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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  March 15, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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@as much as he loves his wife @he's probably hoping he's not @home much more. @>> you are probably right, @chris, a fantastic interview. @ polls showcasic has the @lead in ohio while trump @believes he could come out on @top clinton is pulling ahead of @bernie sanders. @>> hi, russ and sarah. @800 @for the democrat presidential @republicans. @besides kasich three others are @trying for the nomination and
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@hillary clinton, donald trump, @and bernie sanders. @>> everyone agrees that it's @over if we win ohio and @florida. @>>reporter: from tampa and @youngs town three of the five @states with primaries on @tuesday. @wince he wins ohio he can win. @>> i'm worried about our @country and what could happen @if we don't ban together who @can elect a president who can @represent all of america. @>> clinton made two stops in @illinois and finished up a get @out and vote rally in @charlotte. @>> we need everyone to come out @in vote. @>>reporter: he hopes the issue @of trade combined with turnout @will help him win in the @midwest. @>> a few weeks ago people said @bernie sanders was winning @ohio, no way. @guess what, we have a good vote @tomorrow. @people come @out and we'll win here in ohio. @[ cheering and applause ] .
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@show clinton taking a 7 point @lead in ohio. @the numbers are part of the @american research group poll. @those polls also show john @kasich with a good number of @votes. @on the eve of mega tuesday the @whole nation is watching and @waiting. @>> not only did i vote against @these trade agreements but lead @the opposition for them. @>> i'll work very hard when i'm @president. @>> you know who i'm working @for, i'm working for you. @>>reporter: poles open at 6:00 @a.m.
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@>> tom is here to ask questions @we are getting a lot. @>> tom, first talk about what's @happening tomorrow. @does kasich win his home state? @>> the polls say yes. @his entire campaign has been @focused on this day since it @started last summer. @so, it's the big @goal they have been going @after. @they have been making calls @and getting out and talking. @>> let's talk about the @democratic side. @who has the @edge? @>> hillary clinton has deep @roots and deep support in the @community.
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@of his issues and he has a lot @of support among workings @families. @obviously he will only win if @all students go to bed and get @up and go to the polls. @>> can people switch parties? @>> they can. @it's he said. @you don't have to declare your @party when you go in. @you just ask for that ballet. @you are that party until you @changed back. @that's being done quite a bit. @15% of republican ballets are @being filled out by democrats. @>> we'll see you. @ let's take a quick look at @some of the other races and @issues that may appear on the @ballet. @if you are a democrat you will @make a choice for county @prosecutor.
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@former assistant prosecutor mike @o'malley. @there is also a @proposition act human services. @this is a renewal and not a new @tax. @>> they will also have to @pick between the u.s. senate. @ if you vote in parma the @controversial bow hunting issue @is on the ballet. @this is the measure that would @allow hundreds to hunt doe and @deer with a license. @we are live all evening long to @report the latest results as @they come in. @tune in during prime time @rather for the latest updates
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@channel 3 news. @it will run through midnight @tomorrow as results come in. @ al roker made a visit to @his home town. @ we have the 3 things you @should buy in march for the @best deals. @>>reporter: storms rolled in @earlier. @i'll share my favorite @thoughts. @your forecast is @coming up.
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@ new information on the @maryland shooting that left a @police officer killed. @the officer was killed by his @own colleague. @two people are in @custody in connection with that @fire fight. @ new developments in the @uber driver. @james dalton told him the uber @app was controlling @him dalton is charged with @murder. @ thunderstorms went through
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@>> in anglewood, ohio near @dayton said a funnel cloud @developed. @the national weather service @said a tornado did hit there. @there are know reports of @injuries yet. @a barn and some structures @repouredded wind damage. @ a mad dash to the final @four they said you should be @mindful of march madness in @retail. @march is good for stocking up @on clothing that you will need @an ex winter with sales of up @to 70% off. @also the best time to buy a @digital camera. @heavy exercise equipment like a @treadmill @is at it's most affordable in @march. @ @ @ the city of cleveland said
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@ramping up for the national @convention. @>> the meeting was held at the @publish auditorium. @al roker a former employee was @the keynote speaker. @i don't know how proud he is of @the city. @>> this is the private major @month drop motropolis. @i'll be @proud to leave the today conting @contingent here. @>> frank jackson also spoke and @said we'll be ready. @ from one meteorologist to @another it's nice to have al in
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@>> it was nice. @he has realtives still in town. @cleveland will always be home. @>> i'll show you those here. @we'll start off in the 40s with @cloudy skies and a few isolated @showers. @it should be mainly dry in the @afternoon. @there is the radar. @it's a huge hole here. @there is drizzle coming up in @places this evening. @more showers moving through. @back over toward the east you @are really seeing heavy rain @down back towards i-90. @we are seeing showers with @heavy downpours in a few @locations too.
