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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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how much it's going to cost you. lena snrks >> and clevelanders love their sports. how cavs owner is making sure
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cavs. good morning, to you. welcome to our live team coverage here. it's a special morning here. the field is looking perstein, ready to go. you know who else is ready to go? holly here with an amazing forecast. >> unbelievable. it's november 1st. so we're flipping the page and i don't know that it's any coincidence, sign, whatever you want to say that we are going be warming into the 70s today. >> wow. >> it's cool as you're getting ready and getting the kids out the door you make sure that they've got their sweatshirts and oivel in a few players. we'll take a look at your forecast here and talk you through it. 40s now but pretty mild by 9 a.m. we're already close to where we should be for highs this time of the year. 56 degrees. partly cloudy skies. upper 60s at noontime. 75 degrees is where we're headed. record high for this date, 8 #
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it won't be too far. we top in the 70s. we've got world series game six and we're not going to fall any lower than mid-60s through this game. first pitch i think we're close to 70s degrees. upper 60s. 6 # degrees ninth inning. parly cloudy skies all the way through and that's exactly what we're dealing with this morning. clear to partly cloudy skies. definitely a bit of a chill as you're waking up, daniel. we are going to warm things up, fr hopefully everything's smooth on the commute so far. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's an accident and delay-free commute. we're looking great on the traffic map. i do want to prepare those of you who plan to come into downtown for the festivities. remember parking restrictions will be in place starting at noon today. it's pretty -- around progressive field and the q. it's prospect tweer ontario. starts at noon. does not clear until 2 a.m.
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pect. east ninth between superior and east 4th between huron and prospect. i have tweeted this out. john, back to you. about october baseball. indian and cubs will kick off with game six. here are your headlines as we get ready for game six. it starts with the starters. josh tomlin going for the
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are against the cubs. no team has come back since the 2 royals. they did against a cardinals team that was hurt. only three teams have come back with what the cubs are trying to do. six and seven on road. we haven't seen that since 1979 pirates. history definitely on indians side. home field advantage on the dwaps side. it looks good. both teams are feeling good right new. a great matchup tonight. chicago cubs we talked about watched rocky. i don't know. maybe rookie of the year tonight but i'm going to go out on a limb. even henry is not going to get it done for them tonight. 6-# dwaps. >> 6-2. >> i'm feeling 6-2 victory.
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they're feeling good. they've got a guy that's coming up 2-0 this postseason. he pitched a masterful game three. they're coming back on home soil. they're getting swarber back. they like their pitcher but it's going to come down to the bullpen and terry franco says that's one thing the home field advantage helps out. >> the biggest thing of all is when you're the home team you is so you get to use your bullpen differently. and that's a huge advantage and that's why so many good teams have better records at home. so john, really barring any freak difference we're going to see tomlin do pretty well and arrieta and it's going to come down to the bullpen here >> biller is rested and ready to go.
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almost a career high 42 pitches. he's got a tendency when he's tired. it slows down that pitch. it's a straight pitch. he's hitable. >> then he tries to overthrow it. he loses control. he walks some guys and when he throws that hard and fast you take a look -- all they have to do is meet their old at-bat. wind going play a factor. i think it's going to be an interesting way to see how they set this up because really he broke the mold here and really started a growing straight into andrew miller. even josh tomlin was pitching well. went right at andrew miller. so he's not going to be hesitant. is joe madden? because he just pitched 40-some pitches. >> this game could have four hours. they will manage pitch by pitch tonight especially cubs. >> it will be a chess match. >> sound good. on the field.
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yeah. you have game six tonight. you have the cavs game as well. so hours from now, tens of thousands of fans will pour into downtown for a look at what you can expect when you come downtown. let head over to tiffany with more. hi, tiffany. >> hi. with this being the night that the indians could clinch you've got to match downtown is going to be packed. not just here inside of progressive field but people are just going to want to be close to energy coming out of this stadium. but you may be at home listening to this as you're getting ready this morning, getting ready to head out. it would be nice to be inside progressive field for that game. well, here's a look at what prices are looking like right now on stubhub. standing room only just over $600 and it's a bit of good news. that's down from where it was yesterday. it was $80 # yesterday for standing room only.
