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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a change that will have one major ramp closed f or years. >> a mystery may be solved. the arrest made months after a crash. >> i'm bridgett ellison. troy and amy are here. it is a busy morning. >> especially on the road front. we have a lot of construction. but no real delays or accidents. >> we have a lot of events going on this weekend. i was at winter park yesterday, park avenue. they are setting up for the sidewalk arts festival. you will be dry heading out. rain does increase for tomorrow. here is why. it is stalled out north of us. that's where most of the rain will be. you see the moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico, as it streams in, a lot of it is
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it makes much of an impact. we are seeing light rain. that will be it. we see a 30% coverage of afternoon showers and storms. 63 in orlando right now. we'll see a lot of clouds. it will look like rain. 86 by 4:00 with a 30% coverage of afternoon showers. we'll talk about an increased chance of rain tomorrow and other events going on around town. let's check object roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. good morning, amy. >> we are watching quite a few construction projects most of which have picked up for the day. some of them are more long term like the new onramp we have, taking you to 408 westbound. it will be very well marked with detour signs, taking a look at the general area on the expressway. you can see all this construction, it is out there. i wanted to use this as an example so you can see it is not causing any delays because we are still early on this friday morning.
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of the major roadways, no serious accidents. your drive times look nice. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> family and friends are mourning the loss of a teen killed in a fire. >> trevor ross was just 17. investigators are working to figure out what caused this house to go up in flames. mark lehman is live in miniola at site of the fire. the community is coming together after this tragic loss. >> the fire that destroyed the home yesterday is leaving the family devastated. >> all i heard, they came back, where is trevor? where is trevor? that's when we figured out he was no longer with us. >> neighbors of trevor ross finding it difficult to shake images like this etched into
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many in the neighborhood walked out to see the two story home engulfed in flames, the teen trapped inside. >> the family coming home and realizing he was no longer there. >> paramedics performed cpr after he was pulled from the home but they couldn't revive him. >> walk up and see your house on fire and know your brother is in there and what is the first thought that runs through your mind? >> friends say the high school junior was thoughtful and kind. as word of the loss spread, an outpouring of support to the family who lost everything. >> anything people could do will be greatly appreciated because they have two teenaged boys who are with them. it is a shame. we are thankful to those who have stepped up. >> donations for the family are still being accepted at miniola city hall. a go fund me page has also been set up for the family during
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coming up at 6:30, i'll tell you more about the different ways you can donate to help out everyone through this time of loss. >> they were here, they told my it appears the fire started at the back of the home. it is unknown what sparked the fire. we'll talk with them as they continue to investigate. >> if you are heading out the door, we have f a big traffic alert for drivers on the big drive. >> johnny is live downtown right now. johnny, this is going to be a big headache for awhile. >> it is going to be a massive headache for drivers heading here to the westbound off 408. you can see there is a sign that says the ramp is closed.
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lucerne circle. it is an impact for motorist who is use 408. >> drivers are invited to use the new temporary ramp to get there you have to take south or gore street. it will create room for reconstruction of the i-4408 interchange. we know the department of transportation and the city of orlando and the central florida expressway authority have teamed up and mailed out notices to remind businesses of the change. this ramp closure is scheduled to be at least three years. the department of transportation did tell us that could change. that could change pauf weather. we'll keep you up to date on any changes that happen on air and online. >> you can keep up with all the
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go to big drive. >> a man accused of driving has been arrested. investigators arrested 25-year-old mike chavis. it end up in a neighbor's home. 25-year-old chelsea was killed in the crash. her grandmother tells us she is glad chavis was arrested but she doesn't want him to go to prison. >> going to prison doesn't solve anything. it makes more problems. the children get -- miss their parents. him in prison, he can't help support them. >> chavis has already bonded out of jail. he is charged with dui manslaughter. he could spend 10 years in prison if he is convicted. >> there is a crime tracker alert this morning for the men deputies say broke into a home and attacked an elderly couple. it happened on northwest fifth lane. deputies say the three suspects
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they got away with $500 worth of things. the victims suffered minor injuries. >> police working to figure out what caused a crash into a retention pond. two people went to the hospital. they were not seriously hurt. police say the cause of the crash is ongoing. >> some upset the tournament or a few brackets are busted. >> little rock topping fifth seeded purdue. the final score was 85-83. that young man's face says it all. that was not the only shocker.
