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tv   News 6 at 12.00am  CBS  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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basket though. verne: pflueger looks inside. auguste wanted it. that's out of bounds. michigan ball. jim: a stop when they needed one. and just the protecting. making a guy go to his left. he slips a little bit. mike brey on the sideline looking for a call. doesn't get it. verne: three-point game. jim: same look. coming this way now. verne: zak irvin. jim: oh, yes. and donnal misses from point -blank range. jim: i thought the pass was a fraction late. off. but high screens, motion without the ball. they get exactly what they wanted out of this.
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colton, vasturia. colton was open for a moment. vasturia off-balance. air ball. got it! bonzie colson, big basket with 92 seconds to go. jim: and only three seconds on the shot clock when he buried that one from underneath. verne: five-point margin. jim: start going towards the basket if you can if you're michigan. verne: walton. nope. tussle. offensive board. zak irvin, got it to fall! nearing the one-minute mark. irish, up by three. time-out notre dame.
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but now it's time to work the glass. excellent work on the boards.
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verne: if you live in the eastern time zone, welcome to saturday morning. after all the games are over, wally szczerbiak and georgia state head coach ron hunter have all the highlights and analysis on inside march madness presented by buick only on trutv. notre dame has lost 13 straight in the tournament when trailing at the half. they were down 41-29 at the break tonight. jim: and if they can be patient with the basketball out on the spread, what a perfect time for possibly a back-door cut. imbalanced.
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pflueger gets it to vasturia to demetrius jackson. 55 seconds to go. nine on the shot clock. jackson turns the corner. adjusts. bonzie colson, no. rebound. jim: once again, don't let the three-points dictate your shot attempt right here. verne: notre dame has a couple of fouls to give. 25 seconds remaining. vasturia. 10 on the shot clock. it's in the hands of zak irvin. five on the shot clock. three, no. jim: and a foul. verne: and they do. jim: i don't think that look is what john beilein was trying to pull off on the sidelines. i thought about five seconds ago that he was looking to get a
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and that rule has changed now where the coach from last year could have called a time-out. i think john wanted to call a time-out and not get this to be a three-point shot. and i think he wanted to go a whole lot earlier in the sequence than wait for that. verne: you see the notre dame bench reacting down, 49-29 at the half. bonzie colson at the line where he is 2-2 tonight. jim: 76% on the season. verne: nice. one more. perfect. 10 seconds to go. walton. tip. wagner. jumper.
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pflueger is fouled. jim: it's not going to matter. verne: nope. i guess the answer is yes when we asked if notre dame could come back. jim: uh-huh. i thought mike brey made very, very good adjustments. and obviously the gloomy side of things at the michigan end of the floor, and the adjustments were trying to attack michigan a little bit more off the dribble. and it was the first 3-4 in the second half where they made that strategy adjustment and that's the difference as the half wore on. they that outscored them 40-22 so far. that's why they outscored them
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verne: fighting irish against the lumberjacks on sunday. they come from 41-29 down and win it by seven. so notre dame and stephen f. austin will meet at 2:40 eastern time on cbs from brooklyn. the second round begins tomorrow at noon eastern on cbs with wichita state and miami. at 5:00, tnt that is ncaa infinti tip-off show. eight games across tnt, and cbs. the tournament coverage begins
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tell them to step out. greg: he said that the cinnamon ice cream was his first sugar of the day. kenny: he got charged up and started talking a bunching of noise. charles: we're looking for you. greg: and the apple of his eye was the ohio state buckeyes. reason. eye. four. notre dame over michigan by a score of 70-63. clarke, kenny, and charles here at the desk. what a great basketball game. it was terrific. clark: it was terrific. excellent comeback by notre dame. they're down 12. held michigan to 22 points. started playing downhill dribble driving in that second half to create opportunities for high quality shots. greg: are you a believer in the irish, chuck?
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greg: they play stephen f. austin. charles: i like them against stephen f. austin. kenny: this was a good matchup. that's why they were able to stay in contention. the perimeter defense on the irish at times could be lacking but they are very good down low and that's probably the biggest difference. but perimeter defense is going to be a key against stephen f. austin again because those guys they shoot the three ball as well. they push the pace. so they're going to have similar problems that they had tonight against michigan if they don't come up with a different game plan. greg: all right. once again the irish on their stephen f. austin. they win it 70-6763. -- 70-63. there was great sound from around the country. >> and syracuse advances. impressive performance. >> we didn't think about it.
