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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  October 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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one win away. the indians can win a spot in the world series today for the first time since 1997. tiffany. after nearly a year we are closer to learning crashed in akron killing everyone on board. coming up today we will let you know what happen. "the today show" decides how to handle that access hollywood video of billy bush and donald trump. stomach michael joining us here on the set. we have a lot of stuff happening outside. yes we do.
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degrees yesterday. today we will be close to tying a record 84 degrees. we will be 83. you look gorgeous. the wind out there -- you will look like beyonci when you step outside. they winds will top our weather headlines. temperatures in the mito if we are already starting in the 70s, it will be a warm afternoon. look at the winds.30 miles per hour wind gusts back past elyria. you need to have a 10 and 2 gripp on that steering will especially if you're
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the majority of the day looks decent. it won't be until this evening that we will start to see more showers rolling and. danielle? we work together when it comes to the weather impacting your commute. we're not tracking any accident or major delays but we're keeping track of the wind. you can see the whitish yellow on the map are traveling. on the traffic map, we are green. no problems to the south or north. even 76 has been seeing slow traffic at this time of the morning but it is looking great right now. 76 to 94, 13 minutes headed west , 13 minutes headed east. next traffic check in about 13
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chasing a championship. the indians are one win away from getting their shot at the world series. terry francona is doing something we have never seen by a manager before in the postseason. trevor bauer got the star. francona says he had a plan of matter how long. that bleeding took over from the cut. he got turned into a bullpen game which is not necessarily a bad game -- thing. jason kipnis gave the tribe the lead with a home run in the sixth. tapley had a home run list by. it was the entire bullpen that save this one. frank kenny use seven pictures. they gave up two runs, seven hits. miller shuts the door thanks to a great play from kipnis. they are patching this thing together.
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4-2 was the final. they can close it out today in toronto. they have corey kluger pitching game 4. >> the game -- team was fired up last night. all smiles and even hugging each other. they know how important it is to finish up today. >> reporter: good morning from toronto. one win for the indians last night. one of the best in franchise history. they win four- they win 4-2. after going a combined 0-19 in the first two, homers and six pitches come out of the pen to dominate after trevor bear left with a bleeding right pinky finger. >> circumstances are in your favor but the team overcame.
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we wanted him on the mound. it's another thing to keep us down but we will find a way around it. >> everyone contributes to the when -- win. i am proud of them and happy. >> we have to stay focused and continue to have fun and take those deep breaths. >> reporter: the indians are one win away from reaching the world series for the rs kluger on the mound today. if you're looking for a spot to watch the tribe seal their ticket to the world series, the indians are holding watch parties of four buffalo wild wings restaurants including downtown, elyria, medina and we will be. for all things tribe, checkout
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you will find complete indian coverage including how a mother made amends with tbs forecaster. we are expecting new information about the deadly plane clash -- crash in akron. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live chip. investigators are supposed to release the cause. >> reporter: ntsb will be meeting this morning in washington dc. that is where we could get that new information. that plane crashed right here at this apartment building. now, it is an empty field. this is what it look like on november 10, 2015. nine get people on that play were killed. amazingly no one on the ground was injured. federal documents showed new
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florida told investigators paperwork was altered after the crash to show airplanes were fixed when there was actually no maintenance and that the plane was overweight. those weren't the only accusations in the document. coming up, we will let you know some of the other concerns raised about both pilots on that plane that day. >> very troubling. the eastbound lanes of the ohio turnpike near strongsville have reopened after a truck caught fire shutting down temporarily. the driver managed to escape unharmed. no word what started that fire. donald trump's claims the election is being rigged or having a trickle down effect here in northeast ohio.
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there is large-scale voter fraud happening now and before election day. without offering details of one, where or how. cuyahoga county board of elections is appearing for possible election day tension. they have procedures in place to protect every ballot. >> we have policies and procedures in place that's protect every ballots regardless if it is in-house i mail or in person on election day. >> other security measures mail in ballots are arriving and being kept in a secure room until they are ready for counting. two new polls are out. the first showing donald trump leading hillary clinton by four points in ohio. cnn orc poll shows 83% of voters say they have already made up their minds. a swing state poll conducted by quinnipiac university finds
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buckeye state. the election is three weeks from today. hillary clinton will not be campaigning today as she prepares for tomorrow night's final debate in las vegas. clinton will have help on the campaign trail. bill clinton, tim kaine and bernie sanders will be out drumming up support. tim kaine will be returning to ohio tomorrow for appearances in upper arlington and springfield to help rally supporters to vote ea a former heights woman has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide after police say she drove into a crowd at a concert. 61-year-old kathleen mcdonald and a 68-year-old were killed. investigators say the retired schoolteacher accidentally hit the gas instead of the breakes when she was leaving a parking spot. her attorney says his client will plead not guilty.
