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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> right now at 5:30, a major interchange along i-4 and the 408 is is closed. how you can avoid delays. plus -- >> i thought we got hit by a missile. >> breaking overnight, some passengers are safe p but terrifying after lightning strikes their flight. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are with us. >> rain north of us. more building in through the weekend. i think we'll have wet stuff to deal with on saturday. let's show you what we are pinpointing. most of us are dry right now. if you are driving to the north along i-75, maybe going up through gainesville, also up into jacksonville along i-95, there is a good bit of rain. for us, this isn't here yet front. it will stay to the north of us
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as we head into the day tomorrow. also moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. we are in the mid 60's. it is 65. 71 at daytona beach. as we help you plan the day, we see cloud cover. we are still warming, all the way to 78 at noon. 86 by 4:00. with a 30% coverage of rain. rain chances increase tomorrow. we'll talk more about how much rain you can expect for your saturday and we'll pinpoint exactly when to expect it. >> sounds good. overnight, a fire fight in orange county as investigators say flames sparked a condo near americana boulevard. they tell us at the scene someone was rushed to the hospital with burns. right now, the cause is being investigated. evacuations. >> now to a big drive traffic alert starting this morning in the heart of downtown orlando. we have team coverage with traffic anchor amy pin pointing delays. >> let's start with johnny live at the 408 ramp which just shut down.
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>> we can see behind me there are barricades and signs warning drivers that the ramp is closed. this closure is right on the 408 entrance ramp between orange avenue and lucern circle. now, this is a first major impact for drivers that use the 408. now, there are to ways to head to the temporary ramp. heading southbound on orange avenue or northbound on rozalind, travel west on south street. heading northbound on orange avenue, you may want to head west on tip gore. we are coming back live. if you are heading out here this morning. you may want to leave out of your house early today because there may be a little bit of changes to your daily commute. we'll keep an eye on all the traffic updates. we'll pass it over to amy. amy? >> if you are traveling that way, a couple of extra minutes is the way to handle that. we did speak with spokes people
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they said it will be a well marvinged marked detour. not in the same area but the expressway at large. no delays yet. we are easing into this ramp closure because it is still early. i'm not finding any delays. i'll keep a close eye on e. if we start to find issues, i will most certainly let you know. for the rest of us heading out another kind. i-4 ultimate on the westbound side of i-4 by the 528 exit. it is i-4 ultimate causing problems this morning. >> keep up with the big drive any time on news 6. we have updates any time on a special section of, powered by news 6. head to big drive. >> heart break for a community dealing with the loss of a young life. >> a student died in a house
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trevor ross was 17 years old. we are learning more about the family. mark lehman is live. mark, officials say they are in need of donations. what is the latest? >> not only is the family dealing with the death of a father and son. the family lost nearly everything in the fire that destroyed their home. this morning, neighbors have set up a memorial outside their home with pictures of 17-year-old trevor ross and the community is now coming together in a show of support. >> a cloud of embers, that was the first thing i saw, was this entire side of the sky lit up. >> what looked like a fire ball was this two story home engulfed in flames wednesday night as emergency crews and family arrived, they soon learned 17-year-old trevor ross was trapped inside. >> walk up and see your house on fire and know your brother is in there, what is the first thought that runs through your mind? >> firefighters pulled trevor from the home and performed cpr
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his parents and two brothers watching helplessly. >> as investigators worked to learn what sparked the fire, a community has come together with an outpouring of support. a go fund me pamg has been set up to family during this tragedy. >> this is not something i want to see happen to anybody. i know the community getting behind them is comforting. >> workers will accept donations between 8:00 and 5:00 today and tomorrow. this morning, we are working to talk with investigators about -- to find out more information about what caused this fire. we are also going to be talking with a school district today to see if any plans are in place place. >> we put a link to the go fund me page.
