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tv   Today  NBC  March 12, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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good morning. chaos and clashes. violence breaks out at the donald trump rally in chicago after a last minute cancellation. protesters and supporters taking their fight into the streets and the candidate said he made the right move. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> chicago police making it clear he didn't have to cancel. his opponents weighing in. >> there is one candidate with >> will tempers flare today? under water. days of endless rain sending
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>> we got these people trapped. >> nearly 2,000 people rescued by the national guard. rivers rising over their banks. dylan will tell us when the rain will let up. one captured. one on the run. convicts escape three days ago, one caught overnight. this morning, his accomplice is still on the loose. and what a shot. a neck and neck college game with the huskies and cincinnati bearcats coming down to one shot. >> holy cow! are you kidding me! >> that basket sending the game into a fourth overtime. uconn fans celebrating everywhere.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. >> how about the huskies? this reminds me of '93. this crazy long, it's great and late moment. the uconn huskies. anyone else's who grew up in connecticut. >> you have your knowledge. >> i have small tid bits of knowledge. >> we will get to that -- >> and the constitution state as well as the nutmeg state. >> let's get to the top story. the violent scenes at the donald trump rallies. on friday night, chaos after trump cancelled in chicago. we will speak to former
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fiorina in a moment, but let's start with hallie jackson in dayton, ohio where the trump rally will be held later. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. all indications the rally will move forward. people have been lining up. some people got here at 1:00 a.m. for the trump event since cancelling the event in chicago. that is where five people were arrested. trump tweeting this morning about quote the organized group of people, many thugs, who shutdown our first amendment rights in chicago. pandemonium and crowd packed with protesters. days of rising tension reaching a boiling point. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> reporter: the chaos in chicago spilling out into the streets. police physically separating trump protesters from his supporters.
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raising her hand in a salute. elsewhere, cameras capture a bloody police officer. trump on msnbc. get hurt. i think it was the right thing to do. pictures? >> two people told me this increases the vote for trump. >> reporter: the campaign postponed the rally after meeting with law enforcement. chicago police point to the 100 extra officers who were called in. >> we have the proper amount of resources and we relayed that to mr. trump. >> reporter: trump did not cancel earlier in the day in st. louis interrupted by demonstrators there. one led away bloody. 32 people arrested. >> i don't insight n incite violence.
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for comments to protesters. a regular presence at his rallies. his rivals are arguing he is the one who should set the tone. >> one candidate has violence at the campaign. >> any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. >> reporter: every one of trump's competitors, republican and democrat, has commented on what happened overnight in chicago. john kasich for example saying the seeds of division donald trump has been sewing are bearing fruit. trump is questioning freedom of speech, again, under fire for his tone on the campaign trail. >> hallie jackson in ohio. hallie, thank you. >> we have ali who was at theast night. ali, good morning. we have seen all of the escalating tensions building over the past week.
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lot of people this came as a surprise. since you have been at so many events, was it a surprise? >> we have been seeing over the past few weeks is been much higher. i point to one rally in new orleans before that. that primary on tuesday. he was there on monday night. of protesters in the crowd. it is not just the frequency and number of protesters, but the way they are acting toward them. are saying that trump's rhetoric is emboldening them. if you let me set the stage n the arena last night across thefloor, there were multiple sections filled with protesters ready to disrupt. with the goal of disrupting and even cancelling the rally, to say he won't be here in downtown chicago. when that announcement was made, clashes with protesters and supporters. that continued out on the this tension has been here.
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rallies for weeks. for us who have been covering the campaign, it is not disheartening to finally see it spilling over. much of it having to do with rhetoric. >> somebody says it almost sounded like the campaign it came as a surprise. is that the sense you get from the folks you speak with their? >> reporter: sources have told me in the days leading up to the rally, they were expecting a large amount of protesters. there were activist be here. the idea protesters at a trump rally is nothing that almost daily at the rallies. it is something we have seen an uptick in recent days. the tensions have been spilling
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talk to feel further emboldenedre states he seems to win and it translates into what they feel is their ideology is on the ground. he says they are doing what they think is right in terms of defending the ideas that they think are the righta and he espouses. a lot of people feel it is the fault of the protesters. >> >> carly fiorina is a former republican presidential candidate now endorsed and campaigning for ted cruz. mrs. you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the scenes. officers injured, bloodied protesters, violence spilling in the streets. these are the scenes that find in the general campaign ads. how do you defend that come november?
