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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: right to breaking news. sky 6 is live over the scene of a brushfire in avalon park. orange county fire/rescue says homes are in danger. right now, the weather is not helping. good afternoon, this is news 6 at 4:00. i'm lisa bell. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. thanks for being with us. >> ginger: and i'm ginger gadsden. we have a red-flag warning as well as firefighters try to get ahold of this situation. these are live pictures you're seeing from sky 6 along a conservation area along wild
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photojournalist dave sprung is following the latest from above. it looks like we see a lot of flames out there, a large area. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right. it was a scary situation out here for the homeowners in avalon park near wild tamarin. the reason why, the fire was going right toward the houses. not more than five minutes ago, this area here was dangerously close to the backyards of houses. one of the vinyl fences pretty much melted off its frame in the back of somebody else's house. firefighters have been able to control it and keep it away from the houses. as you can see here, it looks like most of it is out but they cut fire lines around it to help out. >> julie: we've been talking about the red-flag warnings we have up. let's get straight to meteorologist troy bridges in for tom tonight, pinpointing the winds. we're talking about strong winds
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now. >> reporter: the winds are gusting to near 30 miles per hour at times. we have a red-flag warning, including in orange county, until at 7:00. the winds are gusting at times around 30 miles per hour. these are sustained winds coming in it out of the north and northeast. there are spots much greater than that. you can see along the coast, winds near 20 miles per hour, gusting even greater. tonight it's all about the breeze making it feel even cooler. the actual temperature, because of the north winds, bringing in more dry, cool air behind a front in the mid-50's. we'll drop down to 55 at 9:00. at 10:00, we're at 53. it's going to feel more like the 40's at times tonight with the wind. tomorrow the wind calms down and we do warm up. we'll talk about a warm-up and how long we're in for this fire threat. back to you. >> thank you, troy. back out live to the breaking news situation. this is a look from sky 6.
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burning out there. a brushfire burning in the avalon park area. homes are exposed, in danger, according to orange county fire/rescue. just a short time ago, even dave sprung saying flames getting so close to one home, melting the fence basically off its hinges. we'll keep an eye on this and give you an update in just a few minutes. you can keep up with alerts here on air and the news 6 app. it's free. just search wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: more breaking news as we get more details in on a shake-up on the kissimmee police department. three officers are suspended, pending the outcome of a criminal and internal investigation. the spokeswoman says the department received information from the state attorney's office there may have been false testimony in court. the officers identified were immediately relieved from duty. right now, news 6 is investigating what court case
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about the officers involved. we'll have a live report for you, coming up on news 6 at 5:00. >> ginger: terrifying moments for a 14-year-old girl. today, with her mom by her side, she explains to news 6 how she escaped a man who targeted her with threats to get in his car. tonight, as police investigate, we're learning more about the encounter that happened friday night along the 1200 block of hillcrest drive in daytona beach, not far from daytona state college. news 6's loren korn joins us live from daytona beach police headquarters. how is the girl doing tonight? >> reporter: well, thankfully actually she was cared and definitely brave when that happened. now police here are aggressively searching for the man who they say tried to take her. >> i'm thinking am i going to get kidnapped and taken away and never seen again. >> reporter: she says one minute she's walking down the street,
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little sister and the next her. >> i just froze. he said you can come to me or i can come to you. >> reporter: she says it happened friday afternoon just feet from her home. >> he was trying to take me. he leaned out of the car as he was coming to get me. >> reporter: that's when she says she only had one chance to escape. >> i just screamed. >> reporter: she says the man sped off while she ran home to tell her mother who called 911. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> a blue jaguar stopped and tried to get her to come to him. >> reporter: he's a black male, 30 to 40 years, 5-6 and 180 pounds, last seen driving a light blue jaguar. as for stewart, she's just happy to be safe at home. >> i'm thankful i'm here and not somewhere else, probably dead or been raped.
