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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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county. southbound lanes shut down following a crash. the detours you need to know about before you head out. >> breaking developments out of belgium as they have identified three of the suspects involved in the attacks. >> a shooting sends a man to the hospital. what we are learning about the search for the shooter. it is 5:30. thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us, we have candace and amy. amy, you are very busy today. >> very busy today. we have one big issue. all southbound lanes shut down because of semi trucks that it looks like collided out in the melbourne area. this is all happening by 187 which is the pineda causeway stretch of things. they are taking cars over to 404.
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take you over to eau gallie. from that point they'll redirect you to 95 south on the other side of the issue. certainly even though it is early and we are not finding any big delay, if you want to be on time to accommodate for that detour, a couple of extra minutes is going to keep stress levels down. that is the biggest thing we are worrying about. nothing else getting in our way. on the expressway, lovely travel. by good holmes road. not a ton working there. has your check on traffic for now. now we'll say good morning to candace. she is over in the weather center. >> good morning. it is a bad day in traffic when i'm after amy when it comes to traffic. we'll continue to see temperatures quickly warming up back into the low 80's to upper 70's. 54 degrees right now in orlando. 51 in leesburg. we are at 50 in the villages. the further north you go, 45 in ocala. 47 in palm coast. comparing it to yesterday.
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than yesterday morning. yesterday we even had a frost advisory in marion county. no frost to speak of at least for today. as we look at the satellite and radar composite, it is starting to veer winds off the ocean, keeping us nice and mild. it will start to pump in heat and humidity especially as we head into thursday and friday. 81 degrees, our average mark about 79 degrees. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. more details on the warming trend and increasing chance of rain in time for easter coming up in a few minutes. >> breaking news out of belgium. investigators have identified two of the suspects believed to be involved in yesterday's back to back terror bombing. >> 34 people dead and 250 others injured including americans claiming responsibility. the fbi sending agents overseas to help out. kirsten is is following the latest developments. kirsten, what have you learned
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>> the two men are brothers who detonated explosives merchandise that airport. we are learning that police are working to see if there is any connection between the two men and the top suspect in the paris terror attack. >> hallid and raheem, the two men who detonated exexplosives inside their bag at the belgian airport. the assault in brussels came days after the arrest of the prime suspect in the paris attacks, salah abdeslam. brussels broadcasters say one of the brothers had rented an apartment raided by police last week, in an operation that led authorities to abdeslam. authorities in belgium haven't made a direct link between yesterday's attack and the one in paris. the focus today is finding the third man prosecutors say
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deadly explosions went off station. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. authorities found the third man's luggage and raided a house in the area finding chemicals and explosive device containing nails and an isis flag. >> you see it in the movie but you can't imagine when you see people yelling like they are going to die. >> families reunited at the airport say they took off just minutes before the bombs went off. >> they told us there was a situation, we'll take time for security, just be patient. and then the cars and the van start pulling up and everyone got the idea something was wrong. the news started coming in and we found out. >> security teams locked down brussels yesterday and travel alerts are issued for americans traveling to europe. >> that airport and several brussels metro stations are closed. extra security is standing by as
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and to work. >> thank you for the update. around world land marks and attractions making changes to show the solidarity. right here in central florida, the eye was lit up in the colors of belgium's flag. it was a similar scene in europe where the eiffel tower was switched to show the colors, black, yellow and red. the room was imlum natured in the same colors as well as a bridge in berlin. you can get the latest information on the manhunt and read witness accounts. >> breaking news in maitland where a man was found shot and rushed to the hospital. the victim was found at a 7-eleven gas station. that's where we find johnny live this morning. have officers released any more details about who the shooter could be? >> reporter: bridgett, right now, officers they released very limit information about the gunman.
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is he is a man in his 30's and he was last seen wearing blue hat. police set up a perimeter at the seven-eleven here last night at 10:30. officers tell us the shooting happened at the extended inn 7-eleven. they say the victim was shot if his car. he was shot three times, twice leg. moments after the shootinging police say someone drove him to the 7-eleven and called for help. despite being shot three times, it is expected to be ok. >> he was alert where he was and basically wanted to be taken to the hospital. that's what happened. again, they rushed him into surgery due to the extent of his injuries. >> police continue their investigation this morning after getting conflicting reports from the victim and from witnesses. police say they'll look through
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better idea of what happened. when we get more information, we'll pass that information on air and online, powered by news 6. >> johnny is live in maitland. turning to brevard county. dozens of volunteers along with county officials expected to gather today to organize a clean-up of the indian river shoreline. this comes after this area has been littered with dead fish. wildlife officials think an algae bloom is causing this big fib kill in the banana and indian rivers. they believe the algae is stripping the oxygen in the water killing the fish. county tells news 6 they plan on putting out dumpsters at parks where dead fish can be collected. >> there are victories around in results 2016. four of the five candidates picked up big wins as voters in three states head to the polls yesterday. on the gop side, donald trump took home a win in arizona, picking the state's 58 delegates.
