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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking news out of belgium. at least two explosions rocked the airport. >> at ucf two men storm an apartment, robbing the victims inside. >> a close watch on a brush fire neighborhood. the brush fire burned dangerously close to homes. how weather conditions are flare-ups. good morning, central florida. thanks for joining us. a lot to get to on this tuesday. i'm bridgett elliso >> i'm david hall. shortly. breaking news out of belgium.
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have been killednd several others have been injured. >> witnesses say it appears they were centered near an american airlines departure. it happened near the morning rush. hundreds of passengers trying to check in. all flights have been diverted and passengers being evacuated in this area. there are reports there was a third explosion at a nearby subway station. >> investigators are stressing it is unclear what caused the explosions or if terrorism is involved. we know the terror threat has belgium. however, the terror level has been raised the maximum. we are continuing to monitor this breaking news story. we'll bring you details on news and online at >> another cool start to the day. >> one county is dealing with a frost advisory. let's get the latest from candace campos. >> it is the third day of
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talking about frost advisories. this is what is going on. we have a ridge of high pressure in control. you can see the cool air from the north. on the western side pumping in the heat and the humidity from the west. the highill continue to slide over parts of the atlantic. it will start our warming trend. until then, look at the temperatur across the nation. up and down the eastern seaboard, we are waking up to temperatures in the 30's. upper 40's in orlando. marion county, you are waking up to 37 degrees which is why you are under a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. 39 in palm coast. 48 in orlando. warmer out in the brevard coast in the upper 50's. our frost advisory for our viewing area including parts of marion county. as we take you hour by hour so you caplan out your day. topping out in the 70's, four degrees below that average mark for the city beautiful. it will be dry with plenty of that spring sunshine. get out and enjoy the nice
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warm up as well as the rain chances going up. we'll have all those details coming up in my full forecast. how the roadways are shaping up with our traffic anchor. >> candace, thank you. one thing i want to pass along, it looks like we have a disabled vehicle which is blocking a travel lane. this is happening on the exit ramp from i-4 westbound, it takes you over to conroy road. watch out for one lane blocked with that out there. it is the only accident or issue we are finding for the time being. an impact. this gives you an idea for the general flow of volume by state road 40. things are sleepy. still early, back to you. >> amy, thank you. we are following breaking news overnight near the campus of ucf. two men barge into an apartment and steal items. investigators tell us one of the men were armed with a handgun. one person was inside the apartment at the time but this person was not injured.
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detectives are working to get a better description of the suspects. >> firefighters are keeping a close eye on a neighborhood in orange county after a brush fire ignited, burning close to homes. the fire is contained. crews are worried with the dry conditions hot spots could mean flare-ups. it happened along the boulevard in avalon park. that's where we find johnny fernandez. >> i'm thinking we are lucky. it came close. >> alson and her neighbors had a close call after this 20 acre fire spread around this avalon park neighborhood. the flames just steps from her backyard. she says she could feel the heat from inside her house. >> it was like that. it was behind the house, coming this way within minutes. >> fire crews say they got to the 20 acre fire quickly and got it under control after it threatened dozens of homes in
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allison said she and neighbors sprung into action. >> there were people across the street. everybody was turning sprinklers on in the backyard. >> josh was one of those landscapers. >> a lot of people were freaking out. they were all going crazy. >> crews say no one was hurt but some homes couldn't stand the heat. >> that was news 6 johnny fernandez report. >> there is an alert for parents after daytona beach police say this man right here tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car. this happened friday night along the 1200 block of hill crest drive near daytona state college. 14-year-old deforest tells us one minute she was walking down the street picking up her parkway frend's sister. the next, a man tried kidnapping her. she had only one chance to escape. >> i was thinking, am i going to get kidnapped, am i going to be taken away and never seen again. >> stewart said the man sped away after she screamed. her mother said she has seen the car before and believes this man
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here's a look at the suspect one more time. we are told he is in his 30's and 40's. he is roughly 180 pounds. if you know who this man is, call police. >> a crime tracker alert in seminole county where altamonte springs police searching for a man who they say robbed four people as they were getting out of their cars. here's a composite sketch as the man they are searching for. officers say all the crimes happened yesterday morning. police s the man may have had another man helping him pull off these robberies. no one was seriously hurt. if you recognize that guy or have information about these crimes that could help police, call the crime line, 1-800-423-tips. >> in orange county, police working to get results and finding a missing man they say disease. 70-year-old ken net of jacksonville was last seen at a 7-eleven on idrive in orlando. his family is worried because they say he may not know how to reach them. detectives say he was last seen