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tells me her daughter is no longer allowed to walk anywhere in her neighborhood or even just down the street. the mother tells me she was outside on the steps when this happened. back to you. >> ginger: what a terrifying story that girl has to tell. thank you. here's the sketch one more time. you can help police get results by calling the number you see on your screen if you know who this man is. the number, 1 (386) 671-5209. >> lisa: this just in, new heartbreaking details about the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. a report released by apopka police this afternoon revealed her 16-year-old boyfriend pulled the trigger. he confessed to firing the fatal shot at the 15-year-old girl. the report stated she asked him to not point the gun at her. this happened saturday inside a home in apopka. a number of other teens were
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massey is now charged with second-degree murder. >> ginger: president obama met with cuban president raul castro today. the two leaders talked about issues from human rights to the half century old u.s. trade embargo against the communist nation. cbs' chris martin is in havana and has the latest. >> this is a new day. >> reporter: president obama and cuban president raul castro addressed reporters after their first summit meeting on cuban soil. both men said while the road towards normalized relations will not be easy, it's possible for both countries to work together. for castro, it means an end to the u.s. trade embargo. >> it's the most important obstacle to our economic development and the well-being of the people. >> reporter: president obama said havana must do its share as well.
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castro we urged cuba to take to show we're ready to do more business, which means allowing more joint ventures and allowing foreign companies to hire cubans directly. >> reporter: the two promise to continue their dialogue in the months to come. >> reporter: the on and off rain here in havana is forcing some changes in the baseball game. not all cubans are giving the president a sunny reception. on sunday, 50 people were protested. cubans who spoke with us see the celebrate. >> we need better relations with the north american and united states people and the cuban people. >> reporter: a plan that will take off tomorrow. >> ginger: president obama and
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nations for resuming relations between the two nations. our coverage continues at 5:00. stay tuned for full coverage live on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, starting at 6:30, right after news 6 at 6:00. >> julie: this just in, osceola county has a new case of the mosquito-borne zika virus in the state. the number of cases involving pregnant women remains at 4:00. a rough start to the workweek for i-4 drivers in volusia county. >> lisa: a wreck near the i-95 interchange delayed traffic for hours. >> ginger: a trooper was trying to grab a piece of tire out of the road when the tractor-trailer swerved to avoid it. the trailer ended up jackknifing spilling fuel on the roads. no one was hurt. the westbound lanes have since reopened. >> julie: starting today, uber users can get a discount. it's part of a partnership between the city and the
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trips will be 20% off and trips that start and end at the altamonte springs sunrail station will be 25% off. city leaders hope the discounts sunrail. the deal goes all year. >> lisa: we continue to follow breaking new details in the brushfire in avalon park. >> julie: we'll take you live outside the scene from sky 6. what we've learned about the size. >> ginger: and a new twist in the mystery behind michelle parker's disappearance. we're live with the judge's ruling. news 6 at 4 is getting results, we'll be right back. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at
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>> lisa: we want to take you
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following. sky 6 is live over a brushfire burning right now in avalon park. take a look at that. you can see it's burned that person's fence there. the fire forest service says it's 50% contained and it's at 20 acres so far. but, again, just 50% contained right now and it is still very windy out there. you can see it is very close to some homes as well. at last check, it was still pretty fast-moving. this is all happening near wild tamarin boulevard. keep in mind the winds are gusty out there. meteorologist troy bridges will be with us in the next few minutes. 20 acres so far and close to a lot of homes out there. >> ginger: we got rain over the weekend but it's still dry out there. >> julie: we're talking about winds around 20 miles per hour. definitely a bad situation. >> ginger: backlash tonight for the head of a major tennis tournament.
