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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in a few days, wilmington, 29, and 29 maysville, the airp ort is happening at 30 degrees, there's nothing on radar, we have a few clouds inbound from the north. we will see some of those today. otherwise talking sunshine, 8:00 readings, and later today, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday, partly cloudy skies, coming up in weather, a detail when a warming trend starts to kick in around the tri-state, how warm it gets when the rain returns, we will have a look at the easter forecast, right nowlet check on the traffic with jen dalton. >> reporter: we have had an accident accident at taft and willow, and the road is closed and redding and help an accident reported as well. as we look the at interstate so far, picking up near the lock land split, no unusual delays,
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near kyle's lane, it doesn't matter where we're looking. if we see any issues, i will let you know about it. we do have construction to talk about, back to john. flags will fly at half-staff in indiana after a police officer was killed. >> sergeant buckley was shot but is expected to survive. both deputies were serving a search warrant in a trailer, shooting. there was a gun fight, the suspect was later found dead inside of that home. a ken ton county home is dead after she fell off a cliff, and the fayette county department is per fuming an stewart. police stewart fell off an overlook nature run sanctuary
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firefighters tried to rescue and repelled down to her, but reported she died from her injuries,. two people are in the hospital after police say they slammed into a utility pole during a police chase. this is in east glean dale road. you can see the car smashed up. we don't know why the police chase started but wires are down, and there's the police, because they are powered by gas, duke energy crews are working on the clean up by now. a plea deal is by two men. >> this happened almost exactly a year ago, and adam clements is at the hamilton county this morning, telling us what happened about today's hearing, good morning adam. >> reporter: this is one of those stories it's tough to stomach, 73-year-old nan man comes home walks into his own house, only to find two men in the middle of robbing him. that man ends up dead. those two men are charged with
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before a judge here this morning. i want to take you before a j and james kerby were inside of the home. a third member of the crew, chasety braer acted as the look out. and he got home. what led police to the trio was a key piece of evidence. you know that saying where there's smoke there's usually fire, that proved to be true in a literal sense. a neighbor called 911 after seeing something burning, it turned out to be the blood soaked clothing engel was wearing when he was killed. the 3 were charmed with aggravated murder, no word on when chase tasty brewer will appear in court. john, back to you. all right, adam, thank you for that. we're told that mario lewis, and james kerby will take plea deals and they're said to appear at 10:00 this morning.
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out what caused a historic building to collapse in over-the-rhine, you can see the whole side of the building crumble on walnut street near 13, wow, look at that, it's believed the wall collapsed while the building is rehabbed. fortunately no one was hurt. a new bill will legalize indoor smoking, in more private clubs in ohio. it will prevent smoking and cigar clubs and other private grubbs even if that club is next to buildingings. building. a federal judge is set to rule on several policiesing you enclose the elimination of ohio's golden week. the days in which ohio resident can register and vote at the same time. another federal judge is hearing a dispute over changes to absentee and provisional law requirements, and there's a law sue over the absentee ballots
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cincinnati, kurtz and a lot of people talking about after the t bear cars, and the xavier musketeers lost,. the bear cats fell first as uc played saint joe's, it appeared that they tied up a game way dusk in the last second. but after the review of the play, they say it did not make the buzzard and that gave the win to saint joe's. it was almost the same story for the xavier musketeers, the xavier needed to win the wisconsin badger to get to the sweet 16. and they made a point at the buzzard to seal the win for the badgers. obviously, not the outcome expected we wanted, really, really tough locker room. told the players in the locker room that the sun will shine tomorrow. it doesn't feel like it, but it
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we had an unbelievable season, it's hard to end this way. bill murray's face shows what everybody felt like this morning. you can see chris max's daughter back there. it looks like she is crying. his son is an assistant coach for xavier team. here is a becoming a mime all over the internet and social media. there were so many upsets. i had my fingers crossed and saint joe and xavier was equally matched teams. i just knew that xavier was going to beat wisconsin. >> i know, me, too.
