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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> madison community took time to ear-old gunman waited for up to 30 minutes, until a school resource officer walked out of the cafeteria, before he stood up and opened fire. >> i'm at the football field. >> are you by yourself? >> one of the many, madison junior and high school students who called 911, report a shooting at the school. some took refuge on the ball field and others in the woods. austin hancock made his first court appearance. his attorney entered a denial of charges. his family refused to comment. butler county sheriff, hancock had the loaded han gun all morning long and waited until the school resource officer walked out of the lunch room, before he opened fire. >> this individual, it appears, had more than, he had a magazine with bullets.
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he was in a hurry to get out. he was in a hurry when he was shooting. >> hancock was arrested short time later. parents rushed to the school to bring their children home. as the madison community starts to heal, austin hancock's legal problems are just beginning. sheriff jones says, they will push for the 14-year-old to be tried in adult court. >> when he goes, he shouldn't go to where kids go >> rob and cammy, sheriff says he was in possession of the handgun since saturday. they wouldn't say how he got the gun. he also said he had some extra ammunition. unfortunately, he didn't use it inside the cafeteria. there's a lot of talk going around. what may have triggered the hearing. and why the two schools shot, were targeted.
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rob, back to you. >> and thank you. in court this morning, judge ordered hancock held in juvenile detention until the next hearing. that's scheduled for april the 5th. >> students and staff, planned way to calm the stud's fears. they have begun to put the plan into action, by allowing the students in the building. >> students and their parents were arriving at madison junior high school for the high school. and the students were off school today as you mentioned. staff and teachers did report to school as they worked on the plan to get the students back to class. the stup superintendent at the madison local school, the crisis response team was here to offer help to teachers and staff members who may need it. and the district is holding the
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returning to class, as comfortable as possible as the students experienced something so frightening. >> we want to increase their comfort level, to value the importance of family in the information. and many staff members, will help greet families. the intention is to walk the halls and help them feel confident before they return to school tomorrow >> now i'd like to see, parents and their children are pulling at the driveway at the madison junior senior high school. we will try to talk to some of the families, as they are preparing to leave. we've actually been asked to stay off the school grounds to allow them to come in here and do this as peacefully as possible. rob, back to you. >> angenette, thank you very much. >> local schools, put up a message.
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for the outpouring of support. we're asked to give them time to rest and heal. >> we have the latest information, as the investigation into the shooting continue continues. for updates anytime. check out the upgrade on the smart phone. and in a plea agreement with the prosecution, jessica, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor child ebb dangerment. and vallic injected benadryl to the tube and causing diarrhea. she faces up to six months in jail when she's sentenced. she turned the life of the former teacher and teacher's husband into a nightmare. christina dotson began sending teacher. the teacher went to another
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investigators say dotson eventually threatened to hire a hitman. today, the judge sentenced her to three years in prison. a neighbor helps a woman escape the burning home. fire broke out in victoria afternoon. neighbor spotted smoke coming door. he opened the door and helped get her out. firefighters took survivors to the hospital. she's expected to be fine. >> city takes delivery of a fourth street car. and they were originally expected to arrive in november and december respectively. metro says he plans to offer street car operators. >> and getting a closer look on
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patio will include a bar, and tvs, designed to let fans mingle during the game. they played the first training game today. brad will have more. and a push to get medical marijuana. >> and hollywood hits cincinnati again. they play host to several major films. now get a chance to actually see
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even get an >> group working to legalize medical marijuana releases language for the ballot. proposed amendment calls for large growers to pay a licensing fee of $500 thousand to the state. patients eligible to use medical marijuana will get an id card. they plan to turn in more than 500 thousand signatures in june to get the question on the november ballot. police search for a trio of
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woman, would tried to take her wallet several times from the motorized car. you could believe this? i can't believe anyone would do this. this happened in the evan dale wal-mart. they didn't give up. outside the store, one of the woman asked the victim for directions while the man reaches in his purse. blue ash police are working on a similar page. if you could help, call crimestoppers. number is 352-3040. delta says, it will layoff 120 employees and cut the hours of 180 others at cbg. it will scale down the number of workers beginning may 1st. a memo says, delta's cargo operation will be overstaffed since 2010. the cuts are another step in the downsizing process. >> you will get a chance to catch a movie. miles ahead will arrive on
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don cheadle. and promoters plan a premiere in cincinnati on march 26th, and cheadle will attend. miles ahead got a review in the film festival in october. a message you want your child to hear. >> a decision he made took his best friend away. now he's sharing his story with young drivers. what he wants them to know. here's the cbs "evening news" on this super tuesday. millions have cast votes in the 12 primaries and caucus today. could donald trump be caught?
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away? we'll shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealaler is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv. that's right. just announced. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designed to help you be unstoppable. no wonder ford is america's best selling brand. but hurry, 0% financing for 60 months on ford suvs is a limited time offer. see your ford dealer today. . >> a young father and husband is
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devastating and deadly decisions. while street racing, dustin killed his best friend, mitch woodrough. after paying. rich jaffe shares a powerful story you'll only see on local 12 >> night of april 29th, 2009. empty wind stretch of newton road became a testing ground for testosterone and tragedy. >> lining up down there. guy in a mustang and another honda. >> dustin is known for his nerve and car. >> i was in the road for drugs and drinking. i was going fast. . >> his best friend, was in the back seat.
