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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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us the air we breathe. and they can explode into colors we never thought possible. the nature of trees reminds us that there are bigger things in life than us. a lesson best learned in a 19 million acre land of giants. welcome to the woods, of pure michigan.
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a rainy day across northeast ohio betsy is tracking if it will linger for your friday morning commute. there was a haze of kind of smoke. and then everything was dusty and dirty. and, you know, people started crying. a few started screaming. >> from calm to chaos in an instant. investigators search for answers in a deadly commuter train accident. plus josh gordon sidelined longer. decision to enter rehab. and the warning before you do your laundry. one washing machine brand under scrutiny over complaints their machine can explode or catch fire. this is channel 3 news at 11:00. good evening. a soggy night across much of northeast ohio as scattered rain moves through the area.
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morning commute let's check in with the chief. >> we need this rain. it's the kind of rain that's fine to get after a long, dry summer. light to moderate and steady. that is what we have. steady rain is falling in the area. the brighter colors are the heavier rain showers. you can see that moving southeast to northwest. we are on the northern edges of an upper level low. and that will keep flinging moisture our way. as i mentioned we get into the brighter colors but precipitation rates. radar can identify the heaviest downpours. that's indicated as inches per hour. half inch per hour rates not out of the question. we even had one one and a half inch rate. we pick up thunderstorm chances for the day tomorrow. the train of rain that continues from the southeast as
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continue through the day on friday. we'll start off around 40 degrees with temperatures in the 60s through the afternoon. yes your morning route will likely be impacted with some wet roads and will continue to have those wet roads for the evening rush. a lot of slow downs this evening and it looks like as the thunderstorms pop again tomorrow we will be dealing with that as well. a full look at your hour-by- hour forecast straight ahead. >> thanks betsy. 25 up to the 50. he's at the 40, the 30. touchdown. >> just days before he was scheduled to come back from a four game suspension brown's wide receiver josh gordon announced he will be going to rehab. the voice of the browns jim donovan here with details. not the news most fans were looking for. >> there was a great deal of anticipation and i would dare say excite.
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there is excitement to see if they can get their first win but it was next week's game when the browns would come home to take on tom brady and the patriots. brady would return to play his first game of the season for new england and josh gordon would be ready to play for the cleveland browns. he would be able to practice with the team on monday and be ready to go on sunday to face new england. that will not happen. this afternoon that gordon puts it out from that he will enter an inpatient remab facility. he was -- he has been facility. he was due to be reinstated next week. he has been suspended four different times by the nfl and the browns have stood by him through all of the suspensionings. another story breaking tonight. earlier this month there was a warrant put out for his arrest for failing to comply with a pa
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dna results came back saying he is the father of a 1-year-old girl. josh gordon on twitter after his announcement that his comeback has been stalled said this. under some pressure and stress recently. had to take time off for myself. sometimes you have to do what's best for you. thank you nfl and browns. and he also tweeted see you soon. but i'm not sure about that. the browns said they stand life put together, and want him to be healthy. they are not committing to his football future with the browns. and there's another question that maybe going into a rehab facility may indicate a relapse. if that's the situation could he be out for another suspension or ban from the nfl. that could be around the corner too. >> we hope the best for him
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in election news tonight an understand precedented move from usa today the paper's editorial board has never taken a side in the presidential race in its 34-year history. until now. they released an article writing that donald trump is unfit for the presidency. it goes on to say that he lacks the testimonierment, knowledge, country -- honest that the country needs. they also posted a counterpoint editorial written by mike pence. in it pence states that trump is ready to lead and by electing trump americans have the opportunity to choose a bold leader. the editorial gives an extensive lits on how trump will -- list on how trump will make changes.
