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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we know the identity of two of the suspects attackers in brussels. a warning to international travelers ahead. >> a shooting sends a man to the hospital. we are live with the search of the suspect. >> people were treated to this amazing sight on the space station -- space coast last night. >> we have candace in for troy today and traffic anchor amy working on a serious problem on 95. >> yes. i'm happy to say we have had some improvement which is good. early this morning, we had the southbound lanes closed down issue. in the last couple of minutes, we have two of three travel lanes open. the area we are talking about is the southbound side of i-95 by this morning. there is no more need to detour around because we have two morning. that is very helpful.
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because it was so early. hopefully we can just keep traveling lanes open and it will not be an issue. i'll keep a close eye on that one for you. the rest of us, no other accidents. construction is a thing of the past. take a look here, you can see where we are moving nicely as an example. i-4 by lee road. not a lot going on. that is how we like it. that is your check on trafb. back to you. >> it is starring to feel a little more like spring today. >> let's call it the wednesday warmup. it is time for candace campos with the pinpoint information. >> the wednesday warmup, i like it. as we look outside over orlando, you can see the orlando eye lit up. temperatures for today will be warming up to about 80 degrees for today. as we look at current conditions, 52 degrees in orlando. mostly clear skies, winds are calm. very calm, very quiet. as we look at the radar, looking clear. radar sweeps not picking up much
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current conditions across most of central florida, waking up in the mid to low 50's. the villages, 46 out in palm coast. 53 down in kissimmee. as we take you hour by hour so you can plan out your wednesday. we'll top off one degree warmer than the average mark of 79. up to 80 today running near average with mostly dry conditions. get out and enjoy it while it lasts because we'll see a warmup and even a better chance of rain as we end the week and into the weekend. many details coming up. >> we have learned the names of two men who bombed a brussels airport. >> kirsten o'connor is live in the studio following the latest on this. tell us more about these men? we are talking about these two men in this airport surveillance video. they are believed to have detonated explosives in their bag, .
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attacker who survived. >> it is a massive manhunt for the suspect prosecutors say vanished after the deadly explosions went off inside a brussels airport and train station. this image shows the two men next to him identified as suicide bombers. >> authorities found the third man's luggage at the scene and later raided a house in the area, finding chemicals and explosive device containing nails and an isis flag. >> people so close to you that could do something like that. >> isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. security teams locked down brussels and travel alerts are issued for americans traveling to europe. with memorials growing in the city center, many are remembering the isis terror attacks in paris just four months ago.
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arrest of the prime suspect. >> these guys are going after soft targets on the near side of security. we have to push the security perimeter out. we need better intelligence. >> authorities say one of those brothers had rented an apartment raided by police just last week in an operation that led authorities to top paris attack suspects. so far authorities have not made a direct link between yesterday's attack and the one in paris. >> here in central florida, the attacks took center stage when rick scott appeared for a job ceremony in orlando. check him out. >> we have law enforcement. if we take a moment of silence. >> he said everyone must not live in fear but must report anything unusual. >> reps told us it was business as usual but the tsa is launch
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officials say they are staying extra vigilant as this is a busy travel week for vacationers trying to enjoy spring break or visiting on easter. they say if you are planning on traveling, get to the airport two hours early to make sure you make your fright on time. for conning coverage of these attacks, you can always check our website, >> breaking overnight, a shooting sends a man to the hospital. now the search is on to find the shooter. the victim was found at the 7-eleven west of i-4. that's where we find news 6 johnny fernandez this morning in maitland at the scene of the shooting. how is that victim doing? >> we know this morning he is recovering at orlando regional surgery. police told us he was shot three times and then brought into the 7-eleven behind me. maitland police tell me that 10:38. officers here on the scene tell us the shooting happened at the