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could take the interim tag off of its presidents title. matthew wilson was appointed interim president in july when the former president scott scarborough resigned after a rocky two-year tenure. the board of trustees will hold a meeting this afternoon to consider wilson as the schools 17th president. strained faculty relationship are among challenges. stomach summit county council unanimously approved six weeks of paid leave. the journal report summit county is the first county in ohio to provide this benefit which will cost the county about $50,000 a year. the new policy applies to new parents following birth or adoption of a new child and allows for three weeks of paid leave after the death of a child in the final trimester or stillbirth. rumblings at cedar point.
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will replace the late mean streak. and saving the famed ruby slippers. find out how you can preserve the iconic footwork -- footwear from the wizard of oz. if you are an allergy sufferer, i have great news. pollen clout is -- count is low. the wind will be perhaps whipping some of that pollen around. we will talk about how that affects yo progressive field. a beautiful start this morning. so much going on with the tribe.
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newsfeed. three men pleaded not guilty in connection with the fatal shooting of the daughter of olympic sprinter tyson gay. one is charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. a father-son duo are each charged with wanton endangerment. trinity gay was shot outside a cook out restaurant early sunday morning in lexington, cannot be nbc news fired today show host billy bush after he was caught on tape in a sexually charged conversation about women with donald trump. bush was suspended october 9, two days after that 2005 tape was released. the 44-year-old said he was embarrassed and ashamed and thanked his family and colleagues for support. he spent 15 years at access hollywood before moving to the today show about two months ago. a new effort is underway
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slippers from the movie, the wizard of oz. the red shoes worn by judy garland are in washington dc at the smithsonian's national museum. now, the smithsonian has lost a campaign to raise $300,000 to restore the shoes. donors can go online to the kickstart a campaign which is up and running for 30 days. imagine that expense? giggles and smiles fill thgy center in akron. it wasn't for an athletic moment. principal jennifer moss kicked -- kissed a pink pony for the fundraiser helping strides against breast cancer. the school has tripled their collection from last year. this was to help a kindergarten teacher in the building who is now in remission from cancer.
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the mean streak right. new speculation is that the ride will be repurposed as a hybrid roller coaster built by rocky mountain construction. cedar point has not commented. anything built by rocky mountain construction will be very tall. >> look at this. >> red white and blue just for the tribe. beautiful. here is what it looks like if you are getting your kids up and ready for the bus stop. in the 60s with passing clouds right now. changes are certainly on the way. much sooner than later. a couple of numbers to show you real quick. yesterday we made it to 82 degrees tying our all-time record for yesterday.
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degrees. keep that number in mind as we walk through the forecast. we will be very close to touching that record again. this morning nice and mild. this afternoon clouds roll in leaving scattered showers. temperatures already in the mid and upper 60s. lower 70s in elyria. downtown 72. winds will top the weather headline today. already seeing gusts over hour winds over 40 miles per hour in parts of lorain county. we are tracking showers up toward the north. that rolls in this evening through the day tomorrow on wednesday. before you run out the door, grabbed that umbrella. not because you will need it right now but when you come home from work, you may need an umbrella. lunchtime, squeaky
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clouds will bring in a chance for scattered showers in the mix lingering and lasting through early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we will dry things out but not before topping out today in the upper 70s, low, perhaps even mid 80s. that will be near record- setting heat. overnight lows upper 50s, low 60s with rain chances in store. window nation 7 day forecast showing your big changes are ahead. a lot of people on my facebook, twitter and instagram page are saying, i am sick and tired of the 80s. fall is my favorite season, and i will cooler weather. mother nature delivering. we have 60s in the 50s coming up. wkyc traffic is brought to by mike bass ford. get a great deal and a great deal more at mike bass ford.