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again we must elect donald trump. the cleveland police union president says its members have never officially endorsed a candidate before. tonight the officers are just hours away from casting their vote. channel 3's dawn kendrick is here with why they sap an en-- with why they say an endorsement is crucial. >> in 24 hours the cppa will haven officially endorsing a president. it speaks volumes about how sensitive this race for the white house is for some cops. in the worldwide spotlight clin cleveland's -- spotlight cleveland's police officers shine. with the doj oversight and mandated reform in the works. cops are watching this controversial presidential race
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cleveland shift directors voted for trump. two voted to endorse no one. but there was enough debate and discussion and reservation quite frankly from some that now the rank and file get to vote on an official endorsement tomorrow. >> it's too controversial. >> that's the association president lynn hampton he has been a cleveland cop for 23 years. >> being in the cppa you got a mixture of multicultural. you have to take that into 9:00. >> the director declined an interview. he says quote most of the time we don't get involved in presidential elections but now things are so dangerous for law enforcement that we are under attack. the next president he says needs to stand up for police. >> it's critical. it's crucial. we don't want to further divide our union and we don't want to
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it's a paradigm shift and policing the way it used to be and over with and we're going to have to accept that. >> there are other candidates running for president. can you name any of them ? all of the five in the order they appear on the ohio ballot will be on the cppa ballot tomorrow. the police union endorsement is up for grabs technically for all five of the candidates. >> what an interesting race. in he arrested wednesday in the abduction and rape of a stark county girl is in jail. dennis menefee is being held on $1 million bond after being arrested in fairfield county south of columbus. as we firsten covered last night he was convicted in 1999 after he sexually assaulted a woman in wyoming and left her for dead. tonight one is dead and more than 100 injured after a train accident near new york city.
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continues those waiting for the train morning are sharing their stories. channel 3's chris tye is here with that. >> passengers say this train never slowed down as it entered the station around 8:30 this morning. federal investigators continue to dig through this for answers. it's one of the busiest stations and what was supposed to be that train's final stop. it crashed through a barrier, jumped the track, and slammed into a wall. investigators want to know wh morning commute and authorities begin to dig. >> there was just a haze of kind of smoke. and then everything was dusty and dirty. and, you know, people started crying. a few started screaming. >> the ceiling came down. the columns came down. a couple people were buried turn rubble. >> the train came in at much too high a rate of sfeed. and the question is why is that. some investigators will examine
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human performance among other causes. they will hold a meeting tomorrow morning which of course will be the first full day of this investigation. they say by the way the conductor is fully cooperating tonight. back to you. >> thanks chris. coming up flu season is approaching why doctors are worried that fewer kids will be vaccinated this season. plus complaints over exmroetding washing machines. see what type is being investigated and what you should do. study shows that taking to social media to complain about an airline or flight could be
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you're watching channel 3 news at 11:00. flu season is about to begin and now is the time to get your flu vaccines. doctors are especially worried this season that parents may not get their children vaccinated because the nasal mist vaccine has been taken off the market. last year 85 children died from the flu and its complications. experts are urging everyone over six months old to get their flu shots. >> this year's vaccine matches
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year but whether that happens only time will tell. what we know is that flu shots work. >> pregnant women are especially encouraged to get vaccinated because they're likely to have complications if they get sick. about 45% of the population got the vaccine last year. 168 million doses will be available over the next several weeks. the hpv vaccine may be more effective than health rt had hoped. infections can cause a condition that can lead to cervical cancer. it dropped dramatically after the hpv vaccine was introduced in 2007. improving rates could help protect more women from cervical cancer. more problems for samsung. the consumer product safety commission as issued a warning about the top-loading washing machines.
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of these machines exploding. look at the pictures there. regulators say the problem occurs during the spin cycle. the warning is for the top- loading machines made between march of 2011 and april of this year. samsung says owners should use lower speed delicate cycle. well do rants on social media do good? a new study says when we're talking about airlines the answer software firm con versocial says they're watching for this. southwest has a team tracking twitter and other online sites 24 hours a day. when customers vent southwest reaches out. >> if you know you can tweet a company and get a response and have your issue resolved in minutes that's a phenomenal experience.
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single time. >> expertss warn before you send -- experts warn before you send the tweet or send an email with an angry post that a calmer response could solve your problem faster. all right. over the top or just perfect for pumpkin lovers. you be the judge here. mcdonalds japan is offering customers french fries covered with pumpkin and chocolate sauce. this new menu item is called it's to mark their 45th anniversary there in japan. what do you think? >> hm. it's that sweet salty thing. potato chips covered in chocolate are amazing. >> and people like to dip their frosty at wendies. the chocolate maybe. but pumpkin and fries?