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said women players ride on the coattails of men and that male players have carried the sport. news 6's kirstin o'connor explains why serena williams came back swinging. >> reporter: she wasn't just fighting off the competitor on sunday, she also found herself defending women's tennis from attack in the director. wta. they ride on the coattails of the men. they're lucky, very, very lucky. if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees
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>> for serena williams to come out as quickly as she did and denounce these remarks set the tone of the response from the women's tour very forcibly. >> reporter: williams is a bigger draw than her male counterparts. others joined williams in her outrage. >> i'm absolutely livid. >> reporter: moore issued an apology, saying he said something in the wrong taste. >> ginger: they were said out loud. >> lisa: it's like he was under
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like that at a press conference. you say something like that to serena williams and it's simply not true. you can't get in to see someone like serena williams playing. >> ginger: i applaud her for her composure. >> lisa: no kidding. keep the conversation going on our facebook page. let us know your thoughts on 6. she doesn't have to get on her knees for anything. >> ginger: all righty then. in case you missed it, cameras were rolling as a tornado hits a popular beach in south florida. it started out as a waterspout, swirling off the coast of fort lauderdale. the storm packed wind of more than 50 miles per hour when it came on shore and sent pool chairs flying everywhere. the storm damaged several catamarans and a canoe. people there are running for cover.
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>> many times, it will move over land and die out but this one didn't, all ahead of a front. >> ginger: thankfully everybody is okay. >> julie: we're so glad to have you here, filling in for tom sorrells. >> i love working with you ladies. today is going to be a fire threat and there's a red-flag warning through 7:00 tonight. they may expand that and let it extend later tonight because the winds are going to keep blowing. it will be breezy. let's show you what we're pinpointing. the big area of high pressure around the big area of high pressure to the northwest, the winds coming in out of the north. we have the clockwise flow. that's why it's so breezy out there. the same front that brought the waterspout that turned into a tornado in south florida continues to move to the south and we see the breezy and chilly conditions roll in behind the front. the north winds bring in more dry air. early in the morning tomorrow many spots dropping into the 40's. the northern zones, even the
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we have the red-flag warning in effect until 7:00 tonight. low humidity, below 35%. the winds right now, sustained near 20 miles per hour in many spots. gusting at times higher than that, near 30 to 35 miles per hour. that's why the fire threat will be high. any fires that spark up will move very quickly because of the wind. look at the temperatures. we're still in the mid-60's. 64 in orlando. 62 in daytona beach. 63 in ocala. right now, 61 in cocoa beach. temperatures dropping quickly tonight. in fact, here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. and notice as we take you through it hour by hour, we're at 55 degrees. at 9:00. 51 by 11:00. because of that breeze out of the north sticking around, at times it will feel more like the 40's and dropping into the 30's in our northern zones early in the morning tomorrow for the first full day of spring. can you believe it? we're up to 75 tomorrow, though, with not as windy conditions.
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and look a lot better. tomorrow we start out with a little bit of cloud cover through the coast, through the afternoon, one or two clouds. but dry air in place as the high pressure continues to dominate, allowing temperatures to drop off a lot overnight tonight. where you live by 7:00 in the morning tomorrow, down to 38 in ocala. 44 in orlando. 44 in daytona beach. and 49 in melbourne. so a chilly morning, early tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, though, turning out nice and sunny with dry air. the mid-70's in many spots, including 75 right here in orlando. as we take you through the rest of the week, rain chances do return at 20% thursday, 40% on friday. there's the weekend. wouldn't you know it, easter weekend, i need to move the easter to sunday. >> ginger: yeah, that bunny needs to hop right over there. >> it will be a little bit wet. the kids and parents are not happy about the 50% chance for rain. we'll watch the coverage closely. by friday, we'll see rain
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>> ginger: hop that bunny back over to sunday. thank you, troy. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> julie: here's a live look outside on i-4 at michigan. cars on the right side of the screen are traveling eastbound and traffic already stop-and-go in some spots this afternoon, causing some minor delays for drivers. westbound lanes are moving a little more smoothly. you can see traffic is not too heavy there. the drive times for you now, i-4 eastbound already slow from osceola parkway to colonial. you have a yellow light. it takes 37 minutes. i-4 westbound, lake mary to colonial, that takes 15 minutes. >> lisa: coming up the focus for election 2016 today and why one candidate opted out. >> julie: also ahead, the deadly hit-and-run investigation that has brevard county troopers on alert. >> ginger: then a big ruling today in michelle parker's
