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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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beginning tonight especially with the cutting of paul kruger at the beginning of the week. now the younger players have a clearer path to play more regularly and they hope to improve steadily as the season goes along. they'll be helped out by guy like joe. >> we are going to be closer than we are right now. i think with the group that we have as far as people that are just willing and ready to do whatever it takes i think we have people that are able to make plays, it's just -- we are get our communication -- the more time we get on the field, the more time we get to play together it is better. >> the browns regulars, starters played better last night in tampa, they might have gotten the night off tonight, that did not happen as you witnessed in the game against the buccaneers sox that is why hue jackson is going to put them out here tonight, get more work down. get something positive done. clear up the final roster size
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get to 53 men and then head to the first regular season game week coming up next week against the philadelphia eagles. and russ, it will be a homecoming of sorts for brian hoyer the backup quarterback with the chicago bears, trying to get used to their offense in chicago and so he needs some work, he is going to play against his old team cleveland browns tonight. not as much about the wi jet you into next week. >> along those lines wishing a good night for the browns and a good call for you, my friend we'll see you on the radio. >> that's right, thanks, russ. >> happening right now vice president joe biden in parma, taking a look at the uaw hall
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barris why the uaw is behind clinton, hi, tom. >> reporter: well, hi, russ. the event a bit late getting started there, united auto workers endorsed hillary clinton way back in may in large part because of her long ago endorsement of the auto industry bailout. with donald trump making big roads into blue collar workers in ohio, vice president joe of his roots, in warren and parma and trying to keep them in the fold as this weekend dedicated to working men and women gets under way. >> ohio's auto industry healthy and growing, it's an old story but joe biden because of the government bailout of gm and chrysler. >> how many times did we hear last time around, well let them go bankrupt. let detroit go bankrupt.
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million cars a year. >> held backed it. biden using his blue collar roots. >> do you think there is any possibility that donald trump would do anything other than continue to try to break the labor movement? >> clinton in may, now against the trans pacific partnership and other job threatening deals, equal pay for women and more family leave. >> he has no idea what he is talking about. imagine giving this guy access to the nuclear codes. >> reporter: with a final swipe at trump. now, a clinton will be shoring up some of her business in the african american community, labor day monday with a rally
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the is 1st congressional district campaign and picnic as this campaign gets more intense. coming up at 7:00 we hope to have some of voice president biden's remarks. reporting live in parma uaw hall. tom, thanks a lot. republican presidential hopeful donald trump also stumped in ohio today making a stop in wilmington where he again talked about his immigration policy he laid out last night including building a southern border wall says mexico will pay for. >> done worry we are going to build that wall. that wall will go up. it's going to go up. >> mexico's president said again today he told trump flat out mexico will not pay for that wall. trump continues to say that issue was not discussed. trump also outlined a new screening test for immigration
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out those that don't share american values and don't love our people,. >> and we are going to bring back your jobs, which we have to have back and we want them back soon. we are going to negotiate fair trade deals that put american workers back to work that but the america first. >> trump's next campaign stop is in florida tomorrow. two people are saved after overdosing what akron police are now packing, narcan. jasmine monroe reports from the akron canton news room, how officers are helping save more lives. >> it was just last week when akron police were trained how to properly use narcan kits. it has saved two lives. >> he was unconscious on the floor. >> john had seen the opioid crisis firsthand on streets of
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about it. he saved a man's life using narcan an opioid antidote. >> ran down and grabbed the narcan kit and handed it off and, you know, administered the narcan. >> maybe two or three minutes before. >> just last week akron police begun training officers on how to use narcan. there are 35 patrol cars carrying the kit. >> when we use them we can get them refinished, as long as the grant is ai county the police department will have access to these. >> every patrol car will have the kit. and all officers will be trained. it's not a matter of if but when. >> yes, we will end up using it again, ultimately if we can save some people, give them a chance to -- another chance to get clean and, you know, get off the heroin it's ultimately a good thing. >> now officer turner said he is no hero, is he happy to have