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that's why i'm working so hard to defeat donald trump. we have to defeat fair and square at the ballot box. the only one capable of doing that is ted cruz. that's why i endorsed him i'm working very hard to win the nomination. these scenes are unhelpful. it is clear in chicago that organizing specifically to disrupt this rally, it is also clear that tone is set at the top. this tone that is being set top of the trump campaign is not helpful to our party. it is not helpful to our nation. i said the very week that donald trump announced he does not represent me and he does not represent my party. so we have to defeat him. >> when we look at ted cruz, you are campaigning for now,ell in the south. he has done well in caucus states. as we head now into the
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we are seeing ted cruz polling we move into the winner take all primary states, where do you see his path to the >> first, let me point out in the state of michigan, whichn, cruz came in second. i don't think there is much doubt that ohio and florida are basically in play between kasichio and trump. it looks like both kasich and rubio will lose their home states. at which case they will the thing is the party now needs to unify behind ted cruz so that he can beat donald uare. it is also true, however, we have almost 50% of the delegates left to be awarded. this contest is not over. the i don't quite know why. we have a long way to go. i don't think donald trump has
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that is why you heardump say maybe we shouldn't have anymore debates. he doesn't want to debated cruz. the reason he doesn't want to debated tedse ted cruz stayed on pace and policy. he doesn't talk about body parts or spray tans or hurled issue is substance and these are serious times in america. we need to talk about substance and policies and reforms in donald trump doesn't have a lot to say. >> mrs. fiorina, if trump does become the presidential nominee, do you endorse him or him? >> he's not going to be the republican nominee because we're going to beat him. >> that was not a yes or no. thank you. appreciate your time on this saturday morning. >> thank you so much. >> turning our attention to the devastating scene in the south where nonstop rains are causinglooding for tens of
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already, nearly 2 feet of rain has fallen. the flood threat is we have sara dallop with more this morning. erica. the rain is continuing to fall in mobile. people are waking up to more dangerous and potentially deadly flash flood conditions. there is great concern of rivers and creeks. some which have spilled their banks. >> reporter: record setting flooding as they roll to the gulf of mexico. waters near the roofs in homes after four days of relentless rain, the flood gates cannot hold back the e almost double than that we have had before. >> reporter: now neighborhood after neighborhood is under water with no way out. >> our people are trapped in a about two or three feet of water.
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has rescued more than 1,700 people. plucking some from the raging waters as they clung to tree rescuers struggling in the severe conditions. >> one of our people stuck down there. we will go back to see what we can do.ghbors fill sand bags hoping to stem the rising tide. >> we can't control. >> reporter: for others, it is too late. taken over their homes and they are grabbing the kids and getting out. it won't be easy. roads closed. debris and a boat the bridges. water logged ground buckling a foundation in a mississippi apartment complex. >> the building is at risk of of collapsing. >> reporter: and more rain is expected today. >> if it keeps up for more well build a boat. >> as for damages estimates, the
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some areas may not see a breakntil sunday. erica. back to you. >> sarah dallof, thank you. >> dylan, any relief yes. the worst of the heaviest rain is over. we could see 2 to 3 inches more of rain. monroe, louisiana picked upnches of rainfall. all that water, the heavy rain has stopped, it is trickling into the rivers. i want to point out we have heavythe panhandle of florida. you see the scattered showers moving in from the south. these intensify later today and we could see pockets of heavy rain that will lead to al flooding. all of the red diamonds is where we have flood stage with rivers over their banks. it will of the rivers start to recede. we have flash flood warnings in effect. flood warnings across mississippi. 12 million peopled risk. we have the area of low pressure
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biggest threat of heaviest rain expected to fall through arkansas as we go through sunday. a bit farther north of whereeeing the major flooding right now. still, it is going to take until we get days of sunshine before those rivers start to recede. it takes ahank you. breaking news overnight to tell you about. authorities in new mexico have caught one of two inmates. that inmate along with another prisoner escaped van two days ago. this morning, police may be closing in on the one that is still at large. we have nbc's morgan with more. >> reporter: joseph cruz is behind bars and the man he was with is still on theco's most wanted. convicted murderer joseph cruz back in handcuffs after twohe run. >> we picked him up. it was a short foot pursuit.
