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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> ian: taurean prince just broke out the hammer. but baylor is down double digits. 64-53. in the second half, baylor 27%. 7 of 26 from the field. remaining. we have 6:47 to go. >> len: if you are princeton, alive. the over-anxiousness of the other team allows to you penetrate. and yale can take advantage of that. >> ian: i believe you said princeton? >> len: did i? it's the same type of play here. >> ian: oh, back-to-back! taurean prince. sky walker. >> len: that's the way they should be playing right now.
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outstanding leaping ability. they have some touch from the perimeter. right now it's about power basketball for baylor to get into this ballgame. >> ian: 20 points for prince. mason is fouled. makes his free throws at a 78% clip. >> len: that's unstoppable. >> ian: well, everything is okay between prince and gathers. he is celebrating after the dunk. >> chris: he wants more of that. that's how they have to play. i would like to see them bring that enthusiasm in the defensiven. >> ian: makai mason 21 points. attack on another. 22 for mason. >> len: the first order of business, stop this young man. >> ian: you are right. there is a steely look from mason. >> chris: he has 6 rebounds. he's been in with the trees all night to do anything. assist, rebound or beautiful
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>> len: i will repeat this one more time. he is a bad little man. >> ian: he has the altar boy look. but the killer mentality. >> len: don't let you fool you. he won't fool anybody else with that sweet baby face smile anymore. >> ian: we showed you the pre-game speech from james jones. the extended version on the or's cut was building up. he reminded his team of what they worked for and what they this moment. not being afraid of it. living in the moment and the reality of being in the ncaa tournament. >> len: he wanted them to think back to when they started playing basketball and watched the ncaa tournament on tv and you wished you were in there. he never did. >> ian: that's right jones did
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tournament. he said i never got the opportunity. >> chris: he said we don't deserve it just for showing up. there is no pit party for not being here for 50 years. he said stay who you are. it's so fun to play. >> ian: >> ian: victor turns it over. taurean prince wreaking havoc. >> len: outstanding lester by for instance. >> ian: medford. no. tracked down by wainright. 5:34 to play. this is a 9 point game with yale in front. >> len: if baylor is going to get back in. it's the 50-50 balls they need to continue to get. >> ian: prince misses. motley the offensive board. can't hit it. off the window and yale comes
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nick victor a wasted chance for baylor. we hit the 5 minute mark of the second half. 66-57 yale. sherrod and sears getting ready to check in next dead ball. mason. fades. it's an air ball. victor grabs it. turns and fires. off the rim. prince has it. for the bears. motley down the middle. it goes and a foul. jonathan motley with a chance for 3. >> len: very fortunate baylor got the rebound. then the look up front. when you attack like that, good things happen. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: some changes here for yale.
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combination of downey and reynolds. to stem the tide for the bulldogs. 4 fouls on victor. >> len: and great recognition from the crowd. not just yale fans. a lot of folks gave them their due. >> len: in the ncaa tournament if you get that swing going. >> ian: fans quickly become fans of the lower seed. >> len: it's like rock. if you can change, i can change. right now yale the underdog but saying we have a chance to win this game. >> ian: a 9-2 game for baylor. 6 point lead for yale. 4:27 to go. mason. defended by lindsey on the outside. screen from sherrod. makes it off balance. he is fouled. prince increddulous after the
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a pair of free throws here for makai mason. with his team up by 6. averages 15.8 points per game. he scored 24. monday, what happens after the girl of steel turns on her own city? a new "super girl" only on cbs. knocks down a pair. he matched his career high with 25. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: wainright. a foul called on the outside. it's sears. or do they call it offensive? >> [whistle]. >> ian: it is called against
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wainright made his move. sears went down and the foul was on the inside against motley. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: baylor an empty trip. they trail 68-60 and motley will sit with his 40 foul. sherrod gets it in. 4 minutes and counting left. >> chris: yale can let their offense take the ball until late in the shot clock. the turnover right there. >> ian: nick victor a disvan'ted set. victor turns it over. we have an 8 point game. you live for march. that's why at&t's network lets you stream the action, all month long, when and where you need it. so you feel like you're part of the game
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69 dollars one-way, and that's no fairy tale. book now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. >> ian: march madness continues tonight. 8 more first round games across cbs, tbs, tnt and tru-tv. you decide the games that you want to watch. here in providence, first round action from the west region. 68-60. yale in front of baylor. the winner will take on duke the number 4 seed in the west out lasted unc-wilmington earlier today. ian eagle, chris webber, len elmore, evan washburn and the rest of our crew. march madness very much underway.