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decided should happen to the man who last saw her alive. >> julie: and sky 6 is live over a brushfire in avalon park. we're hearing it's 50% contained but still a dangerous situation out there. an update from photojournalist dave sprung right after the break. >> we're getting results on news 6 at 4:00 and on our news 6 app. keep it here.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> ginger: we're going back to breaking news we've been following. photojournalist dave sprung is live above a brushfire in the avalon park area. this thing is about 50% contained. what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: i would say it's more than 50% now and a big reprieve for the people who had homes threatened by the fire. here you can see the firefighters completely stopped the fire from hitting any of these houses. pretty much this is the only damage i'm seeing and that's the one fence at the back of the house. there are two sections that are burning, you can see this one here and bulldozers are cutting
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there's actually two of them. there's one more spot i'm seeing on fire. that's to the north side. there's really no homes in the path of the fire. especially this one here. this is the bad part, right on the other side of these trees. this is a whole swampy area, so it will actually help the firefighters contain the fire. the two bulldozers did go around the flames and cut fire lines. hopefully that can actually stop it. >> ginger: it has to be a big sigh of relief for the families living in that community. thank you, dave. of course, we're updating the story by the minute here on air and on, powered by news 6. we'll have more in just a minute. >> lisa: we're following more breaking news. a deadly shooting near a church basketball court in apopka. we're told this is happening close to the saint elizabeth church of god on 15th street. one person is found dead. as soon as we get new details,
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backlash. tourists say there's nowhere to go. >> ginger: and presidential candidates take center stage, shifting focus to foreign policy. who said what, ahead at 4:30. raised without antibiotics? that same chicken pulled by hand? freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> ginger: now at 4:30, the clues state troopers are working on in the deadly hit-and-run in brevard county. but first, a twist in the case of missing michelle parker. >> julie: it's a major decision as the family builds their negligent lawsuit against parker's ex, dale smith. she was last seen leaving her children at his home in 2011. here's more details on this. >> reporter: even though he's not been charged in the disappearance, he's the main suspect.
4:31 pm
years later want answers. >> it's agony. it's total torture. >> reporter: it's still total torture, though it's been a total four years after her daughter disappeared. the mother of three was last seen alive in 2011 after she and her ex-fiance, dale smith, appeared on an episode of people's court. he's the main suspect but never charged. parker's parents are suing him for negligence in their daughter's death. they want him to testify. >> i want to know where michelle is. >> reporter: but his attorney is trying to fight that today, saying giving a deposition wouldn't matter, because he's just going to take the 5th. >> reporter: the judge disagreed.
4:32 pm
plans to have smith do so on camera. >> reporter: smith's attorney believes the deposition could haunt his client in the future, just in case smith is ever indicted for parker's death. coming up at 5:00, see what he plans to do to make sure that doesn't happen. >> lisa: thank you. developing right now, the urgent search for the driver behind a deadly hit-and-run crash in brevard county. >> ginger: troopers say the truck involved should have some front end damage. >> julie: the driver hit and killed a man while he was trying to get back on his bike. it happened last night along courtney parkway and spruce avenue in merritt island. troopers say 54-year-old stephen terry was riding his bike when at one point he fell off while trying to cross the parkway. that's when the driver hit him and drove away. troopers are searching for a dark-colored 1995 to 2003 chevy pickup truck with front-end
4:33 pm
if you know anything about this crash, call the crime line. >> lisa: right now, foreign policy is taking center stage in the race for the white house. >> julie: nearly all the presidential candidates are addressing a pro-israel political action group today. >> ginger: starting with democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton, she's already starting to look to november's general election, laying out the case the next president needs to be a global leader. >> yes, we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> ginger: on the republican side, we're also expecting to hear from ted cruz and john kasich as well as donald trump. ahead of his speech at the convention, the business billionaire met with lawmakers on capitol hill. the meeting just wrapped up. as it turns out, trump kept the details pretty quiet.