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escaped with is still out there.nd definitely dangerous. this is lionel clah. firing in a police car in fired. >> reporter: moments after leading authorities on a high-speed chase at 95 miles per hour. at one point, a passengere middle of the road. officer roberts was there at the last clah shootout. >> feel more of a reason to run or possibly harm other people in his way. >> reporter: clah and cruz escaped whiletween two new mexico prisons fully shackled and in leg irons. authorities think they escaped while the van stopped for fuel. hours later, the pair wasted by security cameras laughing in the lobby of the albuquerque motel. residents told to lock their >> these are considered armed
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>> reporter: cruz is facing time for murder and attempted murder. clah doing time for armed and assault. with clah on the loose. warning. >> we will catch up to you. it will be if you harbor these two individuals. >> reporter: authorities have a $10,000 reward out for clah's in the meantime, they asking residents to stay on high alert. >> nbc'sthank you. controversy brewing after two executives at the woundedty were fired. >> those two were fired among reports of lavish spending after the donations were help veterans at all. >> we won't leave one warrior behind.
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and waste by one of the largest veterans charities. a major share up at the wounded warrior project. ceordizzi and coo al giordano fired. >> it is a culture that was created by these guys and i think that thes systemic. >> reporter: wounded warriors raised $314 million in 2014 questions remain of how that was spent. >> the money should go to the veterans. the gauge is 90%. anything less than that is wrong. >> reporter: a former employeeven nardizzi entrances at a company meeting. >> he repelled down the side of the building.
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>> he is coming in on a is coming in on a horse. >> reporter: up to half of the donations are going to costs of running the charity and not to veterans. an internal than 80% of donations went to programming. if that is the case, the charity would meet guidelines from watch dog groups. ripple effect will impact veterans firstly. >> and the contributes will go down. >> if donations do go down,d impact more than 20 million veterans. we did reach out to the fired . they declined to comment. thank you. former first lady nancy reagan is finally reunited with her beloved husband. she died at the sunday. she was laid to rest at the
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valley, california. all gathered to celebrate republican camelot who planned the funeral herself. right down to the white > we learned the founder andf keith emerson has died. after his partner discovered his body in his condo in l.a. he had wound to the head. he and his band mates sold sixassics. emerson was 71. big sports news this morning after two disappointing drama-filled seasons. the browns have released johnny iel. the 2012 heisman trophy winner
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nfl and violence incident in texas. the browns used the first draft pick in 2014. recently he became known for hisssive partying. last year, the browns supported him in rehab. dylan is back now with a look at the rest of the country's forecastturday. >> it will be warm up and down the east coast. not 70s and 80s warm, but highs in the 60s. 61 in new york city. looking at mid-60s in thentic. upper 70s in the southeast. we will see the chance of more rain and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. the heaviest of it is pushinge east. we still have that residual flooding because of the recent rains. through the northern plains, temperatures about 25 to 30 degrees above g out in the 70s. a coastal storm in the pacific northwest. that means a lot of rain and
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especially by the time we get to andest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> we will catch up onories and the brawl in the
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still to on "today," pigs on a plane.
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rules to get all kinds of animals. could fasting be the successong lasting weight loss?
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we are back on this saturday morning, march 12th, 2016. look at that fantastic crowd >> a great crowd. >> when the weather's nice, they come out in full force. we will head out in just a bit. >> basketball. let's get a look at what iseadlines on saturday morning. donald trump will be at a rally this morning in ohio despite the ongoing violence at his campaign he canceled a rally in chicago friday night after a number of protesters out in the streets in violence. rain is not letting up.
