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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@this is not what how this 29 @-year-old father to believe -- @the thought he'd make the do to some embarrassment were @not showing his face but @instead is fracture after his @leg was crushed in the back of @a garbage truck this morning @after he fell asleep in the @back of a dumpster two blocks from home. @firefighters and eventually got @out at a gas ion on @broadview and then took him to @metro. @tonight, he knows he is very @this @crashed after he ended up in
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@there. @investigators are still not @sure how he got st recent case, @this man @medication mixed poorly with @alcohol. @he he said he would have called @911, but lost his phone too. @>> glad he's going to be okay.ur school kids who @thought they were eating soil @bars were rushed to the @hospital today. @those bars contained drugs. @happened at lake erie prep @school @>> we just learned all four of @those students have been @treated anal and are back home with @their families. @many of the parents had no idea @totally shocked and terrified @when we broke the news this @afternoon speemac i didn't hear anything @about that.
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@speemac that @many parents at lake erie @preparatory school on @cleveland's east side. @four kids sent to the hospital . @speemac everything is going on @nowadays. @>> a school administrator said @and eight great girl brought a @cereal bar to eved @to be laced with the drugs. @the team was approached by @students saying, i don't i @don't feel well. @and the authorities jumped into @action. love our kids. @part of that love is making @sure that they are safe and @protected. @and if discipline is necessary @then discipline. @speemac rator told us the @student who gave up the cereal @bars will not be in school @tomorrow. @they are still vestigation, trying to figure @out exactly what happened and and tell us @perhaps what was in those @cereal bars. @they will also be sending out a @robo call to parents so they
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@ a six-year-old is dead @after drowning in an @independent hotel pool over the @authorities say when they @arrived at the doubletree hotel @on saturday and hotel employee @when the boy jumped in the deep @end of the pool. @authorities say it is still n. @ gov. @john kasich is in hot water @after controversial comment on @the the governor is offering an @next: @>> it brings back the old harry @truman line, if you can't stand @the heat get out of the @kitchen. @the gov. @is getting he for putting women @in the kitchen. @many women already upset with
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@someone calling today's remarks @condescending. @even though he was talking to @an incident that happened 30 @years ago. @gov. @john kasich at a virginia town @hall meeting recalling how he @got to be a rijke state @senator. @>> we just got an army of @people , and many women who @left their kitchens to go out @and go door to door. @>> kasich noting 38 years ago, @things were different. @now your columns and everyone @is out working. @speemac one out working. @>> one woman made it clear to @kasich that his words were @offensive. @t his bring back the last fall @response to our young woman @asking a serious question. @speemac i don't have any @tickets you know for taylor @swift or anything or you know @i know you are just so excited. @speemac many women more angry @about what kasich did @this weekend, signing a @defunding planned parenthood @bill.
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@remarks flat-out insulting. @adding his flippant attitude @toward women is causing real @harm. @speemac we are going to take @care of women's health, just @not in that group. @that organization has been @largely discredited. @we will put it in places people @can go and feel good about @where they are going. @speemac kasich spokesman @claiming his campaigns of @always been homegrown affairs @that are real grassroots @campaigning in his proud of @that support. @the mac to try to twist his @comments into anything else is @desperate politics. @ hillary clinton called him @kasich in a tweet. @he later admitted his remarks @were not artfully worded. @he said everyone should just @relax. @he points out his campaign @manager is a woman and woman @and so are many members of his @campaign team. @but i that he will not be @referring to them as his @kitchen cabinets. @speemac going back to the plan @parenting issue, how's expected @to affect him on the campaign @trail ? @>> you will may play pretty @well in southern more @conservative states and again, @planned parenthood pointing out @that while the big issues
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@getting was used for @other women's health issues @besides abortion. @ social media is responding @loudly to governor kasich's @comments tonight. @some are defending the context @of what kasich said, like this @one where it says, that john @kasich kitchen stories a @nonstarter. @read the full quote for context @and pipe down outrage machine. @some comedy out there, this one @says maybe kasich meant is @getting a lot of support from @top female shafts. @another say this in the fatal @gaffe. @like this one like this one who @says, only kasich recipe he's @got left goes in this. @ more new hotels are going @up across northeast ohio. @we we told you about the @building boom in downtown @cleveland.
