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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> ginger: right now at 5:30, new developments in the parker. why a judge is ordering her former fiance to testify under oath. thank you for joining us. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell in for matt austin tonight.
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orange county. sky 6 is flying over a fire that appears to have started on a area. this is happening in bithlo on county road 13. you can see how close this fire is to a home as we zoom out there and the flames did spread to nearby brush. just moments ago, sky 6 flew over another brushfire. park. that's burning dangerously close to some homes. this has been burning now over 90 minutes. this was happening near a conservation area near wild tamarin boulevard and avalon park boulevard. a red-flag warning was issued today, which means an increased fire danger. meteorologist troy bridges is pinpointing that risk for central florida right now, first at 5:30. >> we're going to have the warning in in effect until 7:00 tonight. the winds will be breezy, even through late tonight. the wind is sustained in orlando at 7 miles per hour. we're seeing other areas with sustained winds near 20 miles
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smyrna beach with winds sustained around 21 miles per hour and gusting at times earlier today near 30 miles per hour. here's the fire threat. the red-flag warning for all counties through 7:00 tonight as we have very low humidity and that breeze sticking around. jackets are in order tonight, certainly in order early tomorrow. coming up, we'll talk about how cold it will be early in the morning, how long the cool temperatures stick around and when rain does finally roll in.
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get closer to easter. threat. back to you, ladies. >> ginger: we'll take it now. breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. and breaking right now, we're told a fire at disney's animal kingdom caused an evacuation of some of its guests and cast members earlier today. we go the this video from someone visiting the park. they tweeted it out saying it happened during the festival of "the lion king". it looks from this video like the elephant in that performance caught on fire. disney says, however, no one was hurt. the former fiance of missing mom, michelle parker, who disappeared the day after the couple appeared on people's court is in the spotlight. >> lisa: dale smith is trying to get out of answering questions in a lawsuit.
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mom wanted answers and wanted to know what happened to her daughter for more than four years now and filed this lawsuit against her daughter's ex-fiance, the main suspect in the case, dale smith. in hopes of getting results and getting answers. smith's attorney fought back, asking a judge if he could stay silent. >> he'll take the fifth amendment. that's the whole purpose. this is america. >> reporter: the attorney says his client is staying silent. dale smith, not answering any questions as to what happened to ex-fiancee michelle parker. the mother of three who went missing back in 2011 right after she and smith appeared on an episode of the people's court. ever since then, smith has been the main suspect but never charged. and ever since, parker's mom has wanted answers to those questions. >> maybe one day the truth will come out and we'll be able to find michelle and we'll know what happened. >> reporter: so she's suing for
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smith's attorney asking the judge if he could skip out on testifying, saying he's going to plead the 5th, no matter what. however, a judge said no, saying smith has to answer to every question, even if he uses his right to remain silent. and parker's parents' attorney, belvin perry, plans to ask those questions on camera. >> you cannot judge a person's demeanor, their tone, their reaction on a cold transcript. a video deposition gives you the advantage of being able to look at a person and judge their credibility or lack of credibility. >> reporter: which is exactly why the attorney plans to file a motion to get that video sealed from the public. >> the public the fifth amendment is synonymous with guilty, but that's not the constitution. that's prejudicial to my client which is one of the reasons i wanted the deposition sealed. >> reporter: parker's parents are also in the middle of
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battle against smith. the case allowed them to pass legislation to allow grandparents to fight for custody. they're hoping to get visitation rights for parker's children and the case is picking up in the next few weeks. >> lisa: all new at 5:30, a 12-year-old girl is sitting in jail right now, accused of pinching a boy on the behind at school. >> ginger: the boy's mom is pressing charges, claiming the incident qualifies as battery. it all happened at a middle school when the boy says he was walking from lunch back to class. he says a girl he does not know grabbed his behind and said to him, "that's what you get." about a week after it happened, the boy's mom said she wanted to press charges so the girl was picked up at her parents' house and placed in a patrol car. we'll be pressing for more answers on this story and have more on air and on >> lisa: a man is under arrest tonight accused of shooting someone for playing their music too loud.
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daytona beach police say antoine young shot the victim in the leg with a shotgun. they tell us this all started strangers. when the suspect asked the victim to turn his music down, young is now charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. hundreds of people joined together in miami to protest president obama's trip to cuba. >> ginger: this is the first presidential visit to cuba in nearly 90 years. but not everyone is excited about this historic trip. some americans are upset the u.s. is working with the communist nation while others, who visited cuba from miami to witness history for themselves, say they like the changes they're seeing here. >> it's not about the government. it's about the people. it's a great day in terms of opportunity for the human people. >> ginger: florida's lieutenant governor joined over 200 people in the little havana neighborhood of miami to make their voices heard about the president's visit.
