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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking right now, we are less than five minutes from the night launch at the cape. we'll take you there in moments. but first, the terror in brussels and the manhunt for the missing suspect. that picture taken just moments before the deadly attacks. good evening everyone. i'm ginger gadsden. >> and i'm lisa bell. mat is off tonight. here's a wider shot of that picture. in it, you see three men. the man on the left and the man on the middle are also suspected terrorists. both died in the attack at the airport. but the man on the right vanished.
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with jonathan. >> reporter: a second blast followed. >> it was not something that fell on the ground. or something you felt kind of shocks. >> reporter: police say these are the suspects. investigators believe the two men in black blue themselves up. they wore gloves that may have hit detonators. there's a hunt for the man in the white wearing the hat. about an hour later, a bomb tore through the sub way station. >> we received a big blast of air. and the train stopped. >> reporter: people scrambled through the dark tunnels to safety. one of them, investigators say they found an explosive device with nails, chemicals, and an isis flag. >> reporter: americans are among the injured. one of the blasts at the airport knocked 37-year-old to the
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the belgium businessman played college basketball in michigan. his father spoke to his son on the phone. >> he saw people dead and people dying. so, that's -- i'm sure that will stay with them for the rest of his life. >> the prime minister warned more attacks could be coming. he has called for three days of official mourning. jonathan, brussels. let's go to erik sandoval with live news at our airport. >> reporter: we've been tracking new developments all night long on this actually. the state department has issue ed a trufill alert for americans traveling to europe. and the transportation safety administration is sending up more agents to airports all across the country. they don't want this happening here. >> tonight, the security line here at orlando international airport could be about to get longer. the department of homeland security says it plans to deploy
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airports across the country to beef up security. they're not saying where, but travelers here bet oia is on the list. >> it's definitely a concern with the family and everything. >> reporter: we caught up with dennis tonight leaving orlando for canada after a week of disney with his family. he says more security can be a double edged sword. >> one way more security is more inconvenient, by the day by day. but if it means us being the most safe, i think it's (indiscernible). >> reporter: and on the heels of that announce ment, came the travel alert tonight from the state department to all americans traveling to europe. the alert urged us citizens should exercise individual lens when in public places or using mass transportation. be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded exercise particular caution during religious holidays and at large festivals or events. today's attack took a lot of people by surprise.
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brussels just before the blast. passengers on board didn't know anything about it. until they landed in sanford this afternoon. >> i have no doubts they can recover from this and that they're strong and they can pull together. now we found out the return flight to brussels has been cancelled. the state department urges americans that if they do have to travel to europe, they make sure they talk with their folks that are still here state side. they also want them to stay especially alert to local media in unionce they get there. obvious, we're going to be monitoring new travel alerts as they come up overnight. find out what they are. coming up. for now, we are live, erik sandoval news 6. around the world tonight, symbols of solidarity with belgium are right here in central florida. the eye lit up in colors of the belgium flag.
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one world trade center and the eiffel tower. the it continues right now on you can get the latest on the hunt and plus read what witnesses encounter after the blast. we'll also have complete coverage at five. >> more breaking news, this time out west. take a look at this huge fire. it is burning a tea a recycling plant in teen i can. not far from the airport. you can so eh the flames burning right next to a road. making matters worse, the wind is so strong firefighters cannot put this out. so they are taking more of a defensive stance. no word on how this started or if anyone was hurt. we will bring you any updates during this newscast. and now to that breaking news, you're looking live at cape canaveral airport station where just seconds an atlas rocket is expected to blast off. on board cargo for the international space station. jennifer ortega is out with the
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very excited onlookers, jen. >> reporter: that's right, people have been out here for hours. let's take a quick look at
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>> reporter: oh wow a perfect take off. you sought saw it right there in the sky. carrying food supplies and equipment. that's my first time seeing the launch. again, a lot of people excited. it was something to see.
