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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now at 11, breaking news. a semitruck crashes, closing down parts of i-480. plus fearing for her insincerity, a local woman terrified over the thought of her ex boyfriend getting out of jail three years early. she's sharing her story tonight. >> happy to be out here on the field and meet some of the players. >> and raising awareness for childhood cancer. meet a tiny hero honor of throwing out the first pitch at the game. plus we'll look at all the events happening around town. we're following breaking news now: some of the eastbound lanes of i-480 are closed. it happened between west 130th and tiedman in brookland.
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caused this crash. we'll bring you an update as we get it. i'm just completely terrified and afraid for my life and the safety of my child. >> we're so glad to have you with us tonight. he was an akron police sergeant, eric paul, before he was sentenced to prison stalking his ex girlfriend. in her own words, she explains why this is so terrifying. >> that's the word she used, terrifying. you'll see it in her eyes. she feels like a victim all over again. it's a week short of a year now since eric paul was locked up. the man who she says had her phone and car traced, the man who she testified wanted to kill her, even himself behind
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but not anymore. july 2015, alexis, a 30-year- old mother tells us of the might mare her then boyfriend eric paul had created, months of stalking and threats and more than 200 text messages a day. i love you. left a bullet on the back bumper. he attacked her on thanksgiving. >> i told him i would never tell anyone what happened, and he said untouchable. >> september 10th, 2015, paul pleads guilty to aggravated assault, stocking and violating a protection order, sentenced to four years. a year later now, almost to the day as life goes on, she finds herself terrified again. >> that he will find me and he will kill me. >> because county court judge is allowing paul to plead his case for an early prison
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child's life. when someone who has raped you and violated you and stalked you, the fear is real. it's not something you see in a movie. it actually happened. >> in august, she wrote a statement begging the judge to "please protect me." >> i'm just hopeful that some >> it is so obvious when you see her there that this is all so raw again for alexis. in her most candid moments she told us tonight, and this is a quote, he is a narcissistic nut. paul will have his moment in court and of course we'll be there to see how it plays out. >> of course we'll follow it.
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woman. >> and the sad thing is there are so many people out there that relate to that story, and she said i need to be strong for them. so we'll see how it goes. >> thank you for telling her story so well. the swimmer from ohio who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman is a free man tonight. brock turn served just three months. he was released early due called good behavior, and this light sentence made a lot of people extremely angry across the world. he will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. >> i think it's outrageous. he's gone from our custody and should be in state prison right now. >> two million people signed the petition supporting the victim. it is also called for removing the judge from the bench. in case you didn't know,
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very soon, although a lot of people are saying what will this mean. will it actually mean anything. we're digging into that question tonight. a panel still has to be chosen to work with the commerce department to right industry rules. patients are not getting prescriptions just yet. >> it's very difficult, very rare to find a doctor that's willing to stick their and recommend medical marijuana. >> the first rule should be out by next may, but ohio's new legal pot business may not be up and running until two years from now. the fbi has released new information about that e-mail scandal that continues to unfold for secretary clinton. we have a report now from washington. >>reporter: in a heavily
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released its summary notes from their hillary clinton interview about whether she mishandled classified material. the fbi says clinton told them she never deleted, nor did they instruct anyone to delete her e- mail. but tens of thousands of e- mails were deleted, some of them classified and related to her work as secretary of state. the fbi decided not to recommend >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive classified information. >>reporter: trump's campaign says the fbi release reenforces clinton's bad judgment. meanwhile,some critics call this and his trip tomorrow to talk with a black church in
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his base of predominantly white voters. >> by going now, it sort of takes that stink of him being a racist off. he can go and say i'm in the a racist, i talked in a black church. >>reporter: others point to the fact that trump is the only candidate making campaign spots as well as meeting foreign leaders. clinton has only made two public appearances in the past two weeks. >> and back to the investigation, the information in the notes was reported to congress by the fbi director in july. now, most of that is not new information. let's turn to the tropics now. tropical storm hermine is packing rain and heavy winds.
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tropical storm. watches and warnings stretched as far north as connecticut. but it won't affect our weekend weather because thousandses are expected to come downtown tore if wonderful air show. tonight we're going to make it super easy for you with this. we start with octoberfest underway. you'll find food beer. the party continues through monday. moving to the west side of cleveland where the saint rocko festival is celebrating 1 102 years. and the not to typical, which includes the annual competition. you can sink your teeth into some delicious corn on the cob.
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check out the cool animals. >> this is awesome. we want to tell you this is the final weekend for the lake in bay bridge township. the land will be sold and developed. coming up, millions of smartphones recalled. tonight, an explosive situation linked to the phones. see which mol >> plus, fda bans. how it affects more than 2100 products that you have in your home right now. >> plus, first pitch. you're gonna meet this amazing little boy who beat cancer and took the spotlight at progressive field tonight. he is incredible. >> good evening. between 60 to 100,000 people are expected tomorrow at the 2016 cleveland national air
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we'll talk about how the weather holds up coming up
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combustible consumer alert. the world's largest smartphone maker is recalling its galaxy note 7. samsung is trying to keep the problem from blowing up. the battery is prone to exploding or catching fire. in a youtube video, a user claims his 2 week old phone went up in flames while it was charging. >> everyone rocking the new note y'all. >> 2.5 million galaxy note 7s. samsung said it conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery issue. hover boards have even caught fire. samsung said it's going to work for wireless carriers to get replacements out there now. it's time to think again about antibacterial soap.