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>> started pulling beside the mustang. he started coming to my lane. i swerved to miss him. >> mitch woodruff was ejected from the rear window. z. >> split, three, four, five times. i landed it down there. my window was safe on the field. >> convicted of aggravated homicide. age they sentenced, in a 20 year license. when he was released, he was unable to handle the consequences and he violated probation. this time, he got four years in prison. >> >>. >> wrong crowd and not being with the family and not getting visits.
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got stabbed in the stomach and . >> and dustin has to serve 1 thousand hours and has chosen to do a large part of that. for justin, talk with the students dents has done more. >> my name is dustin. >> and dustin was familiar with the school, because he was trying to get court approved driving for community services. >> when i started looking at the car, and seeing my best friend laying there, that's when they start, seem to start listening. >> and looking at his pictures. >> and lessons are powerful and
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>> if i could save this one person, to make a same mistake. it's a difference. i want to make a difference. >> he pointed reen tire marks. and for him, these are planted with ghosts and responsibility. >> i'm lucky to be here today. i should have gotten more. >> i took someone's life. >> and rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> dustin says, he would like to talk even more students about his mistakes. he's now married an a father of two. and while in prison, trained with a diesel mechanic. while he's seen some of rich's family members since he gotten out, they have thot spoken to
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>> and out of cincinnati. moved out of norwood. it was pretty wet throughout the afternoon and earlier in the evening. temperatures topped out in the mid 50s in cincinnati. we were close to 60 in places in southern brown county as well as adams county to the east. i expect the rain to be out of the entire local area. and we're dry now. we will continue to have clouds sticking around. and we will continue to move through porings of waurp,
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and owington seeing light rain. northern kentucky, getting rid of the rain we've just had. this is moving pretty quickly. brooksville, you will still have rain, for the next 20 minutes. hillsborough, will you get some rain, fairly soon here. that will continue to move northeast. a lot of clinton county, still under rain. as well. that will continue to move out, within the next hour naf 1/2. all of us will be dry. we have the cold air that's wrapping behind the system. the system is fairly large, bringing snow to all of michigan, really. we have some moisture, that's going to wrap around and come from lake michigan. that's going to bring us, a chance of a few flurries. once we get cold enough. a little bit of isolated flurry activity overnight. we're 47 at the airport. same for alexandria.
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and west union. as you look out to the north and west. and you're in the lower 40s as well. 42 for versailles. and you could see the colder air taking place in the north and west. that's being pulled in from the strong westerly and northwesterly winds. winds, sustained and constant winds around 30 miles an hour. gusts are possible in the next few hours. here's the wind trends. winds, 20-25 miles an hour, out of the westerly direction. and they will calm down gradually tonight. and gusts are possible much if you're heading out, and probably feel that if travelling in the highways and such. and much colder to the north and west. and we'll sink to the 30s by
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32 by 1:00. we'll be a bit breezy with the winds continuing to pull in the 20s for overnight lows. few stray flurries before tomorrow in the morning. and temperatures around 27. 30s by noon and we get to 30s by the afternoon. little bit more sunshine as the area of weak, high pressure rolls in. and it will bring a chance for rain and snow showers. it, loo like roads should be okay from here. we're monitoring that closely. temperatures top out well above 42. and rain and snow, spotty in nature for saturday. sunday, looking great. next week, a lot warmer. 60 on monday. 70 on tuesday. >> great. >> looking forward to that. >> thanks a lot. >> we have to wait a be an extra day.
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reds are getting the cactus league. and brandon finbegan, one the bright young arms getting it in cleveland. >> and he comes up for the rbi single. and top of the 6th. and first ever reds, and part of the frazier trade. and home run in the spring debut. and not sure it would have gone out. reds go on to head the win. out in good year, it's great to baseball bat
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the ruling suspension. chapman accepted the penalty. and added he never harmed his girlfriend. and he said, he should have used better judgment. >> the final chance for teams, to franchise tag on free agents. bengals let the deadline come and go. bengals with 14 players eligible to move on, including receivers, marvin jones, as well as defensive back, adam jones. speaking of jones, quarterback
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among other things. . >> and stretch of westbound columbia parkway will be reduced to two lanes tomorrow morning. it's so city crews could remove dirt and debris from the hillside east of temper lane. and you may remember, similar situation led to temporary lane closures twice last month. tomorrow's lane closures will begin at 9:00 a.m. some stories we're working on tonight live at 11:00. he was shot and killed on the
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10 years later, the murder remains unsolved. tonight, a father remains his search for justice. for the candidates, super tuesday results could clear the path for a presidential nomination or meaning the end of the road. super tuesday results live at 11:00. >> if you're going out, cold is on the way. >> gusts up to 40 miles an hour. rain is to the east of cincinnati. we will dry out by 7:30. and 30s tomorrow and back to the 40s for thursday. make sure you bund you will up tonight and tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> pelley: can trump be caught? >> super tuesday is the single best opportunity. >> pelley: he's already looking ahead to another opponent. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president, i'll telling you. >> pelley: also tonight, the president argues his case for a supreme court nomination, and gets his answer. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> pelley: erin andrews testifies in her multi-million-dollar stalk case. and there's another sanders. meet bernie's bro.


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