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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 17, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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@ it wasn't politics as usual @when he came to the cuyahoga @county prosecutors office. @the incumbent, tim mcginty lost @his bid last night to insurgent @candidate mike o'malley. @hilary golston spoke with a @group of african-american @clergy members about how they @influenced the race. @>>reporter: i don't think it @would be unfair to say black @clergy were might've the most @significant organizers against @mcginty. @our senior political @correspondent explains and @varied of reasons why o'malley @run the day. @mcginty's personality, democrats @crossing over to vote in the @gop primary but in this race @black clergy acted as a lobby. @they brought the full force of @their political gauntlet. @>> mcginty must go period. @>>reporter: those words turned @out to be prophetic coming from @a clergy member. @just a few months earlier tim @mcginty out. @>> they are very interesting @people let me leave it at that. @they have their own economic @motive.
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@>>reporter: the prosecutor took @a lot of heat for those words @after a question about the rice @family attorney. @>> he humiliated a young @african-american woman who had @just lost a child which is one @of the most horrendous things @that can happen to a mother. @>>reporter: the handling of the @tamir rice case along with @other high profile deadly use @of force cases at the heart of @a political lobby of about 50 @clergy members and on bouncing @mcginty from office. @mcginty from office. @>> you want to talk to us now @because it is boating time but @what about a year ago when you @would not take a meeting with @this he said there was no need @to talk to the black preachers @because we did not know what we @was talking about. @because of that, he made it @easy for us to come together. @>> every now in bed, david @defeats goliath and every now @and then the underdog prevails. @>>reporter: david and goliath @the metaphor o'malley has @alluded to himself.
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@group support in the future. @>> if we elect you, we can @remove you. @>> i am not tim mcginty. @>>reporter: something these @religious leaders are banking @on. @black clergy in cleveland have @effectively used their @political apparatus before it @like when they backed -- @prayerfully in tactile -- they @have had o'malley in front of @black congregations almost @every single sunday. @ 11 behind bars and about @$400 -- drugs off the street @after read this morning. @live with details. @>>reporter: the fbi executed @eight arrest warrants and seven @search warrants throughout the @canton in akron areas all @charged with distribution or @intent to distribute crystal @meth.
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@maybe about 6:00 this morning @somewhere around that i heard @voices and i heard some rocket @i got up and looked out they @had the ram beating of the @door. @>>reporter: the dent on the @door tells the same story. @two of the 11 people arrested @came from this home, their @grandmother did not go on camera @but told us they are getting @help. @the fbi busts 10 tyrants, 1 @pound of cocaine, 145 pounds of @marijuana, 11 pounds @methamphetamine and $100,000 in @cash. @the drugs added another @$300,000 in street value. @>> all this going on next-door? @they were awful quiet about it. @>>reporter: it wasn't just @homes and businesses as well. @the mexican restaurant would @normally be open but they are @closed after the fbi also @searched through here. @>> it is scary. @in this particular case but a @establishments are used for
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@because narcotics bring in so @much cash they somehow have to @launder the cash to make it @look legitimate. @a lot of times they do that to @businesses. @>> not uncommon? @>> not uncommon to do that. @>>reporter: fbi officials are @glad to remove all of this from @the jampacked northeast ohio @drug pipeline. @>> especially in this case they @were disturbing drugs for at @least the last six months that @we know of throughout the @entire northern district. @>>reporter: this has been a six- @month investigation but the work @is not done. @the fbi says there is still one @more fugitive but they will not @release details on that @suspect. @ coming up, dangerous lead @levels in water. a @new report shows the scope of @the problem nationwide and @which areas in northeast ohio @are under review. @ a young athlete, playing @basketball with friends took a
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@ohio 16 -year-old. @ mealtime helpers the imam's @invention she says will help @toddlers be themselves and cut @down a potential missed that
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@ @ [ music ] . @ he carried on his famous @fathers music legend. tonight @frank sinatra jr. has died. @he passed away after a massive @heart attack while on to her in @daytona beach, florida. @frank jr. followed his father @in the musical business and @worked as his director and @conductor. @he was 72 years old. @ an ohio school community @mourns the loss of a 16 @-year-old who died suddenly. @>> noah lear a junior at bucyrus @high in crawford county, last @month he was playing basketball @with friends at a church he @attempted to dunk the @basketball with the backboard @came crashing down his face. @his mother says he went into @cardiac arrest and suffered a @severe brain injury. @>> they called and said mom i @had an accident and hurt my @teeth i am so sorry.