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chaos already in the 9 minutes after 6:00, it's 30 degrees, it's cold, upper 20s low 30s for most of us are. right now get a coat on before you step out, get one on the kids. mid-40s at noon, and close to high for 50, and partly cloudy skies, we expect things to get warmer as the week depose on -- goes on when the warm air kicks
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coming up in minutes, right now let's get a check on traffic with jen. it's been fairly quiet this morning. we do have a report of an accident on a ramp 471 northbound, i have been looking at the camera in the area, and i haven't seen any kind of backup, in it is there, it could be over to the shoulder, i haven't seen any lanes blocked. i will keep an eye on that and 471 while we look at it, it remains quiet out there this morning. we have an accident at taft, and wilbert, as well as the one at sharon and gilbert. elsewhere, no other major problems. sheila. a 13-year-old jack russell a hero after she saved her own ore eslife. the woman was nearly in cardiac arrest from low blood sugar when her dog figured it out and barked to get help. >> she won't settle down until it goes back to the normal reasonable. elizabeth who is 43 has had her dog spunky since the dog was
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spunky is not a trained service dog, but the two have a deep bond, ask that causes spunky to to alert, when elizabeth's diabetes. spunky can smell the difference in elizabeth scent when her blood sugar has dropped. i believe that, too. >> i think it's amazing. >> i think they know what is supposed to be normal. when it's not normal, something is wrong with mom, you got to do something. i'm going to worry you until you -- it's 6:11, a new danger for android phones. why you need to watch out for a
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happening today, republican president candidate donald trump is meeting. several rabbis are denouncing denouncing denouncing trump's hate speech. winner take all state, as the possibility of a contested convention hangs over the candidates. you have to have a majority
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nominee, there's nothing magical about the number. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is counting some wins out west to slow hillary clinton's momentum, but inenclose ton leads bernie by 100 candidates. the ohio governor was interviewed on the talk shows. under no circumstances will be ted cruzs' running mate. last week he ruled out joining a ticket with donald trump. clearns briggs was killed at a shootout with state police after that robbery. briggs shot and killed a toll tollbooth worker and he drove away on a fair collision van, he worked as a trooper for 26 years. trending now there's a new hack that is putting millions of android devices at risk. some phones can be vulnerable to
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the strange like hack, it allows someone to gain access to data on a phone that controls its key operations like the nexus 5, the samsung galaxy 5 are vulnerable to this. devices that have a security pass of october 15, should be protected. a college tweet of her sand grandpa is getting tons of attention. her papa cooked dinner for six grandkids and she was the only one who showed up. this is her grandpa eating one the 12 burgers he prepared for the no-show grandchildren. now the papa is quickly becoming a celebrity. and the grandkids have heard the outcry and are having a guy ant cook out for their grandpa. everybody is excited and papa is excited to grill. i don't know what the relationship between kelsey was
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were siblings cousins or accommodations be but that was a good thing. >> absolutely, you don't say you're coming to dinner and not show up. >> and these people on twitter, and facebook, it was sweet when one guy, said don't worry, papa, i'm coming to eat with you. that's a food thing. >> but they -- good thing. >> they got after them. you know the grandkids. >> take care of paw paw. >> you know. >> he was ready to take care of them. >> it makes me sad just thinking about it. >> looking at the roads this morning, guys, we have a couple of problems out there not bad for a monday morning. it's not looking too bad. we're going to go over some of the accident scenes out there, none of which appear to be too bad, except we will tell you about this one, sharon road at willow, that accident scene has the road closed because there's a pull down with some wires in the area, you will want to avoid that.
