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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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last year. she described him as a kind hearted person who had lots of friends. >> he was a really good kid. really smart. just graduated high school this past summer. we were all so proud of him. i just remember him being so, so happy >> earlier today, westchester police arrested 18-year-old justin cook of sharonville. investigators say he was one of three people involved in the fatal shooting. he's being held on 2 million bond on charges of come complansy for murder. >>nd used to sleep on his floor. >> like many of his friends and family, he says he's in shock and is having a tough time processing what happened.
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it's right by my house, hung out with him. saw him every single day. it's hard to imagine not seeing him anymore. >> i don't think that whatever the motive was, or anything, nothing is worth taking someone's life. >> lis are looking for the alleged trigger man as well as the other woman in the case. brook o'donnell, tyler casso had no enemies to speak of. that's why the murder is so shocking. also says she had so many friends. they packed the waiting room until they learned of his passing. local 12 news. >> really tragic. larry, thank you. >> westchester police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. mary mount high school
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the columbia university student died in honduras. she and two others were killed yesterday when the bus that was taking them back to the airport crashed. others in the bus were hurt. earhart graduated in marymont in 2014. police arrest a man accused of assaulting a ripley officer and stealing his gun. kyle moore was taken earlier today. john "the mole" was called to fight with him and his girlfriend. police say moore took off. officer spotted him later walking down the road. they got into a fight. the officer's jaw was broken and was knocked unconscious. the officer was flown to the hospital. he's recovering at home. bond is set for more than a million dollar for a suspect in a deadly hit and run.
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and drug abuse and domestic violence. he's in court for charges last week. the his car jumped the curve. it hit kathy chatfield as he took part in the 7th hills. he was arrested last week. >> and woman they stole two stolen vehicles. someone broke over a couple in a beckals game on january 23rd. and a short time later, the woman. if you could help police identify the person, you're asked to call crimestoppers. >> nice to see the warmth of yours.
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wake weather. >> it feels like spring outside. it seems like spring. and we were a little snow and go on north. we were in the 20s yesterday evening. and we're going to see temperatures a whole lot warmer for tonight. cincinnati. 58 in louisville. we were in the 60s short time ago in western kentucky. we'll continue to see the numbers fall through the 50s and into the 40s. your evening, you will be in the 40s. you could dress like fall and not like winter. we will continue to see clouds stay to the north and east. we have more moisture riding from the south and another system, will bombard us from the west. that's what's going to bring us rain chances for friday. over the next 12 hours, expect the temperatures to be in the mid to upper 40s at 7:00.
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cloudy skies. expect increase ing cloudiness. best chances will track that in a bit. back to you. erica, thanks very much. chino hills, california, mumford tennessee and florida. at least one person in those areas, not here. the winner hasn't come forward at chino hills. it hasn't stopped the celebration. >> some customers were there buying tickets for saturday's drawing. they think it's a lucky spot. each winning ticket is worth $529 million before taxes. >> ohio lottery officials, each $1 million dollars winner and state -- and it was sold in
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toledo libbed whitly, and right now he's wearing a distribution. that's where she bought the travel setter. one of the tickets is a million dollar winner. she checked the winning numbers at 2:30 in the morning. >> i actually gotten home from work. i checked the numbers on-line and had no idea, it was that big of a prize. wendy drove to louisville to claim her prize. kentucky has $200 million winner. they have not come forward yet. >> it's a fun night to watch it >> that's because we lost. .
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what itt >> the speaker of the ohio house is naming a task force for the makers of medical marijuana. voters chose not to legalize it in november. the bipartisan task force will look at the issue. polls shows that ohio voters support legalized marijuana. they are in the process of regrouping and ohioans could once again see a pot legalization in ohio. they will allow defendants to plead to lesser crimes, not less like original charges they
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the pleas under cut the confidence in the justice system. a police training panel, they are reviewing a proposal that will beef up hiring standards. a possible requirements include drug tests and polygraphs. ohio's attorney general will ask the panel, certain crime will keep a person from being an officer. many big city departments like cincinnati already have such standards. mike says it's time to make them uniform across the state. the first in their families to go to college.