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about $11,000. that's just for one ticket. well, if you want to spend the night downtown most hotels are sold out but the hilton cleveland is about $650 a night. we saw that on so basically, if you're going to be spending a pretty penny if you want to come down here tonight. you talk about this money. the indians here at home. you have the cavs. boy, parking is going to be at a iu games one and two. $100. i'm wondering if that's going to be even higher tonight. >> reporter: you know what? your guess is probably a good one. thanks so much. lt talk about the cavs. thanks to dan gilbert you won't have to choose between the cavs or the indians to watch tonight. dan gilbert last night tweeted that he moved the cavs game up to 6 p.m. on twitter yesterday gilbert
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your allegiance to all of our cleveland teams. the cavs game is expected to wrap up by the second inning and gilbert says fans can stay inside the q to watch the world series on the jumbotron. you have indians manager to thank for an ice cream survival kit. he couldn't fall asleep the night before game five so he ordered a brownie sunday and four scoops of ice cream. cleveland based ic created a world survival kit fit for champions. it includes ten flavors like moca slide and everything but the kitchen sink. tailored to give them energy that they need to win tonight's game. for all things tribe just head over. there you can check out the latest on the availability for tonight's game. after fighting a flu bug over the weekend. plus, we'll have more behind the scenes coverage and this morning we continue our
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right here from progressive field. as the indians and fans prepare for game six of the world series on a night where we could win it all. time is now 6:10 right now.
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president obama be l be exaing for hillary clinton today in ohio. the president will hold a get out and vote early event in columbus this afternoon on the campus of capitol university. doors open at 2:30 this afternoon. tickets are still available at the campaign website. >> he stayed to his word. governor kasich. he wrote in john mccain. he also says that he voted straight ticket republican and aside from the world series another big story is, of course, the warm temperatures that we're having. holly, people were happy that kids didn't have to put coats over the halloween costume and now today for the game unbelievable.
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go tribe. >> but i mean, just like you said, for this time of the year, this is pretty incredible. temperatures in the 40s as we are waking up and bringing you all of this excitement live from progressive field. kid at the bus stop are in the tribe gear with a bit of candy i'm sure in there for later today. so much fun. let get a check. we've got tribe town tuesday and we're feeling the feveda degrees the high and november 1st. unbelievable. 82 is the record for today. we won't be far from that. all across from northeast ohio. well into the 70s. even within the next few hours, we see quite a jump. sun's up at 8 a.m. today. 65 by noontime and we're right into the 70s throughout early to mid
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first pitch i think we're going to be close to 70 and then probably in the mid- 60s toward the end of the game. clear to partly cloudy skies this morning. no concerns as far as rain goes and as we look ahead on futureview it takes us through 3:30 this afternoon. mid-70s a -- at that point . 76 degrees at 3:00, 3:30 today. phenomenal for coming downtown and enjoying some dinner on game. when's the last time you've done that november 1st? looking ahead to tomorrow, another really warm day. and it looks like more cloud cover moves in late. that will be ahead of the next storm system that we're tracking for thursday. and that brings us rain showers. in fact by this same time thursday morning, i think we are going to have a wet commute. in the meantime, a look at your tuesday, november 1st. flip the page even though we're
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high. beautiful as can be. upper 50s to near 60 for overnight lows. that's toward sunrise tomorrow morning. remember for the game tonight, it will be in the 60s. and pretty close to 70 at the start of it. you're window nation seven-day forecast. 70s again tomorrow. partly sunny skies. showers on thursday. and upper 50s. friday's cooler. right around 50 degrees. but a beautiful first weekend of november. right ar that we fall back one hour. it is 6:17 and we'll bring you much more here from progressive field in just a moment. first a check on your commute. >> brought to you by mike ford. >> welcome to your tuesday. the commute is looking great throughout the region. i'm not tracking any accidents. it's a quiet drive.