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7-eleven. the victim was shot in his car. police say he was shot twice in his torso and fwhuns his leg. moments after the shooting, police say someone drove him to the 7-eleven and called for help. this morning, police are still trying to piece together what happened after getting different witnesses. >> it was an argument over another acquaintance. we are trying to get more information. he was pretty uncooperative while being transported. you get more information. again, it conflicted with what we got from other witnesses. >> this morning, police still looking for the suspect. the only thing they are saying about the gunman is he was wearing blue clothing, blue t-shirt and blue pants and a hat. if you have any information about what happened yesterday, you are urged to contact police. back to you. >> johnny is live in maitland. a united launch alliance blasted off from the space coast, giving
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it raced through the night sky. >> 3, 2, 1, ignition and liftoff of the atlas 5 rocket. supplies for the crew, experiments for the sign tests. >> the atlas 5 carrying thousands of pounds of food and supplies blasted off for many who stayed up late to witness this, they say it is manager they'll never forget. >> i expected it like more to be not as bright. it looked like a colorful ball our something out of a sci-fi movie. >> amazing. exactly how i expected it but it thought. >> that it is. more than 16,000 pounds, it happens to be the heaviest atlas
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>> there is a crime tracker alert for the man deputies say stole $31,000 worth of phones. the sheriff's office says this guy pretended to be a target mobile worker before taking off with 41 phones. it happened at the target on state road 100 on monday. crews say he asked to be led into an equipment room. they say brown entered a secure cabinet, took the phones and left the store. he was last seen leaving the scene in a 20 tennis san altima georgia tag. if you know where this guy is, call the crime stoppers. >> solid waste managers issued $26,000 in fines to trash collectors for missed pickups. it is the latest in a story we have been following since the beginning of the year. soon afterwards complaints started piling up about missed routes. between february 15 and 29 for example the county says they
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complaints which in all accounts holds. the county manager of solid waste said we are committed to receive consistent service county wide. >> a week of a firing head coach donny jones, ucf hired dawekins. this is back in the day when the players wore the short shorts. shorts. he was the number one consistent after he left the nba. sanford left dawekins go after the cardinals finished the season at 15-15. >> are you ready for a warmup? >> i am. are you? >> i didn't even bring my sweater today. candace is in the weather center for troy today. i'm in luck because it is going to warm up. >> you will. this morning, we are in the 50's. it is not cold. it is not really warm. it is a very nice start to your morning.
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next four days, a warmup indeed. today, topping off at 80 degrees. overnight lows will be in the 60's. not only will the rain chance increase. you can see the temperatures and the cloud cover all of that is is on the rise as we head through friday and into saturday. it doesn't go as far as sunday but it looks like the chance of rain will be in the forecast for easter. heading out to enyou this nice warmer weather along the coastline, we are going to look nice and dry for today. you can see thursday and friday, we'll see more in the way of thunderstorm icons up and down the coast. for today, we have a moderate risk of rip currents. and the ocean temperature about 69 degrees. i'll have more details on that increasing chance of rain and storms in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to the traffic center to see how the roadways are shaping up. >> the roadways are actually looking a lot better. we'll look at i-4 where we are moving along quite easily. as you move into downtown
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little bit but still far from delays. we are looking fantastic. the issue causing us issues to start the day. melbourne, 95 southbound, we have the right lane blocked from the pineda causeway. no delays getting past. we are doing ok. the rest of travel, not finding a lot of slowdowns either. northbound and southbound still checking out ok. that is your check on traffic for right now. we'll send it back to you. >> still ahead, a brand new attraction is one step closer to completion. >> where you can get up close and personal with larger than life snakes. >> a standoff, how it all came
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>> we have breaking political news for you. former florida governor jeb bush
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the republican race for president. they said they demonstrated the contests. we'll have more on that coming up later. >> a deadly shooting comes to a dramatic conclusion. camera. check it out. cameras were rolling when a standoff came to an end northeast of anaheim. swat team members arrested the man after he barricaded himself in his home for hours. the suspect shot and killed a neighbor during a fight, possibly all over a pesticide spray. so far, no other details have been released to the media. >> the man sentenced after the death of a toddler will spend more time in jail. he will spend another 75 years behind bars on drug charmings. he is already spending 20 years for his connection to the disappearance of lonzi barton.
