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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"blackfish" came out a few years ago, seaworld park attendance and revenue have been down. the c.e.o. thinks the moves announced this morning will change that. just today seaworld's stock has risen more than 6%. for decades, this has been a familiar sight at seaworld orlando. but the days of killer whales jumping into the air, splashing guests are numbered. seaworld's c.e.o. announced today the park will not only end its practice of breeding the orcas effective immediately, but it's also phasing out the popular popular theatrical shows by 20 2018. the debate over whale shows is now over. >> however, it's clear people are more uncomfortable, whether it's the movie, legislation, all the issues are affecting it. >> reporter: the movie he's talking about is the 2013
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using interviews of former seaworld trainers and videos of whales attacking people, the video suggests captivity causes psychosis in whales which led to the death of dawn brancheau in 2010. the c.e.o. is confident the move will change the negative perception of the park. >> we love our orcas and so do our guests. i've been here 10 months, this is the first day i've been here the positive chatter on twitter about us as a company overweighs the negative. >> reporter: and p.e.t.a. has said they've taken a step forward but more must come. a new partnership between seaworld and the humane society
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the humane society has been big critics of seaworld in the past. >> lisa: thank you. >> matt: seaworld's announcement is getting mixed reviews. many guests say they do agree with seaworld. what did you see and hear while you were out there today? >> reporter: i was able to go into the park and you would not notice a difference there. the announcement didn't even impact park guests today. what i did notice is from the moment i walked in, from the entrance here to the souvenir cup i was able to bring home with me, the orca whale is still a symbol here at seaworld. i spoke with many of the guests, and they say it's about time. >> we're inspired every day and we hope they inspire you as we all work together to care for our ocean. now, sit back and enjoy the show! >> reporter: the killer whale show one ocean started just the
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but today, the future of these orcas at seaworld is about to change. the theme park announcing it will no longer breed the orcas and it will slowly start phasing them out in shows. shows deon readwood is going to see for the first time today. >> we're coming because of the people that want me to come and my daughter. if it were up to me, i would go other places. >> reporter: why? >> because i feel sorry for the animals. i'm happy for the news this morning. >> reporter: several seaworld guests visiting from all over the world felt the same. >> i would agree with that to be honest, yes. >> reporter: why is that? >> they've been kept in captivity. they should be out in the wild. >> good for the whales and everything. i guess it's the right decision. >> reporter: but the woman who lives here sides with seaworld. >> i believe they're taken very well care of. i see it with my eyes every day.
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decision the theme park had to make. >> maybe for their sake, it's a better idea. >> reporter: seaworld has not said the official day when the theatrical shows will end in orlando. but by 2019, they'll have the natural habitat for them where people can get up close to them but they will not be performing. >> matt: what a change. if you would like to read more about seaworld's changes, go to and look on the home page. new at 6:00 now, a lawsuit against central florida's largest domestic violence shelter is getting suit. >> >> reporter: carol wick is filing a lawsuit against the organization she helped build what it is today.
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it's unclear why she got fired. after she refused to give an employee a raise, the employee filed a complaint against wick. >> they need to be held accountable. i'm not charging carol anything for this. but if we win, harbor house is going to be responsible for my attorney's fees and my costs for every hour i put in this case. >> reporter: when asked his rate, $600 an hour and they're seeking her yearly salary and other issues. it doesn't stop there. >> asking for information including all the board minutes as well as to get to the bottom of this. i want each of the board members' cell knowns for forensic analysis of text messages as well as e-mails, servers that have been involved or used by harbor house or the board members discussing this
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>> reporter: wick had been with the domestic violence organization since 2006. her attorney wants to get to the bottom of why she was fired. it's the same people who supported her until recently. >> matt: new developments in the high-profile case against an isleworth millionaire. bob ward will not get out of jail while he's given a new trial. his conviction and 30-year sentence were overturned last month. an appeals court agreed his attorneys should have objected when prosecutors showed video of ward refusing to talk to police, noting he has a constitutional right to remain silent. no word yet on when that new trial will begin. house fire. tonight investigators are still searching for a cause. the historic minneola home caught fire last night around 9:00.
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members were able to escape with minor injuries. the teenage boy remained trapped inside. he was pulled from the smoke-filled home by firefighters but did not survive. the teen attended lake minneola high school and grief counselors were on campus today. >> matt: police need help solving a cold case. they say someone killed a daytona beach woman and left her dead, half-naked. officials teamed up and put up this billboard, hoping it leads to an arrest. it's on display at congress and ridge wood. they're asking if anyone has information about faith jenkins' death to call. she was found in the backyard of a home in daytona beach last april. they say she was partially nude and died from trauma. >> lisa: another zika case in central florida. it's the second case now in this brevard county. so far, 66 people have tested positive for the mosquito-borne virus across 12 counties in florida.