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westbound i-90. as you can see traffic moving just fine on the east and westbound sound of the highway. that highway between avon route 83 and downtown 490. 17 minutes headed west. 15 minutes and headed into downtown. so we are a-ok on the road. don't forget when you hit the road tune in to our partners. they'll have update for you every 10 minutes. mo, back and sometimes parents struggle to help. we are helping you get through it as our overwhelm series continues. holly? >> reporter: thanks so much. we have a beautiful view of quite a massive moon. take a look at that. thanks so much for this picture. much more to come here on
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the girls u7 soccer team. they've come a long way since the beginning of the season and they played ten matches this year. they lost they're coached by nicole and danielle. collations on a great season. my thank for sending in the photos. we want to celebrate your choib and all stars right here on biggest win ers. let's go back to maureen. you're very confident the indians will win tonight. >> i am very confident. they have to win. come on. >> we'll be celebrating tomorrow morning, you and i. >>
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>> thanks. >> we are helping you deal with the things that can be overwhelmed to us. we are talking about homework overload. ways to manage their work and your time. >> vocabulary words this week? >> i think we're also -- that'd be nice. >> when it comes to supervising homework she her twin sister, a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old to worry about it l she doesn't understand the subject matter. >> the math doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. >> also with four kid who go to cheer practice, music lessons and soccer practice. it's very limited. don't let her cool exterior fool you. sometimes stephanie is simply overwhelmed. >> she'll just kind of be like
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snri go out to take deep breathings. >> try starting the homework clock the second your kids get out of school. >> the kids often do a lot of homework in the car many they're getting it done and then when we get home there's less to have to worry about. >> good morning. >> this teacher says parents if you don't understand the homework, don't be too quick to bring in hired help. >> more option a lot of teachers are available. >> most teachers are just fine. >> parents aren't always asking how can i help my student learn or access information more. and so it's refreshing when parents co. >> the 7th grade teacher says you can turn to the internet for tutorials. sparknotes and
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english. and parents, remember how stephanie goes out on the porch sometimes? there's nothing wrong with putting yourself in timeout if you feel stressed out. your children will understand. >> thank you for putting up with us ever day. >> ditch the homework and put those feelings of being overwhelmed behind you. i'm sherry williams reporting. thanks. coming up tomorrow the issue of technology and your kids. how much screen me much. it's a big question a lot of parents asked themselves on a daily basis. holly, we want to get it back out here for the wonderful forecast. unbelievable today. >> it is so nice. a little cool as we start. moms, dads. putting a light jacket on them. you'll have it in the book bag later today. a day part breakdown. 50s by 9:00. by lunchtime we're already warmer than we should be
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travel maps looking super terrific. i mean, much of the country is trending so warm this time of the year. look at all of the highs. we'll be 75 today. >> that's crazy. >> we love it. thanks so much, holly. coming up at 6:30 much more of our team coverage live at progressive field including slider the mascot getting ready for game how exactly does a magenta monster prep for a world series game? an inclusive behind the scenes
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this could be tonight. i predicted the indians will win. when they win tonight i will not predict how long the party will last. it's all shaping up to be a very special night. >> reporter: oh, i mean, you just feel the vibe here. we're along -- in front the indians dugout. the field is looking pristine. everything's ready to go. i mean, we're jumping up and down because we're so excited. >> i know.
