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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. one week to go. the end of the electio sight, the outcome up in the air. the fbi scrambling to see what's in those newly discovered e-mails. hillary clinton brushing it all off. >> if they want to look at some staffers, by all means, go ahead. >> a lawyer for her top aide reportedly saying huma abedin never used the laptop in question. will we get answers by election day? deadly explosion. a key gasoline pipeline erupts in alabama sparking a massive fire. one worker killed, five others injured. that pipeline now shut down raising fears of a gas shortage. crock attack. a couple swimming in a pool when they're joined by an unwanted
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the man jumps to safety, then comes to his partner's aid as the crocodile makes a beeline for her. nobody was seriously hurt. and field of dreams? the world series heads back to cleveland. the indians one win from their first championship in 68 years. the cubs hoping to hang on and keep their own historic title hopes alive "today," tuesday, november 1st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, is and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i know what you're going to be doing on tuesday night. >> going to be watching the game. they call it the fall classic. game time temperature about 68 degrees in cleveland tonight. it is going to be fantastic. i will be groggy in the morning. >> translation -- grumpy.
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taking off right after the show. we'll talk and curse al roker in just a little while. let's start with politics though. in one week the polls will be open. let's get right to the state of the race. seven days to go. this morning the fbi is poring through thousands of e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop looking for any connection to the ongoing investigation into hillary clinton. >> despite that newest e-mail controversy, our newest nbc news/survey monkey online poll shows clinton holding a six-point lead. >>h out, both campaigns are if high gear today. trump has two rallies in states like pennsylvania and wisconsin. clinton makes three stops in florida. she's keeping her powerful surrogates busy as well with president obama, vice president biden and senator bernie sanders all on the campaign trail for her. nbc national correspondent peter alexander starts us off this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, savannah, good morning to you. this morning campaign aides tell me that donald trump and his
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go on offense today with a policy speech calling for an end to obamacare. we've learned that investigators made a duplicate of the hard drive from the laptop belonging to anthony weiner and are now poring through it. >> reporter: battered by donald trump's criticism about her latest e-mail issue -- >> what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> reporter: hillary clinton's now looking to get back on offense, taking aim at trump's alleged >> donald trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the kremlin and its associates. >> reporter: after the top senate democrat, harry reid, accused fbi director james comey of having a double standard, for refusing to release "sploes of information" regarding trump's ties to russia, nbc news has learned the fbi has launched a preliminary inquiry into former trump campaign manager paul
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handwritten records, according to "the new york times," show manafort was to be paid $12.7 million in cash for representing a pro-russian politician in ukraine. while the fbi did not to nbc news' comments for inquiry, a spokesperson for manafort says it is not true. "trump has no knowledge of any of his past or present activities." also attacking the fbi director the clinton campaign highlighting a cnbc report citing one former federal official who says comey did not want the fbi to be the federal agency disclosing russia's role in recent hacking because he was concerned it could influence the election. donald trump jr. defending comey from clinton's new criticism. >> comey was the greatest guy in the world two, three months ago, now all of a sudden he's terrible and he is a partisan guy.
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evidence they were supposed to hand over. >> reporter: marching into the democratic struggle with michigan, trump inteniied his attacks. >> i have a son named barron. i want to tell you, she is a terrible example for my son and for the children in this country. that i can tell you. >> reporter: this morning the fbi is barely a day and a half into analyzing the thousands of documents found on a laptop belonging to clinton aide huma abedin and her estranged husband overnight, abedin's lawyer released a statement saying she never used that laptop but remains forthcoming." >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> this morning there is a new poll out from this key battleground state of pennsylvania showing hillary
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now. worth noting that much of that poll was completed before the fbi's announcement about its latest e-mail review. as donald trump and mike pence are trying to get more republicans to many could home to the gop ticket, new evidence this morning that at least one republican leader is still staying away. a spokesperson for john kasich telling nbc news that the ohio governor has now filed his ballot absentee writing in his write john mccain. matt and savann off, thank you. let's bring in steve kornacki and nicolle wallace. nicolle, starting with you. you've been on campaigns and in this position a week to go before election day. do campaigns view that amount of time as an eternity or a nanosecond? >> well, somewhere in between. imhere's how political information is processed. even if you have a debate where
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sometimes, it is the coverage of said debate and sometimes it is the facebook posts about the coverage about the debate. there is about a 72-hour window for political information to sink in and be processed and be judged. after about thursday or early friday, it is very hard to introduce new arguments into this campaign cycle. >> we are going to look more deeply into our poll with steve in a moment. you can show us what the pre-comey, post-comey effect was, if anything. but i guess the question is, do enthusiasm of perhaps republicans who were thinking about holding their nose and voting for hillary clinton? are they now coming home, as donald trump and mike pence are trying to encourage them to do? >> there are some indications. there were some indications that republican voters who had been sort of hold-outs were taking a new look in the final stretch of campaign and maybe coming to the conclusion, at the end of the day, i got to be with my party on this. this might hasten all of that. we spend so much time thinking
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changed. maybe that's not the right question here as much as it is who is going to be more motivated because of this. i can see that happening for republicans. >> how much does attitude of a candidate come into play now? isn't it true that a candidate in the final days needs to start to project positivity? in other words, a sense that we're doing well, and then perception becomes reality for voters? >> yeah. listen, this may be another one of the bygone traditions of presidential politics. you typically pull your negative ads down in a final weekend. positive, affirmative message but there's nothing normal about this candidacy. a, i don't know a lot of republicans recognize home with a head lamp and a map. and it speaks to his deficit. i think upwards of 90% of democrats are behind their nominee. he struggled to get beyond 75% of republicans. so it makes an interesting case for the map that he's chosen. he's in states where he is not on offense. he has a big gap.
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what is he projecting. >> it wouldn't be a fun political segment if we didn't send steve over to the wall. looking at this tracking poll nbc conducts for survey monkey. >> peter mentioned the headline. 47%-41%. that's where the race stands right now. of course the big question is last week, this is a weekly tracking poll. they're out there every day taking the poll. you can see last week before that announcement from the fbi, they were finding 47%-41% clinton. then two days of a the announcement, 47%-41%. impact in terms of the polling here. bottom not dropping out for hillary clinton as a result. >> i'm going to go way, way out on a limb here. i many and going to suggest that perhaps whether people see the comey letter as a distraction or a significant might fall along party lines. >> you would be amazed to know how divided this country is. first of all, there is the overall question -- is it important or a distraction. slight majority saying important. if you are a democrat, 83% say that's just a distraction. it's not important. if you are a republican,
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for trump at all, if you look at independent voters, they are more likely to say it is important. maybe a bit of an opening there for him. >> steve and nicolle, thank you, as always. let's talk now about a frightening scene in alabama br a gasoline pipeline exploded killing at least one worker. this happened near the site of a rupture back in september that led to gas shortages across the south. this morning that pipeline is shut down once again. nbc's gabe gutie latest on this. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. several roads here remain blocked off as authorities have managed to contain this fire and are now letting it burn itself out. many analysts and aaa expect that alabama's second major pipeline disruption in less than two months could mean higher prices at the month. >> oh, my god, it is growing so fast. >> reporter: this morning, authorities in alabama are scrambling to find out how much
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impact the nation's gas supply, the blast sending flames and thick smoke soaring over shelby county. >> we're going to evacuate the command area. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to contain the blaze as it burned dozens of acres in an area already plagued by severe drought. >> chief, i'm going to need three engines, 1,000 gallons onboard. >> reporter: overnight colonial, the company that owns the pipeline, confirmed one worker was killed, five others injured. the company says an excavator ey igniting the fire. eyewitness larry garner was among the first on the scene and saw one worker covered in flames. >> picked up one man that was working down there and brought him up there and washed the gas off of him, send him on to the hospital. >> reporter: the explosion happened just miles from the site of a pipeline leak just a few weeks ago. that incident caused gas shortages and sent pump prices soaring across the southeast. line stretches from texas to new
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east coast fuel. overnight colonial said our deepest condolences go out tonight to the family and friends of the person who was lost. >> our crews are moving here now to set up an incident and command post and will be responding to all the resources available to them. but in any kind of situation like this, you can never feel comfortable until it is over. >> reporter: that pipeline remains shut down. it is unclear for how long. overnight, gasoline futures significantly in overnight trading. again, analysts expect that could mean higher prices at the pump for a large swath of the country in the coming weeks. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. now to a halloween night tragedy. it happened in rural mississippi. two children and one adult were killed, several others suffered life threatening injuries when a truck plowed into a halloween hayride. this happened in newton county about 80 miles east of jackson. all ten victims were on a
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crash and so far, police say there have been no arrests. we are hearing for the first time the voice of omar mateen, the gunman responsible for the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. orlando police released new audio recordings on monday from the pulse nightclub massacre that occurred back on june 12th. on the chilling 911 tapes, mateen explains to a police crisis negotiators his reasons behind the deadly rampage. >> can you tell me where you are right now so help? >> no. because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they are killing a lot of innocent people. >> a s.w.a.t. team swarmed in about three hours after the initial 911 call. they killed mateen. in all, 49 victims were killed, 53 wounded. a judge will now decide whether to release more than 200 other calls recorded during that rampage.
