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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  September 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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coming up on channel 3 news today, dozens injured in an explosion in new york city. what we know about the blast. the hunt for october continues as they clinch another win, a post-season run. and the brown and orange today. >> good morning, where ar this morning? we're in the lot with all of these fans. [ cheering and applause ] . >> we're going to talk to spider dog. channel 3 news this morning starts right now. it's channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you'll be saying i love my windows.
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with the partyies. you just showed how packed the parking lot is. >> unbelievable. >> i don't think we give you a snapshot. we don't give you the big picture because it's hard to do unless you're right above. >> it's a huge parking lot. i would be willing to guess there's hundreds upon hundreds inch of that parking lot is crowded and jam packed like sardined with rv's, the people, the tents, the chair, the grills, it's incredible. >> this is your first browns season here. >> unprepared for that. >> wait until it's like that when it's snowing outside, too, the weather is beautiful today. so you think yeah, sure, people are partying, no. they're out there. >> we haven't seen anything yet. we have that and of course and
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indians playing as well, so it's like, you know, the best of both worlds here in downtown, so a lot taking place, hundreds of thousands of people are expected in downtown cleveland. if you're one of them, make sure you pack your patience and a good time. upper 60s and low 70s. akron canton has a little bit of fog. towards michigan, more towards towards toledo. otherwise, most of all of us. on the eastern edge there of ashtabula county, seeing some showers and that's compliments of a cold front that's slowly working through the area. and i think that around lunchtime, and points after lunchtime, a spotty shower, an isolated thunderstorm possible, not likely. highs today upper 70s, low 80s. we'll talk about your first day of fall forecast and i'll say
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looks like the first day of summer. we'll talk about that in a second. thanks, michael. football season officially kicks off in cleveland today. the browns home opener, brings one of the largest crowds of tailgaters to the lake shore, we showed you a little bit of that video, let's go to it again, channel 3 alyssa raymond joins us from the lot. fans were lined up. alyssa, i think we talked about the line as early as 4:00 or 5 in could go beyond that and say that the first person in line got here yesterday. at 6:15. you can see how much energy these people have, even though they got up and barely had any sleep. but earlier, you're also talking about politics in the lot. in fact, it happens here, we saw trump. and spider dog here this morning, and spider dog, how long have you been dressing up
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years that i've been dressing as the caped crusadeer here. >>reporter: and why do you do it year after year? >> i do it for fun. we don't have a good product on the field as of late since 99. so what we do is just have a little bit more fun in tailgating, the win before the loss, we never lost on pavement. >>reporter: and i also have to tell our viewers that you go to children's hospitals like this as well. >> correct. yes, i just went to my b care, i wanted to go there for support, because my buddy thinks i'm good luck, i will go to hospitals and do support. >>reporter: you bring a smile to those kids faces, so why don't you bring a win today? >> i'm going to do that. go brownies. >>reporter: get the web out. maureen, back to you in the studio. >> all right. that is my new favorite browns fan. [ cheering and applause ]
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browns fan is the spider-man, he's get. all right. thanks, alyssa. well, another walkoff win last night for the indians, putting their magic number at 7. fans are thrilled to see the tribe in pursuit of a playoff run. carly flint morgan has the story of the excitement building around tribe fans. >>reporter: most cleveland sports fans dontd hold back their passion. >> go tribe. >>reporter: so this guy is a age, the last time the indians won the world series. >> we have a chance to win, two championships this year, in the same year, we've never won one since i was born. >>reporter: the cavs corrected what some viewed as the decades long curse. >> the indians are coming back and having a fantastic season, so can't explain it. go tribe. >> i think it would fw good for the city. >>reporter: a taste of success
