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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. enthusiastic endorsements. >> heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. >> sarah palin jumps on the bandwagon for donald trump. >> he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. >> but will her support stop there, or could she take on a much bigger role? live. breaking overnight. gunmen stormed the campus of the university in pakistan. at least 20 people dead. 60 others injured. this morning the first images from the chaotic scene. batten down the hatches, a big storm targeting the east coast begins taking shape. as much as two feet of snow
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will it hit? and heroic role. a car hits a ditch, flips over and bursts into flames right outside the home of jamie foxx. >> and someone is trapped? >> yes, yes. the car is on fire! >> the oscar winner jumps in to save the driver. >> i decided to grab some scissors, cut the seat belt and pull him out, and as i pulled him out the truck rolled up. >> what a father is saying about his new favorite action star today, wednesday, january 20th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, very lucky young man out in california, lucky that jamie foxx reacted the way he did when that car flipped over.
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foxx was multi-talented and really sprung into action when it matters. more on that story coming up in a few. >> let's start on wednesday morning with our top story. sarah palin, one. country's most outspoken conservatives, now throwing her support behind donald trump in the republican presidential race. 12 days to go until iowa caucuses and trump is hoping this is going to pay off with voters. mr. trump will join us in a moment, but, first, nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on the announcement. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. this really was quite the scene. a politician turned reality tv star endorsing a reality tv star turned politician who also by the way happens to be the republican front-runner. sarah palin coming in to help validate donald trump's conservative credentials and now taking it on the road, joining trump today in iowa and oklahoma. >> donald trump's biggest endorsement to date came sealed with a kiss. >> thank you so much. it's so great to be in iowa. we're here just thawing out. >> reporter: sarah palin, the
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one candidate most like herself. >> i'm in it to win it. we're not going to chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby drill. you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors to their job and go kick isis' ass. >> looking to win over conservatives and first-time caucus-goers palin made our best pitch. >> our leader, a little bit different. he's a multi-billionaire. not that there's nothing wrong with that. it's amazing. he is not elitist at all. >> we're going to give them hell. >> reporter: for ted cruz the evening capped off a very no good very bad day. earlier a spokesman tried to insist sarah palin's endorsement and palin daughter's bristol pounced. after hearing what cruz is now saying about my mom in a negative knee-jerk reaction makes me hope my mom does endorse trump. cruz tried to quickly smooth things over. >> listen, i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic.
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support i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> reporter: but the hits kept coming. after a fight over farming iowa's republican governor told reporters he wanted to see the texas senator defeated. cruz shrugged that off. >> it is no surprise that had the establishment is in full panic mode. >> reporter: cruz's day perhaps best summed by the rolling stone's song. you can't always get what you want >> reporter: that the trump camp played before sarah palin took the stable. what kind of influence does pailp still hold? a prominent conservative told us she's as gold as the faucets in trump towers. on a separate note, sarah palin has her hands full at home, her 26-year-old son was arrested monday night for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and possessing a firearm while intoxicated at the former governor of alaska's home. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. >> donald trump is with us on the phone from iowa.
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thanks for getting up extra early. appreciate it. >> thank you, savannah. >> tell me how this came about. did sarah palin come to you and say i want to endorse or did you go to her? how did all come about? >> we've known each other for a long time. i've always liked her a lot and respected her a lot and she called and sees what's happening with the campaign, sees what we're saying, what i'm saying, and she sees it's really become like a movement. happening. oklahoma. we'll have 10,000 people, maybe more than that in oklahoma. that's like getting to be small crowds for us. it's just really been captivating for everybody, including myself, and she called, and it was such an honor because everybody was trying to get sarah. everybody wanted that endorsement. >> i wanted to ask you about that because obviously she has been a supporter of ted cruz over the years. he said she was key in his chose you over him. did she say why? did she act as though she wrestled with that decision? >> i think she likes what she
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terms of what i'm talking about in trade, where we'll start trading properly. we have some of the greatest people on earth, carl icahn and many of the business leaders are going to start negotiating our deals with china and japan and mexico and all of these countries that are beating us soe. they won't be beating us very badly wrong. i mean, right now we have political hacks negotiating these deals. she sees what's going on with she knows my stance on the military. she knows i'm going to take care of our vets, build up our military, and, you know,things, and she really gave a very, very good speech yesterday, about a half hour speech, and it was terrific, but every candidate wanted sarah. i mean, they all respect her a lot. >> you're in a battle, of course, with cruz in iowa. you are the top two ou had to name one thing that you would tell to iowa voters that's the reason they should vote for you over cruz, what would that one thingwell, i think i'm going to make much better deals in terms
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military and in terms of the vets. is going to be terminated and we're going to come up with something much, much better. obamacare is a big failure, premiums are going up 25%, 5 has, all of that. the one thing would be that i would win. the polls are showing i beat hillary clinton and i beat her soundly and i'm going to win. started on hillary yes. i haven't started on them yet. i have 13 people left on the republican side, so i'm really focused on them, but --i start it's going to be great but the polls are showing i beat hillary very soundly and i think that's an important element >> back to palin for a you consider her as your running mate? >> well, i don't think to start off with i don't think that it would be something she'd want to do. through that, and, you know, interestingly, savannah, and this is a 100% fact, when she came to see me and when she talked to me and it she really liked what we were saying, she never said, gee, i'd like to do this, do that. she never made a deal like want to try to make
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she just said i really like what's going on. it's an amazing thing. i've never seen anything like it in politics. have said that. just read the cover of "thyme" magazine this week, and she said i've never seen anything like i've seen what you've been able do and in such a period of time. >> have you discussed it with? >> i haven't discussed it it with her about what she would somebody i really like and respect and certainly she could play a position, if she wanted to. vp. do it. i don't think she'd want to do it. you know, i really don't get into it right now. that question is always askedu have in mind and i don't even have i about vp right now. i just want to win. i've always been a closer and get the deal done and i have win before i think about that. there are a lot of god people in the republican party. sarah has never asked me about that, never asked about anythingts to support because it's an honor and as you
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are so disappoint that had she didn't support them, butre would be a role somewhere in the administration, in she wanted, and i'm not sure that thee does want that, butrtainly be a role. >> mr. trump joining us from iowa this morning, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much, savannah. >> let us bring in nicole served as an adviser to the mccain/palin campaign. >> and lived to tell. >> you know sarah palin very well. >> atched her yesterday, standing next to donald trump and heard what she was saying what, were your guts reactions? >> the most interesting thing that donald trump just said was that she came to him, think that sort of confirms -- i checked in with all the campaigns yesterday, and the only campaign that also wanted her, that i was able to confirmruz campaign. cruz and trump are like two tarantulas in a bowl right now, each trying to destroy the other in iowa, and it's a small number of people who caucus.ade the calculation that coming in second isn't good
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in evangelicals where she still has a might help. >> donald trump wouldn't commit, said she might not be interested, i haven't thought about it. what does sarah palin want? >> listen, i think interested in donald trump's career as a television star, if she might be in his future as a politician. i think sarah palin squarely straddles the world of reality world of politics, and i think she's probably equally interested in maybe replacing him on "the apprentice" if work out and following him to washington. >> the palin endorsement good for trump. is the real point that this was bad for crud, not a good day couple of fronts? >> yeah. i think cruz still has the advantage in iowa and iowa is a place where organization andipline matter more than everything else. you're trying to get people to leave their home in the coldest time of the year and stand in the auditorium and caucus for different than simply voting on the way home. i think cruz still has a structural advantage in the first state, but i think that
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this was, you know, sort of a display of strength and dominance to get sarah palin with more of ablow to cruz operation. >> how would you like to wake up as john mccain this morning and who took sarah palin out of obscurity and put her on the national scene and now sheuy who said he wasn't a war hero because he was captured. >> because he was a crummy p.o.w. is essentially what trump said about him. believe that politics reveals people, it's all out there, and so if you -- if you value her opinion, you are probably already someone who is on board with>> all right. nicole, thank you very much. appreciate it. in some other news from the republican race, ben carson is temporarilycampaign after the tragic death of a young volunteer, 25-year-old braden joplin died tuesday when a van c staff members flipped over on an icy stretch of highway in western iowa. carson called joplin a compassionate young man who to be a kinder, gentler place. the three other passengers in
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released from the ow to a tragic scene in pakistan overnight, gunman storming into a university and opening fire. at least 20 people killed. cobiella is following the story this morning and is in london. kelly, good morning. what's the latest there?d morning, savannah. we're hearing from the pakistani army that the gun battle is now over after three hours on that y in northwestern pakistan. a terrifying morning for students and staff about 20 miles of the campus was just opening for the day when militants scaled the university walls on a very foggy morning, shooting security guards and then going into and dorms. one student said he saw a gunman shooting male and female students with automatic weapons. an assistant professorly fired back giving some students time to run and tributes are now going out to
7:13 am
pakistani commandos say killed four militants, but as for who was behind this, there's conflicting information, savannah. a senior talibanclaimed responsibility, but the group's official spokesman strongly condemned the attack calling the killing of islamic -- killing of unislamic. as you said, savannah, at least 20 dead, and those numbers could change. >> all right. kelly cobiella, thank you. now we're going toome nasty storms targeting tens of millions of people across this country. parts of the midwest and south are being hit with a dangerous mix of snow and icerning. al is tracking a separate system that could hammer the eastern united states a littleweek. >> reporter: >> that's right. that's a clipper right now that has schools closed in nashville and a real mess going on, but the big storm we're watching right now is up in the pacifict. it's going to make its way south, and what's going to happen, and we have taken now anning agality of all the models we look at so thursday night, we see a mix of
7:14 am
memphis to roanoke. severe storms also part of this system, too, down through the south.riday and we've got snow moving into the atlantic atlantic, sometime around noon or so, washington, roanoke will be looking at snow and ank through the mississippi river valley, strong storms and possible tornadoes down in florida and friday night here's where it really gets going.ty, washington, d.c., philadelphia, roanoke, we're looking at snow, an icy mix from atlanta to chan saturday we're going to see snow into new york city, into boston, this coastal low will start to strengthen and not only will we have snow but have strong winds, wind gusts of 60 miles per hour and coastal flooding stretching from boston all the way down to philadelphia. a full moon is going tok of this and it continues into saturday night with strong winds, heavy snow. here's what we've got. the american models is calling about a foot but washington, d.c. to charlottesville, upwards of three feet of snow.