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yale outplayed baylor to 79-75 win. the trip is their first in 54 years. dayton takes on syracuse. then michigan state takes on middle tennessee state and that is followed by west virginia and notre dame versus michigan. >> a lot of action today. >> st. patrick's day is over with. another event is is helping to raise money for a good cause. >> we are talking about st. baldrick. every year across the country people pledge to shave all their hair off to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. if you would like to stop by for fun or support, the event is happening tomorrow at the station in orlando. everything kicks off at 3:00.
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bridges in the pinpoint weather center. we are tracking and pinpointing rain. >> pinpointing rain. some of this moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico, not quite reaching the ground. most of the rain will be to our north where we have a boundary stalled out. let me take you into areas where there is light drizzle, a few areas of sprinkles. clermont over to orlando downtown back over to daytona beach. deland, pierceson, many of these areas seeing light drizzle. just enough to hit your windshield. through the weekend, an increased chance for rain as we continue to see the front stall and gradually try to move down into central florida. we warm to 82 for the afternoon high in daytona beach. the water temperature is cool at 67. the rip current rick will be moderate and seas up to four feet. coming up, the hour by hour forecast for rain today and more rain tomorrow.
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and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thanks, troy. at this point, it means checking in on construction which really is doing ok. we are beginning to pick up a lot of these projects. here's a check of i-4 where we don't have a lot going on. things are moving along nicely. we have a really heavy construction presence especially on the expressway around downtown. but your drive times are still coming in the clear. the hour of the morning has a lot to do with that. no accidents on the expressway. 95, same thing. still sleepy. you don't need extra time to head out the door and start your friday. that's your look at traffic. back over to you. >> the former head of the domestic abuse shelter is now suing her former employer. >> why she says she is taking action is coming up. a florida pep rally takes a scary turn after a man catches on fire in front of everyone there. find out what he says went wrong
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>> a battle continues, some republicans may be having a change of heart. we'll explain next. you are watching news 6 getting results for ormond beach, malabar and all of central florida, on the air and on the
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>> a
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they'll set up meetings when lawmakers return from easter recess in about two weeks. >> recovering at a hospital after catching on fire during his routine at a south florida high school. that performer is ok but we want to video you some of the video is hard to look at. ricky charles burst into flames during a stunt at atlantic high school in delray beach. extinguishers were used to put out the flames but apparently some students had panic attacks. all of them are ok this morning. while the incident is under investigation, parents say they are relieved this one worse. >> i have seen the video. it was very unprofessional the way they set it up. hopefully next time they can learn from this. >> charles suffered first degree burns on his face and nose but will be ok. he also said he used a new oil
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didn't test it out before f that performance. >> the head of one of the largest domestic violence shelters is suing that organization. carol wick is filing a lawsuit against the organization she said she helped build to what it is today. wick was fired last month. while her attorney says it is unclear why, he says it can possibly be traced to a complaint against wick after she refused to give an employee a raise. >> they need to be held accountable. an important part of this lawsuit is i'm not charging carol anything for this. if we win, harbor house will be responsible for my attorney fees case. >> her attorney says he hopes harbor house settles the lawsuit so more funding isn't taken from the shelter. >> the isleworth millionaire
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awaits trial. he was convicted of second degree murder but his conviction and sentence were overturned last month. an appeals court agreed his toeshs should have rejected when video was shown of ward talking to police noting he has a right to stay silent. no word on when a new trial will begin. >> some people want to travel to all 50 states. >> one couple wants to renew their wedding vows in each one. they said their newest "i do" in west virginia yesterday. >> where? >> hillbilly hot dogs in west virginia. this is a hot dog joint that has added wedding services to its menu. while the venue was not that romantic, the groom's words were. >> i love you. more every day i
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and that's going to keep on going. >> going to make me cry this morning. >> the ceremony was celebrated -- >> wait a second. now the tears are gone. >> the new jersey couple has exchanged vowed many 11 states so far. >> when a toilet is involved, i don't know. what about you, ladies, tell us? >> what will top that? >> i don't know, that ring, that was some bling. >> i thought it was cute until the toilet seat. that's where it took a turn for me. i thought the venue was kind of charming. >> there is a lot going on this weekend. we have runaway country. we have the arnold palmer invitational. we have the winter park sidewalk art festival. i was out there. >> we'll be dealing with rain. yesterday at park avenue in winter park, they were setting up everything. already have all the tents up. it won't be a washout.