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5:19. we are looking great on the traffic map. still not tracking any accidents but i am tracking that wind michael has been telling you about to the west. not causing problems or delays, so use caution if traveling west. we are seeing slow traffic for 80 e. as you move past 91 because of overnight construction going on on for a the east. between 14-271 oakwood, 12 minutes headed east. 10 minutes headed west. only about a 10 minute delay. coming up at 5:33, we will move to painesville to let you know where chestnut street is closed today. our partners at wtam 1100 traffic will have updates every 10 minutes. a new streaming service and all you can eat approach to music is put to the test by
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would you like to help make a difference in your community? join channel 3 and volunteers this saturday, october 22 take part in this single day of service. our team will be volunteering. go to to see the list of places where you can sign up and help out. of five. there is any way to stream music. >> moneyman matt granite is the one to look out for. you finished a new service. how did the test go? >> it is all you can eat approach to any song or artist in the existence of the amazon music catalog. you pay $7.99 to stream and download and listen even when
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internet's. if you travel a lot, this is great. pandora and other options that are free, you can't download content. there is a bit of confusion. this debuted last week. i have been testing it for about 3.5 weeks in beta. it is unlimited if you are a prime member. if you're not a prime member it matches apple and spot a fight -- spotify pricing. the catalog is massive. here's where it gets more interesting. if you have amazon echo, you can stream through it for three dollars -- $3.99 a month. they really are lowering the price depending on what device you have. how is this confusing? prime membership also includes
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you can download that but if it is free, is it really worth $7.99 per month? the catalog is amazing and the software is really better than anything else. i will ask you both to pick a track to see if it is here. >> born to run by bruce springsteen. >> let's check it here. i can just play it. it's free. let's give it a play. ? ? >> i will be difficult because taylor swift has issues with streaming. taylor swift 22. >> yes. it is right here. let's go to 22. ? ?. i hate this song. >> i do to -- too.
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trial. >> great test. backstreet boys. work on it for me. that's what i want. 80s along the east coast. obviously this is a way warmer than where we should be. not to worry. mother nature doing her job. she will be equalizing temperatures much sooner than later also bringing in rain. those of you that just laid down a new bed of grass, we will see some during the late evening, overnight and through the day tomorrow. we will also talk about temperatures dropping in the 50s . that and more right after
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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morning rush time here. the indians one win away from returning for the first time in
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last night. ryan should getting the win jason kidd is provided fireworks by hitting home runs. the indians him punch that ticket to the fall classic today. corey kluger will start on three days rest. first pitch is at 4:08. tiffany? today we are expecting to learn more about what may have caused a plane to crash in this akron neighborhood killing everyone on board. and new ac documents and statements made to the ntsb. we are learning there were reservations the pilot had about fly with the copilot telling someone he didn't feel safe and there wasn't enough experience between the two of them. the plane crashed november 10, 2015. ntsb is scheduling a meeting in washington dc this morning. that is when we can get your new information. former cleveland browns
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legal trouble continues. a pretrial hearing continues that he assaulted a man on a highland hills golf course. rutger pleaded guilty in february to stealing money from his nonprofit group. the judge sentenced him to 21 months in federal prison. michael? we're windy, warm and wet in that order. mid to upper 60s, lower 70s. over 30 miles per hour within the past hour. elyria wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. for the course of the morning and afternoon, dry but wet weather is on the way. up toward the u.p. in michigan is where we are seeing scattered showers. we will see that in toledo and eventually in our backyard
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here's what you day looks like. partly sunny to start. a nice mild morning. temperatures in the 70s before breaking a near record-setting 83 degrees. we will get close to that record. scattered showers in the forecast. danielle? we start in lake county. i want to prepare those of you who drive through painesville. chestnut street is closing between minner avenue and heart shore drive transformer work. it will close at 9 am and remain closed through noon. you can take 44 to get around that closure. i will tweet this out in case you are missing this or just waking up. we have traffic to 71 n. near mayfield road. but traffic is moving just fine in that area. drivetime onto 71 and i 90, 12 minutes north and 12 minutes