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>> certainly feels like fall around here. tall pumpkin talk. >> pumpkin spice everything. including the radar. a pumpkin spice radar picture this evening. you can see this moving southeast to northwest. area of low pressure in kentucky is slinging everything around it. we end up importing moisture from the east coast and there's plenty more to come. let's take a look at storm view and we'll try to get nifty our graphics if this will work for me. occasionally it does. but occasionally it does not is as well. you be the judge. madison, geneva and further south in orwell and northern portions around portland and trumpbell counties. we pull the map up to the northeast you can see down into
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into some of the heavier rain showers. into stark county around heartville and marl borrow that does continue to the east. remember what we see in youngstown is headed towards cleveland because of how this is moving. thicks soggy around -- things soggy around northern ohio this evening. what i want to show you are the rainfall estimates. this is the radar saying this is the te the your backyard yaj -- your backyard gauges probably have a different estimate. there's more rain to come through the night tonight. take a look at this big picture. you can see how all of this is moving southeast to northwest as i indicated. it's pulling everything around it. look at the train of rain down to the virginias. it lines up well for northern
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this kind of scenario, any time we do a forecast we do models. we have different ones to use. this is the one that will probably pick up the rain the best tonight. simply because it keeps rain in the forecast as we get into the start of the day tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. notice that the big heavy rain banged off but comes -- backed off but comes back throughout the day. temperatures in the 60s. i'm going to switch to another one. it doesn't show y i think we will have rain and i think we will have another swath in the afternoon and evening. look at these these winds. a gusty day tomorrow. and through the evening then we'll have another round of rain that comes in. periods of rain are expected to continue around northern ohio for about the entire day tomorrow. nation forecast has temperatures topping out in the upper 60s tomorrow. rain any time during the day. at the same time some dry areas
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of this. we'll continue with the scattered rain chances saturday. then next week smooth sailing. we clear things out. dry things out. warm things up. and kind of back to what we typically think of for autumn weather. >> thanks betsy. representatives for democratic and republican candidates took part tonight titled a discussion on issues of interest to our community. it was sponsored by the cleveland injury news foundation. another setback for josh gordon as the browns and their troubled wide receiver continue here as he entering rehab.
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and now the window nation sports report. >> hi again everybody. there will come a time i would hope during our lifetime that when we talk about the browns every day and night we talk about whether they can win the next sunday. whether they can throw the ball or run the ball. we're not there yet. we have these other stories. gordon. including today. his comeback next week has been stalled and put on hold. instead he announces he will ender an inpatient rehab facility. he was due to be reinstated on monday. he would be eligible to play then a week from this sunday against the new england patriots. there was a story that came out that said there was a warrant out for his arrest for failing
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now a story tonight says dna results have come back and saying he is the father of a 1- year-old girl. here's a statement from the executive vice president of football operations for the brown on gordon. we support josh in taking this step to seek additional treatment. his focus must be on his own health. we want nothing more than for josh to be successful personally and professionally and will not comment status with the organization at this time. that's important because the browns are not saying we welcome him back with open arms. that is to be decided. to the football game. they'd like to get a win on sunday. they're 0-3. washington got a big win last week and are 1-2. they beat the giants. everyone is marvelling over the performance by terrelle pryor.
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least 30 passing yards and at least 20 passing yards in a single nfl game since way back when when frank gifford did it for the new york giants. he says the cleat, the gloves he wore to the pro-football hall of fame. there was a comment attributed to him a couple of days ago that pryor said we're not going lose another game all year. the remaining 13 games ar he clarified that today. >> we should be able to win games. it's not saying that we're going to win every game. just saying that i have belief in this team and organization. we can get it done if we put everything together. i think people read too far into it. i didn't mean it like that. but it would be nice too. the indians and tigers waited all afternoon into the early evening. four hours and 13 minutes but they could not play in detroit.
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if this game is needed and it may be needed especially for the tigers who are eligible to be the wildcard team it will be played at 1:00 in detroit. david ortiz's final game at yankee stadium and big papi got a gift from the yankees. former red sox certainty fielder jacoby untied the game in the fifth inning and the yankees win 5-1. two and a half back. what about this story about michael brantley. an mlb insider says the injury to bradley's shoulder is worse than what we are believed to be taking a look at. he could missignificant time in 20 -- miss significant time in 2017. they had to reattach the muscle to the bone during surgery. the indians refute that report.
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indians refute that report. and they're in kansas city unless they have to go back to detroit. >> you think there's a possibility they might have to? >> more for detroit than the indians. >> thanks jimmy.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 544! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey! enjoy yourself. welcome. welcome. please, have a seat. enjoy yourself. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone to "the tonight show." this is it. [ cheers and applause ] this is the show. this is the one to be at tonight. hot show tonight. hot show! [ cheers and applause ]


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