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away from the upset. >> len: trying to control the tempo. slow baylor down with token halfcourt pressure. >> ian: taurean prince. the spin. no. motley. offensive rebound. goes right back with it for 2. >> len: i expect baylor to return the favor. theirs only be passive. >> ian: 15 from motley. he and prince combined for 35. baylor. their bread and butter. >> chris: great to see multiple screens to get mason open. >> ian: into the hands of sears. cross-court. dallier. missed it. and out of bounds. the clock. >> len: that's plenty of time for baylor to get even or recapture the lead.
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they are successful when they play above the rim or hit the glass on misses. >> ian: under 3 minutes to play. prince makes his move. scores on the inside. it's a 4 point game. baylor mounting a comeback. 2:37 remaining. mason uses the screen set by sears. wainright sticks by him. dallier feeding the post. sears. inside. for the bucket. justin sears 2-time ivy league player of the year converts. 18 points for sears. >> chris: that smart play. they recognize the mismatch. lindsey on sears. didn't hesitate to get him the ball. >> ian: wainright inside. sears gets a piece.
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>> chris: what a great recovery. yale calling for a timeout. >> ian: james jones will have a chat with his team with 1:58 remaining. >> chris: sears on both ends. recognizing he has the mismatch. nice layup inside. he said wayment, i can move my foot and stay vertical and block
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>> ian: yale 70 and baylor 64. baylor got it 2 within 4. yale responded. and now trying to add to the 6 point lead with 1:58 remaining in the second half. fourth ncaa tournament appearance for yale. 1949, 1957 and 1962. they have never won a game in the big dance. 9 to shoot. dallier. gives it up to sherrod. shot clock winding down. ball knocked away. a scrum for it. a foul on makai mason. baylor will get free throws with 1:36 to play. >> len: i am not sure that was a good foul. he gave baylor a chance to put
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>> ian: time was winding down. i don't think baylor would get out on the break before time ran out. instead they get to stop the clock and put points on the board. >> len: even if they had possession, yale would be able to get back and contest it. >> ian: a lot of time for jake lindsey to think about these free throws. as a team baylor is 8 of 13. lindsey's dad dennis played at baylor. the general manager of the utah jazz. short. 70-64 yale. >> chris: 30% of the points for rico gathers comes off the offensive rebound. you must box out here. >> ian: just took out sherrod. >> chris: he throws it out of bounds.
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he was sandwiched in between two. >> ian: a foul called quickly against baylor. >> chris: wow. up. >> chris: that's not intended. >> len: that was a huge mistake right there. >> ian: and sends mason to the free throw line. mason hasn't missed. 5 of 5. he is closing in on the yale all time record for most points in a tournament game. a player back in 1949 had 27. he's not even grazing the rim at this point. makai mason has a new career high. 26. >> len: you know his name means winds to the see in hawaii. he got yale off to a good start.
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you are dropping knowledge. he has 3 brothers. sandin o, ukiho and akirra. >> len: that's what good lawyers do. we don't know everything. we know where to look. >> ian: it's a 4 point game with a minute and 21 left. 72-68. prince delivered 25 point for
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>> ian: the game reset with yale leading. 72-68. the bulldogs have to timeouts left. baylor is out of timeouts. both teams are in the double bonus. yale has the possession arrow. with 1:21 to play. >> len: depending on who is on the floor for yale, they are not a very good free throw shooting team.
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confidence. justin sears just 67%. sherrod 59%. >> ian: dallier 47%. >> len: it's prime pickings for this game. >> ian: dallier. sears not a ball handler. what a save and lindsey with the finish. ishmail wainright a fantastic play to set up the bucket. this is a 2 point game. >> chris: no need to extend now. plenty time. >> ian: sears gets it into the hands ever mason. >> [whistle]. >> ian: trying to tie him up. mason goes down. and mason injured on the play. baylor wanted a tie up.
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floor and allow the bigs to set a pick and get mason open to catch the ball where he can't be double teamed. >> len: right there. just popped out. outstanding defensive play and effort by wainright. he just popped it away. from sears. he has to be stronger with the ball. then lindsey atoning for that missed free throw. >> ian: the foul was called on baylor. wainright called on the foul. they are going to look at it. or not. the head. >> len: nothing untoward by baylor. if they call a foul, it's a common foul. wainright insult to injury.
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a brilliant play defensively to save the ball and set up lindsey for the bucket. cut this game to 2. then on the ensuing inbounds, mason banged into wainright. >> chris: >> chris: >> chris: >> chris: >> chris: acdental. >> ian: i agree. >> chris: use a timeout. that's where they are there. >> ian: 4 fouls on ishmail wainright. mason 7 of 7 from the free throw line. 59.5 to play. >> len: of all the guys for yale, this is the guy you don't want to foul. >> ian: mason perfect 8 of 8. and a new yale record. 28 points.