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warrensville heights and willoughby hills is just fine. we are fine throughout the region. it is 5:34. construction him stark state college akron campus is expected to begin by the end of the month following the board approval. akron beacon journal reports it will be built between perkin and north union streets. k we are getting more details about the new lifestyle district near i-271 and harvard road in orange village. some local tenants include red steakhouse, flipside burgers and restore coldpressed juice. the 20 $30 million project is -- $230 million project is a year
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throw off your indians pride and beyond 3. this is bill, todd and greg at a game in july celebrating their dads -- dad's 85th birthday. they won that game. this is that the ride weekend. he had a very has to have -- festive hat on. we want to see your photos. let's get some tribe fever show us your fan photos. we may use them on channel 3 news. the kids, your pets, your favorite moments from the ballpark. post your photos to the wkyc facebook page and use #beon3 and you can beyond 3. topping the morning newsfeed, a man accused of opening fire inside a colorado springs planned parenthood will appear in court today. robert dear is due to appear
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discussions about his mental health and that he be barred from contact the reporters while awaiting trial. he is accused of opening fire at a planned parenthood in november 2015 killing three people and injuring nine others. a public memorial will be held today for two california police officers killed last week and. hose a vague and lesley zerebny were fatally shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call. officer immediately following services. the suspect could face the death penalty. a shelter in place order has been lifted after a shot was reportedly fired at the university of cincinnati monday evening. police say it happened near a dorm on the east side of campus around 8:00. investigators say two men were talking when one pulled out a gun and fired a shot at the
5:37 am
no injuries reported. the search continues for the gunmen. rhode island firefighters went beyond the call of duty after responding to a medical emergency. members of this fire department finish the homeowners yard work that he had begun before the medical episode. officials say the elderly man was more concerned about finishing the yard than about himself. that is when they decided to it warms your heart. 5:37 right now. final debate. we will have a logic report on how candidates are preparing. this could be one of the great playoff runs changing the way managers manages games. terry francona is doing it with everyone. and i mean everyone. pitching their very best.
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5:40 right now. as hillary clinton takes time off the campaign trail to prepare for the last of a, donald trump has a new attack stemming from more emails released by the fbi. >> edward lawrence joins is live with the latest. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning. you will be hearing the words quid pro quo a lot over the
5:41 am
trump claiming the processes rates but new email show corruption. donald trump says newly released a department emails show a scandal he calls worse than watergate. the fbi documents that show under secretary of state patrick kennedy made the request for altering classification as part of a quid pro quo. in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption. >> reporter: with the fbi, the under secretary asked to change the classified label on one of hillary clinton's emails when she was secretary of state. the state department with then reciprocate by allowing the fbi to place more agents in countries where they are presently for bid and specifically iraq. the fbi and state department deny any wrongdoing. >> no quid pro quo, no exchange.
5:42 am
voters, his wife went on cnn winning billy bush for trump's rude comments. >> he was led on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> reporter: bernie sanders try to reach out to trump supporters playing off his rigged election claims. >> the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy and powerful. think about voting for hillary clinton on this issue alone. >> hillary clinton has not commented on the email controversy. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. a couple of new polls are out. what is happening with clinton and trump? >> reporter: it is anybody's guess. one poll shows clinton up 4%. another poll shows clinton up
5:43 am
it does show clinton up at varying degrees. i think this will come down to voter turnout and which side can get their voters to turn out. it does seem close. >> a large percentage has already made up their minds. thank you so much, edward. we appreciate it. look at that. >> i wish game for -- four was taking place at progressive field. >> they play this game. >> it's true. >> it's an afternoon game, right? >> 4:08. the friends and family up in toronto, i am jealous. it will be great weather for the game. weather isn't a huge concern in toronto because they have a roof that can open and close depending on the weather.