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will against opioid abuse, reporting from the akron camp news room channel 3 news. new tonight the zika virus has been found in trapped mosquitoes in florida, the first time this happened in the continental u.s., three mosquitoes from miami beach tested positive. while it's disappointing they are not surprised by it. the roaring over the shores and shaking our building here as they prepare for the cleveland national air show. the fan favorites practiced their moves today. can you check out all sorts of fighter aircraft when the air show takes off saturday morning, we'll have more on this labor day weekend tradition, you can see it right now on next at 6:00 another colin kaepernick controversy, tonight
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criticism. michael in for betsy tonight, he joins you now. you know what, so obviously we wrapped up the month of august and it was actually the hottest august on record in both akron and in canton, here in cleveland however we tied for the hottest august on record, however we do have a cooldown in the forecast we'll talk more about the numbers straight ahead. stokes lives on through the pages of his auto biography, we'll take a look when channel
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ahead for us tonight hurricane hermine expected to make landfall tonight with florida in the bulls eye. dramatic video of a space x
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wow. plans to get the internet's africa destroyed after a rocket explosion in florida this morning, space xcon firms it
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the unmanned falcon rocket with a facebook satellite on top. several buildings shook from the blast but no one was hurt. nearly $100 million in equipment was destroyed. more controversy surrounding colin kaepernick after he was spotted wearing socks which he says are protesting world police. pictures of him wearing the socks are making the rounds on social media, he describes as the oppression of a i will can americans. kaepernick said, i wore these socks in the past because the world cops that are allowed to hold police departments but also put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. today is the release day for a book by a political trail
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lewis stokes completed his auto biography before he died last summer at the age of 90. it's a truly american story that takes you from the projects of cleveland to the halls of congress. >> how are you enjoying retirement? >> i'm trying to adjust to retirement. >> this was congressman stokes in 2013 after he retired from the pat on bogs law firm. at the time he was 87. >> i've worked since i was 12 years old. i had my i was 12. i took a lot of pride in the fact that i was the best shoe shiner downtown. >> fast forward to 1968 and lewis stokes became the first african american congressman from ohio. >> thanks, low for all you have been. >> before he died last year, his family says he had a goal to teach others that you, too,
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daughter. >> why was it so important to write this? >> to tell his story. low, have you to write the book, i said daddy why did you wait so long. we were trying to find a publisher at the time. he said honey it comes down to i didn't want to seem like i was a big deal. >> layer outside of our government. >> but he was a big deal serving 15 terms, 30 years, becoming one of the most powerful and respected lawmakers on capital hill. but as you pages of his fascinating and inspiring book his true love was not the house but home. >> the last summer i took care of him the last three mondays of his life and he said to me one day, he said i guess i just never thought i would be in this situation. i was so busy living that i never thought about this. and then he said, know what i
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said my family. he said i have a wonderful family. >> and laurie stokes happens to be a television anchor in new york city, would want those to come away with the belief that they can be somebody like his mother always told him and another guy who had become a pioneer his brother carl. now we have rough weather to tell you about, folks in florida are waiting hurricane hermine landfall. 51 counties in florida are in a state of emergency making preparations for the storm, gathering sand beings to keep -- bags to keep the water out. some areas it has not been enough. michael is here now, this is a category 1 hurricane. >> exactly. yeah, wins about 80 miles per hour so it's not a strong category 1 but just the fact that there is going to be so much rain with this storm system that it is going to -- that couple weekend the storm
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a nightmare for folks in florida not just there but it will have far reaching impacts in georgia and along the carolina coastline, so, again, hurricane hermine there is a lot to get to. let me jump in and show you what it looks like right now. winds 70-85-mile s per hour. moving north, northeast at 15 miles per hour that makes it a category 1 storm. no paths taking it generally towards the northeast. we expect landfall from this system during the overnight hours tonight through early tomorrow on friday morning and i think that is through friday afternoon it is going to have significant impact in southern georgia towards savanna, a beautiful vacation destination. certainly not the place to be there. nor the coastline of the carolinas.