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to handle this a little bit here's where the bullseye is. we're talking about upwards of three feet or more in the mountains of west virginia and virginia, about a foot to a foot in new york city and less in boston. we're going to get to your bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright , any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. th sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you.
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>> and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, hall. thank you. now to the water contamination crisis in flint, overnor using his state of the state address to apologize and vowed to fix the problem. nbc's kevin tibbles is in flint again for us this morning.d morning. >> reporter: savannah, while hundreds of protesters chanted outside, the michigan governor told the people of flint last night that their government hadiled them. >> i'm sorry, and i will fix it. >> reporter: this morning michigan gan rick snyder is under pressure, apologizing to the people ofan. >> the governor's got to go. >> reporter: outside the state capitol late tuesday, a crowd of
7:17 am
delayed response to the water >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. >> reporter: it's a problem that has been building for nearly twod contamination in flint's water supply and the consequences may be irreversible. now, residents in flint arep receiving clean drinking water from the national guard. >> here's to flint. >> reporter: it started in walling celebrating when the city's tap water switched from detroit to the flint river in an effort to save money, but the water wase causing pipes to deteriorate, seeping lead into the water supply, but officials insisted the water was safe. in september a doctors discovering an alarming amount of lead in children's blood. governor snyder publicly acknowledged the problem on but didn't declare a state of emergency until this month.
7:18 am
attention. >> i take full responsibility to fix the problem so it will neverhappen again. >> reporter: the epa has also told nbc news that authorities did not move fast enough and pointed the pinger at local andls for failures and resistance. matt and savannah, back for you. >> all right, kevin tibbles in u. this morning we're hearing for the first time from two of the americans freed in last week's prisoner swap with iran.mons who is in landstuhl, germany, has more on this. hi, keir, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. a representative ted meese amir found elated just to be able to walk out of here a free man and speak to the media. he says he's never felt so alive and never thought he'd be meanwhile, we're getting a look at some special family time for another of the freed men.
7:19 am
jason rezaian laughing with his wife, showing him an internet video ridiculing the notion he could be a eeling good, the californian told his newspaper, which published these newspapers. >> hi, everybody, god bless snow another of the five americans, marine amir hekmati from michigan described the elation as soon as they got out of iran. >> as soon as we got out of airspace, champagne bottles were popped. the swiss are amazing, hospitality, chocolate, veal was what's the first thing when you get home, what's the fir thing you'll do? >> that's a good question. i hope to get home soon. i really want to see mye back in the land. free. >> reporter: but a bitter moment for the family of bob levenson who disappeared in iran almost nine years must make it all the more difficult. >> reporter: his son was watching on msnbc. >> we're not in germany right now welcoming home, noting with the swiss like that. we're just devastated.
7:20 am
his military training helped him >> i didn't want to let my marine -- fellow marines down. thank you all >> reporter: the end ofg the representative of another american, saeed abedini from boise, idaho, saying he's a different person today than when he went into prison.while, officials here this morning saying the men do need a, quote, decompression period though i'm told that they are anxious to get home, perhapsew days. matt, get this. u.s. officials confirming that the iranians that were released by the u.s., none of themaveled back to iran. matt. >> all right. keir simmons in germany on this story, keir,coming up, oscar winner jamie foxx pulls a man from a burning car. the dramatic rescue in his own words and his touching embrace with one very grateful > plus, ted cruz's so-called secret weapon. how his wife heidi is shaping his campaign and the scrutiny
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we're back 597:30. it's wednesday morning, the 20th of january, 2016. and let's get right to today's headlines. sarah palin is hitting the campaign trail with donald trump today after endorsing him at aay in iowa. >> what he's been able to do which is really ticking people lad about, he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. >> trump joined us in our last we asked if he'd consider palin a running mate should he win the republican nomination. >> certainly there would be a role somewhere in the administration, if she 'm not sure that she does
7:26 am
certainly be a role. in other news, the coast guard suspending the search for 12 marines who are on twoers that crashed off hawaii nearly a week ago. debris and life rafts are all that's been found so far. officials say they will now recovery and salvage. and a big storm is brewing, and it couple pact tens ofhe east coast friday and on into the weekend. we're talking heavy snow, as much as 3 feet possible in some areas. high winds and watching it closely. a lot more on that in a moment. let's start this half hour though with a real life drama for jamie foxx. the oscar winner coming to the man who was trapped inside a burning car. this happened right by fox's house, and this morning he's opening up about his selfl here's nbc's morgan radford. >> you need to send an ambulance, he's. >> reporter: a horrific acciden the home of a familiar face. >> i heard the crash and i heard someone yelling so i get in my
7:27 am
and when i get here, the on its side. >> reporter: and someone is trapped? >> yes, yes, the car is on fire!und 8:30 p.m. monday night brett kyle driving under the influence in his white pickup car crashed into a dish, struck a and flipped several times before the truck burst into flames. jamie foxx came by and another >> a guy pulled up and has emt scissors. i climb in hand try to hit his seat belt and he's hovered ovll the while the flames are growing more intense. >> i grabbed the sitters from him and cut the seat belt and pulled him out and as out within five seconds later the truck goes up. we're over here on the grass and father. >> i'm so glad, so happy. >> you good? >> you were here for my son, and as far ased
7:28 am
video i saw he burned up. >> i don't look at it as ter: foxx shared what he said as he pulled brett from the wreckage. >> i said you've got angels around you, you have you. >> reporter: one of them without wings. for "today," morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. >> a really remarkableack to the presidential race for a moment and the wife of republican hopeful ted cruz is in the spotlight. heidi cruz has been the most in the republican field traveling the country to deliver her husband's message to voters. nbc's hallie jackson is inew hampshire this morning hand has her story. h ha llie, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, savannah, good morning.oming off a tough 24 hours after news sarah palin won't be out supporting him on the campaign trail. he's deploying his own top him close the deal, and she knows him better than anyone. it's his wife hide, a fund-raising force and constant presence. >> can i shake your hand. >> reporter: yes.
