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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, getting results. this is local 6 news at noon. >> anchor: new developments in a hit-and-run. what her learning about the victim just ahead. >> anchor: plus it is a day full of first in obama historic visit to cuba. >> anchor: but first. breaking news in deadly shooting of an apopka teen. we know the name of the 16-year-old police say pulled that trigger. good afternoon, i am bridgett ellison. >> anchor: and i am david hall. the teen arrested playing with a gun when tragedy took place and this is mug shot for quashun massey that has been charged with second-degree murder. police say someone brought the gun to the home on sheeler hims drive saturday where massy and others were firing shots in the
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with the gun to play with it. that's when 15-year-old destiny man was shot. died from the injuries over the weekend. her friends and family took to social media saying bart vet and massey were dating. we will be following this developing story throughout the day. and bringing you latest updates on and local 6 at 4:00. with weather today you probably noticed the drop in temperatures. >> i did. i know you are wondering how long it will last. we have the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> weather: not long. officially in spring. so cool snaps do not stick for long. you can see on visible satellite. well defined line. where that cloud cover is. that cold front continually to slide through the area. some spots, brevard county. have not cooled off as much as other areas earlier. right now we are still in the mid 50s. at 12:00 in the afternoon. 56 degrees in orlando. 55 in kiss simme. up to 55 in gainsville and ocala
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hours ago. look at the drastic change in temperatures. between 17, even up to 20 degrees, cooler right now than it was yesterday during this lunch time. look at the wind speeds. all the air continuing to slide right down the sunshine state. between 15 and even 22 miles an hour. we have a high-risk of rip currents. rough waters as well. next concern is dangerous fire conditions for. that reason we have a red flag warning with low humidity. high emailed and we will continue to see this in effect until 7:00 p.m. last. overnight lows tonight dipping to mid 40s. more details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> anchor: thank you. do not forget you can get the latest weather alerts on your a.m. search local 6 in the app store. >> anchor: in orange county looking to learn more about what sparked a house fire. firefighters rushed to home on pine way drive south texas avenue 5:30 last night when they
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so far fire officials only said to us that one person died in this fire. if we learn anything new we will let you know on air and online. >> anchor: in brevard county. we just learned the name of the by and i felt struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash this happened last night along corny and spruce on merritt island. steven terry riding a bike, left lane, at one point fell off parkway. when he was hit. right now troopers are searching for a dark colored 1995 to 2003 chevy pickup with front he had damage that left the scene. if you know anything about this hit-and-run call crime line. also in brevard county. this just in. troopers are investigating a deadly crash on u.s. one and snug harbor way nmico . it involved a suv and a parked pickup. the male driver of the suv was taken to the hospital. where he later died. and troopers say no one else was injured in the crash. >> anchor: right now.
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full day in cuba. packed full of events. first time a sitting president has visited this island country in 90 years. trip to the island nation called a big step toward normalizing relations between the two countries. first family toured old havana yesterday stopping at the old cathedral. obama started off with a wreath ceremony. this is video just coming in with him shaking hands with president raul castro. there is the moment. two sit down for formal meeting later today. and after that president will wind down the trip with an exhibition baseball game between the rays and cuban national team. and turning to volusia county now. westbound lanes of i-4 back open after the crash earlier. this was near mile mark he 121 - and state road 44 in deland. florida highway patrol said trooper stopped on the shoulder trying to retrieve a piece of tire.
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it jackknifed spilled fuel. no major injuries. >> anchor: happening today. attorneys for family of a local mom that went missing in 2011, will be in an orange county courtroom. michele parker's family filed negligent death lawsuit against parker's ex-fiance dale smith. parents want dale smith to talk under oath about her disappearance. 30-year-old parker last seen alive dropping children off at his home back in 2011. smith denies wrongdoing. that hearing set for 1:30 this afternoon. spring has sprung in central florida. maybe you noticed a change at the gas pump. >> anchor: i saw it indeed. prices jumped a quarter in the last few weeks. johny fernandez shows us why there is no relief. >> reporter: if you are at the gas station you maybe noticed gas prices went up a quarter last few weeks. trend may continue. >> i wish it could go back to 90 cents 9 cents a gallon.
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have but probably will not see. according to aa in florida we pay more than national average. national average for a gallon of regular gas is under $2. and at $1.98. in florida regular is at $2.03. and if you hit up a gas station here in orlando, well, you will be paying $2.01 for a gallon. titus just moved here from new jersey and said he is not complaining about the spike. >> i remember a couple of years back we saw three, $4, almost $4 in gas. so i am happy we have not reached those level again. >> reporter: gas rise due to a number of things. spring breakers hitting the road. rising oil prices. and an increasing demand along with reduced gas supplies. despite the rise aaa records show drivers have not paid $2 for a gallon of gas since december. and prices are down 45 cents since a year ago. >> so far down here they seem to be a bit lower.