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ebron pleaded guilty to child neglect charges. his girlfriend was sentenced on drug charges yesterday. she received another seven years added to the five she is already serving. >> turning to orange county, the state fire marshal has identified the man killed in a weekend house fire. according to the sentinel, 67-year-old edwin ponder was found dead in the bedroom of his home sunday. investigators believe the fire started in the bedroom but it could be weeks before the cause is identified. >> the bald eagle in a winter springs neighborhood is at the audubon center. this teen specializes in caring for these birds. technician samantha little said the eagle has a fractured shoulder and that means it cannot fly and it cannot hunt. >> he came in very scared. he has been starving because of
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>> do you think he'll make it? so. >> we are hoping for the best. the audubon center said the eagle has a 50-50 shot of surviving. we'll keep you updated on air and online. >> theme parks working to get rides and shows ready for all the guests. bush gardens sent in new pictures of crews installing final piece of track for the spinning coaster called cobra's curse. when the ride opens, up to eight guests will be historied straight to the top of the new tower tower. cobra's curse is is expected to open this summer. >> in addition affiliated with snakes i don't mess with. mars says it will add non-gmo
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campbell soup and general mills have agreed to comply with the law. law. >> drew, the contraption comes with compartments to keep your food hot and your drinks cold. it will navigate to its destination. test runs are going on in australia. >> a tampa area girl got the chance of a lifetime when she met a movie star. >> juliana shares a bond with winter because she is missing her left arm. winter grabbed headlines when she lost her tail in a crab trap and learned to swim with a prosthetic. juliana was surprised with a 3d printed arm at ucf. >> i love this story. >> i know you are all about dogs but i am all about dolphins.
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>> i was kayaking a few weeks ago and i saw a dolphin. the most -- it is unbelievable. >> i'll swim with them because i love dolphins. >> you need a go pro. >> that would have been nice. the weather is nice if you want to go swimming with dolphins. >> i have done that. >> we have storm pins and they are coming in from last night's rocket launch. these are pics from ormond beach. that is really pretty. cloik out there but nothing to impede the launch. you can see this one, this was my favorite. how pretty is is that one? clouds. it is a gorgeous sight. as we look ahead in the forecast for today and into the next changes ahead. right now, cool and quiet to start your wednesday.
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the 80's. the exception, the coastline, we'll be in the upper 70's. for friday through sunday, which is easter sunday, we will be pinpointing rain, cloud and a few thunderstorms ahead in the forecast. until then, dry on our radar. not picking up much in the way of rain for this morning. we are warming into the mid to through kissimmee. the low 40's in ocala. 48 in the villages. 46 in palm coast. the reason for this nice warming trend is all thanks to a ridge of high pressure sliding over the atlantic. the winds will veer in from the east-southeast, keeping us on the mild side. we'll be in the 70's to low 80's, a mix of sun and clouds, making the onshore flow in the forecast for today. the winds move in from the south come thursday and friday, target to pump in heat, the humidity and the chance of rain. the clouds and rain forecast,
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not much in the way of shower activity. more moisture pumping in from the south -- >> he is suspected of making the bombs used in the paris attacks last year. for more, we'll go to holly williams in brussels. good morning, holly. >> good morning, ann marie. najeem has been wanted by the belgium authorities since december. he was apparently arrested to the point of belgium reports in brussels. we still do not have any official confirmation of that. it is going to be a press conference by the belgian prosecutor in over an hour pr
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we may get confirmation and perhaps more details then. what we know about nageen, he thought to be a close associate of abdeslam, the only attacker from paris who survived. he was finally captured by authorities last friday after a manhunt that lasted around 125 days. we'll get more information in the coming hours. these all add to the sense that there are close links between the paris attack suspect in november and what happened here in the deadly bombings in brussels yesterday. >> thanks a lot, holly. to recap now, nageem salahi has been arrested this morning according to local media in belgium. this has been a cbs news special report. there will be more on the story from your local news on your
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this morning, online, on cbs
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>> temperatures for today into the upper 70's along the coastline. warmer the further inland you go. 83 in leesburg. let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> topping off in the city beautiful, 80 degrees. before then, mid 70's with sun and clouds. our average for this time of year is 79 degrees. we'll drop temperatures to 60 degrees. it will be quiet, very mild. seven-day forecast showing an increasing chance of rain, temperatures and cloud cover as we enter the weekend and even into easter. >> coming up in the next half-hour, it is wins for presidential hopefuls. >> we have a hook at the results of last night's primary just ahead. >> we are learning new information about the suspected terrorists behind the attacks in brussels. >> a shooting leaves one man at the hospital. the search is on to find the
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the latest on that story coming
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el-bakraoui >> we have breaking developments coming out of belgium. cbs is reporting the brussels suspect has been arrested. the details we are learning coming up next. >> a shooting in maitland sends a man to the hospital. what we are learning about the search for the gunman. thank you for waking up with us. >> joining us this wednesday morning, we have candace and amy. amy, you are very busy today. >> it looks like we had a break in the traffic issues. now it looks to be coming back. it has been interesting. >> one of those mornings. >> it is one of those mornings, yes. >> here's what is going on this morning. we had all of our lanes shut down. earlier this morning and then we had one out of three travel lanes shut down. now we are getting reports they had to close all those traveling lanes. we are talking about the pineda causeway in melbourne this
6:31 am
now, the thing i'm really watching very closely is is the fact that there is no big delay around it. if we are traveling that stretch, you might want to plan on taking the detour which is 404 over to route 1, eau gallie and then you'll go pack to 95. for right now, no big delay around it. the rest of us, as you take a live look are doing just fine by 417, just knot of curry ford toll plaza, nothing to slow you down there. that is the latest with traffic. for you check on the forecast. we need to say good morning to candace. >> good morning, amy. the weather is looking nice and quiet. temperatures right now in the mid to low 50's. even though low 40's in ocala. yesterday you were deal with a frost advisory. today, not frost conditions. 46 in palm coast. 57 down in melbourne. as we take you hour by hour so you can plan out your wednesday.