7:29 am
>> hi, it's hizey r: heidi cruz is making calls. >> i've been married to ted for 14 and a half years. >> reporter: her husband's secret weapon, they say, but herhe campaign trail is anything but hidden. whether knocking on doors or leaning on donors, cruz does both. >> i'm heidi r: often on her own. >> one of the hallmarks of our marriage is our mutual admiration. >> reporter: cruz calls h bee, a woman who has worked everywhere from the white house to now goldman sachs. >> we have run the campaign in a very judicious manner from a business perspective so that weresources to go the distance. >> y'all can understand why i was immediately smitten with >> reporter: ted and heidi cruz met, where else, on a campaign, george w. bush's. they married in 2001, and in 2005 cruz relocated toere her husband laid the groundwork for his senate and presidential bids are you readyl scrutiny that
7:30 am
life and in some ways already has? >> well, sure, matt. i think any time you embark upons so much bigger than yourself and than your own family i don't know that you ever feel fully prepared. >> reporter: some that havedes cruz's employment as goldman sachs where she's currently on leave. her husband has criticized wall street and big banks, but earlier this month thender fire for failure to disclose a loan from goldman during cruz's 2012 senate bid, period of scrutiny when cruz was found by austin police sitting near a highway alone, the officer reportedly concerned she was a danger to band describing hidy's depression, writing in his memoir i did my best to help heidi through this time.her and she went to counseling and relied on the love and support of her family and close friends. the family in this race, but when they are apart. >> we do try to really maintain
7:31 am
phone. >> reporter: facetime and text messages key as ted cruz showed me on the campaign trail. >> here it is from heidi. omg, katherineerine is 5, skipping between houses and knocking on doors and saying daddy. >> reporter: the cruz's and their kids on. house. senator cruz tells me he and his wife hope to bring their daughters out on the road even more, possibly home-schooling them from the trail so they a little more time together as a family. matt, savannah. >> campaigning is a family affair, that's for sure.ou. >> let us get a check of the weather, possibly snowy weather from al. >> announcer: today's w to you by edward jones, where attention and sound advice is a big deal. >> well, we've already got snowyabout. matt mentioned this earlier in the broadcast. you can see this is nebraska. roads are a mess. in fact, they are having big problems and now icing is going to be an issue as well.t's happening right
7:32 am
this is a clipper coming across bringing a lot of snow and also an icy closed right now in nashville and airport delays most likely. light snow and freezing drizzle and sleet. we've got winter weather winter storm warnings for 30 million people in the tennessee and ohio valleys. snowfall amounts fairly light. 2 to 4 inches, but whatst concerned about is icing, stretching from northern arkansas all the way into northern georgia. some areas, a tenth of aner areas up to a quarter inch and only need a tenth of an inch to lose traction on roads or runways so this problem as we go through the morning hours.
7:33 am
savannah. thanks. coming up on trending, brace yourself for the most epic celebrity face mash-up nd five surprising ways you're being impacted by plummeting oil prices. some good news and some not so good news right after this. ou coming by. the market's been there is a lot at stake here, you know?been planning for this for a and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. n your mind multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors.
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we're back at 7:42 with some surprising ways you're being impacted by the lowest oilund a decade. at around $28 a barrel we're seeing big savings on certain things and worries about other areas of the economy. nbc's olivia sterns is herehrough all of this. olivia, good morning to you. some of this is good news, some of this is not so good news. let's start with pretty good airline ticket. >> the good news is airline tickets are getting cheaper. air fares are about at the cheapest level they have been in three year, according to the bad news is they are real not as cheap as they could be because airlines are saving a ton of money on fuel because oil that it's been in over 12 years and they are not passing all that savings on to us. >> they are going to reduce the prices by about 5% and they are40% in fuel. >> that's why airlines are on track to have a record year in 2016. your 401(k), a lot
7:39 am
there's an impact. >> a big impact because price of oil affects stocks and that's because energy stocks and the companies that supply thosees do make up a big part of the stock market so that's one reason the stock market has fallen so much since it started the year. the average american's 401(k) is $6,500 since january 1st, so oil is hurting your savings. >> we've been covering the story of jobs over the last several good news in most sectors but with lower prices not so good in the energy sector. >> thrilled to have 5 has erall for the nation. energy though, the one sector where we actually saw job losses in 2015 som 100,000 layoffs in the energy sector overall, and that's just simply because as the price of oil falls, these big energy companies have to cut back ong plans and have to lay people off. >> this next one is kind of obvious, talk about lower oil prices and also talk about lowerices. if you have a home or a business you're trying to heat this
7:40 am
>> a big deal, also you can thank el nino, it hasarly warm here, particularly in the northeast where a lot of people use heating oil. two years ago a gallon of heating oil was $3.80. this year it's so for the average family, say they are spend begun $3,000 a year on heating fuel, their bill is going down $900 this year, >> a great savings. finally you want to take a road trip with the family. gas prices are dropping. how much lower will they go? >> as of this morning gas are $1.87. every oil analyst says watch out below. we're hearing some oil watchers talk about $10 oil. we $10 oil was 2001, the average price per gallon $1.12 so this might actually be time to pack the car and head to grandma's. >> have to bicker the whole way to grandma's, we'll do that.rns, thank you >> a great very much.
7:41 am
weighs in on the oscar's color controversy, and carson will you still haven't learned your lesson when it
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and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad. wered by protein? we are. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. with milk' s protein and milk life. carson is over in the original room and aparentally all of our passwords need some work less. >> especially yours, splash data out with their annual lists, the worst passwords. they compile the millions of stolen passwords throughout the year and rank them by this year's top five, and they are bad, the usual, 123456, password, adding 7 and 8
7:46 am
haven't learned from your mistakes because they are pretty much identical to last year's list and the list before that. repeat won't give up on, dragon, master, really, master. monkey, letmein. least trying to mix it up. newcomers on the list. newcomers, there's a theme, , starwars, splash data provides some tips for passwords. let's go through the tips. 12 or more diverse characters. this means, you know, all caps, letters, get other things going character wiese and change it up between your accounts. don't have one password for everything and use a password we asked people on twitter, this particular poll question. have you ever used the word password as password. saying no. the would have had password has made that list three years in a row. a little skeptical about this e word password. >> possibly. >> how does splash data know
7:47 am
do they find this how the? the answer to that. >> i mean, they must do some kind of a d access to the information of the most stolen passwords. >> oh, okay. >> so they know the most vulnerable of passwords, and,course, they are the simplest. >> that sounded true, carson. >> thank god, that worked out. i have no idea >> some confetti from leftover year's. >> now? >> welcome to 2016. >> all right. coming up, a new warning to women. more cases of the zika virus.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
it's 8:00 on "today.", zeroing in on zekea. a new warning from the cdc as more cases of thes are reported in the u.s. what every woman needs to know. then, how did it happen? >> i have to apologize. >> steve harvey opens up to about what went wrong during that infamous crowning moment mix-up at miss universe. >> had i taken a moment tothe card but i was trying to keep it down so nobody saw the winner and i blew it. i blew it, i blew it in a big let me take a selfie. >> omg. do you know what your kids are
7:52 am
we try to decode the acronymsng so ttyl, today, wednesday, january 20th, 2016. >> it's my birthday. i'm 8! >> celebrating 13 on "today". >> good morning, orlando. >> good morning, rutherford, virginia. we love the "today" show. >> good morning, ba way from texas. we're on "today"! >> we 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 20th day of january, by the way, we're talking a lot about the snow coming this area later in the week and if you look up to today it's a beautiful nice. >> crips. >> really nice.
7:53 am
>> meanwhile, come up,eals to revamp your space, and jill is going to show us what happened when she got her hands on that which was guest room. >> or room to crap, i like to call it. it looks a lot better and our series, slow cooking meal. going slow cooker siri dally. >> and natalie now with today's top stories. donald trump hits the campaign trail boasting his mostorsement so far. sarah palin appeared with trump in iowa tuesday, praising him as a multi-billionaire who is not an elitist. the former republican vice presidential nominee will join trump for a campaign appearance today, just 12 days before the iowa. >> these guys are all kind of sounding angry from the establishment.
7:54 am
>> a spokesman for trump rival senator ted cruz brushed aside palin's endorsement saying that her support would hurt trump'sity with conservatives. earlier on "today" savannah asked trump if it's possible that sarah palin could become his running mate if he wins the here's what he said. >> i haven't discussed anything with her about what she would do, but she's somebody ind i respect and certainly she could play a pox if she wanted to. >> trump said palin did not try to make any kind of dealore offering her support. gunfire has left more than 20 people dead and dozens wounded this morning on a in pakistan. suspected taliban militants stormed the campus near the city of peshawar just after the start of classes today. the attackg gun battle with police and an army troop. a local taliban leader has claimed responsibility. he was blamed for
7:55 am
police say a greyhound bus driver told them he was tired into a deadly california. the bus collided with safety barrels and then flipped on to its side. were killed and nine other people were injured. according to california highway patrol the driver said he had stopped for coffee that accident. officials have released video of two attempted carjackings at a floridahat ended with three people under aref. the suspects are scene running up to one car with their guns drawn, but that driver locks her takes off. the next driver confronts the suspects who then drive away in another car. police caught up with him after a chase that ended with a there are new concerns this morning over the zika virus. an untreatable mosquito-borne it's been linked to birth defects, and the cdc is out with a warning. new cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus are now being
7:56 am
in florida and two in illinois adding to a case in hawaii and one in texas. the virus is not spreado person. it can only be contracted through a bite from an infected mosquito, and no infected mosquitos have been found in the u.s. but doctors worry that especially dangerous to pregnant women, possibly causing birth defects in their unborn child. the cdc is issuing a travel warning advising that women consider postponing travel to areas where there have been outbreaks, including 14 countries in latin and south america and the caribbean.o vaccine or specific treatment for the virus. the cdc says pregnant women who have recently returned from one of those countries should see and get tested. researchers worry mosquitos could bring the zika virus to the southernmost gulf states. >> the states is an extremely vulnerable area because we have
7:57 am
>> for more on the zika virus let's go over to savannah and e azar is here and people have lots of questions about the zika virus because we hear about women in this country who have it but you can't o person. what do we need to know? >> the cdc has issued an interim guideline since their travel warning last week, and this o do with what to do when you're pregnant and you've traveled there or you plan to travel there. so specifically the recommendations are that preg to where the virus transmission is ongoing, and you saw the list of those countries on our monitor. doctors history so if you're taking care of pregnant women ask them if they have recently traveled to those areas or if they prepare, to so that women can be pt's basically all the mosquito prevention protocols that we talk about, you can see on the cdc no specific treatment or no prolacksies, no antiviral therapy and no vaccine to prevent it most importantly symptoms of zika
7:58 am
that would be fever, rash, conjunctivitis joint pain or within one to tworning from one of those countries, you should absolutely be tested, and if you test positive the recommendation is to monitor growth of the fetuso four weeks during your pregnancy with an ultrasound. >> okay. lots to remember there >> there's another big coming out about the use of antibiotics, overuse and what are we hearing about respiratory infections in. >> just a few stats from the published and some of the published data is less than 50% of antibiotic prescriptions ient setting are either inappropriate or unnecessary, and more staggering than that is that antibiotic resistance is related to roughly 2 million infectionsr and 23,000 deaths. this is from the cdc, so this is very important. so what does the cdc and the american college ofy. the two infections that need to be treated with antibiotics are strep throat and pneumonia.
