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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> lisa: now at 6:00, terror attacks in belgium. dozens are dead and hundreds are injured. here at home, we take a look at how airports are stepping up security and how passengers arriving in central florida from belgium are reacting after learning their plane took off just minutes before the attack. the world is in shock tonight after deadly attacks in brussels belgium. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm lisa bell. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden in format matt austin tonight. isis is claiming responsibility in the attacks in belgium. more than 30 people are dead and
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the attacks happened during rush hour in the capitol of brussels. isis has claimed responsibility. president obama addressed the situation from havana, cuba today. >> we'll do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> ginger: belgian security officials are working under the assumption the network who carried out the brussels attack is the same that carried out the attacks in paris. >> lisa: we have live team coverage tonight on the terror attacks. first, we start with the flight that arrived from brussels, landing in sanford this afternoon. >> ginger: the plane left for sanford just minutes before the attacks happened. news 6 reporter amanda castro joins us now live from orlando's sanford international airport tonight. those passengers did not even find out about the bombings until they landed in central florida. it had to be shocking for them. >> reporter: yeah, it was.
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they didn't have wi-fi on board. it wasn't until they landed here in sanford and started turning on the phones and got messages and phone calls from loved ones when think found out about the attacks. they're saying they're thankful they landed here safely and are reunited with their family. lisa jackson didn't know if her son was on the plane from brussels airport until he texted her hours after the attacks. >> he told me when he got here, they just landed. there was a bombing at the airport and that they had just missed it by eight minutes. >> reporter: eight minutes from terror. the plane was one of the last to leave just before the bombs went off. >> even if it was an hour, it's still too close to know that somebody you love is that close to such a devastating situation. >> reporter: 279 passengers and crew were on board. people on the plane, saying they didn't know about the bombings until they landed at orlando/sanford international airport. >> no, nobody knew. we only knew my family told me what happened. >> reporter: law enforcement met
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canines checked the luggage. officers with large guns patrolled the airport while families waited for their loved ones to get off the plane. >> it could have been something like a missed ticket, my bag needed to get checked again and situation. i feel blessed to be back. >> reporter: as natives from belgium come to grips with the terror that happened back home. >> i have no doubts they can recover from this and that they're strong and can pull together and, you know, do what's right to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the plane is scheduled to leave sanford to miami which will then head back to belgium. >> ginger: thank you. we continue our team coverage now with a look at how the attacks are affecting passengers here in central florida. >> lisa: orlando international airport is on high alert tonight.
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us live with the changes they're making there. >> reporter: security here at orlando international is at its max. security you can see, like extra t.s.a. agents and then some security that you can't see, like undercover officers. orlando officials say it's already a busy week because they have vacationers here for spring break and easter. vacationers who told me they have concerns that go past this airport terminal. >> going to disney world. >> reporter: ryan and sarah dickerson and their three boys are vacationing here from denver where they boarded a plane early this morning. having no idea what was happening across the world in brussels. >> we left at 4:00 this morning. i haven't heard anything. >> reporter: but once they got to the orlando airport and saw the added security, bomb-sniffing dogs and all, this they became concerned for what to expect once they hit the theme parks.
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obviously we want to keep our family safe. >> reporter: news 6 called and e-mailed walt disney world, universal studios and seaworld to see if they added any security measures following the attacks. disney has not responded but security lines at magic kingdom today seemed to be normal. only seaworld got back to us saying they won't comment on security measures but say safety of their guests and animals is their top priority. senator bill nelson, visiting orlando today, had a message to both floridians and visitors, a message to be vigilant and to not live in fear. >> if you see something, say something. this is the world in which we live. and the threat of terrorism is going to be with us. >> reporter: so back here live, you can see at orlando international airport the security lines are starting to get a little longer, that's because of the added security
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travelers coming in this week. officials say you need to give yourself more time if you're planning on flying out. at least two hours is what they're recommending, two hours from the terminal, not including the time it takes you to park. >> lisa: thank you. >> ginger: for more coverage of the terror attacks, go to our website at, powered by news 6. and the news 6 mobile app. you can also get full coverage from brussels, coming up right after this newscast at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> lisa: we're about five hours away from the late night launch from the cape. >> ginger: united launch alliance plans to send supplies to the international space station. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega joins us live from out there. it's a beautiful night for a launch. >> reporter: that's right. it's perfect weather out here.
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perfect, they're worried about a couple of clouds and a little bit of wind we're seeing out here, but for the most part, they're all ready to go. this is a project that began with a rocket explosion a year and a half ago in virginia. it's the same mission and the second time they're going to try to launch this rocket. hopefully tonight everything goes as planned. the lift-off is set for 11:05, heading to the international space station. the rocket weighs more than 1600 pounds and carrying food, supplies and experiments to the space station. it's the heaviest load boosted by this type of rocket. the launch is set for 11:05. a lot of people out here already very excited. if you don't know about it, it's a good chance to come out and see the rocket yourself. it's a very nice sight to see. it will be my very first one. >> lisa: it should be great with the clear skies and the weather looking good.
