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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> ginger: now at 5:00, terror in belgium. thousands sent running for their lives, dozen killed, nearly 200 others hurry after explosions rocked a busy airport. tonight isis is claiming responsibility for what police are calling a terrorist attack. good evening, everyone. results. i'm ginger gadsden in for matt austin. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. this is the second major terror attack in europe in less than five months.
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attacks in brussels tonight. we begin with news 6's louis bolden who joins us live from our newsroom. the city of brussels has been on lockdown now for hours. >> reporter: that's right. belgium's prime minister is calling for three days of national mourning. today's explosions came just days after authorities arrested the prime suspect in last november's deadly attacks in paris. that arrest happened in a brussels neighborhood. now islamic state terrorists say they have struck again. two survivors, one clutching a baby, picked themselves up from the floor, moments after an explosion tore through the terminal. it was one of two powerful blasts at the brussels airport that blew out windows and caused a ceiling to cave in. travelers ran for safety. >> everyone was panicking. i saw two people covered -- really covered with blood. >> reporter: an airport security camera captured this photo of three men that belgian
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attacks. authorities believe the two men in black blew themselves up and they issued a wanted notice for the third suspect. another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station about an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. police searched rooftops near the subway station. speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith and fighting against the skurj of terrorists. >> reporter: european officials have been bracing for attacks for weeks. >> the one thing that's shocking to me is you've had in the wake of the paris attacks, yet another sophisticated, coordinated attack right under the noses of european authorities. >> reporter: it's unclear if the attacks were moved up in the wake of the arrests.
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those hurt in today's deadly attacks, including three missionaries from utah and an american serviceman and his family members. >> lisa: thank you. our team coverage continues with a look at how the attacks are affecting travelers in central florida. >> ginger: security is on high alert at orlando international airport as orlando is a very popular destination for travelers around the world. we're joined now by our reporter at o.i.a. you've been talking to passengers. they tell you it's hard to feel safe after something like this happens. >> reporter: that's exactly right. that's because one of the attacks in brussels happened in an airport lobby similar to where i'm standing here at o.i.a. where a lot of people gather but nobody has actually gone through security yet, so the travelers that i spoke with say they fear there's nothing they can really do when an attack like this happens. that's why airport officials say on top of their added security,
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traveler to be vigilant. inside the orlando international airport today, you could see passengers. more orlando police officers keeping a watchful eye and even a federal canine sniffing for explosives. officials say they've added more security you can see. >> i just told my daughter, look at all the increasing security. >> reporter: and some security you cannot. bringing some comfort to worried travelers and their mothers, like this woman. on the same day there were attacks in a brussels airport in a subway station leaving dozens dead. >> so sad. so sad. i was just telling my daughter that 28 people so far have died. it's very frightful and i'm very afraid for us over here in america. >> reporter: but orlando airport officials say they don't want travelers to be in fear, instead to be alert. last month the airport added a
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"if you see something, say something." which is the same thing florida senator bill nelson said today. >> if you see something, say something. this is the world in which we live. and the threat of terrorism is going to be with us. >> reporter: the senator was in orlando visiting a research park, hours after the attack happened. >> our hearts, our prayers go out to all of the victims and this is just the times in which we live. we've got to be vigilant. >> reporter: so orlando international airport officials say you've got to give yourself extra time if you're traveling. this is a busy week for them. we have spring break and easter weekend and a lot of people are vacationing here. people hitting the theme parks have concerns for their safety at theme parks as well.
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coming up tonight at 6:00. >> ginger: thank you. we continue our team coverage with the sanford-bound flight from brussels. passengers say they did not know about the attack until the plane landed in central florida. >> lisa: the plane took off for sanford just eight minutes before the first explosion inside the brussels airport. we tracked that flight all day. it took off shortly after 8:00 this morning. the first bomb went off just minutes later. the flight landed this afternoon at orlando/sanford international airport. news 6 reporter amanda castro was there as the plane landed. there was a big police presence plane. >> reporter: the plane didn't even make it to the gate. they stopped it on the taxiway where they have a lot of police officers out there and canines were checking all the luggage. the passengers were bused to the airport where they were finally reunited with their families just hours after the bombs went off.
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jet air flight 219 was one of the last planes to leave brussels airport before the bombings started. passengers on board had no idea what was happening. >> no, nobody knew. we only knew when my family told me what happened. >> reporter: they didn't find out about the attacks until hours later when they landed at orlando/sanford international airport. >> they told us there was a situation, we're going to take extra time for security, just be patient and the cars and the vans started pulling up and everyone got the idea that something was wrong and the news started coming in and we found out. >> reporter: their families back home, fully aware of the horror and the danger. >> we didn't know they got on the flight until we got here at the airport. >> reporter: all relieved when they found their loved ones made it out of brussels safely and landed in central florida. law enforcement greeted the plane on the taxiway. the airport tells news 6 it doesn't comment on its security
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noticeable increase of officers patrolling the airport, carrying large guns. >> you never know, whether you go through a small airport or big airport. you just never know what's going to happen. >> there were 279 passengers and crew on board that plane from brussels, expected to go to miami next and then it will head back to belgium to the airport. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll hear from some natives of belgium who are here today and are going to recover and stay strong after this terrible attack. >> lisa: amanda castro reporting live for us tonight. thank you. we'll have continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels on our website at, powered by news 6. and the news 6 mobile app. expect much more coverage from brussels coming up at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. a cold start gives way to a warmer afternoon. here's a live look outside at daytona beach.