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@where are you at we are so @positive with thoughts we are @going to have him back. @>> early this morning he passed @away in hospice care. @a benefit planned next month @for his family at bucyrus high @school. @ an eye-opening usa today @report lead in water shows @nearly 2000 and water systems @tested positive for lead @contamination in the past four @and years. @on the list, system serving @schools and day cares. @the report includes an @interactive map that highlights @were elevated levels have been @discovered. @you can click on ohio and @scroll to the list of specific @schools and businesses grouped @by county. @ if you have little ones you @know how messy mealtime can be @especially when it comes to @teaching kids to feed @themselves. @of virginia mom and nutritionist
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@success. @traditional utensils even kid @size ones make it harder for @little hands with developing @fine motor school -- skills to @maneuver so she developed the @kidzingo. @>> it makes it easier to grasp @when they hold it like this the @and ball at the spin is curve @toward them. @>> she says the new gadget @helps prevents parents from @overfeeding their children and @research shows that kid to self @feed early tend to be less @picky eaters. @ [ music ] it would @not be st. patrick's day @without corned beef. @cleveland's famous restaurant @gearing up for one and of its @busiest days of the year. @lines already out the door @today with folks gathering up @corned beef for tomorrow @celebration. @they are known for their join
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@-- their giant sandwiches . @>> i could have one and of @those everyday. @i love those. @>> take some extra time there @will be a long line tomorrow. @>> running beforehand make sure @i got my calories right good @one and tomorrow for the @parade. @then things go downhill, enjoy @the holiday look at the @forecast early tomorrow @morning, temperatures in the 40 @ands. @50 ands for the afternoon mostly @cloudy an isolated sprinkle or @two and as you are coming home. @that will be a sign of things @changing as we head into friday @and the weekends. @we are not done with winter yet @even though officially on the @calendar winter and sunday, @first and day of spring is @sunday starting after midnight @sunday night. @look at this shower showing up @to our west fort wayne to
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@see sprinkles move by overnight @but these should be through @early tomorrow morning likely @won't notice any signs having @moved by as you wake up early @tomorrow. @winds strong 10 and-15 and will @not change much during the day @tomorrow i should you guessed @for cleveland earlier but they @will be strong throughout our @region early in the morning25- @30 miles an hour look what @happened during the afternoon @cleveland earlier close to 40 @farther south mansfield toward @canton, youngstown toward @tuscarawas county, 30-35-mile @an hour gusts winds howling and @finally starting to diminish by @tomorrow evening, dropping @10-15. @42 overnight, partly cloudy @sprinkles and isolated showers @early, winds southwest 10-15. @as you go into thursday start @with sunshine, clouding up
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@temperatures rise to the 50s and @isolated sprinkles and showers @and temperatures start @tumbling. @once they start falling tomorrow @they will continue to fall @through all of the day friday @until we end up in the 20s by @saturday morning. @big spin to our north across @lake superior and northern lake @michigan, that is snow falling @tonight in portions of wisconsin @and northern minnesota. @we have to deal with some of @this as we move into at least @the end of the weekend. @this big area of low pressure @with chilly temperatures behind @it. @temperatures falling into the @20s and 30s not just the @initial shot tomorrow, another @shot for cold air another cold @front looks poised to move @three here during thursday @night into friday, that will @really drop those temperatures.
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@early tomorrow, 50s midday, @clouds popping up and an @isolated sprinkle or shower @possible rain chance looking @up. @friday 30s, could see lake snow @showers friday and those can @continue into friday night into @saturday. @another shot of rain and snow, @and spring start sunday, we @could be watching for @additional snowflakes on your @window nation extended @forecast. @ coming up, the cavs might @be shorthanded against the @mavericks looking to get back @in the win column. @>> jimmy is next. @ @. @>> john goodman is here tonight @[ cheers & applause ]. @>> jennifer garner and cuba
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@ @. @ what a game at the q @tonight, dallas mavericks and @cavaliers welcome home to cavs. @the cavaliers nearly blew @two-20-point leads tonight the @win by 199-98 the final score. @the reason for all the drama, @lebron did not play tonight. @just resting, a big game coming @up in florida.