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live in titusville. jennifer ortega news 6. just an absolutely gorgeous shot there. a great night overall. so glad to see that scene go off. perfectly tonight, thank you. right now the results are coming in on another big election night. crucial delegates are up for grabs. the polls have closed in the biggest race. the arizona primaries. weijia jiang has the latest on the race. >> reporter: arizona voters lineed up to cast votes tuesday on in that state's primary. >> i'm voting for donald trump. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders has the vision i think america needs. >> reporter: at stake for returns, 58 delegate, all will glow to the winner. the democrats will divide 75. for the candidates that talk on the campaign trail tuesday were brussels. is weak. >> we need a president that stands up and defeats our
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donald trump made this proposal. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figured out what's going on. >> reporter: but reversed himself a half hour later on cbs. john kasich called for international support. >> i would make every effort i could to strengthen the nato alliance. >> reporter: campaigning in washington state, hillary clinton shared a similar strategy. >> i see the challenge ahead as one where we're bringing the world together where we are leading the world against these terrorists net works. >> reporter: bernie sanders disagreed with cruise's call for american police to patrol muslim neighborhoods. >> we are fighting a terrorist organization. we are not fighting -- >> reporter: expect more heated exchanges on the trail wednesday. washington. republicans and democrats also caucusing in utah. idaho holds caucuses for
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new tonight, the fbi is investigating a possible problem on a flight that landed at oia today. a spokesperson told news 6 tonight that they were notify odd fe a possible unruly passenger on a jet blue flight. officials at oia tell us that person was taken away to the hospital, but they did not say why. a crime tracker alert for a cell phone thief. deputies looking for a man that stole $31,000 worth of phones. they say jeer mall brown pretended to be a target mobile worker. he walked away with forty-one phones. this happened at the target on state road one hundred and palm coast yesterday. target says he asked to be let into an equipment room and once he was given the keys, they say brown entered a secured cabinet, took the phones and left the store. he was seen leaving in a 2010 nissan oleate ma with georgia tags. if you know where he is, you're
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caught on camera, a car on fire inside a man's passed out. ahead, how someone fought those flames to try to save his life. palin. a new deal that could put her on the pinch, troy? >> after a cool evening, we are warming up across central florida. we'll talk about just how warm you can expect it as we see south winds working in some heat. also, when the next round of rain rolls into central florida. and yes indeed, it'll last through the weekend. all of that, straight ahead. but first, a disney character's unconditional love turned into a viral picture. the hug that helped a mom deal with one of the toughest times of her life.
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just in, breaking news in maitland where police say at least one person has been shot. these are live pictures outside the 7-eleven on summer boulevard near keller road. orange county fire rescues say one victim was found there. police putting up a perimeter to, as we speak, no word on any suspects or what exactly happened here. but we will bring you any updates during this newscast. and if you are just joining us, here's another look at a picture perfect launch at the cape. it was spectacular. and atlas five rocket blasted off less than ten minutes ago carrying cargo to the international space station. there it goes. it is expected to arrive at the iss saturday morning. we'll have an update on the
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starting at five. it was beautiful to watch that live. well tonight, a mom sharing her story of loss and love. >> a story encapsulated in a picture at disney. the mom alongside a ferry god mother and a teddy bear, billed with more than stuffing. it is a picture gaining a lot of attention on social media. sashell saunders has her story all new at 11:00. >> i want everyone to know anna lisa. i want them to know her name and story and i never want anyone to feel like they're alone in this kind of heart break. >> no one questioned first time mom januarys murphy about the bears she held tightly at disney world. no one knew it was her daughter's ashes inside. no one saw as she held back tears wishing her baby was there. until this. >> and the first thing she asked was who do we have here. and i'm not in the habit of lying.
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mother noticing the bare and then came the story of her rare genetic abnormality of her 85 mivens on earth. and this compassionate response. >> she asked if she could hug her and gave her a big hug. and made sure to take extra pictures. >> reporter: it was just one extra step by the fairy god mother, a moment janet admits, most would think was weird. but the fairlies acknowledgment of the life she lost was cathartic. >> no one wants to talk about the misgorge, and no one wants to talk about the stillbirth or the 38 week i'm sorry your baby, we can't find a heartbeat. no one wants to talk about your baby only lived for 85 minutes. i'm sorry. they want to pretend it didn't happen because it's hard. >> reporter: janet shared her special meeting in a blog dedicated to her daughter, today after nearly 15,000 shares, thousands know her name. anna lisa.
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person decides to be kind. >> everyone said she was beautiful. she was strong. and it's not past tense for me. it's present. and the fact that she treated her present tense meant the world. and i can't -- i don't have words to thank her. >> reporter: sashell saunders news 6. wow, what an incredible story. what compassion that fairy god mother. she is like a real life fairy god mother. i've never heard a story like that in my life. >> and she just knew exactly what she needed to do. troy filling in for tom. >> i can't look away. you're going to make me cry over there. touching story. >>yes, it was. >> gorgeous night as well. and you have some gorgeous pingtures. a gorgeous night for a rocket launch and a gorgeous night for the moon. we have a great shot for the moon. in fact, i want to show you this one right now. this from vicki.