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new >> the program to keep college students in school is unveiled at the university of cincinnati. nationwide one-third of all college freshmen drop out. if you are in the first in your family to attend college, the challenge is even tougher. jeff hirsh has a look at the new mentoring programs for the so-called gem one students. the difference between high school and college is often not that great. the college is across the street
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while those two are close, the gulf is very huge. >> i don't know how it will be. it will be a new step in life. >> destiny and her new high school senior are definitely college bound, good students. unlike many other students in uc, they don't come from families where parents and sibleings have a college degree. >> maybe the first to hopefully graduate. >> making sure such gem 1 student graduates, is part of the program. >> and be able to navigate separate from the classes? >> i believe so. a lot of people told me, it's a whole different experience, high school. >> the program for graduates of cincinnati students will start fall. it should grow about 600 each within five years.
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they will will be a mentor portal. many first generation college students are from low-income families. if they get college degrees, it could break the impact of poverties. >> with the families and this city, it's enormous. >> it's very helpful. >> i would need a mentor, actually. >> jeff hirsh, local 12 news. >> if you are interested in becoming a mentor. cincinnati colabrativ will be this fall. and during the president's address, he announced a new measure to cure cancer. he's appointed joe biden to lead the effort.
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of mission control. the vice president's brother died of cancer last year. voters. and trump spokeswoman says south carolina's governor was wrong to call out trump this week when she said republicans needs to resist the urge to listen to angry voices. >> frankly if you're looking around and not angry, there's something wrong. there's things going on in the country that's astonnishing many people. including new people which is why you see trump's rally grow. >> it shows trump with a big lead in south carolina, followed by ted cruz, marco arubio is at 20 percent. ashley olson was found dead in her apartment last weekend.
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fractured and she was strangled. the suspect has no prior criminal record. the suspect and woman fought after having sex and doing drugs. he left her alive on her bed. the boyfriend and landlady found the body the following day. >> the first hurricane already. alex cane, and right now it's far out in the atlantic. hurricane warnings have been issued for parts of the azores. the national hurricane center in miami says a hurricane has not been reported in january since the 1950's. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june 1. in the tri-state, we're expecting rain, huh. >> we're continuing to see it build up, and the first one was
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hurricane eris was -- it hurricane. that's the earliest one. it's kind of a cool tidbit. more useless information for you. we will continue to see rain move from the west. we have not seen any clouds. it's been crazy warm. temperatures are well above the average of 38. we're in the 50s right now. we're seeing just beautiful blue skies. it's going to be a gorgeous sunset. a live shot, right now from the atrium weather center weather camera from the star 64 tower. 50 for brookville. for the middle of january. 55 in dillsborrow. and 55 for thalmus. we're at 54 at the airport. we have them around 5-10 miles an hour. especial he we move through.
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and dry. we don't have any clouds. we will continue to watch high pressure move to the south and east. that will make way for a couple of disturbances to move through. we have a couple of areas of low pressure. you could see the clouds and the rain-snow mix. we have the cold front that's marked, will roll through kansas, and eventually develop with the moisture of adults. we have some players giving us some rain. this evening, we will be dry and really mild. if you dress for fall e like the 20s. if not, the mid 40s. little warmer than that. we will be dropping through the 40s during the evening. so rain trend for friday. most have a dry morning commute for friday. we will not rule out a couple of spotty isolated showers,
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morning, through 10:00. best chances arrive late morning into the early arch and will arrive from the west, spread eastward. we're looking at a pretty good chances from noon to 5:00, 10:00. most of the models, bring in tenth an inch. we'll we'll. no road conditions should be deteriorating. that's what we will have to watch out for. early morning commute will be probably dry. in the afternoon, rain tapering down, possibly after the evening commute. the evening commute will be a little more messy than the morning commute. planning forecast, it looks like this. we start off at 38. you will want to pack the
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if you're heading out for lunch, you will need it. the showers will change to light snow showers. a lot of it should be early in the day, most of it. it will bring us cold temperatures as you see here. the chance of more snow showers. you may see light accumulations so watch for areas of he can slick or snow owe spots. monday, we start to the single digits. that's a really cold day. wind chills will be below zero with the breeze picking up as well, especially at the start of the workweek. and slight chances for flurries, late thursday, early tuesday. but that's very slight for now >> that's some cold weather coming in. >> very cold. >> all right, erica. they are slick, they are shiny.
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the cars you will s >> new restaurant is under construction in one of cincinnati's popular neighborhoods. pleasantry is going in at the corner of 15 and pleasant. it will be open from 7:00 a.m.
