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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 5:00, the mom accused of gunning down her own daughter is headed to prison. we were in court as she pleaded guilty. >> matt: also breaking news in orange county. an innocent bystander shot at a condo complex. an update in moments. first, though, more breaking news in orange county. we just learned deputies have arrested two teens in the death of a 15-year-old boy. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm matt austin >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. a 17-year-old boy and his 18-year-old girlfriend are facing charges. the sheriff's office says michael anderson is charged with second-degree murder in the death of antoine davis. his girlfriend is charged as an accessory. davis was killed in ocoee last saturday night. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega has been following this for us and she joins us live. the sheriff just talked about this.
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>> reporter: well, the sheriff said he actually arrested 17-year-old michael anderson. he was hiding in the wooded area near orange blossom this morning when they arrested him around 1:20 this afternoon. they say his girlfriend played thing. she was actually charged with accessory and tampering with evidence. she has also been arrested and anderson is being charged with second-degree murder. here's what the sheriff had to say about the whole thing. >> we know this won't bring antoine back, but we -- but we hope this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family as they prepare for his funeral. >> reporter: now, the sheriff did go into detail, saying antoine was actually buying marijuana from anderson when the shot. we'll have more details about this case coming up at 6:00. >> lisa: all right, jen.
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a man is critically wounded after deputies say he was shot while working outside. >> matt: neighbors tell news 6 the victim was an innocent bystander who was putting up a fence. it happened this afternoon at the magazine -- magnolia condos. that's where we're joined by nadine yannis. >> reporter: the neighbors tell me the man was putting up a fence right here. you can see a work trailer. he was putting up a fence for a nearby school just next door. take a look, a playground past the crime scene tape when there was an argument that started out between a boyfriend and girlfriend. the argument was just yards away and one of the bullets hit the innocent worker. >> it's just -- i'm moving out. >> reporter: this mom is done. >> i have three children. this is not my only one.
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>> reporter: ready to leave magnolia courts after an innocent man was shot. deputies saying he was working on putting up a fence at a school right next door when a flying bullet from a fight yards away hit him. >> it's sad. it's heartbreaking. it's -- i can't even imagine. what if that happened to my kid? i have a 5-year-old, a 4-year-old, and her. it could have been either one of them. out here playing in the yard. >> reporter: this maintenance worker, too scared to show his face on camera, saw the guy on the ground in grave condition >> the guy was giving him c.p.r. they said he got shot. i asked him a question and they said who it was and the girl he was shooting at is the one who told police her boyfriend shot him. >> reporter: deputies say the worker is fighting for his life, which is why investigators are taking pictures and collecting
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turns into a homicide. >> i feel real bad for him, because he done left a family. he was out here working and he get killed. because some ignorant fool with a gun. >> reporter: so just to make sure, orange county sheriff's deputies say the man is still fighting for his life. he's still alive but they say he's in grave condition. the deputies just wrapped up a news conference where they say they do have an arrest in this case and this public here is not at a threat. here's the thing. many of the people i spoke with today say they still want to move out. you'll hear more from them tonight at 6:00. >> matt: thank you. new at 5:00 now, major developments in the case of a local mom accused of killing her own daughter. >> lisa: we learned she'll spend the rest of her life in prison. this comes two months after she rejected a plea deal because she
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we were in the courtroom with -- when the woman was convicted. >> reporter: the judge said the court had no other option than a life sentence. >> how do you plea? >> guilty. >> reporter: soft-spoken in court today, she pleaded guilty. >> do you expect to be sentenced to life in prison? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: she killed her daughter in a botched murder-suicide in their home. she first had an insanity defense but that was abandoned last year when she requested the death penalty, which was not an option because prosecutors never sought it. >> i understand what's going on in her mind psychologically, looking for a way to punish herself.
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rejected a plea deal and instead told the judge she wanted to be locked up the rest of her life. after another mental evaluation, she was found competent to plead guilty to first-degree murder. the defense attorney said he and the judge had no alternative to the mandatory life sentence. >> the law unfortunately is black and white and does not take into consideration these unique, human circumstances. >> reporter: before court adjourned today, she requested to be placed in a faith-based prison. he said it was not up to him. they will decide where she will spend her life sentence. >> lisa: thank you, mark. developing right now, a wet weekend ahead for central florida. here's a live look outside at daytona beach. it's been another warm day, but some rain is creeping in and more rain could affect your weekend plans. >> matt: it looks like a droplet on the camera there.