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pound salivating. >> the browns do any good this year, we're going to be completely ecstatic. >>reporter: another win keeps the dream alive. >> it's fantastic, we're on the rise. >>reporter: carly flynn morgan, channel 3 news. now, to the big stories that we've been following nationwide, dozens of people were injured in what's explosion in new york city late last night near 23rd street between 6th and 7th avenues in chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. at least 29 people were injured. including one seriously. but none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. city officials do not believe it's terror related but do believe it was intentional. >> the early indications, initial indications is this was an intentional act. we're going to have a lot more
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have more detailed analysis, but we believe at this point in time, this was an intentional act. whatever the cause, whatever the intention here, new yorkers will not be intimidated, we're not going to let anyone change who we are or how we go about our lives. >> the explosion comes after a pipe bomb exploded in new jersey saturday night along the semper fie 5-k run. kenneth velez, visitation high school from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. services are set for thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the lorain community college. he was struck by a driver allegedly high on drugs, that man charged with killing trooper velez faced a judge yesterday. joshua gaspar's bail is set. he faces an aggravated vehicular
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common sense suggests that we should make it easier, not harder, for young people to get all of the education that they need. right? all right. [ applause ] . >> bernie sanders stopped in northeast ohio yesterday, talking directly to young voters. who don't plan to vote for do bernie was in both akron and kent, the appearance from clinton's primary race rival comes as she is sliding in recent ohio polls, behind donald trump. a recent new york times cbs poll shows a third of voters under 30 plan to vote for a third party. sanders pitch persuaded those about hillary clinton? >> truly, i think this is one of
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country, ever. >> the horror in the people that have lead poisonings, or in debt, they're the ones that need help. >> senator elizabeth warren will be in town today, here in cleveland on the campus where she's going to focus on clinton's college education policy plans. clinton's opponent, donald trump is making his way back to our swing state, he's going to macon a appearance in toledo on wednesday. the last time trump was in toledo, he said he would put an end to deal and says ohio's economy was flaunderring. a man stabbed 8 people at a minnesota mall. what he was asking his victims that has the police on edge. plus, october fest in germany, why extra security was needed for this year's event, we're going the take you there,
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welcome back. now to the top news around the nation. at least 8 people were stabbed
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minnesota, the incident happened at the cross roads center, saturday night. an armed suspect entered the mall and began threatening people. the suspect made references to a la and one person if they were muslim before he assaulted them. all suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect was killed after being shot by an off duty officer. at least four people are dead, and dozens of others are injured after a bus crashed in north carolina. the bus was carrying students and coaches from a jr college football team. a tire blew, which caused the bus to travel into the median and strike a metal guard rail under an overpass, four people are dead and 42 others hospitalized with varying degrees of injuries. heavy rain and stricter security did little to dampen the beer lovers in october fest, the annual festival opened saturday in the southern german city of munich. inside of the beer tent, they
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enjoyed the flowing beer. visitors had to go through security check this is year, following this summer's attacks in munich. well, tonight, televisions biggest night is upon us as the 68th emmy awards take center stage this evening k. a lot more than just trophies at stake, though, several shows and people, are making history. >>reporter: scored the best emmy last year. but the russian spy drama, the americans could pull an upset with the first nomination. >> this is a show that critics have been plotting for years and they have been slow to recognize it. >>reporter: recognitions eluded house of cards star kevin space si as best actor, but the fourth nomination could be taken by a
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>>reporter: so does bob, if the emmy law for breaking bad extended to the spin-off. >> we just have to get creative. >>reporter: how to get away with murder davis looks to make back-to-back wins as best actress. rivals include -- empire. >> i will keep an eye on kerry russell, she's getting the first nomination for the americans here, and i think she could be a really good bet. >>reporter: veep scored a 1-2 punch, best comedy and she won best actress. >> the best actress category goes, but i wouldn't count out tracey ellis ross at this point. >>reporter: ross is the first black woman in three decades to be nominated in the category for series blackish and upset hopes for best comedy. >> a ground swell of support in the second season.