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i mean, we're talking all about this huge warmup today. it's november 1st. you won't even get over it as we get into this afternoon. take look at forecast highs all across northeast ohio on this tribe fever tuesday. >> that's right. >> and we're winning this thing. okay. 75 to 76 and 77 degrees inside. partly cloudy skies. unbelievable. i'll break to down for you and right now, we are in the 40s. you need dressed in layers. go layers today. coming out of school, there'll be no sweatshirts. 68 at lunchtime and 75 degrees at 5:00. your world series game six forecast. it gives me goosebumps just to say that and here we go. upper 60s first pitch. partly cloudy skies. 67 ninth inning. temperatures are going to hold into the 60s through
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you'll barely even need a jacket. with all of the energy in this stadium, are you kidding me? it's going to be unbelievable. i'll have a look at your forecast through the rest of the week. i'll have the time change coming up. a check on your drive. see what danielle has going on this morning. this winning tuesday. we are going to win. look at the traffic map and we are delay free. we do -- have an accident. no this. so just use caution as you are traveling in that area. also here's a picture for 80 at warrantville road. traffic is moving just phenomenon and good news for those of you who need to get on 480 from northfield road. those ramps are open and our floor director says halleluiah. they were closed for a while.
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back to you. >> all right. thank you. joel hamm monday joins me. >> good morning. >> game six. here we go. >> this is exciting. >> yeah. you were with chicago. a lot of the staff went. what was the atmosphere like with this organization coming back? you knew you had home field advantage. >> i don't think anybody realisticically expectedtous take all three. it would have been fantastic but we're coming home. took two on two shots to close it out. a quien -- you have an andrew miller. here's raring to go tonight. >> rested and ready. i'm sure there'll be some. get a rally tall this evening
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and anthem. we're at mlb mercy. should be an excite night. >> explain that a little bit. major league baseball have a hand in all of this. >> it's their show. once we get to this level it's their show. we take their lead but we've got exciting stuff on tap for first pitch and national anthem. >> are you and others in the organization allowed now to start thinking we win this, we got to start planning what's going to follow? >> we pl general. so we plan for postseason before we clinch the berth and planning everything that comes after that as we go. we're ready to roll. hopefully we get a chance to roll out all these plans we've made. >> can you imagine what's it's like in the ballpark and through downtown when this long drought ends? >> i just hope i can get home to my wife and son. >> at some point . >> you will get home by next week, i predict that. >> yeah. >> thank you.
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been nice to win it in chicago. we're going to show details on the screen but to win it here in this ballpark with these fans can't be more special than that. >> we clinch the central and division and others on the road. maybe let's try to do one at home. looking forward to it. >> thank you. thank you for everything all season. let's get it definitely done tonight. as much as i love to see klu ber pitch, i'm okay if it's not this season. let's go to >> reporter: with both of cavs and indians playing at home tonight you can bet parking is 1 going to be at a premium in downtown cleveland. let's show you what it looked like for game one and two. then we saw people out parking was anywhere between $50 and $100 and you wonder could it be even higher tonight? well, it is likely considering how crucial this game is and as you welcome the
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park spot street vendors are looking to cash in. all sorts of memorabilia. there's even more money to be made for koodgeses. according to the online home sharing company l reports are that local homeowners made a total of $330,000. that was for games one and two. so back here live inside a well, if up to catch the game tonight, we've been -- it's going to cost a lot money. let's just say i'll be watching at home. if you're interested in how much it's going to cost you, i'll let you know how much the ticket prices are. looking forward to that. thanks so much, tiffany. he doesn't have a number on his indians jersey but you could say he's a very much an important part of the team. we're talking about slider the mast cot and he's
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game six. ? [ music ] ? ? [ music ] ? [ music ] ? [ music ] ? >> help a fur brother out. [ laughter ] >> are you ready for the big game? oh my gosh. are you nervous? a little bit?