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swell over banks invadinghoods. 2,000 residents had to be rescued from their homes. the area could get 2 to 3 inches more of rain. and scott kelly who from the international space station will no longer go out of this world. kelly is retiring from nasa next month. he of the year in space did to his body. his brother mark is participating in the studies. >> i say he earned that let's start the half hour "the download." sheinelle has the recap. >> it was an epic week on the a dramatic day in court for erin andrews. those are just a few of theggest stories. yet another super tuesday for donald trump with wins in
7:32 am
>> election night well done. except for the steak and wine at his news conference. >> there is only one person that did well tonight. >> and democrat bernie sanders had a surprise win over hillary clinton. >> senator sanders pulling off a stunning upset in michigan. >> we won nine states. are yet to come. >> on the trail, violence at a trump rally in north carolina. >> stunning video capturing a trumpching rakeem jones. >> the next time we see him,o kill him. >> he was arrested and charged with assault. flooding affects millions. >> record rainfall ravaging the south. watersas and louisiana. >> i have a new roof on the house that is worthless. a verdict in the erin she sued a stalker and nashville
7:33 am
naked in the hotel room. >> the jury awarded andrews $55 michael barrett is responsible for 51% of the amount. the hotel and management company,ll legend peyton manning calling it quits. >> super bowl 50 is a story book ending to a storied career.layers who are more talented, but no one could out prepare me. not the friendly skies. women fighting on a flights over a boom box. it was an all-out brawl caught on camera. several women exchanging blows on the spirit airlines flightlane full of passengers looked on. >> that is the last thing you want to see happen on a plane. on long island, ane story. >> a father and daughter were on board that small plane when the engine lost power.
7:34 am
safely. fatherly instincts saved the day at the ballpark. >> the bat goes into the seats. >> you could hear the crowd's on the pirates radio network as the bat slipped from the hitter's hands and hurtling to the third row. look atwn. instincts moving in. and unexpected wedding moment. >> a wedding in ar-old lad who stole the show. >> yes! >> look at him go. of leaves. you see it and you want to go for it. you can't stop yourself. >> you raise an interesting point about the spirit airlines. we were watching that video.n chimes in with -- >> who has a boom box. >> that was the first thing that came up. a boom box?ake those?
7:35 am
>> then it goes through the security. can you take a boom box? >> as long as it plays. >> if you can take your>> i actually had a cassette player. i was ashamed, right? i remember taking a sweatshirt and putting it over my cassetteer and putting in iphone ear buds. it wasn't recent enough. >> did you have the scotch tape over the holes? >> let's take a turn. it is warm this week. i have a party. >> break out the boom box. >> well played, dylan dreyer. it is warm with temperatures across the country. up across the northern plains. dakotas will be 30 degrees above average. highs in cleveland, 56. that is ten degrees above in the upper 50s and low 60 in
7:36 am
very nice for this time of year. nashville should make it up to 75. average. as we go through the next several days, by monday, bismarck, 70 degrees. 65 on tuesday. to 50s to eventually in the 60s by tuesday. new york with rain and on tuesday, back up to 61 degrees. down the 70s and 80s. watching rain in louisiana. the heaviest is pushing east. keep an eye out for the
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still distracted by the boom box. happy birthday to little dell. >> dell says thanks. >> he is excited about yourtape. still to come, how about a nap at work? >> how about yes. especially tomorrow after we change the clocks. why some say sleeping clock could save your employer money. up next, a rossen reports investigation reveals how easy it is to get all types of on flights for free. after thes lowe's presents how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener
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this portion of "today" is brought to you by belsomra. to learn more, go to this morning on rossen reports, a wild kingdom in the wild bluele are getting pets on flights for free. all to save a correspondent jeff rossen and his team found out how easy it is to get any animal on board. jeff, good morning. >> good morning to you. so many of for spring break. get ready. i may sit next to wild animals on the next flight. miniature horses and happening. this is allowed.