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first round upset as they stun cal here in spokane. >> what's it look to be the team that just busted up everybody's bracket? >> in my bracket i had us winning. all my friends and family had us winning too. i don't know about everybody else. >> and the rams advance with a 75-67 win over oregon state. >> with the matchup against buddy hield, what's your shutting him down? >> that's on the coaches -- i mean for the most -- [laughter] >> he has 40, it's on me. >> middle tennessee, a 15 seed is going to take down the michigan state spartans. >> you know, there are three guys here that gave me every single thing they had. and i don't care about next year. i don't even care about tomorrow right now. >> when you're in this position and everybody's looking at you, you have to come through. i didn't come through today.
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rest of my life. greg: winners and losers from today. games continuing on tbs and on trutv tonight. first of all, on tbs, right now west region oklahoma city. texas with a one-point lead on northern iowa. 36.5 seconds to play. texas leading the panthers, 70-69. on trutv, west region in spokane, st. joe's with a four-point lead on the bearcats of cincinnati with just over two and a half minutes to play in that game. that is on trutv. a reminder for you tonight after your local news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert," followed by "the late late show"." but for now we're done. second round action on cbs tomorrow with wichita state and miami. we thank you for joining us.
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>> good evening. >> the driver who says he was on the other end of the barrel says he was just trying to get home from work. now the state attorney's office is investigating. eric sandoval has this story you'll see it only on 6:00. >> reporter: both men ended up at this racetrack gas station on highway 50 in clermont and it was here that the alleged victim in this case says he realized that the man who he says pointed a gun at him in his car was actually an off-duty orange county sheriff's deputy. richard valentin says it started here. he says traffic was really heavy when he tried to turn off of highway 50 on to ms. florida avenue. >> and i had this white kia behind me just beeping the horn.
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continue he says he noticed the kia was following a bit closely. >> i speed up just a little bit. he's right behind me. i said, okay, this guy is telling me. >> reporter: vt says the kia tailed him through several intersections and followed him on citrus tower boulevard, he says they exchanged hand gestures and that is when the kia finally pass him and that's when he saw the driver. >> he pulls out a gun and points it straight at me. >> i seen the gun flight my face. >> reporter: valentine says he followed him to get his license plate number and then called 911. that call lasted all the way to this gas station where valentine says deputy joseph iala got out of his car revealing his sheriff's uniform underneath the jacket he was wearing. he was off duty. >> take all of the information that clermont provides us, we'll interview the deputy involved and find out what occurred and come to a conclusion.
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point the gun at anybody but took it out of his holster just to show that he had the gun with him. it'll be up to the state attorney now to decide if any criminal charges should be filed against him. in clermont, eric sandoval, news 6. now, we be find out iala has been reassigned while the sheriff's office investigates to see if he did break any rules. a scary scene in brevard county. those are flames coming from a boat on the indian river near u.s. 1 and the pineta causeway. a viewer gave us this pic. here's what the boat looked like after firefighters put it out. a charred shell is all that's left now of brevard fire rescue told us no one was hurt but haven't figured out what started. we've have an update on the morning news at 5:00. a man fighting for his life after getting hit by a stray bullet. the deputy says it came from another man mad at his girlfriend. the innocent bystander was shot while working on the fence next
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in orange county. and as we explain the tragedy comes just days after the victim became a father. >> reporter: there are still crime tape here tonight, a reminder of the violent incident that happened just a few feet away from a daycare center and from an apartment complex with kids. now, we learned more about the man caught in that crossfire and in the exciting events he was celebrating. >> reporter: workers were noticeably sad. friend ryan hipshun says he just had a baby this week. the new father was assembling the fence when police say a bullet, shot by this fan, angry with his gird, struck him instead. the visibility's brother was working alongside and dropped
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caught the shooter, 21-year-old jaquel ward, ward already has a lengthy criminal history. robbery, selling drugs and domestic violence with a weapon. the shooting right across from a daycare. >> it's just -- i'm moving out. like, i have three children. this is not my only one and i can't put them to risk anymore. >> reporter: she says they are praying hoping that something good will come from something devastating and justice will be served. >> they don't care about people and people they don't know and your actions have consequences. >> ward was charged with attempted murder in this incident. reporting in orlando, news 6. well, keep an umbrella handy. we're in store for some big wet changes this weekend. you can see storms are on the way. chief meteorologist tom sorrells just got the new timeline fours. when's this mess gonna hit, tom?
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if you're in marion county, it's raining already. take a close-up shot from folks at home. this action is kind of just the beginning or a continuation a from what we had already today. ocala is range a little less than a .10 of an inch per hour right now. about a quarter of an inch for ocala right there. >> a lot of rain coming on in. during overnight, won't be super heavy but you may wake up to roaring rain if you're watching anywhere from sanford up to the the northern parts of the viewing area as we go overnight. coming up, i'll take you hour by hour and show you when the bulk of the stuff rolls in for the weekend. right now we're still warm, 73 degrees at this late hour in orlando. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrival of the rain tomorrow morning and heavier showers tomorrow afternoon in just a few more minutes. tom, thank you. remember, you can track those storms anytime with our pinpoint weather app.
