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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 24, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

3:07 am her ex to the curb because he cheated? >> i just don't want to put up with people that you want to be monogamous, but then you're not monogamous. on why she broke up with her boyfriend is a that he may have been unfaithful. she talks about it for the first time on her show kloe." >> yousaid, we're not close to together, we don'nogamous. >> i have always said, he sought me out, he wanted to be committed. found out he wasn't and i got the receipts to prove it. >> now we want to know what's on this receipt. but in another totally -- talking about her divorce from the tattoo that she used to have. >> i was married for a year and a half. >> a year and a half? >> did you have your wedding day tattooed on your back? >i saw you ge tattoo, is that why, to cover it? >> yes. >> >> the significance is it was big enough to cover [ bleep ]. >> someday, i just know, it's been magic. >> that was right after t
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they tied the knot just six they started dating and while kaley reports their divorce isn't final yet, she's ready to think that 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015. d single lady bod, she also shared some personal insults. >> what are three types of food you can use to get intimate. >> oh, spaghetti, marshmallows and chocolate. e at the same time. with we all know obsessed thebachelor, in fact who else has a note toe of him on her everything's overflowin boos, the tears, and wild penalty up emotion.onfession, jojo's mom lit up twitter after a swig
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yeah, we saw that. . >> fans, you brainwash the girls way too much, she's obviously starting to have real emotional feelings, but get the same read. >> despite all of that, jojo stayed, single mom amanda went home sobbing and then had a good driveway right now. >> next week it's off to sunny jamaica. but next week on nbc. christina is back on vopreview, you can see big hair and little fat. >> stop, what are you doing?the beginning. there were nights that i would definitely go home in tears and cry because i didn't know how competitive adam really was. and then at this point,just like he couldn't be sweeter and nicer. >> meanwhile -- demi lovato who nails this christina impersonation on
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video for "stone cold". and only we have the first look. t music video i have ever shot. i was actual thinking about mywasn't doing so well in the hospital. >> happiest for her and happiest for just like of like, okay, if this is yoor time, i'm okay with that. i love you. i went ba that experience g through, but she's a lot better now so i'm excited. >> i'm touring with nick jonas, >> we opened up ourrecord labe we're not only good friends, but we're also business partners now. >> nick jonas just announced that he's single now. i right now. now are these women dropping weight just to get a date. up next, we go inside the new
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>> i have never been able to i had a crush on them. and we'll see how jennifer &- garner's faith based movie gave strength during troubled times. >> i feel like miracles from heaven kind of chose me. and how tina fey's new movie
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crazy story coming up next. tomorrow on "e.t."
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"e.t" invite you to attend hollywood's biggest night. >> it doesn't get any bigger than this.e red carpet, alon hollywood's hottest celebrities.
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"e.t" at the oscars..m. >> we're so excited to be going live on the red carpet. >> 2 1/2 hours and by the way, did you see this? chris rock posted this shot, no explanation, but i'm getting think it to do with the martian. >> tina fey knows all about, and she and amy poehler worked the force three times. he told carly steel that oscar picked the perfect man to host the night. is going to do? >> i think chris rock i comedian, so i think the oscars with the controversy thisyear, i think they could not have tackle that and find humor in it. tena plays embedded reporter looking for her next story. >> this is an extreme environment. al
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york. hosted by serious diane sawyer and joan london. we wanted to know about this, margo partying with kira delavive.. >> none other than police harry. >> looking at this picture, i can't imagine why you weren't >> i think he was having a half moon party and i did it in ten really, really quick six hours later.always seems to find the party, doesn't he? >> and sometimes trouble. but not in this case.g on, we're on the set jennifer garner's new movie, and coming up, find out why it can make you a believer in miracles. doubted a day in
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then we're hanging with the biggest loser after their finale, as we look at the weight loss competition with a very different prize a boyfriend. does this showo be skinny to find love? >> i couldn't fit in the regular roller coaster seat anymore.
