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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> brush fire burn dangerously close to homes. we are live with the details you need to know. plus -- >> what has this world come to? a kid can't be a kid. >> a middle schooler arrested. what she is accused of doing. what she had to say just ahead. >> we want to begin with breaking news from belgium where a series of explosions have killed 13 people and more than 30 others have been hurt. johnny has been following the latest. he joins us in the news room. what can you tell us at this point? >> the belgium government has called this series of attacks a terror attack. they are avenueding people to stay inside. now we want to get over to live pictures of the scene. let's take a look at that. two of those explosions were reported at the brussels airport with a third taking place at a subway station. one of those explosions was a
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the airport was evacuated and all flights in brussels have now been cancelled or diverted. here's what we know so far. according to reports, the blast centered on an american airlines desk in a departure at 8:00 local time. again, another explosion has also been reported at a brussels station. 13 people have been reported dead with dozens of others hurt. in the wake of the explosion, the belgian interior minister has raised the terror alert to the highest level. it comes days after salah abslam was arrested. we'll keep you up to date on the story as it continues to develop on air and online. online. >> a lot going on with this story. thank you. >> our other big story this morning, the cooler weather. >> it may be spring but it is still chilly outside with parts of central florida waking up
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candace is pinpointing the forecast. >> we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. that is the only county in our viewing area. temperatures, we are waking to the 30's in some spots. >> 36 now in ocala. low 40's in the villages and leesburg. upper 40's in orlando. sanford, 44. cocoa beach at 57 degrees. comparing it to 24 hours ago, running 9 to 12 degrees cooler today than yesterday. the big change will be later this afternoon. we'll warm into the 70's. just a few degrees below that average. you can see here in the last couple of days, it has been a downward trend as you can see. this morning, we are waking up to 50 degrees. that should head up to 75 later today. again, there will be a better chance of rain and heat and humidity just around the corner. more details on that coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the roadways are shaping up in the traffic center with amy.
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as far as the drive goes, if you are getting ready to head out the door, you really don't need to plan any extra time. we have no significant accidents. drive times looking nice. westbound ride. the eastbound track, osceola parkway to colonial, only 17 minutes at this point of the morning. this is how we look as far as general volume goes. it is lonely. i-95, not a lot working. you are moving very, very easily. that's your check on traffic for now. back over to you. >> a missing child alert has been issued for 12-year-old girl in seminole county. investigators say jaden was last seen on morning glory drive in lake mary sunday in a gray jacket with yellow sleeves and cutoff blue jeans. brown eyes. sheriff's office. >> also this morning, deputies are searching for the gunman who
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church basketball court. this shooting happened on 15th street in apopka. deputies say there were witnesses but detectives aren't getting a lot of information. deputies are asking anyone who saw what happened or knows something about this to call the sheriff's office or the crime line number, 1-800-423-tips. >> a 12-year-old girl is arrested and facing serious charges after pinching a boy's butt in school. that girl's family is speaking out to the media after finding out it was that boy's mother who wanted to take action. the pinch happened at the middle school in longwood. >> briana evans said this is a game she and other students play. they randomly walk through the hall and grab someone's butt and laugh at their reaction. she thought it was a joke, a game she never realized would get her locked up. >> she was read her miranda
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patrol car and booked into juvenile detention. mug shot and all for pinching a boy's butt at school. >> i feel like it is stupid. >> what has this world come to? >> her father believes it is overreaction from the mother of the boy who wanted to press charges. the pinching itself happened two weeks ago, in between classes according to a report. evans said she didn't know the boy and that it was a game students often do. >> the boy back then according to the report told the school resource deputy he didn't want to press charges and briana was suspended. last week, the boy's mother got involved, saying this was battery and she wanted to prosecute. that's when briana was officially charged. >> that's what the deputy told me. he is like, i don't want to do this. but i have to do what i have to do.
