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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 4:07am-4:30am EDT

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>> reporter: this is a tense surface i face-off between an army ofplace police, native army protesters trying to shut down construction of a controversial oil pipeline on private land. officers in armored vehicles, wearing riot gear, are pouring in with air support. battle lines drawn, now making arrests. after setting fires and blocking the bridge in the path of the pipeline, months of tension have escalated. some promise a fight to the end. >> there's no career here. we know we have a moral high ground and we're doing what's right. >> reporter: the nearly complete dakota access pipeline will connect north dakota and illinois with some 1,200 miles of pipe. a $3.8 billion project, capable of transporting 570,000 barrels of oil a day w. nearly 300
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said to be the largest gathering of native americans in modern history. no comment from the oil company. celebrities and activists arrive in north dakota, vowing to fight on and face a growing army of police. mikel almaguer, nbc news almagues . . >> just ahead the story of a suspect that stopped by a drive through at an inand out burger while being chased by police. first, snow before halloween? bill karins has the details, also, the world series. >> a lot going on. we had snow in areas of new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, massachusetts, now it's confined to the mountains of northern new england.
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today. warm air through the middle of the country. great weather through the southeast. this continues for the weekend. the exception being along the northern board their saturday. even that sunday. this looks like a september forecast. not late october. that's great. that's a look at the big weather story of the day, now, here's a closer look at the day ahead. the raempb will be exiting boston early. it will be lingering in portland, up toward banger, maine all day long. how about this, near warmth from texas to oklahoma, louisiana, mississippi and alabama. and the great news is the warm conditions is going to continued right into halloween for many people and a lot of happy trick or treaters. >> yeah, especially with a lot of costumeing happening before halloween. thank you. just ahead, we may have a story that tops a 1983 new york post that read headless body in a
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>> welcome back. one criminal must have worked up an appetite being chased by police in arizona because he decide to stop for food halfway through. this is what happened wednesday night. apparently he felt a little peckish. look at what he does, he went into the in and out bur through. they went through lick etty split. he was not stopped by police until later. he was eventually arrested on an outstanding warrant and other charges. no word yet on what he ordered. i tell you what -- >> i wonder if he thought he could get into that so they wouldn't know he ducked into that inand out burger. it's been strenuous for the secret service, protecting the
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many are working long hours and fought getting paid for them. with a secret service hiring freeze, it's putting a lot of strain on agents. pete pull u williams has that story. >> it's not a 9:00 to 5:00 job, safe guarding presidential candidates on the road and keeping alert for potential trouble in boisterous crowd, not to mention the core mission of protecting a sitting president. secret service agents do get overtime. a at about $160,000. because of salary caps, they have been putting in brutally long hours with no extra pay. >> there is no reward to the family. are you not seeing income come income out of it. all the things that are broken in the house aren't getting fixed. so there's a major moral issue for that. >> reporter: the numbers are stalgering. acts are now protecting 26 people the current president the candidates and their families,
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they've provided security at more than 7,000 events here and overseas this year, screening more than 8 million people. this year has been especially taxing. the political conventions the u.n. general asell blue, a year of unusually harsh rhetoric, images, some seeming to advocate violence and a hiring freeze limiting the number of agents. >> as many told me, they'll take a bullet for the president. we ought to be compensate them. >> reporter: some in congress are working on a fix so secret service agents won't have to work overtime for nothing. pete williams, nbc news, washington. a selfie gone wrong. a 19-year-old college student who slams into a police car. not only lost control of the vehicle. get this, taking a topless selfie is the reason why.
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trail for hillary clinton in the state of florida holding a rally in orlando. the world series returns to wrigley field for the first time in 71 years. the series gets under way tonight. both teams are tied at one game apiece. coming up on "today" on her final installment of pink power. hoda a day of her life. a major day for bargain shoppers, november 9th, the day after election day. why do i want to pull out my credit card that day, karen? >> reporter: of course, it will come down to after the election. don't forget, the election falls around the middle of the holiday a. lot of people are expecting to hit the shops after the uncertainty. they will be a bit more
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look for promotions online. meantime, investors are shopping on the markets very carefully today. we do have a bond yield sparking today as prizes are sparking. we had amazon after the bell speaking of shoppers and the company is investing heavily if warehouses and delivery. so look out for reaction non-stop today. meantime, johnson & johnson had lost baby powder and cancer. louis has awarded a woman about $70 million. they used the product for about four decade. she is unlikely to survive. she has already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, johnson & johnson is appealing the case. >> thank you very much for that. ahead the late great robin williams had a passion for
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closed this week. it put the late actor's 87 bike collection at about $200,000 but over $600 240u6789 was raised and donated by his family. he often worked with the challenged athlete foundation. bidders from over 25 countries participated. the proceeds will go to the christopher reeves and robin around. >> what do you think happens when they have tools. they had the annual pumpkin competition. okay, they took it to as stro nom cal levels. they created detailed robotic themed, even flying pumpkins. >> i love that one. mr. trump right there.
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clinton. it goes to show you how hard it is to carve a pumpkin. have you been a pumpkin producer? >> not yet. slacker mom, that's me. this is such a favorite of mine, it might be returning to the small screen. we are talking about this show "will and grace." this comes after the show's election theme went viral. sources say series. they announced the live production of "bye-bye birdie" with jennifer lopez and hairspray will start in december. do you ever push the crosswalk or elevator door buttons and wonder if they really work? we will investigate that for you. this is early "today." this is early "today." more "stay" per roll.
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