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you won $250,000, you're the biggest loser has a big winner. this was the moment last night when alberto hernandez became the big champion, taking home a big check. $250,000.out the money. it was all about making a transformation that i wantody that i wanted. >> another contestant lost the
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eliminatedant so he took home 100 grand. >> we have been overweight all our lives, we get on the show, we're going to rock and we're going to win it.ard work went into that celebration. hernandez may have been the big winner last night, but come o all the contestants actually won on this show losing a total bined. >> that's a lot of weight. there's actually a new weight loss show premiering tomorrow night on tlc, and it's causing quite a bit of controversy. e" and it's raising some eyebrows, because contestants lose to take a shot a the quis, is it sending the wrong message, that message being you got to be skinny to the find love.en overweight and i have never been able to tell guys that i had a crush on them. >> the reality series is smart, it pulls you in with those shots, you know, the before of someone shirtless looking in a mirror, feeling
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insecure. think i'm worthless. i feel like i'm pitiful. >> i don't want to look at my reflection the rest of my life. >> basically the premise of fats this, eight people given three months to diet and workout to the point of tears so they can finally get enoughnce to tell their secret crushes they're into them. ds to finally seduce her high school crush. >> my biggest fear of telling reagan how i feel is rejection. >>hat pulls you in, what keeps you are the heart warming stories and the transform magss that happen. like 28-year-old cheyenne,at 220 pounds and had a goal weight of 150.
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one of my wakeup calls was i was go to a theme park and i tried to get in the roger coaster and i couldn't fit in the regular roller coaster seat anymore. there is more humiliating than when there are workers there saying hey, bring the big man's seat. >> the show is about getting healthy and gaining confidence to finally know you're worth it, no matter what your size. >> you saw me when i didn't feel feel comfortable in my own skin. >> when i finally saw my skin, he said the weight loss is great, but it's the woman that hat's the icing on top of the cake. >> nice, love that. we also reached out to tlcnd they told us in pa you can't love anybody else if you can't love yourself. people don't feel confident inof weight our size, our show is for the others
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>> tomorrow night's premier of "fat chance" features jonah, who wanted to confront his high school crush. that is jennifer garner in her new film miracles from heaven.s produced by t.d. jakes. >> and miracles delivers a strong spiritual message when e needed it most. >> feel like miracles from heaven kind of chose me. it felt like something tht been put out there for me. >> here's the question, did a movie about faith and miracles help heal the star? >> i have never doubted a day in my life. >> and jennifer garner made miracles from af the most difficult time in her life, when her 10-year marriage to ben affleck unraveled. . in the story, jen's character discovers her 10-year-old has a
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have her back, she's ke on t time to really ask and care and really try to understand what it is like. >> it was a welcome relief for laughing with her cast members. but it seemed like more than just a distraction during a tough time, the film is all about holding on to hope and >> we're all losing our faith. >> we have been married 14 years. can you even hear me? >> you're telling me that this child fell 30 feet and hit her head just right, that it didn't e her, instead it healed her? >> yes. impossible.
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film is to be reminded of all rs which is the health of your kids and your family and your loved ones and yourself so you can be with all those people for miracles wherever you can find them. >> so true, so well said. 's in a good space now. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which emmy award winning comedian once worked for an airline booking reservationist?
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etonl r to our birthday quiz, who once worked
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reservations, that's niecy nash. turns 46 today. as a special birthday present, fox just announced they're producing a new series called "the enforcers". >> meanwhile to on people versus oj simps focuses on a new witness in the trial. >> we talked to the reaa fay resnik when it was all going down and we're going to take you by, everybody. >> oj just flipped >> fay resnik simpson's best friend.