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the morning and lunch hours: kuiche. it's set to open in early spring. ranch. anita found a price of $1.77 in madison pike in fort wright. and gary posted $1.63 at the dixie deli in fairfield. steve filled up at the speedway in west parkway, in lawrenceberg. if you see cheaper prices, post them in our facebook page and we'll put it on tv. >> record 17 1/2 million vehicles were sold in the u.s. in 2015. now some of the latest cars on display at the north american international auto show in van cleef.
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fashion show but the models are measured in tons and the designs, think metallic chic. unveiled, the return of lincoln's famed continental. >> we're looking the lincoln continental to express what we call quiet luxury. >> lexus was not being quiet with this debut. volvo and mercedes are pushing safety. >> part of the reason, more than 800 thousand people come to the show. also on display, fundamental changes going on in the auto business. >> seeing the writing on the wall. as the economy comes down, people are sharing more and more cars. it's a whole different world. >> gm designed the fully electric chevy bolt. it could travel more than $200
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getting a slice, transportation pie, means smarter cars collecting your personal data. >> we're a technology company. more and more will be an informational company. >> are you talking about tracking where i'm going and what i'm doing? >> this is not about tracking individual customers. this is customers sharing their data. in aggregate, we can discern patterns. >> patterns where things are changing. coming up next on local 12 news. dangerous passenger. ohio passenger, comes to blow, over a bus ticket. >> project that will bring more than 100 apartments new to the city. i'll show you what's coming up. and it's a chance to come
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. >> it's a 17 million development in the heart of covington. the apartments will be a step up from covington housing stock.
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>> we will compare the units from some of the product we've done over the riped, even those are in short structures. >> a couple of social services customers will be located. and it's phase one of a project that will include more apartments and office building in the other side of arlington. a parking garage of phase 2. we will be curious on what will be parked before and after construction. in the past, he's lost his city lease parking spaces in short notice. >> we're concerned about that. we have a lot of activity in the building. a lot of people in and out. we bring a lot of people to the city. without parking, it's hard to have a viable business. >> if all goes as planned, construction will be in
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first tenants should be able to move in late 2017. joe webb, local 12 news. >> and it's within a block of some other covington major construction projects. hotel covington is at the corner of covington and madison. one block away. 14 new apartments in the renovated fire insurance building. a camton county mother and her children escaped their burning home. one person suffered minor injuries. the woman who lives there bedroom. family. they are back on the job after serving suspension of almost two months. they worked out a plan that allowed for his return today. part of the plan is being developed.
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after the superintendent put him on administrative leave in november. the action came after a complaint. the superintendent would not elaborate. police are looking for a man they say stole from cars on new year's day. dylan is also charged with criminal damaging and drug charges. officers say he committed crimes in miami township. turner has tattoos on the left side of his neck. if you know where he is, call crimestoppers, 352-3040. conservative pastors, based on sexual orientation or gender identity are delivering petitions to lawmakers. they have got petition. one is housing and employment. the other bill does the same but it includes transgender people. both measures contains several
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wall street saw some solid gains. they came out of the market, had its worst dow. dow was up 227 points at the close. they got up to almost 300 points at one point. the nasdaq added 88 points. s&p 500 up 31 points by the close. . >> alex rickman, shakespearean company to hog warts has died. >> i've called off christmas. >> rickman had memorable roles in robin hood, die hard and is in professor snape in harry potter films. he won a golden globe for his tv pore trailal of rest beaut.
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his role in eight harry potter movies. >> and today, they said it's far poor for the loss of the man. alec rickman, 69-year-old. a movie filmed in the tri-state is up for six oscars. cate blanchett nominated in the best actor. best original score. best sin graphy and best costume academy awards will be held february 28th. >> everybody says rooney is wonderful. >> a special dance is bringing down the nomination. >> recent stars is ones that is off their feet. >> and remember. >> and the revered dance studio,
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my heart will go on. the 14 girls in black are called the shadows. the other chicks are called wonders on wheels. tracy, the owner of the studio choreographed the number. and the girls took first place in their category. they were giving home two classes a month, free of charge for special needs children. video has gone viral with more than 4 million views. if you want to see the entire thing, we have posted it on the local 12 facebook page. gives you chills, doesn't it. >> the park is closed. there's plenty of activity going on in kings' island. maintenance crews. crews are working on the beast.