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@us from down the road with a @new place to hang your hat that @is making history. @speemac we have been driving up @and down i 77 all day in our @new akron canton mobile news @room designed to bring you more @stories from the start. @in north canton today at what i @found is more more new hotels @popping up to accommodate @millions of visitors. @halfway between akron and @canton's it's a brand-new @hotel. @with another 150 suites @available to visitors for a @grand total 800 rooms added to @the region of the last two @years. @>> i think this area is @absolutely ready for it. @and what we've seen so far are @great results. @we of some dates that are @already sold out. @speemac this hotel features two- @room suites full of stuff for @the family. @there's a fitness center , @swing pool in a ballroom that @fits 300 for special occasions. @but the thing embassy suites is @known for is the bar and @restaurant, especially the hot
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@brand. @about 90 , i think 97% of our @guests use breakfast. @speemac why canton ? the @visitor's bureau says the @current hotel options are @usually fall. @it started three years ago when @gas and oil tycoon center @employees here to explore the @area. @and of course there are plenty @of corporations with visitors @and the camera hall of fame in @at canton regional airport is @just another. @speemac we heard from people @before we opened and now that @we've opened our doors was that @there is definitely a need for @full-service hotel in this @area. @speemac with more than 3 @million visitors to the area @annually, i'm sure they are @more than happy to have another @place to stay. @one of the largest attractions @here in stark county is that @carville marketplace. @they actually get about 2 @million of those visitors @annually on their own. @so i'm sure embassy suites is @hoping they can get a small @percentage of that.
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@investment worthwhile. @ alyssa raymond is in @michigan with the touching @story of victims in this @weekend shooting by an uber @driver and where the @investigation in kalamazoo @stands. @ four spring training is @underway for the indians. @ there is plenty of action @going on right here at @northeast ohio, specially when @weather. @not one but two major storm @systems to track this week. @it will be busy.
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@ @an uber driver accused of @killing spree in michigan this @weekend was behind bars tonight. @jason dalton was charged with
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@kalamazoo prosecutors say he @killed six victims and injured @four others saturday night, @while continuing to give @unsuspecting passengers rides. @>> the gov. @of michigan ordered the flags @be lowered to half staff for @six days in honor of the six @that comes in the kalamazoo @shooting. @the flag outside outside this @high school was lowered first @thing this morning. @when people here see this, one @face comes to mind , a smiling @one belonging to a person @described as a positive @influence, and one of the most @caring teachers. @>> without you, without the @school, i probably wouldn't @walk i probably wouldn't @graduate. @i would probably be a @disappointment. @>> beth marshall realizes her @teacher saw something in her
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@marshall remembers miss night @as a wonderful person and who @love scrabble. @speemac she acted as a mother, @counselor, mentor, you name it. @she was a. she was a really @awesome person. @>> calhoun community high @school assistant director top @with night for several years. @she said she touched the lives @of about 2000 students during @her 15 years at the school. @>> she was an integral part of @the reason the school exists. @she reached so many students @over the years inside and @outside the classroom. @taught kids to read, write , @with kids who really needed @speemac four years ago she left
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@students still shines in their @hearts. @i also spoke to one of merry @jo's close friends earlier this @afternoon on the phone. @they've been friends for 20 @years. @she said they she said they @were supposed to have coffee on @sunday afternoon. @she also tells me that when her @car died merry jo gave her her @own car. @and at a period of time when @she was homeless, merry jo let @her into her home. @ though greater cleveland @ywca was the sponsor of a @candid discussion about race. @the agency held its second, @it's time to talk forum at the @renaissance hotel in a @roundtable conversation. @really leaders from across
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@to end it to better @understanding and education. @it encouraged all in attendance @to participate in discussions @at their own tables. @ weather is definitely top @of mind and top of topic of @discussion across a lot of @different areas throughout the @week ahead. @we not only have warmer @temperatures coming, with the @possibility of heavy rain and @then the whole snow thing going @on too. @let's too. @let's take a look at where @things are going tonight. @the mercury will slowly be @falling back into the 20s. @no big surprise that's pretty @much on par. @we have the full snowman that @will be out there. @the moon was crystal clear, @crazy white bright last night @and we will continue to have a @full moon as we go through the @night tonight. @light northerly student winds @will be go around so if you're @going to take a moment walking @will be nice pretty will be @rainy and breezy on wednesday. @we are skipping tuesday and
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@the rain could be heavy at @times. @we are talking potentially one @inch-2 inches of rain and we @already have a lot of moisture @on the ground thanks to melting @snow so we could have flooding @potential. @nothing big as of yet but @that's just something to keep @an eye out. @temperatures will fall and we @will have a mix of changes to @snow for thursday. @we are looking at a slushy @slushy accumulation across all @of northern ohio. @that lake affect continues into @friday. @and now we have to keep an eye @on the next storm system that @is potentially coming next @monday. @there is definitely a lot to @talk about. @to date has been partly cloudy @and beautiful with a few clouds @and fog over the lake. @there are snow showers to the @north of us. @it's not really really that @interesting as far as a weather @event goes. @there is a winter storm watch @in southeast michigan. @this does not include all heil. @that is of note, because you @can see goes wednesday through @thursday. @we kind of put the other @watches into perspective. @their winter storm warnings and