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victory in utah and is on track delegates. hillary clinton won arizona's primary but it was bernie sanders who took home delegates in two other states, utah and also idaho. but there were problems for voters. look at that -- long lines at idaho caucuses. in utah, officials admitted they ran out at ballots because of unprecedented turnout. it was a similar scene in arizona where some said they had to wait in line for five hours just to cast their ballot. some polling stations had people standing in line when winners declared. next up was wisconsin's april primary. democrats will be focusing on saturday when voters will head to the polls in alaska, washington and in hawaii. >> disney world is trying something different. it could mean extra time at the parks for you and your family to ride those rides.
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april and may, disney doing what they call disney after hours. it will give guests three hours to try most of the major kingdom attractions with shorter lines, less clouds, ice cream, soft drinks and bottled water are also included. the price, $149 per person. sometimes it does help if it is not as crowded. it can enjoy it. this is after the park closes so it will be cooler. packed. >> yes. time to check in with candace. how are we looking outside today? >> they had me at ice cream. i'll pay whatever i need to pay. >> what flavor? >> the chocolate, the chocolate covered mickey mouse ears. >> if you are heading to the park for spring break, you might need an ice cream and have it fast because it will be melting quick as temperatures top into the 80's across some spots. as we look at current
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51 in leesburg. 50 at the villages. looks cool the further north you go, ocala at 45. 24 hours ago, running between 4 and 14 degrees warmer today than yesterday morning. if you remember yesterday we even had a frost advisory up into marion county. no frost to speak of for today. as we look at wind speeds, the reason for the warming trend is because we are starting to see the return flow off the ocean, meaning an easterly wind flow. the warmer ocean will warm temperatures up for us. by thursday and friday, the winds start veering in from the south. that will be pumping in the heat and humidity. hour by hour, topping off at 80 degrees. a 10% chance for rain. i'll have details on your full forecast in a few minutes. let's see how the roadways are shaping up in the traffic center with amy. >> we are in traffic alert mode because of an early morning accident which looks to be involving semi trucks. the result is the southbound
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are closed add point by the pineda causeway. there is a detour in place. they are taking cars off that stretch of 95 southbound, bringinging them over to 404 and then to route 1. from there over to eau gallie and then you'll be able to reaccess 95 south on the other side of that closure. taking a look, still no big delays. at the same time, it is early. allowing a couple of extra minutes to follow that detour will be helpful. that is the biggest issue we are finding. everything else clearing out nicely. you can see i-4 by saxson boulevard, not bad at all. that is your check on traffic. >> 5:41. an act of kindness at a disney theme park goes viral. >> what one fairy godmother did to help a grieving mother. >> a disturbing find at a volusia county park. take a look, what one mother found in the middle of an easter egg hunt that has many parents concerned now. >> breaking news as a man is
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being shot. up next, what we are learning
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>> police on the hunt for a gunman after a man was shot. the victim was found at the seven-eleven. we know he was taveng to the hospital for his injuries. for now, officers haven't released any details about the shooter or shooters involved. johnny is there getting the
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he'll have another live report coming up at the top of the hour. >> this touching moment at a central florida theme park is quickly going viral all after a fairy godmother took time to help this grieving mom. it centers around that picture, first time mom recently visited disney and took a teddy bear filled with her daughter's ashes. the girl died 85 minutes after she was born due to a genetic abnormality. the story of annalisa. she went the extra mile. >> she asked if she could hug her. she made sure to take extra pictures. as many. >> murphy shared that moment on facebook in a blog dedicated to her daughter. murphy says she is thankful for
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>> a disturbing find at a park has parents worried about their children's safety. they say while kids were hunting easter eggs at a church event they stumbled upon drug para paraphernalia paraphernalia. one mother said her two children were hunting for easter eggs when she spotted a spoeszed needle out of a pile of leaves. that find has other visitors worried about what else their playing. >> it could be anywhere, that it is anywhere. it is around our children, awfully scary. >> a spokeswoman says they have crews who work daily to clean the parks and report any illegal activity. they advise anyone who finds police immediately. >> a beloved tree is being turned into colorful creations.