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as we show you the radar across central sections. you can see the green indicating the moisture in the atmosphere. most of the rain will be well to our north where there is a boundary that is stalled out. you see dots of green, a lot of this not even reaching the ground. the radar is so sensitive. it is picking up on added moisture. some of this will be drizzle falling to the ground for parts of flagler county, palm coast, down i-95 to daytona beach a little bit of a sprinkle or two but not a lot of rain. a few sprinkles through orange county up into seminole county along i-4, back to windermere. for tomorrow, we are asking you to come on out to meet us at runaway country. the whole team will be out there. 76 will be the temperature with a 30% chance for rain in osceola county at heritage page. you can see 79 at noon, all the way up to 82 for the afternoon high tomorrow.
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we'll heat up an unstable atmosphere. it won't rain all day all the time. the arnold palmer invitational sunday. the forecast, up to 86. only a 30 pbt chance for rain. the afternoon showers and thunderstorms on saturday. a high of 82. sunday, cooler. we get up to 75 on sunday. sunday is looking like the best day and then it is over with. don't cancel your plans. we are not talking about rain all day all the time. mid 60's in most spots. 63 in orlando. as we take you through the forecast, here's a look at the pinpoint accurate hour by hour breakdown. we see a 30% coverage of rain and a high of 86 into tonight. not a washout. mid 70's late tonight with a 30% chance for rain. the clouds in place. rain chances on and off through the day today and again tomorrow, early in the morning
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south as we do clear that front. we see some cooler air in the mid 70's for highs. today, mid 80's in most spots along the coast. the low 80's with a moderate rip current risk at the beach. there's the 60% chance for rain saturday and mainly late in the day. a 40% chance for rain early on sunday for the first day of spring and a high of 75. spring breakers, looking good and dry. highs around 70 to start. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> thanks, troy. good friday morning. things are moving along smoothly so far as we take a live look outside at 417, right around poing boggy creek. you can see not a lot working and that is kind of the trend we are dealing with. we did have a lot of construction. not a lot going on. a lot of these projects are picking up for the day which is excellent. more importantly, you'll notice all of your average speeds, those look fantastic, which means as you get ready to head
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you should be ok for most areas. that is your check on traffic for now. bridgett and david, back over to you. >> still ahead, spring break is here for thousands of students. >> if you are planning on going to the beach, you u might want to pack some patience. first, have a beer while you are on the clock? sounds crazy, right?
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>> drinking on the job is forbidden in most work place but some places are part of the extreme. >> beers on tap in the office. kegs during business hours. you are wondering where? at this company called power reviews in chicago, they had two kegs of craft beer in the office, 24/7. ceo matt mogue told him if you offer beer in the work place, talent will come. that's what he thinks. he hired a company called crafty to supply the office kegs. while most use them for weekly happy hours or parties like this, you can sip during business hours. >> we are not big on rules but there is common sense,
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themselves. it is ok. >> crafty supplies kegs to more than 100 companies saying when the tap is flowing, so are the ideas. >> i saw a few people stumbling around. >> they were all smiling. they were smiling but they were stumbling too. >> an american astronaut will blast off as part of what is a record breaking mission. jeff williams and two other koz moe out ins will head to the international space station for a six month stay. dug that time, williams' career time will climb to 534 days, edging out scott kelly by more than two weeks. liftoff is set for hart this evening. >> this morning, an nfl player is in the hospital after a major crash in miami. >> what his team is saying about his condition. plus, breaking overnight, terrifying moments for the people who were on this plane after lightning struck the plane. what they say happened next. >> also developing, a burn victim rushed to the hospital after a fire inside of this
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the details from detectives at the scene are straight ahead. on this friday morning, you are watching news 6 getting results for pine hills, palm coast and all of central florida. we'll see you soon. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> now at 6:30 with a warning to drivers about a potential nightmare now that the 408 ramp to i-4 is closed. plus -- >> it was bad. i thought we got hit by a missile. >> rough time there. breaking overnight, some passengers are safe but terrified. >> thank you for joining us, it is 6:30. amy and troy are with us. you are pinpointing rain. >> rain through the weekend. not so much today. we'll see in our northern zones, showers, drizzle to start this morning. the big story will be more rain for saturday and sunday. it will be cloudy out there.
