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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 2, 2016 3:07am-3:38am EDT

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epipen. and here is the brand new unopened pack however without a disclaimer and besides being illegal to buy and sell prescription medicines anywhere other than a licensed pharmacy there is a concern over epipens. there may be a safety concern where the epipen that is sold or purchased may not contain epinephrine. the medication that is used and third we may process since it is being sold outside of a licensed pharmacy without a valid legal prescription. >> this is a life saving drug. our sister station saw a post about the epipen. it was courteous enough to add i googled it and it says they might still be fine. and then there is this. protestors rallied outside mylan headquarters in morgantown, west virginia. the latest in this saga over
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they say they will continue protesting. to the presidential race. joe biden made a stop in parmar on behalf of hillary clinton. he was delayed because he sampled rudies a business own by immigrates. we have more on biden donald trump that was in the buckeye state today. >> vice president joe biden rallying a working class crowd at the uaw hall in parma. hillary clinton understands. >> reminding listeners the auto bailout despite critics. >> the arguments were that the reason we are losing on the
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american worker is greedy. we can compete against the japanese. they said we would never make more than 6 million cars a year. we made 17 million last year. we make the best automobiles in the world. >> diamond willicon, a city devastated by losing a freight company donald trump pledged. >> we will bring back your jobs that we have to have back and we want them back soon. we will negotiate fair trade deals that put american workers back to work that put america first. >> and vowing to keep out illegal immigrants that take jobs here. >> we will build that wall. it will go up. >> donald trump confident about the election. >> i think we will win ohio big league. >> the race in ohio closer than other states. >> this ain't over, man. this is not over. >> so coming up on a weekend to honor working men and women,
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votes getting more intense. in parma. todd bearis. the browns in the preseason run with the another loss to the bears. dave chudowsky is here now and 0-4, that hasn't happened in awhile. >> 2008, the keys, no one got hurt. they need starters anyway. they got work and that was good and here is the best thing, we don't have to watch preseason football. we can do it for real. the preseason record doesn't count and it means nothing and that being said it is a reflection of what is to come. the browns lose all four and i wouldn't expect many when it really counts. the browns lose at home against the bears. we will have highlights in a few minutes. let's focus on players, rg iii played a quarter. he did lead them to a touchdown after a bears turnover and four of eight for 31 yards and browns hoping for a quality
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rg not able to hit him a few times and 2nd quarter he caught a pass for ten yards and then dropped it. one catch and two preseason games so far for coleman. first team defense played one series, rookies looked good carl massive and emanuel ugba made big plays but if the bears win tonight, 21-7 is the final and as we mentioned earlier the browns finish the preseason 0- 4, first time since 2008. so here saturday is the final cut down day. they have to get the roster down to 53. and there were players that on the bubble and even guys that you know will make the team that didn't look great, russ. but there were young guys that did play well as well. so it is just going to take a long time but we do it for real on september 11th at philly. >> understanding this is the preseason but how concerned should we be as the team is blown out the past two weeks.
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ugly. growing process and with all of it as we mentioned they can build something with the young guys throughout the season and with the picks in the future, but major concern when it comes to wins and losses. we will see you later in sports. coming up. hail to hero. how a 6-year-old quick thinking saved his pregnant mother. controversial socks. first the national anthem and now for what he wore on the practice field. warmest if not hottest august on record. in cleveland we tied for the warmest. today is the first day of meteorological fall.
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after this. police are calling a 6-year- old boy in california a hero tonight after saving his mother's life. he called 911. >> i tried to find her phone and then i clicked the numbers 911 and then i started to call.
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>> kind of worried. >> the mother was in the hospital but is going to be fine. >> the little boy got a medal and helmet and police are hoping that people speak to their kids about safety. there is a new story about colin kaepernick after he was spotted wearing socks ct people watched to see if he would stand for the national anthem. >> this should give you an idea of how both side argued their points. some would not go by the fc c to pass. this is new to us. >> san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick sits behind the
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standing behind a moment and then the socks. kaepernick saying i wore them because of cops allowing positions in police departments to put the community in danger and the cops that have the right intentions by creating tension. it looks like we found the identical accessories online and they are call pig socks depicting police with pig hats. actually kaepernick wore august 10th at a 49er practice before he sat on august 26th at a game and we are finding out about it because kaepernick's zig not to stand made a whole lot of attention.