5:44 am
this afternoon. temperatures in the low 70s. we will see building clouds and a chance for isolated showers and we walk away with another big win. back at home, we are nice and miles. into the afternoon, you will notice building clouds and that is leading to evening showers. temperatures in the 70s through lunchtime. after lunch we will top out 80s. current numbers mid 60s down toward akron canton. elyria 73 with a stiff wind from the southwest between 15 and 20 miles per hour gusting closer to 35-40 miles per hour. dry right now but toward the north this front will provide us with the rainfall but toronto also. for us, it moves into night,
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umbrellas -- grabbed them before you leave home. by the time you get home at 5 o'clock, we will have rain. scattered showers the ground -- around northeast ohio. your forecast for today, near record- setting highs again expected this afternoon. highs in the upper 70s, low to mid 80s with do the afternoon. we will drop into the upper 50s, low 60s overnight.window nation 7 day forecast show you a cool down tomorrow, thursday and into the weekend with temperatures in the 50s. now a quick look at our doggone weather. i love this photo. this is puppy lola. she is enjoying the fall weather getting ready for her super dog costume to be debuted on
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i absolutely love the little hanky she has around her neck. >> look at her nose. i just love her. here is a picture at 71 and bagley road. north end southbound moving just fine. looking great on 71 to the southwest. looking great 71. turnpike, 90 no problems. 482 the west. also agreed to the east. 271, 422 no problems. turnpike to the south, same picture. i would say you agreed to at 5:46. the next traffic check is at
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latasha wife's of shaker heights doesn't have concrete evidence of who abused her. removed from her biological parents as a toddler, she discovered the mystery of her passed through a box. she was supposed to live a life of bitterness and broken is but has chosen to be an advocate, public speaker tonight we share how her passed change the way for foster care youth. rising airs on channel 3 news at 7 pm every tuesday. what was so important or that i found interesting was she said at three years old, she was labeled unadoptable meeting she had to spend the rest of her childhood in foster care. you would think that would be
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amazing. >> she changed the path a lot of people expected her to be on. >> she is giving back to those who knows what it is like to age out of foster care. the indians are smelling blood and it is not trever bauer's. they are circling the blue jays offense. the final kill could come today in game four. we may be seeing the greatest manager in postseason history based on the decisions terry francona is making. the indians model perfectly describe rallying together. i don't know how frank -- francona is doing it but he's getting the best out of each player. he lost start players. the bullpen is doing something they have never seen before. whether miller comes in the fifth or a closure like last
5:49 am
away from making this series. they have only needed one and they can't do it. the numbers are incredible. three runs in 27 innings. red sox series. indians gave up 10 runs in 54 innings. they haven't given up more than one run in an inning. that is unheard of. i have never seen big time power hitters as frustrated as i have seen th if you had asked who i wanted to see the indians plate in the world series, my answer right now, not sure it matters. tweeted me your thoughts at @johnwkyc . they may want to rethink these thursday night and monday night football games. this was brutal. i watched highlights on the nbc sports feed. david johnson 58 yards for the touchdown. cardinals beat the jets 28-3.
5:50 am
game. >> what? >> this is very unwatchable. the nfl which is king in this country -- no wonder ratings are dropped because we get games like this in prime time. to know who's really excited, this year? major league baseball and the nba. major league baseball is seeing a nice move and nba had a great highest ratings ever? matt granite segments. all the time. >> absolutely. today. the luggage of all luggage deals. black friday pricing before the thanksgiving travel. plus, what can i fit into a suitcase? he is 6 feet tall and this demo will astound you after the
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we are getting ready for a very busy holiday travel season. today we cut your cost by 70%. >> can we get you a chair? >> i was against the chair today because i want to show how well this luggage maneuvers. running through an airport, 360 degree maneuvers. i can lift it with my right hand, upper torso and feet. with this empty, you may be here. obviously i can show you inside the suitcase. since clothing is all different. why not put a six-foot man inside the suitcase just to show you what this can accommodate. i would like to begin with a warning. i can fit in the suitcase. how tall are you? >> about 6 foot. >> get in the suitcase. this is not something i am
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home but merely to gauge capacity. are you good? >> yes. >> cody at 6 feet is in a suitcase i could close and wheel around. this is a way to gauge how much clothing you can get in here or just an intern. >> the 10 year warranty tied to one of the best luggage deals comes from ebags. great customer sce this is a 69% off msrp. your choice of colors, hard plastic, there's a carry until beyond belief. i bought this deal to take to london to visit my sister who turns 30 today. happy birthday, michelle. we have an anniversary as well? >> happy anniversary.
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>> this could be an anniversary presents. >> does cody come with it? >>go to including an intern. >> discount with intern included. [ laughter ]. today's top stories straight ahead. let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: new accusations are being brought to light nearly a year after deadly plane crash here in akron. >> chudowsky takes us inside the locker room after last night's big indian victory in toronto. and unlimited music streaming. matt granite tests a new service that could take a bite out of apple and spotify. coming up, i will let you know where you can anticipate
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painesville. my hair is windblown because of how strong those winds are. costs upwards of 30 miles per hour . when will it died down,
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i start this hour with a question. champagne more expensive in canada? the indians get a chance to sweep toronto in advance to the world series today. tiffany. almost a year later we are learning why a small plane


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