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she is celebrating her forty-first wedding anniversary. with bob. >> congratulations to them. congrats to you guys. what a night to get out and enjoy lake eh 0 la. blue sky, clear sky. a great evening. across central florida. there's cocoa beach. it's not quite full, but it's getting close to getting full. there's melbourne. and a great shot in daytona beach of the moon. i took this one along edgewater a couple back. we are waiting for your photos of the rocket launch. there are a lot of them out there. you're just now pinning them. go search wkmg in the app store. and search news 6 storm pins. if i get some in tonight, i'll try to show them a little bit later before we end the newscast. high pressure dominating tonight. we're going to see that area of high pressure shift off to the east a bit as it does, there's a clock wise slow around it. that's going to bring in a east,
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which is a warming wind. that's why temperatures will be making it into the 80s tomorrow well into the 80s by the end of the week. but that wind also bringing in some moisture. that's why we'll increase rain chances, slight chances tomorrow, but more by the end of the week. a little cool in spots right now. here at the 11 o'clock hour at 52. and right now, 53 at palm coast. and 63 at new smyrna beach and 61 in orlando. here's a look at the pinpoint. accurate forecast. and notice the sky tomorrow. more clouds rolling in. but we'll still see sun breaking through to heat us up. we get up to 82 by 4 o'clock. with only a 10% coverage of rain as an east coast sea breeze tries to develop. you can see a couple of green dots indicating one of two showers trying to move on shore through the early afternoon. and then a bit of a line develops. this would be that east coast
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along i four as we stop the clock, 5:00-6:00 in the evening tomorrow. nothing widespread if you are making plans. but a couple showers for that drive home tomorrow that coverage only at 10% of the area. early morning temperatures look like this. by seven in the morning tomorrow, we're at 46 in ocala. we're at 54 in sanford. and 55 at orlando. and so many areas cool enough to grab that light jacket that you won't need a heavy coat heading out the door. look at the warm up tomorrow. a mix at sun and clouds and late in the day, a few more clouds developing as we see that wind bringing in a couple showers. 81 in sanford, and 83 in lees urrrg be. the upper 70s along the coast. here are the changes on the way. again, with those south winds working in more moisture, we'll have a little bit more to work with to fire up a couple showers. as we take you to thursday and friday, and saturday, 86 will be the high on thursday. by friday, we're at 83.
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60% saturday, and then time for easter sunday, at 50% coverage of rain highs in the mid 80s. it will be warm above average. the average is 79 for this time of year. we'll also have rain, so we'll try to time it. so we can get those easter sunrise services in. those after rain plans, we'll pinpoint the timing. >> and you have to work on that. i know. >> still ahead, a driver rescued from this ball of flames. how by standers jumped in to save him. and here are tonight's
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. tonight an incredible rescue effort to save a man passed out in this burning car. deputies in texas say the 26-year-old driver crashed into a tree, then his car burst into flames with a driver in and out of consciousness. these two by standers rushed to help pull the driver to safety. >> the job door jammed. and the only thing i was able to
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down. the driver suffered severe burns to his legs and was flown to the hospital. he is expect ed to recover. no one else was hurt. sara palin maybe coming back to tv. she is signed onto star in a judge judy style courtroom reality show. he have does not have a law degree. the still unnamed show would feature her in a nationally syndicated daytime show. it's expect ed to premier in the fall of 2017. she starred in her own show, sara palin alaska 2010. a lot of people will watch it. i know. i would watch it. i was hoping to see little ping tonight. >> he had to go to sleep. it's spring break. we had him in at 6 o'clock. i through him out of the building. who's this guy. that's the question. do you have any idea who that guy is? >> i know.
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. you left us with a mystery picture. >> you know what today is. it's tuesday. and just because it's tuesday. i have to say taco tuesday in full swing for ups hoops. they have a new head coach. johny dough kins takes over for
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this comes after a week dough kins was fired after eight years at ucf stanford. danny white, who's dad is cabben, certainly got the a okay, because dough kins was a star duke from ahk. his number one assistant after he left the nba after nine seasons in 1999, coach k made dough can i bes the associate head coach for he did leave in stanford for o eight. he was fired after finishing the year 15-15. it's one of the hires he's comfortable with. it wasn't like he was dom gnat at stanford, only one ncaa tournament appearance in eight years. now with that said, back by popular demand, the newest craze. >> it's now time for ping's pop quiz. okay, here's your question. what in the 1818 drafted dawkins in 86. we're going to go last.
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>> i'm going to say on the new york scene today. eastbound oh, ginger. >> i like golden state. >> but i know, philadelphia. make up your mind. >> philadelphia. >> my choice, b philadelphia. >> you guys are all wrong. san antonio. and by the way, in 1987, he was in the nba slam dunk contest. >> i needed to feel a little ping for that. >> awe man. >> you know the one mas cotea that needs the approval of such a higher is nigh crow. in the studio, he's so excited. nitro. troy. let's talk about more ucf news. many fan wills see a different types of team. scott ross comes from oregon. where he builds a high tempo offense. he believes it'll work in the american athletic conference. and he feels good. >> every time we do something new to these guys, they impress me with how fast they pick it up.
11:32 pm
out from the west coast there at ucf. nfl owners have been meeting down in boca this week talking rules. last year, extra points in a trial period for the season. remember, they're moving it back to the 15 yard line. that would have been the line of scrimmage. did they make it permit today? stan? stan, you got the magic tomorrow tomorrow night. stan says it's permanent. now stan you move? gene is it permit. >> i don't think so so. so stan is right. gene, you're wrong. it's permanent now forever in the nfl, extra points will be starting from the 15 yard line. >> i like that. you like it? troy you like it? >> i love it. >> better like it because it's
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