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in the star-spangled song. former and current players like reed standing down with him and some veterans have got behind the players. tweets have said everyone deserves life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. veterans for kaepernick. veterans for black lives. want to go to some of the latest tweets from our vis. your venue to voice your opinion or to be disrespectful. most people lose their jobs for disrespect. others saying the other side of this. i don't agree with him but who cares? my brother is a 20 year police veteran and both of my parents served in the military for the right of this man and any others to express themselves. agreement is not necessary. get over it. you can see, russ, a lot of
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soon. i don't think so. now 1118. michael in for betsy and watching the football game and rain is falling. >> first energy stadium. >> we were talking about it earlier when we would see the isolated showers. they are lake effect showers and usually we hear about it and this the other way around, a cool pool of air over the nice warm waters and you got the clouds and showers and rain. speaking of florida. all eyes on hurricane hermine and you can see it right now churning off of the coastline of florida and currently wind at 80 miles per hour moving towards the northeast at 14 miles per hour. i want to bring you right in because it is not just the wind and the rain, it is the tornadic threat with the system. i think that hall mark of the system though will be the flooding that we will see. check this out. if you look closely at your tv
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not too far behind it down towards sarasota. on the eastern edge of florida, thank goodness not as much rainfall. daytona beach, two inches there. land fall in the next hour or two. i think we will continue to see this race up the eastern seaboard affecting the friends and neighbors down towards only georgia but south carolina and north carolina and rainfall potentials between 6 and ten inches. let's go back home. starting off your tgif friday. temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon in the 70s with sunshine. breaking down your day, hey, brown bagging it at lunchtime tomorrow at 72. highs at 74 degrees. current temperatures upper 50s and low 60s and, yes, we too are tracking a couple of the
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couple of raindrops back towards first energy, from brunswick and congress and generally sliding down 71 where we are seeing a few of the showers. i think they fizzle and fade given the fact that high pressure should move on and kind of squeeze out all of the residual moisture out of the atmosphere. here is what it looks like. we will pick it up at midnight and walk you through tomorrow morning. i think we will stay dry and call it partly cloudy. by tomorrow clouds fizzle and fade. again, high pressure moving in. clearing out clouds. and that's setting us up for nice three day labor day week. russ, for the folks heading out to the 2016 air show, it is going to be phenomenal. >> your first air show, you got to enjoy it. >> i can't wait. coming up, not much went right for the browns as they
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next. now the window nation's sports report. hi again. the browns announced attendance. 63393. the actual amount of people there, not even close but brian hoyer was and he helped lead the bears for a win. 0-4. hugh jackson played the starters. the defense not as long.
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yer. bears settle for a field goal and punter. carter recovers and gets in the end zone. crowall takes it in and browns lead 7-3 and browns answer and lead 9-7. the second quarter, corey cold man roster the first catch. mcmurray the only kicker. misses the field goal, 12-7 bears at the half. the browns score 0 points and the final three quarters and the bears win 21-7. hugh jackson says after the oakland raiders went 4-0 they ended up 8-8. let's not worry. last time they were 0-4 in the
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tonight the first time josh gordon played at home since 2014 and the last time until week five. gordon getting extra work as he won't play in the first four games and six targets and three catches for 29 yards. no touchdowns this week and in the preseason gordon for five grabs and a touchdown. you on october 9th. indians against the marlins, the last inner league series. marlins and mets. florida lost five straight entering the game, 7th inning. marlins leading 3-1. christian yelich and the marlins win 6-4, carlos core restco will pitch tomorrow. marlins start the final full month of the season, four-and-a- half games up on the tigers, what a ride.
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right here on channel 3. indian and marlins at 7:10 is the first pitch. the buckeyes are back. ohio state kicks off the season on saturday at noon hosting bowling green. urban meyer will take on the team he coached in 2001, 2002, he has never lost the season opener in his head coaching career. osu won 36 of the last 37 homeowners. buckeyes will start the season ranked 6th in the country. not a just six. three on defense and three on office including jt par rot and here is the game plan. getting it out of my hand to get the playmakers flying around like we did back in 2014 that was good for us. i think that is in the direction we are headed. like i said still getting a few kinks out. the falcons are the champs. winning three titles.
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let the team overlook the falcons but everyone expects a victory. falcons are 28-and-a-half point underdogs and their first head coach is fine with that. >> i have been an underdog. something i am used to and kind of excel in those situations. it is not just coach speak but everyone up here will tell you it is not about who you are playing and what people think it is about you. so rookie head coach bowling green when meyer was head coach at bowling green, a reporter in toledo, ohio was covering him and that man is sitting here. how about that. brian crane or extraordinaire saying they finished the season 4-12 is what he said.
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back. stay with us. we thank you for watching.