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strike in philadelphia could have a big effect on election day. more than 100 workers walked off the job after not reaching a contract agreement. subway, bus and trolley service were brought to a halt. with election day just one week allay, they may seek an injunction to force striking workers back on the job if no resolution by next tuesday. anticipation is high in cleveland and tonight's pivotal game six of the world series. the indians have a chance to close things out and win their first title in 68 years. they could do it at home. for the cubs, it is a must-win to force game seven. nbc's ron mott is at progressive field in cleveland. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. fans here in cleveland are pretty confident about their team's chances going into game six tonight with this 3-2 games series advantage.
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pressure on these teams is enormous. the anguish, the anxiety, the anticipation. this world series has been exhilarating and exhausting for fans of both clubs. narrowly missing a three-game sweep of the cubs at wrigley field to take the crown, the tribe's back home in cleveland on a quest -- win one and it's done. >> it's been a long time. >> it couldn't be a better match-up. >> reporter: chicago transplant sean la i is there any one team more deserving than this thing? >> absolutely the cubs. >> reporter: naturally, the indians are the talk of the town ahead tonight's game six. one caller after another on sports talk radio virtually certain a championship is headed their way. another cleveland champ, lebron james, tweeting -- one more, boys. and historyis on their side. the last team to battle back 3-1 games to win it on the road was
7:16 am
history have ever done it, home or away. still, the cubs are focused yet loose. team president theo ebbstein handing out candy. manager joe maddon showing up to work in this, while their smallest fans scribble well wishes on the bricks outside wrigley. meantime, indians super fan, 104-year-old emily known simply at nana, is gearing up yet again with a pointer or guys. >> i want them to steal more bases. >> reporter: ticket prices for tonight's game, a home run for sellers. stubhub says average price for a resold ticket, $1,400. the high, $11,000. and the prices only go up from there for game seven, if there is is a game seven. >> you are going to fly out to cleveland after the show. >> absolutely.
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i got to do it. it's hard to believe how warm it's actually going to be for this game. we're talking about game six tonight. 69 degrees november 1st in cleveland. if there is a game seven, we've got some late game showers and a temperature possibly of 70 degrees! that's crazy. wide, big area of high pressure pushes the jet stream up to the north. you have this strong high pushing that warm air up into the midwest. we've got the risk of some new orleans, three days in a row of record-breaking temps. atlanta, three days and the hits just keep coming. could set a record today in atlanta. montgomery, mobile, new orleans and birmingham. as we move into the upper in i had west, cincinnati, 82. louisville could see a record. same with nashville and memphis. it stretches out west as well from roswell, little rock, on into wichita.
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>> and that's your latest
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much. just ahead -- donald trump and hillary clinton going nuclear. raging battle over who you should trust with america's security. and are you too trusting when you hop into one of those ride sharing services like uber or lyft? why police say that driver may not be who you think. but first on a tuesday
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we're back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. 1st day of november, 2016. morning after halloween. no candy coma for our energetic crowd. >> present company excluded. >> and my kids we'll be outside saying hi to those people in a couple of minutes. inside our studio, here is a look at the headlines this morning. overnight, iraqi troops trying to take back mosul from isis entered that city for the first time in more than two years. officials tell us they're being met with heavy resistance now from isis fighters and are facing what could be difficult house-to-house fighting. during a late night rally, hillary clinton tried to throw cold water on the fbi's review of those newly discovered e-mails that could be related to
7:31 am
more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead. look at them. and i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails last year. meantime, the fbi has launched a preliminary inquiry into donald trump's former campaign manager. it is focused on his foreign business connections. and our latest nbc news/survey monkey online poll that was conducted in the days before and after the comey maintaining a six-point lead over trump. that is virtually unchanged since last week. in "today's campaign moment," a changing of the guard on social media. the white house has just announced that when president obama leaves office, he will also leave behind the @potus twitter account and hand it over to his successor. that person will inherent the account's more than 11 million followers. president obama, meanwhile, will
7:32 am
called @potus44. similar new accounts will also be created for the first lady and the vice president. in the meantime, the clinton campaign is out with a new ad. in the last week of the race. it is raising some eyebrows. nbc's hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi there, matt, good morning. with just seven days to go, hillary clinton's trying to hammer home her argument that donald trump is simply too dangerous to be commander in chief by referencing one of the most famous a political ads ever, an ad the trump campaign is brushing off as just a distraction from, they say, clinton's own controversies. >> reporter: an already-explosive campaign now going nuclear in a manner of speaking. >> bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> one, two -- >> reporter: clinton team turning to this black and white ad from the height of the cold war. >> these are the stakes. >> reporter: a mushrooming
7:33 am
on-air war. clinton playing off perhaps the most famous presidential ad of all time. it starred this little girl, then just 3 years old. >> this was me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war that we had as children, i never thought our children would ever have to deal with that again. >> reporter: now if the final week of the campaign, clinton trying to capitalize on the concern some have of trump being in the oval office, reinforcing her message on tv >> even the prospect of an actual nuclear war doesn't seem to bother donald trump. good luck. enjoy yourselves, folks, was what he had to say about a potential nuclear conflict. >> reporter: here's what donald trump actually said to cnn if had march about more u.s. allies getting more nuclear weapons. >> we're better off, frankly, if south korea is going to start to correct itself. >> saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia, absolutely. >> reporter: with msnbc's chris
7:34 am
cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> reporter: but a month later, he told matt and savannah heren on "today" -- >> i would be the last to use nuclear weapons. it is a horror to use nuclear weapons. >> reporter: the trump campaign calling clinton's new ad is sad and pathetic attempt to change the subject away from the criminal investigation into her illegal e-mail server. some trump supporters insisting it's clinton who's actually more dangerous, more like this man who remembers the original lbj ad. >> it is a very powerful thing. >> do you think this is equally as powerful for hillary clinton? >> i think it is just another one of her tricks. >> reporter: so, what do the numbers show? our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows more people believe clinton would be a better commander in chief than trump. 52%-32%. we should note -- that poll was taken before friday's fbi e-mail news. matt?