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that being in a resident state. >> reporter: aaa said it could go up 50 cents more than what we have right now by memorial day weekend n orlando. johny fernandez, local 6. >> anchor: if you are taking a trip stoaltamonte springs uber users can get a discount. those that use uber can take trips that begin and end in although matt montsprings and receive a discount. all trips enstarting on the other handing there at the sun rail station 25 percent off. city leaders hoping the discount boosts number of people using sun rail. partnership is expected to last about a year. >>anchor: well, asking someone to the prom can be a big moment in a teenager's life. >> yes. thanks to help of this care team at florida hospital local high school football star able to deliver in a big way. senior defensive tackle tasean manning diagnosed with leukemia last november.
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scheduled chemo appointment. manning surprised his girlfriend with what they call a prom proposal. asking her out to the prom. the 17-year-old is committed to play for auburn tigers this year. heart warming story. we will have more on that later today. >> anchor: wonderful. definitely. still to come. space coast home to another rocket launch this week. >> anchor: what is the latest mission? and plus it is all in the name. why this ship is general rating a lot of buzz across the internet. maybe you have seen this story. more on it just ahead. >> anchor: final one. just up. hours before the next presidential primaries candidates layout the formal policy plans to pro israel group. latest from aipac up next. >> we are getting results for
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>> anchor: next presidential primary hours way. voteers from arizona, utah, idaho head to the polls tomorrow. meanwhile foreign policy takes center stage today as nearly all the presidential candidates address pro israel political action group. washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage to loud applaud from the audience at the american israel public affairs commit conference, aipac. >> one of the first things i
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israeli prime minister to visit the white house. >> reporter: clinton already looking ahead to november's general election laid out the case that the next president needs to be able to lead the world from day one. >> we need steady hands. not a president that says he is neutral on monday, and pro israel tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. because everything is negotiable negotiable. >> reporter: donald trump speech supposed to be substantive and focused on foreign policy plans starke contrast to speeches he has given on campaign trail. group of rabbis will boycott trump's speech with a planned walk out but protests are not expected to turn violent like this incident at a trump rally this last weekend. >> violence be gets violence so it takes two to tango but obviously, it needs to be denounceed from all sides. >> reporter: ted cruz and john conference. but bernie sanders, only jewish
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skipping the conference to campaign out west. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> anchor: astronomers turning their eyes to the sky to catch an unusual site. nasa said twin comets will begin a flyby of the earth tonight. two could be enter planetary twins of some sort. meaning the smaller on the right could be a fragment that broke away from the bigger one on your left. and the larger twin is passing near earth tonight with smaller comet following suit tomorrow. event is third closest comet flyby in record record history. >> anchor: on space coast all systems ago for a launch. this time they send a cargo capsule with iss supplies into orbit. right now launch is set for tomorrow night 11:05 p.m. the atlas five will deliver 7500 pounds of food, equipment, and experiments to international space station. at last check there was an 80 percent chance of decent weather at that time. and remember when the launch
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you can see it live on powered by news six. british research ship gathers attention today. >> anchor: when scientists asked the internet to name new polar research ship you can expect the unexpected here. this ship worth nearly $300 million is set to launch in 2019 and carry 90 scientists. officials requested inspirational names like historic figure, landmark. but favorite, frontrunner right now with 26,000 votes is bode mcboat face. or rather rrs bowty mcboat face. voting until april 16. officials do not have to pick the name with most votes. what do you think? >> you do have to pick the one fowith most votes. >> anchor: how does the captain feel about that name? >> maybe mcsteamy.
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>> can you imagine? >> i don't know about that one. we have a chilly day today. >> weather: chilly. you can see the beach cam is gorgeous. but it is chilly out there. temperatures will be in mid 50s. next thing. we talked about the boat. not the best day for the boat. sit back and enjoy land today. maybe early tomorrow. because it will be downright windy. several advisories. and warnings, in effect. this is what is going on the weather story. break it down. this afternoon it will be cool. like i said before windy. temperatures only mid 50s at 12:15 in the afternoon. can you believe last week we were talking about temperatures nearing records. 80s. 11 straight days of temperatures in the 80s. now sitting back and enjoying a cold snap to start spring. for tomorrow, temperatures gradually warm up. still running below average. we should be hitting 79 degrees. we will be about 75 for tomorrow. and then as rain chances continue to increase later in the week. so will rain.