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when reported 275 eastbound on the ramp to 471 northbound, i'm looking at the camera in the area, i can't seen anything slowing traffic down. hopefully that means it's clear already or over to the shoulder and not given traffic. i want to let folks know out in indiana john, that u.s. 50 eastbound is going to be closed in the overnight hours for about 45 minute-period each night this week starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. for about 45 minutes, they will have it closed eastbound, and put up some things for bridge beams there, you will see that in the overnight hours, so just be aware of that if you travel in the overnight hours in the u.s. 50 eastbound. like us, we're overnight people coming in the morning. i had to have the heat blearing this morning. it was cold. winter still has a grip on us, jen here first to monday of spring but we're going to turn it around. warmer eventually on the way,
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definitely want the coat, we're seeing 20s and 30s across the area, vevay at 26 degrees, hillsborough, sabine a, and west union at 31, you get the picture, hamilton checks in at 30, this is the atrium weather cam, we're looking downtown right now. partly cloudy skies, 30 degrees, west wind at 9, and yes, we're talking windchill on the first monday of spring. 22 the windchill this morning, weather headlines talking about things getting warmer here, 60s are going to make a come back in the area, but by the middle of the week, we see rain storms returning and best chance those. we go back by the end of the weekend, right back up for the weekend, it's up and down weather which is tape cal of spring in cincinnati. by 8:00, down to 29. sunshine, going to make our way to 46 at noon, and we top out around 50 degrees with partly cloudy skies, so it's warmer
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about 5 degrees, not a bad day on the way. look at radar, nothing to show you around here, a few clouds are coming in from the north and west here, we will see those early on here, then they move out and more cloud cover develops later on today. i want to show you things out east, up in parts of new england, looking at several inches of snow, parts of massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire down into parts of even rhode island, they're seeing some heavy snow and for us we're quiet around the ohio valley, but certainly chilly, temperatures today only 50 degrees, that changes though as we head through the next couple of days, we start to see southwest wind kick in tomorrow. high pressure to the south, a cold front approaching from the north, winds can gust over 20 miles per hour at times tomorrow, but we get into the 60s tomorrow, which is a little above-normal. i will tell you why as we go into wednesday, we're going to be in into the upper 50s, low 60s as the warmer air of flow continues to come in here,
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shower on wednesday, this model is painting too much rain in the area. isolated showers at best. the better chance of rain comes on thursday, as the weather systems comes from the west, the chilly air moving in out of the picture, it's a warming trend, couple of days, tuesday, wednesday, highs are expected to be in the lower 60s, we will turn things around here a little bit. 50 degrees tad, expect partly cloudy skies, things warmer, upper 40s, down to 42 at midnight. it won't be as cold as we are experiencing right now. down to 37 by this time tomorrow morning. 62 tomorrow, partly cloudy, preazy breezy into tuesday and wednesday, there's an isolated shower chance, most of us try, low 60s depend, rain and storms arriving on thursday, upper 50s, we will turn a little cooler on friday but warming back up tor the weekend, near 50 on friday, and 60s are back for the weekend, saturday looks really nice, easter sunday
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chance for some showers there as we get into sunday, we will keep an eye on that for all the easter egg hunt, guys, back to you. lost a glove, there's an actor that has got your back.
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lost and found. trending now, twitter is marking its 10th birthday. tritter price fell to an all month low this year. and it peeked at 250 million at the end of 2015. twitter has been important to movement such as the arab springs and protests in turkey. trending now, he has only been on insa gram a few days, but pope francis has been gaining followers fast, at last check he had 4.5 million. he count will be maintained by the the members the vatican. francis, if cuss if you are interested. it was the waked of weekend of mostly downs somewhat do you think about march madness, the game so far, jen. >> reporter: a! >> that is how we all feel, a
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rebecca says, all quote one of my friends, quote, the black cloud that envelopes cincinnati sports team is real, the town is cursed, and cooked, i hate to think that way, but last four months, i have been tossed in cincinnati sports fans, very true. we can't always win. >> can we ever win, though. >> sometimes, the cincinnati sports are definitely cursed but as long as uk lost, too. i'm vying. don't worry, bob is off. >> bob is not here it see that. he is in mourning for the whole week. >> what gains. >> football wasn't on. indiana, we're all for you, and john likes to say, iu is not a local team, but they have lot of local fans so we're including that, and then david says, has kentucky hit any 3s yet? eyes try, try. and he says one word. wow! , and we must end with joe, who says not enough big men on uk. i love u. can.
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not enough big men who make an impact. >> you know. >> i'm looking at you scowl. >> you must have had a couple of good shots at the beginning of that game, but he is good. >> he is also, probably gone. >> the nba. >> yeah, we want you to join the conversation, just like the local 12 page on facebook ask share your thoughts. cold as we start out monday morning. first monday of spring doesn't
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thth critical missing alert, now at 6:30, why a mother is asking for help to mind her son. we will take a look at childhood poverty, i will tell you how to get in on the discussion, that is next.