7:35 am
to other news this morning. embattled comedian bill cosby, he heads back to court today for a key hearing tied to the sexual assault allegations tied to him. stephanie gosk is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania this morning. >> reporter: good morning. cosby is back here for what is the first round of pre-trial hearings. he will once again argue that the sexual assault charges against him be thrown out. his lawyers will say that there was an those charges. among their other arguments, that the 79-year-old is nearly blind and the victim of racism. bill cosby's lawyers now say their client is legally blind and that his memory is fading. making it impossible to defend himself against charges that he drugged and molested andrea constandat his pennsylvania home in 2004. cosby's lawyers refer to 13 other alleged victims ready to
7:36 am
what prosecutors call a pattern of behavior dating back to the '60s. in court documents, the defense argues mr. cosby cannot even determine whether he is ever even seen some of his accusers, let alone develop defenses. cosby has never been charged with any crimes based on their accusations and denies the claims. in a motion filed late monday, the defense said the 13 women in question are unreliable and failed to demonstrate a signature pattern of conduct. the defense also believes cosby in court documents, lawyers argue that when the at least 50 women accusing cosby of sexual assault or misconduct started coming forward, the public jumps into a mob willing to believe unsubstantiated decades-old allegations against an african-american citizen. >> he taught an absolute generation of americans to trust in america, that trust in america regardless of who you are, where you are from or the
7:37 am
you fairly and with decency. that trust has been shaken. >> what about us black women whom he sexually violated? >> reporter: we interviewed this cosby accuser, millie bernard, and read her parts of the recent court documents. >> they say this is "a highly publicized crusade against mr. cosby." bernard accuses cosby of drugging and raping her three times in the early '90s when she guest starred on "the cosby show." she never went to authorities and cosby denies the accusations. >> he is paralleling my holding him accountable for his drugging and raping me to his being a victim of racism to his being a victim of a modern day lynching. what that does is it denigrates the souls of the real heroes in the civil rights movement. >> reporter: bernard is not among the 13 women who may be called to testify. nbc news has learned from court documents and the witnesses themselves that at least two of the women are african-american. the defense argues that the
7:38 am
chosen to trigger racist sensibilities in the jury. bernard disagrees. >> what is keeping bill cosby out of jail is not the color of his skin. it is the power. it is his monetary worth. >> reporter: you can expect the prosecution to make a similar argument today in court. they will say that there has not been an unconstitutional delay and that cosby has used his fame and fortune to, in their words, "cover up his crimes." savannah. >> stephanie gosk at the courthouse f let us get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> things a little unsettled out in the midwest. we're already seeing showers in the upper great lakes and some snow into canada. a weak frontal system is pushing through hand a low pressure will develop along that later this afternoon. overnight look for storms to develop through iowa, then pushing on into parts of northern illinois, including chicago, by late in the afternoon tomorrow. those push toward cleveland in
7:39 am
activity on thursday for the game. they could see some showers. rainfall amounts generally about one to two inches, but we're basically looking at about a half-inch, stretching from missouri all the way on up into >> and check that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al, thank you. just ahead on "trending," the one song they say you should listen to to feel instantly less
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ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? we're back now at 7:44. we've got a new warning about those popular ride-sharing apps like uber and lyft. >> how much do you really know about your driver? nbc's j los angeles. >> it's become almost automatic. order an uber or lyft, see a car pull up, hop in. you trust it is your ride without thinking twice. now new conartists are posing as your ride and that car may not be yours at all. getting a ride has never been so easy. open uber or lyft on your phone, order a car on demand and within
7:45 am
to scam you by price gouging, even robbing passengers at airports, hotels, bars an even your home. >> it was just before 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: in chicago, katherine believes she was almost scammed when she ordered an uber at her house for a pre-dawn ride to the airport. >> i saw a vehicle was parked sitting idle in the middle of the street right in front of our home. all i said to him was, good morning. it's me. he said, oh, go ahead and get on in. so i got in his car. i realize my phone this is not my uber. >> reporter: she said she quickly got out and spotted her real uber two cars away. she called 911. >> i realized something does not feel right. >> reporter: uber confirmed the driver was not theirs. in a letter to the port authority of new york and new jersey, uber says fake drivers have reached crisis levels with over 2,300 illegal trips happening each week at jfk and laguardia airports alone.
7:46 am
signs to lure people into their cars. >> it is tremendously scary. we know from individual complaints we've got where people feel locked in the car. one incident where someone was taken to an atm and the driver demanded that they get more cash because he raised the price. >> reporter: the better business bureau says rogue drivers often prey on people who appear stressed, tired or distracted. >> you ma i let your guard down and fail to check that license plate, nail to check that it is the model vehicle >> reporter: uber and lyft, along with safety advocates, recommend always use the app to request a ride and never accept rides from drivers in person. match the actual license plate number with the number on your app. ask your driver who he or she is picking up before getting in. and if you're riding alone, sit in the back seat. >> look out for yourself. you have to have your own back. >> the penalties for posing as an official uber driver or a lyft driver are relatively weak.
7:47 am
for harsher punishment. usually it is just a small fine. as you order those cars, be sure to have your head up and be careful. matt? savannah? >> good advice, jo. thank you very much. coming up, adele's most candid interview ever. what she's revealing about parenting, personal battles, and more. and what you have been saying about our totally '90s halloween costume reveal. but first, these messages. but first, these messages. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. dget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughs) schedules. schedules. great, okay. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. good is in every blue diamond almond. a good that comes in 20 flavors
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we had so much fun yesterday throwing it back to the '90s for halloween. this tweet caught our attention -- carson daly dressed as himself from trl is the best part of my day. halloween peaked at 8:00 a.m. >> it was so much fun, guys. here we are just representing what a great decade the '90s. i mean look at this guy who played bryant gumbel. that was unbelievable! >> >> uncanny, al. looking good. look at this picture right here. you can't honestly tell who's who. matt lauer won halloween. best from daniel, we agree. urkel. there are so many great comments on social media. here's our own charlie. what a great shot this is. by the way, charlie was a beanie baby. the minute this shot went out
7:52 am
facebook page of pictures of their pets also dressed as beanie babies. thank you for sending those in. things changed from day to tonight. my wife siri yesterday. by night we grabbed our kids. eating a banana and a monkey. can we talk about vail, savannah? i mean, this is adorable. the great st >> in her preschool she's just 2 but they actually learned about the artist. i thought this is going to make all parents at school laugh. i think it did. she's really into it. >> she went trick-or-treating with jenna bush hager's daughter, mila, who was a little doughnut right there. >> poppy was a doughnut hole. >> poppy was a doughnut hole. >> we had a grer lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here...
7:53 am
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. it's 8:00 on "today" -- coming up, one week and counting. as the candidates sprint to the finish line, hillary clinton and donald trump spar over the fbi examining e-mails once again. >> hey, this is just what we need. just what we need. >> and i am the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> but have voters already made up their minds? plus, adele opens up. the british superstar gets personal in a candid new interview talking about drinking, parenting, and her battle with postpartum depression. and, a soldier's surprise. >> this looks hard. >> you want to play?
8:01 am
hustled. >> jay leno takes an american hero for the ride of a lifetime. >> so the worst part is over? >> yeah. no matter what goes on, i've dealt with the worst of the worst. >> and leaves her with a gift. "today," november 1st, 2016. texas! we made it on the "today" show! woo! >> hello, detroit! >> rise and shine, memphis, tennessee! ?? >> hey y'all from sweet home alabama! >> mom and daughter celebrating our birthday on "today"! woo! ?? good morning, everybody.
8:02 am
it is tuesday morning. it is a chilly one. 1st of november. can you believe it? >> that's right. of course, that always means the return of a scruffy tradition around here. we guys are tossing the razors once again and kicking off no-shave today. >> for carson, that means normal day. this year we partnered up with dr. mehmet oz to take a closer look at important issues affecting men's health so together we commissioned a great survey. more than 1,000 guys. and found 60% o their doctor when they have some kind of symptoms. they don't go just to prevent illness and disease. we're going to talk about that and much more with dr. oz in a little while. tomorrow on "today," a hollywood legend will be in the house. oscar winner warren beatty. we'll talk about his first movie in 15 years. writing, starring and directing in "rules don't apply." we'll talk about the movie, his break from hollywood and much
8:03 am
>> he's loving his life. >> that's a really good reason. now let's get a check of the morning's top stories. here is the "news at 8." we begin with election day now just one week aday. i'm kristen welker in dade city, florida. hillary clinton maintaining her national lead over donald trump. our latest poll shows clinton topping trump 47%-41%. but she and her allies are still concerned about that fbi probe >> reporter: at a get out the vote rally in cincinnati, hillary clinton aiming to get back on track and back on message energizing her supporters against donald trump. >> you know the best way to stop him -- by showing up with the biggest turnout in history. >> reporter: still, facing the new e-mail controversy head-on by escalating her attack against fbi director james comey. >> i made a mistake, i'm not
8:04 am
if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead. look at them. and i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails last year. right? >> reporter: that staffer, long-time aide huma abedin, the estranged wife of ant in i wiener, whose commuter contained the e-mails in question. she is off the trail working out of the campaign's headquarters in brooklyn. >> thank you, >> reporter: making a play for michigan monday, a traditionally blue state where he is trailing, trump capitalizing on the 11th hour political gift, arguing if clinton wins, she'll be dogged by investigations. >> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. this is just -- hey, this is just what we need. just what we need. >> reporter: trump also trying
8:05 am
e-mails not authenticated by nbc news seeming to show donna brazile tipping off the clinton campaign about a debate question before the debate. >> who cares about donna brazile? what i care about is hillary clinton gets the request es to a debate. that's a big deal. she is is a terrible example for my son and for the children in this country. >> reporter: meanwhile, another law enforcement and intelligence sources tell nbc news the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry into donald trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, and his foreign business connections, including what some analysts call disturbing ties to two russian oligarchs. no comment from the fbi. manafort telling nbc news -- none of it's true. there's no investigations going on by the fbi that i am aware of.