6:31 am
here's why, the boundary stalled out. it will stay there for the next couple of days before it tries to edge into central florida by sunday. once it clears, highs in the 70's. today well into the 80's. 86 for the afternoon high. 63 right now. daytona beach at 69. a risk for those heading to the beach. it will be warm enough on land. the water temperature in the 60's still cool. 78 at noon. 86 by 4:00 with a 30% coverage of afternoon showers. coming up, we'll pinpoint the rain that ub expect for tomorrow. we are increasing rain chances tomorrow for all those outdoor activities. breaking overnight, a fire fight as investigators say the flames sparked a condo by americana boulevard. they say someone was rushed to the hospital with burns.
6:32 am
>> now to a big trooif traffic alert this morning in the heart of downtown orlando. we have team coverage, amy is pinpointing any delays. >> let's start off with johnny. how is it looking there? >> drivers are warned not to use the 408 entrance ramp. this is going to be relocated off to division avenue prt next three years. this is a way to get around this entrance ramp. you can use -- go ahead and use southbound or northbound on rosalind. traveling west on south street, if you are heading northbound on orange avenue, you may want to head west on gore street. we are coming back live now. this is still going to be used
6:33 am
if you are heading out, you may want to leave earlier because, like i said, you'll have to drive around this whole thing. we'll go ahead and send it to amy. >> thank you so much, johnny. a couple of extra minutes if you travel this stretch should be all you need. we spoke with a spoke person from the i-4 ultimate. they said it will be well marked that detour for all of us to get used to. taking a look at the general area where we have this work under way. it looks like a minor amount of slowdown. nothing out of the normal. it is very heavily under construction in this area in general. as we get more active into the day, five extra minutes and you should be fine. hopefully it will be enough to keep stress levels down. your drive times at large along the expressway, no huge changes just yet. we are still holding on for the most part. so much construction on i-4 earlier this morning. that has picked up. we are moving along quite well. i'll accepted it back to you.
6:34 am
here on news 6 all morning and any special section of, powered by news 6. now at 6:30, heart break for a community dealing with a loss of a life. >> a student died in a house fire. trevor ross was just 17 years old. this morning we are learning more about the family. officials say they are in need of donations at this time. what is the latest? >> not only are they dealing with the loss of a brother, they lost everything in a fire that destroyed their home. neighbors have set up a memorial for 17-year-old trevor ross. that was the first thing i saw, this entire sky was lit up in orange. >> this home was engulfed in
6:35 am
soon learned 17-year-old trevor ross was trapped inside. >> you walk up and see your house on fire and know your brother, what is the first thought that runs through your mind. his parents and two brothers watching helplessly. >> that is something i won't ever forget, seeing the family come home and realizing he was no longer there. >> as investigators work to determine what sparked the fire, a close nit community has come together with an outpouring of support. donations of clothing, food and gift cards have been coming into city hall. a go fund me page has been set up to help a family during this tragedy. >> this was not something i want to see happen to anybody so you know the community is getting behind them is comforting. >> workers will be accepting donations for the family at city hall from 8:00 until 5:00 today and tomorrow. this morning, we are going to be talking with investigators as they work to determine what
6:36 am
we are going to be talking with a school district to see what plans are in place after this loss. >> we put a link to the go fund me page, you'll find it with the story on the home page. >> a major scare in the sky. airport officials say lightning struck an american airlines flight forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. getting pictures from the passengers who were on the plane moments after it touched down. the flight was traveling from raleigh to new york's la guardia when things took a horrifying turn. >> it was a flash of light, the plane did 100 feet. then i melled smoke. >> that passenger went onto say five minutes later he was told
6:37 am
no one was hurt. experts are now investigating. >> rick scott signed the budget vetoing $256 million in spending. that is six pages worth of programs not getting the funding requested. we checked this list for you. it includes the space walk of fame in titusville. the new smyrna beach east coast surf f museum as well as $3 million to brevard county's emergency center. >> a possible twist this morning in one of florida's most high profile murder trials. we are talking about michael dunn, the brevard county man convicted of murdering jordan davis in 2012 over loud music. news 6 learned his attorney filed new paperwork detailing why his conviction should be thrown out. among the list, the self-defense argument. dunn was tried twice. his court of appeals agrees with his attorney new arguments it will set a new court date later this year. >> hitting the beach, pack some patience.
