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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, a man shot. police say he's an innocent bystander. first, though, a breaking news alert. two people arrested in connection to the shooting death of a 15-year-old in ocoee. tonight, a 17-year-old is facing second-degree murder charges. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. deputies tell us the suspect's 18-year-old girlfriend is also facing charges. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega alert. she joins us now live from sheriff's office. so what are you learning about these two suspects? >> reporter: well, detectives say that 17-year-old michael anderson was actually selling davis some marijuana the night he was murdered and that his girlfriend possibly knew the entire time where he was this last week.
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been hiding in a wooded area on north orange blossom when they arrested him this afternoon. they say the suspect's girlfriend, 18-year-old lindsey cheryl, was also arrested in connection to davis' murder. anderson and davis knew each other, they knew the same people and before he was killed that night. detectives say it's a very sad day when this involves three teens. >> we hope it is a wake-up call for some young men and women who are involved in that sort of thing. that it can be life-changing. >> reporter: now detectives say they've recovered a gun from anderson which was reported stolen from seminole county. this is not the first time that anderson has had a run-in with the law. he was also arrested in january for aggravated battery. again, anderson's facing second-degree murder. his girlfriend is facing tampering with evidence and also an accessory. it's still unsure if anderson will be charged as an adult,
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sheriff's office, jennifer ortega, news 6. >> lisa: thank you, jen. a fight breaks out and an innocent man is shot. deputies say a stray bullet hit the man while he was working on a fence. now he's at the hospital. here's more on where this happened along forest city road. are investigators still out there? >> reporter: well, yeah, actually they just left a minute ago, six hours affair the shooting happened. if you take a look, they just cut down the crime scene tape and opened up magnolia courts again. we just got an update. the orange county sheriff's office says a man was arrested and charged with attempted murder in this case. we literally just got this e-mail just this second ago. several of the people i spoke with today say they're just ready for this violence to stop. he was just doing his job. a man wrapping up his workweek by putting up a fence for this school ends up getting shot and is now spending his friday, fighting for his life.
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he didn't do anything. he was doing his job. and he got hit. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: heartbreaking and frightening more mom brandy moore who says she's tired of seeing her children surrounded by crime scene tape. she's not the only one who feels this way after today's shooting. this man is also moving out, too. too afraid to show his face on camera. >> there are a lot of children in here. >> reporter: kids were just yards away when the shooting happened at a school next door. that is where the worker was putting up the fence when he was shot. deputies saying the flying bullet coming from a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. >> it's like you can't even come outside and you have to worry about your life. >> reporter: so out here on the scene, we actually just saw a fencing company pull up. dave's fences.
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victm or if this is the fencing company he worked for, we're working to confirm that, but, again, we do know who the person is involved in this shooting. the orange county sheriff's office says a man was arrested for attempted murder in this case. live in orlando, news 6. >> lisa: thank you. >> matt: the mom who killed her 17-year-old daughter will now prison. she entered a guilty plea in a sanford court. she killed her daughter in her oviedo home in 2014. she first mounted an insanity defense and then she told a judge she wanted to be locked up for the rest of her life. the defense attorney saying he and the judge had no alternative to the mandatory life sentence. >> the law, unfortunately, is black and white, and does not take into consideration these
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>> matt: now she made a request to the judge that she wanted to be in a faith-based prison in hernando county. the judge said that was not up to him. the 75-year-old driver who caused a crash in altamonte springs was cited for careless driving. the 76-year-old woman was behind the wheel in october when her car plowed into a group of cars waiting at an intersection. witnesses say she didn't even brake. a man and his son were both killed in that. guthrie must now pay a thousand dollars fine and she lost her license for one year and must pass a review to get it back. >> lisa: the spring-like temperatures are here, but we haven't seen the spring-like storms in a while. >> matt: but that could all change this weekend which could be some bad news for planning -- outdoor events. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing your weekend forecast. it could be a tough one. >> tom: if you've got plans, i
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i'll show you the hour-by-hour breakout a little later. here's what i'm concerned about for this evening. we're doing okay now. we'll get through most of the night just fine. the frontal boundary is here. there's rain in there. it's packing at least some decent moisture. i don't think it's going to explode on us or anything like that. just know that the front is here. all kinds of moisture is funneling in for your weekend. right now, the rain showers around marion county have died out. even redick and ocala and bellevue, you're great to go tonight. i think your night is going to be good too. future radar to the west shows moisture trying to come across the panhandle but not much coming for us here in central florida. so what does that mean? for tonight, the on-the-town forecast drops us to 75 degrees by 10:00 and come the 11:00 hour, 73. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows and then we'll show you exactly when that rain shows up for you tomorrow. >> matt: thank you, tom.