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a nice day. get out and enjoy it before all this. the rain chances start to increase. our average mark is 79. you can see that rain chance will increase up to a 60 to 50% as we enter the weekend and even into your easter sunday. i'll have more details on this and how warm temperatures will get coming up in my full forecast. >> breaking news out of belgium. we learned the surviving suspect in yesterday's belgium bombings has been arrested. >> all this comes hours after investigators i'd by the two men believed to be the suicide bombers. kirsten is is following the latest developments. what have you learned at this point? >> we got new information from belgian media. according to these reports, najim laachraoui was arrested in brussels. he is the third man in the airport photo with the hat on
6:33 am
he is also a known associate of paris attack suspect. this adds to the evidence showing there may be a connection between the two men and the top suspect in those paris terror attacks. there is a press conference where police are expected to confirm all this information. we'll have the latest for you on our website, powered by news 6. >> around the world, land marks and attractions making changes to show their solidarity. right here in central florida, that's the orlando eye. it was lit up in the colors of belgium's flag. it was a similar scene in europe where the eiffel tower was switched to show the colors black, yellow and red. it was illuminated in the same colors as well as a bridge in berlin. our coverage continues right now on you can get the latest information and read witness accounts. >> breaking news in maitland where a man has been shot and rushed to the hospital.
6:34 am
seven-lech along maitland summit boulevard. that's where we find johnny this morning. have officers released any more details about the shooter in this? >> they are releasing limited information about the shooter. the only thing they told us, he is a man in his 30's. he was last seen wearing blue clothing and a hat. police set up a perimeter where the shooting took place. the shooting happened last night after they got a call of a man with a gunshot wound. they say the victim was shot in his car. he was shot twice in the torso and once in his leg. police say someone drove him to the sen 11 and called for help. police say despite being shot three times, he is expected to be ok. >> he was alert and aware and knew where he was. basically want to be taken to
6:35 am
that's what happened. they rushed him to surge due to the extent of his injuries. >> police continue their investigation after getting conflicting reports from the victim and witnesses. police tell us that they are going to be looking through surveillance footage from the 7-eleven and from the extended inn to get a better idea of what happened. of course, we'll keep up to date, keeping in contact with information. once we get an update, we'll pass the information along to you. you. >> volunteers will be out trying to organize a clean-up of the shoreline. it comes after this hour has been littered with dead fish. officials think an algae bloom caused this massive fish kill. they believe the algae stripping the oxygen out of the water
6:36 am
the county tells news 6 they plan on putting out dumpsters at several parks where fish can be collected. >> there are victories around in results 2016. four of the five remaining candidates picked up wins as voters in three states head to the polls yesterday on the gop side donald trump took home a big win in arizona picking up all of the state's delegates. his opponent cruz picked up a one in utah is and on track to take all of the state's 40 delegates. >> for democrats, split wins. bernie sanders took home delegates in two states, utah and idaho. there were problems for voters long lines reported. state party officials admitted they ran out of ballots at voting sielths because of unprecedented turn out. some said they had to wait for five hours to cast their ballots. some polling stations had people standing in line when the
6:37 am
next up for the republicans, wisconsin's april 5 primary where 42 delegates will be up for grabs. democrats will be focused on saturday when voters will head to the polls in alaska and washington and hawaii. >> disney world is trying something different. it could mean extra time at the park for you and your family. for seven nights spread out over april and may. disney is launching what is called disney after hours. the new event will give guests three more hours to try out most of the major rides and attractions attractions, ice cream, soft drinks included there. the price, $149 per person. it is pricey. i'm thinking it might be worth it. the sun is down, the crowds have cleared out. >> you are avoiding the lines. >> get the ice cream and the water.