7:59 am
about symptoms of strep throat and pneumonia so they can understand, too, how they can distinguish between a viral >> people come in, i kneel terrible and give meet antibiotics. >> the vast majorityctions are caused by viruses. even ones causedbetter on their own. symptoms longer than ten days, fever greater than 102.2 and the sinus area and purulent, a thick discharge, lasting more than three days should probably be treated with broncities. >> bronchitis ist never do you need to be treated with antibiotics for broncite its. the majority of cases are viral and can last for a number ofe's the important distinction. we didn't get to it over there. the important distinction is dissiding if you have bronchitis versus pneumonia. presents with shortness of breath and deep pain when you take a breath in, fever. bronchitis usually has a milder
8:00 am
examines you, abnormalitity on the chest exam would signify pneumonia. >> we're out of time. dr. natalie can you name one? see who a surprising number of is a supreme court justice and what george clooney said about this year's all-white oscar nominations and steve harvey en you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. , play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. but mostly, just play.vacation at any one of hilton's 12 distinct brands, t price. only when you book direct
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ait. coming up, we head to savannah's apartment to turn her stuffed room into a dream space and then a special sales and ventures from $599, plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean.ary 15th. give extra. get extra. ts k-cups are available here at the grocery store. and people seem to be
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like, really excited. a good one. new dunkin' donuts k-cup pods are here, available where you buy groceries. nobody's hurt, but the p company says they'll only pay p to replace it. to do? drive three quarters of a car? p now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. t you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll our car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. 8:12. let's trend. >> let's do it. this is going to be a day where we put our knowledge to the test, our knowledge of important >> okay.
8:04 am
ones like omg, ttyl. do you think you know them? >> i know a couple of them and that's it. >> going to do them and brb. a popular social networ >> brb. >> be right back. >> no idea. >> a list of popularbyob. >> that's a good one. >> mate knows okay. >> how many of you heard? >> i know that one. i heard it in the makeup room. outfit of the idek. >> i don't even't even know. >> i never heard of this one. >> goat. >> greatest of all time. >> good. t from a song. >> last one, pa p pch.
8:05 am
>> nat mo. >> not a pap smear. >> post a picture. picture of your pap smear, please. whatever you do. >> sorry, al. this? >> i don't know. >> it's your turn now. >> let's do another quiz, okay. you ready for this. celebrity mashups and -- >> gesundheit. >> let me make sure i got that right. >> that's not an acronym. his name is -- something interesting on instagrams, take two photos of different celebrities and blends them into one image. i'll show you tell me which two stars are mashed up. image number one. >> jennifer lawrence. >> jennifer lawrence and -- >> i don't know who the other >> >> no, january jones. >> no, put them up side by side. >> jennifer lawrence and claire >> oh, wow.
8:06 am
let's see the mash-up. >> leonardo dicaprio andnn. side. >> yes. >> conan o'brien's bit. >> the third >> halle berry and beyonce. >> toni braxton. >> no. >> that's a good one. >> and s i was going to say maybe. >> side by side, that's j. lo and halle berry. >> and finally, what do you one? >> kevin spacey and -- >> look at the nose. >> robert de niro and kevin >> what's the name of the artist again? >> that was ossible career ending, that is, okay. >> she's america's favorite tv journal everybody, but did you know that judge judy has another job, yes.upreme court justice.
8:07 am
>> that at least according to some college grads. >> oh, no. >> a new stud found that nearly ge judy, judith shined lynn sat alongside john roberts andburg. >> less than 10%. >> same group that thinks dr. dre is a real doctor. >> oh, my goodness, judy, not a real supreme court justice. just a tv judge. now to the latest stars addressing that oscar boycott, >> yes. >> take it away, carson. >> the oscars controversial. on instagram lupita nyong'o said she was disappointed by the lack of diversity and has me about unconscious prejudice and what merits prestige in our culture. george clooney told "variety" in the wrong direction. >> and whoopi goldberg agrees that the academy does have a problem and took issue with the
8:08 am
academy awards. >> yes, right. >> and so to boycott him seems just as bad as what everybody is saying, see, because to me -- don't have to clap, it's okay, because we have this conversation every year and it off. >> there you go. >> okay. >> still talking and still bleeping. >> whoopi added not enoughs get made in the first place. >> true. next, a new spin on a children's classic, been nearly 30 years since his last movied gentlemen, he is back, pee-wee herman in a new move coming to netflix. geographic." >> it's called "pee-wee's big hollywood."y judd apetow, premiers march 13th and what we learned from the trailer is paul age a bit.
8:09 am
>> i don't know. finally david bowie, collaborated with big names in music being, but one group nott is coldplay. coldplay drummer told "enemy" magazine they invited bowie once to doa track and bowie refused saying not a very good sing. the song itself was not named by the band doesn't hold a grudge, they say bowie deserves credit even for refusing to put his name on something. there's your "pop start" todayed. >> when you get to be acon you get to voice your opinion. >> you sure do. you sure do. >> carson, thanks very much. let's get a check of the weather now with al today's weather is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance, see car insurance in a whole new light. >> so, we've got a all the computer models that we look at with this storm coming this weekend so thursday night we're looking for a snowy, wintry mix.e mid-mississippi into the ohio river valleys, but also severe weather firing up through the
8:10 am
on the day friday, more of that and southern georgia, but we're looking for this wintry mix stretching from washington, d.c. all the way back into memphis, and we'reriday night. heavy snow moves into the mid-atlantic states and coastal lows will be forming, and that's going to cause all kinds ofe move into the day saturday. the snow gets up into new york city and boston. the coastal low will start to strengthen and lock at the snowm boston all the way back into roanoke and then during the day on saturday wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour, flooding a possibility high moon and the full moon and the winds. the snow really gets going saturday night. we've got the two models. we look at the american model, from three feet of snow as you get your way into the appalachians and about a foot of snow here in new york city. the european model more snow in the appalachians and also working their way into the mountains of virginia. about 1 toe 2 foot around new
8:11 am
as you move further north in >> and that's your latest weather. matt. now more of natalie's exclusive interview with steve harvey and miss columbia on the mistakes that led to that very awkward moment at the miss universe >> that's right. as we showed you on tuesday arianna gutierrez isilence and sat down with steve harvey and right after the taping at his studios in chicago we talked to ou tell me what it was
8:12 am
finally to hear an apology from steve and to maybe behind you now? >> i feel like i can breathe now. >> miss colombia and steve harvey buried the hatchet on hislicly forgiving him for the embarrassment he caused her when she mistakenly announced she was miss universe. >> steve, you actually gotl when you were apologized, and can you see it's been a tough month for you. >> i've needed her tome. i needed her to know that i was genuinely sorry because i felt horrible. >> ari, you said you forgave >> yes. >> did you forgive him in the moment last night? >> yes, yes. we're human beings, you know. to make mistakes. >> take me back to that moment, those four and a half minutes, as you say, when you're wearing >> it was the happiest four minutes and a half that i ever
8:13 am
to make an entire contihappy, but after that i felt horrible. i was crying a lot. >> were you angry at the mistake that was made? >> i felt like humiliated butve harvey mistake. >> i have to apologize, just for what happened, you know. it was like oh -- i'm not misst am i going to do now? everybody is going for -- is going to laugh at me and making fun of me. >> there was a moment for me, i mean, i was ashamed mistake, but i was also a little bit angry at the mistake. a lot of people could have stepped over and said i played a role in ade a mistake, too, but nobody did. i read the teleprompt, and clearly i read what it said to read and then i followed the directear. we went straight from and the new twist is, and when he said read the card, all the cards in never had any that have on there except in the
8:14 am
>> ave hosted the miss universe n the card, clearly as it did on your card, shows miss universe on the right-hand column of the card so you're saying you're eyerst runner up. >> the fact that we didn't rehears it that way. i didn't no other information was going to be on the card. hi taken a moment to lookard and i was trying to keep it down so nobody saw the winner and i blew it, it i blew it in a big moment and the person that was was her. >> there were suggestions you were drinking and gambling in vegas the night before. >> i've never been drunk a day in my life so do i gamble in i gamble in vegas all the time but i was at rehearsal and did a full run-through with everybody, t was it that was hardest for you in all of the that? >> with all the support i got, the hate was pretty intense. >> you said you had death >> oh, man. >> coming from colombia. >> i won't be going over there
8:15 am
>> ari, there are people that will say this is an amazing opportunity for you. >> now i can say, okay, it was the worst night of my it was the best one, too. >> probably right now the most famous miss universe contestant of all mean, her face is everywhere. her name is everywhere, you know >> you say all is forgiven on your end. do you think in colombia they feel the >> i think -- >> no. >> they will forgive you after this interview, i'm that. >> they want to us sit together, you know, and to talk to each other and be like this. >> and it's good? >> you want to >> i can hull him. >> oh. >> thank you, god. >> well, i'm going to tell you my prediction. you two will be hosting next >> do you think that will happen? >> let me tell you something, i
8:16 am
hon that stage next year. you what, when it's time to read the card, i'm going to have -- >> let her read the card this time this time, please.e asked the miss universe pageant if they will change the normate of how they reveal the winner next year and they are said, quote, talking approach for next time and i can guarantee you, those two have great chemistry. i think there's definitely something in the making year. >> in terms of the explanation as someone who has host that had pageant, does it make sense to you? >> well, i mean, what he says, his card was different than my card, and what he says is, youow, his eye went immediately to the left couple and the first runner up because if you're saying the second runner up heead the first runner up as miss universe rather than look to the right where it clearly said the winner is the philippines, so, yeah. >> we're all still the miss universe sglajt you know, a billion people watch it around the world so it definitely was a big deal. >> all right. nality, thank you so much.