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chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing it all for us. is the weekend going to be a wash-out? >> tom: i don't think so, matt. the flavor of the weekend is going to be something you can enjoy but you probably want to pay attention. download the weather app to keep in your pocket at all times because of moments like this in marion county where rain is breaking out at any time. in redick, it's pushing to the north and the east. behind it is a lot more where that stuff is coming from. it's tied into the frontal zone located about right here. as the moisture rides in, there will be plenty more to deal with as the weekend wears on. right now, we're doing okay. future radar showing more activity from flagler to volusia counties. for the most part, into the night. the on-the-town forecast, okay, a few scattered showers are possible into the evening. by 11:00 tonight, we're down to 73 degrees. coming up, i'll pinpoint the overnight lows where you live and talk about the rain for
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you can be outside, and the best part of what's left of your weekend. >> matt: tom, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: new tonight, an update on the woman who police say caused a man and a baby last fall. we've learned she has been cited but will not face criminal charges. this was the scene at 434 and 436 last october. jose vargas and his son were both killed in the crash. altamonte springs police tell news 6 that 75-year-old cynthia guthrie was fined for careless driving today. she was also have to take a driving test before she can get her license back. >> matt: we're following breaking news in belgium now. police tell us cbs news they caught a fugitive wanted in last year's deadly attacks in paris. they say he was shot but is still alive. another man was also hurt during
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this was the scene in brussels a few hours ago. belgian media tell cbs news that several shots were fired. you can even see a window shattered during the shoot-out. at least one bullet has hit the suspect. they believe he was involved in the november attacks that left 130 people dead in paris. you can expect much more on this, coming up at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. we're learning more about a big launch from the space coast. >> lisa: next at 5:00, when spacex will lift off from the cape again and what it's trying to do for the first time since last summer's failed mission. >> julie: we're live out here at runaway country, an absolutely beautiful night. you can see lots of folks out here having a fabulous evening. coming up in a few minutes, i'll
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>> lisa: we're learning more tonight on when spacex will launch another rocket from the cape. >> matt: the company says it plans to send supplies to the international space station early next month, in fact. spacex will send its dragon cargo capsule atop a falcon 9 rocket on april 8th. it's the first dragon mission since last june when the rocket broke apart shortly after lift-off from the spacex. no word if they'll try to use the first stage of the rocket to be reused. the united launch alliance is launching a rocket from the cape tuesday night.
5:17 pm central florida's biggest country music festival is underway now. the 6th annual runaway country musicfest is bringing many of country music's biggest stars to kissimmee. >> lisa: it's the first time the three-day event is taking place there. news 6 will be there all weekend. news 6 anchor julie broughton is out there right now at osceola heritage park and is joining us live. this is going to be an exciting weekend. >> julie: yeah, it's already starting to be a really great weekend. now, we've been talking about this for weeks now. and the event has finally kicked off. you can see the main stage right behind us. this is one of three stages. boyd is on stage right now. he won the voice a couple seasons ago. he is on stage right now. jake owen is the headliner for tonight. lots of folks are already out here. the event is not sold out, though. if you want to come out, you can
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sunday because tickets are still available. lots going on out here, lots of food and vendors and the performers on the main stage. we've been worried about the forecast and it feels great out here right now. a little bit overcast, a nice breeze. the rain has held off for us so far. if we could lock this in the next couple of days, it would be absolutely perfect. we've been meeting so many people, everyone is in a great mood and very excited about this event. we're here in osceola county and they're expecting 70 to 90,000 people over the next couple of days. the tickets are not sold out. you can still buy them. give yourself a little bit of extra time if you're coming out. it did take us a while to get into the parking lot. lots of fun out here. that's craig wayne boyd on stage behind me. jake owen is the headliner tonight, a local guy from vero beach who gets a big reception when he plays in his home state. lots of folks are excited about that. and your news 6 friends will be out here today and tomorrow.