8:06 am
of a double standard for not discussing trump's possible ties to russia. as for huma abedin, no word on when she'll be back on the campaign trail but in a statement her lawyer says, "while the fbi has not contacted us about this, ms. abedin will continue to be, as she always has been, forthcoming and cooperative." secretary clinton has three stops in florida today. donald trump starts his day in pennsylvania with a speech about obamacare. >> kristen, thank you very much. breaking news out of maryla investigating a horrifying crash this morning. at least three people were killed, many others injured when a school bus and city bus collided in southwest baltimore, collapsing much of the front of the school bus and tearing off the driver's side of the city bus. emergency vehicles are on the scene caring for people along the side of the road. now to alabama and concerns about the nation's gas supply. on monday a massive explosion
8:07 am
killed one worker and injured five others. heavy equipment ruptured the gas line that started the fire. the pipeline is now shut down. this happened just a few miles from the site of a pipeline leak back in september. that incident led to gas shortages and higher prices throughout the southeast. coming up, jay leno is here. he's joining us for trending. he has a great surprise for a wounded warrior to share. >> always happy to see jay. and, one couple's dramatic escape from are a large crocodile suddenly dives in. and dr. oz helps us raise awareness of important men's
8:08 am
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. gh fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. all right. we're back now, 8:11 with what's "trending" today. everybody please join me in saying -- hello, jay! good to have you back. we're going to talk about a
8:12 am
but as always, we like to have you pitching in on "trending" today. ready? jay, what would you do if you found yourself in a situation like this? happened at a pool at a hotel in zimbabwe. the video shows a couple lounging around the pool whether a six-foot crocodile comes up to the edge, then jumps in. did you see what the guy did? the guy jumped right out of that pool leaving the woman behind to somewhat fend for herself. >> honey, i'm going to go get >> when i first heard this story, i said -- this is a crock. there it is. >> apparently looks like she got bitten once or twice or whatever and it is not entirely clear whether the guy who comes around to the side of the pool to help her is the guy who got out of the pool in the first place. >> well, i heard earlier this same crocodile was arrested as a phony uber driver.
8:13 am
jay leno, ladies and gentlemen! >> the croc didn't match the photo the woman had. so wait a minute -- >> you're not the croc i was suspecting. >> you think maybe the guy got an earful. >> maybe? >> here's a good one. a lot of us like to listen to music to destress. right? there is one song in particular that was found to reduce people's stress levels by a whopping 65%. take a listen. ?? >> you look stressed, jay. >> this song is called "weightless." it is by an english band called marconi union. experts say part of the reason it is so relaxing is there is no melody so your brain is not
8:14 am
no melody? just more like music. >> that's really annoying, is what it is. just sounds like -- it sounds like an excedrin commercial. >> what is your go-to relaxation song? >> you know, i like silence. i turn it off and i read. my god, it is so nice when it is quiet. we live in a world of -- even when you think there is no noise, there is no noise. when i go in door -- this is actually quite pleasant. >> you know, i like an amy grant song. you know the song, "better than a hallelujah"? >> that's nice. >> that does sound nice. >> lionel richie. "easy." >> who let the dogs out. >> anything reggae. bob marley.
8:15 am
? don't worry about a thing ?? >> you were laughing at me earlier. "harvest moon" by neil young. you didn't know i had this '70s re-trip thing going on. >> if i hear sinatra sing "summerwind." >> how does it go? >> how does it go? oh, you hurt me. >> oh, that's nice. when you first said that this morning, i was like do you mean ? summer breeze m fine ? ? blowing out the castles in my mind ?? >> my mother's from scotland. bagpipes always has been an emotional thing for me. "amazing grace" kind of puts things in perspective. >> "who let the dogs out," "amazing graze." >> carson. >> guys, lot to get to in "popstart!" today.
8:16 am
over the years she's been everything from jessica rabbit, an old woman. she was the human body one year. this year heidi decided to go as herself and herself and herself and herself and herself. five heidi klums. clones with her. to her annual halloween party here in new york. they all stepped out of a giant made in germany box. the women had prosthetics added to their faces to make them look just like heidi. >> wow. next to adele and says her newer songs may not be as good as her older ones. adele opening up in vanitity fair magazine about the topics like how she copes with postpartum depression. after the baby she drinks a lot less. basically she says she seeks an outsider's perspective but i'll never write the ones that are on the studio album "21" because i'm not so indulgent.
8:17 am
that's a tattoo waiting to happen. this issue of "vanity fair" hits newsstands on tuesday. finally, "glamour" giving us the coveted women of the year issue. gwen stefani defining this year's theme of shattering the ceiling. others are simone biles, first ever man of the year goes to bono for his bei champion for women's rights. "glamour" hands out those awards on the 14th of november. that next morning our own natalie morales will give us a great back-stage look at the ceremony. for full list check it out at >> the woman has stood up to isis. what do i have to do to win this award? you're fighting isis. what do i have to do to get the
8:18 am
>> she's won at many. >> the real reason jay is going to be here, he has a great story coming up involving a wounded warrior. >> yeah. it really is a good story. it is really -- these people never cease to amaze me. you know? they really are. there's no greatest generation. every generation that fights is great. you will a he see what we do. >> we'll share that story after we get a check of the weather
8:19 am
>> and that is your latest weather. al, thank you very much. let us compliment this guy because is he too modest to do it himself. this is a guy who has cared about our troops. you have spent years speaking about them. you've spent years traveling to entertain them. >> jay always gets to know individual soldiers and really kind of bonds with them. i know you have a really great story for us this morning. >> specialist stephanie moore was stationed at bagram air force base in afghanistan when she was wounded. she spent a year at walter reed medicalen back together. i spent a few hours with her to learn that, heroes are, well, they're just born after the dust has settled, so to speak. take a look. >> reporter: specialist stephanie moore are just exchanged birthday gifts with a roommate when the grenades hit. >> two rpgs came in back to back. i was on the ground and i seen everybody else laying there.
8:20 am
>> reporter: she wrapped her present, a mickey mouse blanket, around her best friend to stop the bleeding. >> it was something you never want to see. your own child just laying flat in that bed with tubes and blood everywhere. it was just -- it was too much. >> it was the day that she lived and they didn't. it was a day that she fell up in another. and it was the day that she looked down and her body wasn't the same. >> reporter: she spent the next three years at walter reed fighting to save her leg. >> how do you push forward when you were the only survivor and the other four were kia? >> reporter: slowly through the sport she once loved, stephanie found her way back. after three dozen failed
8:21 am
on july 4th, doctors amputated stephanie's leg. you always hear about the greatest generation but you realize every generation that fights is really the greatest generation. if i can do something to help her or just make her smile or laugh, hey, i've done my job. i hope. how are you? >> jay leno. >> how you doing? what's going on? i'm guessing that's stephanie. hi, stephanie. how you doing? >> how are you? >> i'm okay. this looks hard. >> youan >> i could tell when i'm being hustled. do i want to play. yeah. >> put your feet back. >> back here. >> if somebody clip them, you might end up like me. >> you guys play hard. >> reporter: though i obviously have no game, we do have one thing in common -- we both like to go fast. >> we can race in wheelchairs and see who is the fastest. >> okay, sure. hey! no cheating! hey!
8:22 am
all right, ready to do some real wheels? >> yeah. >> i'll take you for a drive. >> y'all crazy. >> it is a beautiful day. >> reporter: i had a great heart to heart as we cruised through virginia along the banks of the potomac. so the part is over now? >> yeah. regardless of what goes on, i've dealt with the worst of the worst of what my life is going to be. there' n overcome. >> you want to give this thing a try? >> sure. >> okay. >> now i'm not saying i'm going to be a good driver, but -- >> step on it. go, baby, go! floor it! floor it! >> so how many cars do you have? >> oh, boy, you sound like my wife. about 150. >> 150 cars? >> yeah. yeah.