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breaking news tonight, a life-threatening hurricane about to make landfall in florida. several states of emergency and concern stretching all the way into the northeast. spacex explosion disaster caught on camera. a rocket proceeds up on the destroying a major plan by facebook. what went wrong? backlash. big fallout for donald trump who key supporters who say they were betrayed as trump calls for a major immigration crackdown. stopping pain without painkillers. prescriptions some alternatives that patients are try. what's working and what's not. and parents' nightmare. a big mix-up in the air. two small children sent to the wrong cities and a mom
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child. how does this happen? "nightly news" again right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. as we come on the air, a hurricane is about to make landfall in the state of florida for the first time in 11 years. hurricane hermine is packing and there are fears of tornadoes, torrential rain, flooding and a dangerous storm surge, which has already gun. tonight multiple states of emergency across as the massive storm closes in. millions are on alert. gabe gut air says in the florida panhandle for us tonight. how are things going? >> reporter: good evening. the wind and the rain is really starting to pick up here as
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shore. it has really strengthened throughout the day. now florida's governor is saying that 6,000 members of the national guard are ready to mobilize if needed. tonight the outer bands of hermine are lashing the panhandle. torrential rain pounding the coast as authorities warn of devastating storm surge. >> this is life-threatening. we have a hurricane. >> you can rebuild a home, you can rebuild property, you cannot rebuild strengthening into a category 1 hurricane this afternoon had already dumped more than a foot of rain near tampa. homes flooded there and in sarasota with fire crews used boats to rescue residents and pets. this restaurant owner struggling to keep the water out. >> we lost all of our dock. >> reporter: the threat not just wind and rain but isolated tornadoes. now parts of georgia and north carolina are also under a state of emergency. the east coast expecting dangerous rip currents through the holiday weekend.
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near apalachicola flarks. >> you do what you can do and hope for the best. >> reporter: on nearby st. george island mandatory evacuations are under way. >> we really want you off this island. all these storms are serious because they're unpredictable, you know, and the scary part is when tornadoes spin off of them. >> reporter: despite the risks, rex and cindy whiteman have chosen to stay. >> we've done ev and it's too hard to pack up and leave. and this is home. >> reporter: prepared to ride out his first hurricane in more than a decade. gabe gutierrez, apalachicola, florida. al roker joining us. when can we expect landfall? >> some time late tonight, savannah. but you can see the eye of the storm right now. this is strengthening. if there's any good news, it doesn't have a lot of time to strengthen much more. so that's good.
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sfrl florida, and we're watching hermine 85 miles south of apalachicola, 75 mile-an-hour winds. landfall late tonight in the panhandle. by early saturday afternoon it's off the carolina coast. the cone of uncertainty still includes boston, new york. it will continue to expand. we may be talking about this into early next week. we have tropical storm watches, hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings all the way from atlantiit storm surges, the flooding that comes onshore, 6 to 9 feet in the big bend area, georgia north carolina coast could see 1 to 3 feet. we have the possibility of tornadoes from wilmington all the way to gainesville. and the rainfall, and my gosh, the flood risk up to 20 inches in the panhandle. we're talking upwards of 4 to 8 inches into the carolinas. rip currents stretching from florida all the way up to new england.
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tonight, al. thank you very much. other news now and a major setback tonight for spacex. the company hired by nasa to carry cargo and eventually astronauts to the space station. an unmanned rocket suddenly exploded during a test this morning two days before a scheduled launch. on board a satellite that facebook hoped to use to beam internet access to remote parts of the world. now spacex is behind schedule again and trying to learn what went wrong. here's costello. >> reporter: it happened on cape canaveral, launchpad 40. a massive explosion just after 9:00 a.m., an unmanned spacex falcon 9 rocket launched in a giant fireball that the company says started in the upper stage oxygen tank. >> evacuating complex 41, but it's south of 41. >> wow. it's still going. >> reporter: the explosion so big witnesses could see and feel it miles
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>> it's a rocket that blew up. a pretty knockous smoke plume heading out towards the beach. >> temporarily closing down the beach. >> reporter: amazingly no one was injured. it happened during an engine test fire. on saturday the rocket was supposed to launch an israeli communications satellite into orbit from which facebook planned to beam home internet access to africa. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg today saying he was deeply disappointed by the launch failure. >> three, two, the first disappointment for spacex, founded by billionaire elon musk. it has suffered a series of setbacks but also tremendous success, launching cargo resupply missions to the space station. the falcon 9 rocket launched today was the same design that is supposed to one day carry humans to the space station. former astronaut steve robinson is an nbc news analyst. >> this is a very competitive industry, of course, and it's also a very
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and being extremely careful. >> reporter: today's explosion appears to have significantly damaged the spacex launchpad potentially serious setback for spacex as the company works through a backlog of satellite launch dates and upcoming resupply missions to the space station. tom costello, thank you. to presidential politics and big backlash for donald trump from some of his biggest latino supporters who say now they feel misled and indicated he was perhaps softening on some of his immigration stances only to come out swinging last night, calling for a major immigration crackdown. katy tur tonight with the reaction. >> reporter: until today jacob monte was a member of donald trump's national hispanic council. >> i'm not going to be a hispanic prop like the mexican president was. so i resigned. >> reporter: bowing out after trump's fiery immigration speech last night.


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