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@cleveland were you see the @rain. @also picking up heavier @downpours. @no lightening our @thunder or nothing severe. @it will move into ashland @county. @it's all shifting towards the @east. @there is a low pressure center @over the left. @that will keep showers around @and in place for the next @several hour @rainfall was a problem in @larain county. @there was a flood warning @issued for street flooding in @northern lorain. @towards union town there was a @shelf cloud moving in. @check out this photo. @the lighthouse is getting stuck @by lightning. @this time lapse. @i shot this at the lake at the @station.
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@watch over the rock hall as it @storms move in. @you will see that shelf cloud @move in and the heavy rain has @a wave of storminess took over @cleveland. @if you have more shots like @that post them.your forecast @for tonight are in the 40s. @for tomorrow we'll start off in @the 40s this morning and mid @50s by the afternoon. @we'll be 60 late in the day. @temperatures are looking pretty @good for tomorrow. @as far as election day itself @we'll start off in the 40s and @i'm up to no problem with rain @or thunderstorms. @as you look at the week ahead @watch those temperatures fall @by thursday and friday rain and @snow then with another chance
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@ @ the cavs are in salt lake @city. @if they win tonight they go @undefeated another trip 4-0. @they will approach half time.
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@been ready to go. @he had a quick 13 points in the @game he jumps and watch the @play. @watch him lay the ball back. @38-35 the score. @the jazz lead by 3 approaching @half time. @they will be back to play @dallas. @ toronto took on the bulls @he got 3 of 5. rosin got @stripped by butler who is back @for the bulls. @the bulls win 9 straight. @they win by 2. @109-107. @they are 3 ahead. @ don't go out and buy those @colin kaepernick cleveland
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@that trade doesn't seem to be @happening and may have never @been to the point it was close @to happening. @kaepernick might be on the @trading block if he goes @anywhere seems like san @francisco and kaepernick would @like to see a deal done with @the denver broncos but the @bronco autos aren't offering @enough. @the best they could come up @with is an 4th rounder. @kaepernick if he can hold out @he can force the 49ers to cut @him. @if he's on the roster they owe @him $11.9 million. @everyone said this is the guy. @north dakota state gave him @praise. @he's the most nfl ready @quarterback in the past few @years. @craig continues to visit with @other teams. @heavies deposited with the
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@saints today. @he did a good job and drafted @free agent. @the nfl owner meeting are next @week. @the nfl and the players @association will have serious @discussions at the meetings @about stripping roger goodell @of any power of disciplining @for anything that happens off @the field. @ spring training today in @arizona. @the indians win again. @in the game today the second @inning ron gets his third home @run. @the second home run was hit. @he hasn't given up a run yet in @9 innings pitched in spring @training.
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@ nit tournament coming up @tomorrow. @akron hit the buses today. @they will take on @columbus and the buckeyes. @ @ @>> it's a great opportunity. @we have a lot of respect. @it's a great program. @couch meyer's is one of the @best coaches in the program. @we have a lot of respect for @them.