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mom to get her side of the story. our call hasn't been returned. ray and briana want the mom to hear this. >> i'm sorry. that's all i can say for you because you need some help. too overprotective. >> i'm sorry for touching your kid. >> i spoke with the state attorney who tells me if brian does this diversion program, takes all of the classes and passes all of the drug tests, her charge will be dismissed. >> this morning, dozens of cases in kissimmee on hold and three police officers are off the job because of this new surveillance video. it was captured on november 24 showing three kissimmee police officers walking into a room where a drug suspect was staying. shortly afterward, all three leave with the suspect in handcuffs. in the charging affidavit, the
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without the help of officers. now, all three have been suspended from the department street crimes unit. >> cameras are wonderful things, as long as we understand a camera is part of a larger picture. >> the case against that particular suspect has been dropped. state attorney jeff ashton says he contacted the attorneys for ll open cases, the three officers are involved in but so far no charges have been filed. >> we know the identity of the man killed in a brevard county crash. troopers say 54-year-old steven collins was driving south in mittco when he lost control, slammed into a guard rail and slammed into an empty pickup truck. he was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries. troopers say the crash is still being investigated. >> a memorial service will be held on the campus of embry riddle to remember the former student gunned down in the line of duty. today's service for ashley
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quinton was killed last month on her first day on the job while responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were also shot but survived. she graduated from embry riddle in 2010. >> president obama will try to take u.s. cuban relations a step forward when he delivers an address to the people in havana. the president will call for the expansion of human rights on the caribbean island and to hammer home that point, the president will meet cuban dis disdents. >> give me a list of political prisoners so i can release them. give me the names. >> the president will try to end his trip to cuba on a less contentious note when he watches a game between the cuba team.
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carnival will offer cruises to cuba starting in may. >> we want to check back in with candace. starting off pretty cold this morning. >> yeah, very chilly. about three weeks, it has been above average. now we are dropping below average. we have a frost advisory in effect. wake-up temperatures in the 30's. some spots in the 40's. you can see here, we will be warming back into the mid 70's for today. if you are on spring break, you want to head out to the beach, if you don't mind 70 degree weather in a bathing suit. going to be not too bad. surf at three to four feet. the rip current risk will stay slight. hour by hour so you can plan out your day, your tuesday, 4:00 p.m., high will be 75 degrees. the average for this time of year is 78 to 79 degrees. enjoy the temperatures now below average before we quickly ramp up back to the 80's as we end the week and the weekend. more details including what is
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coming up. you can see here rain chances will also be on the rise come thursday and friday. easter sunday as of now up to 50%. i'll break this down coming up in my full forecast. we'll see how the roadways are shaping up with our traffic anchor from the traffic center. >> thank you very much. we are picking up a couple of extra cars but it is not impacting the flow of volume. things remain light overall. with no significant accidents, taking a live look outside, 417 really looks lovely. moving easily past aloma. drive times remain exactly as they should be out on the expressway, looking very, very nice in either treks. same thing on i-4. as you can see, i-95 as well. looking good. that's your look at traffic. back to you now, bridgett and david. >> we want to go back live to brussels belgium where bull january media reports a series
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13 dead and 35 severely injured. authorities are calling these explosions a terror attack. two happened in the airport. a third explosion happened at a subway station. authorities are asking everyone to remain where they are. we'll continue to bring you updates as they come in this morning on news 6 and >> new developments in the apple versus fbi feud. >> why they may not need apple's help unlocking a phone. >> what is being called a deadly terror attack in brussels. the latest is coming up. you are watching news 6 getting results for cape canaveral, christmas and all of central
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of belgium where explosions have left 13
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injured seriously in what authorities are calling terror attacks. cnn is reporting that number could be as high as 23. we know two explosions took place in the airport and at least one other explosion was reported in a pruss subway station. so far one of those explosions have been link today a suicide bomber. we are continuing to follow this breaking news stories and we'll bring them to you right here on our website, >> the tennis tournament director who sparked controversy about his comments about women tennis players have been riding on the coat tails of men has resigned. moore later apologized saying, i made comments that were in poor taste and were erroneous. >> apple and the fbi won't be going to court over privacy issues.
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over fbi's demand that apple help to unlock one of the phones belonging to the san bernardino attackers. hours before the hearing was set to take place, federal prosecutors said, quote, an outside party came forward with a possible method for unlocking the phone. after a demonstration, the government is cautiously optimistic at this point it can unlock the iphone without apple's help. the justice department habit identified this party or the methods being used to unlock the phone. >> one dog is channeling his inner picasso and now the dog is paying out hundreds for his work. meet dagger the dog, complete with the brush and the beret. he is a 3-year-old lab who originally planned to be a helper dog for people with disabilities. it turns out he is afraid of stairs.
