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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they say tonight. >> we go to the center of the sports universe tonight. that would be inside the field. and jimmy donovan. >> they feel like they earned the right to win this world series and to do it at home. they did it by winning two out of three over the weekend at wrigley field in chicago. to set themselves up to have a clinch here tonight in game 6, with the insurance policy being if they don't get it done tonight, they've got game 7 but they are totally focused on trying to wrap this up tonight, and ending the world series. so the indians really want to do it at home. because all of their high water marks so far this year have been on the road, late september. they clinch the east in detroit. in october, in the opening round. they can sweep the red sox. and they do it at fenway park in boston. then they win the alcs, ask they doo it in -- do it in five
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sorrento. how about doing it at home? >> they love their sports here. they're very supportive. they're very passionate about that. and they've had a long time coming, where they deserve championships. and people have been waiting just as long as anybody. and be a fun time, especially for a city that hasn't had one in a long time. to get hopefully, ideally, one in two years. the place would be nuts. and rightfully so. i x factor in this entire series. and it continues tonight. and the bullpen has been great. and the pitching all around has been timely. but the real x factor is terry francotta. he has pushed every button at the right time. and it's been the right button. as a matter of fact, in world series play, in his career, he's now 11-2. and if he gets win number 12, well, then he's done it and one
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two different franchises. only two others have done it. sparky anderson and tony larusa. and here's our guy, ready to do it. >> anybody that has spent 10 minutes around me this year, or the last four years, know how comfortable i am in the situation here. i mean, you know, we get challenged a lot. but we always find a way to -- you know, how are we going to fix this? >> reporter: you talk about a perfect fit, from the day the been like a just perfect pair of shoes. he's been perfect for the indians. he loves it here. they love playing for him. it is all good. and you can see that in their clubhouse. josh tomlin gets the opportunity on the mound tonight for the indians. they'll only ask him to go five innings, then give it to the bullpen. especially if they have the lead. miller and cody allen are ready to go. jake arrieta gets the ball for the cubs.
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down. and allow his offense, which has sputtered, to get the cubs the lead. if they don't, they're out, and their 103-win season will come up a little short. and finally, russ and sara. you know it's a big game in sports when you saw what i saw coming in tonight. the actual budweiser clydesdales are ready to go tonight. and i know, russ, this is important to you. painted like clydesdales. these are the clydesdales. >> the real deal. >> the real ones. skipper and sailor and all of those guys. >> wow. >> we like it. >> see you later in sports, jimmy. thanks. >> all right, thank you. as jimmy told us, the team is ready and so are the fans. getting ready to celebrate tonight. >> this is no normal wing night.
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many fans lferred -- already packing in. against a cavs game, moved up to 6:00 tonight. so they could catch the first pitch at 8:08. no matter the game time, we know cleveland fans know this is our time. >> certainly, monica robins has been gauging what everybody is saying. i'm going to guess everybody is excited. i'm going to guess that everybody, at least in northeast ohio, is saying the indians are going to win. monica, am i right t >> i could not agree with you more, russ. yeah, there is an electric energy in the air tonight. and what's most interesting, all the tribe fans i talked to so far. everybody is comfortable. everybody is relaxed. we know this is going to be our time. >> reporter: this is our town. these were our tears. >> reporter: but this is our team.
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and this is our time. we rally together. our energy fueled one championship this year. we know we can do it again. >> always believe, cleveland. it's always us against the world. us against the world. >> reporter: we win with honors. >> i had no choice. >> reporter: we take nothing. >> after slaughter, he's got the ball. >> reporter: we understand hard work. we understand sacrifice. e but we're resilient. we are proud. but we are humble. we value loyalty. we've waited patiently. we are generations and every year, we still believe. but this is 2016, the year of 216. this is our year. this is our tribe.
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>> so grab your lucky shirt, your rabbit's foot, your blanket, whatever it is you need. because i truly believe if we all focus together, tonight, we will see the possible. back to you guys. >> that was a beautiful piece, monica. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> well, a lot has changed since the indians won the 1948 world series. tickets, for example, russ, to that game, were just $10 apiece. can you imagine? >> wow. >> that will get you tonight. at $10. tickets tonight going for about $889. that's the average price. and when it comes to a potential game 7, the average price. tickets, that would be tomorrow, is more than $2200. however, when you compare that to chicago, where people are getting twice that much for the games this weekend, that's actually a bargain if you want to look at it that way. >> it's a deal. and you're going to see the winner somewhere here in cleveland. and we hope it is tonight with the indians am now, if you're
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series, we sent jasmine monroe to find out what souvenirs are really worth hanging on to. >> many baseball bats, batting helmets and bobbleheads, there are a lot of ways for fans to remember this world series run. >> any time you can buy that souvenir hat or buy the jersey, go for it. >> reporter: but what if you want to cash in. >> we went to serena herigan, who has seen an increase in sales with >> the 1948 world series game. something had six tickets. and they were all unuse the. but -- unused. but they were kept and sold recently at auction, i think, for $150. >> what makes some worth thousands of dollars? >> really looking for unique items. the things that perhaps there aren't so many of them. >> if you're a tribe fan, looking to cash in later down the line, the things you should keep are.