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spring breakers out there. it looks like the warming trend is going to be continuing. >> ginger: yeah, meteorologist troy bridges is in for tom tonight. you say the water has to be warmer for you to put your little toe in there. >> the water is around 70 degrees right now. i like it around the mid-80's. >> ginger: i like it warmer. >> that's a little chilly. a lot of folks from cooler clients are here. we're used to areas with -- cooler climates are not used to the cool water. what am i trying to say? it's 72 in leesburg right now. i'm just going to move forward. here's what to expect tonight. 65 by 9:00. 63 at 10:00. if you're making some evening plans, it is much milder than it was this time last night. last night we dropped into the 50's and early morning temperatures were in the 30's and 40's. so expect temperatures to gradually warm in the coming days. tomorrow the 80's, but wouldn't you know it, rain chances are returning.
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chances, ladies, in just a little bit. >> ginger: i think you're thinking about being out at the beach. i can't blame you. >> what am i doing here? >> ginger: it's nice. thank you, troy. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: dry conditions sparked a few problems for firefighters in orange county this afternoon. sky 6 flew over a fire that gutted a vacant building on clark street in apopka. the flames then spread to some grass behind the building. the fire is now out. fire/rescue is investigating tonight. and just in to our newsroom, we learned the jacksonville mom sentenced to prison after the death of her 1-year-old son will spend more time behind bars. a judge sentenced lana barton to seven years in prison today. the sentence comes after barton was arrested on drug charges in baker county last september. she was already sentenced to five years in prison earlier this month for her role in her
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lonzie barton disappeared last july. his body was found in january. she and her boyfriend, william ebron, pleaded guilty to child neglect charges. her new seven year sentence will start after her five-year sentence is complete. >> ginger: new details on the teen shot and killed on a basketball court near an orange county church. we learned the victim is 18 years old. the sheriff's office tells news 6 he was shot yesterday afternoon in the area of saint elizabeth church of god on 15th street in apopka. deputies say there were witnesses, but detectives are not getting a lot of information. if you know anything about this shooting, you're asked to call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> lisa: history in cuba as president obama speaks to cubans on live tv. >> ginger: next at 5:00, the serious issues the president says needs to be solved before cuba and the u.s. can move forward. and a local man hit by a stray bullet while working continues to fight for his life tonight.
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>> candace: i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. we're pinpointing state parks across town for the spring breakers and families who are off this week. we picked out deleon springs state park. for your wednesday, the weather is going to be fantastic if you're heading out there. temperatures will be in the mid-50's, warming up to 66 degrees by 10 a.m. lunchtime, about 75 degrees. clear blue skies and the nice clear skies will continue throughout 4 p.m. with a high of about 79 degrees.
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>> lisa: it is the final day of a historic trip for president obama. in just the last hour, his two-day visit came to an end. >> ginger: the president spoke to the cuban people on live tv today. he talked about what cubans and americans have in common before moving on to stark differences between them. among those differences, socialism versus capitalism.
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multi-party democracy. president obama called for greater freedom and human rights in cuba and received cheers from a live audience when he once again asked congress to lift the longstanding u.s. embargo against cuba. >> it is an outdated burden on the cuban people. it's a burden on the americans who want to work and do business or invest here in cuba. it's time to lift the embargo. >> ginger: the president then sat down with cuban dissidents to discuss government relations before attending a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. it's the first time a major league baseball team has traveled to cuba since 1999. president obama is now on his way to argentina. an update on the bystander shot by an orange county apartment complex. >> lisa: he has not woken up and they're reaching out to the community for support.
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magnolia court apartments on forest city road last friday in orange county. we're told the man was hit by a stray bullet while working on a fence next to the complex. his family says he became a dad just days before the shooting. the accused gunman is charged with first degree attempted murder. the family set up a gofundme page to help with medical bills. we just checked and so far they have raised more than $6,000. right now, people are gathering to remember a former embry-riddle student killed in the line of duty. >> ginger: she was gunned down during her first day on the job in virginia. the service for the officer is scheduled for 5:30 in the center for faith and spirituality at embry-riddle's daytona beach campus. she was killed last month while responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were also shot but survived. she graduated from embry-riddle in 2010.