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the good news, the indiana fans coming out of this march madness weekend. at least somebody has fad good news. >> good morning, bob is off today. we will check the forecast, i know a couple of days into spring now, but it's definitely feeling like winter, right. >> the second day of spring and it opportunity feel like it by a long stretch. it's winter wintertime as you step outside, you will need the big coat, we're starting in the 20s and 30s, the airport at 30 degrees, a west wind at 9, we're talking windchill, 22 the current windchill with part lee partly cloudy skies, upper 20s and low 30s, sabine a, and maysville at 28. we're at the freezing mark at alex an trae, and andre and, middletown, and we start today with sunshine, and end the day with partly cloudy skies, 29 early by the lunch hour. 46 degrees with partly cloudy skies, and on the way home today, we're up close to 50, and
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than yesterday, we will see partly cloudy skies, a qee quiet weather day, and we're going to get warmer, we will detail of how warm we will get. i will look at storms for the middle of the week, and i will have the preview of the easter forecast, and right now we're going to check traffic with jen dalton. >> reporter: a couple of incidents one reported at taft and gill period of gilbert, and a report of an accident 471 somebody, i have looked at the camera i haven't seen anything, if there was something there, perhaps it's already cleared and over to the shoulder and not affecting the commute, we take a look over there, traffic is looking a-okay, and you are seeing more folks headed northbound between 275 and the bridge, no major delays looking at he i-75, seeing more, people are driving southbound to the lockland split, no unusual congestion, i-71/i-75 is starting to see heavier traffic as you head from
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nothing unusual on the interstate at this point. john. all right, thank you, jen. new this morning, a 50-year-old college hill boy is in police custody after making facebook threats against local schools. the boy posted a bomb threat that involved, dater, withrow, col colerain, and walnut hill and every high school within a 50-mile radius. a 41-year-old man is dead after a crash at the cohn tail bridge near kellogg avenue. police say a man was driving on 275 when he rear-ended the victim's car. the other driver survived and police believe excessive speed and impairment are pack tors in that crash. right -- factors now two police are in the hospital after should he slammed into a ayes chase. these -- into a chase, a police started following a car after suspicious activity, and there's
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high rate of speed t hit railroad tracks and went airborne hitting that pole. there are wires down, there's a gas leak, because the street lights are powered by gas in that area: right now energy crews are working to clear this up. there's a critical alert out by a man that is without his medication, it's been three weeks since she has seen her son. he suffers from skits schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and she is afraid, he has been off of his medication for since he has been in his own apartment a month ago. >> he felt good to be on his own. i knew that he wasn't ready to be on his own. this is important for me as a mother, i want to know where he is. >> if you have seen darren junior, or know where he is,
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>> we are tolding a town hall, i pawb public town hall, and local 12 perry shibley is in the room right now with details. well, sheila, there's 6 panelist ready to talk about a child poverty and it's important special leer here especially here in the queen is city. we are one of the worst areas for child poverty. you can attend live tor watch it i will introduce you to a woman who over came poverty and is now paying it forward. debbie bowman, grew up in kentucky in very, very harsh conditions, today she is helping young boys and girls in the tri-state to dot do the same. she is the president of a program that takes educational guardian ship of at risk kids and they have good examples of success including nfl players
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being a graduate and being an alumni of the program, i know how my life was changed going from a wandering kid to somebody with a purpose and a direction of wanting to do something bigger and greater than i ever thought i could. >> reporter: you will want to hear from him tonight. certainly has a lot of great things to say. the town hall start at 7:00 tonight. brad johansson will be moderating and janet levy is anchoring the media coverage. and learn more about boys hope and girl hope. it's a great story you need to watch tonight. if you want to attend, rsvp by appear an abortion clinic will reopen after a judge denied the question for cease and
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the administration of republican governor matt bev vines, sued the clinic saying that facility wasn't licensed under kentucky law. they are marking world down syndrome day by wearing special t-shirt to raise awareness, cincinnati firefighters will wear the shirt, and all proceeds from the sale of those shirts will be down done nateed to the down syndrome association of cincinnati. the new season. >> copellia is coming back this october for the first time in 15 years, of course the ballet will present the nut cracker in tees. it's december. and it's one of the area's favorite traditions and king arthur, for more information about ballet shows, and tickets, go to local 12 dol cot. of more their season sending, the two schools went head-to-head on the second round on saturday, and indiana came