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>> that's not too bad, especially because it is not as hot. we'll see warming temperatures warm up at the end of the week. as we look at the temperatures over the next several days, a roller coaster ride. temperatures for today, 57 degrees. this will shoot up to about 80 degrees. even warmer conditions by the end of the week. let's look at the next four days. 80 degree, overnight lows in the 60's. back to about 86, 85 degrees. not only will the temperatures increase, so will the rain chance. we are up to 50 to 60% as we head into easter weekend. if you are heading out to enjoy the beaches, it looks nice for today. again, better chance of rain as we head into thursday and friday across the board. we have a moderate risk of rip currents for today with the water temperature up to 69 degrees. i'll break down more of the
6:39 am
pinpointing to see when the rain will start rolling in coming up in a few minutes. how the roadways are shaping up for the napleton traffic center. >> candace, thank you so much. we are back to watching this issue. we have some relief for awhile. now it looks like all lanes are closed. we are still talking about 95 southbound around melbourne right by the pineda causeway. we had a couple of trucks involved in this overnight. again, watching for closure. you can take a detour which is 404 to route 1, eau gallie back to 95 northbound. we are starting a small amount of delay getting past. once again, i'll be keeping a close eye on that and keep you updated. the rest of us, a normal wake-up. i-4 by ivanhoe, not a ton working. westbound cars happen to be moving away from you. that's your look at traffic. now, david and bridgett, back to you at the desk. >> about 20 minutes before 7:00.
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at a theme park goes viral. >> what one fairy godmother did to help out a grieving mom. >> a disturbing find at a park. what one mom found that has parents concerned. >> a man is rushed to the hospital after being shot. up next, what we are learning about the gunman. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in any size iced tea for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. >> if you are just joining us, the third suspect in yesterday's deadly attack in brussels has been arrested. within the last half-hour we learned najim laachraoui was arrested this morning. he is the third man in airport surveillance photo from the brussels attacks and is also a known associate of paris terror attack suspect. we are expecting to learn more about the coming up in an hour with belgian police. >> breaking overnight closer to home, police in orange county
6:44 am
after a man showed up at this 7-eleven with a gunshot wound. the victim was at this gas station on maitland summit boulevard. the man was taken to the hospital for his injuries. for now, officers haven't released many details. johnny is in matehand gathering updates, he'll have a live report in a moment. >> this is going viral after a fairy godmother took time out to help this grieving mom. first time mom janice murphy visited disney and took a teddy bear. the bear is filled with her infant daughter's ashes. the girl died 85 minutes after she was born due to a genetic abnormality. that's when a fairy god mothers walked up and spoke and learned about annalisa.
6:45 am
she asked, can we kiss her cheek? >> murphy says she is very thankful for the fairy godmother's actions and hopes it will help others who suffered the loss of an infant. >> in volusia county now where a disturbing find at a park has children. they say while their kids were having an easter egg hunt, they came across drug paraphernalia. it happened over the weekend. one mom we talked to said her two children were hunting for easter eggs when she spotted an exposed needle in a pile of leaves. that woman picked it up, put it in a soda bottle and now that find has other visitors worried about what else kids could come across while playing at the park. >> that it could be anywhere, that it is anywhere. it is around our children, awfully scary.