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you know what, you fall down, you get back up. now he has discovered he has a love of painting. >> i said, do you want to paint? his tail started to wag. >> he was so excited to see the brush stroke on that canvas. it was almost as if his whole world has opened up. >> wow. >> these things aren't cheap either. his earlier work goes to $50. he has commissioned work for $200. the proceeds go to animal related charities. >> he looks great in a beret. >> i wish my dog had talent could paint pictures for hundreds of dollars. literally sits on the couch all day. at least it is the go getter. dog vinci, i like it.
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heading out walking the dog, maybe a sweater. i had a sweater and jacket on yesterday. >> it was cold and it was colder this morning. we are talking about frost advisories in place. waking up to temperatures in the 30's. some spots in the 40's later this afternoon. it will be very comfortable very pleasant. my two favorite words when forecasting the weather. going to be dry and later this week, we'll start to increase the rain chance as well as those temperatures. fortunately, just in time for the holiday weekend. easter sunday looks we'll be up to a 50% chance of rain. radar looking nice and dry all across town. not much to speak of in the rain or cloud department. temperatures are dropping off very quickly. 44 in sanford. we are still dropping in temperatures in ocala at 36 degrees. 37 in palm coast which is why marion county is under a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. send us your pictures, we would
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make sure to write something on your car window like i love news 6 or something creative. as we look at the 24 hour temperature change. we are 4 to 13 degrees cooler right now than yesterday morning at this time. later today, warming into the 70's. if the 60's were too cold for you, today will be the day. as we look at wind speeds, calm in ocala. the villages and palm coast. a good indicator with cold temperatures, we could see frost. a little light out there in sanford and in orlando. not as strong as yesterday, thankfully. as we look at satellite and radar, ridge of high pressure in control streaming in. those cool northerly breeze. highs in the mid to upper 70's. tons of spring sunshine. the sunshine state living up to its name. the winds will start to veer from the northeast and that will start our warming trend as we head towards wednesday and thursday. clouds and rain forecast. we'll try to pinpoint a few clouds around today.
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until wednesday. a bit more in the cloud cover. we'll see the return flow off the ocean. winds veer in from the south and that will start to warm us up and increasing the instability across town. heading out on the water. it is technically spring break for many folks. no advisories. surf had a light chop and seas three to four feet. let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> topping off at 75 degrees in the city beautiful by 4:00 p.m. limited rain around. same temperature across most of the interior locations. low 70's along the coastline. not as chilly tomorrow morning in the mid 50's. warming right back up. say good-bye to the quick cold snap as we'll be back into the mid 80's on thursday increasing the chance of rain for your weekend. that's your seven-day forecast. let's check on the napleton traffic center with amy. >> things remain on the light side. everything is checking out in
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you can see here a little look at the map data. your average speeds looking fantastic around the area. not a lot for brakes of the orange or red to indicate any major slowdowns. it is still early. here's the overall flow of volume. looking at the airport plaza. things moving along for sure. light on volume this morning. take a peek at your drive times on i-4, construction now for the day has picked up, cleared out of your way, westbound and eastbound. again, we are right on time. nothing left. that is your check on traffic. back to you at the desk. >> 6:21. we want to take you back live to belgium. this is coverage coming in from cbs network. we have learned that more than a dozen people are dead, at least 35 others seriously hurt after a series of explosions. authorities are now calling those sfloegss a terror
6:22 am
-- explosions a terror attack. right now, we nobel january authorities are telling everyone to stay where they are. we are monitoring the wires, the networks for the latest updates. we'll bring them to you as they come in this morning. it is 6:22. a bald eagle was found hurt in a central florida neighborhood. >> how we are working to get results to find out what happened there. >> an alert for jeep drivers. why a gear shift could be to
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>> we are following breaking international news this morning out of belgium where the media is reporting a series of explosions have left dozens dead, at least 35 seriously injured. right now we know two of the explosions happened in the airport. one other explosion was reported in a brussels subway in what are now being called terror attacks. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. we'll bring you new developments as they come in right here on
6:26 am
>> u.s. government is investigating gear shifters found in some jeep models. >> this comes after reports that hundreds rolled away despite being in park. the national traffic highway safety administration is investigating 850,000 vehicles most of which are 2014-2015 jeep cherokees equipped with this e-shift. reports of 121 crashes resulting in several people being hospitalized. chrysler says it is cooperating fully with the investigation and in terms of the 2016 model year transmission in new vehicles has been changed. >> voters in three states will head to the polls to cast their ballots for president. >> we are breaking down what is at stake for today's primary. >> firefighters are watching an neighborhood closely after brush fires burn close to homes. where crews are concerned about more flare-ups ahead. >> first, breaking news out of brussels where several blasts have rocked the city and we are
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>> the media reports as many as 23 people are dead and many more others are hurt. new details we are learning. >> breaking news near the campus of ucf as two men storm into an apartment robbing a victim inside. what deputies are saying about the search for those responsible is coming up. >> firefighters in orange county keep a close watch on the avalon park neighborhood after a brush fire gets dangerously close to homes. how weather conditions are prompting the threat for flare-ups. morning. i'm bridgett ellison. >> we'll get to those stories, we get to breaking news, major news out of belgium, a series of explosions have left 23 people dead and dozens of others injured. he joins us live in the news room with the latest. >> we have new information into the news room. at least 13 people killed at the airport.