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pregnant women. all of the cases in florida are still travel-associated. for zika signs and symptoms and a breakdown of cases by county, head to, powered by news 6. the countdown to runaway country is on. the event kicks off tomorrow. jake owen, kenney chesney and eric church are all taking the stage this weekend. we sent news 6 anchor julie broughton to osceola heritage park. how are the preps going? >> julie: things are going really well out here. this is the calm before the storm. this is a huge three-day event. over my shoulder is the main stage. it's four stories tall, 120 feet wide. since we've been out here this afternoon, they're continuing to make the final preps. doors here open at 11:00 tomorrow and then the main act tomorrow, the first act takes the stage at 2:00 and jake owens is the headliner tomorrow night. we were all out here last year
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it's even bigger this year. they're expecting 90,000 folks this year over the course of three days. so, again, it kicks off tomorrow at 11 a.m. 2:00. there are three stages out here. lots of food, lots of vendors. really something for everyone. there's some carnival rides over my photographer's shoulder which he can't whip around and get, but again, family friendly event. tickets are still available. they say they think on saturday they may get close to selling out, when the headliner is kenney chesney. we'll all be out here on saturday. i'm told this is a go, rain or shine. >> lisa: that's good to know. we certainly could be dealing with rain. thank you. his effort helped raise awareness for pediatric cancer. >> matt: tonight i get to introduce you to a man who is getting serious results in central florida. he's a firefighter finding strength in the memory of his son to help others.
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next at 6:00. >> tom: take a look over my shoulder. radar. big rain from gainesville to the coast and big rain in volusia and flagler counties. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrival of the rain for everyone and talk about the weekend, rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies?
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>> lisa: today of course is st. patrick's day but march is also when people gather for saint bald rick's events. >> matt: people pledge to shave their heads and give money to pediatric cancer. today raises a lot of money in central florida. when you're a firefighter, training is part of your job. it's supposed to prepare you for anything.
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i'm an orange county firefighter. >> matt: you know your crew has your back when things get tough. >> i love my job. the camaraderie and teamwork. >> matt: but life doesn't always work that way. >> we had camden in 2008. around the age of three months, we noticed some signs and wrong. >> matt: he learned his newborn son had leukemia. >> it was a very aggressive leukemia and aggressive treatment and five years later on august 5th, he passed away. >> matt: he's turned his grief into success. raising more than $200,000 for pediatric cancer research. he helped organize the event like this one where participants pledge to shave their heads. >> i've been growing this since july. >> matt: he says it's a fitting way to spread awareness.
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shave your head to raise awareness and to show that you're willing to make a very small sacrifice for children that don't have the choice whether they get to keep their hair or not. >> matt: and you might be pretty humble about it, but $200,000 goes a long way and you turned a tough situation into an amazing thing. thank you for all you've done. >> he puts it out there and he gets things done. he's a doer. >> matt: you were nominated by alex. he says stephen is a doer, he motivates, encourages, supports so many with his words, his smile and his bright red hair. >> there you go. there it is. >> he's constantly on a mission forward. >> i don't do it alone. there's no way we would be able to do this without the fire service. absolutely not. >> matt: great guy. he's been through a lot.
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at johnny's filling station in orlando at the corner of fern creek avenue and michigan street. the event starts at 3:00. i want to explain the mustache. he doesn't usually have that either. he grows everything crazy because he wants everybody to ask him why he's doing it. >> lisa: great guy, great event. a lot of us are planning to try to make that event as well. we're hoping -- tom is standing next to us -- that the rain holds off for that. >> matt: no pressure. >> tom: are you going to shave your head? >> lisa: i won't do that. >> matt: you can raise money by going to our website and go to the getting results tab. >> lisa: matt and i remembered to wear green today to celebrate st. paddy's day. henry just turned 2 and he refuses to sit still for a
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getting a blurry picture and sitting for the camera is the best we could do. >> matt: that's my lulu and sawyer wearing the green. apparently the older one is just too cool to put pictures on tv and be embarrassed anymore. >> lisa: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us. you can't wear green. >> tom: purple it is for me. >> lisa: if you were wearing all green, we wouldn't be able to see you. >> tom: i would be invisible man. i wish i could hide when it's raining. i'm kind of digging the rain. i've not heard from alice in ponce inlet, my weather watcher down there on the coast, but we had big rain from wilber by the sea to ponce inlet. the rain was pouring but it's dried out. that's the trend for the next
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us going to be a drier run. the scattered showers pretty well stayed to the north. in marion county, you're not in on the drying out quick band wagon. you're on the hey, this keeps coming train tonight. all this is pinwheeling this way, rolling in. if you're watching from right here to the villages to the north, chances are you'll get more rain into the night. the rest of us down south here, i don't think so. here's brevard county. a little bit of east coast sea breeze rolling in. see that line right there? that's my east coast sea breeze that has formed here in the last half-hour or so, rolling into southern brevard, which is good. it helps to chill things out. i'm going to stand here in the corner. watch future radar. that's the trend. see how it's drifting to the northeast? for most of you, chances are it's going to wrap up. take a look at daytona beach. normally i take this camera shot and post it on facebook for my friends up north. i love it. tonight, what's the point?