8:17 am
>> thanks, guys. siri is getting serious about slow key, a dish i guarantee e and she's made it for our family many,
8:18 am
it's 8:30 on a wednesday morning, the 20th of january, chilly morning on our plaza, nice and chilly and not too windy. you might call it the calm before the storm because suref cold and wintry weather coming to the east coast, probably friday and saturday. we'll get the late forest al in just a couple of moments. >> all right. is here to get
8:19 am
she's going to show you how to organize by giving e bedroom where mike sleeps on nights they fight a makeover >> yeah. >> exactly. >> also got a "steals & deals" to help you do it as nd on our week of slow cooker meals, a new twist on >> looks delicious. and surprising changes that could overhaul the way kids apply to college. think no s.a.t.s and lesses. sounds kind of good. >> can they get that in the next year. >> going through that with leil ha now. >> a check of the weather, big storm coming. >> yeah. a clipper bringing some the great lakes and mid-mississippi and tennessee river valleys. a mix in the tennessee vale and a look for wet weather and down through the gulf. more rain in the pacific
8:20 am
we've got that slight risk of strong storms through the gulf. we're looking at windy wetgh the pacific northwest, sunny, chilly here in the northeast though not quite as cold as it's been and we've got nebraska on into southern >> that's your latest weather. let's head back in to savannah and jill. >> all right, al. thank you so much.
8:21 am
jill martin is here to get us more organized and shows us how she came to my rescue in mytment. i'm patient zero for jill. >> it was quite the feat. that's right, savannah. we focused on revamping your space so i gave you room a much-needed makeover and just wait, everybody, until you see the transformation. >> so we're here in your office me that you're the typical start today candidate. >> i have a room in my house that is just turned intoille. you live in a new york city apartment and you start collecting stuff, especially with a new babe and sadly this room has kind of become the for just extra stuff. it doesn't really have a design. it needs help. it really needs your le savannah is on the air i'm heading over to her apartment to turn her stuffed room no a dream space. >> what do we have ll right. not bad. i think just simple.
8:22 am
spruce it up a little what very have, some books, a little baby vail sock or one of them. oh, look, one ice idn't know savannah ice skated. savannah has her wedding dress front and center. i wonder if she tries it owner we only have six hours until savannah returns to reorganize, redecorate and reinvente. >> all right. we've been work all day but we're in crunch time because we only have half an hour when home and we want to surpriseler so go away. >> after a few simple fixes, a fresh coat of paper and repurposing items she hadse it's time for savannah transformation. >> you ready. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. it looks awesome.
8:23 am
awesome. >> jill what, have you done place. >> it looks beautiful. i'm in love. >> i'm always afraid to do a little pop of color. accent wall because for $30 you get paint and you just paint one wall and makes such a difference in the >> feels like it should be in a magazine, not my house. >> now the closet. >> what are you talking oh, my gosh. i'm going to live in this closet. this is insanely fabulous. >> now i can actually find worker. jill, thank you so much. >> love ya, happy you're uest room is now my favorite root i'm moving in. >> i did move into that cross the. i'm very happy there. >> it's pretty amazing thesformation and it didn't take that much. the one accent wall, for $30 you can do it at home and do that accent wall. i walked around your house, like what are you doing?
8:24 am
weren't even showing around the house and putting them in the room because you can spruce up your house with things you already have in your home well. this is our before kind of blah room, stuffed, simple and over after. i mean, look at the difference, and we all have those stuffed rooms so the first step is to clements room, to go thr because you really don't use about 75% of what you have in a stuffed room, so now this is very exciting because not only do you but we're doing a very special "steals & deals" and everyone at home you can spruce up your room, too, by next 's do it. start with our "steals & deals," the closet i love so much. you organized it. it? >> first the container store. go through your closet and when you do that you get bins so everybody has a home. if everybody has a home you can if you don't see it, you're not going to wear, it so storage solutions, the
8:25 am
the first deal, there's two. the stack drawers, great for any room, the most popular item. you see that at the bottom here, the set of drawers, comes in white or er option is this drop front collection so you get five total, and it's one for the for the sweaters and three of the shoeboxes so i love how that organizes everything. count the number of shoes you're keep and organize your clothes so the retail is $99. the deal is 39 for either deal. that's 61% off. one box. >> each is a set. >> and everything is on >> next, the bedspread makes a huge diff you had a beautiful bed already at home but you can't see it because you didn't have this great begged on it. also use that as a pop ofte can work as a pop of color in a room that's even darker. victoria classic setting, the
8:26 am
it's a choice of a four-piece, five-piece or eight-piece set. go on and see all the vailable in king or queen. the retail 179 to 239. the deal $59, up to 59% off. >> that is a huge deal for thesee all know sheets and comforters can be really, really expensive. >> really makes the room. >> this i love, and so many of are going to love, too, because it's really a gift to yourself. these photos are photos that you actually already had from your >> yes. >> how a lot of times a wedding photographer takes pictures. lights or flowers or some abstract and we came up with this idea of what if up. >> how great is that. >> so many of us have pictures and sitting in our computer and nothing to do with them and you can make them art, so this is anvas prints, retail $79.99. e-mail a photo and they send back this beautiful piece of that beautiful. after i got the photos and this is what came in the mail. >> i was blown away by this, and
8:27 am
you can have a picture that or love or have a scene or >> i love this. >> the retail $79.99. and the deal is >> the 29.99 for one print. >> and a great size, too, two it in four or six or oing it in twos. >> this is a big one. >> you already had a beautiful bed and mattress but at home a lot of people don't so this is the thin mattress. the retail, 1,999. >> hop in bed with me, jill. we did this once before. >> at least once. >> okay. >>hat segment, one was in the plaza, let me tell you about the three layers, it really is comfortable. density gel infused memory foam and comfortable latex and supportive density foam, so all those things are apparently really what you need in massachusetts tress.