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if you see him, call 911. >> now to a story you'll see only on news 6. an injured bald eagle found in a neighborhood. now we are getting results after a viewer reached out to us for help. a viewer sent us video saying he found the eagle outside his home on winding water circle in winter springs. you can see the eagle standing upright, we are told the bird doesn't appear to flight. seminole county animal control came out and took a look at the bird and took it away. we haven't heard what caused the bird's injury. we e-mailed fish and wildlife but haven't heard back. >> governor scott will be right here in central florida to deliver a speech at a business in orlando. the governor is expected to speak about job growth on lawson boulevard. right now, it is all systems go for tonight's atlas launch. >> forecasters are predicting an 80% chance of favorable weather
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here's some pictures of the united launch rocket being rolled out to the pad yesterday. they will be carrying more than 7,000 pounds worth of supplies, experiments and food. one of the experiments involves lighting a fire. the launch is set for 11:05 p.m. when it happens, you'll see it live here dug our newscast on news 6 and online,, powered by news 6. >> we are hoping for the best in that situation. weatherwise, talking about a chilly day but it should warm up. >> we are going to be warming up. when it comes to the rocket launch, the winds are dying down. that was a big concern. i was like, i hope those winds start to weaken. they are doing so right now. as we look at watches and warnings, tracking a frost advisory for marion county until 9:00 a.m. as temperatures this morning are dipping into the 30's. can you believe that we are on
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we are talking about near freezing temperatures? 41 in the villages. 44 in sanford. warmer the further south you go, city beautiful at 48. 10 degrees warmer in cocoa beach. palm coast, you are coming in at 39 degrees. comparing it to 24 hours ago, about 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. the good news is, i know yesterday was too cool for a lot of people for spring. we will be warming into the mid 70's. it will be feeling very comfortable and very dry out there. speaking of dry, look at the radar, the radar sweeps going around, not showing anything. it will be nice and dry if you are heading out. spring break, heading out to the parks. beautiful weather. temperatures going into the mid 70's. how the roadways are shaping up with amy from the napleton traffic center. >> thank you so much. this morning, we are unfolding very nicely on the roads. we don't have any significant accidents.
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your drive times not a factor, 408 expressway looking fantastic. same thing on 417. no significant tap of the breaks this. even as construction picks up because it is early. not a lot for delays. a look at i-4 by fairbanks, looking just fine. a couple of eastbound cars coming towards you. no major need for any extra time this morning. that is your your look at traffic for now. >> a big day in results 2016 as voters head to the polls in three states. >> still ahead, how many delegates are up for grabs and why today's pray mayor could be key for the gop front runner donald trump. >> we are following breaking news right now out of belgium where the belgian media is reporting 13 people have died and 30 others are injured after several explosions rocked the
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. >> sglf good morning. it is 5:44. if you are just waking up with us, we are following breaking news just into the news room. authorities are now saying a series of explosions this morning in the belgium city of brussels are the work of terrorists. 13 people confirmed dead. several others have been hurt after these explosions hit the airport and a subwastation. the airport is being evacuated. all flights being diverted. the city subway system has been
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we are following the latest developments out of brussels on this. we'll bring you new developments as they come in here on news 6 and on, powered by news 6. >> it is a big day in results 2016 as voters in three states go to cast their ballot for president. there is a lot at stake especially for the republicans as some try to keep donald trump from getting more delegates. between the two states there are 98 delegates up for grabs. for democrats, voters will cast ballots in delaware and idaho. 130 delegates up for the attacking there. voter comes hours after some of the candidates spoke at the american israel conference. trump told that crowd it is crucial that america stands with israel, something his opponents criticize saying it was a shift from his previous stance on this issue. >> we will send a clear signal
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america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says it is neutral on monday and pro israel tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because ything is negotiatable. >> the only candidate not to take part in the conference was bernie sanders. instead he campaigned in utah ahead of today's election. you can keep track of all things politics on our website, you can read the election news and see where each candidates stands right now when it comes to delegates. all you have to do is head to our website, >> new details surrounding a deputy involved shooting near the campus of university of florida. a 16-year-old was shot and killed by deputies after they say he had a gun and threatened suicide. investigators si the gun the teen was holding was fake it is a story we first brought you yesterday morning as breaking news.
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a gainesville complex yesterday morning after witnesses saw 16-year-old robert dentman walking around with an assault weapon. investigators say they asked dentman to drop the weapon. when he didn't, they opened fire. dentman later died at a hospital nearby. authorities will release the names of the deputies involved. the sheriff's department also plans on holding a meeting to discuss the shooting. >> shows expected to resume at animal kingdom after a small fire broke out in the middle of the festival of the lion king. you can see the scene right this is video showing smoke inside the theatre. it was posted by a twitter user. witnesses tell news 6 the float caught on fire and 1,000 people were evacuated. disney tells us the fire was out before firefighters got to the scene. disney did cancel the last show of the day because of the fire. they are expected to resume shows later this morning. the cause of the fire is still unknown at this time.