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see the tremendous rainfall. potential between 6-10 inches of rain. for lack of a better term it is going to an nightmare for friends in florida and especially southern georgia. back at home, this is what it is looking like if you are headed out to the game tonight. temperatures in the upper 60s by the 8:00 p.m. hour. temperatures currently outside in the low and mid-70s. so comfortable start this evening. however, we could see a couple of spot of high pressure up towards our north, what is going on here is it's circulating in the clockwise fashion and it's the air, the cooler air that is you have through the day today riding over the warmer lakes and that is inducing a few isolated lake effect showers that area of high pressure will begin to move off towards the east and venture further towards the south in the upcoming holiday weekend, meaning that more sunshine is
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you are heading out to perhaps the airport from the 2016 air show, it looks fantastic. but again, tonight an isolated shower can't be ruled out of the question. first thing tomorrow morning, although our future view paid out a little bit of groan here, will you wake up to a little bit more cloud cover though to start off your friday. but by friday afternoon, we'll call for more sunshine. temperatures tonight upper 50s, low 60s again, we'll hold on to the isolated shower chance, window nation seven day forecast enjoy the 70s tomorrow, we are in the low to mid-70s on your friday to wrap up your work week, upper 90s by saturday. and look what happens as we cruise toward the next work. summer answer gone anywhere just yet. back in the 90s by wednesday. if anyone is heading out to the air show this weekend, of course as you were saying before we heard planes right over our station, it was rocking and rolling thing.
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weekend for us. >> a gorgeous summer weekend. >> absolutely. it is the preseason finale for the browns. why important -- how important is the night, we should say for this nontraditionally important game. this traditionally not important game. jimmy is back from the stadium
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preseason game of this year for the cleveland browns and a picture perfect night, now to tell us more about that, hey, jimmy. >> reporter: hello, russ, if they were all like this, i tell you what, sign me up. this is a beautiful night here at first energy stadium and the browns take on the chicago bears, they are both 0-3 coming into the game. at the top of the show we talked about the browns defense and how that is a big progress. the browns offense, maybe equally so. as they come into the game tonight the browns have been living in the preseason on the big play. but they have not taken the little chunks of yardage. they haven't been able to establish a rhythm offensively. but realistically that is hard to live by. you have to be able to prolong drives, take them down the field. first downs and that is what rg
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in game 4. >> you have to trust the guys around otherwise you won't be successful. i trust them, i trust the backs, it's about 1 guys being on the same page and we are getting to the point where we are getting it and we gotta get it more con sis tanly. so when the season rolls around everything is good. >> reporter: couple of notes for you to into night. the rookie from baylor, week against the buccaneers, did he not play well, he looked lost at times and they are expecting him to be a big play guy. so they have to get him the feel of the football rather early tonight of the and that is what they will attempt to do. now i don't remember gordon had a big welcome back -- josh gordon had a big welcome back. that went for a touchdown, a true josh gordon play.
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long time. he is suspended at the start of the year as he will not be back until game five when the browns take on the new england patriots here at first energy stadium. guys are playing for jobs here tonight. because the roster size goes down to 53 by the weekend so there are guys out there for instance andrew hawkins and taylor begin reel, two wide receiver that do the same thing, i don't think both of them make the team, one of them the huge system and for hugh jackson in cincinnati. begin reel is a young guy that has good speed. two guys on the bubble tonight but there are a lot more, too. >> some very talented young men in that room. obviously all of them can't stay. so, someone is going to get some really good players, at the same time i know we'll make sure that the guys we keep are the guys that we need to keep here to have a chance to help our football team.
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they play 17 straight games beginning tomorrow night against the marlins. but, they had a very good week when they knocked off the minneapolis -- minnesota twins and they swept them. the tigers also swept as they swept the white sox so their lead is 4.5 games and the magic number is 26 to children. a reminder tomorrow night game one is right here on channel 3, we'll have coverage from progressive field, start time is at 7:00 p.m. all right russ, back to you as we get set for the browns and bears, the 13th straight year that the browns and pers have ended the preseason against each other. >> i asked you about after game three, is deek all excite bad this game? >> is he three gatorades in i think he is ready to go. is he hydrated . should be fun. we'll be listening, jimmy. >> thanks, russ.
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for watching, chris, ty and michael back at 7:00, savanna is up next in new york, it is a great night.
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breaking news tonight, a life-threatening hurricane about to make landfall in florida. several states of emergency and concern stretching all the way into the northeast. spacex explosion disaster caught on camera. a rocket proceeds u destroying a major plan by facebook. what went wrong? backlash. big fallout for donald trump who key supporters who say they were betrayed as trump calls for a major immigration crackdown. stopping pain without painkillers. prescriptions some alternatives that patients are try. what's working and what's not. and parents' nightmare. a big mix-up in the air. two small children sent to the wrong


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