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to see live, but they're even better when you're sitting courtside. >> lisa: news 6 is giving you a chance to experience the magic up close. we're giving away two courtside tickets to the magic game against the brooklyn nets. the game is next tuesday night. you can enter to win all week long on our facebook page. just head to 6. you may just spot our very own ginger gadsden at the game. >> ginger: you won't see me courtside. the nets are partially owned by jay z and beyonce. sometimes they come to the games. it would be cool to sit next to them. i'm not saying they're going to be there. >> lisa: they could bring their
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>> my heart is going pitter patter over little lucy, lucy the labradoodle in maitland. she's real. she doesn't look it, though. she looks like she could be a stuffed animal. she's ready for easter. easter is not going to look as pretty as it does out there today. so maybe today is the day to have a easter egg hunt. no, no, no, we're going to have some rain but we'll pinpoint closely the chance for rain coming up in a couple of minutes with the forecast for easter. let's get through tonight, though. the next couple of days, the real issue is going to be the allergycast as we don't have a lot of rain in the forecast for the next two days. once again, oak, bayberry and grass all in the high category. we have co-workers in the newsroom, ken, who has some issues, some runny eyes. a lot of folks are dealing with this right now. it's going to be rough, likely today and tomorrow without a lot of rain to sweep some of that stuff out. we're at 72 in ocala right now. 75 in orlando.
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68 at palm coast and 71 at cocoa beach. you can see because of some breeze off the ocean waters, it's not quite as warm along the coast as it is in inland areas and that trend will continue through the day tomorrow. we have south winds that bring in warmer air. we'll talk about that right now with your pinpoint accurate forecast. the forecast tonight is looking good and dry. mild if you're making evening plans. no need for a jacket like last night at this time. we're at 63 by 10:00. 62 as late as 11:00. tomorrow a few additional clouds with more moisture working in. we can't rule out one or two quick-moving showers. that coverage only at 10%. it's a bit of an east coast sea breeze that develops and we see winds off the open waters. the average high is 79. we're going a couple of degrees above that in many spots. there's the clouds and rain forecast. we'll take you through the evening hours through the
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notice tomorrow along the coast, a couple of green dots indicating one or two showers. the white indicating one or two areas of clouds and then you see a bit of an east coast sea breeze trying to develop and push some showers inland. we'll see a chance for a couple of those showers through the afternoon. again the chance at 10%. one or two to deal with, but nothing widespread. in the early morning hours tomorrow, it will be mild. 50 in the villages. 55 in orlando. 54 in daytona beach and the 60's in some of our southern zones. 83 in leesburg and along the coast, cooler in the upper 70's compared to the 80's in inland areas because of the breeze off ocean waters. there's thursday and friday, increasing rain chances, helping with the pollen count, getting that out of here or a little bit lower. we're at a 40% coverage on thursday, 50% on friday and rain chances up to 60% on saturday and easter sunday a 50% coverage of rain.
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let's hope we can get sunrise services in here without the use of umbrellas. we'll heat up to 84 for the afternoon high on easter sunday. it will be warm but we'll pinpoint the timing better as we get closer and hopefully we can lower the rain chances. >> ginger: thank you, troy. a pair of florida brothers came bearing gifts for complete strangers. >> lisa: next at 5:00, a mix-up that ended with an unlikely celebration. we're just hours away from a scheduled launch at the cape. how conditions are looking, ahead of tonight's lift-off. >> ginger: and, you know, some students just sit behind desks in class all day, but for one school, every day is hands on. how that program is getting results in our schools, coming
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> ginger: right now, it's all systems go for the atlas five rocket launch on the space coast. >> lisa: forecasters are predicting a 90% chance for lift-off. you can see the united launch alliance rocket rolled out to
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it will carry 7,000 pounds worth of supplies and experiments and food to the international space station crew. one of the experiments actually involves lighting a fire to the capsule after it leaves the i.s.s. in a few months. tonight's launch is set for 11:05. when it happens, you can see it live here on news 6 and online on, powered by news 6. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega is also at cape canaveral and we'll have a live update from her at the cape, coming up on news 6 at 6:00. could you imagine celebrating the birth of your baby with some complete strangers? >> ginger: i love this story. one family welcoming their new bundle of joy got that experience thanks to a texting mix-up. it started when the new parents included two brothers in a group text message. one of the brothers replied back saying he didn't know the group. he soon replied again telling the family he and his brother would visit them in the hospital
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sure enough, the brothers made the drive from tallahassee -- this is so funny. they even brought gifts for the family. williams shared a post with this picture to his facebook page. it's been liked and shared tens of thousands of times. family members say they're grateful for the brothers for taking part in the very special moment. >> lisa: that is awesome. we've all gotten a random text where we know clearly someone has messed up the number and the text was not meant for us. >> ginger: i love that they drove to georgia about two gifts. that's so thoughtful. coming up on the news at 5:30, find out what deputies say they think should happen to a mom who was shot in the back by her own 4-year-old son. >> lisa: plus easter egg hunts are supposed to be fun, but a disturbing discovery at a local park has parents frightened. what they say you should watch out for this easter season. >> ginger: and we're bringing you the latest on the terror attacks in brussels.
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>> lisa: a triple bombing kills more than 30 people in what police in belgium are calling a terrorist attack. right now at 5:30, how the u.s. is responding. >> lisa: plus it's supposed to be a fun event. but what parents found at one


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