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that's right. there you go. looking sharp, my man. that's right. any time, buddy. awe. time is now 6:38. day's top trending stories are still ahead but let's help a brother out and send it over to matt. matt, what do you have? the bargain brother, yes. today we are making your smart. if you are short on that list or looking to bring some better way of managing your time and power, i have a way to get it done. it's going to cost you no more than $15 and it's ingenius but first i want to send it back over to one of my favorite people. good morning. >> reporter: i love you. thank you, matt. a look at your commute forecast. it's a little cool outside as you're leaving the house. layer it up today. that's the way to go because
6:39 am
warming it up. should we call this indian summer? couldn't help myself. [ laughter ] >> 70s for highs. 75 degrees. go tribe. we're right back from progressive field. it's 6:39.
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the world series here at home. some fans got their inspiration for a halloween costume from bower. he had to miss two games because he needed stitches on his pitching hand after cutting it on a drone. he thought he could start game three but he had to leave early because it started to bleed. fans got creative last night. they had similar ideas wearing an indians jersey with a drone in hand.
6:43 am
blood to make it more authentic. well, yesterday we showed you a picture of this mishap at a browns game. you may remember this. fans un-- it was supposed to read this is dawg pound but it said gpadawnd. they made a t-shirt out of it. it's available in their store on their website $26. and the first family welcomes trick or treaters. out of the white house there's the scene. it was decorated in an alice in wond wonderland theme. president's dance moves. they welcome their guests and then danced along with some of the kids to michael jackson's spooky song thriller. watch president obama there. a lot of people are poin ing out he has some really
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>> hey. like him. i like the dad dance moves but matt, maybe you can show him a thing or two. >> just have a little bit more upper torso move. enough about me. we're here to save you money. we're your official money saving station. for all of you short on time or outlets, or just heard from a viewer who lives in 150 year old home. ou charge your smart phone on your night stand or in a dorm room and be able to read an your e reader in bed, well, this get it is done. take a look at the lamp -- advertised on tv that you wanted me to test. it's hugely well rated t. converts your electrical current going interest your lamp and shares that with a smart port that you can use to safely charge your tech.
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for under 30 bucks. >> you can see this light but than i have in now or any inka descent. you have your usb plug in right there. all you do is simply screw it into your lamp. the thing about this product is your lamp doesn't need to be turned on in order for it to charge. all you do is plug in your usb cord. and your device will start charging. now the lamp isn't ev charging a phone, it can also charge an ipad. there you have it. actually works. >> somewhere we had to go from the top but that's how you would do it. allow it to go right on your -- a sad day because i don't get to be with holly. i miss you guys.
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we miss you back. >> thank you. >> we miss you in the dugout. >> this is kind of cool; right? our spa therapy. >> this is the place to be. the dugout comes with its own heaters and we've made new friends. there's tiffany back there. hey. and then here's ruth from fox news channel. we made friends her and friends in columbus. welcome to cleveland. we don't hear about your -- okay. ru so, you know, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i was actually born in chicago and you know, i'm all cleveland now. >> right, right. >> ruth is smart. she's staying quiet. let's get a look at your forecast. we'll start with your bus stop conditions and it's a little cool at the moment. i've been talking layers this morning. it's the best way to go. we are going to warm up so much
6:47 am
tribe time tuesday. you ready? we're winning this thing. 75 degrees. it is the forecasted high and really it's all of northeast ohio that's looking so super mild today. just unbelievable. november 1st and never going to know it by this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. a world series game six forecast. temperatures first pitch upper 60s. falling to about 67, 66 degrees add the end of the game. that in itself is warmer than we should be for highs this time of the year. cloudy skies this morning. sun rieses is at 8 a.m. and we track on futureview here. looking really great through today, through tonight. not a whole lot going on at all. we start to see a little more cloud cover into tomorrow afternoon but we're still back in the 70s for highs before bringing rain in the forecast on thursday. we'll have rain to track. in the meantime we're tracking some november heat. 75 degrees is where we're
6:48 am
that's first thing tomorrow morning. and then we're up to 77 for your wednesday. upper 50s and ranny weather thursday. friday at cooler. a beautiful first weekend with highs pretty close to 60. this is the weekend we fall back one hour for the time change. we have norm who's rallying together. got to love it. go tribe. thank you received. we have another check on headlines and traffic when we come back with your morning rush. first, we check in with will. >> yeah. good morning. it's the game that a lot of clevelanders have waited years for. the cavaliers won it on the road. finally a chance it to do it at home. about 15 hours away from first
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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indians the have the chance to win the world series. we'll check in with the rest of the team but we want to get you caught up. cleveland police are investigating a shooting on the city's east side. a 19-year-old man and the little girl showed up at south point hospital yesterday. the man was shot in the chest. the toddler was grazed oned shoulder by a bullet.