8:23 am
shoes. >> well, there you go. how many shoes you got? >> 70 pair. >> 70! >> yeah. >> we covered a lot of ground on our little road trip. stephanie is studying to become a nurse. she is engaged to be married. and she missed her mom back in ohio. >> if i would have known you would be here, maybe i would have flew her down here. >> yeah. that would have been cool. all right, mt. vernon, half a mile. time for a little history lesson. >> this is >> you never been here, huh? >> no. >> this is your commander in chief's house. this is where washington sat. as a soldier, what do you feel like? >> my heart is beating a little fast, actually, just me sitting up here. it's like dream come true, actually. >> yeah. so much history. you've never seen this memorial, have you?
8:24 am
originated by george washington himself and you've got one. >> i do. >> i mean that's pretty impressive. >> it's really like just bittersweet. >> yeah, i know. i know what you mean. you certainly deserve it. how you doing. you all right? come on, i got one other thing for you. let's go down re i'll show you the real reason i brought you down here. >> reporter: there's one more surprise for stephanie. we brought her mom, brother and nephew in from ohio. >> come on! >> hey, marcus, what do you think of that car? >> jay will let you drive. >> i tell you what, marcus, aunt stephanie can let you drive.
8:25 am
>> that's not funny. >> that's your car. >> no. >> it's your car. >> thank you. >> the folks at fiat chrysler gave us that little fiat spider and they paid all the taxes. we outfitted it with controls so she could drive with her other foot. but she is getting a prosthetic leg so she won't need that pretty soon. >> i thought should we get her something to carry a wheelchair? no. we gave her the sports car. >> gosh. >> absolutely beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> she's just a wonderful -- you know, walter reed's filled with them. pick any one at random and they all got a great story. >> they're the best of our country. jay, thank you. i know you will be back in our next hour. >> darn you, leno! >> i know. if you want to see more cool
8:26 am
"jay leno's garage" on cnbc.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it is the 1st day of november, 2016. chilly one, but we're going to heat things up in just a second with some fabulous gifts for your holiday season. >> wide load coming through! wide load. >> by the way, we are also up to
8:31 am
november. this whole month, when you see us getting scruffy, this is to raise awareness for men's health. dr. oz is here to talk about one of the most sensitive topics a lot men deal with. he'll share some surprising results from our state of men 2016 survey. >> sensitive topics? i'm interested. also ahead, some lasting impressions. dana carvey is here. he'll weigh in on the election. do we need a laugh or what? >> we certainly . the holiday spirit. we're going to show you some great items that you are going to find at a neiman marcus catalog. for our viewers, we'll tell you how you can get hundreds of items at a big discount just for our people. >> santa rolls. >> santa bringing it in strong. how about a check of the weather? >> i don't think we have any christmas like weather on our map.
8:32 am
making its way into the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine along the gulf coast and along the >> your birthday today? >> yes! 16! >> you're 16? >> yes. 60. >> oh, 60. there you go. well, you look great, either way. >> thank you! >> matt?
8:33 am
thank you very much. as we mentioned this morning, we're launching no shave today to raise awareness for men's health. we're going to be growing out our facial hair throughout the month of november. we've also partnered with dr. oz to highlight some important issues. first up, testicular cancer. dr. oz, good morning. let's get it out of the way right off the bat. people hear testicular cancer. men, they get embarrassed with be they don't want to talk ba it. it deals with a part of the body they are i think 55% of men say this embarrasses them. >> i get it. i tell my patients all the time, you got to be the expert on your body. men shy away, this is an awkward part of the body, things you don't talk about. take a peek at this interesting video. you'll enjoy this. >> it can be pretty hard to get a man's attention. but this is about men's health
8:34 am
incorporating some guy stuff in this video to keep you interested. here's three easy steps to check yourself for testicular cancer at home. first, go in the shower. because the steam will relax your scrotum. next, hold each testicle in your hand one at a time between your fingers and your thumbs. feel for hard lumps. smooth or rounded bumps side but not the other. if you found any of those or notice a change in size, see your doctor. now you know how to take your health into your own hands. literally. >> that's brilliant. >> put the car in there for jay. >> little slam dunk as well. that's great. 88% of men in our survey that we conducted if conjunction with you said they know they should screen themselves once a month. only 14% say they do.
8:35 am
they don't really know what to do and how to do it. thus, the psa. but it is bigger than that. the fact of the ma earth is we're embarrassed because these are sexual organs. things that have to do with basic bodily function we don't get into. this whole month is about taking care of yourself so you are there for your family. >> what age should men start checking themselves doing self-examinations. >> at around age 15. cancer is my opinion is start at age 15. many medical societies agree. at least through the next two decades of life. all the good behaviors we adapt we start when we're young. get in the shower and collection it out. >> if you can find this early, incredibly curable especially if it stays localized. >> men are a little clueless on this stuff. we really are intimidated and embarrassed and we shouldn't be. we'll spend some time this week
8:36 am
bit more comfortable. >> a good way to remember this is when you see us growing our hair out and looking scruffy, terrible, think i should be doing a self-examination for testicular cancer or prostate cancer, colon cancer. get screened for that. that's what the purpose of the month is. >> it's what a real man does. we put some manly things in the video. mentally take control. it is your destiny. >> carson is in the orange room with more. thanks, to help us kick off our no shave today, mark hedstrom is raising money for men's health charities. good to have you here. thanks so much. you guys do a lot of great work. what specifically -- what specific charities are you raising money for? >> we raise money for the movember foundation.
8:37 am
we are in 21 countries around the world. we've raised $710 million in 13 years. this is our 13th campaign. >> when people see the mustache, the whole idea of this was for what? for mustache to just be a reminder? >> it is a reminder -- i have a terrible mustache about ten days in. but the point is to start a conversation about men's health. when you see a guy on the street with a ten-day old mustache, you'll start asking a q billboards for are men's health. >> mark, thanks so much. we'll be growing our beards and mustaches out this month. if you are, too, send your photos using this hashtag "no-shave today" of course their hashtag is movember. mark, good luck this month. thank you. coming up next, dana carvey is about to leave some lasting impressions on all of us. but first, this is "today"
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now at 8:39 with another installment of "lasting impressions." with dana carvey, just one week to go before the election. you just happen to have a great netflix special this friday. >> don't you love the pharmacy? don't you love the social dynamic of the pharmacy? i just love it. you go in there, everyone's uptight. you know the pharmacist in the white lab coat is dip there's always an old guy off to the side who's clearly been there all day. did my doctor call? they always know his name because he's there so much. no, bill, he didn't call. try the blood pressure machine again. that's always fun. >> dana, welcome back. >> did dr. oz see that? >> he just walked out of the studio. >> that's wrong! feel free to laugh. >> you've been joining us throughout the campaign. we've got a week to go.
8:41 am
you limping across the finish line? >> i'm like everyone else. it is like a film that will never end. the clintons, what they had was just calm bill down to limp to the finish line. when she started fainting, remember when he went on charlie rose and the more he tried to defend her, the bigger hole he dug? literally. it's not even a bit. charlie, i'll tell you, she does faint a lot. she does. she keels over like that. she just a little itty-bitty thingnd the bum and thigh which i find adorable. she's built like a little top. if there was some humidity, it's like timber time. i just try to catch her. like stop him! please! >> what does trump need to say to try to woo last-minute voters, especially millennials? >> it will be nasty ombre wall. goodnight. no. there's nothing trump -- he was supposed to become presidential.
8:42 am
the only thing -- i've spent the year trying to figure out the appeal of donald trump. and he's a blunt force instrument. so like if your cause is global warming and are you going to the conference, who would you rather have with you than donald trump? he would be like, you know, you stupid countries, okay? you're very, very stupid. okay? you're spewing all this stuff in the air, the air's get egg hot, the grass is getting hot, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. i will be so good with global warming. i'll solve global warming. i can promise you that. i know how to make glaciers. okay, matt? i can make a lot of glaciers. i'll take all the ice from the trump hotel. that's a lot of ice,ky tell you that. i would put it on the carnival cruise ships. i know these people. they're friends of mine. okay? so that's trump. that's why the people who love him love him and the undecideds
8:43 am
yesterday was halloween. i thought i saw you out trick-or-treating last night. were you dressed as jay leno? >> oh, yeah, i was. yeah. can i get some candy? quick impression. jaylen know stubbing his toe. it's not a problem. just walking along. >> i saw you as jerry seinfeld. what is wrong with you people! sorry, it is free. >> if you saw me as seinfeld and bryant was doing that, you must have seen kathie lee as regis. >> when she was doing regis and regis was gelman, it was like 20 minutes long live television. and she was so good. ready for this, and they kept cutting to regis. i think he fell asleep twice during the thing. i've got a line every nine
8:44 am
hello, everybody. they were very game. >> last time you were here you regaled us with your microimpression. >> i like these quick-hit impressions. this is bernie sanders as a cross walk guard. don't proceed. don't proceed. the system is rigged. don't proceed. don't proceed. let's see. th a like. here's george bush sr. afraid to go off the high dive. >> where does that come up? >> it just fits. here it is. camera, you all right? here. george bush sr. afraid to go off the high dive. what time is it? okay, here we go. all right. gotta go. here we are. looking down. looking down. not gonna do it.
