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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's justin simon. the temecula native. another freshman for sean miller. down to the final 3:43. cameron walker left open. rosco allen snagging the rebound and cleans it up. allen, senior, their leading scorer, 16 points to lead stanford. >> spero: this is rosco allen. left open. back of the rim. no.
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the 2016 c-class. starting at $38,950. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> spero: let's get you the capital one cup impact performance. gabe york. 32 points. most by a wildcat this season. ties a school record with nine threes. >> doug: why not? he's earned it. nine threes on foenl 14 attempts. gabe york has carried the wildcats and they survived cal -- i still think cal along with oregon are the two most viable ncaa tournament teams to go along with arizona but cal has potentially three first-round draft picks, could not close out the cats the other night because of gabe york's three late
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to end the game, for cal a team very dangerous in tournament play because they have so many different options to score, defensively. >> spero: if the wildcats continue to shoot like this they'll be all anyone can handle in the postseason. three-pointer, everyone getting in on the act. for arizona. that's justin simon with the corner three. final 2:25 left. tough finish for stanford. they will end their regular season 15-14 and just 8-10 in conference play. dorian pickens has not been his usual self this afternoon. pickens, this afternoon, just two of 10 from the field. >> doug: really, really struggled to create his own shot against this stingy arizona defense.
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threes. >> doug: what a day for jacob hazzard -- his uncle, rasheed, i had a chance to grow up playing with, an assistant with the knicks. >> spero: also spent time with the los angeles lakers. >> doug: of course. >> spero: their staff. the back of the rim, outside another look at an open three. malcolm allen. that sums up the afternoon for stanford. their offense has not been there for them. there comes walker setting the table for sharma. impressive finish and contact. it's on comanche. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by hours." tonight, only cbs. arizona has hit 12 threes in the half. that's a record in a half in the
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are talking about some illustrious three-point shooters that have come through this place. >> doug: one of the great players to play in this place, my good friend miles simon, m.o.p. of the national championship -- arizona's only national championship -- but if you look, his number is not retired. in order to retire somebody's number at arizona you have to be a player of the year. >> spero: high standards. >> doug: yeah, except jason gardner's number is retired because he was the six foot and under player of the year. steve kerr, got an emotional award but sean elliott was the player of the year that year. i'm going to make the ply to do the right thing. >> spero: is that it? >> doug: damon stoudamire's number should be retired at arizona. steve kerr's should too -- donated $1 million, not why his number is hanging up in the rafters, they went to a final four in kansas city. damon stoudamire's number should
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mouse, and miles simon, the m.o.p. of arizona's only national championship. >> spero: so many great players, an endless list. >> doug: gilbert arenas, chase budinger, derrick williams, andre iguodala, gordon, there has been talent in the desert and if you spend time on campus you understand why kids want to come here, if you spend time at mckale center you understand why they want to come here. >> spero: no doubt sean miller has restored the luster to the program after a couple of down years, the way that the lute olson era ended, again, winningest program in the country since the beginning of 2013. as they ready themselves for what they hope will be another deep postseason run. >> doug: and you know for stanford -- stanford is an incredibly proud program in their own right. mike montgomery has won more pac-10 titles than anyone
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johnny dawkins because of injuries caught a cold stretch and they've struggled to regain a foothold in the pac-12. >> you mentioned the fact that rolsco allen could well come back depending on the situation he makes. where do you think the cardinal go from here? >> doug: they need all their personnel back next year. without their point guard. without their best rebounder. both out for the season. cardinal got to go to vegas and figure out how to stay above .500 so they can qualify for the n.i.t. >> spero: an emotional senior day in tucson ends with a lopsided victory for the wildcats. sean miller, johnny dawkins exchanging pleasantries at courtside as arizona will get a first-round bye in the pac-12 conference tournament. now for doug gottlieb, spero dedes saying so long from tucson. tonight on cbs is "ncis: los angeles" followed by
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you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? >> greg: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours" tonight only cbs. welcome "the road to the final four" greg gumbel, clark kellogg, seth davis, let's get you caught up on what's happening in the missouri valley conference, semifinal, first game tonight, northern iowa, wichita state. >> clark: the only three wichita state made in regulation. fred vanvleet. trying to get a shot at the end of the horn. doesn't go. we go to extra basketball and the panthers -- this was the shot of the game. gave them the breathing room they needed. jerry morgan splashing the three. wes washpun who was outstanding
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panthers play for the championship tomorrow. >> seth: a long eight days for gregg marshall and his team. they do not have an at-large resume'. they have one win against a team ranked in the top 75 of the r.p.i. we've got bubble teams with three and four wins over the top 50, you say three of their losses were without fred vanvleet but five losses including today were with fred vanvleet and i think as we get closer to selection sunday, clark, they're going to be running out of real estate, i don't think wichita state goes to the tournament. >> clark: there is not a runway long enough i think for wichita state to make it as an at-large at this point in time, i agree with seth, a difficult decision but one that will leave them out. >> greg: the missouri valley conference, northern iowa qualifies to play for the championship against the winner of indiana state and evansville. let's show you what comes your way here on cbs tomorrow. number 24 s.m.u. will pay a visit to cincinnati at noon eastern time. missouri valley conference championship game at 2:00.