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>> overnight, a big scare, lightning hit an american airlines flight forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. we are getting new pictures from passengers of this moments after touching down at new york's jfk airport. flight was traveling from raleigh to new york's la guardia turn. >> i thought we got hit by a missile. it was a flash of light a big explosion. then i smelled smoke. >> the passenger went to say about five minutes later, he was told everything was fine. investigating. >> vetoes six pages worth of programs not getting the funding requested. we checked this list and it includes the u.s. space walk of
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smyrna east coast museum as well as $3 million to brevard county's emergency center. >> a possible twist this morning in one of florida's most high profile murder trials. we are talking about michael dunn, the brevard county man convicted of murdering 17-year-old jordan davis in 2012 over loud music. news 6 learned his attorney filed new paperwork detailing why his conviction should be thrown out. among the list, the self-defense argument. dunn was tried twice on the murder charges. if court of appeals attorney with his lawyer, they'll set a court date for later this year. >> spring break crowds are bigger than expect. that's according to the beach patrol officers in daytona beach. therefore, they have hired 10 more deputies to control the craziness. that brings the total to 20 officers watching a section of a beach in the 200 block of north atlantic avenue. the reaction, of course, is
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>> they are doing their job but if kids aren't being stupid and are having a good time, let them have a good time. >> when you add bigger crowds, you expect more problems. >> the increase in spring breakers many volusia county comes after officials banned alcohol this year. business owners in the popular hot spots say traffic in the city is expected to be down by at least 50% this year. >> looking at that video, to be young again. >> it is so crowded. it is surprising. the water is is not that warm yet. >> daytona beach, 67 degrees. i like it around 87. what about you? i'll take 85. >> if it is spring break, you have to go. >> especially from a northern climate, you think, it is warm outside, let's get in the water. it is chilly. temperatures in the 80's. here is the front we are pinpointing.
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of us. it will be a focal point for rain into the weekend as it gradually moves closer. the rain will be north of our region. north of marion county. marion county will see a few showers. the coverage today at 30%. of course, the ornld palmer invitational going on through the weekend. have the sunscreen. the sun will filter through. 82 on saturday. 75 for sunday. most of sunday's rain is in the morning. don't cancel plans but we'll have a 60% coverage of afternoon showers and storms. coming up, we'll pinpoint the rain hour by hour. good morning, amy. >> good morning. >> all right. here's the general air we'll be focusing on. we had johnny talking about lane shifts on the 408 westbound. this is not far from the area. if you look carefully, we have
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on the westbound side, blocking some travel lanes. yes, it is highly active. you'll have to follow detours trying to get to i-4. you'll notice we have no delays because it is early. that's the good news. it is not causing any extra travel time. i-4 itself, the rest of our major roads, we do look fine. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> 20 minutes before 6:00. travel changes coming to orlando international airport. it is before you step foot on a flight. >> the pictures and facts coming your way. >> why this tree cost the city of orlando more than a million dollars four years after this thing fell over. >> first, new developments overnight on a major crash that has an nfl player fighting for his life. the breaking update is next. you are watching news 6 getting results in tavares, maitland and
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>> we have video that came in overnight of the mangled motorcycle left behind after a crash in miami involves trey walker. authorities say the ravens quarterback is in critical condition in the hospital this morning. right now, the cause of the crash is under investigation. overnight, ravens head coach released a statement plg the news of the accident saying the team is is praying for trey and his family. walker is the miami native.
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sea world stock continue to soar? >> yesterday shares were up after the park's announcement to put an end to its orca breeding program. we brought you the developments on the morning news yesterday. sea world revealing the current killer whales will remain at its packs for many years to come, quote, inspiring bests in new and natural ways. they announced their partnership with the humane society to work against whale hunts. it comes after revelations sea world employees posed as animal rights activists and news that tilikum is suffering from an incurable bacterial infection. >> marco rubio said he is done with politics. >> i'm running for governor for florida, i'll finish out my term, we have some things we want to achieve and then i'll be
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i'm going to finish my term and then i'll be a private citizen. >> rubio dropped out of the race tuesday night after donald trump won the primary here in rubio's home state. >> the business billionaire has half of the delegates he needs to win the nomination. if he doesn't reach that number, the republicans would have their first contested convention for the first time since 1976. >> according to the tampa bay times, pam bondi said she won't run. instead she'll throw her support to adam putnam. >> in orange county this morning, huge results for a man seriously hurt for years after a tree fell on his car. he and his lawyer claim the tree was dangerous and should have been removed before it happened.