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they will be reinspected before being reinstalled in the track. a driver in cleveland is back on its route after a passenger. >> started with a bus ticket. drivers asked for help but they did nothing. >> and instead the passengers turned away, walked away from him. at one point, the 23-year-old man threatened to pull out a gun. he didn't have one but he did have another weapon. >> >>. >> instead the passengers got off the bus. the driver was finally able to call for help and police arrested the suspect. the men has a history of burglary and domestic violence.
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up his efforts to close the prison at guantanamo bay. 103 of the enemy combatant is still in custody. that is down from the nearly 100 islamic extremists captured in the field. nearly a dozen is expected to be exported to four countries. that prompted the promise of the state of the union address. >> i will keep going to shut down the prison in guantanamo. it only serves as a recruitment for our enemy. >> the drawdown is drawing some attacks from members of congress who told cheryl atkinson of the full measure, it is the republican led congress, not the president that will decide guantanamo bay's fate. >> anybody who believes, now is the time to close guantanamo bay is delusional.
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war is actually going. he has no idea in my view, the threats we face, if he had the idea of the threats we face, and last thing i do is enter the jail. >> calling president obama delusional. >> he's totally delusional about the stay and play in the middle east. >> more on the debate and hear from many who helped capture the enemy combatants this sunday in full measure. >> it's not stopping a local mom from bringing hundreds of people together to help fund one. local 12 medical reporter, shares the story and joins us liz. >> this local mom invites you to join others for this year's rock and inspire. week. it is like no other. raises money for multiple sclerosis and m s. something personal to her, her
5:32 pm
supporting her >> and she started rocking inspire years. >> and husband was diagnosed with m s. month before we were married. >> since the marriage, and birth of her first child, her passion was to support others who have ms. >> i was actually diagnosed with ms almost five years ago. >> we met with the team of the national chapter of ms society. mary walker says it took months to get a diagnosis. >> they ruled out everything else and decided it was ms. >> all the women are part of the team assisting in the rock and aspire. it brings everything from funk to rock, to lightning buys, recently featured in cincinnati sunday. >> we believe that the world's
5:33 pm
and we want to rock and inspire, celebrate progress together, create hope and have the power of music on our side. >> what a difference it makes for those living with ms. those who live here say 80 percent of money raised goes in one of two ways. half goes to research. other half, basic needs that could make a big difference in the quality of life. >> qualifications and getting involved with different support groups. >> and as for the research, it's now being focused on what's called the mineless or coating of the central nervous system. >> imagine and electrical cord, the coating gets frayed. it doesn't get a charge. >> until that doesn't happen, the moms and families say, they inspire to create a world where
5:34 pm
>> and rock 'n' roll is here to stay. >> rocking and inspire is saturday the 23rd, the 20th century theater in oakley. it starts at 7:00. tickets are $20. all the proceeds for that, goes to ms research. they will make an average $10 thousand a night. grassroots effort. moms and families coming together. this is -- it is the well-known really cool thing. and then they have raffles and other things. you have done that. and do your friends together and celebrate. >> it will take time and money. that's what it will take. and i feel, you would know this more than i would. i feel like i hear the people are living better with ms than in the past because of research and things. >> we talked about this. i've been following this long enough, they have been breaking to two types.
5:35 pm
the kind that are -- patient, is relax and remit. she's off her medication because she's in remission. and you hear about the milin sheets. outside of the central nervous system. when you could find what causes it, you could trace it to the cure. if you can't do that, you never get there. that's happened because people have to get there. >>. >> for a day, we get down right balmy. >> feels like spring. it is nice to see the sun. the sun returns next week. it's not going to feel anything like it does. we're in the 50s. by monday, we're going to be in the teens. that's your high temperature. we're going to be colder for the start. take a look right now live from the atrium weather cameras, this is downtown cincinnati from covington. it's a beautiful shot.
5:36 pm
at 5:39. we'll continue to see beautiful clear skies. they will increase. this is a live look at oxford and also have the star 64 tower cam. there it goes. and we will continue to see clouds moving from the south. we're 32 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. crazy mild. and after verage temperature this time year, mild. and harrison, we're at 52. upper 40s for liberty and brookville falling now. 52 for mazeville. take a look it. milder air to the south. we're in the 60s like places like peduka. we're dropping 40 degrees in four days. from high temperatures around 54
5:37 pm
by monday. we're going to see a big drop and will feel the change pretty soon. the weekend, it will be much colder with highs in the 30s and 20s. we're looking at a chance for snow to return. live precision doppler radar, it's dry. we continue to have a dry forecast throughout the evening. no need to worry about the rain gear. we have a couple of areas of low pressure. one through iowa. they extend back to the dakotas. this will string down a cold front. that will continue to move eastward. this combined with the moisture coming from the gulf. we have a disturbance rolling into southern louisiana. all of that is combining to give us rain here at home. that's what we're looking at for friday, especially late in the day. afternoon hours and evening hours, through 11:00, 12, through 5:00 in the evening. tonight's forecast, mostly clear skies and eventually cloudy by tomorrow morning.