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@rockies so there's cold air and @snow happening there. @they're wind advisories and @flood watches in the deep @south. @all three of these are related. @because this is our developing @storm system because this is @our developing storm system @that will be coming in. @the jetstream has a dip coming @around and that will spin up @the storm system as we head @through the next 24 hours. @so kind of taking you out of @what we were expecting. @as far as the next 24 hours we @have a great forecast. @no big problems for northeast @ohio as that storm system @starts to come together over @texas. @by wednesday you can see how @the rain begins to move @northward. @the storm will be moving in the @rain comes into northern ohio. @heavy rain is a possibility. @that's on wednesday. @note the snow on the backside @of the storm system. @as the cold air begins to wrap @in on the back of this that @would mean our temperatures @will be dropping on thursday. @we will have rain changing to @snow and it will be breezy and @we are looking at one inch-3 @inches of slushy accumulation @for thursday. @that is slushy accumulation for @thursday. @that is kind of what you need
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@for tomorrow it is easy. @mid to upper 40s with partly @cloudy skies to start with. @increasing clouds through the @afternoon. @the afternoon. @the rain, and breezy conditions @will arrive on wednesday. @it will still be in the 40s. @we will start very early @morning thursday in the upper @40s and temperatures will fall @through the day. @the early morning mix will @change over to slow snow with 1 @inch - 3 inches of accumulation @an additional snow into friday. @the weekend magically looks @great, and then monday we will @keep an eye on another @potential storm system that @will start to change to snow. @speemac you've been doing a @good job with those weekend. @speemac that's a nice 12 see, @is that ? @ the cavs made a big @statement yesterday. @but can they keep the five game @winning streak going tonight
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@ @the cavs are back home tonight @they take on the pistons over @at the queue. @it is a two-game two-game @homestand for the cavaliers and @they come off a very strong @performance yesterday. @everyone keeps saying lookout @for oklahoma city. @cavaliers blew them out @yesterday in oklahoma city. @the wealth of thunder by 23 @the cavs have won five @straight.
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@lead for the best record in the @east over toronto. @there the third best team in @the nba. @if the season ended today, @tonight's opponent, detroit @would not make it into the @playoffs. @as we get ready for anderson @burns to play for the golden @state warriors. @what about the guy we have in @their , canning fry. @he finally passed his physical @this afternoon and is available @tonight if they need him. @the cavs are being extra @cautious because a couple of @years ago he missed an entire @season with an enlarged heart. @so coach tice so coach ty said @he hopes to get him some @minutes tonight. @irving will play tonight. @he only played nine minutes @just a year at the first basket @of the game but then had to @leave the game with flulike @symptoms. @imon shepherd out tonight still @with a sure sold her. @left shoulder sprain and that @is the same shoulder that @caused him to miss five weeks @last season. @ now where we would all like @to be coming goodyear, arizona. @the indian spring training is @underway with a lot of high @expectations for a team that
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@charges last year but just @missed out going to the @postseason. @we go. @we go out to indians training @camp, a super day with super @dave basking in the sun. @hi dave. @>> absolutely. @hello from goodyear, you're @absolutely right this weather @is unbelievable not a cloud in @the sky. @here's what happened. @today michael bradley talked @with the media. @he said he would hope to be @ready by opening day but not @setting a target date. @as you mentioned, expectations. @the players i talked to today @are very high with @expectations. @it is great to be in goodyear, @the tribe's back to serve the @expectations. @the guys in this locker room @know it. @speemac we have high @expectations of playing @meaningful baseball deep into @october. @speemac getting into postseason @playing baseball in october. @those baseball in october. @those are the expectations were @put on ourselves. @speemac sports illustrated may @have gone overboard last season @but this sure i expect october @baseball.
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@a strong finish last year. @but they can't waste great @pitching. @it's time for the bats to wake @up. @>> we are going to hit. @i believe in our hitters. @i believe we have what it takes. @speemac going to have to score @runs. @tomorrow is is the first @official workout for the entire @team. @jim, i'll have have more coming @up with francisco landor coming @up at 7:00 p.m. @ a very interesting story @about the browns and center, @alex matt. @but i but i think is a realist. @we all say alex matt is gone. @he's going to leave it as a @windowless contract he can @leave. @the story today goes like this, @it probably is going to opt out @of his contract with the @browns. @but there is a chance, and it @and it is getting better and @better each day but the alex @matt will sign a new deal with
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@off so well with their new head @coach, gym jackson. @i'm hearing more and more about @that regarding browns players @that they really want to play @for hugh jackson. @and you are going to see it @once the browns go out into @free agency. @he will attract players who @want to come here and play for @him. @if i for him. @if i was alex i would want to @play here to read under his old @deal he was going to make $8 @million this year he's looking @for 10. @
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breaking news. uber d er, and prosecutors say he admitted he's the gunman who went on a vicious rampage killing people in frightened passengers. breaking news in president. a major shake-up in the ted cruz campaign. tonight is donald trump unstoppable? cosby's wife forced to testify as her husband's accusers take him to court. what did she know? from floors in so many homes across the country. the cdc says the toxic danger is worse than and 106 years old with moves better than most teens. tonight we talked to


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