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orlando has now ended in a 1.16 million dollar judgment after a mistrial. >> they were on notice this tree was to be removed since 2007 until it fell on my client in 2012. >> the city maintains there was no way they could have known. they say it was still leafy and green on the outside. >> americans spent a record 60 billion dollars on their pets last year. driving this increase was a 12% rise in grooming, boarding and training for pets. millennial and baby boomers are responsible for the increase. >> a big change coming to orlando international airport. >> the airport is giving its monorail system a makeover. trains will replace the old ones. the original trains have been around 35 years.
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traveled more than 2.8 million miles pack and forthright there at oia. it should be in service by fall of 2017. coming soon. >> lots of changes coming. we don't want lines. tomorrow is the big day across central florida. we have a lot of events going on. one would be runaway country. rain will be a factor. it is not a total washout. we would like a cool down. here's the way it looks as we show you the forecast out will there for runaway country. a 30% chance for rain tomorrow at 10:00. on through the first part of the day and then we gradually increase rain chances to 60%. warming to 82 by 5:00. we are not talking about upper 80's, approaching 90 that we have been.
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heading out, kenny chesney will be on stage tomorrow evening. looking good for the day other than some rain. here's the rain right now, you can see the radar as we scan the skiesth to the north. notice the trend as more moisture is building in. it weakens and that will continue into the next several hours. for the next couple of days, this front will try to sag to the south. as it does, it will weaken even more. we are not talking about rain all day all the time. just a few afternoon storms firing up as we heat up the unstable atmosphere. something we would normally expect in the summertime. we are at 65 in orlando. 64 in ocala. 68 at cocoa beach. now, here's a look at pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky as we take you through downtown orlando for the day today, warming to 78 at lunchtime. 86 degrees by 4:00 with a 30%
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most of the rain today is north, mainly into northern marion county up into flagler county, even there do not cancel your plans, just be ready for gloomy skies an a few showers. a few showers lingering tonight at 30%. we are in the unstable pattern where we have a front to the north and moisture building in from the gulf. we'll see a chance for scattered showers but the model data backing off. we are keeping you aware of changes. early on sunday morning, we'll pinpoint scattered showers and storms. by the afternoon on sunday, we are looking much better. 86 in leesburg. 81 in ocala. 82 in cocoa beach. for spring breakers, the rain will be moderate.
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80's. tomorrow, a coverage of afternoon showers and storms. it will be cooler if you can believe it. some folks out for spring breaks. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. >> good morning to you at home. we are watching a lot of construction this morning especially around that i-4 ultimate project. it looks like some spots are getting better. on the westbound side of i-4, we did have a couple of travel lanes blocked by the 528 ramp because of construction it looks like they are wrapping things up. we have no delays around. reports on an accident at the exit ramp by the john young parkway exit. most part.
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>> the sixth annual runaway country music fest kicks off today. >> the huge weekend event brings biggest stars to kissimmee. kenny chesney, eric church to name a few. we checked out preparation at osceola heritage park. today at 5:00, julie broughton and candace campos will be there. stop by and say hi to the team. >> find out about the record breaking mission to space. >> center stage today, the showdown over the new supreme court nominee.
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. >>. >> eight months after a woman was killed in a car crash. florida highway patrol investigators say they arrested 25-year-old mike chavis. he could spend 10 years in prison. chelsea spence was killed in the crash. >> the ramp from the heart of downtown orlando will stay closed for the next three years. a temporary ramp will open up in its place. make note of that before you hit the road. on the campaign trail, calls to stop donald trump from becoming the gop presidential nomination, lindsay graham threw his support behind ted cruz while u.s. senator rubio said trump's bid would fracture the party. >> cheers at a high school turned to screams. >> what sent one man and several to the hospital. friends and family remember a teen who was killed in a fire. we are live with how the
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> we are live as investigators tried to figure out what sparked this fire. >> a shake up for drivers in
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a change that will have one major ramp closed f or years. >> a mystery may be solved. the arrest made months after a crash. >> i'm bridgett ellison. troy and amy are here. it is a busy morning. >> especially on the road front. we have a lot of construction. but no real delays or accidents. >> we have a lot of events going on this weekend. i was at winter park yesterday, park avenue. they are setting up for the sidewalk arts festival. you will be dry heading out. rain does increase for tomorrow. here is why. it is stalled out north of us. that's where most of the rain will be. you see the moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico, as it streams in, a lot of it is


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