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tv   Local 12 11 Sunday  CBS  March 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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w w >> aly: hey everyone thanks for wrapping up your weekend with us. today cincinnati wrapping up their regular season at home against smu.
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make their best argument for a spot. good miss for him today. he had ten points seven boards in 17 minutes. they just shot 5% beyond the arc. uc shot just 29%. but 24-30 from the foul line. student going crazy. second half, uc up 5, 14 points five assists. and that is just a good take. kevin johnson is going to add-on shirtless day today. uc wins it and will head to the conference tournament coming up next week. >> i know we have the same
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with five teams that are tournament teams. you tell me who some of those teams that don't leave their state or their gym and then they go to their conference. you want to tell me we are not one of the better teams? it is a joke. >> aly: that's pretty on heft. you make the call. a simple yes or no. but right athis moment, did you think the bearcats make the ncaa tournament? have they done enough? go to the local 12 facebook page to vote.
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were recognize. sumner was named to the all big east freshman team. first in scoring. head coaches cannot vote for their own players. indian. against 14 rank maryland. on senior day he made the 133 start of his career. maryland jumped out to a legal. yogi backwards pass, iu up four. yo gip when the does that you just want to call him by his
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watch this pass great court awareness. he finishes it. 80-62. coming up next ohio state and penn state. uc tries to beat yukon for the third time. uk will be playing alabama or old miss on friday. we look back on some key
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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>> aly: you make the call, you think the bearcats make the tournament? have they done enough? go to the facebook page to vote. i have ants in my pants today. conference turnments coming up, which means we are closer to the ncaa tournaments. today the home senior day for them. a must one game. kind of assure themselves.
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little bit for comfortable. they got it much needed win. they struggled from the field but they got to the three throw line. they got it done. >> and you were there. >> but we are going to take you through this play, they made free throws. smu has 17 turnovers versus their 5 or 6. but watch this play somehow develops. this is how getting to the line. >> especially we going to see it. they are a pretty talented team. we are going to see on the ball screen. setting this one right here. nick moore is going to go under this screen.
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his back. and then smu a little bit too much space. he struggled here gate job of gets spashgs grabbing the rebound. he also had seven rebounds. >> he did make both of those free throws. senior day at xavier yesterday. so for you, you were talking about emotion, they started out slow. when it was your senior day, did the owe emotions take over? >> yeah your family and friends. they got the important win. >> what we are talking about here sumner he got in foul trouble and this team can be
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he effective without their point guard. miles davis bring the ball up the floor. >> look at this ball movement that xavier has going on that what makes them so good. take a look at miles davis over here. now the action has started. on the wing, he stays patient and right here it is on. get screen. he is going to be able to fade off to the wing. the creighton defender is a little out of position. >> 98-93 win over creighton.
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and i don't know, some basketball ghost some of been 6th man. but this is crazy. >> march madness has started and we are going to see it right now. at the end of the day, you got to make a play. a little heart break hotel. simple cross overat the top, step back. up believable bounce off the back of that rim. . you see the guys from northern iowa because they will be moving on. >> second straight year for northern iowa. thank you so much for joining us, let you go look at all the brackets. we will see what's up next for xavier and uc.
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deberry. >> aly: we want you to make the call. did you think the cincinnati bearcats make the tournament? go to our local 12 facebook page to vote. >> thanks so much as they always do on sunday. we are going to start with you puc played today. you saw our poll question have they done enough to get in? >> i think so, it is about wins. they needed a win to give them a distance from some of the teams they're battling with. they got it. a loss to yukon would make it'
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there is a strange oddity about that. if you lose to yukon, they go back into the top 50. and give them two additional top 50s wins. they do lose a lot. today. i want to ask you about xavier on senior night. 98-93 win over creighton. the good news is they won, but they gave up 93 points. if we are playing devil advocate. how do we do that with the creighton game? >> everyone is talking about the defense and rightfully so, it
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it was played at a very fast pace. you also look at the fact they gave about 30 of them in the final five minutes. country ton was pressing. sumner was out of the game. it wasn't xavier's defense as it was their offense giving up the ball. some of it was bad defense some of it was them not handling the press well. >> don't give them turnovers. >> a lot of turnovers in the bearcats game today. they really turned smu over a little bit. again this is a good news bad news sort of thing. the good news is they won, the bad news is, they shot 1 and 1 at three point change.