4:34 pm
we had a really good meeting. >> mitch mcconnell and paul ryan didn't know about the meeting. they said they were not invited. was that on purpose? >> no, not at all. we're very inclusive. frankly, jeff and a small group just invited a small group of people. >> ginger: and bernie sanders is skipping it to campaign out west ahead of tomorrow's caucus. 131 delegates are at stake in three states, arizona, idaho and utah. and on the republican side, there's 98 in arizona and utah. >> julie: here on the space coast, it's all systems go for another launch at the cape. this time, united launch alliance will send a cargo capsule carrying international space station supplies into orbit. right now, the launch is set for tomorrow night at 11:05 p.m. the rocket will deliver 7500 pounds of food and equipment and experiment to the i.s.s.
4:35 pm
chance of favorable weather. when the launch happens, you can see it live on, powered by news 6. >> lisa: let's sent it over to meteorologist troy bridges pinpointing the launch conditions for us, in for tom tonight. it could be pretty windy for a launch. >> the good news, tomorrow the winds are going to calm down a lot. if it were happening tonight, we would have some issues because the breeze is going to kick up and continue to kick up through the evening hours. these are sustained winds at 10 miles per hour in orlando but gusting near 20 miles per hour in a large part of orange county. look at the coast, sustained winds greater than 20 miles per hour there at new smyrna beach, gusting at times near 30 miles per hour. so the fire threat is real. here's the red-flag warning in effect until 7:00 tonight, meaning we have really dry conditions. humidity below 35% and winds near 20 miles per hour, gusting even greater than that. the good news is we'll see the winds calm down a bit tonight. it will still be fairly breezy. here are the temperatures.
4:36 pm
will shift from the winds to that cool night and early morning we have in store with clear skies tonight. by 9:00, we drop to 55. we're at 53 at 10:00. early in the morning tomorrow, ladies, we're going to be in the 40's, even some 30's in the northern zones. we'll talk about that and how long this cooler air will stick around, straight ahead. >> julie: sounds good, troy. thank you. this is a live look at i-4 and church street. cars on the right side of the street are traveling eastbound and the cars on the left are going westbound. the eastbound cars are moving slowly there as traffic is slowing down and more folks hitting the roads. westbound lanes looking a little better. the drive times for you right now. >> julie: now to a big drive update. during overnight hours this week, expect rolling roadblocks on the westbound side of the interstate from parr street to kirkman road.
4:37 pm
operations will last up to 30 minutes in the middle of the night to allow crews to safely place steel bridge beams over i-4 westbound lanes to kirkman. for alerts, exit by exit and new detours coming your website. just head to big drive, powered by news 6. >> lisa: if you're hitting the road in the near future, you may have noticed a big jump in pump prices. >> ginger: news 6's johny fernandez has more on the timeline. >> reporter: you may have noticed gas prices have gone up to a quarter in the last few weeks and the trend may continue. >> i wish the gas could go back to 99 cent a gallon. >> reporter: it is a desire many of us have but probably won't see anytime soon. according to aaa in florida, we're paying more than the national average which is just under $2 for a regular gallon of
4:38 pm
in florida, regular gas is just at $2.03. but here in orlando, you'll be paying $2.01 for a gallon. he says he's not complaining about the spike, after just moving down from new jersey. >> a couple years back we were looking at 3, maybe -- almost $4 in gas. i'm happy we have not reached those levels again. >> reporter: the rise has to do with a number of issues. despite the rise, aaa records shows drivers have not had to pay $2 for a gallon of gas since december and prices are down, 45 cents since a year ago. >> so far down here, they seem to be a little bit lower. i've definitely appreciated that, being in a residented state. >> reporter: gas prices could go up 50 cents more than we're seeing now by memorial day weekend.
4:39 pm
spring breakers are out in central florida, but in some cities along the gulf coast, the crowds are not the same as in years prior. citing concerns about public drunkenness and damage to the beaches, the city of gulf shores, alabama just decided to ban alcohol, similar to what panama city did last year. tourists say it is showing. >> panama city is pretty much dead also. there's no spring break going on there. so we drove up here thinking things were going to be happening here and nothing. >> lisa: so businesses in the panama city beach area say sales have dropped 50 to 80% over the same period last year because of the ban. we told you last week, lifeguards in daytona beach think the crowds are coming here because of those bans. that's why police and beach safety decided to step up their patrols around atlantic avenue. taking you live now out to daytona beach, it doesn't look too crowded right now.