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@game, kevin love coming up in @the game right here, 20 three- @point eight rebounds tyree @irving will get it right there @back door going and score puts @the cavs up by 4 under 10 @seconds to go in regulation @time cavs only up by two and @irving anticipates and steals @the ball. @hits the free-throw after and @cavs win by 199-98. @orlando coming up friday and @they heat the next night in @miami. @busy day for the browns today @cut and signed players today @let's go over the list doing @bow we really hardly knew you @you were never on the field, @todd catches 53 yards on the @season for $9 million. @do the math at $1.8 million a @catch last season. @in -- an active for a games not
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@longer here. @linebacker the exact opposite @played well lead in @interceptions but he is 34 @making a lot of money, browns @will go young, feels he has @four or five good years left @and he stays in impeccable @shape because the two years in @cleveland the toughest of his @career. @davis signed he will replace @him a young linebacker from the @jets he gets a two year deal @worth $8 million in four years @with the jets he is played in @every game and he is only 27 @years old. @and the brown signed a safety @today moore, lost to sean @gibson, gets a one-year deal 26 @years old former second round @pick up the broncos he played @texans. @now the nfl draft only 42 days @a gate -- away we look at that @will go quarterback and never @two connor cook the local kid @from hinckley out of walsh
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@his belt for michigan state. in @his pro day in east lansing, @all 32 teams from the nfl and @tended to see we can do. @he played pro style offense. @met with the browns innately @after the workout so good luck @to connor. @spring training for the indians @there been playing well lose to @the angels in all 6- 3. cody @anderson a rough day fine for @the number five spot in the @rotation. @four innings gave up two home @runs. indians lose 6- 3. @michael bradley will play in a @minor-league game coming up @tomorrow. @boys high school basketball @heading down to columbus in @state champion weekend and that @they rockets going down the @division two they will take on @new concord. @john glenn protecting the @school named after the former @senator @and astronaut john glenn. @the bay rockets 24- 3 never @gone this far in a state @championship
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@weekend. @>> these guys a played well @together all season long and @they have bought into being are @brothers keeper and they have @done that the says a lot about @their characters and families @they come from. @>> tomorrow night they @typically 30:00 the biggest day
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@ @. @ .85 degrees tomorrow for @st. patrick's day but not 18 @either. @>> nice middle ground in the @50s. @>> it will be nice. @and a corned beef sandwich just @fine. @>> channel three news begins at @4:30 a.m.. @>> have a great night enjoy the @parade tomorrow don't forget
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@ @. @>> to channel three news and @weather wherever you go text @wkyc to 25543 now to download
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developing news. tonight supreme court president obama's supreme court nominee revealed as many republicans refuse to even meet with him. an epic battle brewing.rump versus clinton. after big wins, donald trump warns of riots if he's denied the nomination at a contested convention, and hillary clinton now plotting to takem on. an american student sentenced in north korea, breaking down as he's ordered to serve 15 years of hard labor. what north korea says did. a shocking escape caught on camera. a helicopter hijacked at gunpoint flying over a prison as hang on for their lives. guards helpless to stop them. and cancer drug
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billions wasted as -saving meds are literally thrown away. patients are paying the price. "nightly news" beginsght now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc lester holt. good evening. president obama has made his move and is tonight locked into had a high-stakes stare-down contest with senate republicans over theture of the supreme court. the president has nominated federal appeals court judge merrick garland regard as a m replace the late conservative justice the late antonin scalia, but even as the president warnedainst braintree split sizing the processes, the senate majority leader said there would be no action taken on the nomination. republicans demanding the choice be left to the next president.tice correspondent pete williams has late details. >> reporter: the president introduced merrick garland as a judge who is decent, modest and ded. >> his long commitment
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earned him the respect and admiration of leaders from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: with his wife lynn watching in the rose ga garland was emotional. >> this is the greatest honor of my life other than leanne marry me 28 years ago. >> reporter: one of his two daughters missed the moment, hiking in the mountains. >> out of cell range when the president called. >> reporter: grandson of russian immigrants garland grew up in chicago. >> my name is merrick garland. >> reporter: as a federal prosecutor he eam that brought oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh to trial. on the bench he's been a moderate voting to uphold environmental laws but often tough on criminals. >> ideologicallyrrick garland is in the center, maybe a little bit to the left. he seems mostly to be a judicial craftsman. figure out what the law is, not what he might want t be. >> reporter: at 63, garland is the oldest supreme court nominee in nearly 50 years,
