abandoned her baby. searchers have combed that neighborhood but still no sign
6:37 am
>> it is another chance to pick up leads in the search for baby willow. the mother charged with child neglect and abandonment h stand before a judge today. the investigation began last month after police made a disturbing discovery, evidence of a birth in the willow bend apartment complex parking lot. since then, investigators have drained a nearby pond and sent cameras through an underground pipeline with no sign of the infant. 30-year-old susan richardson has admitted to dropping the baby off at a doorstep inside the complex but will not say which door and refuses to tell police anything else. richardson's boyfriend johnny brian claimed he is the father of the baby but doesn't know what happened. >> court records show richardson has been arrested several times and has a history of mental illness. >> richardson has been in jail for weeks being held on $50,000 bond.
6:38 am
we'll post updates on, powered by news 6. >> poll workers will be able to continue picking up their new paychecks after the checks they got election night bounced. election supervisor tells news 6 it is because of a problem with a new payroll company. he says adp didn't transfer funds into the properly account before issuing the paycheck. they spent hours cutting new checks and hand seening all 1400 of them. some of the workers lined up in money. >> what are you doing to make election. everything that happened since tuesday morning, we'll sit down and begin to evaluate each situation. will be owing me money. >> news 6 talked to adp. the spokesperson said they didn't know about the situation and would be looking into it for us later this morning. >> the crayola experience in orlando is expanding.
6:39 am
a brand new attraction there. >> the florida store announced it would add rocking paper to its offerings. these are newly released renderings. these are pretty cool. rock and paper brings personalized creations to life on a colorful stage complete with lights and music. the crayola experience opened last july. it features 26 hands on attractions inspired by crayola products. >> that sounds like a fun day. it is inspiring me to get out crayola and start drawing. drawing. >> i want to show you this, this is one of our storm pin giveaway umbrella winners. we have a lot of them coming in, sending in their photos. this is rose bud under the umbrella. we won't see a whole bunch of rain. it will be hot. if rose bud is out in the heat,
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rose bud shaded. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. this morning, some fog. the fog confined to southern brevard county. visibilities down to a quarter of a mile there. kids at the bus stop, you don't need a bunch of rain gear. you don't need the umbrella. most of us had been dry. northern zones seeing a 20% coverage of rain. big story, the heat. don't forget to wear the green, green short sleeves in order today. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy is wearing some green. >> i was just checking to get the latest. it looks like we have a delay forming around this one. we have reports of a serious accident over in kissimmee right by columbia avenue. it looks like both sides of the roadway being impacted. over the past couple of minutes, that delay has grown a little bit. definitely a heads up there for you. we are finding some you tellty
6:41 am
this is happening in st. cloud this morning. old hickory tree road, both directions by 192. it looks like that stretch of roadway is closed. you'll have to detour around this morning. as far as filling in on i-4 goes, it is not a factor. those are fine. westbound cars coming towards you. eastbound moving away. still plenty of elbow room. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> an optional safety feature on new cars will soon be standard. >> what auto makers are set to announce that will help to keep you and your family safe on the roads. >> a complex is making repairs after a group of children got sick after swimming in a pool. coming up, what officials say made the children so ill one had to go to the hospital. >> we are staying on top of breaking news out of sea world. the park has announced it is ending its killer whale breeding program.
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>> we have some major news coming out of sea world this
6:45 am
the company says it is ending program. the whales currently in captivity will be the last for the park will transition whale whales whales. >> within the last 30 minutes, officials reopened the metro to riders. the service had been shut down for about 29 hours while crews inspected hundreds of power cables. this is what the morning drive looked like yesterday over there, pretty much a nightmare around the district as people were forced to drive to work rather than ride the subway. the backups caused thousands of people to be late. these inspections came after a fire at one of the rail stops. 26 issues were found, mainly with frayed and damaged cables.