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>>reporter: the transgender comedy transparent, he could make it to the best actor. >> i don't think that his performance got any worse in the second season, it got better if anything. >>reporter: emmy voters will decide if better means best. nbc news. >> all right. mark, thanks so much. coming up, he takes a four-mile walk every day to visit the neighbor, but he's not your average walker. he actually walks on four legs, how one dog's daily walk has made him a legend. but first, here's michael forecast. >> a really cute puppy. at the end of the weather segment, we have another cute puppy to tell you about. but outside, a couple of wet dogs towards ashtabula county, going to be going out on the water today, looks good, despite that chance for an isolated shower, your full forecast is looking like summer coming up
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we've been shots from the lot all morning, you can see people in their short sleeves, their shorts. >> enjoy the day. >> even when i was outside in the middle of the night when we leave for work, i didn't feel chilly whatsoever. i can still feel the humidity. >> and you'll feel it tonight and throughout the rest of the week as well. if you're one of the folks that are going to be heading on down to either first energy or going to be going out to progressive field, there's so much going on, so of course, we know that our
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baltimore ravens, here's the thing. so at capacity, by the way, first energy seats about 73,000 people. there's going to be a ton of folks downtown, so if you're going to be heading downtown here soon for the 1:00 game. just make sure that you pack your patience and as maureen was just saying as well, the short sleeves and the shorts also suggest the temperatures are around 80, we'll call it mostly cloudy. coming downtown to go to progressive field, of course, we have tin indians taking on the detroit tiger, first pitch after 1:00, temperatures right around 78-80 degrees. not only by first pitch, but also by the 9th inning. an isolated sprinkle is possible during the game. not all that likely, that's the good news. current temperatures upper 60, lower 70s, most of us dry, not all of us. northeast end there of ashtabula county, up towards -- seeing light to moderate rain, sha
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but so much taking place downtown, let's take youl right on over to first energy at the great looking morning there. a shot, skip and jump to progressive field. a great start there. a cold front that passed through the area yesterday, and notes that it's a slow-moving front and along the front is where we're tracking the scattered showers and thunderstorm, that's going to don't march towards the east, so as we head through the afternoon, into the evening , continue to diminish. monday looks pretty good. this is what we have going on for monday. a whole lot nothing. tuesday, another front that's approaching northeast ohio and that will ignite a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. so through the afternoon, the time stamp at 6:00, i think that the best chance for seeing showers and storms is south and east of cleveland through the
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fall apart overnight. first thing tomorrow, looks fantastic. tomorrow afternoon, on your monday, your first day back to work after a great weekend, looking good as well. window nation, 7-day forecast, showing the highs in the upper 70s, low 80s. and absolutely perfect start to the first day of fall. which happens to be on thursday. so again, a great looking week ahead of great-looking, our friends from lake humane society here with -- her name is j lo. >> her owner, she turned celebrity, a run for her money. >> exactly. so this is anne marie. she was surrendered by her
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dog. a pit bull mixed. >> you have the orange on her today. >> yes. >> exactly. very fitting. and you guys also have an event, miles for muts. >> miles for mutts is a 5-k. you can register for day of for 25. >> she is cleaning herself, she wants to look pretty for the camera. >> they can visit our website, lake to check out information about her or other animals and check out the shelter and meet anyone they want. >> we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> maureen, back to you. >> what a cutie pie. yeah, she looks like a cartoon dog. >> she does. she does.
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now to another dog, named bruno. that's been making the 4-mile trip into town every day for the last years. why he takes the trip alone. >>reporter: just around the bend. that's from where the best characters come. >> just been his routine for as far back as i know. >>reporter: ears up, tongue down. >> he's a big to do here. >>reporter: a wolf of a dog. ke from lake country. >> bruno. >>reporter: to town. >> may not know the people, but you'll know bruno. >>reporter: sharon has been watching this. through that open corner she's left in the real estate listings. >> walking this way across the street, walking that way across the street. he just literally wanders around town. >>reporter: a wanderer who starts his route at the door at
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>> he's always here. >>reporter: unless bruno is here. the ice cream. >> a regular trip. >>reporter: on his way to the one stop. >> i think he just likes people. >> i just moved up here, one of the first things i heard of. because i had to stop my car for him to cross the street. just the town dog. >>reporter: the town dog. who wandered into their lives. 12 >> a guy come in my driveway, and bruno was a little pup, he says, i found your dog at the end of your driveway. and i says, well, he ain't my dog. >>reporter: larry and debbie va valley took in the wandering stray. >> i tried to get him to stay home, i chained him up and he'd almost hang himself, go to the end of the rope and he didn't want to be chained up. >>reporter: and once bruno