6:38 am
bigger than expected. that's according to beach patrol officers. they are hired officers watching the section of the beach in the 200 block of north atlantic avenue. the reaction is mix ed mixed. >> they are doing their job but if kids aren't being stupid and are having a good time, just let them have a good time. >> when you add crowds, you expect more problems. >> the increase in spring breakers comes after panama city beach officials ban alcohol. businesses say spring break traffic in the city is expected to be down by at least 50% this year. >> hope everyone can stay safe out there. troy bridges is in the pinpoint weather center with what you need to know if you want to get out there. >> the water temperature is cool for some of us locals. a lot of folks from northern climates may enjoy the water temperature at 67 at daytona beach. 82 will be the air temperature
6:39 am
beach today. expect a good bit of cloud cover. we'll see a 30% chance for rain. even though we have the clouds, the uv index is extreme. check with life guards if you'll do swimming. meet us tomorrow at runaway country as we take you through the forecast. the first part of the day not looking bad. rain chances increase to 60% into the afternoon tomorrow with a high of 82. coming up, we'll take you through today's rain chances and talk about better weather if you are making plans for sunday, all that in a few minutes. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. good morning, amy. >> troy. good morning. >> i was going through everything trying to find through reports of accidents. so far, nothing coming in. take a look at i-4 where we have cleared out a lot of overnight construction that hadn't previously been in the way. now we are moving along well with long term things set up here and there.
6:40 am
nice. we have been telling you all morning as well about some construction work involving 408 westbound. it is not causing any delays in the downtown area for right now. you can see we are just fine westbound as well as the eastbound side. if you are bound for i-95 this morning, still a little bit dark. our live cameras aren't showing you too much at all. take this, your drive times look great. that's your check so far on a friday morning. back over to you. >> travel changes coming to orlando international airport. it is before you even step foot on a plane. >> the new photos are come your way. >> why this tree ended up costing the city of orlando more than a million dollars four years after it fell over. >> first following new developments on major crash that has an nfl star fighting for his life in a south florida hospital. the breaking update is next. you are watching news 6 getting results into tavares, maitland and all of central florida on
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>> authorities say the baltimore ravens cornerback is in critical condition in the hospital. right now, the cause of the crash is under investigation. overnight, ravens head coach released a statement following news of the accident saying the team is praying for trey and his family. walker is a miami native. >> to the big question, will sea world stocks continue to soar? >> sharing were up after the park's huge announcement to put an end to its orca breeding program. we brought you the breaking developments on the morning news. sea world reporting the current whales will remain at the park, quote, inspiring guests in new and natural ways. sea world also announced its partnership with the humane society to prevent commercial whaling and sea hunts. it comes after revelations that
6:45 am
posing as activists and tilikum is suffering from an incurable bacterial infection. >> u.s. florida senator marco rubio says he is finished with politics. >> i'm going to finish out my term in senate. we'll work hard here. we have some things we want to achieve and then i'll be a private citizen in january. i'm not running for reelection. i'll finish my term and then i'll be a private citizen. >> rubio dropped out of the race tuesday night after donald trump won the primary here in rubio's home state. the republican went after the front runner saying there is still time to prevent a trump nomination. the business billionaire has half of the 237 delegates he needs to get the nomination. if he doesn't reach that number,
6:46 am
undecided convention. >> that oversight by the city of orlando has now ended in a 1.16 million judgment after a mistrial earlier this year. >> they were on notice this tree was to be removed since 2007. until it ultimately fell on my client in 2012. >> the city maintains there was no way they could have known the extent of the damage because the the outside. >> new this morning, a big change coming to orlando international airport. >> the airport is giving its monorail system a huge makeover. crews released these pictures of what it will look like eventually. trains will replace the old ones, connecting travelest to the building. the original trains have been around 35 years. airport reps say they have traveled more than 2.8 million miles, this is back and forthright there at oia. the new ones cost roughly 90
6:47 am
service by fall of 2017. still to come. >> i like the paint job. >> it has been. >> the roads, we are going to be dealing with those issues with more construction. rain is not a factor. you can get radar on your phone any time, all you have to do is download the pinpoint weather app. the radar is showing rain mostly to the north of us. that is the good news. that will be the trend today, most of the rain not moving in. we'll see a 30% coverage in our northern counties, northern counties even tomorrow seeing the greatest chance for rain. let's take you through the arnold palmer invitational. warming to 86 today. 82 tomorrow. 75 for the high on sunday. sunday will be a better day when you talk about the heat and the rain chances. sunday afternoon, we are looking good and dry. saturday, the coverage of rain at 60%. we'll have scattered showers building in as we heat up the atmosphere.