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@ @ tomorrow is the big day. @tune in for coverage. @we'll have the latest results. @>> you can tune in during prime @time for a special edition from @11 until midnight tomorrow as @results come in. @>> we'll also be live at 4:30
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breaking news tonight. under investigation.ce weighing charges against donald trump and his campaign and whether they incited a riot at a rally. dramatic developments hours from the popening in critical states. race against time. catastrophic flooding destroys thousands of homes. tonight a major emergency effort to save entire american isis surrender. a shocking moment caught on camera in iraq as a virginia man turns himself in. his parents thought he on vacation. miracle survivor. the 14-year-old girl who squeezed her mother's hand right as they were preparing to say good-bye. until you see her
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and hidden migraine risks. why so many women are getting them. doctors saying knowing s a key to fighting them. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's often said that words matter, andnight it's donald trump's words under scrutiny as part of a criminal investigation by sheriffs officials in north carolina. nbc news has confirmeduthorities are looking at whether trump or his campaign incited a supporter to attack a protester at a rally in cumberland county last week.ent clashes between trump supporters and protesters have become more frequent, reaching a new level on friday night in chicago when bloodyghts broke out after a trump rally was abruptly cancelled. let's start tonight with nbc's katy tur. ald trump facing an
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as a north carolina sheriff's office confirms it is looking at whether statements made by the candidate nciting a riot after an african-american man was sucker punched at a rally by a trump supporter in fayetteville last week. the attacker, a-year-old white man, also threatened to kill the protester. >> the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> reporter: trump considering legal help for the attacker. >> i've actually instructed my people to look into it, yes. >> reporter: temperature surrounding trump's campaign only getting >> hey, hey, ho, ho, racist trump has got to go. >> reporter: anger outside trump boiling over inside. trump fired up. >> get them out of here. >> and his spoiling for a fight. >> we don't have time for is all that petty,
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with these quote, unquote protesters. the unease today coming on the heels of ugly incidents overe weekend in chicago along with nth semitism in cleveland and police clashes innsas city. trump supporters are under deterred. >> politicians that have been elected have forgotten who got us e. >> reporter: campaign trail hot under the collar. a microcosm of the electorate. nbc news latest exit polling for the most recent primaries recent primaries trump voters are angry with washington, feel betrayed by the republican party and want the next president to be an outsider. never there is a moment in the campaign where he's either falling out of the headlines or the headlines aren't quite as favorable to him, he's always able to stir up some kind ofntroversy to keep his name back in the news. >> reporter: the trump campaign just responded to the cumberland county sheriffs saying the fayetteville arena was rented by the and paid for by the
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event and that the protesters were just there to >> katy tur, thank you. trump is rallying support this evening in ohio on the eve of what is shaping up to be another super tuesday. winning ohio is key top's breakout strategy, but ohio governor john kasich also rallying there tonight leads the polls in his home state and is positioned to keep theblican race in play. while the democrats in a battle of their own are nonetheless focused on donald trump. we've got all sides h nbc's peter alexander. peter? >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. ohio governor john case sick still looking for his first win in more than twozen tries this campaign. his approval rating in his home state among ohio republicans is close to 80%, but he'll need to translate too into actory tomorrow night to stay alive and to slow donald trump's trajectory towards the nomination. it's march madness for republicans. >> the people that areorters of donald trump want to see america be great again.
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>> reporter: on team trump, chris christie and sarah palin who is now heading back to ka. her husband todd seriously injured in a snow mobile accident. >> thank you, guys, for prayers for my husband. >> reporter: here in battleground governor john kasich with 2012 nominee mitt romney. >> unlike the other people running he has a real track >> reporter: trump trouncing the competition in florida, marco rubio's home state. and in the buckeye state case sick load and has never lost an election here. why is it still neck and neck with donald trump here? >> i don't think it's neck and neck. i think we're ahead and we're going to >> reporter: his challenge to prove he's not just popular, viable. >> a lot of people don't want to waste their votes and don't want to cast their vote for somebody whon't win. >> reporter: ted cruz taking a swipe at trump's bluster. >> if he were, for example, to go out on fest avenue and shoot somebody i would not illing to support donald trump. >> reporter: out today
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highlighting his dis-berridging comments about women. >> bimbo. >> >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump. >> reporter: but it's all about the delegate count. if trump sweeps florida and ohio, he'll extend his commanding lead he loses ohio he has to win 60% of the remaining delegates to clinch the republican nomination. peter alexander, nbc news, westerville, . >> reporter: i'm kasie hunt. democrats unleashing on donald trump today at an msnbc town hall. >> when you areciting mob violence which is what trump is doing, people remember mob violence that led to lynchings. >> this guy is a pathological liar. o fact-check him because he never has any facts. >> reporter: sanders' criticism, part of a calculated strategy after the republican front-runner started -checking sanders at rally. >> bernie, our communist friend. >> bernie sanders is the strongest candidate in the general election against drew. i think hillary clinton has a number of flaws as a candidate which frump will be able to exemployed.
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and clinton on a made dash before tomorrow's showdown where the big prize will be ohio. >> winning ohio would be huge for the sanders campaign, just like winning michigan was. provides enthusiasm for his supporters and more importantly money for his campaign to continue. >> reporter: it's also a test to see if clinton can make inroads with young voters. >> as millennials your voice is important. >> reporter: "snl" mocking her attempts to appeal to them by sounding more like sanders. >> you're angry and i'm angry, too, because the top 10% of the top 1% controls 90% of the wealth and the country. >> reporter: but clinton might have the last laugh if she holds on to her commanding delegate lead. kasie hunt, nbc news, charlotte, north carolina. at this hour millions across the south are bracing for more ways of devastating flooding after nearly a week of relentless rain and storm that left six dead and forces thousands to evacuate their homes. some communities now overrun by


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