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leads to longville, there was no turning back. >> there's all kinds of people he goes to visit. >> how are you doing. >> that i don't even know. >> he's our buddy, we watch out for him the best way we can. >> he's a spirit. we're all family now. i'll see you tomorrow. >> we've had him in the truck going through town and people are like, bruno. there's bruno. >> waving. >> you are something, you are something, bruno. >>reporterre newly announced lottery winner. >> okay, there's your water baby boy. >>reporter: and bruno needs all the friends he can get. >> i'm just shocked that he hadn't been hit. >> he's got to have a guardian angel. >>reporter: but as that stiffenning body can attest, bruno can't dodge time. >> yeah. he's getting old so you know, he's not going to be around a lot longer. >> hey, bud. >>reporter: a dog this loved
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monument. >> don't you buy your best friend treats? >>reporter: if bruno's shrine hadn't already been built. >> i saw a statue of him over there. >> the official designation a few years back. >> amazing, just amazing. >>reporter: another scratch. another drink. another meal. and bruno's day in town is done. the life of a dog with friends in road pl. >>reporter: kare 11 news, longville. stoil come this morning -- still to come this morning, how would you like to be a million dollars richer, how players of one ohio game are hoping to cash in big later today. hoping for another kind of win later today. >>reporter: they would love a win out here, good morning, maureen, coming up after the break, even though it is the first tailgate of the season,
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in that group. we'll share his story coming up
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thanks so much for being with us, about 9:30 on this sunday, september 18th. there's a live look from our progressive field cam. the tribe is playing at 1:05 today. the browns are also playing in
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morning, no matter what you know, pick your poison, baseball, football, just being outside today is going to be beautiful, michael. >> it is. it's already a mild start this morning, you should see the people in the lot. i cannot wait until we go to alyssa who is live there this morning, i was unprepared if for excitement that was going to take place there. but here's the deal f. you're going to be heading downtown here in a couple of hour, a lot to look forward upper 60, low 70s, we are tracking a little bit more fog towards akron and canton, take your time if you're travelling northbound into town from there. otherwise, mostly most of us are dry. we are tracking a couple of showers that will take you in. you can see where the light to moderate rain is, through this afternoon, again, we are not going to rule out the chance at
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the splash and dash showers, an isolated storm. mid 70s, to about 80 degrees today, a handful of degrees above normal. we'll talk about if there's any cooldown in sight straight ahead. maureen, back over to you. thank so much, michael. the browns are back, so are the tailgaters, alyssa raymond joins us live where the fans are preparing for today's game early, early, early, some night, alyssa. stayed overnight in the lot. >>reporter: exactly. to secure that number one spot, they had to get here at 6:00 p.m. yesterday. this morning, we already had our breakfast sandwich, we're on to -- smell them. barbecue ribs. it has been amazing, as you can imagine. and the stories of the people out here are amazing as well. we're going to this group here, and we need to ask you, this is the first game of the season,
9:32 am
so special because you've been coming for many, many years? why is this different? >> this is different because it's bittersweet, my buddy john, who puts all of this on over here, is deploying for the third tour overseas. only game that he's going to be able to go to for 9 months. known him for 24 years. bittersweet moment, but we're going to make the best of it. >>reporter: john, we need to talk to you, you have your hands full, this is his here, and john, how are they making this an extra-special sendoff for you? >> i mean, honestly, sometimes it's hard to pack the bus to come down, granted prior years of lack of wins, we manage to fak bus with 15 guy -- pack the bus with 15 guys, it's an extra special sendoff for me, i
9:33 am
sisters of the lot. >>reporter: your two little girls are going to miss you terribly, your wife? >> absolutely. my wife of 7 years, my two girls. 4 and 15 months. you know, i'm going to miss them terribly. but you know, we all know what i signed up for, all in this with me together, together as a team, we'll get through it. >>reporter: thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >>reporter: and we need to show the back of your shirt, spin around. there it is. there's the win for us t >> i hope so. i hope so. >>reporter: you were saying too, there's a ton of service members. >> we have four or five service members here, rick here in the air force, and in the army, he's been here 15 years, we've got retired active duty man in the
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here. well, thank you so much again, enjoy your food and enjoy the last tailgate of the season. maybe you'll be back next year for sure. we'll see you next year. [ chanting ] . >>reporter: maureen back to you in the studio. >> a big party. and a win. hopefully we can -- at least they're having we want to get you some news we've been following, if you're planning oncoming down for the game, the rta says all but the red line is back up and going. service to the green and blue lines p were restored. no word on when the red line will be back up in service. buses will be taking would-be rapid passengers from the normal stations in the meantime.
