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tv   News 6 Sports Sunday  CBS  March 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> anchor: now, at 11:00 a deadly hit and run what investigators say led up to the crash and could explain why he kept driving. president obama begins his three day trip to cuba, the big step toward normalizing relations with a cold war adversary. a 15-year-old girl gunned down by a 16-year-old boy. first, breaking right now, a merit island road is shut down, this happened at courtney parkway and spruce avenue. troopers say a driver hit and off. the rider was pronounced dead on the scene police are working on a description of the car. if we hear anything we will bring it to on this newscast. killed from gunfire.
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the 16-year-old face the judge this morning but tonight, family and friends rumor this teen, troy campbell is live in apopka. he spoke with that family tonight. >> reporter: it was very emotional here this evening when classmates and family of the 15-year-old teen gathered where she was shot and killed yesterday. police shut down the end of this entire roadway covered with friends and family. you could see balloons on the tree in front of the house. the mother of 15-year-old destiny outside the family's home in apopka friends and family coming together to remember the teen. >> very intelligent, young girl, not trouble but i guess we are finding out she was with this young man.
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saturday afternoon, friends posting her boyfriend had been playing with a handgun while her mother was at work. detectives only saying a 16-year-old has been arrested and charged with second degree murder. friends, saying her life was just beginning. >> she got took in so early. why the good have to die so young? i know god has a purpose. it just hurt. >> reporter: also, investigators have not released the identity of the 16-year-old shooter and obvious questions remain such as how did that 16. have a gun in the first place? shooting. learn. to a deadly house fire in orange county. firefighters rush to a home
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they got there crews battled heavy smoke and flames. fire officials are confirming one person died and we are still working on gathering details about what happened. in east orlando a man is dead two more injured following the shooting outside the diamond club. entities made an arrest lewis cintron is charged with murder the victim carlos cruz. the shooting may have involved three or more motorcycle groups the victim's appear to be bikers but investigators are not sure what their relationship was whether the shooting was gang. the gist jockey was killed in the same club's parking lot in 2000 and. authorities say an anonymous tip led them to the suspect of a deadly hit and run. troopers arrested edward alvarez, they say he was
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house when officers served the warrant. they say his car slammed in to charles mcmurray while riding his bike on colonial drive your i-4 friday, march 11. told alvarez sped off moments before that crash. right now, he is in seminole county jail charged with murder, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash. investigators also said he did not have a license, only an id card. a few showers this morning capped off a soggy weekend. now, we are looking at a cooldown to kick off the week. not a great start. >> i bet the folks got scared when a little showers moved in and then this afternoon showers pushed over into the cave. i think we are pretty much out of the woods at the moment.
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of winter. how about temperatures dropping down like 30 degrees from what they were today? i think we are going to get really chilly. and the breezes are starting to pick up that will be a major factor in comfort tomorrow. you are going to step out the door without your jacket in the morning. it's going to feel not too wonderful. owing to feel a little risk. these are the rain amounts for today. not very impressive. we have the sun rake through in many areas and we got a taste of niceness. this was the first day of spring, tomorrow here is what you can expect in the morning, chilly and windy and it never really warms up and stays windy and temperatures tomorrow night drops to the 40s and maybe 39 in ocala. the same system bringing in our cool air will bring a storm system to the northeast up around new jersey they will be
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temperatures not so bad but we are going down to about 50 degrees tonight. >> anchor: those low temperatures do not sound like spring, danny. to lake county where a car overturned trapping the driver inside. this happened on county road 561 in claremont. reacted quickly pulling that driver out and was taken to the hospital by helicopter. a man is in jail facing serious charges. melbourne police tell us he stabbed his girlfriend of nine years with a screwdriver. jean morrison, they say he and his girlfriend got into an argument in a tent in their backyard. that is when he grabbed a tool and stabbed her in the back and neck several times. he eventually turned himself in. the girlfriend is in the hospital, her condition is said be serious.
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mess a sewer line busted sending wastewater everywhere. we were there as crews tried to fix the problem. county officials say they were worried about the waste water reaching lake sherwood as a result they shut it down. it sent a follow older into the air and crews tell us it was a break of the main sprinkler line that he wrote it. tomorrow to investigate. a cigarette is what edgewater. the picture is of the charred remains of the garage. we are told the flames were contained to the garage, no one was hurt the fire was ruled accidental. police continue to investigate a deadly shooting at an orlando complex. the victim, joshua bell was
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he later died from his injuries at the hospital. they say they'll was targeted and it was not random. detectives have located what they believe is the suspect's vehicle but would not say if they are still looking for anyone. if you have information give crime line a call. to a big driving update, roadblocks on the westbound side of the interstate from park street to kirkman the slow moving traffic operations will last up to 30 minute in the middle of the night to allow crews to safely play steel bridge beams over it for westbound beams. the final teams are punching their tickets to march madness. many of those games you saw here on news 6. coming up at the top of the hour a news 6 special sports show. >> do i have one tonight.
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march madness and i have cousin steve on from houston the site of the final four. here is your telephone number, 407445 1401. 407-445-1401. take a live phone calls, don't forget about cousin steve you will win prizes a fun spot, america. it is huge when you get to play ping-pong pop quiz. coming up at the top of the hour. >> anchor: the next round of presidential primaries is less than two days away with candidates visiting arizona and utah. once again donald trump is explaining the behavior of his supporters. >> he or his partner was wearing a clan out that -- >> not the person who actually punched him kick the protester? >> these are professional agitators.