8:45 am
now my first microimpression -- this goes for the boomers. this goes way back. this is my very first one. it was katharine hepburn trying to start her car. i'll see you in a minute. i've got to get going. here we go. i must have flooded it. it's a the idea that you go -- okay, here's my last one for you. this is one of my all-time favorite journalists. tom brokaw asking where is the library in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] what else can i do?
8:46 am
a peach. >> real quickly. >> oh, this is so sweet. everything sounds sexual when bill says it. by the way, anthony weiner was the only time the premise was the joke in my entire career. anthony weiner tweeted his wiener. that's all you got to know. >>ho wants to have dana carvey back after election? >> we all just have to survive, have a cocktail and ride carvey." starting in january, catch him in the residency at the foundry in las vegas. >> hello! up next, holiday gift ideas big and small from the neiman marcus christmas club. but first, this is "today"
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we do not waste any time around here. we are jumping from halloween right to christmas. to kick off the holiday season right, it really is that time of year, the annual neiman marcus christmas book, fantasy gifts. we always love dreaming. good morning. happy holiday! i guess it is cold, it feels like the holidays. we are starting with a little bit of an island theme. i think i see hoda the lot. >> tell us about this awesome ride. >> these are the his and her gifts this year and they -- the cars are $65,000 a piece. his comes with the matching swim trunks. >> does not come with the guy. >> the ken doll. >> then hers comes with this beautiful caftan.
8:50 am
towels. >> it is very palm beach. >> can you tell us how much they cost? >> $65,000 each. >> this is to dream. thank you so much. >> it is a fantasy. >> it is. next we have for the literary types. >> wait a minute. i'm kind of picturing vail paging through these children's books. >> or eating them. >> these are -- it is a caldecott winners. we have six of them here. >> original edition of the books. >> yes. >> wow. >> either the original edition or early printing. some of them are signed. for example, "make way for ducklings" is signed. >> wow. >> we have the whole collection of 36 different ones that range from 1938 all the way to 2015. >> should we ask about the price on this one? >> it is $100,000.
8:51 am
proceeds goes to benefit the heart of neiman marcus foundation which supports education for youth. >> you have obviously gotten to the table with gifts you cannot afford. >> gifts aren't as tall as me. >> talk about this, the grammy package. >> first of all, you get two tickets to the grammys. you get the ladies will like this. knee mans. this incredible guitar is a gift from les paul reissued from '59. this is completely worth the price of a ticket. it is all for the grammy foundation. a ticket to the clive davis's night before party. >> kristin chenoweth.
8:52 am
attack live. you guys do it every morning. >> you have a brand-new elegance, "the art of elegance." >> yes, it is number two, hanging in there after five weeks. broadway, too. >> she has an eye for bling. i'll explain. what's next here? >> this is a trip to england for eight people and you get to spend the night in -- two nights in each of theseam that people have not normally spent the night in. it looks like "downton abbey." this is where winston churchill was raised. you get to spend the night in those homes. >> butler and maid service? >> not necessarily. but you do get a gourmet meal at every place. >> what is this?
8:53 am
i'm in. >> every year we do a car, as you know. this is the q-60 infinity that's done for us in a special mica gold color. solar mica is the name. white leather interiors, matching weekender bag. all sorts of things. >> how much? >> $63,000. >> can we go to the budget table? these are all available to our "today" show viewers for a discount. >> we are doing 20% discount for not just these gifts on this table but also a couple hundred more. >> what do you have? >> it's going to be 20% discount for "today" show viewers. if you just go to -- thank you. >> what are some highlights here in just a few seconds?
8:54 am
always good. >> the popcorn! >> the popcorn's always good. everybody always loves it. we've got a season full of socks for every season. this turtle nail is a lot of fun. >> ginger, you got us in the holiday spirit. >> good. >> thank you. >> kristin, thanks. >> best of luck with everything. >> go to for more on these discounts.
8:55 am
8:56 am
all right, guys. look who's here? >> guest host tay digs coming up at 9:00.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," comedy legend jay leno gets us revved up for a super-charge hour of fun. then how to turn your leftover halloween candy into delicious new desserts. plus, celebrity co-host. can you dig it? yes, i can. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, welcome to "today" show on tuesday morning. 1st day of november, 2016. hard to believe it is november 1st. >> it is! >> crazy stuff. >> thanksgiving will be here,
9:01 am
>> you all look excellent. it is a chocolate today. welcome to "chocolate today." >> it is actually taye day tuesday. use the hashtag taye day tuesday and we will read your message to taye on twitter. the thing is you follow a lot of people on twitter. someone said if taye is not following you on twitter, then you have not arrived. how many people do you follow? >> i don't even know. i can't keep track. >> >> it is like a speedometer. >> you could be in the taye world. >> join taye today on tuesday. >> taye's empire. >> speaking of "empire," -- >> smooth. smooth transition. >> you are a potential love interest for cookie. >> i am. >> that's a hard job. >> let's take a look. >> why are you going to so much
9:02 am
reporters. >> i just want to be prepared for any questions they might throw at me. >> questions like why are you trying to date an ex-con? >> yeah, they may ask that. i just say, look, i haven't been to third base yet. unless we're planning on changing that tonight. >> no. i got to see my p.o. >> excuse me. miss lyon, you need to come with us. >> no, i don't. i don't even know who the >> that's going to put a little damper on a date. >> how does your character maneuver these waters with cookie? >> that's the type of character that they wrote. i think it's one of the benefits of being on such a show like that. the writing is really, really great and i am having a good time. >> in real life if you met cookie, would you go out on a date with her? >> i don't know if i'd be brave enough. yeah. yeah. she's got a serious past.
9:03 am
to shy away from a challenge. >> the phenomenon that is "empire," were you prepared for it? i mean it's like a cult-like following for this show. blew up and it continues. lot of celebrities like being on the show. were you prepared for that? >> i mean, look. i've been in this business a while. i know a lot of the actors. so it was fun to just play with them. but it is a biggest show i've ever been on. >> is it? >> oh, yeah, easily. no matter where i go, n "empire." >> so in other words that prepared you for co-hosting "today." >> exactly! exactly. >> good segway. you are smooth as silk, al roker roker. >> the other thing that you do is you write children's books. >> the first book was called "chocolate me." second, "mixed me," dealing with self-esteem in kids growing up. the third one is called "i love
9:04 am
a father's love letter to his son. >> these are all based on your relationship with your son? >> yes. influenced strongly by my own experiences. >> how does it feel to read a book to your child that you wrote in dedication to him? >> so awesome. he's right here. >> walker. >> walker. >> if we talk about him too much longer, i can start crying. he's here, my little dude. his little smile. >> can we show him? hold on. >> walker's walking over here. >> his mom might have an issue. >> let's wait. let's wait. >> walker, stay over there. don't come closer. >> if it happens on accident, if he just runs over here, i didn't do it. you and walker are like batman and robin. he's running over here. >> i know it. i know it.
9:05 am
about that or not. true inspiration. >> we can see how proud you are. of course we then have to temper that with trying to embarrass you. by digging up one of your first on-screen appearances for giant eagle supermarkets. check it out. how did you find this? ? it is a famous deli and i can really tell she loves it so ?? >> three pounds of lots of ham sliced p provolone sliced this thick. eagle valley potato salad. make it two pounds! ? we'll make it delicious ? ? giant eagle ? ? giant eagle ?? >> what year was that? >> i don't even know. i was hyped, though. >> that's got to be such a thrill. the first time you see that commercial. >> i never saw it. i never saw it. >> you never saw it? >> no.