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the pennants, always see if you can get those signed. memorabilia, you get bobbleheads, good bobbleheads, they do very well. >> although you don't have to keep everything, you should think twice. >> maybe tomorrow morning with us winning the world series, you know, keep that newspaper. that is one to keep. >> reporter: reporter from cleveland, jasmine monroe, channel 3 news. >> if you are not going to game closely in the stands. >> we have it on good authority, there will be several celebrities in town tonight for the big game. including cleveland native, drew carey, charlize theron. wkyc alum, al roker. he talked about us today on the today show. and nick gelfis. it's even expected that perhaps wild thing charlie sheen will show up tonight. >> remember, he was going to -- the talk was he was possibly going to throw out the first
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>> that was the hope. >> i think major league baseball shut that down quickly. >> it would be fun to see him here tonight, for sure. as they head into what could be the final game of the world series, there are angry calls for retirement. not for any of our players, but for the mascot, that some call racist and offensive. >> reporter: we speak with the man who andrew, good evening to you. >> good evening to you. very interesting conversation. walter goldbalk was just 17 years old, when he created that image 70 years ago. he was able to see it worn on that winning team. today, any of those sightings for him are bittersweet. >> reporter: walter goldbach isn't interested in a fight. he created one of the most
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>> i'm 87 years old. and i'm sort of happy when i get up in the morning. so whatever they want to do, i'm going to leave that up to the cleveland indians. >> reporter: the former art teacher had been working at his family's emblem business back in 1946, when the indians' owner called for a characterria tour of a -- caricature of a native. then picked his. >> to person. >> reporter: the wahoo name came later, along with a red image face. there is even a legal battle over the right to play. to goldbach, this is boring but it only gives more attention to his work. >> things that are banned become more popular as history than if there was no problem
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years, russ, he says he's gotten a lot more compliments than complaints. one of his favorite came from omar vizquel, who told him he was recognized overseas as being from cleveland, not by his face, but by chief wahoo on his hat. >> sounds like an interesting conversation. still to come tonight. listen this. is just an incredibly beautiful night. to win game 6 of the world series. >> and to take a the weather is going to be. the chief joins us. >> omg. it is perfect here. the word tonight is anticipation. not only because of the game, but because of sunny skies expected this weekend as well. i have details in my forecast next. >> thanks, betsy. plus, thousands of you watched as we took you inside rolling acres mall on facebook.
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once akron staple. but first, here's lester holt, with a look at what's coming up on the nbc nightly news. russ and sara. we take a close look at the paths to victory. as clinton and trump get back on message. concerns of a deadly explosion in alabama could lead to lines at the gas pump. and microsoft warns of a critical windows vulnerability. and a russian connection. when we see you tonight for nbc nightly news, after channel 3
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ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program.
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, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. we are looking at a live picture of progressive field from our drone, the flying peacock. wow, that's high up there, sara. what do you guess? >> no idea. >> it is way up there. beautiful shot. >> what a beautiful way to see the cle tonight.
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a championship continues for this evening. but we're going to tell you about other news right now. more than 95,000 of you great on facebook. as we give you glimpses inside rolling acres mall in akron. one last time. >> an emotional moment for us acronnites. -- akronnites. we have fond memories of the once thriving shopping center. >> reporter: we're here at main entrance of the now former the parking lot used to be filled with thousands of shoppers on a weekly,. but now, behind those doors, all that is left are memories. >> reporter: a lot of flashbacks for people. >> they are personal for george sweetsle. -- sweetzel -- wietzel. picking out a ring to his wife now of more than 30 years. >> my hands ever -- are
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because my hands were sweaty going in. >> it's memories like wietzel's that flood the mall. but now, crews have begun a more than 3-month demolition project to tear it down. >> we're picking apart the structure with a large back hoe. then we will sort the material. >> reporter: it was clear to see the deterioration of the mall. the seats in the movie theater, soaking wet, and covered in mold. an escalator at the center of glass. >> this very fountain is where people would come to make a wish. but this place will soon disappear. and now we're left with making one last wish. to see if this property will transform into something greater. >> who knows? i mean, it's. >> endless possibilities for akron.
