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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 1, 2016 3:37am-4:08am EDT

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totality. it does matter, what is his position and what does he plan to do with the 11 or 15 million undocumented folks here. does he soften his stance and is his tone truly different how he wants to tackle immigration. that we learn tonight. i have to say the bar is extremely low for trump when it comes to staying on message and things like that. i thought he exceeded that bar and looked presidential. the thought i have what was the mexican i think he's in more hot water tonight than anybody. >> chuck, thank you very much. with many polls showing a tightening race now, hillary clinton was on the trail as well today making her pitch to veterans even as she continues to grapple with sinking favorability ratings. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton attacking donald trump for his drop-in visit to mexico. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and
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neighbors for a few hours. >> reporter: as trump was grabbing the spotlight south of the border, clinton trying to win over veterans at home, arguing to the american legion trump is wrong about the military. >> i completely reject any, including my opponent, who calls the american military, and i quote, a disaster. >> i like what she had to say and i think she might just have my vote in november. >> i'm a 1,000% trump man. i j can trust hillary. she lies too much. >> reporter: her pitch to veterans coming as clinton's favorability is dropping showing more americans view her unfavorably than ever before. among women favorability down nine points. >> madam secretary, just a few minutes. >> how are you doing, andrea? when do you think you might go to mexico, madam secretary? >> reporter: clinton in public for the first time in almost a week spending most of her time with big
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almost $23 million in three days, trump's speech certainly overshadowed clinton's speech today and trying to reassure ret vans. >> a state of emergency declared in florida as a gathering storm gains speed. tropical storm hermine closes in and hurricane watches are up. that is not the only trouble brewing, also hurricanes coming and bracing for impact. gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: tonight, what was once tropical depression number 9 has strengthened into tropical storm hermine, slogging towards florida's gulfcoast. >> the risk we have right now is we know we will have storm search. it's anticipated to be 3 to 5 feet, however we have the risk of up to nine feet of storm surge. >> reporter: the
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dump up to 15 inches of rain in parts of the sunshine state. 42 county is an state of emergency and some places travel already treacherous, a driver rescued after this car was swept off the road. nearly 11 years since florida's last hurricane. fred mets ler is already pumping water out of his gulfport restaurant at high tide. >> trying to keep it where it's not a swimming pool. >> reporter: hermine expected to continue to threaten the east coast with dangerous rip currents through the holiday ween half a world away, hawaii is bracing for hurricane madeline. windows boarded up, fema flying suppies to the big island and hurricane lester not far behind and partnering with nasa to fly a global hawk drone the same once used for the military for spy missions now captuing these images off florida's coast. >> it flies higher than traditional
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longer. we can stay on station over the storm a longer period of time. >> reporter: storm surge expected to be a major problem up florida's gulfcoast. right now, there are mandatory evacuations under way in franklin conti, the florida panhandle and several coastal communities starting to flood even before this storm makes landfall. >> thank you. al roker is here with us, a real busy time in the tropics, i see a mess on your map there. >> we've been talking weeks and will be talking about it into next week. 45 miles an hour winds and stationary but you see the rain bands already pushing out. we look for landfall sometime in this florida panhandle late thursday evening and continues up the coast. look at the cone of uncertainty. this is the latest we've gotten from boston, new york, philly, providence, washington, all have to worry about this system going into labor day weekend. we have hurricane
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look for hurricane watches, we have tropical storm watches in florida into georgia where we have the risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes from savannah all the way down to tampa. rainfall amounts, 5-10, 12 inches of rain, but 7-8 inches all the way up to the carolinas and georgia. and we've got rip currents from port st. lucie all the way to nantucket and we also have madeline 95 miles south of stays to the south and lester to the north and hopefully they get spared. >> your plate is full, definitely, al. thank you very much. history was made high in the sky today with the first commercial flight from the u.s. to cuba in more than 50 years. it's a new chapter in the thawing relations to cuba after ties were restored last year. nbc's kerry sanders take us aboard. >> reporter: jetblue flight 387 made history today.