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on to a plane as long as they are certified as an support animal. it must be hard to get one of those letters. buckle up. pets on planes. from dogs to really big turkeys sitting in coach. they don't need a text. they have something better. emotional support vest and official letter from the professional. >> snakes, birds, pigs.mortyfied. experts say far too often, passengers are abusing the system and it is out of control. >> it is about the money. because one way to travel with a pet on some airlines can be up to $600. if designated as an emotional support animal, it
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>> reporter: so how easy is it? offering esa certifications. fill out a questionnaire. sleeping? i work on a morning show. there it is. based on your responses, you are a good candidate for support animal. great. for $150, i get it. they e-mail me the official letter from the mental health i never met with her. i never spoke to her. and before you know it, i'm flying with rory. >> we're boarding a flight andask to see the letter. no problems. no questions asked. >> reporter: and because rory is an emotional support animal, she can ride in my te required. in fact, we take two flights. and the airlineing.
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we ramp it up. this is my producer lindsey. >> i certified an support pig. >> emotional support pig. >> a pig. >> did you have to meet anybody? >> it was all online. >> same with the dog. >> exact thing. to fly with a pig? >> sure am. >> reporter: yes, she did it. that is spencer, apot belly pig. we borrowed him from a pig farm. remember he is an emotionalpport animal. at security, they ask for proof. no problem. we have the letter. on board, spencer getsp, too. >> pig on a plane. >> reporter: this pig flies round trip. on that second leg, agents ask for the letter at the gate and spencer gets right on again.
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we see it every day. >> reporter: disability experts sayg how out of control it has become. people are probably watching this right now and say who am i hurting? >> you are passing yourself off as a person with a a consequence for those who need the animals. >> reporter: until a crackdown, this could be sitting next to you on your next flight. >> by the way, deltatheir policies and reserve the right to evaluate each case. their policies are directly aligned with federal that's just it. even though we heard from so many of you who are outraged by the abuse of the system, emotional support animals are protected by federal law. little the airlines do. get ready. you may sit next to a real life easter bunny on for vacation. >> my kids would like that. >> it is crazy. the abuse.
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. "see what's possible." back now on a saturday morning. a big tomorrow daylight saving time. it is spring. we set the clocks ahead one hour losing that one hour of sleep. >> it is a hard one. >> it is not you only hour sleep. there are some serious health risks as well. in the two days after daylight saving time, there's a spike in the number of heart attacks and heart attacks surging 24%.
7:49 am
shock to the system. springing ahead can increase blood pressure blood clots. pre-existing conditions. >> try to stick sleep pattern. exercise helps. cut back on caffeine. try to are trying to fall asleep worrying you will lose an hour of sleep. >> this is what will happen. everybody will say you kno should be right now? >> that is true. my body is telling me. >> i feel what was a game changer, your iphone. don'the clock. it works for you. you set the alarm. >> i worry that i will be caught in an iphonehappens.
7:50 am
>> there are a couple of misc saving time saves energy. >> yes. >> that's how it all started. >> it is a misconception. >> why do we still do it? >> call your folks use more air conditioning. >> you still have the darkness in the morning. >> the crime goes down, we should note. we'll take that. es although i worry i overslept. we are to the period where we all leave for work. there are days at 4:30 in the is light. this is great. just ahead, the photo taking over the internet. we will explain the story behind this one.
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g. chaos and clashes. protesters and donald trump rally going head-to-head minutes after the candidate canceled his appearance in chicago. these scenes becoming familiar at trump rallies. what his opponents aresaying. under water. relentless rain for days leads to rising water in the south. when will it all let up? and kicking off southest. president obama along with celebrities in texas for the
8:01 am
this resident is saying about the debate with law enforcement and cell phones. today, march 12th, 2016. all night all summer >> we made a trip to new york >> mama loves "today." >> good morning from kansas. >> it's my birthday today.y. >> welcome to this 12th day ofy morning. a fantastic crowd on the plaza. >> we have a lot of nice energy on the plaza. >> weather is nice and the crowds gets bigger. >> it is spring break.