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it's 71 degrees in daytona beach. while here in orlando, we're at 85. if you picked up the rain, obviously it has chilled you out. ocala, you're at 70 and melbourne you're at 79 with the east coast cooling you here. we're sitting here in orlando. i think the report of 68 in kissimmee, something is wrong with my graphic. i'll fix that as soon as we get off the air here. here's the visible satellite. you can pick the front out really quickly. it's located right here. along the frontal boundary. as long as it hangs and sits to the north, we don't see much action. in the next 24 hours, this front is going to sag this way. when it does, that's when the rain chances begin to ramp up. the only thing that bothers me about this model is it's way oversold. how many times have i stood here and told you there's too much on here. i don't think there's enough on here until saturday. the front is here and the scattered showers will begin pouring into the viewing area sometime after 2 to 4:00 into
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evening. overnight lows tonight, totally enjoyable. 63 in the villages. 65 in sanford. the official overnight low in the city beautiful is 67. here's tomorrow. we'll start out in the morning with a touch of patchy fog and then by noon tomorrow, 79. the daytime high is starting to dial it down. we'll max out tomorrow at 84 degrees. so 84 tomorrow and then on saturday, 82, with more rain. sunday's high only 77. and the last really cool day that i believe we're going to have is the 70-degree day on monday with an overnight low monday night of 49. from there, by thursday, we're back to 86 and it's game on for warmer weather. >> lisa: okay. thank you, tom. >> matt: there it goes. we appreciate it, tom. let's head out to ping who is live out at bay hill this evening. how is everything holding up out there? >> ping: everything is good. now.
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way, and on the practice tee, rory mcilroy struggled today. 75 for him at the arnold palmer invitational.
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>> ping: back out here live at the bay hill club and lodge, first round of the arnold palmer invitational, golfers are still on the golf course. but rory mcelroy is struggling with his game. the leader in the clubhouse, 6 under 66 today, one of the best players in the world, which would be jason day in a late afternoon tee time today and getting it done. this is him on the 18th hole, about 45 minutes or so ago. up and down for par. 6 under 66 today, very nice up and down right there. how about adam scott? adam for a while was tied for first with three others >> with this man right here, henrick stetson's 5 under round
6:25 pm
birdie for him on 8 and adam scott won his last two tournaments. he's won the honda and the doral. >> the kind of days i'm most satisfied with is days like today when you shoot the lowest number you possibly can. >> ping: it almost feels like a birdie on 18, in a way? >> if you miss it it's hard to make par. but it was huge getting my momentum going. >> ping: an all around good guy who lives here in central florida, that man right there, graham mcdowell, spent most of his afternoon signing autographs after shooting 1 under 71 today. >> the golf course is as good as i've ever seen it here in bay hill.
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getting it as good as it can be. >> ping: good round by him. he said he could go much lower. we'll see what happens tomorrow with round 2. last night at 11:00, i brought out the little wheel. this is what the little wheel predicted about the api. >> ping: all right. how about that, tied for 50th, 1 under par. and the orlando pride, one of the most notable female athletes in the world, alex morgan, is on this team. she spoke for the first time after training today. >> i've been told by phil and
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the best cause in the world, men's and women's side. that's kind of our goal and having that fan support behind us is huge. >> ping: yale upsets baylor today.
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. >> pelley: that's the rear window of a car after a ferocious hail storm battered north texas. also tonight, under fire over water. >> you messed up 100,000 people's lives, 100,000 of them, 10,000 of those people are six years old and younger. >> pelley: the e.p.a. takes flint. the democrats fall preview. >> donald trump won't make america great again, but he will make republicans the minority again. seaworld. the curtain is coming down on


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