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radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: tonight we're hearing for the first time the heartbreaking 911 calls after an 8-year-old boy nearly fell to his death. it happened earlier this month in an orange county canal near riverside elementary school. that's west of state road 434 and south of maitland boulevard. the 8-year-old child was trying to cross the canal along a concrete walkway when he fell 10 feet into the canal and nearly drowned. the school employee called as soon as she heard what happened. >> there's a little lake or retention pond or something. a boy is trying -- he says his brother is going to die because he can't swim. i'm in the doorway calling. a lot of parents and teachers are coming in. >> lisa: the father told us he will likely have brain damage. county workers have since doubled up sections of the
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dirt and sod to fill in gaps. >> matt: it's not known yet what caused an iconic mansion to catch fire. investigators with the state fire marshal's office say they have not pinpointed what started the fire that gutted the pumpkin center on tuesday. no one was living inside the home when it caught fire. it was being remodeled. the founder of florida today and "usa today"al neuharth once owned that home. it was sold last year for $5 million. >> drivers are noticing a ramp up in construction work on the big drive. >> lisa: there were new detour signs this morning on the 408 ramps around downtown. here's more on the closures and changes. >> reporter: this morning marked another big step in the six year long process that is the i-4 ultimate project. if you travel near orange avenue, then you probably noticed a new detour has been set up for drivers, looking to get on the 408 westbound.
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change, the i-4/408 interchange. we're closing the westbound entrance ramp of the 408 which comes off lucerne circle and moving it over to division. >> reporter: drivers will still be able to get on to the 408 west in the area but access has now been moved to the other side of i-4. officials explained the reason for moving the ramp is to create space to demolish the existing one and to eventually reconstruct the i-4/408 interchange. they know the ramp is well used downtown and do expect drivers may need a day or two to get used to the changes. >> that's why it's important to make sure everyone knows and they're prepared. this is just another one of those major changes that drivers really need to be prepared for. >> reporter: here's what you do. if you're used to getting on the 408 west coming southbound from orange avenue or northbound on rosalyn, use south street, then turn left on to division. there will be detour signs. coming north on orange, you turn on to gore street and then right
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the 408 that way. officials assure the detour will follow. even with the posted detour, we advise you to allow a few extra minutes to adjust to the changes now in place. they'll be there until 2019 when the permanent ramp is in place. >> lisa: thank you. you can keep up with the changes on the big just head to big drive, powered by news 6. the calendar is marked. we now know when the next supply cape. >> matt: and it will be spacex's first attempt to launch a cargo last june. the details ahead. >> julie: we've been talking about it for weeks and runaway country weekend is finally here. lots of folks out here having a great time. oh, including some behind me. old dominion is getting ready to take the stage.
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>> lisa: the music is now playing. the runaway country musicfest kicked off this afternoon. >> matt: we're talking big acts like kenney chesney and eric church will take the stage this weekend. tonight fans are getting pumped for jake owen. news 6 julie broughton is back out at osceola heritage park underway. you're making all sorts of friends out there, aren't you? >> julie: you know, people are very friendly out here. we'll leave it at that. great day out here. here. we've been hanging out by the main stage but there are three stages out here. mark chestnut just took the stage at 6:10 and they're getting the main stage ready for
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owen is the head liner, hitting the stage tonight at 9:00. there's still lots of stuff to do when bands are not playing, there's vendors, rides out here, corn hole tournament, you can buy boots and buckles. lots of people are out here. it's a three-day event. if you want to see jake owen, you can come out tonight. they're not anticipating it selling out. you can head out and still get in. lots of decent seating by the main stage. the headliner tomorrow night is kenney chesney and sunday night, the headliner is eric church. things are going on all day, every day, for the next couple of days. we've been talking a lot about the weather forecast. there's a lot of pressure on tom to pull this off, but it's really just about perfect out here tonight. we're seeing overcast skies, a light breeze. it feels really great. folks are having a great time. lots of us will be out here throughout the day tomorrow. we hope you'll stop by. it's a good time to give
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heading out with 90,000 people they're expecting over the weekend. >> matt: over the next 24 hours before i get out there, i need to grow a beard and find a cowboy hat, is that fair to say? >> julie: and some boots. i've taken some pictures. i'll send them to you so you have that guide. >> matt: julie broughton live for us, thank you very much. >> lisa: the ultra-music festival kicked off a couple of hours ago in miami. the tickets are sold out. the three-day electronic music event brings dejays from around the world to south florida and it started 16 years ago in miami and it's the largest electronic music event in the world. 55,000 people head to bay front park each day of the festival. well, we're learning more tonight on when spacex is going to launch another rocket from the cape. >> matt: the company says it plans to send supplies to the international space station early next month. spacex is sending the dragon cargo capsule atop the falcon9
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it's the first dragon mission since last june when the rocket broke apart shortly after lift-off from the space coast. the launch window is set to open at 4:43 p.m. april the 8th. in the meantime, united launch alliance will launch a rocket from the cape tuesday night. when that happens, we'll bring it to you live on news 6 and >> lisa: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. you've been telling us all week to prepare for rain this weekend. >> tom: did you prepare? >> lisa: we've been forced to. >> matt: i've been reading up on it. >> lisa: i didn't want to but i did. >> tom: we're going to run to the news 6 tent. >> lisa: no kidding. >> tom: i don't think it's going to be a wash-out. i want to start out the weather story with a couple of storm pins. >> lisa: i love that. >> tom: a bird in the water. i like it a lot.