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out there. >> lisa: the first cargo capsule of 2016 is blasting off from cape canaveral at 11:05. >> ginger: let's check in now with news 6 meteorologist troy bridges to see how the weather will hold up for the 11:05 launch. >> you can see a little bit of a breeze. once the sun sets at 7:30 tonight, the winds will calm. the area of high pressure is moving on top of us, eventually bringing in very warm air tomorrow but not much wind. so without much wind tonight, things look better but there could be a couple of clouds to watch out for. we'll be paying close attention to all of that. it's a good night to pin your photos of that launch. search wkmg in the app store for the news 6 storm pins. back to you for now. >> lisa: thank you, troy. three police officer recruits are being called heroes after jumping into action to rescue an elderly man who drove his car into a canal. this is the photo from the rescue.
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the west melbourne police spring festival. west melbourne police say an elderly man crashed his car into a drainage ditch. tonight we're hearing the 911 calls for the first time. >> is there anybody still in the vehicle? >> no, we just got the gentleman out. he's got chest issues. >> lisa: two of the recruits pulled the man from the car and the other recruit called for help. the recruits say they were able to use the first aid training they just received. >> ginger: if you're looking for something outdoors that's affordable for spring, why not visit a state park? tonight news 6 meteorologist candace campos has your pinpoint forecast for a beautiful park in ormand beach. >> candace: as we continue to pinpoint your weather forecast across town, we're talking state parks today, especially if you and the kids have maybe spring break off, this is a nice little spot to enjoy the great outdoors here in central florida.
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ormand beach. the weather is looking great for your wednesday. 54 degrees by 9 a.m. lunchtime, topping off at 74 degrees. the high out there in ormand beach for tomorrow at 75 degrees. no matter where you're at throughout the day, temperatures are going to be looking very mild and still plenty of that spring sunshine. >> lisa: thank you, candace. still ahead on news 6 at 6:00, the lines on the road keep us safe when we're driving. >> ginger: and the markings may seem simple, but some are pretty high-tech. a thermopaint crew explains what goes into keeping us safe when
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lot of thought to the lines on the road. but there's a lot of preparation and planning in making those lines on the roads. >> ginger: they keep us safe on the roads with high-tech material. >> reporter: the markings on the road are a simple, yet very important part of that map. >> the markings that we install actually helps the citizens of orange county. here. so orange county has had a problem with pedestrians getting hit. so as long as we have the crosswalks here, the citizens have a safe place to cross. >> reporter: this four-man crew is the one and only thermo-paint crew in the county, working five days a week, carefully planning and installing lane markings to keep drivers both safe and moving. the process is both high-tech and simple. >> we install all the markings
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the hand liners themselves, we put about 375 to 400-degree material in it. >> reporter: the plant we see on the road is thermoplastic material with tiny pieces of glass. >> the glass beads are designed to reflect your headlights right back at you. >> reporter: and additional safety measures are rpm's or raised pavement markers. the whole process depends on how long the road is. the paint dries in minutes. every man has a specific role to get the job done. >> we're here to make the roads safer for the commuters going to work. if you see us in the road, don't assume we want to hold you up. we just want to make it safer for everybody. >> ginger: well, some neighbors in winter springs came together to help a bald eagle. they found it out ground, starving and unable to fly.
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news 6. neighbors work to get results for the bald eagle with a fractured shoulder when they found it in their front yard. it's now in the care of the prey. a raptor technician there says the eagle has a 50/50 shot at survival. >> he came in very, very skittish. he's been starving in the wild because of the wing injury. >> that's sad. i hope it survives. it's a beautiful bird. >> ginger: right now, the eagle is being nursed back to health. we'll let you know when it makes a full recovery. he's in such good hands. >> lisa: when you hear that he was starving, but the fact that we have such a great place to care for animals like that. >> ginger: and a good neighbor and neighborhood to get it to the right place. >> one of america's symbols and treasures. >> lisa: you're one of our treasures.