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shifted away, a protester was beaten, but trump said the attack was provoked his republican opponent with little or no chance to win the party's nomination out right are focused on stopping trump from earning a majority of the delegates. >> nobody is going have the delegates they need everyone will fall short in the convention is an extension of the political process. >> anchor: it is part of the process democratic candidate bernie sanders may seek to employ trailing by more than 400 superdelegates to hillary clinton in hopes some will switch sides back beachgoers in south florida shocked to see a tornado. how rescuers managed to save one girl who almost got swallowed up. >> if you think we are done with winter, not yet. we are only going to get up to 68 tomorrow.
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talking about that and if you moment. >> anchor: president obama begins a historic visit to cuba the warm welcome that opened a new chapter in u.s. and cuban
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the first night he began their trip to cuba today. the first visit by a sitting u.s. president since calvin coolidge in 1920. our affiliate station in miami was on the ground as the eagle landed. >> reporter: president obama brought his family to cuba, a big step toward normalizing relations with a cold war adversary is the first sitting there president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit an opportunity. >> reporter: the president greeted same embassy staff. for weeks work: has been repairing for his revival restoring some roads and fresh coats of paint have been applied to homes and businesses and areas the president will tour in this welcome sign was put up an old havana. many cubans are hopeful the
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more openness between the islands nation and the u.s. text i think we are going to have some changes. >> reporter: the president will meet with a number of prominent cuban dissidents but the white house will not say ho is on that guest list. president obama will meet with u.s. and cuban business leaders, many cubans are hopeful his visit to make life here better. >> people want to hear from obama they want to see what he believes and respect from the cubans. >> reporter: the president will enjoy the great american pastime and cuban soil. he will have prime seat for an exhibition baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. >> anchor: to a consumer watch, tomorrow, apple is set to unveil a new of iphones but you can expect a smaller upgrade.
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version of the iphone. the event will take place at one of apples campuses a modest venue that holds fewer reporters and guesss than other apple event location. starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. a scary sight in fort lauderdale. a water spout at a beach there. damaging catamarans, and a rowing canoe. a six-year-old girl was saved from being taken up by that tornado. that is pretty crazy. >> you don't want to do that. he did not turn out too great for dorothy. >> anchor: it was exciting. >> all of a sudden the entire world turned a different color. we are going to turn the clock back about three weeks because tomorrow you're going to think these are temperatures we haven't seen in about three weeks. you are the only person i know
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where going to get a little bit chilly for a couple of days. in three days we will be back near 80 degrees. right now, looking at rain way offshore. we have seen some lightning pop up and earlier, that was around 5:00, 6:00 rain went across the cape. and it was pretty good at least it probably needed some of that rain. if you did not enough saturday. there is what is left that is going that way so we don't care because now we are pushing the moisture out and bring in the cool air and the wind is starting to pick up. wind is brisk. 82 today so it wasn't that different from yesterday. tomorrow, we are going to be the low normal. here is some of the rain amounts, not very impressive at all.
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what do you think of that? christine sent that in. do you know why i showed that picture? here is the beach forecast. tomorrow it's only going to be like 65 the wind 10 to 20, goss to 25, dangerous rip currents are going to be present. small craft advisory are in effect and it is all about the wind, even the intercoastal will be the rough side, so no boating. temperatures right now are not impressive. they are going down. because of this cool air. this is that storm that is spring snow up to new jersey but as it pushes away it will usher in that cool air. it will be drier air. we have small craft it advisories we got the rip current windy conditions. here is what it looks like.
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the clouds out we will have a beautiful sunshiny day until you step outside and the wind will hit you in the face. here some of the temperatures overnight tonight, and colder tomorrow night. temperatures 48, 50 degrees 54 orlando, 44 ocala, 57 in cocoa. overnight tonight for city beautiful, 50 degrees. here is what is going on tomorrow hour-by-hour. we begin the morning 52, we get to 58 by noon, 66 degrees and that is about it. but this is going to be a problem. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. we've got three great days but look what happens at the end of the week? we are talking good friday, easter is a possibility for
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listen, this is the thing about seven day forecast, a lot of things can happen between now and then i would not cancel sunrise services but i would have a backup plan. since we are not so lucky with the weather this week even though it can change lottery place you might be lucky tonight. cash three numbers are 2, 1 2. 5494 and fantasy five, 1, 24, all. if it looks anything like that forecast not 100 percent sure. the weather was perfect. and there was some drama. love it. bayhill is arnold palmer's kingdom but jason dade ruled days.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in any size iced tea for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back. >> arnold palmer invitational jason dade leading the tournament but his win was no foregone conclusion, right? there are no sure things in
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the arnold palmer invitational i think all would tell you they expected jason dade to win. the aussie led the tournament thursday, friday and saturday and had to wrap it up today. this will be a campaign with getting behind. could jason day write the perfect ending? he never will too. second hole shipping in for a birdie 16 under. kevin chappell birdie's eight to take over the lead. fast forward to the 17, day by a shot to put him at 17 under. while that was happening this was happening chappell drops to 16 under is a shot behind jason day the legendary tournament host waiting to see, day the department 18 and is in he bunker. this is how good he is.


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