8:02 am
with the latest on the overnight violence at donald trump's rally. >> good morning. the chaos in chicago between donald trump protesters and hisrs creating more controversy for the republican frontrunner. today, the show is expected to go on with a rally scheduled in ohio. nbc's hallie jackson has more of what we can expect. good morning, hallie. >> good morning, sheinelle. all indications that rally on. some folks started lining up at 1:00 in the morning. the first event since donald trump canceled the event in over security concerns. overnight, fights erupted in the chicago crowd packed with protesters, a boiling point after rising trump's campaign says it made the decision to call off the
8:03 am
chicago p.d. saidle and had adequate security. one officer caught on camera injured and bl in the day, a rally in st. louis was interrupted by demonstrators. trump's supporters. >> these scenes are it is clear in chicago that protesters were organizing specifically to disrupt this rally, it is also cleaet at the top. this tone that is being set at the top of the trump campaign is not helpful to our party. it is not helpful to our reporter: five people were arrested in chicago, including a journalist. this morning, sheinelle, trump is tweeting about all in his words, this organized group of people, many of them, quote, thug, shutdown his first amendment rights. we will hear morethe campaign trail today. >> hallie, thank you. dangerous and deadly flash
8:04 am
moment. four days of relentless rainfall with more on the way causing record setting floo nearly took to the roofs of homes along the sabine river in louisiana. the saturated ground bucklinge foundation of an apartment complex in missouri. the national guard plucking some from the raging waters and many clinging to tree trunks. a popular seafood restaurantn apology after a minnesota couple noticed a racially charged photo. the photo embedded in the depicting the black man's lynching. it is described in 1895 with a hanging with the cartoon bubble, i said is i don't like gumbo, unquote. others took to social media.
8:05 am
that's the news for this morning. guys, back over to you. craig. >> thank you. dylan is outside with aorecast for us. >> good morning, guys. we have a big birthday celebration this morning. triplets turn 17. where are you from kansas. >> what are your plans? >> broadway show. >> jimmy fallon. >> that is awesome. happy ful family. let's look at the weather going on out west where we have a big storm system making its way onshore. the storm in northwestern california and oregon. we are looking at strong gusty winds. hurricane-force winds along the oregon coast. we are looking at mountain snowfall. it is good news building up the snow pack. all of the rain could lead to debris.
8:06 am
we could see higher amounts up to 6 to 7 inches. in the mountains, 1 to 2 feet o ave an auction winner on the plaza. >> p.s. 118 in having a great time. >> nice to have you here. thank you so much. erica. >> dylan, thanks. thousands of people this weekend are in austin, texas for theech conference south by
8:07 am
among them, president obama, who is taking heat for missinguneral on friday. the president is making news for his comments about smartphones austin with more. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this is the first time ever a sitting president has come down to south by ten-day festival that technology. the president wasted no time in wading debate that is waging in the country over privacy and security. president obama weighing in of law enforcement and phones. he says he cannot comment on the attempt to access the rguing smartphones cannot be completely off limits to
8:08 am
>> how do we apprehend the child pornographer? how do we disrupt a terrorist plot? if you can't crack that at all, government can't get in,erybody's walking around with pocket. >> reporter: the fact the president showed up is the latest stamp of approval for the gathering of it is here at south by southwest that a company called twitter first exploded where john performed before his first record deal. "the hurt locker" o one bats an eye. >> i want to step foot on mars. i want to die on mars, just not on impact.