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chances up to a 50 percent come friday to saturday. right now again mid to upper 50s across town. 55 from gainesville. out through villages. 56 orlando. good afternoon to you in cape canaveral at 55. 58 is your warm spot. i will use that in quotes. 58 in melbourne. our warm spot. 24 hour temperature change. you can see within the last day temperatures are about 17 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at the lunch time hour. and that's all because of a cold front making the way through the area. wind speeds continuing to funnel in cool air 12 to 20. and this is sustained winds. wind gusts up to 15, 20, even 25 miles an hour across the area for today. for that reason we we have a small craft advisory. high-risk of rip currents. as well as a red flag warning. yet. this wide spread. so far this year. the reason is low humidity. high wind speed. combination of that, creates
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that's why this is in effect until 7:00 p.m. winds will die down just a bit later this evening. here is the big picture. cold front makes the way through the sunshine state. for us, it is really living up to its name. plenty of that spring sunshine. cooler air. highs mid 60s. conditions. try to pinpoint anything on our clouds and rain forecast. not much. in rain or cloud department. until wednesday. ocean. bringing in more in the way of cloud cover. but still staying mostly dry until thursday or friday. not best beach day. one cool out there. and rip current risk is high. check out the hour-by-hour forecast. we will be topping off at 66 degrees for today. rain chance we will stay minimal. 30 percent chance for. far south areas. where you live by across town today. mid 60s. it will be cool. later on tonight.
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when you wake up to go to work. and for folks that maybe have school tomorrow. look at that. overnight lows mid 40s. factor in windchill. could feel like the upper 30s. but enjoy it while it lasts because temperatures, and rain, all move back up back into mid 80s w 50 percent chance for our easter weekend unfortunately. but get out and enjoy it, kids are off for spring break. so fun things to do across central florida. >> anchor: this is a go it is snap. >> weather: will not last long. literally a snap. >> anchor: thank you. what do walt disney and babe ruth have in demonstrate. >> anchor: lots of people like them. and how you can get memorabilia from them. and we are minutes away from tech giant announcing a new phone upgrade. >> anchor: stocks today. not a lot. dow up a point. and nasdaq is down. about half a point.
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>> anchor: welcome back. in consumer watch today, in less than an hour apple will have an announcement. >> when it comes to i-phones less is more in this case. insiders say new gadget will be a smaller version of the current iphone . it is expected to be called iphone se. or i-phone 5 s c. and apple reps are expected to
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pro. and announcement comes as recent research suggests consumers want smaller phones compared to gadgets with big screens that barely fit in pockets. >> anchor: being a single mom is tough about where you live makes a difference. wallet hub shows scottsdale arizona is best city in the country for single moms to raise a family a analysis considers several things in ranking, cost of living, job opportunities, and madison, wisconsin came in second. and some florida cities in top 20. pembroke pines number six and orlando number 15. not bad. treasure trove of memorabilia goes under the hammer. >> anchor: belonging to tv and radio personality joe franklin originally belonged to beloved heroes. collection have babe ruth baseball glove. frank sinatra fedora and john wayne's stetson. and walt disney mouse ears.
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base s.e.c. o auction. it came from a collector that wants to be anonymous. well, he will mentary student out of being late to school. perhaps most rocking way possible. >> anchor: how the boss helped
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>> anchor: between over sleeping and missing the bus. kids have reasons for being late to school. >> anchor: but a rock legend helped him. bruceing spray steen known for late concerts noticed a sign in the crowd last week. sign said bruce i will be late for school tomorrow. please sign my note. the two fans met springsteen back stage after the show. and boss signed his note. and wrote the whole thing. his dad scott later tweeted pictures that now have 2000 likes. i wonder if the dad did this as a twimeet springsteen.
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your favorite artist jile make a copy of the note give it to teacher. keep the original. keep the signature. >> weather: i wish eric church did that last night. because i am sleepy after run away country. long, long day yesterday. but the weather is looking fantastic. you are heading out there. on the chilly side. get out and enjoy it. before temperatures ramp right back up to mid 80s. but chance of rain starts to move back in saturday and sunday. be aware that have. >> anchor: just in time for weekend with that rain. always the case. >> soggy, maybe cute easter umbrella. >> anchor: we will turn this around. >> anchor: meantime get out and enjoy the nice cool weather for today. >> gorgeous and bundle up.
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>> lily: wow. >> neil: hey, hey. wow, right? um, does this sign look crooked to you at all? >> lily: no, dad, it' s perfect, just like tonight will be. i promise. >> neil: [ sighs deeply ] thanks to you and your staff. you' re outshining everything in >> cane: isn' t she gorgeous? >> neil: yeah. something you want to tell me? >> lily: yes. >> neil: what? >> lily: cane moved back home, and the kids are very excited. >> neil: yes! you know what? it was the mistletoe. christmas. >> lily: oh, yeah. the trick. >> jack: what is this? donation? >> neil: jack, even better. the happy couple.


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