6:52 am
a car when somebody else shot at them. president obama will be in ohio today to campaign for hillary clinton. the president will hold a get out and vote early event in columbus this afternoon. it will be on the campus of capitol and university. doors open at 2:30. tickets are still available at the campaign website. the indians aren't the only team playing tonight. the cavs are hosting the rocket. on twitter yesterday cavs owner said he worked hard to move the cavs game up to 6 p.m. so isothat fans fans can also stay in the q to watch the worlsz on the jumbotro n. let's send it out to john. >> game six tonight. emotional great effort in chicago. you got arrieta tonight. joe madden has come out and says he needs him to go deep. he's concerned about his bullpen. >> it's a battle of the bullpens here. it's what the -- it's the way that the indians have
6:53 am
game. a tried and true formula. four innings from the starter, right into andrew mil and slams the door. second time the indians have seen arrieta in a week. i think they're going to be chomping at the bit. they've studied him a little bit and the hometown crowd. we've seen them rattle them before. they get a little rattled out. there >> maybe even more surprises from franco. will not be a surprise i mean, we're going to see thousands of people here in downtown cleveland for the game. now i went online. checked ticket prices. let's show you what i saw. this was on stubhub. standing room only about $605. that's standing only. and if you have a lot of money and have a credit card, about $11,000 for those diamond box tickets. parking at a premium as well. up to $100,000.
6:54 am
field, take it away. yeah. you know, field's ready to go. it's cold but warming up. >> warming up fast. >> wait until you see as we get a sneak peak at that seven-day forecast. 75 the high today. we're in the 70s again tomorrow before we bring rain in on thursday. and then we cool it down a little bit on friday. but we're right back to near 60 degrees. the first weekend of november. the time change. we fall back let's check that. >> well, right now we're looking great on the traffic map. we have a little slow traffic that we're tracking on 77 north as you're trying to get downtown where you go around the curve to the 0 east. here's the picture on 77 as you head around the curve and see progressive field in the background. that's drive time on 77 north between 480 and i-90. it's a nine minute commute. that's a 2 minute delay.
6:55 am
field. go tribe. >> all right. i'll leave you with this the sun times has an article comparing gun fans with indians fans. cub fans are younger, they make more money and they are more likely to kids. more likely to visit the ballpark in the last year and more of them are females. one other note, they say cubs fans drink more beer. they may have to drink away their sorrows tonight. >> amen. >> i like your thinking. i know. you know one other stat, one other stat is espn broadcasting next to us right here. came up with this stat. 44 teams in the world series were down 3-1. only six of them actually won it all. they're giving espn right there is giving the cubs only a 13% chance. >> thank you. >> welcome to cleveland. >> an indians victory. >> we'll watch it all.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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good morning. one week to go. the end of the electio sight, the outcome up in the air. the fbi scrambling to see what's in those newly discovered e-mails. hillary clinton brushing it all off. >> if they want to look at some staffers, by all means, go ahead. >> a lawyer for her top aide reportedly saying huma abedin never used the laptop in question. will we get answers by election day? deadly explosion. a key gasoline pipeline erupts in alabama sparking a massive fire. one worker killed, five others injured. that pipeline now shut down raising fears of a gas shortage. crock attack. a couple swimming in a pool when they're joined by an unwanted


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