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in fort lauderdale. destination, santa clara, cuba. the last directly scheduled direct service to the island, 1961. among the 150 passengers on this inaugural flight, 16-year-old sophia compton from chicago. >> i think it's really historical. >> reporter: the flight today is really remarkable, you think back to 1962. right now, we're over the same waters where the tense relations between the united statesnd a u.s. naval blockade of the communist island. making the landing at 11:57 a.m. today, that much more momentous. in the coming weeks, at least eight u.s. airlines will be flying across the u.s. to various ciies here displaing the expensive and complicated charter flights. >> you have to be prepared to go to cuba and know it will be the equivalent of camping out. >> reporter: the cuban american martinez family traveled to
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>> we'll come again, maybe once a year. >> reporter: the cuban government hopes more americans will follow. kerry sanders, nbc news. still ahead, nightmare flight. it happened yet again, a plane forced to make an emergency landing as turbulence leaves them with cuts and bruises and broken bones.
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we're back with terrifying moments with passengers and crews on a flight from lop don and the plane had to make a stop at ireland after severe turbulence over the ocean. 12 people were injured including women and children. >> reporter: the united fli ambulance crews and medics tending to injured in the terminal. it was early in the morning when the boeing ran into trouble over the atlantic. without warning, violent turbulence. >> a very huge drop in altitude, one right after the other. >> reporter: with at least a dozen people injured the pilots diverted to shannon, ireland.
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>> there are no control problems. >> reporter: while on the ground they tweeted emergency landing in ireland, a few people had broken bones. others described the scene on board. >> it was like one of those "star trek" episodes, you go through a field of rocks in the space and banging against everything, actually banging against things. >> most of them that weren't buckled in, they hit the roof, the ceiling. there was one next to me that hit the floor and some i to that. >> reporter: turbulence is not uncommon. in may, severe turbulence forced a flight to make an emergency landing in indonesia, 31 people injured, some seriously. clear air teachers usually occurs when the fast moving jet stream the planes often use as a tailwind suddenly collides with very slow moving air. >> the problem for pilots, you can't see turbulence on radar. it is a high altitude
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thunderstorms associated with it, radar won't pick it up. >> reporter: in the u.s., the faa reports last year, 21 people were injured in severe unexpected violent turbulence, why flight attendants and pilots remind all of us to always keep those seatbelts fastened. >> tom costello, thank you. when we come back, a hair raiing close encounter caught on
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a deadlocked supreme court handed down a ruling this morning that could have a major impact on the upcoming election. in a 4-4 tie, the court refused to reinstate a controversial law requiing north carolina vote others to show a photo id. a lower court had struck that law down ruling it was making it harder for african-americans to vote. that lower court decision now stands. big change in brazil tonight. just over a week after
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country's president, dilma rousseff has been ousted by the senate for breaking fiscal laws while managing the budget. it has been going on a year for now and she called it a coup and repeatedly denied those charges. a woman got a surprise when she looked up from her phone and came face to face with a black bear. she was sitting in her driveway when she unexpected visitor inches away. she caught it on camera sniffing her before her son came and warned it off. wildlife police are now warning the public and now trying to find and track that bear. when we come back,
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finally for us tonight, all the fun of going on vacation with none of the stress of having to actually plan it, adventurous travelers are embraing this kind of get away, all the arrangements are done for you but one key piece to the mystery is left until
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airport. >> reporter: they're heading off on vacation and they have no idea where they're going. >> i really wanted to go somewhere will alex but i had no way and no time to plan. >> reporter: they're trying a new travel start-up called "pack up and do," which leaves the destination a surprise. go online, set a budget, dates and type of trip. >> if you like spas or kraft beer, pull into restaurants, and tell us anything else we need to no. >> reporter: then pack up and go gets to a week before departure, clients get an e-mail with the weather forecast and what to pack and one thing to save for later, an envelope to open at the airport. >> so where do you think you're going? >> we got the weather of where we're going so we could pack appropriate clothes. >> we know the city is very scenic, to bring a camera. we know we had to bring hiing shoes and a bating suit. >> reporter: other travelers have tracked everywhere from austin for barbecue to
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anniversary, san diego and new orleans and mississippi. it's not just for millennials. >> we've had couples celebraing 70th birthdays or 30th anniversaies or women best friends for 45 years. >> reporter: what are your final two guesses? >> nashville. >> portland, maine. >> reporter: portland, maine! that's amazing. >> boom. no cheating. >> reporter: there they go with a custom i 10 air aye in exciting. so many great places to eat. >> reporter: a surprise get way that make this journey as delightful as the destination. nbc news, pittsburgh. >> that will do it for us, i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. i will see you tomorrow morning on "today." for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching and have a