9:06 am
you got paid for it though, right? >> shoot. i got paid for it. but then you get busy doing other things. it is a commercial. so that was local as well. so wherever i was, they weren't showing that commercial. i need to get that. that made my day. >> we'll get you a copy of that. >> that would be great. >> so how do you make a provolone with pastrami? what's your technique? >> i have no idea. >> that's why he's such a great actor. >> you didn't do any >> your enthusiasm. you were so excited about making a three pounds of -- she's excited and you are just as excited. >> you're like, i got you, lady. i got you until this thing says cut. i got you. how was your halloween, taye? >> it was awesome. i haven't been to new york in a bit. so walker came to hang out with his friends and trick-or-treat
9:07 am
excellent. >> that's a scary crew you got there. >> he's the cat on the right. swamp zombie. >> is he looks just like you! >> did walker pick that out himself? >> yes, he did. yeah. it was either that or "spider-man" for him. he went the scary route. >> this is his buddy with him? >> yeah. oliver. >> here's what i love. we understand that one of your favorite movies is "pretty woman." just so happened tamron hall -- >> that's what i heard. >> -- pretty woman. look at that. >> yeah. i mean this is jill martin being the snootiest lady. then the man -- she had richard gere. but i had -- >> this is a morning show, y'all.
9:08 am
okay? but al roker was richard gere. al was my richard gere as steve urkel. he saw me falling down the street with my money. this is all wrong. but i was saved by steve urkel. thank you. it was a fun time. my nieces, i'm so happy to pay this off. i had a very hard time finding l costume. she wanted to be teen titan. d.c. comics sent us one. >> must be nice to have those connections. >> yes! then her older sister was a rebel unicorn. but the kid who stole the neighborhood -- my home is in texas. i live here in new york but my home is also in texas. i wasn't able to be there for halloween last night. my mother sent this to me who
9:09 am
down. literally. that's how she rolled up trick-or-treat. >> wow! and that's not a real horse. that's amaze ig! those are two people in a suit! >> it was like four other people! rolled up to our home on horses for trick-or-treat. >> what kind of neighborhood is that? >> rural. it's rural, man. it's very rural. i could not stop laughing at your instagram yesterday with >> little david s. pumpkins. >> take a look at al's moment last night. >> it's pepper as pumpkins and david s. pumpkins. >> and beyonce. >> any questions? >> the bat really made it. >> she wore that to school. they actually confiscated the bat because they said, oh, wait a minute, do you have a weapon? >> well, of course.
9:10 am
you. >> the way that they look at you is like -- >> total embarrassment. just aid head, if you've got a dad bod, we've got really good news for you. and our pal, jay leno, going full throttle with his show on cars. cannot wait, jay leno after these messages. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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9:13 am
>> are you a dancer? a natural dancer? >> i am. i dance naturally. >> as opposed to artificially. >> some people stand in the mirror and they practice so they can look like -- you no toe you've been practicing all morning long. >> no, i haven't stood in the mirror around practiced in a while. i just enjoy it. >> you just bust a move. what's your go-to dance? he has one. the kevin >> the will smith -- >> hitch. it's where you live. >> so you just don't take over the whole floor. >> well, i got to warm up. >> then eventually. >> sure. sure. >> but you don't want to do that if you've got a dad bod because people might -- >> what's a dad bod? >> good news is, for those of us who are not, say, ripped -- >> like taye diggs. >> -- like taye diggs, there is
9:14 am
are actually health benefits for those with a dad bod. men with slow metabolism are around 50% less likely to die in any given year than their skinnier, more ripped counterparts. so we end up looking more attractive, too, because there are fewer guys who look like him. so it is fantastic. it is a great thing. >> that's good news. >> i prefer a bigger guy. i don't like really -- like my personal preference attraction is not -- like has the perfect body. >> adam richmon, the chef, it is an ongoing thing that he's asked tamron out. >> no, that's not -- >> -- several times. tamron -- >> no. >> -- there's kind after cat and mouse game. >> i have a big appetite. >> when are you going out with him in. >> he just texted. he just sent me his halloween
9:15 am
there. so yes, soon. very soon. our audience keeps up with this. this is the only disclosure of my personal life that i'm willing to give. but let's change subjects. i may have given you too much information. >> adam will probably be preparing a thanksgiving dinner. >> he is an amazing cook. and that's the way to my heart. >> do you like to cook? >> i don't know how to cook at all. >> then this is perfect for you. >> i know. you would think. i'm so talented. wouldn't i be able to cook as well? >> when you and wal what do you eat? >> peanut butter and jelly. >> you got to kick this game up. thanksgiving you got turkey coming. just in time. butterball turkey is adding -- they have this turkey hotline for years they've had it. decades where you could call. you talk to a live turkey tester. >> they walk you through it? >> they had them live on the show, their phone number blows up. >> do they have many people online? >> yes.
9:16 am
>> no. these are real people. you can now go digital and text them 24 hours. if you are so inclined, you and walker, to make a turkey this thanksgiving, butterball's got you covered. >> all right. big up for butterball. >> like my first thanksgiving dinner i made, i was hosting the show, i cooked that night. i forgot -- i didn't forgot. i searched the turkey a lot. i moved my hand around. i shook it. turkey? >> i searched it for the little bag. there is a bag of thinks. of goodies. >> how big a turkey did you have? >> my arm was up to here. then i cooked the turkey. i went to cut the turkey. and the bag was still in there. i did not tell my guests. i politely took it out. my guests survived. butterball turkey would have a tip on that. >> if you'd just gone in a little further. let's show you what's going
9:17 am
we have a big area of high pressure pumping up that jet stream. so as it does, it is bringing up warm air from the south, pulsing north and as it does, look at these temperatures we're talking about. so far, birmingham, montgomery, four days in a row of records. atlanta, new orleans, three days in a row of records and the hits just keep coming. new orleans, mobile, montgomery, atlanta, birmingham, all may break records today. as we move up north, cincinnati, louisville, nashville, memphis, you may see records as well. going as far west as roswell, little rock and wichita, 81 degrees. not hot enough to cook a turkey outside, but it's still pretty toasty. that's what's going on around
9:18 am
>> that's your latest weather. send us your best recipe featuring ritz crackers. we may feature on an upcoming show. to enter, go to this is not a workout for me. our studio is like 99 degrees. taye is going all hershey's kiss in the sun. >> huh? any questions? up next, we're going to get to know taye a little bit better. can you go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away!
9:19 am
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try zyrtec?. muddle no more?. the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time. [sighs] that's why we make them for you.
9:22 am
with fabulous taye diggs as our co-host today. to get to know him better, we've devised a little game called "can you diggs it." >> lemonade. >> what's the premise? we push it in when we get the answer? >> yes. one of my most famous roles is harper stewart in the "best man" films. in both jobs my job gets me into some trouble. what is that trouble? >> what is the trouble? >> what is the job? >> oh. you are an author. >> yes. >> because you get in trouble --
9:23 am
digg it. question two. how did stella get her groove back? well, by meeting me. >> that's good. >> i was playing winston shakespeare. what country does stella take her vacation to -- >> jamaica. >> you better catch up, brother. >> jamaica. >> question three, one of my favorite and first major tv roles came as lawyer jackson duper. it was on a legal drama. >> oh. >> ali mcbeale. >> yes. >> question four. one of my most famous roles is one of my favorite originating the role of benny in the pulitzer prize winning musical "rent." with that in mind, how many minutes make up a year? >> 524,604. >> 525,604. >> what's your final answer? say it one more time? >> i'm scared now.
9:24 am
my man. >> what is it? >> 525,000. >> stick to this job. question five. for six reasons i play -- for six seasons i play dr. sam bennett, better known as dr. feel-good, in the series "private practice." that is a spinoff from what? >> "gray's anatomy." >> my man! he wins. that's it for me. >> al won! >> "can you diggs >> what does he get? >> i get this whole big thing of dirt. >> congratulations, mr. roker. . up next, comedy legend stops by. we'll catch up with jay and taye is sticking around. is sticking around. after your local news. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream is sticking around. after your local news. in no hurry to make anything happen.