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into a crash, investigators say one person was involved in the crash, no word on the condition or what caused the mess. life-change k money on the line in portage county today, the garrettsville queen of hearts drawing. it's popular game in that town, that draws thousands of hopes of big wins. after no winners the last few week, the jackpot could approach 2 million dollars, shattering the old record. thousands are expected to sky lane bowling to see if a winner is chosen. today is shaping touch be a nice day. what will winter bring us? greg dee has his prediction. >>reporter: i'm meteorologist greg dee with a special weather geek fix for you. after last winter being so mild during an el nino, thoughts were that this year we were going to swing back into the opposite. la nina. during that marn, the jet stream dives south across the ohio
9:36 am
meaning more in the way of snow. in fact, they were so concerned about this, they have issued a la nina watch for the pacific ocean. well, the latest data from nasa, looking out across the pacific, just to the west of south america, actually indicates that the waters are not getting colder, which would indicate a la nina pattern. earlier in the summer, the forecast of seeing a la nina were at 75% in june. in july, they dropped to 60%. and in 40%. and now, it seems that the chances of seeing a la nina and a crazy abnormally cold winter are dropping fast. in fact, it looks like this wtd, may actually be pretty typical, so in a typical winter in northeast ohio, here's what we see in terms of snowfall. just one of the factors. cleveland cease about 68 inches of -- sees about 68 inches of snow, that's because of the lake effect. if you live away from the lake, you'll see more like 45-50. the forecast does not say how
9:37 am
but typically, it looks like we should see a normal winter here in northeast ohio. all right. thanks. sports is next, the buckeyes big game against oklahoma was delayed 90 minutes due to weather. were they able to come up with a win when the weather clear snd dave has the answer coming up -- cleared?
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it was a big win for the ohio state buckeyes last night. the third ranked buckeyes beat the oklahoma sooners 34-24. four touchdowns, all to junior wide receiver joe brown. you'll see this for a long time coming. the spectacular touchdown by pinning it with one hand behind it back. yep, that's going to definitely make the highlight now, here's dave with more in your morning sports report. and now, the window nation sports report. >> hi, everyone, and good sunday morning. and i know, we usually start with the browns here on sunday morning. not today. yes, they do play, we'll get to them in a moment. we are starting with the tribe because they have a big game today after a huge win last night over the tigers, they have
9:41 am
price as they lose another starting pitcher. just the second pitch for carlos carrasco and he is drilled in the hand, he suffered a broken right hand and lost for the entire season. so now the starting rotation without carrasco and salisar. on the other side, he was dealing a no-hitter until jason leads off with the bottom of kicks the bullpen, 8 pitchers combined to throw 10 shut out ijs. bases loaded. jose ramirez in walk-off fashion, the base hit to bring in -- the 10th walk off win for the tribe this year. 1-0, the final score, win number 86. they lead the tigers by 8 games, 14 to play, but they move
9:42 am
make this more challenging, what we're trying to do, but at the same time, when we do it, i think it will feel all that much better. carrasco aside, that was a fun game to be a part of. it was so much good baseball going on. >> well, it was fun and this is fun watching the magic number go to 8, but down to 7. that's right. tigers loss with the indians win, a win today, and it's down to 5. if the tigers 7. the indians 13-1. here's your match-up for today. daniel norris, against trevor -- think about this. bower wasn't neven the indians row -- even in the indians rotation, now, he's the number two guy in the rotation, first pitch at 1:10. >> okay. now to the browns. tonight, we will either be talking about a browns win, the
9:43 am
loss to the ravens. baltimore owns the browns in cleveland. but today, we're hoping to change that, and you know t browns are looking to win their third straight opener, they did beat them, in the third straight home opener, the browns beat the ravens last year in baltimore led by josh mccowan and he's become at quarterback today, 457 yards passing against the ravens in that game last year. but he's not expecting to exactly do that today. >> was just where the gamoo ball and so, you know, 450 yard passing games are rare so i don't know if you necessarily expect a repeat performance, but if the game takes us there, we want to be able to deliver that, that's my mind set. >> and you will not want to miss sports tonight, it will be a great show, because we hope to be talking about two different wins, as the brown s take on the
9:44 am
win number one. jim donovan will have his take from first energy stadium and steve sanders join me to break it down and the indians and tigers and we're talking about an indians sweep over detroit. i hope you have a great day, everybody. i'll see you later on today, i'm
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welcome back.