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"a sad day for me." some are calling for the president to cut all ties with cuba. baseball season is about two weeks away, but you don't have to wait that long to catch a game. >> lisa: spring training is well underway here in central florida. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing your forecast on the diamond. >> candace: the houston astros versus the atlanta braves tomorrow at 1:00. talk about picture-perfect conditions for the weather. have the sunglasses because we'll certainly be seeing plenty of that spring sunshine. temperatures are warming up into the low 70's by 2 p.m. as the game begins. by the evening hours, they'll gradually be cooling down into the low 70's. we'll have a nice, light breeze in kissimmee. nice, mild conditions. the big story will be all of that sunshine. >> ginger: thank you, candace. let's get a check of the roads on this monday afternoon with julie broughton. >> julie: we'll tracking some slowdowns through the downtown area.
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now at i-4 and ivan ho. the cars are approaching colonial. the cars driving away from me are tracking westbound and moving slowly through the downtown area. as well. it's that time of day where you can expect some delays. here's how it looks as we check out the traffic flows on the maps. we're still seeing congestion and delays due to an earlier crash on i-4 at the state road 436 exit. average speed on i-4 eastbound from the turnpike to the 408 is around 15 to 25 miles per hour and slowdowns in each direction down towards the attractions. here are your drive times now. >> julie: back to you guys. >> ginger: thank you, julie. there could soon be more homes available in lake nona. developers are expected to request approval for what would be one of central florida's
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the "orlando sentinel" is reporting sun bridge would stretch across 37 square miles southeast of orlando. they're planning to build more than 7,000 homes as well as a number of shops, offices and hotels. it will be built on property owned by the affiliate of the mormon church. if the project gets the green light, construction is expected to begin as soon as 2018. there's a new warning for dog owners tonight. >> lisa: it's about the treats four-legged friend. what one woman says she found in her dog's treats and how pedigree responded to her complaints. >> ginger: plus apple announces its newest iphone. we'll show you how the next big thing could come in a small package. >> and we're pinpointing cold air, the coldest in six weeks across central florida tonight. early in the morning tomorrow, expect temperatures to drop into the 30's in marion county. the 40's in many other spots. there's a frost advisory through
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coming up, we'll talk about a warm-up and when rain chances help with the fire threat. >> ginger: a new online jobs scheme is using locals to ship stolen items overseas. we'll show you what to watch out (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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>> ginger: tonight we have word of an onlines jobs scheme, using central floridians to ship stolen goods out of the country. >> lisa: the job seems good, the pay even better. here's this week's "schemes and rip-offs" with mike holfeld. >> reporter: news 6 is investigating a shipping scheme that hires employees to repackage goods delivered to their door and then reship them to international clients. >> they find ways to cross it and they're using innocent
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>> reporter: this e-mail received by a news 6 viewer last week is a job offer generated by an internet job site. the company claims to be looking for quality inspectors in the u.s.a. >> the items are purchased with stolen credit cards and so the job seeker is actually enabling a smuggling operation. >> reporter: she's the c.e.o. and founder of flex jobs, a company that screens potential employers before it allows the posts on its site. >> one of my recommendations is to google search the company you're looking for along with the word scam. >> reporter: case in point, llc, sent to a news 6 viewer, got her attention. the company has been red flagged on the scam sites. one person suggesting if you receive an e-mail from them, run for your life. >> it's certainly a big risk for the job seeker and it's very widespread across the country. >> reporter: we should tell you
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this job offer is $2800 a month plus $50 for every item shipped. of course, the checks are usually counterfeit. here's a number to consider. flex jobs just completed a survey that found 17% of online job seekers have been scammed at least once. most job boards don't provide layers of screaming for the companies posting. so you have to be on guard. if they want you to ship something, chances are it's a scam. i've set up a link with more information at mike holfeld, news 6. >> lisa: mike, thank you. this afternoon, apple announced their newest iphone. >> ginger: the press conference was smaller than usual and so is the company's latest product. check this out. smaller version of the iphone, call the iphone se. it has an aluminum design with matte edges.