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from peeps art show at a museum in wisconsin. artists used the marshmallow treats to create everything. that was a peep snow globe. animal sculptures and there is a marge sculpture made of peeps. at the end, awards will be given out, including the all important peep's choice. that is voted on by visitors to the museum. >> i like the rabbit one. there was an elephant in the distance that was cool. >> there are two types of people. when that story came out, i was cheering, candace made a face. you either like peeps or you think they are disgusting. >> i like them. >> i wrote something on facebook that said how do you like peeps, by throwing them in the trash. >> i saw that. that's my belief. >> not to try this at home, i know some people will, you can put peep in a microwave.
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the more you know. >> i'll try it. >> parents are mad at you this morning. inside. it. fantastic. temperatures where they should be this time of year, about 80 degrees. right now, it is cool and quiet. we'll see a return of the 80's. our average for this time of career, 79 degrees. enjoy it while it lasts. get out and enjoy it. friday through sunday, we'll warmer conditions. we'll be back in the mid 80's in time for easter. as we look at the radar, across most of central florida, looking nice and dry. mostly clear skies as well. right now, temperatures are warming into the mid 50's. cooler than yesterday. 45 in ocala. 48 in the villages. the upper 50's in melbourne. 51 in daytona beach. comparing it to 24 hours ago, it looks like we are between 4 and
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that warming trend will continue throughout the rest of the week. the main reason is our wind pattern. a couple of days ago, they were moving in from the north. it was chilly. they start moving from the northeast. we were in the 70's. now they'll start moving in from the east-southeast which is why we'll' the return of the 80's. right now, mostly calm winds across the area. satellite and radar composite, not showing much. nice clear conditions. we'll stay mild with temperatures in the 70's to low 80's, mix of sun and clouds. again, that onshore flow right off the ocean will return. pinpointing not much in the way of rain. a little bit in the way of cloud cover throughout your wednesday afternoon into your thursday. only a slight 10 to 20% chance for rain. our winds sart moving in from the south come thursday into friday. that will be pumping in the heat, the humidity and the moisture. if you are off for today for spring break, no advisories. seas two to three feet.
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let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> we are pinpointing the 80's for today. it looks like we will see an average day, plenty of sunshine. where you live by 4:00, the mid to low 80's around town. the upper 70's along the ocean because of the ocean breeze. it will be quiet and it will be mild. planning out your forecast, enjoy it today while it lasts because rain chances, temperatures, cloud cover, storm chance, all that increases as we head into saturday and sunday ahead of our next spring front. that's your seven-day forecast. now let's see how the roadways are shaping up in the napleton traffic center. >> candace, we are holding onto one big issue. this happened during early morning hours. a couple of semi trucks that could be involved in this one. as a result, we still have the southbound lanes of i-95. this is happening in melbourne,
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there is a detour in place. they are taking you to 404 to eau gallie. you'll be reconnected to 95 southbound. even though we are watching this closely and we don't see a delay, to accommodate for the detour, a few extra minutes are deadly a good idea. not a lot going on other than that. westbound, eastbound sides of i-4, looking lovely. live cameras not too bad. at the expressway, hardly anybody out. that's you look at traffic. >> you know the orlando magic season is is in full swing right now. what better way to cheer on the side seats. >> news 6 giving you the chance close. two court side tickets to the magic game against the nets. you can enter to win all week long on our facebook page. 6. >> coming up at the top of the hour, what the food and drug
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>> a check of our big stories on this wednesday, including breaking news out of belgium as authorities identified two men believed to be involved in
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>> if you are just joining us, we have breaking traffic news. a crash involving two semi trucks shut down i-95 and pineda causeway. we though at least one person was hurt. traffic anchor amy will have an update at the top of the hour. >> breaking developments as two attackers were identified yesterday, killing 34 people. the men are brothers, a led and bahrine.
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>> where trash collectors will face a fine if they forget to pick up garbage bags. >> police saying this has a liking for cell phones and quite a craftway way of taking them. what investigators are saying
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we know the identity of two of the suspects attackers in brussels. a warning to international travelers ahead. >> a shooting sends a man to the hospital. we are live with the search of the suspect. >> people were treated to this amazing sight on the space station -- space coast last night. >> we have candace in for troy today and traffic anchor amy working on a serious problem on 95. >> yes. i'm happy to say we have had some improvement which is good. early this morning, we had the southbound lanes closed down issue. in the last couple of minutes, we have two of three travel lanes open. the area we are talking about is the southbound side of i-95 by this morning. there is no more need to detour around because we have two morning. that is very helpful.


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