6:31 am
station because of these blasts. the government calling these explosions a terror attack. they are advising people in brussels to stay indoors. i want to show you live pictures of brussels, what the scene is over there. at this point, we know two of those explosions were reported at the brussels airport with a station. one of those explosions was a result of a suicide attack. now, again, according to these reports, the blast centered on an american airlines desk which is rush hour in brussels. another explosion reported at a brussels subway station. at least 23 people have been reported dead with dozens of others hurt. right now, the terror threat level in belgium has been raised to four which is the highest level. this explosion, they come just days after salaam was arrested in brussels with connections to
6:32 am
we'll keep you up to date as this story continues to develop on air and online at >> turning to weather now, it is a cool start, cooler than yesterday. time to check in with candace campos. >> you'll feel it the moment you walk out the door. you can see the dry air is engulfing most of the sunshine state. that's fwoipg to keep us sunny and pleasant. warmer than yesterday afternoon. downright chilly all across town in the 30's from gainesville out through ocala, palm coast at 37 degrees. the mid to low 40's across leesburg. warmer in orlando at 49 and 57 currently out in cocoa beach. you can see that we still have a frost advisory in our area until
6:33 am
if you do wake up this morning, you see some out there, send us pictures. we'd love to put them on, maybe at the noon show. topping out at 75 degrees. looking dry with nothing but sunshine across the board for today. enjoy it while it lasts. temperatures on the rise with a return of the 80's as well as a return of rain chances. let's see how the rows are shaping up in the traffic center with our traffic anchor. >> we are getting closer towards rush hour. still free of significant accidents. we'll take a closer look at average speeds. wherever you are, you'll be able to head out the door without the need for extra time built in. look at how nice things are. nothing but good news, trying to get the morning under way. things look fine. we'll bring you outside.
6:34 am
i-4 moving you closer to the downtown area. you can see westbound cars moving away from you. that is your look at traffic. back to you. >> we are following breaking news overnight near the campus of ucf. two men barge into an apartment and steal some items. it happened at the apartments on spilletta circle. one person was inside the apartment at the time. this person was not injured. the robbers got away. investigators working to get a better description of the suspects to us. we'll show you once we get that information. >> firefighters are keeping a close watch on a neighborhood after a 20 acre brush fire burned. it happened along wild tamaran boulevard. the fire is contained. crews are worried about the dry conditions because that could mean hot spots. one neighbor said she was able to snap photos inside her living room.
6:35 am
close she could feel the heat inside her house. >> it was coming this way, within minutes. >> crews say the fire is under control. they got it under control quickly and no one was hurt or evacuated. >> there is an alert for parents after daytona beach police say this man right here tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car. it happened friday night along the 1200 block near daytona state college. the 14-year-old tills us one min she was walking down the street picking up her boyfriend's sister and the next a man tried kidnapping her and she only had one chance to escape. >> i was thinking, am i going to be kidnapped. will i be taveng away and never seen again? >> she said the man sped away after she screamed. her mom tells us she has seen that same car before and believes this man targeted her daughter. here's a look at the suspect one more time.