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this is melbourne. it's a great shot. richard uses, as you know, i brag about it all the time, the samsung 6. this was shot on an iphone. >> matt: richard came to our studio the other day. he won the runaway country tickets. >> tom: he's a big dude. >> matt: a big handsome guy. >> tom: he'll be looking for you for a hug. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar tonight, we're getting rid of the rain for the rest of the evening. i really think if you have outdoor plans, you're going to the attractions, out to dinner, whatever you've got to do, giddy up. it's going to be a good evening to be outside. future radar shows a slowdown, picking up some of the moisture. i don't believe most of that is rain. i think it's light stuff that
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difference. satellite and radar, we've got the frontal zone to the north. as long as the front is here, we're doing good. tomorrow it sags, gets a little closer and the squeeze play is on. more and more of the moisture shows up right there in orlando. let me take you to the numbers now and talk about how we did today. we had a daytime high of 85 in orlando. the overnight low this morning was 62. that's well above the normals by at least 8 degrees. it's still nice in daytona beach. we've had a spritz or two to the north but it's 75 degrees at news time. winds are from the east-northeast at 8 miles per hour. here are the current temperatures. palm coast, 73. gainesville, 76. cocoa beach right now, 76. orlando. between now and midnight, not much happening. a decent enough day. here's tomorrow night at 6:00, when more showers are beginning to break out. i think we're going to do okay at runaway country.
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between 9 and midnight tomorrow night. sunday looks a little more active to me on the latest model run. i'll get a new model in the next few hours and have it for you after the ball games are all over tonight. lows tonight are in the 60's just about everywhere. 65 in oviedo. 64 in ocala. 67 in titusville and in orlando, 67. here's tomorrow. by noon tomorrow, 79. the daytime high is 84. 84 tomorrow. 75, what a drop for sunday. and 70 on monday. check it out, as much as lisa hates it, the overnight low monday night is 48. you've got to wrap henry up to go for a walk tuesday morning. after that, it's game on for spring and summer weather. the 48 on monday is the last look at the 40's for a long time. >> matt: that's just a shame.
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he hates the cold weather. >> tom: he has to live in florida. >> matt: ping is joining us now out at bay hill. what's going on out there? >> ping: that's who's leading right there, jason day. the scorer -- davis love, iii, is making the cut this weekend, looking for a good weekend at the arnold palmer invitational. there he is, d. love.
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>> ping: there are golfers finishing up on the ninth hole and on the other side at the bay hill club and lodge on 18. jason day today played really well, 7 under 65. let me show you. i love this kid. nice young man, one of the best golfers in the world.
6:25 pm
a beautiful day. he's thinking he's going to make birdie here. almost makes birdie. then he gets to the 9th hold and he's going to make a birdie, 7 under 65. he's the leader at 13 under. justin rose at 10 under par. i caught up with day right after his round. >> what does it mean to you to win with arnold palmer as a tournament host and what he means to the sport? >> yeah, i mean, it's huge. this is one of those big events that you want to win, especially, you know, while he's watching and, you know, able to watch us. it would be great, but right now, i can't think of winning because i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. >> i thought something around 12 under was going to be right there. for him to do that after two days is, you know, pretty
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>> ping: rory will make the cut as well. he's 2 under for the golf tournament. big news today. the big announcement coming early this afternoon. because of weather tomorrow, they're going to start at 7:30 on both tees with the leaders teeing off at 9:30 on the first hole here. >> you want to plan for it the best way possible so people aren't stuck in weather so they can come out and have a really good time. >> ping: don't forget tomorrow morning, third round action starts at 7:30. how about my pick on the little wheel bit the other night. he's probably not going to win, 2 under par for the golf tournament. did you see this now? if anyone had middle tennessee state university knocking off michigan state today, please just ping me right now. the 15th seed knocked off the 2 seed.
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join me, sunday night, 11:35. i've got live calls. i'm taking your calls, giving away free prizes. i've got special guests to fun spot america. i'm fired up. voice. jason day is the leader.
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can alway [gunfire] >> pelley: a four-month manhunt ended today in a hail of gunfire and the capture of the last surviving terrorist from the massacre in paris. also tonight, the american who joined isis then escaped with his life. panama city beach last year and this year. where did the spring breakers go? we'll show you. and remember jmac? >> it's hot as a pistol. >> pelley: steve hartman catches up with number 52 ten years later.


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