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tournament game missing 18 threes are you? >> i mean, it is a top ten rpi team. i would not recommend it. it is a typical bearcat team. they are in control almost the entire time. they attacked the rim. they only turned it over six times. >> as bad as they looked they needed a win. i wanted to talk to you, you mentioned that sumner was in foul trouble.
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rotation going forward. they are next game is against saint john or market. that's eight. is that the rotation going forward? we didn't see the lot of austin. we are seeing less and less of ohara. >> it just depends on the matchups matchups. he will come in if heed monday get into foul trouble. or something where they have defensive matchup. so they will use him. kaiser is a guy who earned time.
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matchup things. it really depends on the matchups. >> okay, uc they are players connecticut. in just in, boatrite is in it lay. what can uc do for themself withes a good run? where are they now in terms of seeding and how could can their seed be? >> win the tournament and maeb get up to a seven. you are not going to get a huge, if smu was in there you might get at top 25 rpi win but they are border line the nine 9 or 10 range. i would say at seven is as high
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>> same question for xavier, number one seed, still in play? they have to win the big east in your estimation? >> i don't think there is any way there can be two number ones. now, can xavier still get a one seed? if they win the biggest it is an outside possibility. i think xavier is locked into atwo seed. >> would they have to play and beat villanova? >> i think that's the shot. even then it is going to matter what happens in some of the other conference tournaments. if you look at big 12, they might get two teams in. >> this time next week we will be looking at our brackets it will be selection sunday.
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>> can't wait. >> aly: thanks guys. >> tj action up next. it is a sports show but there is a (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to
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all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. >> aly: you made the call
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enough to earn a spot in the turnment. 53% said yes, 43% said no. thomas is expected to be back. thank you for all of you who logged on to vote. at this time next week you will be filling out your bracket. this week will be telling for many nfl teams as free agency begins on wednesday. 13 free agents still remain on the block. it makes sense that payton manning would kick it all off by announcing his retirement.
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in the league, in his hall of fame career. he has five mvp awards. out in goodyear the reds in action losing 9-3. irvin was the first round draft pick in 2013. there are a lot of words you can say in baseball that will get you thrown out, at reds spring training there is a word that will get you thrown out of goodyear that's "rebuild" >> just because he have a lot of new faces doesn't mean we have to come in last place.
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with rebuild. that means we are going to get our tails kicked lets accept the fact that we are going to be competitive and try to win ball games. if we are short, the difference is, we go out there and play and get beat we can live with that. if you are going to win in vegas you have to have a little luck a little race gamble paid off fp a little rain before the race. drivers were concerned with the high winds that were arecord 43 miles per hour. the poll sitter led the first 31 laps. smith spins coming over turn four.
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smoke, another spin. and behind him, bush and edwards also get caught up. powers into the inside. makes the pass on kyle bush to take the lead. so when the talk about peaking at the right time, golf is a little different. scott has another win? one of donald trump's several courses, he showed up in the donald trump style, leading after three rounds. he is a par putt short.
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a 12 under. a smile on his face. 18, watson, his chance to ship in and tie but not meant to be. so go to 18 with adam scott, this approach and that one, just stays dry. he finishes is off. the win with scott from nine to number five as he goes for
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that will do it tonight for money. cary: how much money? twice what i' m making here. and all for the price of your soul. not my whole soul, just little pieces of it. anyway, i heard defense attorneys have better sex. if you like coming from behind. (laughing): oh, god... okay, no. oh, come on, dana. we said no as long as we were coworkers. yeah, we... we' re still coworkers. yeah, for one more week. not to be too much of a pessimist, but i don' t think you' re gonna survive it. oh, really? yeah. you' re like a cop with one week left on the job. they all get shot. can' t risk the wait. cary, i have a boyfriend. so do i.