9:25 am
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9:30 am
he is a comedy legend, an emmy award winning tv host. we like to call him a friend. his hit series "jay leno's garage" is in full gear this season from vintage vehicles to super charged cars, jay gets in the drivers seat pursuing his passion for fou sets up a once in a lifetime corvette drag race between vice president joe biden and general colin powell. take a look. >> the only bad thing about driving an older corvette is there's always some showoff in a new corvette trying to blow your doors off. >> the question is, can he drive? >> he's got better brakes than you. >> he's got better everything
9:31 am
>> look who it is. >> where were you? is i kept looking in the mirror. >> they really started trash talking each other to the point the secret service -- they both go -- they almost hit each other. secret service are going "settle down, settle down. get biden out of that car." >> how did you pull it off? how did you get the two of them to do it? >> colin powell likes to restore that's what he does in his spare time. joe biden has had that corvette. we did a thing on love affairs with cars. like original owner cars. he got it new in '67. only two payments left. no. he got a new one in '67. he's had it all this time. his son surprised him a couple years ago and restored it. but being vice president he couldn't drive it. we went to the secret service training facility where there are a couple hundred miles of road where you can do whatever you want.
9:32 am
colin powell showed up with his car. >> you've been collecting cars for years. for people who want to get into this, you don't have to spend millions of dollars. >> no. you know, i like the story. sometimes you buy the story. one of my favorite stories, i already owned a hudson hornet. this 94-year-old lady calls me, we bought a hudson hornet new in '51. we drove it from i want it to go to a new home. i go look at it. it's totally worn out. she says will you give me $5,000 for it? i said okay. i bought it. we took it back to the garage, fixed it up, painted it. about 16 months later, it's done. let me see if she's still alive. hello. she's 96. i said you want to go for a ride in my car? oh, no, i got to get my hair done. she looks 70.
9:33 am
she says can the kids come? i said sure. the kids are 70 and 72. i go out to the house. they've got her blindfoldedblin. they bring her out blindfolded. she sees the car, gets very emotional. she says let's go for a drive, pretend we're driving cross-country in new jersey. now the 70 and 72-year-old are in the back. they start going like this to each other. she turns i'll pull this car over! the three of them were laughing. it was so much fun. i go well, that's what it is. it is not a really valuable car. but it is a fun car. it brought back such memories for this woman. then the kids told me when they were teenagers they were ashamed that their dad had this, by that time, 16-year-old car. the dad would drop them off down the block from high school. they would walk to school so the kids wouldn't see their dad had an old car. of course now it is a classic car.
9:34 am
so that's -- you buy the story. you know? >> that's great, plan. that is great. >> it's a lot of fun. >> jimmy fallon last night, a tag team? can we show what happened? >> this is something jimmy and i do all the time. i jump in on the monologue. we pick a topic. it was the economy. >> forbes came out with its annual list of the 400 richest americans and 200 of them haved of mo back in with their parents. that's how bad! in beverly hills i saw a woman tanning using t the economy is so bad that the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda were splitting a 40! i've never seen that! >> that's a good one. man, we missed you. >> given this political season, do you miss the nightly monologue? >> actually, i don't. because it is so ugly. i grew up in the era when clinton was horny and bush was dumb. it was easy.
9:35 am
decency. i mean this one, i have to admit, i just thought back to -- anti-muslim, anti-women, it's all anti. it is not pro. everyone, just who do you hate more? everybody hates the other guy more. >> but you are touring. what's your sweet spot? >> you can get a lot of fun jokes. >> what's your sweet spot outside politics right now? >> well, politics is good. >> bill clinton's been out campaigning with hillary. it is not helping. like at one point during the campaign bill stopped to kiss a baby which is normally okay, except the kiss was breastfeeding at the time. >> whoa! jay leno, ladies and gentlemen! >> made it awkward. made it awkward. >> jay leno! new episode to "jay leno's garage."
9:36 am
just like it is a little awkward right now! up next, halloween's over so you know what that means? it is almost christmas! that's the new holiday movie starring these two guys, we love them. j.b. and omar. back right after these messages. ? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant?
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and it's in all our chicken soups! because majestic chicken soup starts with majestic chicken. long live chicken! well, at least until it's in the soup. this is an incredible moment here. holidays are here and so are the holiday movies. the newest one out next week stars these two talented actors, j.b. smooth is best known for that infectious laugh he has in his hilarious role as leon black who moves in with larry's david on "curb your enthusiasm."
9:41 am
film that will make you cry, and of course, laugh. >> that's not good. >> j.b. smooth, omar hip. good morning! this morning. we got a great movie coming out. we're ready to go. >> this is a great cast. not just you guys. you got danny glover. mo'nique. gabrielle union. >> we had an amazing time. the energy you feel spilling off the screen is exactly how it was on the set. it is a film full of heart. a film full of joy. this is a family's first
9:42 am
you know how the holidays are. everybody has their personal issues. but they all work through their problems and it comes back together in love. >> was there a lot of improv, improvisation? because it is a really talented cast. >> man. j.b. smoove and mo'nique in the same movie. we clowned so hard. my thing is when i'm talbert gives you the leeway to have fun with the character, i love -- i love -- something i do on "curb your enthusiasm." i'll do it one day, and throw it up again. mo'nique is brilliant. if you love mo'nique and love to laugh, you're going to have a great time. >> my favorite part of the film
9:43 am
that i'm not even in just watching j.b. and mo'nique going at it. we had a great time. it has a real family feel to it. from hanging out with each other so much, we became a real family. our text feed is crazy. we just throw it back and forth all day. it is crazy. we real family now. >> of course, you've got -- it is a good looking cast, too. where is the romance here? >> that would be a different movie now, wouldn't it. well, basically my character is a family friend, grew up next door to the family. he's also there visiting his mom for the holiday. back in the days, him and gabrielle's character had a little thing in high school. he finds out she's recently divorced. he's going to take a shot. >> it has everything. it is a perfect post-election
9:44 am
>> i know people love larry david and "curb your enthusiasm," i am obsessed with your show, "four courses." i've never been on the show. this is my personal plea. this is the best show. i love the show. it is brilliant. you have just a good time with this? >> i love the show. we love it. get a few cats around the table, some ladies around the table and we just talk about food, talk about love, li, going, where we plan on being at. it is great. i'm going to do an all-ladies table. and i will put a wig on just to make y'all feel comfortable. >> suddenly i don't want that invite. it took a real dark turn. >> all ladies table. >> took a turn. j.b., omar, thanks.
9:45 am
>> and that's your latest weather. up next, if your house is littered with candy and miniature candy bars, we'll show you how to transform those halloween treats into delicious can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up.
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9:50 am
but the candy is still lingering thankfully in our homes right now. >> yes, it is. we are going to show you today how to turn those treats into incredible desserts. >> with us now, associate food editor. >> this whole idea was to bring your halloween haul to the next level. st what we have here is butter and sugar that we want to cream together. we want to add the eggs. vanilla. >> is that the first time you've put an egg in batter? >> listen, this is a family show. let's keep it clean. >> that is clean! >> we'll try to add this carefully in here.
9:51 am
we got it all. once that's all mixed together, the dough will look something like this. then i think that you can handle that. you want to dump those in there, mix them together. mix that all up. let's move that into >> what is the oil that you use? >> it is just a non-stick spray. you can also coat it with butter. move that cookie dough in there. then you're going to spread it in an even layer. >> we're almost out of time. >> spread it in there. put more m & ms. the finished product -- >> bake at 350 degrees. 25 minutes covered, another five
9:52 am
>> these are twixed brownies. the brownie batter mix you put in. >> start out with the batter. >> you start out with the batter. >> then you use the candy afterwards? >> then you are going to stuff the twix cut in half. you can use boxed brownie mix. you can make it from scratch. bake it. >> tell us what this one is. >> that's a chocolate coconut cream pie. >> go to our website for the recipes. melissa, this is delicious. thank you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. good things happen the day of a
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
for co-hosting with us today. . >> it was a wonderful chocolate tuesday today. >> i'm going to head out now. i got to go to cleveland. game six of the world series. >> you are doing like facebook live -- >> streaming on facebook live before the game. cleveland is up 3-2. they could win their first world series since 1948 -- or chicago could
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it's booze day tuesday. first day of november. we're calling it movember around here. a new guest watching, knpg. >> what? they're here. >> yes, holeda! the new nbc affiliate. we're happy to you have. >> what is that? >> "kiss the sky".


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