6:46 am
says they have crews working daily to clean the parks and report any illegal activity. they advise anyone who finds anything suspicious to call police immediately. >> a woman is proving you are only as old as you feel. >> she has a lot of them. she celebrated her 107th birthday. she survived the great depression. she celebrated the milestone with friends and family. not one birthday cake but how about this, 107 birthday cupcakes. >> good idea? >> i'm all about ice cream cake. >> the mayor of her hometown even declared her pirt birthday hilda bernson day. she said keeping active and
6:47 am
>> if you want to eat them, that's why you go for it. >> a sugar high coming up this weekend. we deserve candy too. >> you have an easter basket. >> we do. >> i don't like the peeps so i won't put them in. as we look at your weather story, you can see here we have an easter basket. don't leave the basket outside because it is going to get soggy. 86 for sunday. we are going to see scatter hours in the forecast and continue to keep in tune here. we'll keep our eyes on the exact timing of that front. it looks like the front will be stalled out. that will be the tough part to forecast when showers will be
6:48 am
it looks like a soggy weekend. if you have spring break off, enjoy it today because weather is looking spectacular. mostly dry across town. we are in the low 40's. 48 in the villages. low 50's on interstate 52. same in orlando. 53 at kissimmee. here's what is going on. a ridge of high pressure keeping us high and dry, nice and mild because the winds are moving in. for the next couple of days, the highs will shift over the atlantic, the winds are veering in from the south and southeast that will start pumping in the heat and humidity as well as a chance of rain come thursday, friday and into the weekend. as we look at the clouds, pinpoint pinpointing, a few scattered showers for your thursday as winds move in from the south. we could see a few pops of showers and a thunderstorm for
6:49 am
as what we are expecting come friday, saturday and into sunday. let's look at the boating conditions, temperatures in the low 80's across town. upper 70's along the coastline. if you are heading out over the waters we'll see nice smooth conditions. a very nice day on tap, no matter where you go for today. 80 degrees will be the high in the city beautiful. a mix of sun and clouds. looking nice. it will be quiet. it will be mild. as we break down your seven-day forecast, you can see the rain chance starts to increase, temperatures on the run. very warm easter. if you have outdoor plans, your best bet today or tomorrow. let's see how the roadways are
6:50 am
>> the ib we are finding now is from early this morning. it looks like all travel lanes closed for the southbound side of i-95 in melbourne by the pineda causeway this morning. still going to put out that recommended detour. if you go with 404 over to route 1 but over to eau gallie boulevard, you'll be able to reconnect with 95 southbound on the other side of the closure. it looks like the delays are growing slightly. not a huge factor. at least one semi was involved in this. it is going to be something of a messy clean-up. the rest of us, no extra travel time needed. a quick check of your drive times along i-4, not churning any delaying up. up. >> the magic season is in full swing. what better way to cheer on the
6:51 am
>> giving you the chance to experience the magic up close. the game is next tuesday night. you can enter to win all week long. head to 6. the time is 6:50 on this wednesday morning. up next, a check of the big story including breaking news out of maitland. >> where a man is recovering from injuries after being shot at a maitland extended stay. what we are learning about the
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>> just heading out the door, several breaking news stories on this wednesday. >> let's go to kirsten following the developments out of brussels. >> the search is over for the only known attacker believed to have survived the belgian attacks. najim laachraoui was arrested
6:55 am
he is the third man in the photos from the brussels attacks. we are still waiting on confirmation from police during a press conference. cbs this morning will have much more on this breaking news story coming up at the top of the hour. let's check in with johnny fernandez live in maitland. >> reporter: after being shot three times last night, police tell us this happened at around 10:38 last night. the victim was shot at the extended inn. the gunman is a man in his 30's. he was wearing blue clothing and a hat. police say they'll go through surveillance video to try to get a better idea of what happened. once wi get new information, we'll pass that information on air and online. breaking news in the world of politics.
6:56 am
we learned former florida governor jeb bush has endorsed president. according to the new york times, bush called cruz a consistent principled conservative who demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests. >> if you look at our easter basket, temperatures will be warming. 86 degrees. a few scattered showers ahead in the forecast. if you have any plans, maybe you have spring break off. thursday will be your best bet and the heat returns in time for the weekend. >> that's a good looking basket. we'll end it with the issue, we have southbound lanes we closed on i-95 by pineda causeway around melbourne. still try taking 404 to route 1. then you can go over to eau gallie boulevard and eventually you'll reconnect with 95 southbound.
6:57 am
it is a couple of extra minutes. >> good to know. >> thank you for joining us. when you are on the go, get breaking news, weather and more on, central florida's number one choice for news online.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the heart of the european union today is rocked to its core. right now a manhunt is under way for the bombmaker suspected in the brussels and paris terror attacks. >> yesterday's bombing killed more than 30 people and injured more than 200. we share the stories of several american survivors. >> police in the u.s. step up security at so-called soft


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