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ranked indiana, 4:30 eastern time. cbs tomorrow. we thank you for joining us. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, buy one get one free on our and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. terrible player.
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good evening to you. kentucky republicans cast their votes for the presidential nominees on for local voters it was a lot of work. voters were stuck in traffic and waiting in line. >> reporter: kentucky republicans took the presidential nominees after the main ballot so rand paul would run for re-election. . there was one location in each
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when the polls opened at 10:00 this morning there was a line of at least a hundred people. they moved pretty quickly through the registration, campaigning and voting but getting to the school was a different story. with only one location for 56,000 voters traffic was a mess. democracy came with apprise today. >> 17 was backed up for over a mile. >> how for do you live from here? >> seven miles. took me an hour. >> reporter: only one candidates still on the ballot
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state. in boon county traffic backed up i 75. he sat in traffic for on hour to cast his vote. >> i think it is a little crazy this kind of turn out. florence mall might have been a better opportunity. >> reporter: the situation was a debacle. >> it is completely overwhelming but our volunteers are handling it very well. i've asked the voter to be patient. >> the goods news is that a lot of people showed up and a lot of people stuck is out.
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or more to cast their votes. now ms. sparks reached out to asked to extend the caucus hours and they told her nope nice to see a good turnout at least. the caucuses are run by kentucky kentucky's republican party not is the state. in ohio the primary is march 15th and in a ballot twist, every republican ballot features two boxes for president. one for designating a delegate for the whole thing. this secretary of state's office says both boxes will be tallied
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the ballot still lists 11 republican presidential candidates but only four remain in the race. police are investigating a homicide in the west end. it was found inside a home at about 2:30 this morning. weathers never made it to the hospital and died at the scene. if you know anything that can
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call (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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enough talk. give us a plan. >> scott: good evening it has been a gray and bloomy in the afternoon the tri-state. and few if any showers will remain into the early part of the evening then a cloudy sky for the rest of the evening. some clearing will come overnight. we are down to 36 degrees. don't expect much clearing tonight but we will have filtered sun tomorrow. i've up dated the hour by hour forecast. we still have some showers in
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and about this evening, traffic on the bridge moving along just fine. temperature 40s on the atrium medical center weather camera. showers are few and far between right now. they will come to an end between now and the middle part of this evening. filtered sun tomorrow. sunday. unsettled pattern. the wind chill is closer to freezing. i suspect temperatures will be falling through the 30s between now and early tomorrow morning. 40 now in cincinnati. settle down into the 30s overnight but look at all the warmth building out in the west. a few days ago, i promised week will be warmer than average and
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cloudy sky extended all the way through the buckeye state. one tiny cluster of widely scattered showers now northeast of hamilton, that's why we will continue it scattered shower. clouds will be tough to shake tonight. the model it very aggressive, i suspect there will be in low clouds. but gradually we will pick up more sun during the afternoon but more clouds will return especially mid and upper level clouds tomorrow night and monday. filtered sun into the start of the workweek at least we are trending warmer. 33 is where we bottom out at 6:00 in the morning.
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cloudy. planning forecast shows tomorrow is going to be cold compared to rest of the planning forecast. consistently into the mid and upper 60s but wet. highs close to 70 on tuesday. here is aly with sports. >> aly: a full day of saturday hoops xavier seniors playing their final game. with the win today, x would twie the '07 team for the most wins. three seniors were recognize today.
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defensive stop, next trip down, a 12 point game. xavier will hold ton to tie a school best of 26 regular season wins. next they will be in new york. uk hosting lsu. ulice 14 assists today. third most in kentucky history. kentucky wins it 94-77. of course tonight a lot more highlights, high school and college. >> we had to cut it a little
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>> wild dely scattered showers tonight.
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for joining us, >> axelrod: campaign 2016. voters make their choices in five states with dozens of races tighten? s.a.t. to the test. essay optional. and those arcane vocabulary words erased. down-- >> axelrod: yale university's basketball team in turmoil in the middle of their best season in half a century, their captain is now off the team and out of school with no official explanation. and a once-in-a-decade superbloom as california's death valley teeming with life.


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