4:40 pm
if it's too windy or chilly for you to hit the water, there's other options out there for you. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing plenty of other fun activities for the family starting with some putt-putt on the green. >> candace: we continue to pinpoint your weather forecast around central florida. because it is spring break, why don't we start talking about some fun things to do with the family outdoors just because the weather is looking so nice for your tuesday. so we went around and found the congo river mini golf going on in altamonte. temperatures will warm up into the low 70's by 2, 3:00. that's where the highs are going to be about 75 degrees by 4 p.m. cooling down if you like evening mini golf, cooling down into the low 60's. plenty of sunshine. as we head out to play some golf, make sure to have the sunglasses with you. that will be mandatory to matter central florida for your tuesday.
4:41 pm
ahead at 4:00, the new findings for single moms. the role your zip code plays in success. >> julie: then the vessel going viral for its lesson learned on the internet. we'll explain, coming up. >> lisa: and safety concerns for drivers regarding a new feature in vehicles, why it caught the investigators. that's next. avalon park where firefighters are battling flames right now. you can see them there. it looks like they've flared up a little bit. you can see a lot of smoke in the area. we'll have another live update
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>> lisa: we continue to stay on top of breaking news for you. these are more live pictures from avalon park where firefighters are battling a brushfire right now. their last update was it was 50% contained. we have not received an update since then. it is threatening homes. no homes have been damaged. just one person's fence we could see from the live pictures was damaged. you can see it looks like some of these flames may have flared
4:45 pm
really intense right now. certainly more intense than what we saw even 20 minutes ago. we will continue to stay on top of this situation for you. of course, meteorologist troy bridges is tracking the winds for us this afternoon. we will let you know as soon as we get an update. >> ginger: tonight the u.s. government is investigating electronic gearshifters found in some jeep models. there have been hundreds of reports of vehicles rolling away. it's because the driver thought the vehicle was in park. chris van cleve reports from washington. >> gary titus leased a 2014 jeep grand cherokee, with an electronic transmission that changed the feel of shifting gears, maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get into drive, i could get into an accident because of that. >> reporter: it's a new e-shift which lacks the typical grooves and sensations of moving the car into park, drive or reverse.
4:46 pm
thought it was in park and it was in reverse still. transportation safety administration is now investigating more than 850,000 vehicles, most are 2014 and 2015 grand cherokee equipped with e-shift. it claims 121 accidents resulted in several people being hospitalized. we drove a 2014 grand cherokee at the consumer reports test track in connecticut. >> i've pushed all the way forward. it doesn't necessarily mean i end up in park. >> at the end of the day, we want to make sure there's no problem with the car moving in a direction the consumer is not expecting it. >> reporter: they're cooperating investigation. it has not recalled any of the existing models. the automakers say the changes were due to customer satisfaction, not safety
4:47 pm
>> ginger: bmw and mercedes have similar electronic shifters in their vehicles but they added a fail-safe feature which automatically puts the car in park when the driver opens the door. >> lisa: being a single mom can be tough, but new research suggests where you live can help. scottsdale, arizona is the best city in the country for single moms to raise a family. the analysis considered several factors in its ranking, including cost of living and job opportunities for single moms. madison, wisconsin came in second. some florida cities did make the top 20. pembroke pines came in at no. 6 and orlando came in at no. 15. twitter is celebrating its 10th birthday today.
4:48 pm
everything from the way we send out and follow news with hashtags and trending stories. the site had about 305 million users a month at last check. >> julie: i remember when it first started i thought it was not going to catch on. >> ginger: i know. and here we are, 10 years later. >> lisa: i had to go back nearly seven years to find my first tweet. i find these almost embarrassing. i was tweeting about a kid pageant show. >> ginger: if you thinks yours is embarrassing. learning about twitter from tv star and at janie porter, two people i worked with in the office who were early adopters. we both did it in 2009 which was the year the news director looked into it and said everybody is on twitter. you've got to be on twitter.