6:48 am
thunderstorms even today, a couple of afternoon thunderstorms with a 30% chance for rain. the boundary with the rain to the north of us. in south georgia, a focal point for rain. we have moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico, streaming in with those light areas of drizzle this morning. a chance for heavier downpours. we are at 63 in orlando. 66 in sanford. going to the beach, we are dealing with a moderate rip current risk. we are at 63 right now in ocala. 67 at cocoa beach. let's take you through the forecast and pinpoint accurately those temperatures. rain chances today, we are at 78 by noon. 86 by 4:00. a warm afternoon. almost 10 degrees above the average in spots. that average high, the upper 80's. a 30% chance for rain off and on. not a washout.
6:49 am
northern counties. that's flagler county, northern county. even there, don't cancel your plans. a 30% chance for rain from 8:00 through 11:00 tonight a. few showers and mid 70's for temperatures then. there's the clouds and rain forecast, showing a lot of cloud afternoon. there's 5:00. notice only a few green dots indicating a few showers. i-4. then on through the day tomorrow, we pinpoint more rain chances and they continue through the afternoon. most of that looks like we'll see it in osceola county where we have run away country. have the rain gear handy for runaway country. we'll see you there. sunday, rain chances do continue as that boundary actually makes its way through. most of the rain will be early on sunday, very early, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning and then it afternoon. warming to 82 in daytona beach. 85 in sanford. a warm day even though we'll have clouds. tomorrow's coverage of rain
6:50 am
a 40% chance for rain mainly in the early morning on sunday. heading off to church, be ready for that. by the afternoon, a high of 75 for the first day of spring. spring break looking good next week. highs in the 70's to start with no rain. amy? >> troy, thank you very much. here's one of the areas we have been focusing on because of changes to the access ramp. this is in that area where you can see very heavily under construction with that i-4 ultimate project. delays are minimal. as things continue to fill in, traveling that way downtown, maybe five extra minutes or so will be a good idea. no major accidents for right now. certainly as soon as that changes i will let you know. you can see here, your average speeds around the area are in top shape this morning. for right now, that is your chenning on traffic. we'll go back over to you. >> the sixth annual runaway music fest kicks off today.
6:51 am
many of country's music stars. we stopped by yesterday as they were still prepping at the heritage park. the stage is set. it is going to be a big show. news 6 will be out there all weekend, starting live at 5:00 today with julie broughton. >> coming up a look at your top stories today. . >> including a deadly crash mystery months in the making. troopers say they arrested for the crime is coming up. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> eight months after a woman was killed in a lake county car crash, florida highway patrol investigators say they arrested 25-year-old mike chavis. he is charged with dui manslaughter and could spend 10 years in prison. 25-year-old chelsea spence was killed in the crash.
6:55 am
miniola where a community is mourning the loss of a teen killed in a fire. mark? >> a memorial has been set up outside the home where the teen was killed. the community is showing support after the deadly fire. when crews arrived on the scene wednesday night, they discovered 17-year-old trevor ross was trapped inside. paramedics performed cpr and they were not able to revive him. since then the city has been accepting donations and a go fund me page has been set up. we put information on how to donate on our website,, powered by news 6. >> we are in for rain as we head into the weekend. grab the rain gear. a lot of events going on. we have runaway country starting today. today's rain coverage not all that widespread. only a 30% chance through the afternoon. most of that is in our northern zones. we are talking about marion
6:56 am
for rain pu then it won't be a washout. 78 at noon. all the way up to 86 degrees by 4:00 even though we'll have added clouds. rain chances through 6:00 this evening at 30%. look how warm. the arnold palmer invitational going on as well if you are heading out there. have the rain gee. it won't be a washout. tomorrow's rain chances going up 60% mainly into the afternoon as we heat up the atmosphere. we'll be in the low 80's for tomorrow. the 70's for highs on sunday. that's the good news. >> i think i have to dig out my rain boots. a lot of construction this morning. the main thing we have been talking about is the ramp change. it helps you access i-4 this morning. they did have to switch it. it is well marked, the detour route. stick with that and you can see
6:57 am
when you are on the go, get breaking news and weather on our website,, central florida's number one choice for local news online. >> have a wonderful weekend.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new threat targets donald trump's family. police swarm his son's manhattan apartment. voters say they are fed up with both presidential front runners. a new focus group reveals anger in a key swing state. >> huge hail hammers texas and millions could be hit by a spring snowstorm. look at today's "eye opener."


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