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hands to kill germs, plain old soap and water is good enough to do the job. that's what the fda said today as it banned a dozen ingredients often included in antibacterial soaps. >>reporter: it's part of the hand washing ritual for millions, but today the fda banned 19 chemicals used in those soaps forcing them off the market in a year. >> it's not a ban beca said this is bad. it's more a ban because it's just no good. >>reporter: infection disease specialist says basic soap and warm water are enough. >> soap is fantastic. soap is a detergent. it's busting open bacteria extremely well so it's very difficult to say why do you need anything else. >>reporter: the fda says some companies produced no evidence
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effective. some research suggests that they could spur drug resis tan resistant bacteria. the american cleaning institute, a soap industry group -- other companies now have a year to comply ban. >> today's ruling doesn't affect consumer hand sanitizers or wipes. antibacterial products used in health care settings aren't impacted either. one of our four legged friends was so happy to see firefighters in italy. the dog was pulled from the rubble more than a week after a earthquake hit. the golden retriever appeared
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spending all those days surrounded by the debris, and was excited to be united with his family. 300 people died. thousands, unfortunately are now home. first pitches are done by dignitaries, but tonight's might beat them all. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is 9 year old austin. he was 10 months old when he was diagnosed with cancer. after multiple surgeries and the loss of a kidney, we are now happy to report that austin is cancer free. the organization raises millions in cancer research. listen to his family explain why it is so important to stay in the fight, starting with austin.
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all. it's really bad. >> it really is. >> yeah. >> how are you holding up. >> good. i shave my head every year because not everyone is as lucky as us to have a cancer survivors, and we want more people with cancer survivors. >> the more dollars we raise, the more austin we get. that's why i from their shaved head campaign. and i love it. dave asked him, hey, how are you holding up after all that, and he said i'm good. >> what an inspiration, only 9 years old. >> and it's amazing what he's been through. also out there today, not just throwing out the first pitch, but enjoying himself and fantastic weather, but is it going to hold for the air show
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that in just a second, but will it hold for the air show? absolutely. look at it yourself. first thing tomorrow morning, looking at temperatures in the mid-60s. we'll easily make it into the 70s by lunchtime. mid-70s is what we're going with for highs tomorrow. tomorrow morning a comfortably cool start as your getting things going, lots of sunshine in the forecast, heading out and about in general. from start to finish, a good-looking day tomorrow shaping up for us here in north east ohio. this is mother nature's way of saying hey, open up the windows and relax. i'm sure you noticed how strong the winds were earlier. not the case now. that's complements of high pressure. it is large, in charge, and it is with us giving us a big old kiss of sunshine, not only on your saturday but also on your
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to there. you can see where tropical storm hermine is now. it dumped a ton of rainfall in florida, even parts of georgia picking up over 6 inches of rain, 8 inches in parts of south carolina and north carolina. we're expecting that system to continue to race up the eastern seaboard, moving towards the northeast at about 20 miles per hour. back taking a staycation this labor day weekend, it could not look any better. this weekend a great weekend to fire the grill up. first thing tomorrow morning we're waking up to a cool sunshine out there. great jogging weather. i think by tomorrow afternoon, again as you're heading perhaps out for the big air show,s'
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please don't forget the sun screen, but even though temperatures cool, in the 70s, you can still get burned and i learned that the hard way too. here's the deal. as we head toward sunday, temperatures back in your lower 80s. by monday, mid-80s. by tuesday and wednesday, we're getting close to 90 degrees, so the heat is back. >> thanks a lot. coming up, the indians try to have friday night fun at progressive field. could they make it four straight wins? dave has the highlights coming
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. a great way for the indians to start the month of september and the first of 17 straight games as they beat the miami
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right here on channel 3. welcome back cocoa crisp. he joined the indians today. he walked six batters, three of the first four he saw. they scored on a field, a ground out. but it counts. bottom of the five. this is exciting. a two-run double to indians a 6-0 lead. all indians tonight. they had their a-game. 11 strikeouts. he gets his 10th win of the year. the indians win 6-2. they're 77 and 56 matching a season high 21 games above 500. they lead the tigers by five games. detroit and kansas city still playing. kansas city is up in the 9th.
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finishing the pre-season 0-4. 2015, 6th round pick quarterback charles gaines has been cut. the browns cut the 2014 fourth round draft pick. he spent the past two seasons at cornerback. it doesn't work out. in the browns 21-7 loss yesterday, rg impress versus the bares second team scoring one time in three drives. with the regular season nine days away in philadelphia, will they flip the switch when it's for real? >> if a switch did need to be flipped, i think the guys understand that now, especially after our break in the huddle with what coach told us. it's real. it's about wins and losses and we're here to win. he's here to win.
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make coach look good. week two of the high school football season, time for game changers and we start with that great rivalry in lorain county. avon lake gets on the board first. 7-0. now our game changers. michael whose mother is fighting cancer, and the team wears special jersey in honor of her. breaking tackles for this four- yard score. the eagles stop their rival short. university school at bay. game changers number 83,
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play football at cornell. third quarter, bay down 2 the 1- 13, and shawn chambers is the stuff we like on friday night. of course 6'2", 255 cameron up the middle. 37-yard touchdown. they go on to win 35-16. ohio state opens its tomorrow against bowling green. no program in the country returns fewer starters from last season than the buck eyes, but still some think they can win the college playoff. i like their odds. they won 69 of their last 70 regular home season games. >> it's a great way to come out in the season. we'll be riled up and there's going to be a lot of nervous
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comes down to it, after your first couple plays, you're playing the game that you love. >> so college football is back. we look forward to that tomorrow night, and the tigers took the lead against kansas city. >> and i like what he said, he said we're riled up. love that attitude. >> go out and win or have the right attitude. >> there you go. thanks a lot. we'll be back after a short
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. thank you so much for being with us. be sure to tune in to channel 3 news today starting at 5:00
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- meg ryan -- nick kroll and john mulaney --


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