6:36 am
if you know who this man is, call police. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news right now in belgium. here's a live look at the city sels brussels. the media is reporting 23 people have been killed and dozens more hurt. we'll have more updates coming up in five minutes. >> kenneth was last seen at saeven eleven. his family is worried because they say he may not know how to reach them. detectives say he was last seen wearing a light blue polo shirt.
6:37 am
>> a bald eagle found in a neighborhood. now we are working to get results after a viewer reached out to us for help. take a look, a viewer sent in this video saying he found this eagle outside his house or winding water circle. you can see the eagle standing there. we haven't heard what caused the bird's injuries. we e-mailed fish and wildlife but haven't heard back. >> governor scott will be here to dlif a speesh at a business in orlando. the governor is expected to speak about job growth. the event starts at 10:00. >> right now, it is all systems go for the atlantis five rocket launch. >> an 80% for liftoff.
6:38 am
worth of supplies, experiments to the crew. one of those experiments involves lighting a fire after it leaves the iss in a few months. the launch window set to open up at 11:50. that's during our newscast on news 6. you'll see it live right here. here. >> that will be nice. the nighttime lauvenlgs are always pretty. >> the way it looks on the screen. i like it too. >> yesterday i went walking, let's bring in candace to the conversation. what will i need later today if i try to get exercise in. >> it won't be sweater weather. yesterday we only warmed into the 60's. probably 10 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday afternoon. this is what gets confusing. this morning, our lows are chilly. the coldest morning we have seen in three weeks. the reason for it. we had a cold front move throughout the area. on the east side of the high, the cooler air moving in from the north.
6:39 am
south. this whole high will start to slide into the atlantic which is this afternoon. as we look at our current conditions across the country, you can see that most of the eastern seaboard waking in the 30's. we are waking to the 30's and the 40's. right now, wake up temperatures at 36 in ocala. 43 in the villages. 37 in palm coast. warmer the further south and east you go. we have a frost advisory in place for one county in our viewing area. in effect until 9:00 a.m. can you believe we are talking about frost advisories. 70's. you won't need the jackets as yesterday. you'll be peeling off the layers week. there is a better chance of rain returns by the end of the week and into the holiday weekend. few minutes. we'll see how the roadways are
6:40 am
traffic center. >> still no reports of any significant accidents. i'm going through everything and it is remaining on the quiet side. your drive times remain right in top shape. i-4 westbound and east. construction has cleared for the day. not a lot working there. 417, no delays. expressway looking threaten. also bringing you outside, still not a lot for company on i-95. this is by state road 40, just kind of a general idea of what is going on which is so far not a lot. that's a good thing. that's your look at traffic. back to you. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. a big day in 2016 as voters head to the polls in three states. >> why today's primaries could be key to the gop front runner. >> here's another live look at brus sells as we continue to follow the breaking
6:41 am
that's where the media reports as many as 23 people are dead after a series of terror attack related explosions. we'll have the latest coming up next. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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>> within the past half-hour belgium media is reporting an explosion has risen to 23. let's get more information from news 6 reporter johnny who joins us live in the news room. >> they are advising people to stay indoors. 13 people were killed at the airport. 10 people were killed at the subway station as a result of these brass. dozens of others were also injured and right now, the threat level has been raised to 4 4. 4.
6:45 am
salah abdeslam was arrested in connection with the paris attacks. this is a developing story. once we get new information, we'll pass the information along to you guys on air and online. >> thank you for the update. a big day as voters in three states head to the polls to cast their ballot for president. there is a lot at stake especially for the republicans as some try to keep front runner donald trump from getting more delegates. republicans will vote in gop primaries between the two states now there are 98 delegates up for grabs. let's move to the democrats now. voters will cast ballotses in idaho. 131 delegates up for taking there. voter comes hours after candidates focus on the public affairs conference or apac. trump told the crowd it is
6:46 am
israel, which is shift from his previous stance. >> there is no daylight between america and our pool most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiatable. >> the only candidate not to take part in the conference was bernie sanders. instead he campaigned in utah ahead of today's election. >> new details surrounding a deputy involved shooting near florida. a 16-year-old shot and killed after they say he was threatening sudz. the gun he had was fake. it is a story we first brought you yesterday morning as breaking news. deputies say they were called to an apartment complex yesterday morning after witnesses saw 16-year-old robert dentman walking around with an assault weapon.