8:09 am
>> one of the unique things about south by southwest it brings industries and a lot of it is a way to create new connections that can lead to really cool things. >> reporter: the big themes president obama hit on one. access to next week, the first lady will speak about another, diversity. somebody facebook is here to talk about. >> the issue is how do we getple who have been under represented along the road to gaining the skills we need? how do we get people to learn computer science in reporter: actress kerry washington and singer ciara is here. j.j. abrams is in town too, with a few stormtroopers. and you cannot forget the food. these girls in town to celebrate the girls last rodeo. and it really is all about the
8:10 am
made waves by going to torchi's, a famous taco spot. it is 7:00 a.m. here, erica, all i could find is this beautiful breakfast taco. it beats the bagels at 30 rock. >> thank you, > erica, thanks. a mystery growing this morning over a death that sounds like it could be from a cold war spy sian millionaire with ties to the kremlin is found dead in a washington hotel room. this morning, a lot of questions about his death.iella is in london with more. kelly, good morning. >> craig, good morning to you. when the former ally of died, russian media blamed a heart attack. now the medical examiner in
8:11 am
blunt force trauma.eporter: his nickname the bulldozer. he ran over his rivals controlling the kremlin's media message and earning a seat with president vladimir putin. last november, the 57-year-old was found dead at the dupont circle hotel. police and medical examiner say he died of quote blunt force injuries of the head and injuries to his next, torso, arms and legs. left his high powered job over a year ago, suddenly for unknown reasons, out of fa >> it seems extraordinary. >> reporter: extraordinary death intelligence analysts say because. >> it sounds too crude to me organizer. >> reporter: the kremlin's enemies have a different way of disappears.
8:12 am
one poisoned with radioactive tea. and the journalist executed in an elevator. >> blam, blam, five .9 millimeter bullets or falling out of hotel windows. >> reporter: the kremlin denies it was involved. vladimir putin praised him after he government is demanding answers. we have been asking for ign ministry spokeswoman says. were his secrets about to be spilled and was he silenced? there is no this point. he was drinking the night before he died and seen on hotel security cameras looking at this point they are not calling this a murder. >> kelly cobiella, thank you. up next, worst ride of her life?out.
8:13 am
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arthritis pain relief open cap. on a saturday morning. time for "trending." do you think you could wait for afternoon? fasting is a growing trend. it may work for long term weight loss. one said he hadn't eaten breakfast in 35 years. here is the u consume all of the calories, for some people in a small window in the late afternoon or early evening. fast for the remaining 16 to 18 day. with one group of fasters have done it for years. many people do it for spiritual and religious at researchers are looking into health and longevity. >> i go long periods of the day
8:17 am
i eat a big late breakfast and big dinner. >> you actually eat. you actually eat. not oh, i don't you do it at various times. >> okay. raise your hands. have you taken a nap at work? don't lie. boss is watching. >> i take a nap at work. >> if you are on a shoot. >> you might have a door. >> on a 24-hour a new study shows that if companies allowed employees to nap, they may actually save money. shown sleep deprivation can cost big time. up to $63 billion a year. google, zappos, offer nap pods. i went to huff a couple years ago and did a story on that. >> i did, too. >> i was trying to get them to put them in here. there's a
8:18 am
move over grumpy cat. the latest viral sensation.lady. jordan and her husband were on a trip to the happiest place on earth, disney. look at her face as shewn splash mountain. maybe not happy. perhaps resigned to the fact she is riding on the log flume. i don't know. apparently her husbando go on the ride. he did post the pic the even internet memes. a classic painting and a presidential candidate. turns out with john husband did not go on with her? >> i guess. a popular singer could be an sheinelle with the pop start.
8:19 am
filled with a-list cameos?r for andy samberg's latest movie. "popstar." >> connor has 32 people onayroll. >> he is surrounded by people who are agreeable. >> it went in. it went in. >> so the movie more of a mockumentary looking at connor. it debuted to a lot of buzz and he is actually a parody ofbieber. from our sister company universal pictures. from an actor playing a pop star to a pop star acting. of one direction. harry stiles is going hollywood. he has been offered a the drama " dunkirk." i guess you can count the music videos as acting.
8:20 am
face of the new ad campaign.h&m with a sportswear line. caitlyn broke the news on social media with the behind the scenes picture. congratulations to her. n just a moment.
8:22 am
that's it. >> that's all we got. >> look at this crowd. >> a fantastic crowd. we will hav tomorrow. an incredible story of a
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@ @ coming up on channel 3 donald trump rallying @supporters at the ix center. @find out what security measures @are being taken after the rally @in chicago was canceled @ the explosion on thursday, @find out who is heading the @investigation and what the @public is saying about it. @ and time to spring ahead ight saving. @we will get you ready for the @ good morning. @thank you so much for joining


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