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a nail biter beating kentucky 63-67, the two schools used to come each year, and hadn't faced each other when kentucky beat indiana, in the sweet 16 and went on to win a championship. indiana, will play top seated north carolina on friday in philadelphia. and there's like of the 16 schools, i think six of them, that is incredible,. that is interesting. >> i don't know. >> i threw my bracket away, because it's so busted, you are going to have a ceremonial burning. michigan state killed us on the other day. 6:37, a public lost and found, a new service on a famous
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and no fun in good morning, it's 6:40, 30 degrees right now. mid-40s at noon, and eventually make our way close to 60 degrees this afternoon, a little warmer than what it was yesterday, we expect things to get even warmer and the days ahead. we will detail how warm it's going to get, plus a look at when some rain makes its way easter forecast, jen. >> reporter: looking at the roads this morning, we have had a quiet monday morning, one includes an accident reported at
6:41 am
and as we look at the interstates, not bad, i-75, southbound the lockland split, we have seeing construction already. and from dixie to the ohio river, and as we look else where, 4 471 starting to get heavy as well this morning. our typical slow spot starting to build out there, but nonet unusual congestion for a monday morning, sheila. you might know tom hanks is a great actor, but he is also great at something else, lost and found. >> hanks is turning his twitter account into a place for the masses to claim, we're talking lost gloves, mitten, things, pedestrian stuff, he tweets the locations that he spots these things at new york city. the best part is he is signs every one of his tweets as the characteristics, hanks hanx. >> he found a fork yesterday. >> he it's new york, there you go.
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president is meet sings 6:44, it's an apparent response to the south korea and u.s. doing military drills.
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reasonabled missile. reasonable missile. the trip to korea is being called a big step forward to normalizing relations with cuba. >> i don't mind obama going to cuba. i think it's wrong for us to open relationship with cuba unless cuba a freeze to agrees to come to the table to things like freedom freedom. 93 members of congress are taking part to with the president's trip to cuba. another threatening letter sent to a member of donned trump's donaldtrump's family. last week, the son eric received a letter threatening the family if donald trump didn't leave the president presidential race. the terrorist attack was
6:46 am
brussels, and might have access to several weapons. he told police after his capture that the attacks could still be a reality. belgium's foreign minister says that the threats are credible because the new network has been seen and weapons have been found. pope francis is spreading a new message. francis condemned what he called indifference to my grant and refugees arriving in europe. francis a abandoned his traditional homily, and he led a procession to saint peter square to ush usher in holy week. big changes, the the alabama city is joining panama city in banning alcohol sales on the beaches during spring break. city leaders say there's too many concerns about public drunkenness and damage to the beaches, panama city banned alcohol last year, and many
6:47 am
with -- a good time with children are happy about the decision. >> i think it's food, there's too many kids and families wanting to have a good time. when you see 20 or 30 kids having cases of beers, is what with are we getting our selves into. and many college kids say they will try other beaches. two boys are recovering from a scare, they fell into a 32-foot deep hole at a parking lot of a mcdonald in maryland. the boys told their family they felt the ground jumping to they jumped. it may have been an old well that was covered with mulch and mold. apple is rumored to unveil three new devices. apple is expected to unveil a smaller version of the iphone and a smaller 9.7-inch version of the ipad pro. the big reveals get underway at
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trending now a second baby eagle is fully hatched in the national arbor red um in washington. first baby started hatching on friday, both babies were born to parent, mr. president, and first lady. the nest is drawing attention to in part because it's the first one that was spotted at the 400-acre a bore red um since 19 thrufn. it's getting 1937s and viewers can see anything from sibling rivalry to predators coming to the nest. so far they are named dc2, and dc3, but the public will get a chance to name them later. >> so small. >> yeah. >> similar to the robins that make the nest under my deck. >> do they? >> that is neat. >> and then they leave every year. >> but they go up with the robins, they grow so quickly. >> yeah, they do.