5:38 pm
we may be a little rm whatter than the numbers here. we'll continue to see a southwesterly breeze. that breeze is going to kick up. here's 8:00 friday morning. best chances of rain, will be 11:00, 12:00. and we'll see steady rain. the cold front will bring the end to rain late friday evening. here's 5:00. we're still looking at rain that could be sitting especially east of cincinnati. in the back side of the front, we'll wrap into the cooler weather. that's going to make the transition from rain shower to snow shower. there's 10:00 p.m. when looking at the chance for the snowflakes, to mix in as early as late friday night. saturday, we can see scattered light snow showers or flurries. we'll continue to see an arctic front drop through which will continue the chance of some snow showers. tomorrow's forecast, most of us
5:39 pm
other than an isolated shower, we will be cloudy tomorrow morning. temperatures start off in the upper 30s if not lower 40s. we'll top out near 47. rain arrives close to the morning hours. we'll continue to see it push through the afternoon and early evening hours before we're tapering down or winding down friday night. snow showers possible saturday and sunday. some light accumulations possible as well. watch road conditions. we can end up with slow and slick spots. temperatures monday, will drop to 5:00. 5 degrees monday morning. we'll continue to see wind chills below zero degrees. and we'll also see single digit temperatures for tuesday, which means we'll most likely have windchill below zero. temperatures, it will be around 16 for monday afternoon. and we'll be back in the 20s for
5:40 pm
wednesday. and we're looking at the temperatures back. closer to average, 33, 35. >> we're following a local breaking news in bond hill. where a woman has been shot. it is happening right now in the corner of redding road and anita place much that's north of the norwood lateral on redding. rescue crews are just arriving at the scene and the woman's injuries may be serious. we have a local 12 news crew headed there and we will bring you new information as soon as we get it. show me the money. almost. almost is not as good enough as the powerball. she almost got it. she's just million dollar winner. wait until you hear what she did after picking up the big check. angel from hell, elementary
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>> more whooping cough cases are being reported in kentucky. 87 cases were reported between august and september. the high number of cases were in northern kentucky and the louisville area. whooping cough is a contagious respiratory disease that's transmitted through coughlets. getting a vaccine could prevent the disease. >> there's a dangerous new illness, worry pet owners across the country. >> thousands of dogs have been infected from dog flu. growing problem affecting pets in many cities. ashley lease walks dogs in the seattle area.
5:46 pm
attention to her four-legged friends after new warnings about the current strain of dog flu. >> could get sick like us. >> up to 90 dogs staying in the kennel may have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for flu. further tests are needed to confirm it's the new strain. >> none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off. when dogs are going to dog day cares or dog parks, or boarding overnight, it could spread rapidly. >> this features a chicago pup named her bert, who is putting up a brave face while recovering from the flu. cases showed up last march and spread quickly. around 2000 dogs in 24 states have been infected. a vaccine was made available in november. that says the disease was fatal.
5:47 pm
symptoms. >> see coughing, lethargy, could be a sign of a fever. if you see that, give your local veterinarian a call. they will need to get on special medications. >> people can't contract the virus. they can spread it to healthy dogs after close contact with a sick dog. all the puppies are available for adoption. adre'anna diaz, cbs news, chicago. coming up at 6:00, how families and friends are remembering a local young woman after a mission trip ends in tragedy. >> strong message about bullying and violence.
5:48 pm
>> busy day for law enforcemenent, >> she left home to go to another country on a mission of mercy. it turns to tragedy for a local family, when a woman is killed in a terrible bus crash. good evening, everyone. loved ones remember olivia earhart as a bright and beautiful woman who is also an aspiring scientists. >> the goal and drive to help others took the mary mont high school graduate to honduras on a mission trip and now the family and community is grieving. she joins us with more on how she's being remembered. sydney? >> reporter: olivia was a dream student. she was gifted academically. she was involved in after-school activities. she gave back to her community. in her final days, she was giving back to her community.
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