6:47 am
several times to put it down. when he didn't they opened fire. hospital. they'll release the names sometime today. the department also plans on holding a meeting to discuss the shooting. >> shows expected to resume at disney animal kingdom right in the middle of the festival of the lion king. this is video of smoke inside the theatre. witnesses tell us the float somehow caught on fire. about 1,000 people were evacuated and disney rep tell us cast members had the fire out before firefighters could get to the scene. disney did have to cancel because of the fire. they are expected to resume shows later this morning. the cause of the fire is unknown. >> a georgia teen is getting a pat on the back for saving his sister's life after she passed out on the school bus. >> officials say he rushed to
6:48 am
check her vitals. he started doing cpr along with a friend. they kept it up until paramedics arrived. the teens say they learned the life saving technique. she has made a full recovery and is back in school. >> thank goodness he was there. >> i did a story a few months ago of a local boy who saved his sister's life through cpr. it is something you never know if you'll have to use it. switching gears. >> it is. you came in and you were like, i had to use my leggings. it will warm up. you'll peel up the layers. we'll warm back into the mid 70's. i'm using my two favorite words for the weather.
6:49 am
>> spilling in the cold air. name. 70's today. still running below average. tons of spring sunshine and the wind. those are going to start weakening as they veer a bit more off the ocean. that will start the warming trend. making it still comfortable. even the 50's in brevard county. it didn't cool down much down there. 57 in cocoa beach. 36 out in ocala. 37 in palm coast. marion county, you are under a frost advisory. that will be in effect until 9:00 a.m. today. as we look at the clouds and the rain forecast. not much to talk about for today when it comes to clouds or rain. different story as we head into wednesday, a bit more cloud cover, a few isolated showers possibly along the coastline. that is about it. winds come thursday starting to move in from the south, pumping in the heat and the humidity. do be aware of that. let's check out your hour by
6:50 am
>> temperatures are going to be about mid 70's for today. by 4:00 p.m., limited rain. prez sant and dry. make sure to have the sunglasses with you. you'll need them across town, no matter where you go, especially if you are out having fun maybe on spring break. if you look where you live by 4:00, mid 70's across the interior locations. low 70's up and down the coastline. heading out to the beach, the rip current risk has died down. now we are in the slight to moderate category. swim by a life guard just in case. mid 50's across town. as we check here, your hour by hour forecast, throughout the next couple of days, rain chances will be going up our temperatures will be going up. looks like easter with a 50% chance of rain on sunday, with a high of 84 degrees. that is something we'll keep a close eye on as the models get closer to that.
6:51 am
shaping up in the traffic center. >> since it is such a nice day. we have sky 6 up and moving. take a nice look over i-4 this morning. looking absolutely lovely. no big delays out there. no significant accidents. we are moving along very, very nice nicely so far on this tuesday. drive times are in the clear. no big slowdowns. westbound st. john's river only taking you 24 minutes. eastbound also looking fantastic. still pretty dark, adding a couple of headlines, the pace does remain very nice. enough. we are off to a nice start. now. >> it is just before 7:00 a.m. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of belgium. >> authorities say a series of
6:52 am
brussels are indeed the work of terrorists. we'll have the latest
6:53 am
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steakburger. >> we continue to stay on top of
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of belgium. >> belgian media reporting 23 people killed and dozens others injured in three blasts. let's get to johnny who joins us live. >> within the last half-hour, we learned 13 people killed at the brussels brussels. 10 people killed as a result of the explosion. the government urging people to stay indoors. at this point, what we know is that two of those explosions were reported at the airport with the third taking place in a subway station. authorities say one of those explosions was the result of a suicide attack. right now, the terror threat level has been raised to four which is the highest level. within the last half-hour, france has reinforced security at airports, train stations and metros. they say what we feared happened, we were hit by blind attacks.
6:56 am
salah abdeslam was arrested in connection with the terror attacks in paris. once we get new information, we'll pass that information along to you on air and online at 70's. we woke up to the 40's and some spots in the 30's. enjoy the nice weather as it lasts. the rain chance and temperatures increase as we end the weekend into easter weekend. you can see easter as of now with a 50% chance of rain. we'll keep a close eye on models and try to pinpoint the timing of the rain for this weekend. >> i'm hoping this trend kind of continues, so far this morning, we really do look nice. outside, i-4 moving past the expressway. both roadways look absolutely lovely. things look great.
6:57 am
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