6:49 am
want to get for my son that you can put on your window and then you put this two-way film on it, so that they can't see you, but you can see them laying their eggs if they should choose to go in that house. >> what a great idea. >> so they can't see you, so you can see them laying their eggs and hopefully hatching. >> where you live, you could probable will he get in there -- probably get them to come in there. >> that is neat. >> we will set up a live feed. >> and the wood peckers, my gutters work at 5:00 in the morning on saturday. [ laughter ] >> just playing hawks. >> they're endanger, you can't do anything to wood peckers, you break the law. >> you play the lock sound, and it scares them way. i go to youtube and find the hawk sound. >> just hire bob to come and do the hawk sound. >> reporter: want to let you
6:50 am
the foster road bridge over pass, you will see single lane closures tonight, and every night this week starting at 8:00 p.m., followed by double lane closures at 11:00, all lanes should be re-opened by 7:00 a.m., but could cause some congestion in the overnight hours, right now our only issue other than the sharon road problem that we have been telling you is william howard taft, looking at the interstate, they're not bad, we're starting to see congestion, i-71-75, and 75 southbound be seeing heavy traffic, and the lockland split, 475 stop and go. and not unusual for this time of the monday morning. first monday of spring, jen. got the heater on this morning. >> i know, it's cold out there, but we're not going to stay out -- cold for long, we expect a pattern change in the next couple of days, bringing the air right out of canada today. that will mean a cold start to your monday, we will be up around 50, later and warmer than yesterday. tomorrow into wednesday, we
6:51 am
temperatures will get back into the 60s during the afternoon hours the next couple of days, but we're a far fry from that -- cry from that this morning. a cold morning in maysville, 28 there, it's 28 degrees in crittenton, oxford, and hamilton at 30, and this is our atrium weather medical center cam looking from the radisson and coffining done back into downtown cincinnati. partly cloudy, and at the airport. windchill west of a breeze at 9. a windchill of 28 degrees. we're looking the armer weather, by the mid middle of the week, rain, potential thunderstorms arrive, we will cool undo late week, but it looks like by the weekend, temperature trend will be back up. the temperature trend start at 8:00, and we will be at 46 at noon, skies will become partly cloudy, so even at times mostly
6:52 am
a blend of sun and clouds. heading for a high close to 50 by late this afternoon, it's 30 here in cincinnati. 29 in indy, and 27 up in columbus with louisville at 34, pretty cold across the entire region, a few clouds, we will see some of those to start the day. sun and in the afternoon more clouds will begin to bubble up, but nothing on radar, nothing is expected through the day. let me get you through next couple of days, sun this morning, a few clouds into the afternoon, by late day, again, we're either side of 50 in most spots, right around 50, and downtown cincinnati, upper 40s low 50s will do it today for most. tonight partly cloudy skies, tomorrow morning won't be as cold as this morning, generally in the mid-to upper 30s to start your tuesday, and then we trend warmer tomorrow afternoon, lot of sun, it will be a few, high, thin clouds coming in, temperatures up around 62, so a beautiful tuesday on taft for the tri-state.
6:53 am
tuesday night, and wednesday morning, you're going to notice the low temperatures here, they're pretty close to what our highs are going to be today. we start to see the warmer kick in during the day wednesday increasing cloud, and there's an ever slight chance of a shower or sprinkle wednesday as we get back into the lower iz ask, the better rain chance comes on wednesday night into the day on thursday, 50 today, partly cloudy, warmer than yesterday by 5 degrees, low 40s at midnight, not as cold tomorrow morning as what we're going to see this morning, but still rather chilly, 37 your low, there's the 62 tomorrow, breezy tomorrow, breezy on wednesday, as we get around 60 with a slight chance for a shower in the forecast, and then notice thursday, we turn wet, rain, even a rumble of thunder, 58 your high, cooling down a little bit by friday with temperatures back, pretty close to today's levels around 50 degrees, lows in the low 30s, what about the weekend, though? saturday looks nice, sun and
6:54 am
blokes looks warm in a high in the mid-60s, there will be a chance for showers returning for the second half of the weekend, you could track the showers with the free weather authority app.
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thank you, john, 6:56, hulk hogan won his lawsuit over gawkers, surrounding a sex tape scandal. and 44 hours are will go one-on-one with gawkers founder. and we have two hours of news on star 64. for basketfor every member of your family. a ring that is a 9 and a half blue diamond. it was a gift to shirley from her father when he she was 12. it's expected to fetch 25 million to $35 million. >> no doubt the previous ownership of it adds to the value of it. >> shirley temple black was a qen shall woman. she went a long way from lollie pops.
6:58 am
>> yes, we have more on star 64, we're headed over there.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama prepares to meet with cuban president raul castro in an effort to end more than 50 years of hostility. we are in havana for the historic trip. plus how airbnb is one of the most successful companies in the country. >> donald trump rallies at a


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