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that mall? >> absolutely. as a kid, it was the place to g. i'm glad to see there will be maybe a new chapter moving forward. >> you're right. things move on certainly. >> absolutely. i bet betsy kling has memories there as well. but tonight, she is only thinking tribe. hi, betsy. >> it is so beautiful here, russ and sara. you could not have asked for better weather than this. and certainly as we head through the rest of the evening, it's just going to continue. young, old, all down here. they're all ready, whether they have tickets or not. what a beautiful night to take in some of the sights. as we take a look at our forecast, you can see, temperatures in the 70s, fading back into the 60s. winds still out of the south/southwest. and as far as traffic goes, we're kind of keeping an eye on that, too. you can see, 77 northbound. backed up a bit. once you get off the highway, things are crawling as folks still trying to find parking
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but thankfully, we did have the cavs game to start it a little early. temperatures, 70s. it's amazing. and even the motorcycle guys are out and very happy about that obviously. the big picture shows that we have just high, thin clouds in place. so high, thin clouds, always harbingers of things to come. there's a frontal boundary. and it's that second surge of low pressure. it's the one in the area. that's going to continue to move northward. truly, late tomorrow night, we could be pushing gearns some rain -- against some rain, if there is indeed a 7th game. but i don't think we need that. as far as your nation goes, how about the upper 70s? beautiful again for the day tomorrow. we'll be in the 50s for thursday. as the rain and that front comes through. then as we wrap up the workweek. 54 has fun times coming on friday. just saying. then once we get into the weekend, more sunshine as we
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back. i'm out here at the corner of carnegie in ontario. the station gave me a bullhorn. let's see. let's hear it, folks. get those horns going for the tribe. >> ask and you shall receive. let's go, tribe.
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hi, everybody. they often say, the toughest win to get is the last one, to clinch a championship. and that's where the indians are tonight. can they do it tonight? they have the luxury of a 7th game it they need -- if they need t. but they'd love to end the world series this evening. they have two chances to win it. indians are 5-1. so far at home, progressive field all year long. they have been terrific in the entire post season. they are 10-3. no am back from a 3-1 world series deficit, since the royals did it way back in 1985. history is going the indans' way. but it's only the indians who can take care of it tonight. >> come back here and have the opportunity to win it here. and go to our home crowd. it's going to be a great environment. going to be loud. and a lot of fun baseball. >> we got a little taste of it when the cavs won baseball. you can imagine with us doing it, what it would be like.
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but we gotta come out here and be able to do what we've doing all year and win a ball game. >> reporter: well, the pitching has gotten the indians into this. let's break out the starters for you. josh tomlin goes for the indians tonight. he was very, very good. excellent on friday night. at wrigley field. they only asked him to go four and two-thirds inning. he only struck out one. but what he does was throw strike after strike after strike. and his indians' teammates full confidence that he'll get the job done tonight. >> i believe in him. i believe in what he has. i believe he can do it for us. he's a really good pitcher. and if he executes and continues the way he has been doing -- the way he's been doing it all season long, it will be fun. >> let's go to the other side. a guy that had very good success. and he had it right here in
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jake arrieta goes for the cubs tonight. now, he pitched on that awful weather night. that cold, dreary night ngame 2. but he pitched very well. remember, the indians didn't get a hit off of him for a long time. he struck out 6. and he got the win in the post season. he's 1-1. got bombed by the dodgers in a game. but really pitched well here in the last week. in the opening game for the cubs they got them the win in game 2 in cleveland. the indians realized, they gotta do a better >> we can only get better against arrieta. we gotta figure to improve upon that a little bit. and if you look, it's been great. he's been pretty much our stopper. it's going to be a good matchup. looking forward to it. >> and once again. the blueprint to win. get the lead early. tomlin takes them to the fifth inning. and they hand the ball over to the bullpen. andrew miller and cody allen are ready and waiting to close
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first pitch tonight is at 8:08. the cavs are playing right now. nothing to worry about. they're down 6. but they expect to win tonight over houston. and then get right over here to watch the indians win the world series. what a night. russ and sara, i'll see you all at 7:00. incredible night. jamie is going to do his francisco lindo association. >> we'll see you then, jimmy. thanks. safe tr this is how we roll. 365 days a year here in cleveland. 78 degrees, right? november 1st. and november baseball. let's do it tonight, tribe. >> that's right. from new york. jimmy and betsy, it's 7:00.
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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tonight, the final week frenzy after days on defense, clinton comes out swinging and trump responds, as both campaigns hit the home stretch. tonight the battleground map, where it stands, with time running out. gas shortage fears. a massive explosion kn o biggest pipelines in america, used to supplyver a dozen states. drivers could end up paying the price. windows warning. microsoft's new alert to customers about hack attacks linked to russia. and tonight what nbc news has learned about putin's efforts to rid russia of a big american name. the pot vote. marijuana on the ballot from coast to coast. red states, blue states, supporters of legalized weed, hoping to turn them green.


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