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>> that's the sweetest thing. we have great shots coming in with the storm pins app of the moon as well as the sun. look at the sunset. this was from last night. >> lisa: is that jupiter? >> that is jupiter. you can see jupiter with the moon. if you want to take a look at the moon tonight, we'll have clear skies to do just that. here's a great shot of the sun just a few moments ago. that's from clermont. joe from clermont, always pinning great photos with the storm pins app. search wkmg in the app store and pin your photos. we'll be showing them on the newscast. of course, we've got the big rocket launch tonight. we would love to see your photos of that. we'll be showing that launch at 11:05 tonight. it should go off without any big issues. temperatures are a mild evening compared to this time last night. we're at 72 right now in orlando. and in sanford. 73 in ocala. the 60's along the coast because of a breeze off the ocean waters. temperatures just a little cooler there. that trend will continue,
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additional clouds along the coast because of the wind bringing moisture on shore. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we take you through tonight, mild temperatures in store. no rain chances to deal with. we're at 63 at 10:00. by 11:00, 62. no 50's or 40's to deal with. tomorrow, look at the big warm-up. all the way up to 82 with more clouds rolling in. we'll still see some sunshine. there's the clouds and rain forecast. because of the shifts in winds coming in out of the east and southeast we'll bring on shore a little bit of moisture. the green dots indicating one or two showers into tomorrow. an east coast sea breeze tries to develop and tries to push inland, but the coverage tomorrow only at 10%. we can't rule it out, but we don't expect a whole bunch. tomorrow, 55 in orlando. 54 in sanford. 54 in daytona beach. a cool start. cool enough for a jacket heading
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started out this morning. blue skies, sunshine and a few additional clouds rolling in. we're at 83 in leesburg tomorrow. 81 in sanford. 78 in daytona beach. with a moderate rip current risk through tomorrow. rain chances increase through the week. here's a preview of easter. scattered showers and a high of 84. stay tuned and we'll keep pinpointing the timing for that. 40% rain chances thursday. up to 50% on friday. up to 60% coverage of rain on saturday. again, a 50% chance for the scattered showers and a couple of embedded thunderstorms for easter afternoon. we may get sunrise services in here without any big issues. we'll watch the forecast closely as we get closer to that. it will be a little soggy at times. we'll have the soggy peeps out there. >> ginger: nobody wants a soggy peep. thank you, troy. ping is here. >> ping: we have a very, very special guest live in the studio. i'm going to help you three out.
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and the subject matter with the quiz has to do with what happened in cuba today, right
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>> ginger: ping is here with sports. special day in history. >> ping: and we have a special guest that's going to help you. he's pretty smart. president obama became the first u.s. president to set foot in cuba in almost 90 years. everyone has an opinion about the political aspects of the story. what happened in cuba today was the tampa bay rays playing an exhibition against the cuban national team. the last team to play in cuba was 17 years ago. the team name in a moment in ping's pop quiz. pigeons released in the air. cloudy down there. the president and first lady, watching the tampa bay rays. watch this. ready? troy, what do you call this when it goes out of the park? that's a home run, troy! you've got to sell it. when you sell high winds, you go home run! >> i sell the weather, you sell
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>> ping: it's been 17 years since a major league team played in cuba. with that said, i now present the latest and greatest craze to come through central florida television. woo-hoo. >> ping: so the last major league baseball team to play in cuba, we have the yankees, the red sox, the orioles or the cubs. you can go -- >> lisa: do we have to go in order? we need some help. >> ginger: can we phone a friend? >> ping: matthew, what do you think the answer will be? >> ginger: little ping. help us out. >> i think the answer would be the orioles. >> ginger: how sure do you feel? >> i'm pretty sure it's the right answer. >> ginger: i'm going with
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>> lisa: i'm going to say a, the yankees. >> ping: he's the smartest kid in the room, the orioles. >> ginger: thank you, little ping. >> ping: scott frost has a lot of work to do after a winless season. many knights fans will see a different type of team. frost comes from oregon where he built a high tempo offense. he believes it will work in the american athletic conference. >> the gators' whole things, we get enough reps in practice and go fast enough. the reps add up and the experience adds up. pretty soon we're executing at a high rate. we're not there yet but we'll get there. >> ping: troy, can you give us the weather forecast for april 16th? will it be sunny?
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little bit of clouds, chance for rain. how do you like that? >> ping: you sound like me, just throwing a dart at it 30 days out. i'm saying forget about it. it's over. there's an old saying in sports, when you're a fan of a non-playoff team, i remember growing up in atlanta as a kids, the braves were terrible and they always had this billboard, "wait until next year." is it officially over? he agrees. there you go. it's over. do not forget tomorrow morning, 8:15, i'm with my buddy. on your way to school or on your way to work or maybe you're
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at 96.9, the game. >> ginger: thank you, little
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>> heating up tomorrow after a mild night tonight. we'll be in the mid-60's heading
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tomorrow, up to 82. rain chances only at 10%. by thursday, up to a 40% chance for rain and rain chances continue through easter weekend. >> lisa: thank you, troy. >> ginger: thank you, troy. >> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. % >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end debt. -- captioning sponsored by cbs


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