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well, my guess is my boyfriend' s bigger than yours. oh. okay. these cases, i can' t finish in a week. i will them to you. oh... great. no sex and half your file work-- i really feel like i' m losing here. yeah, but you have one less body to step over on your way to the top. (phone rings) must be your boyfriend. (giggling) checking in on me. hello, dear. how are you? i' m good, cary. how about you? i' m good, matan. really? you and matan? i just got a call about an asa needed at a crime scene for some kind of legal issue. i was gonna head down, but it turns out lockhart & gardner are the defense attorneys on it. so lucky you. what' s the legal issue? no idea. (groans) this sounds like hazing. it does, doesn' t it? let me give you the address, dear. alicia: and that' s all i do? zach: that' s all you do. just hit the return key, and it' s on your computer at work. but why does it never seem so simple? because you don' t trust technology. hey, you guys have all your bags packed
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because dad' s gonna be here any minute. hey, mom? yes? what do you do when we' re at dad' s? what do i do? uh, not much. i miss you two. for about an hour. and then i do some laundry, i read for work. why? do you ever go out? uh, for dinner? sometimes. with friends? sometimes. what friends? friends from work. or clients. people we know? no, i don' t think you do. (phone rings) we' re just worried about you, mom. (laughs) honey... i' m fine. really. mom, it' s work. will gardner. okay, thanks. i-i' m gonna... just take that in there. hang it up. i was. will: sorry about calling you at home. no problem. everything all right? yes. actually, this is about work. oh. good. i mean, i' m here.
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yes. a call came in about the jin-pyn account. she was the only one here. she went out on it, but i think she' ll need some hand-holding. oh, o-okay. um, what' s it about? no idea. but the son seems to be in some kind of legal trouble. grace (in background): mom! it' s dad! i' ll be right there. do you have the address? dana: should have guessed. what? booze cruise. $50, all the beer you can drink. officer: down there. (clears throat) cary: you did that in college? dana: i did a lot of things in college. only one band. a seasickness band. you wear them in pairs. you' re not gonna leave. you' re too good at this. s what they say to the cop with only one week left. man: five miles out someone found the deceased,
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called the police. witnesses say she was getting unwanted attention from two college kids. we were just about to haul ' em in for a suspect rape exam when this joker showed up. you are the authority here? (mutters) i am. what seems to be the problem? the problem is, mr. anders is the son of a dutch courier at our embassy, and is therefore covered by diplomatic immunity. i was not there! i was not! these are my papers, and these are the papers of mr. anders. who' s that? detective: uh, jin-pyn. supposedly, he' s got diplomatic immunity, too. chinese ambassador' s on his way. per the viennese convention on diplomatic relations, mr. anders is to be treated... yes, i heard you. thought there was some lockhart/gardner connection. caitlin: yes. me. here. i don' t think i know you. you don' t. caitlin d' arcy. i' m new as of last week. okay. well, what do you have to offer? nothing. i' m just taping everything you do. well, uh... i' m cary agos, and... these two youths are under investigation for rape and murder.
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so unless they want to confess, i' m investigating. go ahead, detective, take them in. this is illegal. now, who is your boss? the people of illinois. you want their number? you feeling pretty good about yourself? yeah, but how do i look? (indistinct chatter) (footsteps approaching) caitlin, what' s going on? mrs. florrick, hello. he' s being accused of rape and murder. have you told him his rights? i was asked to stand outside-- they' re doing a suspect exam. chen, my name is alicia florrick. i' m your parents' lawyer. it is your right to have me observe the suspect exam. do you approve? i, uh... yeah. detective: ma' am, please, step back through. it is his sixth amendment right that i be here. chen, did they tell you you had the right to remain silent? i didn' t do it. i know.


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