8:28 am
the deal is 399 to 749. >> wow. >> up to 63% off, but that's not all. >> tell us more, jill. >> what else? >> you already have again al bed that real looks similar to this, but you can get the bed and the mattress, it's a bundle we're offering if you need a whole new situation in so this -- you get this exact mattress and then with this henley bed frame so you get headboard and footbed, retails $3314 and the deal 1,198 and the deal 64% off. >> the might be one of your biggest deals ever. >> feel like it really helps urn your stuffed room into something that's happy. >> definitely transformed ours for sure. >> now i have another treat for next week which i'm super excited about.nd your significant other in need of a style makeover? for those of you in the
8:29 am
using the #today and tellu need one and send us a photo and you could be our next victim, i mean, candidate. >> the highly recommend it, get a jill for su so much. let's do the deals one more team. the closet storage solutions from the container store, bedding setsclassics, the canvas print from, you spend the picture and they put it on a frame and mattress and bed bundle fin. jill is getting comfortable. >> i'm exhausted that from. >> it's awesome and very comfy. coming up next, we'll change gears, the s.a.t. surprising recommendations endorsed by some of the nation's top schools to change the college admissions process. we'll get into that one, but,
8:30 am
now on a wednesday morning, from test scores to
8:31 am
activity, the pressure ontudents today to stand out on college applications is greater than ever. but this morning an unexpected group is banding together to say enough is enough.c's rehema ellis. >> reporter: for these high school juniors applying to college feels overwhelming. i want to see a show of hands. pressure about the college application process. >> definitely snow think everybody is feeling the >> everyone is, yes. >> reporter: to some, even unfair. >> i also have a job outside of school so trying to get involved inities somewhat difficult. >> reporter: but a new report released today, in part sponsored by the harvard graduate school of education anden disease of top colleges and universities nationwide, now recommends stunning changes in the application process. >> it's the first time in a large group of colleges have banded together to reshape the admissions process. i think we have unfairnesskids who are economically
8:32 am
stressed out and depressed affluent kids. >> reporter: among the project suggestions, de-emphasizeized testing, possibly make the s.a.t.s and. a c.t.s optional, stress quality over quantity when it comes tor activities and advanced placement classes. dial down achievement pressure. is this an effort to level thein the admissions process? >> absolutely. an opportunity to more fairly capture the contributions of low-income and working class students who have demandingill responsibilities, community responsibilities. >> reporter: new college applications may include an essay question for students to contribution to others. do you think this a college looks at the contribution you're making to your family the same at an extracurricular a.p. course or something of that nature? >> they only see the number, like what you put down on know your story, the real you will. >> reporter: you would like to tell them your story? >> of course, i would like to tell everybody. >> reporter: a change in college
8:33 am
opening the process to a broader group of students and concern for the common good.bc news, cambridge, massachusetts. >> this is the dean of admissions at m.i.t. and has endo,,ed these news. stu, good to see you, good morning. is the purpose here to get a more diverse student body at schools and colleges, or the stress level on high schoolers applying? >> well, i think we're interested in both, matt. you know, as you've heard, iere's a real mismatch between what students think they need to do to get into college and what they actually need to get into college and this hope will really send a more powerful message around what colleges are really, really interested to see in what >> it's going to be very tempting to make the headline of this no more s.a.t.s and no more a.c.t.s or at the very least. that's not really what it says.
8:34 am
i think s.a.tfrmtss and a.c.t.s will still play a role in thesion process. >> but just one piece in the puzzle. >> but one piece, absolutely right, and do i believe most students stress out over their res much more than they really need to. >> and you see students starting from an early grade who are taking as many advanced placement courses as they can idea here is quality over quantity. >> absolutely. quality over quantity. we want to see students who are taking these advances classes, we do like that, but really them do it because they want the learning and the experience and really the joy i not because they feel like they have to. >> when it comes to the lists of extracurricular activities, the so-called brag sheets, you want those as well. >> yeah, absolutely. i think our students are doing just too much. they feel like they have t and they really don't, and we want to send this message had a little bit. >> millions of
8:35 am
give them one piece of advice for those students. >> students applying to college, pursue the things that you with balance and initiative, persistence. make the lives of those around you better, and have y the best advice you can give. stu, thank you so much. jack lauer, if you could just name in about four years, that would be great. just ahead, siri is in the kitchen using a slow cooker to put on a new twist to pot pie. >> these are for you. >> look how romantic.
8:36 am
we are back now. it's 8:50. "today food" time andntributor siri daly here with today's original recipe.
8:37 am
we haven't seen you together as wife. >> thank you very much. >> don't you look different? >> she quickly changed everything we made me happy. >> changed my name, stih the process. >> that's not a quick process. >> in fact, i think you should change his name to -- >> to carsont er er daly. >> this is a slow cooker chickenits pot pie. bingo. i'm taking mrs. daly. >> we've got butternut squash, r for the biscuits, chicken stock, heavy cream and milk, olive oil andess thighs. >> why thighs. >> more flavorful and won't dry out as much as breasts, salt and pepper and more flour i guess. peas, butter, ca onion. >> looks healthy.
8:38 am
brown our chicken in some canolat to get it really hospital that's like a mistake that sometimes people make. >> get the pot hot first because it will help >> the tasting table is in position downstairs. >> all right. >> did you make it down there, darling? >> he's delicious sglfrlt and now i'm going to season it as well because you want to generously season with salt and salt and pepper. >> over here we already had some browning and we're going to remove this from the pan and we will eel use this same add our vegetables. >> because it has all the bits on the bottom. >> you can add the vegetables to the pot pie so much flair if you do it this way. we'll add our carrots and onions. >> pretty traditional for >> could you put others. >> totally. >> we'll add squash later. we don't want to toad now because it will overcook.
8:39 am
>> cook this for five it starts to brown and flour. >> dump it all in, like three tablespoons and that will help everything over on and over here we have the flour already cooked into the vegetables and we'll add our liquid, the chicken stocku want to add the cream. >> do i ever. >> again, only about a fourth cup so you don't have to feel too herbs, sage and thyme. >> looks like a hearty meal. >> bring it to the boil and over it in the crock pot, add everything into the crock pot and then the squash. >> at the very ight before -- >> you turn on the slow cooker. >> three and a half hours on high and then back here. >> how is it going down there, ike it? >> delicious. >> really good on a snow storm day. >> exactly. >> maybe this weekend. >> we added our peas also over here at the very end after thend a half hours. >> you made your biscuits
8:40 am
>> now we're going to make biscuits, really easy to make. use the store>> i can ask. >> once you buy your slow cooker. >> come on. >> so cold butter, that's reallye that's going to help our biscuits stay fluffy and light. i'll use these knives to do it. overmix it and add the milk, cold milk, typically at home i would get there with my hands hand get really>> we're out of time. >> recipe on and learn about the biscuits, tastes good. >> thanks, siriis is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
what have you guys got coming up in the next hour? >> dylan is going to visit thet.
8:42 am
morning on "today's take," hollywood hero jamie foxx, the oscar winner speaks out after saving a driver from a then, dylan catches up with the shirtless stars of "neighbors 2," zach ephron and seth roguan. plus, search-time grammy winnerni braxton joins us. all that and more coming up next >> aouncer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with alatalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller to "today" on a chilly wednesday morning. 33, it's up from yesterday when we were in the teens. it's c it's going to go back down soon,
8:43 am
i'm willie along with natalie, tamron and al and our morninges from al roker. "cake by the ocean." >> by dnce. >> you know what cake by the they explained it. >> oh, it's kind of like the segment you guys had earlier ids mean. >> cake by the ocean. >> think about buns, cake. going. >> now all the parents before we get to the news, al, let's talk about some snow coming our weekend. really? >> there's two different main at, the american >> yeah. >> and i think the difference between the two is that the european model slows itight hours. the american model is about eight hours ahead, but we are going to see a significant amount of snow. just exactly thinking right now that it's
8:44 am
maybe just south of philadelphia and 's -- that's the general consensus, which could be -- it could be two to three feet in some of those areas, especially the mountainous areas. up here boston will probably see less, maybe a foot, maybe even less than that, 6 inches, but new york city and the tri-statearound, you know, 8 to 12 inches. >> enough for sledding on the weekend. >> enough for sledding. >> ut other part about this that's going to cause problems is as the system moves up the coast, and we'll detail this more, it will really intensify so we're going to see0 miles per hour. it's going to be a heavy snow so i expect power lines coming down, roof damage. there's going to be a lot of beach erow, not quiteque, but it's going to be rough, so we'll detail that, but it's going to be a very, very active weekend, and -- and there's going to be severe weather down through the southeast. >> right. >> so there could be tornadoes out of the same system. >> for all the peoplet the mild winter.