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download it, live radar, weather alerts, you name it. search wkmg in your app store. >> tonight a final farewell to a 15-year-old boy. his funeral comes as deputies make two arrests in his murder. a 17-year-old and his 18-year-old girlfriend, jennifer ortega, explains how the couple was caught and contract teen was shot. is. >> here is the juvenile center and when arrested deputies say happened. >> he did express some remorse in the shooting. >> we know this won't bring antwon back but we hope this almost bring a measure of >> reporter: detectives say anderson was selling marijuana to 15-year-old antwon davis the night he was shot and killed and found lying on the sidewalk along lakewood avenue. >> mr. anderson apparently had the narcotics to sell. >> reporter: investigators say
12:26 am
to 18-year-old lindsay shirley who gave them information on anderson's whereabouts. they were able to find anderson hiding in the woods off north blossom trail. >> the girlfriend continued to have contact with him after the homicide and oftentimes made some decisions that maybe she regrets today. >> detectives recovered a gun from anderson, which was reported stolen from seminole county. but this isn't the first time anderson has had a run-in with the law. he was arrested back in january for aggravated battery. >> we hope it is a wayne call for some young men and women that are involved in that sort of thing that it can be life changing. hopefully they make better decisions. >> anderson is being charged with second-degree murder. his girlfriend shirley is being charged with accessory and tampering with perfected. it's still unclear if anderson
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since he is 17 years old. jennifer ortega, news 6 story the sheriff of lake county is calling it a career. gary borders has changed his mind and will not run for re-election . >> kasich says cruz is the only candidate who can -- mitt romney said cruz is the only one who can so donald trump. president obama has yet to endorse a candidate himself but the new york times reports the president privately told democratic donors bernie sanders' campaign is coming to an end and the party should
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the white house denies that. >> just in, results for a family dealing with a heart-breaking tragedy. fire ripped through their home in miliola earlier this week, killing 17-year-old trevor ross. tonight, the city manager in miliola told us a new home has been secured for ross' family. the state fire marshal is still trying to figure out what caused that fire. beach authorities in volusia county say two spring breakers took one of the beat patrol's jet skis for a joyride. officers were able to follow them on to land with they were able to arrest them. both are now facing charges of grabbed theft of a vessel. >> a postal worker is in a jam tonight. investigators say he stole a deputy's cell phone on purpose. take a look at valmor kemp, the accused mailman. we're told a volusia county deputy accidentally left his home on top of a mailbox. shortly after, investigators say kemp swiped it and took off.
12:29 am
down and arrest him. we're told he's not cooperating with investigators. now he's facing theft charges. the next crew of the international space station is at its new temporary home tonight. launching to the international space station. >> a soyuz carrying two cosmonaut cosmonauts and an american astronaut launched from kazakhstan tonight. the three will spend six months on the iss and join three other space men already on board. >> a win for hulk hogan. >> this one outside the ring, and it is a victory worth more than $100 million. who the hulkster took on and the video that led to this huge decision, tom. >> you tell them, brother. we've got moisture. the big blue, that's all the moisture. the rain and the water is gonna fall in florida this weekend. i'll be right back to pinpoint
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what it all means for your weekend.
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>> after two weeks of testimony and nearly six hours of deliberations, the jury has ruled in favor of the hulkster. >> it is the case that surrounded a sex tape scandal against tabloid gawker. here's the latest. this is not only his victory today but also anybody else that's been victimized by
12:34 am
>> hulk hogan appeared to cry in court as the jury awarded him $115 million for the humiliation and economic loss he suffered over the past three years. gawker posted a video of hogan having sex with local shock jock's wife. >> i am confident we would have prevailed at trial if we had been allowed to present the case to the jury. >> reporter: gawker found other argues that they never got to answer questions in front of the jury, whether hogan knew about the cameras in the clem's home and whether he knew he was being recorded. >> that's why we feel very positive about the appeal. >> hogan's motive, they say, may not have been to hide the sex on the tape but the racial remarks he made. he was shown on the video if we ever did want to retire all we have to do is use that footage of him talking about people.
12:35 am
know that he was being recorded yet there are fbi notes saying, quote, knew being taped all sides and an obvious camera in play. hulk knew. a typically boisterous hogan didn't have anything to say about the are jury's decision. that's because they'll be back in court monday, considering whether to punish gawker with punitive damages, potentially more money for hogan. we are following some breaking news now in russia where a passenger plane has reportedly crashed. authorities say the plane from dubai crashed while trying to land at an airport south of moscow. russian news reports claimed around 60 people were on board. we will stay on top of this overnight and will bring you any new details on the morning news at 5:00. the president of france says he wants the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks extradited to face trial. [ sound of gunfire ]


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