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stopping me asking me where you are, matt. i gave them your home phone number and mapquested to your house. i have been having people ask when they can come out and meet us. lots of booths out here as well. >> matt: as there should be. thank you, julie. >> lisa: all eyes on the big forecast this weekend. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. >> tom: who would let it rain on jake? >> matt: he's protected. it's just the audience. >> tom: it's going to happen whether it rains or not, right? we're lucky this is not being held in redick or the ocala national forest where all the rain has been right now. here's a quick look at radar. you can see how things have popped up along redick and 75, micanopy there, going that way lifting to the north and the east a little bit as the rain is pushing farther and farther. you can see the way it's branching out of marion county
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minutes. but behind it comes more. right through here. as it does, there's the rain. it's all funneling into panama city right now, eventually the front slides farther to the south. when it does, we get more rain. future radar the next couple of hours, between now and 7:15, we think the bulk of the moisture will roll its way into putnam, flagler and touch off a few showers into volusia county as well. here's joe's crab shack. in orlando, we're at 84. so no rain equals a really warm day today. 78 degrees right now in melbourne. 77 does it in ocala with the rain close by. this is the water vapor loop. this is what the atmosphere looks like when dry air is down
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orange and we could pick up the moisture as well. the water vapor shows you where the moisture is located in the blue band. there's a lot of it in the gulf and right up here, west of jacksonville, associated with the front itself. by 11:00 tonight, this is what radar is going to look like. it keeps erupting a few stray showers to the north >> here's tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. we're all going to be at runaway country. so take a look. out here in kissimmee. hopefully this model verifies very well and there's no rain in kissimmee at 5:00. between 5 and midnight, a few stray showers break out. sunday is a different ballgame altogether with more activity beginning to pick up on sunday and work through the afternoon on sunday afternoon. so my pick day of the weekend, hands down it's going to be saturday. some of the scattered showers do linger, though, into sunday. here are the overnight lows where you live tonight. de land, 64. i'm going 65 in oviedo. over here in ocala, 64. 64 in the villages. and 66 in leesburg and titusville, 67.
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tonight tumbles back to about 67 degrees. with maybe some fog in the morning. here is tomorrow. first thing in the morning, we're hanging at 69. by noon, 79. the daytime high is 84 degrees. so just a little cooler than we were today. 84 tomorrow. and, bam, look at the change! 75 is the daytime high on sunday, back to work on monday, so much cooler. but cold weather lovers, get on board here because that 48, i really believe that's all she wrote. >> matt: last chance for romance. >> lisa: enjoy it while you can. >> matt: we'll take it. thank you, tom. cuba is getting ready to welcome a sitting u.s. president for the first time in 90 years. >> lisa: how cuban leaders are getting ready for the historic visit. and how would you like to see this as you're getting ready to go home?
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>> lisa: how a school turned a gator sighting experience into a learning experience.
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>> lisa: president obama's historic trip to cuba is just three days away now and cuban leaders are working day and night to prepare for the president's arrival. >> matt: crews have spent years restoring the building. once they learned of president obama's upcoming visit to the country, the renovation was kicked into high gear. the building was neglected since the cuban revolution of the 1950's. he'll be in cuba monday and tuesday and we'll have full coverage on news 6 and on, powered by news 6. >> lisa: now to an unexpected visit to have at a polk county school. >> matt: students about to head home when they realized they had
5:27 pm
a 10-foot gator out there to greet the kids. the video is from geneva classical academy. students got to watch the trapper do his job. this could go wrong with the trapper. that wouldn't have been great for the kids to see. no word yet on what will happen to the gator, but that's the second gator story we've had in just a matter of days. earlier this week we had a lady in lakeland. >> lisa: a lady with pants. i wonder if it's the same gator. >> matt: ginger gadsden is joining us with the news coming up on 5:30. >> ginger: new cases of zika are being reported almost every day in florida now. we see what state lawmakers are doing to try to help stop the
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>> ginger: with new cases of the zika virus in central florida, now a new concern about the danger. >> matt: how florida's senior senator is spearheading the effort to find a vaccine. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. we'll get to those stories in


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