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cleveland museum of arts, take a look at what some people drew here. creativity is on full display at the museum's south plaza at the fountain along with live music. it is continuing today, if you're looking for something to do, admission is free to the art museum and of course, to the sidewalks to see all of this chalk art. >> i am hoping and praying that we don't see any rainfall in downtown, because that would obviously wash away the chalk. >> the chalk dauings and a lot of the the tribe game and the browns game. >> exactly. but the good news is that our rain chances are very slim, they're very few and far between, so i think that we should stay nice and dry. let's be honest, a couple of sprinkles aren't going to stop you know, the browns fans. >> not the tailgaters. >> oh, no. >> if you've ever been there, nothing can deter them. >> there's many stories that take place there, as you very well know the cleveland browns are taking the baltimore ravens
9:50 am
at first energy, 73,000-plus people can fit into that stadium. and at the 1:00 hour, we're looking for temperatures at 78 degrees. and of course, we cannot forget our cleveland indians, go tribe, taking place at progressive field, against the detroit tigers. now, first pitch just after the 1:00 hour, looking for temperatures even at that point at a mostly cloudy 78 degrees. i think that we may get into the low 80s, so the short sleeves and of what we're suggesting. upper 70s and low 80s, good morning in akron and canton. worcester and wayne county. 69 degrees. 98% of us this morning, nice and dry, however, that extra remaining 2% up towards ride along 90 and south of town towards pier point, light rainfall, all of that, by the way, is compliments of a cold front that's moving through.
9:51 am
second. but if you are heading downtown, again, perhaps to first energy stadium, it's a good-looking start there this morning, also back towards progressive field, we'll take in a little loop here and show you, that at progressive field, a nice and mild start. but as we mentioned before, there is that isolated rain chance compliments of a cold front that is continuing to press to the east. it is still in parts of northeast ohio, so if you're joining us say south and east of the best shot for a couple of spotty showers and thunderstorms. in the meantime, for monday, we look towards the west, and things are looking dry. by tuesday, it's another system, well off towards the west, it's a cold front that is marching towards northeast ohio, i think that it gets here on tuesday, it begins to weaken some, so our chances for rainfall slim to none on tuesday. but through this afternoon, again, notice south and east of cuyahoga county will be the best
9:52 am
thunderstorms. we dry things out tomorrow, and boy, it looks like a great-looking start to your monday, and monday afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70s. low 80s. maureen, as we said before, the first day of fall begins on thursday, how about 82 degrees by that point, it is going to be anything but fall-feeling here in northeast ohio. as far as i'm concerned, we continue in 80s for the foreseeable. on christmas, i'm okay with that. >> i keep looking at the boots in the closet, if this seems wrong, they're not coming on yet. >> not for at least another week. well, tomorrow, information no household brands want you to see. matt granite has the best and worst generic buys. >>reporter: great to be with you to settle the sales record straight on generic buys beginning with medication.
9:53 am
money, that applies to over the counter items that drugstore version beside the item you saw advertised on tv, often has the exact same ingredients. also, remember items like z-quill have the same ingredients as benadryl, which has a generic drugstore alternative that costs less. juice has the same great taste, and way less shipping or processing, resulting in lower prices, that same to kreel and seasoning and generic usb cables and lightning cables made by amazon performed as well as the ones made by apple at a fraction of the cost. the items you would brand name include paint, toilet paper, tissues, diapers, and tvs. not one generic item that tested as the same as the brand name competitor. matt granite, happy saving, back
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little extra boost to get you going this morning, we may have just the thing, why this coach pulled out his best dance moves
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9:56 am
oh, my goodness. i want whatever he's having. >> i know. >> we all wish we had this kind of energy in the morning. the pee wee football coach in beaumont, texas, when came on over the loud speakers, he couldn't help it, he had to dance, and apparently, it worked, his team won the game, 26-0. >> maybe that's the trick. >> i was going to say, the browns coaches watching? play a little over the loud speakers. dance like this guy. >> right. >> touchdown central. >> for the win. for the win. and at progressive field, as well. >> they've been doing all right. the browns need a little extra. >> a little nudge.
9:57 am
a little something-something. if you are going to either the tribe game or if you are going to again first energy, it about looks great today, there is an isolated shower chance, we will call for temperatures upper 70s and low 80s all week long, maureen. >> get out and enjoy it. thanks so much for being with us, we'll see you back here at
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this sunday an explosion in new york city injures dozens. another device is founded blocks away. >> it sounded like a million pianos dropped. donald trump ends one false claim. born in the united states, period. >> and embraces new ones. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> did he end it? or did he just revive an issue that's bound to hurt him? i will talk to tim kaine and


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