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oh, my gosh. this is my first time i've ever been through anything like this. >> we have a risk of up to nine feet of storm surge. >> hermine is expected to pick up speed as it approaches the that is hawaii braces for madeline. >> i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice. >> after meeting with the president of mexico, the donald delivers a bold ten point
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mexico's president. bad news for samsung smart phone fans and much more on a busy first day of september. "early today" starts right now. >> good to be with you this morning. the state of emergency has been declared in florida ahead of tropical storm hermine expected to make landfall as a category one hurricane. that's happening later today. bill karins brings us the latest anbi track and what we can expect. >> a lopsided storm. the worst of it is on the right side of the storm. here's the latest path of the storm. we have about 24 hours until landfall. the worst effects being in the big bend area tallahassee. very heavy rains. then the storm will weaken. the storm surge will be the biggest and the first threat as we go throughout the day today
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rises in the big bend area. there's a lot of small fishing communities in there that will be hit hard and of course the heavy rains across all of north florida and right along the southeast coast. >> a lot to watch in hawaii as well. new this morning the mexican president says donald trump's policies are a direct threat to mexico and he's not the only one fuming after trump's overnight immigration speech. several of trump's surrogates are resigning altogether as support after the billionaire nominee's highly anticipated speech. he outlined his ten point immigration reform plan with a border wall front and center. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. >> that was in stark contrast to
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president enrique pena netto. >> this was a very preliminary meeting. >> the mexican president tweeted quote, at the beginning of the conversation with donald trump i made it clear that mexico will not pay for the wall. still, that didn't stop trump from vowing on day one as president to deport millions living in the country illegally with a new deportation task force and doing any confusion over his recently muddled immigration stance. >> a border crisis and a terrorism crisis like never before. >> anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained. two million people, criminal aliens, we will begin moving them out day one as soon as i take office, day one. my first hour in office, those
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want. the press doesn't like that term. you can call it whatever the hell you want, they're gone. >> the clinton campaign pounced with this statement saying quote, in his darkest speech yet donald trump doubled down on his anti immigration rhetoric. he showed us very clearly what's at stake in this election by painting a picture of his idea of america, one in which immigrants are not welcome and one in which innocent families are torn released this video attacking trump's visit to mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? who? 100%. we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> clinton's new attack come as
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six points. now, that's a wider lead than the real clear politics average which has clinton ahead by just 4.6 points, but a new polling show that a record number of americans 56% say they have a negative view of the democratic nominee. that is her lowest rating yet. crowns in a south li their shoulders. clowns flashing laser lights and have tried to lure kids into the woods with large amounts of cash. a greenville resident reported this purported picture of the clown siting. nbc news has not been able to verify the image. clown sightings isn't new.
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around in public. that was a promow stunt for a movie. it has been almost 11 years since the last hurricane hit florida and residents there are taking no chances as they prepare for the storm. the rains have already begun to fall ahead of hermine's arrival while out in the pacific hawaii braces for not one, but two hurricanes. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: what was once tropical storm number nine has strengthened into gulf coast. >> the risk is we know we're going to have storm surge. it's anticipated to be 3 to 5 feet, however we have the threat of 9 feet of storm surge. >> reporter: 42 counties now under a state of emergency and some places travel already treacherous. a driver rescued after this car was swept off the road.
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last hurricane. fred is already pumping out water from his restaurant after high tide. >> just trying to make sure it's not a swimming pool. >> reporter: dangerous rip currents through the holiday weekend. half a world away hawaii is bracing for hurricane madline. hurricane lester not very behind also churning in the pacific. >> that was gabe gutierrez bill karins is back with more on these storms but it's labor day weekend coming up. >> that's a huge concern up and down the east coast. here's the forecast past today friday and after this we get into the holiday weekend. saturday expect very heavy rain through north carolina, eastern virginia. the storm is then expected to stall out off the maryland, new jersey coastline. t at that point it wouldn't be a huge storm with horrible winds but rough seas to all of the east coast beaches.


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