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>> it's incredibly powerful which makes it even better to do the things iphone customers want it to do. >> ginger: there's a smaller ipad pro. the c.e.o. talked about the unique methods they use to help the environment to make sure their global operations are renew renewable. there are now 1 billion active apple devices worldwide. >> lisa: that's crazy. i don't know about the smaller device. >> ginger: i don't either. i think once you go six inches, you can't go four inches. >> reporter: right. yours is the plus. i do like the idea of it being more powerful. any smaller -- >> ginger: i just want more power in my 6-plus. >> lisa: there you go. two fantasy sports sites is
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they reached a deal with draftkings and fanduel. the state argued they're gambling sites. no word if it they'll leave the state indefinitely or continue the legal battle. >> lisa: a woman is filing a complaint with pedigree after finding long plastic-like fibers in several dog treats. she bought the marrow bone dog treats at a wal-mart neighborhood market and says the plastic-like fibers were sticking out of several treats. turns out, this isn't the first complaint. there are similar stories across the nation. pedigree has responded to previous complaints saying, quote, "they're natural fibers from meat and bone meal which occur with products made using those ingredients." >> ginger: spring is officially here. it means it's time for one of the most beautiful blooms of the year. >> lisa: we're talking about the cherry blossoms. people in western japan are welcoming the first blooms of
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expected within the week. here in the u.s., thousands of tourists are expected to flock to the national mall in d.c. for the cherry blossomxpected to flock to the national mall in d.c. for the cherry blossom yesterday and will run through april 17th with peak bloom expected around wednesday and thursday. >> ginger: let me tell you. the meteorolgists in d.c., this is a big time for them to forecast. because they get that wrong, people plan their weddings around this. >> yes, they do. >> lisa: my husband's birthday is in early april and we visited his brother in japan and the cherry blossoms were in bloom and they were gorgeous. >> it's a beautiful thing. it's spring, first full day of spring. >> lisa: it didn't feel like it. >> ginger: not at all. >> we're going to warm back to
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the high to the north and west, bringing in dry, stable air when you talk about rain chances. dry air, keeping showers and thunderstorms away from us, behind that front. that does mean we have a fire threat. there's a red-flag warning through 7:00 tonight. chilly air rolling in around the area of high pressure overnight behind the front. here is that red-flag warning fo7:00 tonight because of that dry condition that we have in place. we have a lot of dry brush as well, low humidity and the wind gusting earlier today near 30 miles per hour. the winds are calming down a bit. now we're going to focus on the cold air that builds in early in the morning. marion county under a frost morning. many areas starting off tomorrow morning in the mid-40's. marion county likely to drop into the upper 30's. right now across central florida, mid-60's and that's spots today. the average afternoon high where we should be this time of year is 79 degrees in orlando.
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we're at 65 in orlando right now. 64 in ocala. 62 at daytona beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. notice the skies as we take you through tonight. temperatures dropping off with clearing skies. we're at 9:00 at 55. with breezy conditions. it will be breezy with the north winds at about 15 miles per hour. but we're not talking about gusts. up to 30 miles per hour. the winds will calm down tonight. tomorrow, the wind not as strong as today. still a fire threat in place because of the dry brush, the dry air and a little bit of a breeze through the afternoon tomorrow. look at the hour-by-hour forecast. at noon, 67. 75 at 4:00. we'll take that, closer to average. the average high in orlando is 79. notice a few clouds here and there along the coast in brevard county but most of us will see a lot of sunshine tomorrow with hardly any clouds accept for coastal zones late tomorrow.
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in the morning tomorrow. ocala at 38. 41 in the villages, dropping to 44 in orlando and 44 in daytona beach. that rip current risk will stick around tomorrow. watch out spring breakers. we're at 74 in ocala tomorrow. 74 in sanford, warming to 72 in daytona beach and once again, 75 in orlando. look at wednesday. up to 81. warming to 85 on thursday. rain chances do return by the end of the week. there's a 40% chance for rain on friday. 50% rain chances for both saturday and for easter sunday. i know it's not good news for your outdoor plans. we warm into the mid-80's for the weekend. we could use the rain to help with that fire threat. of course, we're going to watch that forecast very closely. we don't want the rain for the easter egg hunts. we have to get the timing down as we get closer to easter. >> lisa: no one wants it too wet. >> ginger: if it's raining, sunrise services, not so much.
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>> ginger: thank you, troy. a wildlife officer came to the rescue after a kayaker spotted two deer in the ocean. what they were doing before getting disoriented in the water, next at 5:30. >> ginger: and a scary scene. a man tries to lure a teen into his car. police are now asking the
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>> ginger: more than 60 million americans suffer from allergies. the site's national allergy map shows the southern half of the u.s. slammed with pollen right now. it's not much better out west either. phoenix, las vegas and new orleans are getting hit the worst.
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sea after two deer were confused. >> lisa: the kayaker was concerned after two deer on the beach ran directly into the water and swam away from shore, happening in saint andrews state park not far from panama city beach. the officer spotted 2 small heads bobbing in the water more than a thousand yards from shore. they seemed tired and disoriented trying to fight against the waves. the officer guided them toward shore and gently navigated them back to land. they ran safely over the dunes and back into the state park. >> ginger: it's so sad when you wonder how long they've been out there, too. coming up at 6:00, three cops are off the job in osceola county. what they're accused of doing and how the suspensions could
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 6:00, a scary situation for a teen girl who says a man tried to lure her into his car and then threatened her. and a brushfire has burned dangerously close to several homes in east orange county. first, though, three kissimmee officers are suspended accused of lying in court. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm lisa bell. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden in for matt austin tonight. a lot of investigative work could be put on hold as the department gets to the bottom of what happened. news 6 reporter troy campbell is following the story tonight. these suspensions involve the entire street crimes unit? >> reporter: that's exactly right. the others not involved, they've been reassigned. we are told that the public defender in the case is the one who discovered this surveillance video. i'm also currently in the process of reviewing the three officers' personnel records and


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