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tournament in bulldogs basketball history. 74-70. mason now with 29. under a minute to play. wainright. loops the pass to prince. prince one-on-one with victor. an offensive foul. huge call with 33.9 to play. >> [cheers and applause]. >> chris: you don't have to be set to draw the offensive foul. defender entitleed to go in a direction that is parallel to what the ball handler is going. >> len: if the ball handler breaks that plain, that's how you get the call.
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much martyr to give the foul to sears and not mason. sears is 67%. he is 3 of 3 today. that was a huge, huge call. >> len: took a possession away and an opportunity to put points on the board from baylor. from where we sit, it should be have been the right call. >> ian: justin sears. misses on the first attempt. another look at the foul. >> len: yes. he broke the plain. victor was traveling parallel. never really stepped into the offensive player's space. it was prince who dipped his shoulder and broke that plain. >> ian: doesn't get roll. baylor down by 4. 35 seconds to play. medford. the drive. medford scores. it's a 2 point game. >> chris: baylor has no timeouts. >> ian: but yale does and mason
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28 seconds left. yale up by 2 on baylor. >> chris: hopefully coach jones is joining us a press break. this press from baylor is giving yale problems. they have one good free throw shooter in makai mason. i expect them to allow mason to catch the ball on the run and not be double teamed. don't pass it into the corners. allow him to get freedom of movement and get other guys involved. >> len: i am recognizing this is a one second difference between the shot clock and the game clock. if i am baylor, take no chances. this is the time to extend the game. i might try for a quick steal. is mason. you double him and allow somebody else to come the ball and foul them.
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position before. one years ago georgia state pulled off the upset. a number 14 seed. they defeated scott drew and the baylor bears 57-56 in jacksonville. this is all new for james jones and for yale. >> chris: gathers and lindsey keyed in on mason. kay that he went let him get it. >> ian: mason. they are not fouling him. half a second difference. shot clock to game clock. they get the foul. you might as well as conserve the clock. >> chris: that's a great job by yale. can't stop any one guy from getting the ball inbounds. he catches the ball on the run. time off the dribble and bates for the foul. good job letting the ref's know. >> len: if you are going to extend the game, extend. it you can't waste seconds like that.
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>> len: and then foul the best free throw shooter on the floor for them. >> ian: 75-72. >> len: still plenty of time. if he makes it 2 possessions, it steepens the slope. >> ian: a 4 point lead for yale. 15 seconds left. a 3. prince. he knocks it down. it's a 1 point game. 12.9 remaining. sherrod. gets it in. mason. trying to close him in. double team. >> [whistle]. >> ian: a timeout for yale with 9 seconds left. >> chris: the last one. >> ian: clinging to a 1 point lead. >> len: terrible communication right here by yale. either you switch or stay up. >> chris: yes. >> len: allowing prince to get a wide open look. sears has it make sure that he
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that 3 point line. the scouting report. taurean prince 35% from beyond the arc. maybe you go over top of that. instead of going behind the screen. even more importantly, baylor will wish they had those 3 or 4 seconds they wasted chasing makai mason to the front court before fouling. that's what i mean if you are going to extend it, extend it. do it right away and not wait. >> ian: no more timeouts left. 9 seconds remaining on the clock. a furious rally from baylor put them in a position down by 1 to a win. yale trying to hold on. they led since the 17:59 mark. >> len: it's a spot throw in. this will probably be given to
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right there almost in front of the baylor bench. >> ian: the largest lead for yale you was 13. >> chris: it's totally in front of the yale bench. i'm sorry in front of the baylor bench. requestedine dallier. the triggerman for yale. 9 seconds left. 76-75. yale leading baylor. dallier. goes deep. backing it out. victor. trying to play keeping you current. he is fouled with 6.8. a sneak play. it pays off for the bulldogs. >> chris: everyone trying to deny.
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>> ian: these teams get a free timeout as the officials huddle up. to the sideline. now scott drew will do the same. >> chris: yale not out of the woodson. if victmakes both. a 1 possession ballgame with 6.8. and nick victor 54.5% from the line. >> ian: they are looking at the clock. at 6.8. the deep pass by dallier. they might put .2 aded to it. >> chris: i don't know. that looked pretty good. from a clock starter's perspective. you are only human. >> ian: let's talk strategy.
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victor will have 2 free throws. strategy if he makes 1 out of 2 or 2 out of 2 or misses both? >> chris: it's the same thing. get it out and push. where do you wind up for the shot? 6.8 seconds is a lot of time. to push the ball up the floor. >> ian: yale up by 1. 54% shooter. he hits. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 77-75. >> chris: the defense identified the best players. it needs to be a man on prince and wainright. those 2 can score outside. expect baylor to push it. with 2 guys in the corner and middle. >> ian: victor. an air ball.


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