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breaking news t. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the derer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting mpage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone beng you. and eating natural. millions look for on
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does it really mean? amid calls for a n, an answer that might surprise you. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with holt. good evening. a violent and unseasonable weather outbreak is happening right now in the south. already several tornadoes have tou in louisiana. the first images showing a trail of damage and destruction, and forecasters say the risk will continue ernight. at this hour tornado watches are posted across parts of three states and several lood watches with heavy downpours predicted. the national weather service calling this a particularly dangerous situation. up to 19 million people are in the l danger zone with alabama, mississippi and louisiana facing the worst of it right now, and louisiana is where with nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: tonight a monster winter storm
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only getting started. >> there it is, it's crossing the road. >> reporter: already reports of several tornadoes across including the most violent, a wedge as wide as it is tall. thomas howard watched the massive twister blow past his >> heard a loud noise, whoo and the wind came down and went up. >> reporter: reports of damage pouring in, g near the new orleans airport and at a gym. >> when the weather gets so bad the roof of your gym and thewall just blows off, it's awesome. >> reporter: billboards torn apart, this home taking a direct hit, the roof ripped off, tossed backyard. some 19 million people at risk for severe weather through toni snow and golf ball-sized hail in texas to the threat of flash floods and tornado warnings in several states. this kind of storm is not usually seen untilring, but this year's el nino, the strongest ever
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an active subtropical jet stream, helping fuel the dangeroustornado weather. >> slow down in this area. >> reporter: as storm chasers around the country race to the severe threat may be near limb possible to spot. the possibility of tornadoes embedded within a line of torms forming so quickly radar can't keep up. after dark virtually invisible. much of the south already pummeled by severe weather, nowbracing for round two. tonight the governors of alabama and al states of emergency, and we have confirmed that one person has already died because of this storm. there are also reports of people trapped andother injuries. lester this, storm is just getting started. >> jacob rascon, thanks. al roker is here tracking these storms. has you concerned right now? >> well, it's the overnight danger that lester. in fact, we have warnings up now for just north of new orleans, also from
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on into alabama, and we've got also 19 people under the gun from new orleans all the way to tallahassee. damaging winds and those tornadoes possible, so here's how we track it.ernight tonight, long track and very powerful tornadoes, and, of course, because when it's dark you can't see these tornadoes form or their track, they are most then tomorrow morning this moves to the east. 25 million people at risk. much of north carolina, the eastern half of north carolina up for wind gusts and ed tornadoes. this all pushes to the north. it's going to be a mess traveling from columbus up to boston and all the way down to washington tomorrow, lester. right, al roker, thank you. tonight donald trump is going for three after blowoutverdict rigs in south carolina and tonight the race moves to nevada where voters will have their say as the party establishment puts its energy in a way of to stop him. nbc's katy tur has all the late details from las vegas. >> incredible. 68% would not leave
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i think that means murder. i think it means anything, okay. >> reporter: gloating over what polls unconditional support, donald trump looked past nevada to texas and ted cruz. >> i think he's going to go way, way down in hink we have a shot in texas. >> reporter: pushing the envelope again, telling a rowdy crowd in las vegas last night he would like to physically assault a ester. >> like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: the vegas casino owner is expected to make tonight a threepeat with a win in the tate meaning he would have won in the moderate northeast, the religious south and the far west. >> if trump has a big win here, i think it's ery difficult to stop him going into super tuesday, and then what happens? >> reporter: after nevada, 11 states vote next week, places onald trump has drawn huge crowds. 20,000 in alabama, 8,000 in massachusetts, and 10,000 in tennessee e'll rally again this saturday. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: trump has even made strong inroads in senator ted e state of texas.
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telling nbc news the non-traditional campaign is focusing on a more traditional where they have dozens of paid staffers. with strong indications that trump could dominate super tuesday, rubio and cruz are now in a cagetch for second. cruz is pushing his conservative credentials to gin up votes in nevada. >> if we keep going this same direction, we risk doing irreparable damage to the greatest country in the history of the world. >> reporter: establish's best hope, marco rubio who despite spent some ofhis childhood here left nevada to focus on super tuesday. >> every time this race narrows we pick up support and when that happens we'll win. >> reporter: but it could be too little too late. >> he's placed himself in the best position possible to win the nomination, and i just don't see who stops him. >> reporter: like you will a of the states so far, nevada is expecting record turnout. this race just keeps getting tighter, and even more tense. tonight ted cruz saying that he wouldn'tambl g his daughter's futures on
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>> katy tur in las vegas, thank you. president obama reignited the battle today over closing the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. he made a 2008 campaign promise to shut it down and followed that up with an executive order in as president. now he has sent his congress without answering a critical question, where will the prisoners there now end up? nbc's ron allen tells us more. >> reporter: president obama insists the prisoners at guantanamo bay damages america's reputation, costs too much and helps terrorists recruit. >> it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >> reporter: right now 91 prisoners remain, including the september 11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. he would send as many as 60 prisoners to


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