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court in 1997, he wasnfirmed 76-23 with 32 republican votes, i po administration now emphasizes. >> i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing. >> reporter: but senate republicans continue to insist they won't even consider garland'smination because the next president should make that choice. >> the decision the senate announced weeks ago remains about ainciple and not a person. >> reporter: so far only a few republicans have said they will even meet with garland. >> i would not feel comfortable to meet with the president's nominee to the highest court of the land. >> reporter: the administration has some hope that if a president, the senate would consider garland's nomination in the closing days. obama administration, and tonight one infl republican, utah's orrin hatch said he's probably be open to that. lester? >> all right, pete. so much being framed by this election. on that note letturn to who the next president might be after very big nights
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and hillary clinton. trump won four out of five states up for grabs, except for theg prize of ohio where that state's governor john kasich scored his first victory. the republican establishment is left with limited options to stop trump, ushing this race all the way to a contested convention. but if that happens, trump is warning of riots. we've got more on all that beginning with s hallie jackson. hi, hallie. >> reporter: hi, lester, good evening. we've learned that in the last 24 to 48 campaign held three meetings across the country about how to get the most delegate support. john kasich brought on a top operative to focus on a contestednvention and trump staffers met to game out how to pick up marco rubio's supporters. all of them looking ahead at what could happen next in this wild race. three candidates left. donald trump's lead almost three times bigger than it was, now three scenarios for the gop establishment. finally surrender to
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fight furiously against him or find somebody else to take him on. surrendering to a trump ticket could happen. >> this was an amazing evening. >> reporter: before new york's primary next month. the billionaire or "morning joe." >> you have people on the show all the time talking about stopping donald trump who with calling me to work out a deal where they want to become involved. >> reporter: more influence for trump, the party cancelling monday's debate after he said he wouldn't show. he still needs 55% of the remaining delegates but that's better math than ted cruz. for john kasich it's mathematically impossible, unless he and the stop trump movement take the fight to a contested convention. >> for those that worry about a convention, it will be right in the open. there's no closed rooms. >> reporter: even before cleveland, campaigns will security delegates state by state. >> they are going to find out pretty soon that they signed up for a party and ended up in a bar fight. >> reporter: talk cruz and kasich could team up. >> there would absolutely be a place for john kasich, absolutely a place for
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people in the republican field in a future administration. >> reporter: but if that's not palatable or plausible a third option. find someone else, like speaker of the house paul ryan. >> people say what about the -- the contested convention. i say, well, there are a lot of people running for president. we'll see. who knows. >> reporter: his spokeswoman insisting ryan will not accept a nomination, but ryan said something similar before running for vp and house speaker. three scenarios, no one obvious outcome still four months from the finish line. hallie jackson, nbc news, houston. >> reporter: this is peter alexander in cleveland. before republicans uncork the confetti here, what might have been donald trump's coronation could instead be a contested convention where no candidates won a majority of delegates. those delegates you keep hearing about -- >> unanimously. >> reporter: yeah, those guys. based on the primaries and caucuses the republican party will assign more than 2,400 of them. right now trump is trouncing the competition but still has a long way to go
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>> he needs to win 55% of the delegates going forward. that's not undoable, but it's also not -- not a layup. >> reporter: today trump warned bad things would happen if he doesn't get the nomination. >> if we're 20 votes short or if we're -- if we're, you know, 100 short and we're at 1,100 and somebody else ask at 500 or 400, i don't think you can say that we don't get automatically. i think you'd have riots >> reporter: last time a heated primary season ended without a clear nominee, 1976. ronald reagan challenging incumbent president gerald ford, but ford convinced enough delegates to lock up his bid on the first ballot. trump could try to do the same. that floor fight would happen here at cleveland's quicken loans arena, home of lebron james and the cavaliers where a contested convention this summer would be the political equivalent of overtime. here's how it works n.first round most delegates are bound to vote for the candidate they represent, but if there's no clear winner they keep voting and more and


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