4:49 pm
was frowned upon. so i didn't send my first tweet until i started working here. it was very creative. in case you didn't open my feed and see there were to other tweets prior to that. >> julie: i liked that. i was really kind of scared as i was typing mine in. i thought oh, we're going to use this on air, what's going to happen. >> ginger: so many things. >> lisa: we're so happy to have you, troy. >> i'm glad to be here with you ladies. >> lisa: a lot is happening right now. >> the fire threat is continuing through 7:00 tonight. then we're talking about the cold, 30's, 40's, even a frost advisory happening now. >> ginger: happy spring. >> i know, the first full day of spring. frost in effect in marion county
4:50 pm
there's an advisory through 9:00 county. we have a red-flag warning in effect for all counties, until 7:00 tonight as we have very dry conditions in place and gusty winds gusting at times near 20 miles per hour to 30 miles per hours. once the sun sets, we'll see a lot of that wind begin to die down, which is the good news for tonight and then again tomorrow, the winds are not a big factor. look at the temperatures. that's the big story later tonight into early tomorrow. here's where we are now. we're in the mid-60's. that's been the high in many spots today. the average high is 79 degrees in orlando right now, we're at 64 in orlando and 61 in cocoa beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate weather forecast for tonight if you're making plans lucky you. we're at breezy conditions through the late night hours but not as windy. 53 at 10:00 tonight. tomorrow there's a bit of a rebound through the afternoon. the frost advisory is early in
4:51 pm
by noon, we're ' up to 67. we get up to 75 by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine as dry air continues to build in with the north wind as high pressure continues to dominate the forecast. there's the clouds and wind forecast. tomorrow, a couple of clouds along the coast. that's about it as the high pressure dominates today and tomorrow. it will eventually shift off the east coast and we'll see the winds calm down and we'll see a few more clouds rolling in and rain chances by the end of the week. we have a couple of very dry days, early in the morning tomorrow, cold air in place. cold, cold stuff. stuff we haven't seen in six weeks. we're at 38, early in the morning tomorrow in ocala, dropping to 45 in sanford and down to 44 in orlando and 43 there for the palm coast and 44 for daytona beach early in the morning tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, looking good, though, with lots of sunshine. dry air in place. light winds in store. that's the good news. we're at 74 in sanford tomorrow.
4:52 pm
74 in ocala. 72 in daytona beach. the rip current risk will be elevated for the next couple of days because of the winds that have been kicking up. tomorrow the winds will die down and things get a little bit mid-week. there's your high on wednesday after tomorrow's 75. thursday. more moisture working into the atmosphere. so rain chances do increase, just a little bit on thursday to 20%. up to 40% friday. there's the easter weekend, saturday a 50% coverage of rain. rain chances easter sunday through the afternoon at 50%. it won't be a total wash-out but that is definitely a forecast we'll be watching closely. but back to the mid-80's for the weekend. back to you. >> lisa: that sounds great. >> ginger: that is good news. thank you, troy. ahead at 4:30, the deadline for one of amazon's most popular devices. >> lisa: ahead at 5:00, a teen girl targeted and threatened.
4:53 pm
situation. the suspect is still on the run. >> julie: but first how a $288 million research vessel turned
4:54 pm
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> lisa: tonight a warning for kindle users. >> julie: come wednesday, you may notice your device can't access the internet. >> ginger: if so, it's because you did not get the update in time. you need to act fast on this one. if you don't update your old e-reader before march 22nd, you cannot download books from the cloud or the internet. it's basically dead. the update affects kindle models made from 2012 and earlier. if you wait until after tomorrow, you have to manually add the update. >> julie: trending now, what do you get if you ask the internet for something serious?
4:57 pm
etty oat etty oat y the boat face. if the internet prevails, it will be called the mcboat face, next to the rss it's bloody cold here. >> ginger: coming up on the news at 5:00, we're following several breaking news stories, including a deadly shooting on a church basketball court. next at 5:00, new details we've just learned about the violent scene in apopka. >> lisa: more breaking news in orange county. homes in danger as a brushfire spreads.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> lisa: crews are battling a large brushfire right now that


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