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right place at the right time. quick thinking earned him a job. >> the teen stopped a robbery while he was being interviewed for a job. >> it could be my mom, anybody. you have to protect somebody. >> it happened at a pop eyes over the weekend. devon washington was speaking with the manager when he saw a man walk up to a cashier and grab money of the register. washington jumped into action, helping the assistant manager nab a suspect and hold him there until police could arrive. as a thank you, the restaurant offered washington the job on the spot. they had no choice but to do that. >> that's one way to get a job. >> he had a good stance. he is shall be you might want there. don't you. >> right up the chain. >> why not the owner? >> a nice day today. temperatures remain in the 70's. it is a little warmer than yesterday.
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just downright chilly. we are waking up to lows right now if you can believe it in the 30's. ocala, palm coast, the 30's. the 50's in brevard county. later this afternoon, i'm putting the word pleasant and comfortable. it is going to be mostly dry for this afternoon. the winds are dying down which was a real inkling when it comes to how it is feeling. it was very strong yesterday. late week, we are going to see rain chances increase as well as those temperatures. we will be getting back into the mid to upper 80's by easter weekend. as we look at the radar, looking mostly dry. radar soup going around, not picking up much in the way of rain. our satellite is not picking up much in the way of cloud cover. the lack of cloud cover is allowing the heat to escape into space, dropping temperatures. 48 degrees in orlando. we are in the upper 30's in palm
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gainesville at 37 degrees. slightly warmer along the coastline. 55, keeping temperatures a bit mild. as we look at the 24 hour temperature changeompared to yesterday morning, waking up to 6 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. the good news is temperatures are going to be warming up as we head into the afternoon. wind speeds also dying down, calm right now in the villages. very good ingredients to see frost. if you have frost pictures, send them our way, send them to twitter or facebook or our storm pins app. search wk wkmg in the app store. the winds moving in from the north-northwest. they will start to veer off the ocean. that will start up the gradual warming trend. as we look at satellite and radar composite. the weak front making its way throughout the sunshine state t. high will help us live up to our name. plenty of sunshine. the winds will weaken as highs will stay in the mid to upper 70's.
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trying to pinpoint anything today, not much. until about wednesday, we'll see a bit more in the way of cloud cover up and down the coastline. a slight 20% chance of rain out there along the beaches. that is about it until we head into friday and saturday. rain chances increase significantly, up to 50% to 60%. no advisories on the water if you are enjoying spring break on the boat. the surf will be a light chop. better conditions than yesterday. let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> we'll warm up to 75 degrees, below average for this time of year. where you live by 4:00 p.m., mid 70's across the interior locations. beaches. later tonight, we'll be not as chilly as this morning, 55 degrees will be our overnight low in orlando. then temperatures and rain chances ramp up very quickly as we head into saturday and sunday.
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50% chance for rain with highs in the mid 80's. that's your seven-day forecast. let's head over to the traffic center. we don't have a ton going on. we have one breakdown which appears to be taking out a travel lane. if you are going to be traveling through the area. we have one lane blocked because of the stalled out vehicle. i-4 westbound, right at the conroy road exit. not causing huge delays. for safety, it is good to know it is out there. this is the overall flow of volume. very nice conditions, no real build in. we are moving along, it is smooth sailing on i-4 this morning. that's your check on traffic. back over to you now. >> the time now is 5:52 on this tuesday morning. a warning for jeep owners. >> after reports of 100 crashes. what could be wrong with the electronic gear shift. >> up next, a check of the big stories ons tuesday,
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news out of belgian. the attacks are now being called an act of terrorism. the latest developments are next. again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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>> just heading out the door hang tight. first up, following breaking news out of belgium where explosions have rocked the cities of brussels with belgian media reporting 13 people were killed. authorities confirm the explosions are considered terrorist attacks. the country has raised its terror threat level to maximum. we are continuing to stay on top of this breaking news and we'll bring you another update in a few minutes. >> a local university pauses to remember a fallen officer.
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honor the officer. >> a middle schooler faces charges. what she is accused of doing,
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>> a series of explosions in belgium have left 13 people dead. details just into the news room
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>> brush fire burn dangerously close to homes. we are live with the details you need to know. plus -- >> what has this world come to? a kid can't be a kid. >> a middle schooler arrested. what she is accused of doing. what she had to say just ahead. >> we want to begin with breaking news from belgium where a series of explosions have killed 13 people and more than 30 others have been hurt. johnny has been following the latest. he joins us in the news room. what can you tell us at this point? >> the belgium government has called this series of attacks a terror attack. they are avenueding people to stay inside. now we want to get over to live pictures of the scene. let's take a look at that. two of those explosions were reported at the brussels airport with a third taking place at a subway station. one of those explosions was a


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