8:45 am
winter is here. patience, my friends. >> stock up. >> guess what else is back? >> sarah palin is >> last night we partied like it was 2008 and the former vice presidential nominee sarah palin back on stable, this timedorsing donald trump. >> mr. trump, you're right, look, back there in the press box. heads are spinning. media heads are spinning.o be so much fun. he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. to chill, drill, baby drill down and hold these folks accountable. you ready for a commander inief who will led our warriors do their job and go kick isis' [ bleep ]. >> we didn't bleep it at 7:00, >> kids are home from 7:00 to 9:00. >> but the younger kids at home heading down to school right now. >> okay. >> about a 20-minute in iowa, donald trump introduced her, brought her up
8:46 am
moments if you watch, he was in the shot the whole speech wheret of if you want to do a thought bubble on donald trump. that would have been an interesting experiment. >> what have i done? >> especially when she >> said all the right things. >> you know how it's jarring -- you know you're going to say this, and i think it that she went that explosive that early. >> you know what i'm looking forward to and we do our show from there, the food.reat food in iowa. you start making the rounds early. >> pork, corn. >> you're thinking about food. all i'm thinking about is "snl" and maybek more now as a result of this. >> a show this weekend. >> got a show this weekend. >> ronda rousey hosting. >> all i can't wait to see ifarah palin/tina fey back on. >> they are on campaign trail. they are going to iowa and headed to oklahoma and thequestion, of course, is will she have an impact and how bruised is ted cruz from this?
8:47 am
senate bid, and then just kind >> he tweeted out, you know, earlier he obviously understands. >> no, he doesn't. he had to say that. come on, natalie >> does not understand. >> you know, right. >> natural question though and everybody is thinking about is there some back room deal,n a position for her possibly in a trump administration? as a cabinet member? savannah spoke with trump earlier and asked that very here you go. >> that question is always asked of me who do you have in mind, and i didn't even think about i just want to win. i've always been a closer. i get the deal done and i have to win before i start thinking about that. there are a lot of good peoplecan party. there are a lot of good people. as far as sarah is concerned, never asked me about that, never asked me about anything else, support, and it's such an honor because as you know very badly so many people are so disappointed that she didn't support them,ainly there would be a role somewhere in the administration
8:48 am
that she does want that, but there would certainly be a role.many people, nicolle wallace was on and said that so many people was a person. >> yes. >> and it was ted cruz y. >> fixed strategically in terms of media coverage, less than two weeks and so much attention, three days, four days will berah palin and donald trump as ted cruz tries to get his message out. >> forget about all the others. >> from social media last night, too, if you turned on any cable stations, that was it. that was what ruled the airwaves, for right or wrong and say that gives donald trump an unfair advantage because he does get so much free media attention. >> he's the master of it. >> he has masterednd the master of the universe. >> i love this story. >> unbelievable. when i first saw it or a what is this. jamie foxx saved a life. how often can you say that in life.
8:49 am
outside of his like a scene from a move, but it's real. this happened monday night. jamie foxx was home, apparently was a car crash right inplace. a man was in a pickup truck. he crashed and jamie foxx jumped into action. the driver is kyle who was identified as the driver. nevertheless, this was the crash that happened. jamie foxx not waiting forgency responders. he leaped into action. here's had a little bit of how jamie explained what went down. >> i heard the crash,ard someone yelling, so i get in my car and come down and called 911 and when i get here the truck is over on its side, and it's in flames.t got pulled up, and he has emt scissors. i climb in and i try to hit his -- his seat belt but over and i grabbed the scissors from him and cut the seat belt and pulled him out and as we pulled him out withinater the -- the truck
8:50 am
i don't look at it as heroic. my son and as far as i'm concerned he saved his life because based on the video i saw he would have burnedbrett wouldn't have been able to get out of the car. >> unbelievable. >> thank goodness, there too, there was an emt there who had the scissors, jamie fox had seat belt and was hunched over apparently and couldn't get him out of. unbelievable. >> one of the situation you ask you have the courage, risk everything to go to a burning car and jamie foxx did it. >> he deserves a milk shake. >> he does, that's right. >> chocolate, vanilla, step these are's lit most decadent milk shakes you have ever seen. >> wow. >> clearly the most decadent.osh. >> this is from a restaurant in new york city. >> sweet and salty. there's cotton candy. >> what do you guys and red velvet. >> is this sweet and salty.
8:51 am
>> did we get the willy wonka this is incredible. >> how do you -- there's a million calories in each these. >> that's okay. >> do you even eat these? >> you just go in. >> the straw >> and that's your latest weather.
8:52 am
>> yours has a whole slice of cake. >> a piece of red develop set cake on top. >> that's incredible. >> imagine a 7-year-old after gosh. >> are these sugar daddies. >> spontaneously exploded. >> good, i will say. coming up next, dylanith the stars of "neighbors 2," zach ephron and seth rogan. we'll see if the guys managed to keep their shirts on entire movie. >> i'm going back for more. >> huh.oducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. sential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints.tamints. a delicious new way to get your
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8:55 am
two years ago "neighbors" was a big hit at the box office. the sequel was green lit quickly and dylan got to visit the cast of "neighbors 2, "sorority rising." >> i headed to atlanta towith the stars of the film that brought back seth regan and zach
8:56 am
>> we're your new neighbors. >> "neighbored" explored the relationship between a young couple with a baby and aty living next door. let's just say it was tense. >> i think someone backed into car. >> that's weird. >> oh.he upper hand. >> the film took the box office by storm and grossed $270overall. cappa nu. >> the world was begging for a big, better secondand that's what exactly producer seth rogan is going to get them. what is the pressure going into a a lot of higher expectation going into this one? more.
8:57 am
the "toy story" movie and movies with great sequels and pick apart what's great. >> that's awesome, you watched "toy story." such a good idea. >> seth has a producer onvie an technically you're everybody's boss. >> yeah. >> do you act like it, theme like it? >> so hard to work for. >> yeah. i yell, i throw things. i threw staplers because who is fire me. >> so the first "neighbors" was absolutely hilarious, but i felt like at end the frat is kicked out and everything is tied upow so what is the premise behind this one? >> there is a few. >> what are we going to do? >> having a second baby andl the house so we can move to the suburbs and have more space and it starts like us being in escrow and not really understanding what that is ot it warmed up. >> teddy is having like a very early mid-life crisis. >> urt kwaer-life crisis.
8:58 am
>> which is a>> and he comes across these sorority. >> yeah. >> and kind of starts to mentor them through that. >> "neighbors 2" brings backf the original film adding hollywood rising scar chloe grace moret best known as "hip girl." what is like coming into a movie like this and trying to fit in and just go with the flow? >> it's awesome. i mean, it's always hardto jump into a second from a first movie without knowing the cast at all but at the same time they already had such arie and allows ing us to come into the group and feel super accepted and comfortable. >> like they are cool ryone wants to know will you be taking your shirt off in this movie, seth. >> oh, yes, i will. a lot of us y minute i have to shirtless for one minute. >> thanks for doing that. >> i wanted it.
8:59 am
love that they drew the abs in.ot to embarrass you but we are going to embarrass you. we heard there was a teeny little embarrassing moment for you during the we roll the videotape. >> so, zach, you're -- sorry.g into this movie, i would say and the first one, too. >> oh, my -- >> we need some really cool business in this business and we came -- most of the ourselves together. if it's zach ephron who is so hot, and his arms were just like is t-shirt, i totally like -- it was -- >> i don't know. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry you had to see >> you're calling your husband. >> no, no, he just called. he wants you to stop this now. it's embarrassing. >> i'm sorry, brian. i lost my train of thought anduldn't continue. >> the synapses just start
9:00 am
>> oh, my goshderstood. >> while he was there, i'm sore a couple of reporters get that way around him. >> a little >> every human being probably would. >> it wasn't about sex. >> dylan, we love you more for your honesty. >> "neighbors 2 sorority rising"ersal pictures, opens may 20th. >> coming up, we have grammy winner toni braxton.ome of the biggest hits in music and her life wasn't always on a high note and now she's sharing her story in a new movie and is here to tell when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday.u're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. play. when you plan a vacation at any one of hilton's
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9:04 am
>> but toni has endured her faire of professional and personal challenges, all being told in the new lifetime tv movie she executive produced called "toni braxton, unbreak my >> i 1yu678 right into it. baby face and i were really impressed with the audition the other night and we would like to offer you a recordingwith the face records. how does that sound? >> thank you, sir. oh, my gosh. my sisters and i are going to be so -- >> honey. >> yes, sir. >> sorry, so sorry, thing is we only want to sign you, not the braxton sisters. >> wow. >> so you start out as a group, as a family . >> and then it's just you. >> how did that affect you and your relationship with your sisters? >> it was tough even before that moment happened i originally got discovered at a gas station as amaco in annapolis, did you sing at the am co?
9:05 am
it was station, i would sing at band-aid, an envelope, anything, and i would sing around the city and he was the guy who co-produced vanilli. those actions that got me and my sister and i the record deal, tough leave, i can't deny that. >> is it strange for youomeone else act out and represent your life when you know exactly how it all happens? >> super tough. i wasn't involved in thes of finding the toni. i said give me three girls to choose from. this girl is great, stands and plays piano like me and hold her head like me and fit the costume, the original >> she doesn't sing like me but looks a lot like my. >> you say the costume is part of the iconic status. the risks on the red s were younger then.