6:46 am
it happened at the waterford east apartments on island breed drive. firefighters say five children between 4 and 11 got sick because of chlorine levels in the water that were twice what they were supposed to be. one of the children had to go to the hospital. the other four were treated at the scene for vomit ing vomiting. >> new this morning, in just a few hours, safety officials and auto makers expected to make a major announcement about brakes on our cars. they are expected to announce an agreement that would make automatic braking systems standard on most cars by 2022. the system uses cameras, radar and other sensors to see objects in the way and slow down or stop if the driver does not. the automatic emergency braking
6:47 am
it is only an option. >> a college professor is richer thanks to mathematical skills. >> andrew wild just won the a. bell prize along with the $700,000 cash reward ha comes with it. wells is is being honored for solving what is known as the last theorem. it stumped the world's brightest minds for 300 years. years. >> he seemed to be a seasoned mathematician so there is time for us. >> we are excite about giving away an umbrella. it is time. you guys have been busy. we haven't had a chance to pick one. captain noodle is in the
6:48 am
we also have this one. this is from rockledge. this is layla. layla was moving around. hard to get layla to stay still. this is rose bud. rose bud from orlando. we have this one in ocala. this is lucky. this is lucy, the labradoodle. one of one of our previous winners in titusville. he has a cool tie for st. paekt's day. >> i think the dog that was decked out is this one.
6:49 am
>> lucy, the labradoodle. >> we'll get in touch with youment they are telling me to move on. visibilities reduced down to a quarter of a mile in melbourne. add some time as you hit the roads. look at the temperatures, near 70. 70 in ocala. 68 in orlando. here's a look at the forecast. as we take you through the day. a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. we'll see minimal rain chances. even there, not a washout. if you have plans, we are at 82 at noon. a 20% coverage through the evening with temperatures in the 70's. notice we will see some patches of fog through 9:00 this morning. that's what you are seeing on the screen. through the afternoon today, you see more clouds in northern zones.
6:50 am
chance for rain. we'll see a few showers. most of it is to the north. the boundary will stay in place through the weekend. that's why rain chances increase as we head into your friday, saturday and sunday. inland highs in the mid and upper 80's. daytona beach at 83 for the afternoon high today. there are your next three days. rain chances up to 50%. notice a 60% coverage of rain on saturday. rain chances at 40% for the first day of spring on sunday. notice temperatures changing. near 90 today to 82 on friday and saturday. back closer to the average at 76 on sunday. the average is 78 for orlando. no rain for monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's check on the roads and head to amy in the traffic center.
6:51 am
>> because of a crash on land street road by orange avenue, a little bit of a delay is filling in around that one. we have another one in kissimmee. reports of a serious crash on john young parkway. right by columbia avenue. do use extra caution heading into that area. some of the fog we have been talking about, this is by 407 this morning. if you are going to be traveling at a way. troy said it was by southern brevard. that's your check on traffic for now, i'll send things back to you. >> it is 6:51. up next, a check of our big stories, including breaking news in lake county. >> that's where one person has died in a house fire.
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6:55 am
>> we continue to follow breaking news from sea world this morning. >> in just the past 90 minutes the company announced it is ending its killer whale breeding program effective immediately. meaning whales currently there in captivity in orlando and other parks will be the last for sea world. it is not the only big change. the company says it will phase out all shows involving those killer whales instead of performing, the whales will move through what sea world calls new natural habitats where they can get world class care. ceo citing americans changing attitudes about the whales for these changes at the parks. of course, there will be much up in minutes. historic changes.
6:56 am
minutes. >> mark lehman is live at the miniola. >> at the scene of a house fire after one person was killed look at video here. the house was engulfed in flames. trapped inside. they were eventually rescued by firefighters. it was too late to save them. we know a family lives at this home. investigators are not releasing any information about the victim who was killed. johnny? >> mark, a 13-year-old boy getting mental health counseling after he planned to bring an assault rifle here to howard middle school. that boy's grandfather spotted the teen with a gun and ammo and stop him from coming to school. parents were told the boy was planning to harm other students here at the school.
6:57 am
update from authorities. authorities. >> we'll be bricking you update throughout the morning here. cbs is next with much more about the changes at sea world. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." supreme court nominee merrick garland heads to capitol hill today, but the senate's gop leaders refuse to meet with him. breaking news. seaworld says it's going to end its controversial killer whale shows. 57. and major league baseball player gives up 13 million dollars in a showdown over his clubhouse.


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