9:06 am
red carpet, risky. so tell us your process, and especially the iconic white i think we showed you. >> that one is not in there. that dress is not in there. all the other ones. of all the dresses i find it. >> is it true that you weren't crazy about "unbreak my heart." >> i didn't love it. i'm a walking t love it, okay, it's nice. diane ward is great, i love her and i didn't think it's for me. and baby said try it and turned out tonight biggest hit of my career. >> people are really going to love this move, request the tonybreak my heart" that premiers s >> and coming up, the stars of the movie "dirty grandpa." true.
9:07 am
he was 25, owns a chicken namedr he o i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me,l can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. onamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier,easy tswitch to make. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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a look at the headlines, new cases of a mosquito mosquito-attorney zika virud in the u.s., three in florida, two in illinois, hawaii hand texas have already reported one case all victims have traveled to the countries where the virus is found. zika is a virus that affects and could cause birth defects. go to for more on the warning of travel tos to latin and south america and the caribbean. a regular heartbeat may pose greater heart risks for women than men.ion affects about 33 million people and is linked to an increase risk
9:09 am
and women. researchers found women with af had a 12% higher risk death and were more likely to suffer from stroke, heart failure and other cardiac problems. disney's recalling two infant wunsies because the snaps can come loose and pose a choking hazard. the recall covers cotton body suits with darth vader andnd 60 diamond celebration designs. they cost about $20. they were sold last year at disney theme parks and on some disney cruise is have been reported but consumers should contact disney park for instructions on how to return them. french fries and chocrican favorites, but what if you combine them. yeah, chocolate-covered fries, the latest menu item in's in j.the golden arches called it the mcchoko potato and the friz are drizzlednt chocolate sauces. grompts i think it looks completely amazing. let the debate begin.
9:10 am
let's get a check of the o you think, al, chocolate covered fries? >> the name alone is disguised. >> i like the chocolatey sweet >> matt greenefield, you remember matt. we saw his derriere during rokerthon.eld, ladies and gentlemen. thanks for stopping by, appreciate that. we've got sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. some snow around the great lakes. the upper mississippi river icy mix in between the showers and thunderstorms and down through the gulf. high surf advisories along the southern california coast andes into the pacific northwest. for tomorrow, slight risk of strong storms down through the gulf. same storm system that brings us all thatd. wind, wet and wild along the pacific northwest coast.
9:11 am
>> that's your latestlo. >> so nice to see you. >> mergeiot mug rooney has starred in 65 movies and we'reeeze his memorable roles into a 24-second montage. this is your life. >> maybe. >> maybe not. >> geez. >> a lot of people think it's a >> absolutely would. >> they are all watching, you know.
9:12 am
>> they want see you the way i see you. >> yes, ma'am. >> we've got them. >> that's a career. >> missed one here and many. >> wow. >> dermott stars alongside dern row and zach ephron in the new movie "dirty you leave right now you can kiss your job at the firm good-bye. hey, hey, come on. >> the guy you on a sandwich -- >> i'm a small business owner, country. i'm holding a taser. >> will you stop. >> i'm kind of in the middle of it. >> as we were watching that kline you were re-enacting it g it out. >> oh, man. >> i've got to tell you, that's about the only clip they can even show. if this movie were a legalould be redacted, you know. >> oh, my gosh.
9:13 am
>> i don't know if they have enough r. >> it's crazy. >> hey, we asked before the commercial break a trivia >> we wanted to know which one of these is true. were you a contestant on jeepd chicken named . >> or, c, you contributed to the >> c. like poker. >> i completely snowed you and you're right, "a." cellist. >> i'm an expert cellist of all the most bizarre things you can think of. there's the s unbelievable. >> there you are right there. >> if you can hear the 11th >> how did that happen? >> they paid me. >> i'm a union musician. >> like a studio guy.
9:14 am
greatest composers right now, a great guy. >> exactly. >> won the academy award for >> just even cooler. >> it's taken me 45 years to be cool with a cello. it's hard. it's hard, you know. >>around. >> on the school bus, it did not help, but now i'm on the "today" show. now it's cool. >> and you're playing cellos, too. >> that's fantastic. de niro. first of all, i can't even you're playing zach ephron's dad. you're not old enough. >> well, i am, but i've certainly watchedey'd be the parent get older. they are catching up to me now that it's happening, but, of course, it's always been a dream to -- to work with robert de y his son, but then, you know, this was not really the version of playing his son. i mean,his
9:15 am
face in because it's covered with stuff. >> i had it the premise of the movie, de niro and zach go off on a grandson/grandfather trip. >> e spring break gone wild. >> gone wild. in truth be told, i'm a supporting character in the cast and really thrilled toese great comedians. >> i did miss out a little until they -- >> you saw jacob on the cream truck. >> dermot, thanks so much. >> and to all the little cell ists out there, you've inspired them. >> keep playing, practice, >> "dirty grandpa" hits theaters this friday. >> coming up, she shot to stardom for her vocals on clean bandit smash and we stop singing "rather be" and there owes nowhere you'd rather be when she performs her new d it too... they took nature's bounty hair,
9:16 am
it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails.e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful,our money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge, r details.
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there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried;done. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese to your curiosity. the laughing cow. > remember this song. how could you forget, rather be. oh, man.
9:20 am
>> now she's wracking up more hits "i cry when i will have laugh" and will perform a new single but first let's see how her way to our stage. go >> jess glynne has a just says with you. it's no longer her dream >> the british singer/songwriter burst on the following a collaboration with the electronic group clean bandit. there's no place i'd rather be >> with a global smash hit be." the song has rocked up more than 379 million views on youtube and earned a grammy for best dance recording. year jess released her debut album "i cry when i laugh." i don't want to rock alone >> which skyrocketed to number one on the uk chart.
9:21 am
>> now, jess is finishi leg of her tour before heading back on the road to the uk. rocking the world and proving there's no place she'd rather be. >> glynne joins us rning. >> thanks for having me. >> watching the piece and each new song came up we'd start bombing a little bit diff are so catchy and voice so good. i looked, "rather be, ""380 million views. are you stunned how that caught >> i didn't know that's how many. that's insane. >> what did that song mean to you in your career? >> i mean, i everything really for me. "rather be" was such a journey and it kind of put me on the map to everything that i've done up until now which is amazing.. a special moment. >> everything that has happened i imagine has been whirlwind with labels signing, the huge album.
9:22 am
how many cities and she said i'm not exactly sure but you're performing tonight. >> yeah. up on our show and perform tonight. >> i just take a nap and boost of energy and go again. >> and bring it. >> and the fans i imagine help. >>ge it's like you enter a new realm of yourself, and for me it just happens. >> hopefully something we have for you will energize youtle bit. want to bring in your official gold >> oh, my gosh, this is massive. sing. >> oh, there you have it. >> you can tote it on all the 16 >> wow. >> congratulations. >> yes. we love you. >> thank you so much. >> don't you go anywhere, because jess glynne will berforming her hit "don't be so hard on yourself" next. >> t we stop arthritis pain, stop.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary.about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? e best deals are pretty plain to see. back with grammy winner jess glynne sitting her
9:27 am
request the "jess, take it away.e with a broken that's right no one else could see i drew a smile on my face to paper over me the wounds heal and tears dry and cracks so don't be so hard on yourself, no let's go back to i feel like i've been missing me was not who i'm supposed to be i felt this darkness over me we all get there eventually i never knew where i but i was right and were you wrong been telling myself all alonge so hard on yourself, no learn to forgive, learn to let go everyone trips, e so don't be so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of marching on my own of frail, i feel it in my
9:28 am
oh, let my heart, my heart turn into so don't be so hard on yourself, no i'm standing on top of the world, right where i wanna be so how can keep raining over me but hearts break and hells a place that everyone knows so don't be so hard onurself no let's go back to simplicity i feel like i've been missing me was not be i felt this darkness over me we all get there eventually belonged wrong been telling myself all along don't be so hard on go everyone trips, everyone falls e so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of
9:29 am
kind of frail, i feel it in bones oh, let my heart, my heart turn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no oh, oh, oh i learned to wave good-byehow not to see my life through someone else's eyes it's not but now i'm not alone so i, i won't be so hard on no more don't be so hard on yourself, no learn to forgive, learn to let everyone trips, everyone falls
9:30 am
cause i'm just tiredhing on my own bones oh, let my heart, myrn into stone so don't be so hard on yourself, no cause i'm just tired of on my own bones oh, let my heart, my h into stone yourself, no glynne, thank you. download the album and check her out on the american leg of her tour.
9:31 am
jess glynne is never letting go of her gold record. >> i'm not. i'm holding on to it >> have fun tonight at webster hall.
9:32 am
leg of her tour. and coming up next hour legend rev run. >> and j.j. abrams and stephen king. >> and .
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